[Video] Please Wenger NOT Kolo!!!

Posted: July 28, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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I cant understand it!!!


Wenger today said we have 7 Center backs at Arsenal and he might sell Kolo Toure.

So let me get this right? Wenger is keeping Silvestre, Senderos and Djouoro and Alex Song and is cashing in on our best defender?

A player who has become a legend at the club. A player who is loved by the fans, A player who was always given 100% for the club, A player that never moaned about being one of the lowest paid players at the club, A player who never moaned about being played in almost every position on the field?

WHY? is it all about making a profit for Wenger? Surly Kolo is better then ALL of the current center backs at Arsenal?

If Wenger has 2 many CB then why not get ride of Silvestre? Why not sell Djouoro who has not done anything to impress. Why sell one of the most experienced players we have?

But it looks like its a done deal and we will be getting £16m for Toure. And Wenger has worked his magic and done what he is best at. Finding a player for a small amount and then cashes in on them. But is that what we have become…Are we now a feeder club for the big boys?

I’m gutted, Kolo was a big favorite of mine, where on the other hand i could not wait to see the back of Adebayor. I feel the total opposite about Kolo.

Sad day for Arsenal and again if proves that Wenger cares only about one thing..Profit


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  1. Tom14 says:

    Are you trying to tell me that Toure is better than Galas and is not 3rd choice at the club?

    Come on man.

    • JO arsenal Damu says:

      Yeaaaaa. KING KOLO has achieved alot for arsenal….he has never been what we saw of Gallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. arsenalaction says:

    IMO YES!!

    Not only is Toure a better player then Gallas but he is a better PRO then Gallas.

  3. Ben says:

    Its another bit of great business with Mug City. The guys got Malaria and hasn’t been the same player since + Wenger can now bid for Hengeland. We badly need a tall CB to improve our defense on set pieces and crosses. I think Wenger has already set the deal up!

    • arsenalaction says:

      Great bit of business?

      Thats what wenger is best at right?

      He has forgotten what his job is..its to win things for Arsenal and not to make as much money for the board members.

      • Julian H says:

        I may be wrong, but I don’t think the Board members have accepted dividends on their shareholdings for many years.

        Maybe someone can confirm.

      • arsenalaction says:

        Somebody said on the forum that Wenger gets a bonus at the end of each season if he spends under budget

      • Ben says:

        Wenger is great at business. Look at all the trophies his teams have one for a minimal cost. You don’t need to spend big to be successful.

        I also don’t believe that Wenger doesn’t have players lined up. I hear Fulham are experimenting with their defense without Hengeland and I hear reports from Spain that Wenger has bid 15 million for Huntelaar. Both would be fantastic signings for arsenal and neither will be away for 2 months this winter in the African cup!

      • GB says:

        The board do not accept dividends because they get taxed on them. They are given wages as employees of the club meaning less tax. They don’t actually do work.

        Another shit article by the toddlerblogger

    • chris says:

      we could buy hangeland anyway why do we have to sell THE BEST DEFENDER at our club. after the malairia he did take time to recover but to me toure was the best defender in the last part of the season.it doesnt help his been having to play with a baby(Gallas) and a never has been in silvestshit who cost us so dearly last year at crucial times

      TOURE has to STAY to partner Hangeland with verminator and dujurou as back up

  4. TA says:

    I agree! Wenger must not sell Toure! I don’t know why everyone want’s him to leave especially since we see how hard it is for wenger to replace people recently!

  5. bergy says:

    why do we keep useless sylvester?

  6. bergy says:

    we need a quality dm.without one …4th spot again

  7. BwoodGooner says:

    Gallas is the best centre back at the club. But we will really miss Kolos pace. However Wenger may know something we dont, we dont know if he moans about what you stated in the above, yes he’s never been public but we dont know what goes on behind closed doors. Also Kolos form last year was really questionable, I wouldnt mind seeing Kolo going and bringing in a big powerful centre back. Hangeland, Bruno Alves or Mexes would do it for me.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Hangeland is nothing more then a half season wonder.

      He reminds me of Stepanovos

    • blackbeard now he was a proper pirate says:

      you’re right we do need Kolo’s pace – unfortunately so does Kolo so good bit of business imo.

  8. rosicky says:

    you are dense my friend. 15 mil for a player (who i love) who is past it and has 12 months on his contract?

    Henry went to Barca for the same price!

  9. Mark Flatts says:

    Sad day for Arsenal blogs and again it proves that Arsenal Action cares only about one thing.. criticising Wenger.

    • arsenalaction says:

      When the time is right for me to praise wenger we will.

      Maybe we he starts signing some quality players and starts winning things again?.

      • TA says:


        I must kiss Wenger’s ass for everything he does? BULLSHIT! When i see real change then wenger will hear my praises…but i can not currently praise someone who has us acting like a selling club and ignorantly won’t replace players urgently, regardless of his previous successes!

  10. zakk says:

    if he sells kolo and keeps that crybaby gallas and does not buy any other i will not watch one game this season!!!

  11. :-) says:

    this is a real choker 4 me. at the start of the summer i was praying that we would sell gallas & adebayor!! kolo has always given his best for us, where as gallas has just spent the last few yrs in 1st gear picking up fat pay cheques….

    i think we need to start hearing the truth from wenger, not all this potential, quality bollox that he usually gives us…. i dont think wenger will survive another year without a trophy.

  12. Reefa says:

    Maybe it is precisely because he has been so loyal and so loved that Wenger is giving King Kolo his deserved payday.

    Besides 15m is good business for us as well.

  13. Mikey says:

    Its a fucking disgrace.

  14. Nick Galea says:

    if we get Hangeland in for Kolo then we sld be alright but its a big IF with stingy Wenger.We have definately become a feeder club – always selling our top stars to make a profit. Kolo is one of my favourites cos of his amazing attitude, and i am very sad about this news.I would have much rather we sold Senderos+Silvestre and loaned out Djourou – but i guess that wld not have got us much cash.Now we must buy Hangeland (ideally using Senderos in deal to pay less) then buy a DM (whose height wont be so important).

  15. IBBS says:


  16. sheg zee says:

    The kolo toure issue is not one wenger wants to drag. It’s something Kolo himself wants. Remember he handed in a transfer request in January and from rumours Wenger asked him to stay till the end of the season due to injuries the team sustained then.

    Kolo is the last of the Invinsibles (03/04) thus he has paid his dues. We must respect his wishes. Besides getting on in years and being offered double your salary is very hard to resist.

    We need to look forward and hope Wenger can find suitable replacement (Hangeland). Dont blame Wenger or Toure. It’s strictly business. A lot of the invinsibles are still playing at other clubs, so why not Kolo.

    Trust in Wenger… All will be well…. GUNNERS FOR LIFE !!!

    • Rob says:

      what you say makes sense. But i agree with AA. Whether Kolo wanted to leave or not is besides the point. What the move confirms is that we are a small club managed by a small minded board. We should continue praying for fourth place to be viable because winning anything is beyond any of them.

  17. bary says:

    i think we need to get rid of quite a few pple that are influential actually. for example adebayor he left me wid chills when he actually was prepared to fight bendtner. toure i love you but i didnt like the way he told the media about not liking gallas, thats personal between the club. gallas i dont like him i think hes a good defender and all but the way he acted at birmingham come on mate we was all pissed but u dont c us kicking billboards, try buying a punching bag.

    • gooner_ali says:

      nothing is wrong with gallas. Media hype. Rooney aint getting shit for all the things he has done.

  18. Clockend Don says:

    In football never let your heart rule your head.

    Toure is the last of the invincibles left at the club, he has been with us for 7 seasons

    It is a good piece of business, £16m for a player that we paid £500,000 for and have had his best years.

    We also reduce our exposure to the African Nations Cup, with Adebayor, Toure and hopefully Eboue gone.

    We have £15m of adebayor cash left + Kolo Cash = £31m

    Brede Hangeland + Jan Klaas Huntelaar looks on………….

    • arsenalaction says:

      But how much is it going to cost to replace him?

      And if we sign Hangeland for £15m and he turns out to be the new stepanovos then what?

    • Clockend Lloydie says:

      “Brede Hangeland + Jan Klaas Huntelaar looks on………….”

      Only if Wenger sees fit to pander to our hopes and dreams. If we got those two, we won’t have to worry about just getting 4th place.
      One of the things that wound me up about Adebayor is that he’d get 5 or 6 chances (or more per match) and would generally fail to show any return on those chances. If you gave those same chances to Huntelaar, he’d probably score 2 and make the goalie earn his wages on the rest, if they didn’t also hit the back of the net!

    • sheg zee says:

      We actually paid £150k for toure in 2002. Better business than you thought huh. Most important as you say is that we need quality replacements for those that have left.

  19. Clockend Lloydie says:

    We all do love Kolo, but the deal seems sealed. Kolo has not been the same player since coming back from the last African Cup Of Nations and his effectiveness has waned. To sell him this season makes a lot of sense as there is another ACN this season. God knows what will happen to him during that tournament.
    It’s a huge shame. I always thought he could make a good defensive midfielder!
    I think that our biggest failing as a club is the lack of focus on defensive organisation and discipline. If we could crack that (bring George Graham in as defensive coach, I say…) we would be formidable.
    I genuinely hope that we buy the big fella from Fulham to replace him.

  20. Nick says:

    As much as I love Kolo, our defence has been the weakest it’s been in the year and a half since he got Malaria at the ACN. When Sol left, Kolo was the best CB. Not anymore I’m afraid.

    Kolo will be missed on a personal level, but I do think that Wenger has chosen what is best for the club, PROVIDED the money earnt from Adebayor and Kolo are spent on a better DM and perhaps another CB, maybe even a Striker. I think we’ve seen from pre-season that the pecking order for CB will be Gallas + Vermaelen, then Djourou, the Kolo, then Silvestre and then Song with big Phil heading off.

  21. Djofils says:

    I really hope he doesnt go but then again we come to one conclusion ” ARSENE KNOWS!!!!”

    Kolo was never the player he used to be after the ACN and he is getting older ( i still am not sure if he is only 28). He is not better than Gallas IMO because the latter scores goals and is very composed. Mind you i am a big Admirer of Kolo but i guess his time has come and Le Boss needs the cash to ” freshen up” the squad … i HOPE. We might sorely miss his pace and commitment.

    He will surely be missed by many Gunners compared to Adebawhore. Kolo will always be in our hearts.

    Great video by the way but unfortunately he is past it!!!

    Good luck for the season tho

  22. cosmos says:

    wengers a prat..all he cares about is lining the board members pockets full of cash, we will NEVER win anything again until something changes at the top

  23. mahomed says:

    we really do need to keep kolo toure he is one of the best players in the world mentally and phisically

  24. redandwhite says:

    kolo shouldnt leave but i understand both sides
    u could say kolo hasnt been at his best for 2 seasons and that he is 3rd choice
    but also isnt it obvious that gallas is runnin down his contract and he will be off on a free transfer…..personally kolo is arsenal through and through like no other player at arsenal…all arsene needs to do is get him bak to his best!!

  25. shaba says:

    u pple need to remember who wenger is 2 me hes the best manager out dere. if we ever sack him we r stupid. u do not think rmadrid will wait for excuses for pelligrini to fail, den appoint wenger. den who will b pissed. if a new manager came in u think dey would care about our promising team no. im happy with the arsenal team and i know arsene knows wat hes doing

    • arsenalaction says:

      people say to me

      who was Vieira before we signed him, Who was Henry before we signed him…


      Who was Wenger before he came to Arsenal.

      Arsenal made Wenger..Wenger didnt make Arsenal.

      If Wenger was at Real Madrid and didnt win anything since 2005 do you think he would still be in a JOB?

      • Clockend Lloydie says:

        With respect, Real Madrid have unlimited funds. Anyone not delivering the goods for them year on year should be sacked. You can’t compare the kitty available at Real to the sums available to spend at Arsenal.
        Just calm down young man and get your thinking cap back on!

      • David says:


      • gooner_ali says:

        dumb blog.

      • gooneramaan says:

        Real Madrid dont have financial problem they would have got Wenger every player in the world he want. so i seriously doubt he would have gone 4 season without winning anything, if he was a Madrid coach.

        He has to manage the balance sheet here. that wouldn’t have been the case at madrid

  26. Maxwell says:

    You are an idiot – we need to sign Saloman Kalou …

  27. Someone with a brain says:

    I’m sure Arsenal will miss your loyal support Zakk. I mean what could they have done the past few years without you?

    As previously stated Wenger knows when to sell a player. We bought Kolo for £150,000, got many years of service out of him, and are now selling him for £15m. Like so many other players (Vierra, Gilberto, Henry) that we have sold before where fans feel “What can we do without them”, Arsene has proven we can live without them. Not only that but if we waited one more year on the players we wouldn’t have received 1/10th the money nor the benefits received of acquiring the money.

    I think many fans tend to forget that the Invincible’s were a once in a life time thing and expect it every year. Maybe this period of time will make some of the band wagoners appreciate what we have and will continue to accomplish.

  28. CescGod says:

    OMG, check the stats for yourself. Gallas is a better defender, and IMO, a better pro. In the end, his outburst done more good than harm, and the way he was missed when injured speaks volumes.

    16m (reportedly!) is a cracking piece of business for a defender in his twilight.

    40 million of funds to boost our squad.


  29. David says:

    Sinbad, your a moron. Kolo is clearly not the player he was and if your dont realise that, your clearly not watching your team. To receive £40m for Ade and Kolo is incredible business. Its not about money is about football sence. Wenger is doing the business he wants to do not what the club has to do. Use your brain before making these posts

  30. JIMBO says:

    Maxwell couldn’t agree more mate. Bring in him and Leon Osman and we are sorted

  31. jonny says:

    Toure has been mediocre (if I’m being kind!) for 3 years. Can’t mark, can’t head a ball, wastes EVERY free-kick, and charges forward like a headless chicken. £15m??? Yum-Yum Thank You Very Much!!! The question you have to ask yourself is if he played for West ham or Middlesboro – would you buy him for Arsenal? NO-WAY!!! And if you did, how much would you be willing to pay? £4m perhaps!

  32. Raj says:

    Pathetic, useless blog

    Kolo makes FAR more mistakes than Gallas, when Gallas got injured against Villareal our defence fell to pieces in subsequent games. Gallas played excepyionally well alongside Djourou after his armband was removed- he kept his head down and returned to the peak of his powers after his own humiliation. Kolo, meanwhile, fell out of our first XI and handed in a transfer request- go figure.

    Kolo will be out for key games in Jan/Feb because of the ACN.

    As for the idiots who say we should sell Sylvestre, Djourou and Senderos- do they really think anyone will pay such an exorbitant sum for them? It will not be as worthwile to sell them.

    A bit of advice, stop reading the drivel from this blogger and go read something like Arseblog or Gunnerblog instead, from REAL FANS

  33. Jamie says:

    As much as im sad to see Kolo go, we’ve had the best of him, last year his was form was less than adequet. Gallas maybe temperamental.. but hes still the best defender at the club. £16 million for a player who looks error prone, seems to be slowing up and starting to get niggling injurys etc… is good business. Do you really think we’d win the title with Toure at the back anymore!? Noooo! Hopefully we’ll see a few gaffs from him at Citeh next year! Just want a DM and Hangeland, the reason Citeh haven’t gone for him is because hes not a “big name” at a bigger club than them.

  34. TheDuke says:

    To the MORON who said we should but Saloman Kalou … WHAT????!!!!????
    Get a grip, mate!

  35. Maxwell says:



  36. JIMBO says:

    Yes maxwell you know dat shit makes sense. bring in those three additions (burgundy tie most important) and BOOYAKASHA my friend. then you wont be laughing no more Mr Ferguson

  37. Tja says:

    i am going to start by saying our first 4 games are everton portsmouth man city and united, plus two CL qualifiers our seanson could be in trouble from the start as any new players will need time to adjust with pre season nearly over things dont look good, now i know we usually start the season very well but wenger is going to have to pull this one out of the hat. the only consilation i can take from the sale of toure and adeboyor is the ACN.

  38. David says:

    Sinbad you are a completely losing your football senses…do you really think Kolo is that good??? he is nothing more than a headless chicken who has a habit of conceding penalties and free-kicks. If you think he is better than Gallas than do us a favour and close this blog down as people are merely mocking you now. By the way, you are still to answer my point over who you would have to replace Wenger, as you deplore the fact he is our manager! But then you are bombarded by messages poking fun at you it must be diffuclt knowing which way to turn. Toure our best centre-back, got any more pearls of wisdom sunshine???

  39. Pete says:

    Sad to see a great servant of the club leave, but with 12 months left on his contract and the ongoing fued with Gallas (Wengers favourite) he never stood a chance, he probably would not have signed a new contract next year and wanted to leave last christmas anyway, so it was the obvious outcome really. hopefully now wenger will spend the ade and kolo money on the two positions we need reinforcements in, defensive midfield and a centre half, if it was me i’d go for Hangeland (premieship experience) or Lucio who wants out of Bayern and either Inler (up and coming and hard as nails)or Hitzelsberger (premiership experience and cheap), but only time will tell.

  40. BigBlue says:

    I am a City fan and for one hope we do sign Toure. Not just because he is a very good player and will improve us, but it will also weaken Arsenal and open up the place for 4th spot.

    Don’t be suprised if Adebayor has not had a word with Toure (they are mates). But on the plus side for you guys is, atleast you will not be missing Toure or Adebayor for the African nationals (not that we don’t have good replacements in Onuoha/Richards/Kompany)

    Also don’t be suprised if City go in for Hangeland as well, if we fail with Lescott.

    I suggest you go to as many Champions League games as you can this season, as this will be your last season for awhile.

  41. Sweeeenn says:

    Agree with you Arsenal Action. Again you are the only Blog that comes out and says how we feel.

    Thank you

  42. iceman says:

    you are all a bunch of idiots!KOLO was the reason we let in many goals!Wenger will bye a central defender that can play right back if Eboue is sold!!!Im 100% sure of that..my guess is Zapata!silvester is just a back up!!

    • bigsnoop says:

      No your the idiot silvestre was the reason we conceded so many goals. We kept more clean sheets with Toure in the team than any other central defender FACT!!!

      Toure will be missed but it depends who we replace him with that will determine just how much we miss him.

      • iceman says:

        oh is that right!! did you see the chealse game?? or are u maybe blind!!i said silvester is only a back up!! not first choice.IDIOT!!!im a fan of kolo,but his days are over.get over it

  43. andreidagiant says:

    the day wenger wins a trophy is the day he gets all the criticism out of the day from his own fans! he hasnt won anything for ages and selling kolo is a mistake. unless he feels vermealan will replace kolo and toure will nit be playin no more. on the other hand we should first get rid of silvestre and senderos before we get to one of our main centre backs. either way kolo’s form last season was rattling and we must let wenger decide what to do with that, as long as adebayor is replaced (huntelaar!!) all should be fine. to me this is wengers last season to win somethin, if not he has to go because he had more then enough time to do something, he might be past his time in managing

    • 26may1989 says:

      You say that “this is wengers last season to win something, if not he has to go because he had more then enough time to do something”. Just answer me this then: assuming there isn’t any real money to spend, who would do better than Wenger?

      In the last two years of the anti-Wenger brigade’s hysterics, I’ve yet to hear a credible response to that question. Think you can do better??

  44. blackbeard now he was a proper pirate says:

    Can someone please explain how the board’s pockets are being lined? they haven’t accepted any dividends for ages while the fat uzbekistani has called for dividends to be paid on a number of occasions.

    They have placed the club in debt for the stadium thus putting a big liability (both long term and short term) on the balance sheet which won’t be that appealing for potential buyers and the majority have been involved in the club for many years and have family connections. There’s a fair bit of turbulance going on at board level but as baords go Arsenal’s is one of the best out there.

    On a side note – anyone wondering if they’re looking to pay the stadium debt off early without the Uzbeks help?

  45. 26may1989 says:

    I’m delighted I’ve discovered this blog, it’s just so full of rubbish from Sinbad/Arsneal Action, it’s funny!

    Sinbad, we all love Kolo, but he hasn’t put in a decent run of performances for 2-3 years, and has obviously lost whatever enabled him (in a strange and chaotic way) to be effective. He’s no more than a squad player now, and may well be 4th choice at CB and 3rd choice RB. £5m would be good for a 28 year old in that position (and one who’ll be out at the ACN in Jan and Feb) but £15m would be spectacular.

    And you don’t rate Hangeland?? You think Kolo’s better than him??! Surely that’s just a wind-up, you can’t understand football that poorly! But then you have only been an Arsenal fan since 1997…

    And I can’t believe you seriously say stuff like “Somebody said on the forum that…” as evidence. Try this: “Somebody said on the forum that Ken Dodd is Prime Minister” – sound any more convincing??!

    I do agree with one thing you say though: Kolo is clearly a better pro than Gallas, who despite being far superior technically, is an utter dick and an unreliable one at that. I would love Kolo to stay as a squad player, but I don’t begrudge him going, especially if we use Man Shitty’s ludicrously spent cash to get Hangeland, Huntelaar and a DM (Mohamadou Diara perhaps) without a net spend, great.

  46. Daz says:

    ‘We have too many centre backs’……… so he is going to sell one of our best defenders and keeep some of the other shite!!!!!!!!! I think we are well and truly fucked next season, Toure is one of the only players at Arsenal who shows a bit of fight and agression which we so lack in the team – so we go and sell him???????
    I just can not put into words how pissed off i am with Arsene Wenger and Arsenal football club at the moment!
    What has happened to this club?? What the fucks going on???
    We are becoming a FEEDER club!

  47. Mattc says:

    blackbeard – you referring to the “cunning plan” that was mentioned regarding Highbury Square? Or do you mean the board are trying to get Man City to pay for our stadium – if so, at least it’s got the right name…!

  48. goonergerry says:

    Selling our most consistent defender for the past 5 seasons and our most prolific goalscorer for the past 2 years to a team that Wenger himself has already stated will be strongly competing for the 4CL spot is such an incredibly bad business decision it really needs to investigated by shareholders at the club. I can’t think of another top premiership club who would have sanctioned the move.
    Yes Toure was not at his best last season until near the end after suffering Malaria-and one injury plagued season did not make Ade a bad player either. But if we had to sell them to raise money to buy new players- a very big if given-the market is so inflated that we simply cannot buy players of similar calibre or experience-for the money received from Man City. If we need to raise cash then sell fringe players- especially those who have demonstrated that they can’t cut it in big games – like 3 of our so called centrebacks and Eboue and one or two others.
    Lets face it given Wenger’s track record in the transfer market, and the pressure on prices this will have created, no new experienced players will strengthen the squad by the time the season starts.

  49. Jimmy says:

    As far as i am aware Kolo didn’t ‘get’ Malaria at the African Cup of Nations. He had already had it for several years an had a relapse attack (a week or more of severe flu like symptoms) which is not uncommon from those who have it. It is a parasite that lives in the body for life and then (usually about once a year) becomes active making you sick for a week or so. There is absolutely no reason why Malaria would make him less of a footballer other than the fact that he can have an attack which will put him out of action for a couple of games. So people shouldn’t write him off, just as they shouldn’t write off people with Diabetes or those who suffer from Migranes

  50. GunnerRyder says:

    I think before we make any judgements as to what Wenger is like maybe we should wait until we see what he does with the money he has recieved from Adebayor and Toure. If he does not sign AT LEAST one world class preformer and God forbid he fails to make any signings its obvious that the board have hoodwinked the fans (Wenger has money to spend) and that Arsenal FC has become a selling club with aspirations of only challenging for a top four place.

  51. Daevanam says:

    Im going to assume you didnt watch Arsenal at all last season. If you did, you would know exactly why selling Toure for 16 odd million is a damn good piece of business.

  52. Saidi says:

    I must say this is one of the most disappointing sales ever, only second to the sale of Patrick Vieira. We complain about some players not having loyalty, I think we should blame the board. Wenger always favours the French, I think he’s treating Gallas superior to Toure, which is far from the case, and in any sense. Wenger grow some!!

  53. Mike the greek gooner says:

    Do you ever go to the emirates or do you just comment on things you clearly have no idea on ?

    Was/Is Kolo a legend ? Yes
    Can he still cut it ? Certainly not on the evidence of last season his biggest assets were pace and strength, both have diminished he was never a reader of the game, he reacted to situations so his strength and pace saved him.

    You love to hate Arsene yet you fail to realise the financial restraints he has been under even though people are shouting it from the rooftops. We have turned into a top 4 team rather than challenging for the championship, where would we be without him? NOT EVEN TOP 4 !!!!!

    It is a long term strategy, it needs patient fans not moronic johnny come lately’s like you.

  54. 4finger shuffle says:

    i love kolo and loasthe gallas as much as any other gooner, but the fact of the matter is that 15/16 mill for a 28 yr old whos had a poor run of form for 2years is a great opportunity. 1 more bad sdeason and what would he be worth?
    gallas was better than him last season and im expecvting vermaelen to be dominating as much as willy soon enough.
    the african nations arguemennt also stands. plus imo, once i heard arshavin say that he came into out dressing room and noone spoke english, it was all french, it was an embarrassment. out with bayor, eboue, and sadly kolo. then english players may actually wanna come to us. i feel sorry for theo. hes got no english lads, but is in a dressing room dominaterd by loud french speaking africans. the new laws comin in, coupled with youngsters coming thru should signal a more domestically orientated arsenal.

  55. Marko says:

    Still blaming him on everything thats shit in your life. You really are sad and clearly not a real supporter. Sad to see Kolo go but he is not our best defender that is Gallas and if we replace him with Zapata or Hangeland then we are much better off than with Toure.

    You are simply an idiot sinbad. Blaming absolutely everything thats wrong in your life on Wenger. Pathetic moron.

  56. Amz says:

    honestly cnt believe this is happening 2 us,1 FUKN QUESTION,WHYYYYY NOT LET OUR BILLIONAIRE OWNERS HELP WHEN THEY WANT TO????THEN WE SELL OUR BEST PLAYERS COZ WE ARE BROKE HA,what a fuknnn joke our club is becoming,fukn disgrace.
    fuk wenger/the board and all their mothers,fukn filthy bastards

  57. Amz says:

    idnt give a fuk about those people backing wenger and the board,reality is we ILL NEVER BE AS GOOD,and why am saying that just coz of the evidence of wts been happening last few years,hillwood the bastard has 2 quit now before we are a champoinship again,and if wenger follows even better,bring some1 younger/hungery 4 trophies and ambition which is clearly wenger and the board arnt anymore.dickheads

  58. HH says:

    i dont mind wenger selling ade crapshit and toure for great money but he better buy better players to replace them

  59. M Polo says:

    I loved Toure watching him improve then be part of the invincibles. Players get sold all the time and 16 mill is good money and he will get 100k a week at mercenary city BUT………. I dont think Wengers buying ANYONE! Gooners still stay talking shit on blogs like they know anything. WE SELL OUR BEST PLAYERS EVERY SEASON AND BUY CHEAP REPLACEMENTS LIKE SYLVESTER. Toure wanted to go so cool but we aint buying Huntelar we will use Bendtnar, Vermin whatever is Toures replacement face facts. Highest ticket prices in europe to watch youth team and injury prone talent. Cesc will be pimped to Barca sooner or later coz we a selling club. Now rant over let the season start and pray for the best (3rd or 4th).



  61. adam truman says:

    Great player, but passed his prime these few years.
    Bought £150,000
    Sold £15,000,00
    Brilliant return and 9years service.
    Even rumoured that he a lot older than 28yo.

    Don’t think its Wenger fault theres no cash to buy players.
    Its the board who have very little cash flow and will have to refinance short term like Liverpool

  62. bigsnoop says:

    Kolo Toure and Gallas played 17 games last season in all comps conceeded 10 goals in that period and kept TEN clean sheets Also between jan 25 and Feb the 28th we played 8 times in that period;
    Cardiff 0-0
    Everton 1-1
    West-ham 0-0
    Cardiff 4-0
    Tottenham 0-0
    Roma 1-0
    Sunderland 0-0
    fulham 0-0

    Kolo toure started 7 games in that period (and I’ll bet you’ll never guess which game he missed!)

    • iceman says:

      what is your point!!! we all know that he was a grait player,but he is not the best player..rember the chealse game? he was a clown in that match

  63. IRISHGOONER says:

    cant say i agree, yes its quite worrying that we are selling more than buying players. Though to be honest Kolo had a fairy poor season and it wont be long until his speed goes. providing that Arsene gets us quality in the 3 main areas we should be fine.

  64. stephen murphy says:

    here we go again .. more shit from arsenal action.. im starting to take offence to the name of this web site.. you should not use the great name that you destroy time and time again and that is arsenal as part of the name.. you go on like you know everything .. your a disgrace calling yourself an arsenal fan ..all i see on this page is we be lucky if arsenal finishes fourth.this player is shit and so on. come on.the season has not even started yet so wat do you know and i do believe arsenal will be strengthened.. he will have 41 million at his disposal and if he sells eboue then over 50 million.. wenger has a plan and he is not showing his cards yet.. you must remember another thing at the moment transfer fees are well over the top and teams are doubling prices but as time ticks on prices will drop because they will start getting desperate… so wenger i believe in you and always will and watever you do or decide i will back you /team and this amazing club…also arsenal action i remember an article you wrote a couple of months ago saying toure was past it..another thing go away and write a good positive article about about the players we have.. peace out

  65. Stu says:

    I agree in that we shouldnt be selling Toure ahead of Silvestre and Djourou but to say he is our best defender is wide of the mark imo.
    His performance levels have seriously dropped in the last year or two. And imo since he wont be starting next season 16m is a good bit of business for someone that wont be starting and has one year left on his contract.

    I’ll be sad to see him go for sure, even more so because its to another premiership club (a rival no less) but he isnt on top form anymore. He panics quite a lot under pressure and needs a father fiqure next to him to get the best out of him.

    I dont want him sold ahead of others but if he isnt happy (and the transfer requests indicated that he isnt) then he should move on unfortunately. And if some of the 40m we just made isnt re-invested then i will go fucking mad. Wenger better spend that money!

  66. IRISHGOONER says:

    De Rossi was on the official Arsenal website and wiki today as a a new number 13. We were said to have signed him in June. This would be a nice suprise if true

  67. jesus says:

    more hyperbole from ya sinbad. Kolo has been an absolute legend but im afraid although sad to see it is DEFFO the right decision to let him go at anything over 10 mill. His best days we have all enjoyed & with less than 2 years left on his contract & him not being worth a much improved deal its TOTALLY correct. Gallas our best defender will prob walk on a free in 12 months, so can u really let both your best CBs run their contracts down & walk away for free inside 2 years 😮 !!! That would be absolute idiocy. As for your comments “So let me get this right? Wenger is keeping Silvestre, Senderos and Djouoro and Alex Song and is cashing in on our best defender?” Silvestre is an experienced understudy,4th choice at best & a happy bit part player with NO real transfer value so whats the point in letting him go! Senderos will prob go if a decent enough bid comes in, JD is young & improving & may blossom into a TOP CB SOON! Song is a great young utility player who can do a job in various positions & will also improve & be a major asset to the squad. Kolo is a great man & has been an excellent servant. Trust me though this is the right move 100X profit on a player who has more than likely had his best days? Anyone with a modicum of common sense can see that It could be wengers best transfer out of the club ever!!! always Sad to lose a legend but time moves on & it is the right thing to do no question.

  68. IRISHGOONER says:

    you’d think that we are having a auction! Toure 15 million Ade 25 eboue 9 senderos 6.

  69. JOEL says:

    Although not the player he was-Toure is still a player who should have been kept at Arsenal.He always gives 100% and is someone the youngsters at the club could have learnt from.Given that Gallas is likely to swan off at the end of his contract;and the other options are at best erratic; I cannot see the logic in selling to a side who’s benefit will be our loss.Unless the £15m is to be used to persuade Fulham to sell Hageland-and given Wenger’s statement today,(apparently Arsenal have 7 Centre Backs),this would appear to be very unlikely.
    Otherwise that will be a total of 40 million Manchester City Pounds “banked” which will come in useful when Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champions League,next year.I really am getting fed up with this!



  71. fanner says:

    Fuck the theory that gallas is world class and best CB we have. Toure is the best CB we have.

  72. May2689 says:

    Look lets be honest, Kolo is a decent center half and a very nice bloke but 14 million for a 28 year old past his best (and lets face it, his best was just decent) is bloody great business. Lets not get all nostalgic. The boy is a bit of a flapper. He was only at his best alongside a great center half, like Sol!

    • bigsnoop says:

      Or Phillpe Senderos I mean they only went and broke the european champions league record for a number of clean sheets (without SOL campbell FFS). Look lets face facts he was a brilliant player for us and Wenger is some how gonna have to pull another rabbit out of the hat just to replace. Funny we must be the only club that at the begining of every transfer window were only 2 players away from world domination and at the end were about 3 or 4 players away!! Can we please just buy without selling just for once.

  73. anibal says:

    agree with u about kolo!! he is one of my favorite arsenal players!! and i am hoping he dosent go, but it looks like he is:/ but i dont agree about the part were wenger only cares about profit. you can tell about yesterdays post and what u just said that you dislike wenger!!!!

    how do u support arsenal when you hate wenger so much? because wenger is a huge part of arsenals identity!

  74. Mateo says:

    Have any of you watched Kolo during the past two seasons? It hasn’t been pretty boys. For a number of years, Kolo has been one of if not my favorite Arsenal player but the Gunner’s defending over the past two seasons have been atrocious. And Gallas is equally if not more so to blame. So all of you ask why Toure and not Gallas or Silvestre or Song. Simple, none of our center backs would draw anywhere near 16 to 19 million pounds. This is a damn fine piece of business.

    Kolo will be replaced and hopefully by someone half the price but with skill that includes more than just strength and pace. Kolo has the tools, don’t get me wrong, but why were so many gooners calling for him to be our solution at d-mid when Flamini was sold? Maybe because he isn’t a natural central defender. And at his age, he never will be.

    So instead of calling for Wenger’s head on a platter, let’s set our loyalties to King Kolo for a moment and think about the fact that Arsenal now have over 40 million pounds to spend with over a month left in the transfer window. There will be players bought. Likely a d-mid and a tall, key word tall, center back. And if we’re lucky, an out and out striker as well.

    So to Kolo, good luck sir. Unlike the bulk of players that leave Arsenal, I wish you nothing but the best. And to Wenger, don’t change. You have done this club and it’s fans proud over the years.

  75. 26may1989 says:

    Just on Sky, stats on Kolo’s 2008-9 performances:

    Aerial duels – Kolo won only 44% of them, ranking him 67th best aerial defender in the PL

    Tackling – Won 78% of his tackles, making him 28th best

    Clearances – Ranked 35th

    Passing accuracy – 83%, and therefore 16th best in the league

    And muppets like Sinbad bitch about us taking £15m for a player with that record (and who’s already 28 etc). (By the way Sinbad, remind me which manager it was who had the guts to sign a player direct from Ivorian club football and play him in the PL – it was that lying fool Arsene Wenger wasn’t it? Hypocrite? You?)

    Like most gooners, I like Kolo a lot, and despite despising the club he’s about to join, I wish him the best (and hope he finds his way back to AFC one day). Ideally, keeping him as a squad player would be what we’d all like, but I’m sure he doesn’t want that.

    Much as he’s a top guy, I see little chance of Kolo strengthening City’s pitiful defence. There would be much more to worry about if Lescott joins them.

  76. TiTTi says:

    I have to say to u all gooners out there, saying that Gallas is better than Kolo. I don’t agree. If u remember “Le boss” said that Kolo and Gallas was too similar, both where perhaps to short at set pieces. King Kolo is one of the most experience players in arsenal today. He is 28 today; n say no thanks to £16m is just stupid. I get a afraid when u say to get Hageland. His not that god, n his to slow his the same type as Senderos, it takes ages for him to turn around. Arsenal play the game with much speed n I don’t think his that good man vs. man as often arsenal CB player often see them self in. I the other problem with this transfer is that “Le Boss” often buys inexperience players. I love “Le BOSS” but sometimes I looks more and more like a dictator, he wants young players so he can teach them how to play the arsenal way, but the problem is that the club AFC is paying the price for that. Remember it was exactly for this “Le Boss” got kicked from Monaco, selling his older player like Klinsman, Weah etc. etc n buying younger player. Le Boss never buys elder players the only one was Arshavin (27) and Davor Suker, because of that I’m worried about arsenals future… the future Wenger sold us. I don’t think to be just talented takes u where u want u have to work hard to get it to… le boss said that this team are and going to be better than the invincible team. I don’t see that happening for at least 3 years ahead.

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