Wenger tells the Arsenal fans MORE lies!

Posted: July 28, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Well well well….

He has done it again.

What makes me laugh is how thick some of you gooners are.

Wenger says we got too many defenders which is why he is letting Toure go…….. so why the f** did he buy one in Thomas vermaelen?

So if we have too many defenders and that’s the reason for selling Toure that means he wont be signing a replacement defender as we are going to be back at square one with 7 defenders!

Wenger is lying to us all again, wake up arsenal supporters. Something stinks and I don’t like it one bit.

Wenger is running my club like a supermarket.

Why are some of you gooners allowing this to happen? Why cant you see whats really going on?

How can you trust this man who lies to us?

We have sold 2 players this summer to a team that are going to be fighting us for 4th place at best. Why are we making our rivals stronger and ourselves weaker for the sake of money?

Like i said a few weeks ago, Enjoy this coming season of Champions league football and Cesc being at the club. Come next season we wont be in the champions league and Cesc will be sold.

Some of you gooners need to wake up.



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  1. “Why are some of you gooners allowing this to happen? Why cant you see whats really going on?”

    Yes as if we’re allowing this to happen lmao? He most likely sign verm to play him out of position.

    I don’t even think toure will go tbh, all bullshit.

    • kai says:

      has anyone noticed that the same three players that was rumoured to have split the dressing room are the ones being shipped off…..adebayor,eboue and kolo toure…well probably its the best idea ………

  2. cosmo says:

    because wenger has complete control of the club…hes a clown but we are fucked both ways..players only come to arsenal these days because of wengers influence but at the same time we dont win anything because of wengers influence..its a spiral people

    • Damian says:

      “but at the same time we dont win anything because of wengers influence..its a spiral people”

      What planet are you living on, Wenger is actually our most successful manager to date, yeah ok its been a few seasons since we last won anything, but Arsenal are one of the most financially secure clubs in the league because of the way he is building the team. The team is still young and I recon it wont be much more of a wait for the good times to come back in… and im happy to wait it out if it means we are one of the top teams who dont need to be bought out to be great and not in worrying debt!

  3. Do you think Wenger should go for gender reassignment? It’s the hair isn’t it …

  4. goonertroop says:

    hah! aren’t you the same guy who had a panic attack when Cana went to sunderland? Just how would you compare your scouting skills to Arsenal’s scouting network? Just smoke some haze, wait till Aug 31, and you will (*fingers crossed*) be happy to see that we made a couple of great purchases.

    If not, then I think i’ll join you.

  5. gooner says:

    Contradiction yes, lying no.
    Get a fucking clue gawd dammit.

  6. Muppet says:


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    roflmao !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are quickly establishing yourself as the biggest tosser in the Arsenal blogosphere.

  7. Grooner Goonerer says:

    Fuck off Sinbad you total, utter retard.

  8. Are you Usmanov ? No ? Then you must be David Dein ? No ? Farhad Moshiri ? No ? Their faithful dog David Davies ? No ? That cunt from ANR – Myles Palmer ? No ? What about that shithead from Le Grove ? No ?

    Oh you are just the Arsenal action cunt. CUNT

    • gunnerUSA says:

      MY VIEW OF THIS BLOGGER: well peeps already said it

      Wow, you really are an idiot. You’re such a dumb ass. ur an absoloute joke.
      get your head out of your ass and write something sensible.

      I appeal to all gooners frequenting this blog to not bother. Please. Sinbad is not even a supporter. He is Myles Palmer Mark II

      Get a fucking clue gawd dammit. Fuck off Sinbad you total, utter retard

      MY FAV:

      Are you Usmanov ? No ? Then you must be David Dein ? No ? Farhad Moshiri ? No ? Their faithful dog David Davies ? No ? That cunt from ANR – Myles Palmer ? No ? What about that shithead from Le Grove ? No ?

      Oh you are just the Arsenal action cunt. CUNT

    • bob says:

      well said that man and let it be quoted for truth that miles palmer is a massive cunt!

    • Dan Davidson says:

      I’m sad about Toure… The last of the invincibles! But lets face it… He has been a faithful Gooner to the end but Tony Adams he is not. He neaded a big physical presence next to him and Gallas in combination just didn’t work. If the ball is in the air and his head goes near it… the ball could go in any 1 of 360 degrees. We got found out defensively last year (especially to the high ball) If nobody comes in to replace him though i will feel cheated. Hangeland is the obvious replacement but something in my stomach tells me it wont happen. Just like Huntelaar will end up at Milan. The frustrating thing is that Wenger is already relying on poor old Eduardo and Rosicky heavily b4 a ball is kicked. A good DM signing like Melo/Yaya/Inler/Flamini/Vieira(an ideal 1yr contract signing with the opportunity to pass on his wealth of knowledge to our youthful padiwans). It would have calmed everybody down. This was identified at the start of last years campaign for gods sake. I love Arsene. He’s the man. But the stubborness is a little tiresome. I say this because the weakness in our squad last year played out just as everyone predicted… Not tough enough for Chelsea… and overwhelmed by Man Utd when it mattered. We are fractions from greatness and £40million to spend i’m convinced can bridge that gap!

  9. Alex says:


    You are not Sinbad the sailor but Sinbad the stand up comedian. Listen, everyone knows you are a spud trying to wind gooners up. The constant high fives you have with Jimbo (who is a well known Spud troll) just gives the game away.

    So why dont you follow your lily livered team silently and let us get on with our title challenge. I appeal to all gooners frequenting this blog to not bother. Please. Sinbad is not even a supporter. He is Myles Palmer Mark II.

    • c.mon boys .... says:

      look hes jst a dsperate suprtr dnt treat him like this dnt 4get we are RED army. and for AW in case of football i trust that man to death the greatest eva football managers..lets be patient cz good things com to those who waite…. fingers crossed

      • Lee says:

        If he is a Supporter – let him Support.

        If he is going to keep trashing the club and Manager – fuck him! he will get what’s coming.

  10. Randy Osae says:

    We won’t even enjoy the Champions League football this season because we won’t qualify. 😦

  11. X&X says:

    seriously is all you do criticise arsenal?
    i’d rather have gallas over toure anyday of the week

    wenger is not running the club like a supermarket.
    the fact is if you havent noticed we have a debt becasue of the stadium and other things and when there are teams like city who will throw stupid money for not so great players we’re always going to accept

    i think you need to pack this in and get a real job
    maybe a local supermarket?

  12. ah says:

    why do you call yourself sinbad

  13. looneygooner says:

    Calm down, Toure is past his best, he hasn’t been the same player since he returned from the ANC with malaria, we got good money for a player who is a great athlete but world class defender, too erratic for me, let’s hope Citeh buy Eboue.
    I understand your anger but not your paranoia, I believe we will see great things from this Arsenal side, be patience because I have been for five years.
    You need to realise we are getting rid of players who are past their best for Arsenal.

    • cooltard23 says:

      i’m agree with u beb!!who had left arsenal can’t be the same person during their time here………except TH14

  14. Randy “freddy adu” Osae, off course we will you nut job

  15. John says:

    Wenger doesn’t even know that if you buy someone before you sell someone else it doesn’t count as replacing them – he’s clueless.

  16. JK Holland says:

    True, true, true..

    It’s getting sad.. First of all Adebayor is leaving.. And no replacement.. he also said we ‘ll get a defensive midfielder, but i think he will buy no one.. and now we dont get a replacement for touré.. a guy with a lot of experience..

    No we want the money.. It’s unbelievable. Yes i know he has a1 year contract. But he wont buy someone.
    Then Senderos will leave, and he still wont get an another defender..

    Then Eboue will leave.. for 5 years we’ve won anything at all..
    I’m getting jaleaous if a see man city getting a lot of players..

    8th place for arsenal i think..

    and yes, i’m frustrated as hell. 😉

  17. gaya says:

    so why dont you empty ur bank account and buy the club
    since its hurts that much and you know better.
    or maybe you can leave since you cast an envious eye on other clubs.
    as a fan i dont know what you did for the club and players to raise
    their confidence when they needed you most.

  18. Josh says:

    So he bought Vermaelen knowing Toure was going to go? whats wrong with that, atleast he has bought another defender to replace toure if he goes which is looking more than likely.

  19. arsenal09 says:

    Haha Chill out dude, wenger knows what he is doing, he promised to all of us he will spend big this season, he is gathering good money! Now he will splash out on a new defender, midfielder (defiantly, as I cant stand Denilson along side cesc) and a new striker!!!

  20. Adom says:

    It’s not possible to lie about an opinion, son.

  21. TA6 says:

    Yes the last few years have been frustrated as we have only been one or two players short of genuine title contenders.
    I just can’t understand the vitriol aimed at Arsene, and the season hasn’t even started yet.
    Adeego was great business and we will be stronger without him. For the same reason on from either Kolo or Gallas have to be sold. Gallas brings little into the coffers as he is in his last year and will fancy leaving on a free next summer. So Kolo it is. I hope AW’s comments mean Senderos will be on his way as well, hopefully as way of a px for Haugeland.
    Then we will only be a class DM short of contenders.
    We have the best fullbacks, CB’s from Gallas, Vermailan, Haugeland and Djourou and the most exiting attacking options in the league.
    So please please please I pray that you are not sitting anywhere near me next season

    • goonergerry says:

      Can’t understand how it can be considered good business to sell your top goalscorer over 2 years to your chief rival for the CL. Then to sell them Toure ? Even if the unexpected happens and we buy replacements which in this inflated market I doubt -We have still strengthened them and increased their chances of beating us to the 4th CL spot.

  22. Ian says:

    Wow, you really are an idiot. I really hope I’m right in assuming that your just a youngster with a lot of growing up to do. If you are an adult, then you’re fucked mate.

  23. ah says:

    where are you from sinbad

  24. TA6 says:

    ps this is the last time i read this junk

  25. ah says:

    sinbad i’m talking to you

  26. iceman says:

    vermal and gallas,djouro and song,pluss we will bye a replacement thats 5 cb.sendros and kolo are out!!silvester is just a back up for the 3\4choice!! im a happy gunner,because we needed a change..kolo was not the same player we knew any more,so good luck to him!!Eboue next!!and for u sinbad get a life

    • gunner for life says:

      i’m totally agreed with iceman.we should trust wenger.if someone insist he want to leave,thats nothing wenger can do.for me,no point to keep those unhappy player.
      last,if someone still making noise & criticise wenger and arsenal fc,he/she better go for other club.
      f off u jerk…

  27. gary says:

    Why keep a player who is clearly unhappy,we dont need players who dont have ARSENAL in there blood so good riddance,you cant tell me Adeybayor was giving 100% effort last season he had his head up his ass most of it, because of summer transfer talk .Lay off WENGER he is the finest manager we have had,i have been a fan of this Great club for 52 years and i have seen some bad ones,so get your head out of your ass and write something sensible.

  28. Ur a nob says:

    ur an absoloute joke
    Why are we letting this happen?! O because if we say stop wenger will? Wt rite u got complaining u mite aswel do 1 n support citeh

  29. oli says:

    Just saw Toure’s stats for the 2008/09 season on Sky Sports news.
    In terms of defenders and aeriel duels he was 67th best with 44.4% of aerial duels won.
    Doesn’t sound that good.

  30. smudger says:

    Don’t you just hate it when the schools are on summer holidays and we end up with morons like this guy posting stupid articles on a regular basis.

    Everyone knows what positions Wenger needs to reinforce. Do you genuinely think the man himself doesn’t know? Your anti-Wenger stance is frankly ludicrous, and you need to have a lot more respect for the boss.

    The more stuff you post, the more I’m convinced you’re a yid.

  31. Marko says:

    You’re such a dumb ass. Wenger aint the problem that you can’t get laid or that you got no friends or that your family disowned you for being a dickhead. Stop blaming him for everything it’s getting old. Here just let it go you loser.

  32. bary says:


    • arsenalaction says:

      So then there is no reason to sell Toure then

      • Sinbad you suck a lot of cock says:

        Think before you post fuckwit, A…he’s wanted to leave since January. B…We’ve had his best years and were getting good money for him. C…Wengers cleaning out the disruptive individuals because unity is paramount for a team to succeed. D…your a dickhead. E…I’m charging you for my time and for wasting two minutes of my life. F…your a dickhead just so we’re clear on that fact.

  33. eduardo says:

    so sinbad do you expect Wenger to come out and tell the truth that the only way he got Toure to stay in Jan was to promise him he would sell him this summer if a good offer came in. Toure wanted out, has only one year left on his contract, could buy it out for a few pound,

    Toure has been very up and down in his performances in the last 18 months, the last ACN ruined him and then his illness last summer fecked him totally. Would you like Wenger to come out and destroy his relationship with Toure and any of his friends still at the club by saying Toure on the decline, Toure demanded move in Jan and only stayed with the promise of being allowed leave this summer. Wenger never slates players who leave, he in fact always talks them up, what would the point be in slagging them off other than to make knobs like you feel better about letting a player go.

    Toure was only going to be back up this season and he was not willing to accept that so to get £16M for him is a very good deal. We have already signed his replacement in Vermaelen.

    And sinbad as for some of us gooners needing to wake up I suggest you take a long sleep it might stop you being so much of a grumpy t wat

  34. Timus says:

    Sinbad reminds me of the old crones you get in the old Hammer Horror films.. as soon as one of the sweet young girls in the villager is accused of being a witch.. Burn her!! Burn her!! Witch! Witch! Kill Her!! Shes fooling you! She is the devils child!! Witchhhhhh!!

    (not that Wenger is a sweet young girl or anything!)

  35. Dee says:

    Get a life, you FOOL!!!

  36. JayDaRed says:

    Sinbad you knob, stop trying to second guess King Arsene – Toure is well past it and were getting 16 million for him! you really are a joke why don’t you join Man City as well you disgrace

  37. CUMON ARSENAL says:

    PLAYERS LIKE theo, sagna, CLICHY, vela lol always taking da piss out of spuds, pump that red and white army blood, if the sleeves aint white and the shirt aint red YOUR TEAMS DEAD!!!

  38. Vivas says:

    Sinbad you sound like Lord Hawhaw. I can’t decde whether your blog is an elaborate exercise in reverse psychology or if you have some cognitive issues. Either way it is very rude of you to pump this stuff out without thinking it through. Kolo put in a transfer request in January and City wanted to buy him then. There is a chance that Arsenal knew he was going when they bought Vermaelen.

  39. me says:


    Sagna Gallas Djourou Clichy

    Arshavin Song Fabregas Rosicky

    Eduardo V. Persie

    other players in defence: vermaelen, (traore), (eboue), senderos, gibbs,
    midfield: diaby, denilson, nasri, (traore), (eboue), wilshere, ramsey,(walcott)
    attack: bendtner, vela, (walcott)

    this is quality!! support your team and keep the faith!
    maybe another striker, midfielder and a centre half and we have a real in debt quality squad, but we already have one..

    Wenger is a genius. with 41 millions we can buy some quality players.

    • Lagooner says:

      so well said, i love the team as it is (without possibly toure, eboue, senderos), but off course huntelaar, hangeland and christian poulsen would be welcome additions, but not necessary

  40. Zef says:

    WTF Sinbad!! U r sooooo fcked up!!

    Just shut the fuck up!! and pls dont fckin write stupid articles like dis….

    Supporting Arsenal is a choice!! not a burden dat u r forced 2 bare!! Cmz like U know better dan Wenger ha?? wew just fuck off!! I bet U cant even manage a club properly in Fantasy Football!!

    Y should V keep players if dey dont want 2 stay?? or the players who r simply not gud inough anymore??

    Toere handed a transfer request in January!! do u knw dat??

  41. sinbad=cunt says:

    wow, that has to be one of the worst articles i have ever read about arsenal. sinbad, as my name already portrays, you are a cunt, filling peoples minds with this utter bullshit of yours.
    Wenger only has, and always has had the interest of these clubs in mind. If we lose Toure, we have lost two players, although very good, were less than half of what they could be last season, and also, we lose two players that fuck off to eh ANC in Jan, so fuck man city for being such mugs. At the same time we pocket £40 mil, an di guarantee wenger will do something with it, it won’y be what any of you expect, but watch this space, it will come…

  42. cannonman says:

    we personally dont even need anymore cb’s in my opinion we have got rid of one the shortest cb’s we had and made our problem there problem also. micah richards is only 5’11/6’0 kinda short for a defender. so micah n toure can get victimized now

  43. Honest says:

    a liar indeed with one plan only: how to make money.

  44. Aaron says:

    He said he had too many central defenders, some central defenders can’t play the wings. Ade is shit and i am glad he is gone,make room for Edaurdo. Toure is a big loss but i trust Arsene has a plan.

  45. liam says:

    He has to get the money for the our long term future.
    Harry redknapp spent more money than he gained at southampton and Portsmouth.. look at how fucked those clubs are at the moment.
    We have to be patient and Wenger’s philosophy will prevail.

  46. wilshere says:

    sinbad who r u to question arsene’s methods ur jus a peasant in arsenes kingdom

  47. BOB says:

    I AGREE with SINBAD…

    why cant we discuss this without resorting to calling echother CUNTS!

    if you want CUNTS pls go to ARSENAL MANIA where all the clueless CUNTS are

  48. Nauman says:

    Wow some of you Arsenal fans are a bunch of muppets, bashing Wenger all the time. Honestly speaking when I see this attitude and remember what we did to Eboue, makes me ashamed to be an Arsenal fan.

    Wenger is a fine man he learns from his mistakes and he did last season. Now he has the money and he will spend, he plays it perfectly by saying that we dont need more defenders [to keep this future signing secret] perfect tactic!!!!

    We are going for the Fulham defender because today Fulhma offered to double his wages, means they sense danger of him going and Wenger will get him!

    Time to start a new Arsenal and that is what Wenger is doing 🙂 A new start with loyal players.

  49. arsenal passion says:

    Guys, don’t forget, Kolo requested to leave. Wenger knew he wanted to leave so he made the right choice, sell him for £16m, bought Vermalean and will get rid of Sanderos. Money from the sales will be his to spend, and will spend it provided the right player comes along. What we need is a Classy DM to steady our shaky midfield and the players at the back will do OK.

  50. Mike says:

    You are so full of shit. Toure was going in January. He only stayed because Wenger asked him not to abandon us mid-season. Vermaelen was signed as a replacement for Toure. It doesn’t look like that because Toure has been sold after Vermaelen was bought. Traditionally a replacement is signed after the player is sold. All that’s happened is that this is the wrong way round time wise. Sinbad you are the stupidest fucker around.

  51. redandwhite says:

    “Why are some of you gooners allowing this to happen? Why cant you see whats really going on?
    How can you trust this man who lies to us?”

    i think someone needs to understand respect..your making him sound like an idiot and that is sumthing he definately isnt,and disrespecting wenger ( a manager who cares more about arsenal then all of us) i dont think u understand the meaning of “supporter” why start being a negative moron before the season has even started…..the least we can do it bloody support!!! and be a gooner!!

  52. Tilt says:

    This blog is a load of crap. Sinbad gotta be 10 years old. Or a chimpanzee. Maybe a 10 year old chimp, eat a banana or something.

  53. Tony Pompey says:

    In all fearness to Wenger, he does not controll the financing of players by himself. Now if he said he has seven defenders and TOURE who wanted to leave before is given the opurtunity to leave for the same club that he put in a transfer request to go to and he allows him to go then give him a chance. Bearing in mind that he may still need the money to reinforce other areas. not saying that we r strong in defence as yet. there is more that go on behind the scenes at the club that would convince or persuade Wenger to allow the sale of a player. We have to support the club in these hard times.

  54. david says:

    you ain’t got a clue mate, toures best years have gone he hasn’t been at his best for a while now and wenger’s singed a new center back who’s apparently better? whats the problem with him improving the squad? you don’t sell to your rivals if you think that it will make them better… plus he will probably use the money to sign someone better anyway…your deluded,,and you honestly think man u have gotten stronger? you think that if Liverpool lose Alonso and mascherno there going to be stronger and pretty much every Chelsae player is over the age of 45.

  55. shayne says:

    i hope we get relegated.

  56. Swine says:

    Sinbad, I agree with you again. Keep it coming mate

  57. Clockenders says:

    Why do all these college boys from the home counties call the yids “Spuds”?…sounds a bit nobbish to me! Been going 35 years and never heard the scumbags called that in the ground, a bit cringy really. Imagine hurling abuse at the yids and calling them spuds, they’d roll on the floor laughing…sums up our wally armchair fans these days!

  58. Sue says:

    Shut your bloody whinging and moaning and support your team and manager.

    If you dont like it then go down the road a give your money to that sorry bunch of morons

  59. blackbeard now he was a proper pirate says:

    Sinbad, wouldn’t be possible that Wenger bought Vermaelen as he thought he was, you know, good. With Vermaelen in, getting rid of a defender makes sense and Wenger would have all the info at his fingers not just Youtube but highly detailed anaylsis of all of his players as well as an awareness of the clubs finances and where best he can strengthen and for what money.

    With all of those in mind, and what seems to be Kolo’s wishes as well he has decided to sell Kolo on. So far on the defensive front there has been one in (and Senderos’ return) and one looking to be on the way out – given that our defence was by far the worst aspect of last season a change there makes sense.

    Just out of interest Sinbad, what about Arsenal do you like? You seem despise the manager, the board and the vast majority of the players.

  60. keith says:


    KOLO was the last member of the invincibles (Clichy was there but never played much) Since then the club has been going backwards assuming we get 15 million for Kolo 8 million for Eboue and Six million for Senderos with the Abe sell that would be 54 million will it be spent? no i feel the board are out of touch with the modern game we need world class players bought now otherwise next season it will be Cesc,Van Persie,Ashverin,Clichy which will bring in another 100 million THE BOARD MUST GO NOW FOR THE SAKE OF THIS FOOTBALL CLUB

    • blackbeard now he was a proper pirate says:

      you sir, are an idiot. Who would you rather have in place of the current board? The fat Uzbek who is a known manchester united fan and who has publicly called for dividends to be paid when the current board haven’t paid any out for years so the money can be reinvested into the club?

      • Thor says:

        Also, Mr Fat Uzbek lost 75% of his wealth last year. Google the Times Rich List this year and you will see. Therein lies his motives behind wanting to get involved with AFC.

  61. tayo awogboro says:

    you guys have no clue what your talking about. kolo toure is way passed it as a defender and is too weak in the air for the premiership. We will sign a striker, a midfielder, and a defender have faith wenger knows what he is doing. We cant lie funds have been tight and selling toure and adeboyor for the money we got was a huge coup. we can get three very solid player which will complement the skillful players we already posses.

  62. J says:

    Yeah we should have waited until his contract runs out next year and let him go on a free, sinbad ur such a footballing genius. SINBAD FOR ARSENAL MANAGER

  63. Fredwest says:

    Donnas thank u sir. The rest of you people are just showing urselfs up.try n have a debate without name calling.sinbad has made some verg good points

  64. Adam Sizeland says:

    “What makes me laugh is how thick some of you gooners are.”

    Why dont you just think about it, Kolo Toure has made a transfer request already in the January Window so he clearly wants to leave the club and it was going to happen sooner or later, Arsene was obviously aware of the fact that there were chances or Toure leaving so he did the right thing in signing a player of a suitable standard (Vermealen) before any defender leaves the club.

    “Wenger says we got too many defenders which is why he is letting Toure go”

    No, Hes not letting Toure leave the club because there are too many defenders, hes letting Toure leave the club because he wants to go, A.W knows Toure is one of our best centre backs so if he was to let anybody go for the sake of it, it would be the likes of Senderos, Djourou…

    Real Arsenal Fans get behind they’re manager for whatever decisions he makes, and dont slag they’re manager off without really thinking about what they are saying!

  65. LB says:

    You are the liar. And you use your lies to try and turn the fans against Arsene. You are a pathetic, desperate disgrace.

  66. rom says:

    How dare you write such a shit article against arsene and arsenal fc.
    You probably jumped on the band wagon when things were going well.
    Toure and adebayor will play in african nations cup so city have spent 42 mil on 2 players who will be away at a critical part of the season.
    Go fuck yourself and dont bother ever supporting arsenal again you shite cunt!!!

    I never write like this online but you really are a dillusional prick!!

  67. sabret00the says:

    How retarded can you get? Vermaelen is an upgrade on Toure. Toure’s best years are past him and last season he was distinctly average. We do have enough average defenders in our squad and we can do with losing at least another one. Vermaelen has bedded in well and as such Wenger is confident he’ll be ready in time for the season. The only thing we’d do by keeping Toure is watch him devalue. This is a great bit of business for the club. Using it as ammunition for your anti-Wenger campaign only goes to lower the credibility for this blog.

  68. gunnerUSA says:

    MY VIEW OF THIS BLOGGER: well peeps already said it

    Wow, you really are an idiot. You’re such a dumb ass. ur an absoloute joke.
    get your head out of your ass and write something sensible.

    I appeal to all gooners frequenting this blog to not bother. Please. Sinbad is not even a supporter. He is Myles Palmer Mark II

    Get a fucking clue gawd dammit. Fuck off Sinbad you total, utter retard

    MY FAV:

    Are you Usmanov ? No ? Then you must be David Dein ? No ? Farhad Moshiri ? No ? Their faithful dog David Davies ? No ? That cunt from ANR – Myles Palmer ? No ? What about that shithead from Le Grove ? No ?

    Oh you are just the Arsenal action cunt. CUNT

  69. joseph says:

    lets look at how bad things are for arsenal with a new 60000 seat stadium full for every home game where fans get to see some of the best football in the world. look at what happens when other football clubs build new stadiums they end up getting relagated. i remember the time before wenger arrived we did not need a 60000 seat stadium because Highbury was not full alot of the time and we went alot longer without trophies. so get a grip it could be alot worse we could be like liverpool no championship for 20 years and they know they need a new stadium to compete but the cant afford one. we will be able to compete and the stadium will pay off and make us a huge club bigger than we all ready are so believe in the boss.

  70. Clockenders says:

    And who the fuck is Myles Palmer when he’s at home???!…is he a “Spud” as you so call it??…Spud, LOL…what a stupid insult that is, still can’t get over it!

  71. ondgooner says:

    I didn’t actually complete reading your article but had myself nodding again to the ‘more lies’headline. How could we as fans let this happen to our club and bury our heads in the sand always muttering the words, ‘Arsene knows’. It seems from his dealings in the past month that he really doesn’t have a clue. He may think he is ‘offloading’ these players to City until it comes to haunt him. Should City finish ahead of us then I will no longer be reserved in calling for the manager to go. It pains me to see Kolo go. He was a great defender and played with enthusiasm & passion. He wore the shirt with pride. I loved him in an Arsenal shirt but the way Arsene Wenger messed around with the captaincy issue demoralised quite a few players including Kolo which inevitably affected his game.

    And I bet you, if Jise Mourhino had the players Arsene has had in the past few years, he would have won something. Which leads me to conclude that Jose is a far better manager than ours. I am sick of all this. Arsene is beginning to get up my nose with his constant lies or half truths. He should just come out and say it as it is, otherwise I will be led to believe that he has lost the plot!! And if this is the case, then he should look at himself with a view to assess his position!!

    • Fredwest says:

      Great post and agreed wholehearted

      • arsenalaction says:

        ondgooner well said

      • Sinbad you suck a lot of cock says:

        Stick to burying people under patios and incest because you know fuck all about football Fred West, your building work and rope knots weren’t bad either. In fact heres an idea, bury Sinbad under your patio then hang yourself and rid the world of two idiotic
        retards who pretend to support arsenal

    • Lee says:

      So you must have come from the same cocksmoking scholl as Sinbad the CUNT.

      Fuck off and support City you pair of wronguns.

  72. Geoff says:

    Let’s be honest, Wenger has almost always got it right. Toure hasn’t played too well recently, nor has adebayor, nor has eboue – players who have left or are likely leaving. I think it’s a bit early to be assuming Wenger has screwed up. We look really strong this season and Vermaelen is looking good. He also said we have too many defenders, that doesn’t necessarily have to be taken literally, it could mean we can afford to sell one. We may also sell Senderos, and then we can buy Hangeland. That would put us in a strong defensive position.

    When you are a world class manager maybe I’ll start to think you know what you’re talking about, but right now you just seem to be talking out of your arse.


  73. Romford Pele! says:

    You would have to be high to think Toure is a better DEFENDER than Gallas! Gallas is reassured in possesion and actually knows what positioning is, Toure puts in a shift every time hes on the pitch but his positioning is quite frankly awful and his ability in the air is laughable, and its plain for everyone to see that he has lost a considerable amount of his pace since contracting Malaria which effects his best attribute his recovery tackling! Arsene isnt gonna pay 10M for a defender to have him sit on the bench with Gallas being a better defender than Toure you think we should turn down 16M for a 3rd choice defender?! no doubt then you’d moan that we havent invested in other areas of the pitch! we aren’t rolling in money so it makes sense to sell and use the money where we actually need it!

  74. George says:


    If you can’t stand the guy so much why do you still keep him in the header of your blog?

  75. Thierry Henry says:

    This is the same Toure who instead of fighting for his position handed in a transfer request as soon as he got a bit of competition for his place. The same Toure whose form dipped so dramatically after the African Nations Cup tournament which coincidentally is in January 2010, in terms of performance amongst the top four teams’ defenders Toure would probably be ranked amongst the lowest, Wenger knows what he is doing & I would only be upset if Wenger did not bring in another top class player to bolster our defence.

  76. Fred Red says:

    Arsene is a brilliant manager. He’s has stuck to belief in attacking total football game through thick and thin and he has given us many games of sheer perfection. His problem is when the team makes mistakes they are catastophic, in a league that you can only afford to lose 3 games in. And he has never been aware that the squad needs to have enough depth to account for numerous injuries each season. But this is manager that is still very close to getting it right. Our last season was over in the autumn, but he managed to get 21 unbeaten games with many of the key first team members missing. Wenger is loyal to his players and he believes in their ability. His faith in Almunia is beyond me though. It is time for all supporters to give their all and get behind him. Because without success this season he beautiful legacy will fall to pieces.

  77. ass says:


    seems like you have crossed the line months ago. A pathetic blog entry after another. are you really an arsenal fan i wonder? no is the answer. you’re not even a gooner in the first place. what are you? spud in disguise?

    Well son, enjoy the remaining days of your pathetic life.

  78. paddyshev says:

    the board are selling these players so as to repay the debt quicker and make the club more attractive to potential buyers. wake up and smell the coffee AW is happy with this…sack the lot

  79. Leon says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion and judging from some of the borderline psychotic comments on here it would appear that a nerve has been touched. Funny thing is as each season goes by and we drift further and further away from the leaders there seems to be fewer and fewer of the Wenger apologists – Perhaps in five years time when we have won nothing you will perhaps wake up to the fact that Wenger lost the plot all those years but by then City will be consistently in the top four and able to attract truly world class players with their money, Liverpool would have been sold to Arabs and Man Utd and Chelsea will be so far ahead it would be futile to even think we could challenge and here we will be having this same conversation about how important it is to stand by wenger because HE knows best – pathetic – you people are just afraid of change when it is truly needed

    • blackbeard now he was a proper pirate says:

      Which manager do you feel we should bring in to replace Wenger then? Given that he would have to face the same budgetary constraints aas Wenger. Pre-Wenger there were significant periods when we didn’t get any trophies but for some reason fans seem to think that changing the manager or the board will lead to constant and ongoing success when all evidence points at the exact opposite.

    • John says:

      Name the manager that you would replace Wenger with…

  80. AW is king says:

    wat kind of a fucking idiot are you? wenger has made us one of the most succesful prem clubs of the last ten years! you seem to have forgotten that being a supporter requires you to SUPPORT your club through thick and thin. stop fucking whinging and fuck off and support someone else you fucking halfwit!

  81. Sinbad The Twat says:

    What a moron you are! You write shit on other sites & have now found your platform to write shit here.
    Go to school, you child!

  82. Leon says:

    Just reading some of the blogs on here makes me understand why some of my fellow gooners are the most universally hated whiners in english football – a different opinion of someone who “dares” criticises god himself – the Almighty Wenger and his band of brainless – sorry faithfull supporters. I like and respect Wenger and what he has done for Arsenal but the club comes first and a lot of what Wenger believes in i.e. his youth system and dreams of self sufficiency are as much an ego trip – his desire to “prove everyone wrong” as it is for the benefit of the club but beyond Wenger who is just an employee after all I really feel the blame has to lie with the board who keep everything from the fans and they do not truly understanding the concept of no fans equals no football club. Wenger is open for criticism – get over it and yourselves but the board are the ones to blame

    • blackbeard now he was a proper pirate says:

      or as a friendly alternative, he has adopted the youth policy due to the financial constraints that the club is currently under so that you can plonk your arse on a more comfortable seat every other week. The cash splashing stupity that some fans are asking for will only lead to a Leeds like situation – if only Abramovich hadn’t come in for chelsea at the last minute they too would have gone bust and this whole billionaires play-thing approach may never have gotten off the ground.

  83. GOONER4EVER says:

    I admit that I am a big admirer of Arsen Wenger,but if Kolo leaves our club with his blessing I will be the first Arsenal Supporter to ask Wenger to leave the Arsenal immediately.
    He will be ruining our Club which he himself build during these last years,and the only simple question is “Why are you doing this to Arsenal????” Leave us alone!Now!!!!!!

  84. dane says:

    Wenger says we got too many defenders which is why he is letting Toure go…….. so why the f** did he buy one in Thomas vermaelen?

    i think you answered your own question there my friend. WH

  85. Wonderman says:

    You really are an idiot !!

    1. Wenger has always acted with dignity towards his players, what did you expect him to say ” Well yes we are selling Toure because I believe he has lost his pace and hasn’t been the same since the last ANC” of course not that would lower the potential fee and cheese the player off ( what if the transfer breaks down)

    2. May I remind you that this is a player who put a transfer request in only 6 months ago and has served the club for 7 years. I dont know about you but I hold a season ticket and saw Toure regularly…I woud describe his defending recently as jitterey !

    3. Get used to the fact that what you see/hear/read in the media is more often than not far removed from the truth, no manager in the world broadcasts his plans to the media

  86. BL says:

    I think all the arsenal fans reading this blog should cut the writer some slack as he is only talk the truth think about it first were selling players with a great deal of talent which is not always shown but is there which is not bad however it is when were selling to a club which is gaining top draw players which makes it harder before weve started . Not only that all the fans who bang on about the debt needs paying the club rejected an offer from usmanov for a 100 mill which would clear some of this debt so i think you need to get your head out of the sand and realise whats going on

  87. Gambit says:

    After being highly amused reading the piece and subsequent comments. One can only assume that you’re a stooge for Usmanov/Dein/Moshiri…..

  88. rg says:

    Wenger’s sold Ade & will sell Toure because those Citeh muppets are paying well over the odds – the money’s just too good to turn down & Wenger isn’t going to go on some mad spending spree with the proceeds – he’s more concerned with the club’s long term future.

    Ade was was disruptive influence & Toure has long been seen by Wenger as the weak link in our defence. I think Wenger wouldn’t have minded keeping Toure because of his versitilty & experience but 15m will be too tempting. Wenger will spend the money when the right players are available at the right price.

  89. smith says:

    sinbad. trust me son with wenger we (arsenal fc) would be in deep s**t. he is having to sell players unfortunatly the board are getting these offers in and taking them without thinking of the football team. but in all honesty to sell toure and adebayor is not all that bad especially if we get 40 million for the pair. so dont blame wenger blame the board, and if not the board then yourself because to be a true fan of this club is to understand what wenger is having to deal with. thanks

  90. james says:

    ass shut up u stupid bitch

  91. dane says:

    Wenger says we got too many defenders which is why he is letting Toure go…….. so why the f** did he buy one in Thomas vermaelen?

    i think you answered your own question there my friend. Why is everyone ranting about losing everyone its not even the end of the transfer window. Im not being funny but Toure wasnt the most consistant of players last season. It hurts me to say this with Kolo being one of my favourite all time players but we can continue without Kolo. Wenger was not gonna spend 10 mill on a defender and not start him. We havent seen what TV is like yet.

    Quit moaning about the boss and get behind the team. A new centre mid will be signed and maybe a striker and then lets surprise a few people this season and go on and win something.

    Wenger will have something up his sleeve hes not as stupid as everyone beleives you know. He did create something from nothing.

  92. geoffreid says:

    yes wegners the greatest manager b/s could have signed imbramovich for 3ml but sent him back to sweden–same with torres-villa-upson-henry-next lansbury and merida even vela will be gone–yea yea some manager.

  93. Aaron says:


    he promised us he would spend big so stop criticising the man who buys nobodies for little money and creats them into big stars, henry van persie clichy fabregas adebayor, i need not go on.

    judge arsene at the end of the transfer market on his sales and buys not now

    none of you are true asenal supporters where is your faith?

  94. Romeo says:

    Why is every1 so pissed off at the blogger opinion ?? Is it bcoz deep inside they all feel the same but r too brainwashed to accept it ?

    I wonder !!

    • blackbeard now he was a proper pirate says:

      I think it’s because it pops up on newsnow and he consistently spouts a somewhat distorted opinion of the facts and sidesteps questions or statements that point this out.

  95. troy says:

    You are an idiot and your blog sucks. Go manage your own club seeing as your such an expert……

  96. moose says:

    why all the fuss guys, it all depends on what is done with the money we get from these transfers. I expect hagaland, defensive midfielder and huntelaar. We need back up right back as well but until the money is spent and the season starts no one will know how good or bad wenger’s judgement is.

  97. Tom, Romford says:

    Calm down and don’t get so hysterical. The window is open for another month! It really is a case for optimism as it must be realised Arsene has embarked on gaining experience in the side. Arshavin, Vermaelen will add confidence and experience. He no longer states change will kill the young players as he has said before. Please cease the intemperate language. You might not agree with Arsene Wenger or understand him, but liar he is not!!!!

  98. GOD says:

    Wenger does not have control of the club, the board do & they want money without thinking they could get more if they demand it. Letting Toure go to the richest club for only £14-17m is poor but the board see ££ & demand a sale so kronke and his men can keep their other debts in check, at the expense of Arsenal, & by the sound of most fickle Gooners, at the the expense of Arsene. Blame the board Not Wenger & do not fall for what the board say about how much Wenger has to spend because they will not let him spend anything!

    • Romeo says:

      If it is the boards fault , why doesnt Wenger resign ??

    • lawro says:

      50m for toure and ade would of been good business moyes dont even want to sell lescott for 20m to citeh we should of carry them to the cleaners they want these players they of would pay can we get hangeland huntelaar and a good cdm without a hassle with 40m lets say inler right now I dont think so that how you do business we have to strenghen the team if we have ambition to challenge on all fronts yes we have a decent squad but we have to strenghen it what about injury we want to win things sod the of saving money invest lets win the fa cup epl and cl put arsenal on top billing that alone will have money rolling in

  99. Amz says:

    SPOT ON mate,just what i been posting and trying 2 say lately,we are nooo where as gd as before nor we going 2 be nytime soon unless some changes happen 2ward wenger and the board.ouuuuuuut

  100. Ed says:

    Sinbad – when was the last time you actually attended a game? And I notice you’re from East Grinstead? Where the f*ck is that? Not north London thats for sure. Another glory hunter who can’t stick by the team when things get a little tough, and if you think tough is a Champions League and FA Cup semi final then I would suggest you’re not old enough to remember anyone else managing Arsenal.

    Toure put in a transfer request. He cost £150,000. We sold him for 100 times that and he is past his best. You cannot argue with that.

  101. AW says:

    will before we judge wenger decisions or just things we are not certain of , i think we better think in a logical way . what will wenger get if he sells his best players ? , will he sacrifice his best players just for fun ? , really i dont think thats the case . i think that we have huge debts and we must sell our best players to generate funds and im really not against that at all if thats really whats happening .for 1 sec u will think im someone making ad for big fatty Usmanov , but im NOT .what i really want to see is that we get good players from the sums we have from selling ade and kolo and bring a centre forward like huntelar and DM i dont know who but i trust wenger along with our scouting network to find the right man . hopefully we get some money from selling Silvestre and senderos so that we can bring a defender like Hangeland ,4 me i will wait until the last day of the transfer market …

    cheers and please dont post again SINBAD !

  102. Simon says:

    Im begging you guys, lets all judge Arsenes transfers when the window is CLOSED, none of us has a fucking clue how the money will be spent.

    As for the possible Kolo depature, I think its the right thing to do at the right time. Kolo has been a great player and icon for us and for that we should all be wery greatful, but face it, his best years is behind him.

    Reading this blog makes me depressed.

  103. James says:

    Get a grip for god sake. Judge Wenger on 31st August. He needs to sell to buy, so maybe he can’t do anything until this sale goes through. As long as Wenger brings in another top class center back and a defensive midfielder, he has done exactly the right thing in selling Toure and Adebayor. I agree that he talks complete bullshit to the media, but Arsenal fans will not put up with it if he fails to make the club competitive next season. So he can say what he likes, it won’t wash. You need to calm down and be a bit more patient. I’ll be perfectly happy if Wenger makes two more buys in the right places and boots out Toure, Senderos and Silvestre. Eboue can go as well for all I care.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Judge wenger on the 31st Aug?

      Wenger asked us to Judge him LAST may

      • 26may1989 says:

        And in a season where we were all disappointed with (after doing so well in 2008), we still finished comfortably in the top four and got to the semis of the Champs’ League and FA Cup.

        So judging Wenger on last season, without even thinking about all the successes in previous seasons, or the 2008 double-winning youth team, or the fact that he’s been managing without a real transfer budget for four years, or the fact that the Board don’t back him but enjoy the benefits of his work, or the fact that too many of the fans dating from the late 1990s or later have shown zero loyalty or faith, or the fact that he could have gone to Real Madrid with all its zillions…. I would say Wenger remains the best manager we have ever had or likely will ever have.

        If dickheads like you want to keep enjoying top level football at Arsenal, and that we don’t drift out of the limelight like Deportivo, Valencia, Lazio, Marseille, Monaco, Ajax, Leeds, Newcastle etc, you’d better hope he doesn’t piss off too early. Our restructuring (which lays the foundations for decades, not just the next year or two) depends on Wenger staying for a few more seasons.

  104. pauly herszaft says:

    the club was finished the moment we left highbury , dein and wenger had visions of grandeur and as i predicted 4rs ago it was always going to end in tears , we are a selling club and its all very sad , the supporters should sue the board and wenger for wrecking our club , like ive always said in a few years time they will all be gone and all that will be left is a massive debt a failed youth policy and thousands of pissed off supporters like me

  105. Tony says:

    Even Usmanov thinks Wenger is a genius. I can understand why this blogger is ejaculating his folly. It takes a long time for the fool to see what the genius is doing and long time for the idiots to think like the genius.

  106. bob says:

    kolo was 2 bob anyway…. a good defender but nothing special and no where near gallas (on a good day).

    the blind gooners on here AKA CUNTS should chill out and let wenger bring in a 6.5 solid defender that can deal with crosses….. IF kolo WAS that good we wouldnt have let in THAT many goals.

    Now wind your necks in and go back to ARSENAL MANIA where everyone says the same thing whilst blowing eachother off!

  107. Machine says:

    £15m for a defender in the last year of there contract is awesome business! Toure is a legend, no doubt there, but has not been his best since the ACN in Jan 08. Adebayor and Toure will both be off there in Jan 2010 so man citeh have taken them off our hands for that period that always screwed us over. AW wouldn’t sell anyone without a back up plan. Arsenal aren’t like Sp*rs who publish who they want, when they want. We do our business on the sly i.e Eduardo deal the other year. Wait till August 31st when the window closes. We will have new entrants joining! HAVE SOME FAITH!!!!

  108. steve says:

    im getting really pissed off with this shit every season, how are we supposed to progress when were selling players every summer. something fishy is definatly going on. i think it is time for the fans to force the board out somehow, i dont blame wenger cause i dont think he has the money to spend. anyhow if we sack wenger what manager in the world realistically could do the same job as wenger with a championship team budget. its a joke. we had better be spending that 40 million on new players or its the beginning of the end for arsenal football club, anyone who cant see that is an idiot. bring in huntalaer and hangleand

  109. troy says:

    Worst Blog on the net. Always filled with negative bullshit and always out to put Wenger down. Get your facts right. Gud luck to toure but he was always that bit to small

  110. fawz says:

    what do you mean challenge for 4th at best? you dont seem to have very high hopes for us do you. you sound like another one of those pessimistic arsenal fans who thinks everything is going wrong from the get go. ok i agree that losing toure is a bad idea but im not the successful manager of one of the greatest football teams ever founded. wenger knows what he’s doing, toure’s been with us for a long time and wenger is just honoring his decision..he didnt openly invite him to leave arsenal. all im saying is dont start thinking the worst before the seasons even started. maybe if we had more faith in our team, our team would have more faith in themselves

  111. Brooksie says:

    Look! Wenger not daft and not stupid, in fact he probably has more words in the English language in his vocabluarly then most of us who write on these posts! We banked £40’000’000 for 2 players that felt a bit stale and certalnly didn’t have the best of seasons with the Gooners. We’ve had the best years out of Kolo and Ade was never going to be Thiery however we got 2/3 more money for him than we did when Henry left. Back our manager. That’s why he’s in position and none of us ever will be!

  112. gunna4life says:

    dont you think that we should have kept Toure & got rid of that geriatric Silvestre????

    i cnt see how wer any stronger than last season? sure we have Rosicky back but Nasri is out, Eduardos back but Adebayor is gone (i wernt against his sale though) the only plus side is that chelsea havnt improved anything, man utd have sold what threat they had to Real Madrid & liverpool have only won 1 of their pre-season games so far.

    il admit i am worried & i would like to see some signings, Huntelarr, Hagleland etc.. but there is still time my fellow patient gooners, if come the 1st september were still in the same position then i will glad join the rest of the fickle fans & start to question Wenger….GUNNA4LIFE

    • blackbeard now he was a proper pirate says:

      in an ideal world that would have been great but Toure wanted to go by the sound of it, he was in the last year of his contract so we wouldn’t have gotten anything for him next year and there is no way that even Man City will pay 15m for Silvestre.

      Add to that the likelihood of Vermaelen being first choice next season and Toure having to sit on the bench and it would be one unhappy Toure.

      Let us not forget that the defence was pretty shocking last season and Silvestre really wasn’t responsible for that as he barely played.

  113. otariq says:

    The Author of this document is a damn idiot. Kolo no longer wanted to be at Arsenal because of William Gallas. The only way Kolo stays is if Gallas left, but Gallas is a better defender so off goes Kolo for money that no other club except Man City would pay for him. We also get off our books a player that would be leaving in Feb for the African Cub of Nations.

  114. Machine luvs Luzhny says:

    I’m going to make you sit on that sword of your’s if you don’t behave yourself.

  115. Merse-10 says:

    Grow up for fucks sake. Kolo has not played well for 2 years. As much as i love Kolo i know he hasn’t played well and £16m is a great price for him – even better considering the lack of funds we have and the amount of stadium debt we have.

    Kolo was unhappy at the club -why keep an unhappy player?

    Arsene is ruining our club (i note you called it your club) he is actually trying to save it. He is working with both hands tied behind his back with a board that enjoy making themselves money from the club but are reluctant to put their hands in their own pockets and stump up some dough.

    Having said that i trust Arsene to buy the player at the right place when he becomes available. I happen to think we have a strog squad.

    What you have written is actually pathetic and you need to grow up. Arsenal is a lifetime love which means there are ups and downs, you don’t start throwing your toys out of the pram at the slightest sign of trouble…….well YOU have, i’ll just carry on my love for Arsenal whether we finish 1st or last. I care about the club, Arsene cares about the club but going 4 years without a trophy is not a big deal in the HISTORY of our GREAT club.

    Good luck to Kolo at Man City and thanks for the service but Arsenal will carry on.

    Keep writing shit if it makes you happy

  116. bob says:

    seriously… the short sightedness of most of the gooners here shows that you are all Arseanl Mania members (members!) …. toure was 2 bob and the money we got for ade and (hopefully) toure will be reinvested. chill

  117. Goran says:

    sinbad don’t be a nerd. toure wanted to leave in january so why keepeng player who wants to leave . he was bought 150000 pounds or euros im not sure it doesnt even matter and we will sell him 15 millions pounds. we don’t need the ones like him and adebayor in the team there is always someone else better.show some dignity. we need to support Wenger now in this crysis not to go against him.
    IN ARSENE WE TRUST .MACEDONIA LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. bob says:

    i will take that as a bite…

  119. timao says:

    fuck off arsenal action – you are an adolescent twat

  120. johnal says:

    I want to urge all Arsenal fans wh love this club to start singing and holding banners this weekend to get this board to spend money on our team. We pay over the odds to come to this staduim each year and we’ve lost players each year all siting lack of investment by the board. Wenger is made to come out and be coy about how much money we have and who we’ll buy. We all know this club is skint with two Billionaire owners. Wenger is made to sell before he can buy and it is put on his shoulders that he made the call. We all know it comes from Hill Wood, who has got rid of anyone who has ask for investemnt to be made on the playing staff. He expects Wengers to turn water into wine every year and maintain our top 4 finish, thats all he wants. Not to win but to maintain champions league status. But his money saving is going to put us in it. What will he do when we don’t qualify for the champions league? Cesc will be off next year if we don’t win the league or Champions league. Which we won’t do with this squad as it to weak and was shown to be last year. I urge you to sing for the cheque book to come out this weekend and hold the banners “In Wenger we trust In the board we don’t” make them see how we feel about paying high prices and losing all our experienced players for 16 Year olds! I don’t want to know about another 15 16 17 year old we’re tracking or buying!! I’ve had enough and other fans I have spoken with over the Arsenal have to too. So let the board know this weekend!!!!!

  121. Ed says:

    assuming you’re not going this weekend? as usual.

  122. anibal says:

    why do u hate wenger so much????

    i think poeple are getting tired of u and ur bullshite, ur to negative. even if ur correct on somethings, its the way u say them, its as if u want arsenal to do really really bad so u can keep on talcking shite about wenger. regarless if u are right or wrong be more positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how can u support arsenal when u hate wenger som much??? because wenger is a big part of arsenals identity!!

  123. 7masters says:

    Well wenger can do all he want and continue to lie on behalf of spineless board…But come next seasons and no progress it would be goodbye. I think he inherited defensively them best team in England and if George Graham was in charge we would have gone further than we are in now..Wenger is a coward and he keep quite when The board threaten him but he is no longer big deal now but a pain in the neck and a s liability in term of Arsenal Success.

  124. Bobby says:

    You’re aiming your abuse in the wrong direction. It’s time to sack the board. They are only interested in making money for themselves. Kroenke is making Fiszman rich, but not adding anything to Arsenal FC. These guys need to put some into the club so Arsene doesn’t need to continuously shuffle players around. Arsene needs to be supported with cash to spend.

  125. Paulie says:

    Ok lets look at the “7”

    Gallas – another year before he fucks off to france?
    Kolo – As good as gone
    Vermalen – First 11
    Senderos – 50/50?
    Silvestre – useless but probably stuck with him for another year
    Djourou – primary cover for billy and vermalen
    song – being groomed for cb?

    So…. Gallas, Vermalen, Djourou will be the main contenders for cb position with Song being filling the void for injuries and resting. If we forked out for another cb of starting 11 caliber, who would shift? I think if le boss does by a cb it’ll be one for the carling cup and development.

    No one really know what was going on in that dressing room but one thing for sure is that kolo/gallas just didn’t work.

    I believe Wenger is trying to build a defensive unit of Bazza, Gael, Gallas and Vermalen in pre season to gain a bit of solidarity (that we never had last season) and all those that are pressuring him to buy another cb is probably not even phasing him at all.

    Personally my only worry is getting the injuries we seem to pick up all the time. At the wrong part of the season could kill all our campaigns.

    That aside, going forward I think we’re loaded. RVP, Double A, Nik, Eduardo, Rosicky and Walcott can all play up front and on the wing. We then have reserves in Vela and Wilshire for cover.

    I reckon it could be quite a good season. A strong Arsenal unit playing good football. Denilson, Walcott, Nik B all with a valuble season behind em and Eddy/TR back. Feel much better about going into this season than last.

    £50 down william hill on the Arsenal to win the title, come on lads! right behind ya.

  126. 26may1989 says:

    Sinbad, I thought you were amusingly ridiculous.

    But it turns out you really are an A1, ungrateful, deluded, know-nothing, self-important fuckhead.

    You have only known Arsenal under Wenger, which means you’ve only seen us playing beautiful football, and appearing to be the natural peers of Man U, Liverpool, Barca, Real, Milan, Juve, Bayern etc. But those of us who were around in the 1970s and 1980s, plus the earlier bit of the 1990s, know just how much we Arsenal fans owe Wenger.

    And you call him a liar? No problem with criticising, but your hysterical, childish tirades show just jhow much you actually know. My 7 year old daughter knows more about football than you, she really does.

    Get back in your hole, you tosser. You are simply not an Arsenal fan.

    Oh, and if you hate Wenger so much, take his picture off your shitty blog.

  127. lol... says:

    Why dun they purpose extend the emirates stadium name for like 20-30 years or forever and get 200-400 millions to clean their debt and sell the liability of highbury square ?

    If they sell highbury to other london club or rent it to for some cash instead of the development of highbury square, they probably already pay 2/3 cost for the new stadium and got more cash to spend on good player.

    Face it, arsenal fucked up themself!! The management board messed it up.

  128. bennygoon says:

    You get alot of hits for a troll

  129. SuperMickey T says:


  130. bergie2016 says:

    your a pretty poor supporter , kolo toure had one good season , he runs about like a headless chicken , he cannot head the ball . this move was agreed with kolo in january hence tommy v and to get 15 million is a result . our future transfers are fixed around some players leaving hence why we are waiting for a DM and whoever else arsene feels we need ,a few weeks ago we had very little money now we are flush , he may not spend all but THE MANAGER will get what we need .so stop whinging

  131. michael tommo says:

    I think I’ll stick with arseblog..name one manager good enough to replace Wenger? you should write for the Daily Mail you mug!

  132. Danish Gooner says:

    Kolo used to be the Rock but his last to seasons have been a huge disappointment,lately he has been to easily outjumped by mediocre strikers and when he came back from african nations of cups he completely disintegrated and was made to look like a fool compare this to the fact that Kolo cant stand Gallas and Vice versa, Wenger have done what he thinks is best for the club and ship of Kolo.On this one i think it is a masterstroke,he knew he couldnt get any money for Gallas so he told Kolo to pack his bags.Kolo will always be in our hearts he never complained,he was a model pro and a rock solid defender at his best and never in the limelight for the wrong reasons.Live long King Kolo and prosper.

  133. Asrshavin23 says:

    toure handed in a transfer request after being dropped for a couple games an didnt have the honesty to say he didnt like being dropped,instead blaming his friendship or lack of on gallas, toure wasnt for sale but an offer worth taking was made, thats that, no lies nothing! we have 3 identical defenders gallas toure and vermalen, none of them will stop peter crouch, we need a big bad stopper and toures form is patchy as a raggamuffins trousers so he is gone!

  134. Fraser says:

    Your club? Has the transfer window closed? If you really don’t like what Wenger is doing you have a perfect right to say so but why not wait until the window closes before making such an arsehole of yourself?

  135. james says:

    Great article Simbad these idiotic fans dame right agree with Ur article but the problem is most Arsenal fans have there head so far up Wenger’s ass they cant get it out. This man lies year after year when does he ever keep to his word? he cares nothing about the fans hes only out for himself, hes more interested in people praising him saying what a great manager he is That’s why he acted like a big baby and decided to be spiteful to us fans by flirting with Real Madrid all over just for coming under a little bit of criticism which he dame well deserved. Then he got what he wanted idiotic fans having panic attacks and praying he stays Wenger must have been at home laughing his head off at u idiots some of u fans need to get Ur act together and decide whether your a fan of the club or AW because i must say most seem to be more a AW fan, Maybe AW cant do know more maybe its time for a change in the words of Obama, Is it me? cause when i see AW in interviews recently he seems like doesn’t even have a clue anymore.

    • stephen murphy says:

      james you can fuck off as well. i say yourself and sinbad are locked in the room together sucking each other off..sorry mate but you are just a retard you does not have a clue so simply putting it fuck off..i read your shitty comments as well on arsenal insider…

  136. sam says:

    We are getting £40mil for two players who underperformed last season, the best part of £35mil being profit.. they will be distracted for a couple of weeks leading up to the African Cup of Nations, off for 3 weeks or more, then probably come back late/injured/with malaria… anyone who pays up for an African player when ACN is looming must be have more money than sense…

    As for people slagging off Arsene, I really despair. We play great football.. 100% record of getting to the Champs League for the last 12 years, gow many teams in Europe can match that?… The FA and League Cup arent worth winning anymore, finishing top 4 is all that matters… if you would rather pick up those trophies and finish 5th or worse, then go support the shite that wins it every year… you already sound like Spurs fans so go celebrate mediocrity with them

  137. Spike says:

    F**k me! This tw*t is a pre-pubescent spoilt brat and should be put down like the sick dog he is.

    Oh no! Wenger has lied to us… Won’t someone wake me from this living nightmare!!!

    What a hysterical old queen!


  138. Spike says:

    This prick would be moaning IF we didnt sell Ade or bitch about how Kolo aint the player he was…. yadda yadda…

    What a load of shite, pure and simple…. Hilarious tho.

  139. james says:

    Spike your a idiotic fan that knows nothing and stop going from blog to blog with Ur horse crap, Oh im sorry it looks like Ur mother gave birth to the biggest piece of horse crap ever the bitch needs a slap LOL, and Yes Kolo hasnt been the same player for the last couple of years now look clearly u know nothing go to be my friend.

  140. perrygrovesworld says:

    Sinbad is a sad spud who even creates new replies to back himself up as no one else does……….

  141. Dean says:

    You wanker…
    stop talking bollocks

  142. pauly herszaft says:

    the bottom line is for the last 4 seasons we have weakened the squad , cesc will be the next out the door in 12 months time , if we want to compete we have to stop buying 16yr olds stop doubling plyers wages and start buying ready made players like arshavin , wenger has turned into an accountant rather than a manager which hasnt helped either

  143. GB says:

    Sinbad. Let me get this clear from the start. You, are a cunt.

    Secondly, why do you write such shit? I mean, even if you tried to make this shit up you couldn’t, it worries me you actually believe this.

    You call yourself an Arsenal fan eh? Try supporting the club you fucking useless cunt sucking horse rapist of a cunting dog humping little illiterate shit.

  144. gay arsene says:

    i agree with you sindbad

  145. Ben says:

    Sinbad, how old are you?

  146. andy says:

    Sinbad u r a tosser, and that goes for you james as well. Wenger is the best thing about arsenal. you’re just one of those cunts that jumped on the Arsenal bandwagon when it was fashionable to support us in the invicibles era. Wenger knows best. In Arsene we trust. You’re just dog turds. Go support the fucking Yids as you talk shit like one. Every player wenger has sold has been on wengers terms as he knows best, apart from flamini and he’s not that player he was at arsenal.

  147. Franny says:

    Sinbad… How old are you?

    You know what? It doesn’t matter how old you are. You’re a cunt of the highest order regardless of how old you are.

    You’ve obviously only been following the club since 2004 so know fuck all about anything.

    You are a retarded fucker and I hope you catch Swine Flu and become impotent as a side effect of it.

  148. matt says:

    Have any of you clowns notcied the recession..? the global downturn..? do you think English football is immune to this..? we have a loan debt of some 300 million to service.. and when the shit hits the fan and interest rates soar.. we will still be sustainable. The Russian has stopped spending because he knows the shit will hit the fan.. Gillet and Hicks were nearly wiped out in one financial year.. how much longer can they hang on with things getting even worse? The Glazers are obviously going downhill too.. recieved over 100 million in transfer fees this window and have spent bugger all. Beleive this; by 2013.. good players will be getting sold for next to nothing as clubs will be scrambling to avoid administration. The Arsenal will still be viable and have the spending power nearest to the Madrid and Barcelona. Wenger knows not only football.. but the economics of football. Im sure he will see us through until 2015-16 to be there to tell us.. “I Fucking Told You So”!!!!

  149. natsteel says:

    Every one of you who talk shit to Sinbad are just falling for his game. He lives to wind up Arsenal supporters and even I must admit he does it better than anyone else.

    • Gooner4life says:

      U r crct mate!!

      I saw a comment similar 2 dis last 9t and even replied 2 dat!!
      but dees guyz have deleted dat comment!! I think urs will b gone soon 2..!!

      People Please avoid dis blog!! Dont bother commenting in stupid articles like dis!!

  150. otariq says:

    Sinbad and LeGrove must be the same person. Why don’t you two join your blogs, damn idiots.

  151. rezaul says:

    Toure is not replacible. so, pz, dont sell him.

  152. stephen murphy says:

    see again… your a stupid prick.. your not an arsenal fan … i swear to god boy you are so thick ..you dont have a clue what you are on about….. shut this page down man because your just a waster who locks himself in his bedroom 24/7 writing crap about wenger/players/and the club.. you should get yourself checked out by a doctor….i think its time you shut this shitty web page down…and if anybody agrees with me please say

  153. Afterward says:

    You’re all so fucking dumb…

  154. Amz says:

    any1 saying that Gallag iz better than KING KOLO dsnt havnt a clue about fukkk all,specialy on their time togethr,KING KOLO gives it all unlike wily moaning bas****,Honestly only carvalho&vidic are better than kolo in EPL,all he needs is a BIG/TOP CB partner n not Gallas or silv or sendo.hope he stayz and we get hangeland and a DM with ADE coz tat should be enough unless the board wanna make more money again,ahhh hate them filthy bastards.

  155. Lee says:


    Why do you support Arsenal (if you do?) and why bother writing a blog if you can’t stand anything the club or Manager does?

    Who has been your favourite Manager for Arsenal – as in your eyes Wenger (the most successful Manager ever) is useless. Who would you replace him with?

    I bet you haven’t supported the club longer than ten years.

    Try trplying this time……

  156. Anthony says:

    Why don’t you wake up you dick head? Wenger replaced Toure who is on the other side of his career with a younger, better center back who still has more to offer, that’s call “improving the defense”. He said at the end of last season that we have problems at defense, and now he’s trying to fixing it. That is not a lie. That’s too complicated for a cunt like you to understand. Is this clear enough to clean the mud in your tiny brain, so that you can stop writing this f***ing blog?

  157. Rick Jones says:

    Are you being paid by foreign governments?

  158. Arsenal General says:

    Sinbad ignore these assholes, they’ll cry out loud when arsenal drops out of the top 4 and cesc leave, let them lick wenger’s ass as much as they want now. Watch this space guys.

    • John says:

      I seems like you are wanting this to happen.

      Yes, you’re right…I’m sure we ALL Arsenal fans would be guttered if we didn’t make top 4. Whats your point genius?

      Let us all know how YOU would run Arsenal. Who would YOU appoint as manager…

      Come on genius, let us all know..

    • John says:

      Also, lets reverse your logic. What if Arsenal win the Premier League? You’ll be sucking Wenger’s cock…

  159. matnan says:

    what you expect him to say? Yes we have to sell Toure because he is shit? We dont need him anymore? Of course his price will drop. You don’t know how the business works. So stop talking shit.

  160. willo says:

    I figure that the writer is a Sp**s fan. I will not visit this crap blog again. I think the rest of the league are more than a little worried about our beloved Arsenal. As for Sp**s they are still a the never ending joke.

    Arsene knows and you, Sinbad the tosspot, don’t.

  161. t says:

    Begone SImba! Go pester someone elses backyard with your venom! Its in times like this you SUPPORT your team and your MANAGER and give them comfidence. EVERYONE kows these are hard times for Arsenal. We all know this is a CRUCIAL season. If you and the rest of us were liverpool fans we would stand behind our team and cheere and give then our supporter strength for them to succeed. How do you expect anyone to preform when you spew shit on them all the time. The situation is as it is, but you know aswell as anyone how footballers play better with confidence! you also know that whatever you say most gunners fan have confidence in Wenger! He has turned shit into gold before. Just look at the stars we sold this year Ade and Kolo. Arsene made those guys and he bloddy well can make new ones!

    I know you think you are being a great Arsenal supporter by sulking and moaning. But you are not! I bet you are one of those that boo the team at emirates!

  162. GoonerKJ says:

    I have faith in AW, we don’t need to replace Ade or Kolo as we already signed Vermaelen and have an abundance of players upfront. I’m sure we’ll see the DM we all know we actually need by the end of the week.

    In Arsene we Trust!

  163. t says:

    I just have to say, most other clubs eg. liverpool etc value their supporters as their 12th man. Crucual for willing and lifiting moral. What do we do? I dont mind discussing arsenals problems in a clinical way. Analyzing what would be better or worse for us. But this slagging off and this noise that gets us nowhere but leaves biter tastes in our mouth is not what we need right now. If you wanna have a dig at your own club atleast do it on the basis of facts. Construct your arguments in a way so we can analyze them, look at them and try to get constructive soulutions out of it. Cos its no point moaning just for the sake of moaning or what guys?

  164. Damien says:

    Wow you’re an idiot. This will be the last time I read any of your posts. Not because you criticise Wenger. But because you’re a fool.

  165. Kais says:

    Whether Kolo is going or not is not the issue. The issue is that we are now talking about Man City, not Man Utd, Chelski or Liverfools. Meaning we admit we are down the grade. Sadly. Wenger must go.

  166. GoonerKJ says:

    Oh, on Man Citeh fighting for 4th this season!

    I watched them play against Chiefs and Pirates in South Africa with Ade and the rest and they will probably finish 7th or 8th if they improve 100% on their performances here. They lost 2 out of 3 and were outplayed in the game they won as well. No need to stress about having more competition, they still suck!

  167. DAMILARE says:


  168. Parampoot says:

    The season is yet too start and you are already whining. If supporting the Gunners gives you that much pain, go support the Mancs.

  169. MIDD THE YID says:

    Shame en it.

    I don’t know what your b*tching about. You have always been a selling club and always will be.

    3/4 of you followed spurs a few years back because it was fashionable to follow a successfull club you jumped ship. I have no doubt you will all be down the lane in the near future, you know its true.

    C O Y S

  170. Tommygun says:


    I agree with everything you have said.

    ITs about time we fans did something about this and stood together and told wenger and the board that we as fans are not going to put up with this.

    We pay thro the nose and this is what we get in return?

    Im sick of it

    • Lee says:

      well please fuck off then and support City or Chelsea.

      If your sick of it why bother you retard cocksmoker.

      Please do fuck off and take Sinbad the cunt with you.

      • goonerjay says:

        shut up you retard… your head is so far up Wengers arse your breathe is tickleing his tonsels.

        Blindley following Wenger when he is clearly fucking this team up is why Wenger has got away with turning our team into shit for the last 4-5 years… because the fans refuse to say a bad word about the club or Wenger.

        seriously get a sense of perspective…. seriously are we the only fucking fan base in world football that refuses to critize our club even when they are clearly getting it so fucking wrong?

  171. King Kolo says:

    Jeezez, you need professional help. You’re not a real Gooner, and with attitude you never will be either. But that’s your loss, not ours.

  172. goonerjay says:

    why the fuck are you lot calling the blogger names for his opinion? he is right…. Wenger has lied to us again… not only with the comment mentioned but only a few weeks ago he said noone was leaving and we are about to see our 2nd regular 1st team player leave and so far he has brought another small CB who from what i’ve seen in pre-season doesn’t fix our problems in the air defensively.

    It was plainly obvious last year we was too weak and needed a solid DM… it never happened and we suffered just like everyone with a pair of eyes and the ability to have a fucking opinion (unlike you lot of Arsene sheep on here) knew it would.

    we were 2 world class players short last year at least… now we have lost 2, replaced 1 and Wenger is making excuses not to spend the clubs money yet again.

    If he doesn’t buy atleast 2 more players this summer i will be happy to see Wenger go. He is doing to us what he did at Monaco. He wins the league to gain the fans trust and then turns the club into his own little bizarre youth project which didn’t work at Monaco and isn’t working here.
    You lot need to pull your head out of your arse… we are Arsenal supporters not Arsene supporters and if we see something isn’t working out of everyone (seeing as we are the ones who pay money, a lot of money to support them) we have the right to critisize. Blind optimism isn’t what is needed here…. i’m happy to wait until the close of the transfer window but if yet again it turns out we have sold experienced 1st team players to spend a season limping through with kids who aren’t good enough like last year i will be joining the ever increasing band of gooners who actually pay for season tickets unlike most of you who will be calling for Wengers head

  173. goonerjay says:

    Man City had a bad defence… they will soon have Kolo and Lescott

    I agree what Ian Wright said in his latest article. It is a sad day when a great club like Arsenal only has the ambition to finish 4th… we should be looking to finish first not fourth. The board and Wenger are more worried about balancing the books than making us a successful FOOTBALL CLUB.

    Man U have a debt over twice as big as ours but they still spend on strengthening their team… this whole “we haven’t got money to spend” bullshit is just that… bullshit. Our board consists of businessmen who don’t give a fuck about football or the fans and our manager is using his economics degree more than his managing skills these days and considering i pay the highest fucking ticket prices in the world to see this team i expect to see a fucking good team not a bunch of kids who break like lego.

    Sorry for the rant but Wenger and the board are REALLY starting to piss me off now. My head isn’t stuck up Wengers arse and i won’t continue to go along with this cherade that has seen us decline every year.

  174. Cy_gooner says:

    Amongst the cuntness of this blog, the slagging off and the personal opinions has NOBODY realised the 1 relationship between the 2 players sold and the one reportedly on his way out (eboue)? They are all key figures in their national teams. With the african cup of nations coming up this year Wenger doesnt want the team having to adapt to changes for up to 6 weeks and then have to switch back when tired and weary players return. I know someone is guna pipe up and call me a cunt cos Song is guna leave and play for Cameroon but he isnt REALLY a key member of the 1st team. If he is missing for 6 weeks I think we can cope with that barring loads of freak injuries and suspensions. Still, its better to lose one player than four.

  175. South Yorkshire Gunner says:

    Getting shut of the Africans – Eboue next.
    A master stroke.
    Toure has had his time and last year he was woeful and Adebayor disgraceful.
    Eboue is just not good enough and frustrating – and of course the ACN robs us of the players at the time when we need them.

    I’d get shut of Silvestre before Senderos. And I still feel Song and Diaby aren’t good enough.

  176. Gooner says:

    Unfortunately Sinbad, you couldnt keep the fact that you do not support Arsenal out of your writing.

    By consistently using the phrase ‘you gooners’ it implies that we gooners as a collective are against you.

    Enjoy supporting Tottenham as they finish mid table again.

    You know what, I might actually make my own blog called ‘Tottenham Action’.

  177. karlosshocko says:

    I haven’t read all of the comments so apologies if any of this is regurgitated. For what it’s worth, I think we have done some good business so far this year in first bringing in Vermaelen and secondly moving on Adebayor for exceptionally good money. While I am a fan of Toure, his star has been on the decrease for a little while and the money on offer for this player I also think is too good to turn down. Another positive on the sale of the two players is it will drastically cut down our involvement in the African Nations Cup which could cripple us around a very busy and difficult schedule.

    Does this weaken us significantly from last year – maybe not? Vermaelen replaces Toure, Eduardo returns as an extra striking option and if Eboue leaves as is being mooted then Wilshere gets more first team opportunities (he needs to be involved now). Now, if Wenger also goes out and adds something extra in the form of new signings as I think he might then I believe we’ll be quids in, will have changed the personnel sufficiently and be in a decent position to challenge our rivals who I believe will be significantly weaker on last year’s performance levels than we will be. Not time just yet for the doom and gloom lads. Keep the faith…..Arsene knows. Could be worse, at least you don’t support Spurs!

  178. abcd says:

    if you think arsene is the one causing the fall of arsenal, why not demonstrate and shout with one big voice that you want arsene out? Or are you scared that the rest of the team, which is being held by wengers name will go out? Never mind the students who dont come into the club.

  179. WENGER IZ GR8 !!!! says:





  180. Sinbad = Spudz-fan says:

    I bet Sinbad the gay Spurs-fan cums all over the screen when reading all these angry replies from us Gooners. Btw. congratulations on buying Peter Crouch, hahahahaha.

    Sol Campbell: Won the double in his first season at Arsenal and was later an important part of the team that went through the season unbeaten (and won the league at WHL). In his five years at Arsenal he won the league as many times as Tottenham not so Hotspur have won in their entire history! Legend! 😉

  181. howitser says:

    To all the doubting gooners or i should say the idiots… Keep the faith people… Who has done the most for our beloved arsenal?? Who brought us to the european stage?? Who do you blame??.. With debt amounting to 300 million plus last season, two season long injuries and other major players out,, i dont think we did two bad.. yes id of loved to put manx united out in the semi’s who wouldnt-it didnt happen.
    The legend HENRY said it all today in his remarks about Wenger.. KEEP THE FAITH..

  182. GILBO says:

    I havn’t a clue what you are on about, Arsene in a few days will have in the region of 54 million to play with and I feel sure he will spend it very prudently, get off your high horse.

  183. gunnergetcha says:

    you my friend are a total muppet. you really got no idea have you.

    do us all a favour. stab yourself in the arm with a fork. that might wake you up. if it doesnt stab the other arm as well. then just to be sure get someone to kick you in the nuts, but reeaaalllyyy hard.

    good luck!!!!!!

  184. sinbadthecock says:

    Sinbad your biological father is a binman from Haringey and your mum is an inbred whore.

    Be quiet please

  185. Should Arsene shave all his pubic hair off? Then he could get Vela to tickle his balls and give him a nut hummmmmmm …. hmm, nice ….

  186. gabie7 says:

    Frankly, am just very worried this season. I have twice considered switching camps, but I feel doing so would look like a divorce and divorce is a very serious thing-why Wenger doesnt want bolster his defence, and why he goes for kids just leaves me wondering whether this man has a turn on with kids? He must replace Toure effectively, or else we shall not see a trophy for the 20 years!

  187. afc says:

    I understand the moaning, but we’ve all got to understand AW has led Arsenal to some of our greatest triumphs, I believe he wants only the best for Arsenal. I just wish he wouldn’t always play his cards so close to his chest, it would be nice to have an idea who he’s truly after.
    I understand that he has to balance the books, but to be honest if we start playing mediocre football, who’s gonna wanna pay to watch?
    The board need to consider that if this happens, it will take even longer to pay for the Emirates stadium and we’ll really become a feeder/ selling club.

  188. supermatty says:

    The problem is not selling the players it’s you know Wenger and the Board will not reinvest the money in new players.I must admit i have lost confidence in Wenger over the last few years and he does lie to the fans IMO.We have Billioniares on our board who seem to do nothing to give us the best possible chance so what is the point of them?We are either totally skint of Wenger has lost the plot either way we need to change the way we have been doing things recently.

    • afc says:

      They definetly need to look at they’re operating these days. And I think they shoiuld start taking the real fans opinions into account, without the fans there wouldn’t be a club. I personally think they owe us that. It seems to be more about debt management than Arsenal FC’s real business.. Football!

  189. angersjay says:

    err… isnt it farkn obvious that we bought vermaellen to replace either toure or gallas?
    dumbass arsenal doesnt spend 10m pounds on a defender to warm the bench.
    ur the idiot

  190. Toby says:

    To say this blog ill-informed would be wrong, as that would imply it to be informed. This is by far and away the worst article I have had the misfortune to stumble across. It is appallingly written by a vacuous author with little more than puerile rants against both the manager and club he purports to support. I can see little reason for the existence of this blog as the feedback you receive is over 90% negative. What I find genuinely worrying is that I may be seated in the midst of such a fickle fan next time I take my seat in the Emirates. I hope you soon find out that there is a difference between having a different opinion to others and being a cunt for the sake of it.



  191. gooner get you twat says:

    you are a total fucking nob of the largest proportions yet i bet your missus is screwing someone else, if youve got one!

    good luck at Spurs this year twat

  192. Arsenal General says:

    John – It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s wrong and what should be done, can’t believe you can be such a dumb fan. btw you’re the one sucking his cock now eh?

    • stephen murphy says:

      the problem is people {so called fans}like you and sinbad… ye are a joke and dont have a clue….. are ye managers or coaches or even scouts.. i also read that you said that one fan is licking wengers hole but everyone knows the truth that your actually on your knees licking sinbads hole……

  193. london jones says:

    Let me get this right you’re not a true fans unless you agree with wenger? Your not a true fans if you disagree with your clubs new Ideology? You not a true fan if you deal with logic and not pure uncontrolled emotions for your club! Arsenal fans are putting me off being an arsenal fan! But you will see next year and you will change your tone! This is so sad that it has come to this! When we reach the point when one arsenal fan thinks he has the right to tell another arsenal fan how to support his club! Anyone tells me what to say or what not to say about my club can meet me down at the Emirates and catch a smack in the mouth! FACT! Even if I don’t agree with you on all your points of view Sinbad you have a right to your opinion as an arsenal fan! Don’t let anyone of these undercover Nazis acting as Arsenal fans tell you it any other way!

  194. Erik says:

    wtf is wrong with some people? so bloody negative.

    Adebayor was lazy and not effective anymore, who would have paid £25m for him apart from City? NO ONE, no Milan, Inter, Madrid, Barca, etc…

    So what would you rather have £25m or a lazy striker who doesnt want to play for your club anymore?

    Toure was my favourite defender in the world during the Invisibles, this Toure is not the same player, he was making errors, loosing most of his headers but all in all still a decent defender but £15m for him sounds like a very good deal to me.

    I feel we have a squad good enough to challenge for the title, yes a new keeper, CB, DMC and striker would be nice but this is a new season, only Wenger can tell if Djorou is good enough now, Song has clearly improved a lot… Diaby spent all summer bulking up and working on his muscles with a good trainer to reduce his injury proness instead of going on holiday.

    Eduardo is NOT injury prone, that tackle at Birmingham woulda broken anyones leg and his injuries after that were due to that but apparently after another operation he is 100% back to normal now.

    Senderos might mess up every now and then but that is only fixed with experience and he spent a whole season with argubly the best defender of our generation, Maldini, I am sure he learned something from him.

    You know what this club needs? better supporters, I envy West Ham for this, those are good supporters.

    Only supporters we have that deserve a lot of credit are the Arsenal away fans, if you are one of them I bow to you.

  195. CanGooner says:

    Like kai said- the 3 players sold were the ones causing problems in teh dressing room – thus causing dissention in the ranks – victory through harmony – if they are disruptive, lose them, there will alway be good/better replacements

  196. redarmy says:

    I am a united fan and have not come on here to gloat or bait however I must express the shock I have when seeing how your fans disrespect your own club, If I was a true Arsenal fan I would be appalled at how the sect of fans constantly baiting the management are making the rest of you look like a laughing stock.

  197. Terry says:

    I dont think its wenger i think its those snake board members that got rid of david dein they are lining there pockets before they sell out to the russian guy… i think the arsenal board are a bunch of idiots sitting on there shares waiting for the market to pick up before they sell while arsenal on the pitch side of the things are slowly becoming a midtable team… its pathetic a club that was once mighty is falling to pieces infront of my eyes…. wenger just got rid of ade for 22 mill and he isnt bidding for a replacement other than these small fry players that no body else is interested in like chamakh ginac and a few others… i think its pathetic how the board wont free up funds for wenger to compeat in the market… FORCE THE BOARD OUT AND GET US SOME KIND OF BACKING I SAY!

  198. GazzaEsq says:

    You really are a complete bell-end halfwit retard Sinbad. Please do us a favour and stick your head back up your arse and keep it there.

  199. Rupe says:

    Selling these players to City has been a stroke of sheer genius on Wenger’s part.

    Not only has he got more than they’re worth, by selling to a club with more money than sense. But he has also managed to shift them to a club who are going to be challenging for a top 4 spot!!!

    There are lots of players better than Adebayor and Toure out there (no disrespect to the latter, an Arsenal legend in my eyes, but he’s past his best). There’s no doubt in my mind that with 44million to spend on a striker and a centreback, City could have bought better. Wenger hasn’t strengthened City, he’s made them weaker than they would have been if Arsenal hadn’t let these players go.

  200. Woidpress says:

    […] Banger tells the Arse Hole MORE More More! […]

  201. TRUE says:

    i agree with everything you said except for the cesc part,who cares if he goes, he is overrated anyway, he is an average player with good passing,thats it! last season we were better off when he was injured anyway.

  202. ryan maguire says:

    personally if i was in charge i would have sold adebayor and out of our first team squad defenders my choice to sell would be close fought between toure and gallas and we dont replace toure as we allready have, we dont need replace adebayor with eduardo and others comming back, we really need a centre mid, our only loss this summer is without dount samir nasri

  203. ritesh says:

    MY FAV:

    Are you Usmanov ? No ? Then you must be David Dein ? No ? Farhad Moshiri ? No ? Their faithful dog David Davies ? No ? That cunt from ANR – Myles Palmer ? No ? What about that shithead from Le Grove ? No ?

    Oh you are just the Arsenal action cunt. CUNT

  204. ritesh says:

    Myles Palmer MK II

    Ouahahaha,, Ouuhahahaha,, Ouhahahahaha


  205. BILL says:


  206. Tommigooner says:

    Geezer – you are a first class muppet – nah let me correct that – you’re a first class cunt – you can tell it’s the school holidays – all the kids have been let out to play..

    It’s a shame idiots like you are can blog when there’s real fans with thought provoking or mature ideas out there.. but the joke is probably on me as I read the whole fucking shit article – you’re a fucking idiot. And no I’m not a ‘Wenger knows brigade’. I’m Arsenal – just how long have you been an Arsenal fan geezer – because you sound like you should be supporting the spuds or those cunts in SW London..

    Up the Arse!!

  207. Kris says:

    Honestly, you are simply overlooking the most obvious point in all this. It’s not the number of defenders we had before this transfer window that was the problem, it was who the central defenders were. If you’d watched any of Arsenal last year you’d have known that Toure and Gallas simply can’t play together if we want to challenge for the league title as they get bullied by teams with a good aerial striker. That meant we were always going to bring in another centre half who Wenger felt could compete in the air, which he can no matter what people say about his height. It also meant that at least one of Toure and Gallas was going to be on the sidelines, something neither player, being big characters, was going to take. Indeed it could have been that, if Djourou comes through as we want, both of them are benchwarming. Ultimately we were always going to sell either Gallas or Toure, perhaps you’d have preferred it to be Gallas, but we wouldn’t have got above £5 million for Gallas, whereas we get a great fee for Toure. In addition if it turns out we can’t spend all/much of Adebayor’s £25 million on a central midfielder this will turn out to be a great deal as it means we can finally get someone in to partner Cesc!

  208. wine blog says:

    I cannot believe the freakin’ fire sale of your team mate! When are Arsenal going to realize that they can’t just keep selling their best players and continue to be in the top four??? There’s just to much competition and money involved now to be cashing in and selling the talent. I really see Arsenal finishing in about 8th place this year.

  209. Visage says:

    Arsene’s problem is the same as Rafa’s – because of lots of hostile press at various points they are so concerned with proving people in the media wrong that they make bad decisions, like not playing Robbie Keane once Liverpool had paid £20 mil for him (in Rafa’s case) or refusing to buy an experienced defensive midfielder to play alongside Cesc (in Arsene’s case).

  210. emperialis says:

    Just why scums like this arsenal action writer keep putting out such rubbish is beyond my comprehension. If u don’t fancy Arsenal the stop supporting the club and go kiss a power transformer or something. Don’t u sit down in your arm chair and think you Know better than Arsene , you minger. And to all you doom prophets, I think its time you guys change the team you support and go to some other team, we don’t need ya at all. wankers

  211. GREG GOON says:

    Comon fellas FFS…. I heard most people desperate about selling gredybayor and his antics. Toure is not the best defender out there, and gets caught out allot, and OLD now.

    Also them 3 CUNTS (greedybollox, toure, eboue) are causing shit in the dressing rooms.


    Also if they want to go let them fooking GO!!!!!

    Best news I have heard now drop that useless eboue and buy us some new players, AND I WILL REALLY BELIEVE WE CAN WIN SOMETHING!!!!

    This blogger is a PRAT, has no idea about football or supporting his team.

    I hope you lot get behind our team in the season!!!!!

    Or we won’t win anything with depressing fans that wont back there team REGARDLESS!!!!!

    Lets be great fans not SHIT FANS!!!!!

  212. DS says:

    Liverpool fan here….I think Wenger’s done brilliantly getting all that cash for Toure and especially for Adebayor who for me was painfully overrated. If he uses that cash to sign Huntelaar and Hangeland then that would have to represent an excellent summer of transfers.

  213. Marko says:

    You stupid fuck. You write a fucking blog – what makes you think you are even remotely in the same league as AW to know what should be done with the team or how to run one? Kolo was in the last year of his contract, was going to Africans Cup for 6 weeks and probably we’d have gone through all this drama of whether or not Kolo was leaving next year anyway – on a free transfer to boot. Wenger made a good move. Adebayor was pants.

    I’m getting sick of whining bloggers who think Arsene is trying to sell our team down the river. He’s not stupid. He’s not surrendering. You don’t get to where he is by being a pushover. True Gunners will trust the one manager who has brought us the most glory. Man City can buy all of our left-overs if they want.

    Where’s the appreciation of the fucking genius it takes to buy two players for a total of 8million and sell them for a total of 42million?!? Are you fucking kidding me? I would kill for those types of returns on my personal investments.

  214. Kev says:

    Arsen wenger is the best signing Arsenal ever made END OF.

  215. Toby says:

    You really think you’re on top of everything, don’t you?

  216. danny says:

    you see its true wenger is lying to all of us
    he is selling players and making us weaker because he is also joining the man city reveloution in due course.

    he wont make us weaker then them but he wants to work with these players in a new challenge.

    yes its unfair on arsenal as a football club we should be fighting for the fu**ing title not 4th place. think positive gunners whats the point of supporting a team if you have no faith in them.

    go support citeh if thats the case…

  217. Gooner MAC says:

    If narrow minded, 12 year old, imbecilic fans like you drive one of the two best managers in our entire history out of the club then I’m sure you’d be happy. Who would you prefer in charge? Bruce Rioch again?

    Come off it. Wenger has proved to you morons that he sells a player only after they’ve given their best to Arsenal. Post Arsenal virtually all players’ careers go downhill.

    Apart from anything else we’ve got rid of 2 players who will be away at the African Cup of Nations during a key time in the season. Had it not been right for Arsenal to have sold those players they would have stayed.

    I wish Kolo all the best because I like him as a player but his time at Arsenal has obviously come to an end and he moves on. We will move upwards this season without a pair of players that didn’t want to be at our club. It’s their loss, not ours.

  218. Paulie says:

    excellent article telling the truth. I sense that finally the majority of fans are begining to see Wenger for what he is, “a greedy lying bastard”

    • GREG GOON says:

      What crack you smoking lol.

      Most of the replies have been backing wenger not agreeing with the blogger!

      NUFF SAID!

  219. Barry the loafer says:

    I must admit when we sold Adebayor I immediately started to think of Peter Crouch. He would have been an ideal replacement for Adebayor and he is a typical Arsenal player. He would have done well in what is a fairly small team. He reminds me of a Niall Quinn or Alan Smith type. The sort of player we have been lacking and he would have been so cheap as we all know Pompey are skint. Crouch for 10m and 15m profit on Adebayor.

    So gutted that Wenger didnt move on that one. Now the spuds have snapped him up!

  220. Barry the loafer says:

    To continue maybe what we are seeing is a changing of the guard…

    Arsenal could be playing champs league football for the last time this year as the blues of Man City take their place in the competition….

  221. milad says:

    (Persian)نمی دونم آرسنال که مشکل مالی نداره چرا بازیکن خوب نمی خره؟
    i do not know if Arsenal have money why do not buy good players?

  222. BILL says:

    ref: Tommithegooner i meet you gunner inn on the first home
    of the season then you can call me that to my face arsehole
    Ref your question about 32 years like i said football all about opinions
    you will not miss me i dye my head bright red for you

  223. […] Wenger tells the Arsenal fans MORE lies! Well well well…. He has done it again. What makes me laugh is how thick some of you gooners are. Wenger says we […] […]

  224. daryanto says:

    arsenal is one of the best club in the world

  225. Arsenal General says:

    stephen murphy – I speak what I feel about this matter, it’s my wish what I want to say, same goes to sinbad, if you have a problem with that then stop commenting and keep licking wenger’s balls until they drop (which they’ll end of this coming season).

  226. Arsenal General says:

    IF only wenger buys some players (DM and Striker) which we need then things will change and i’ll start believing the team can compete for titles, or else it’s the same old story as last season – injuries, don’t have quality depth and oh yeah…wenger will say again “judge me end of next season” IMAO!

  227. Many Spudz-fans here says:

    Hello all idiots, it’s pretty obvious that both Sinbad and many of the people writing comments (hello Danny) are grade-a-cunts (Spurs-fans). So I suggest ALL Gooners get out of this blog and never come back. The Spudz-fans can then sit here and wank each other off, beacuse that is what being a spud is all about. Glory glory my arse, it’s more like glory glory up the arse.

    So come on Gooners, close this page for good. Oh, and SOL CAMPBELL is a LEGEND and a TRUE HERO!

  228. opsy says:

    I can see people get slaughtered cos they say stuff agianst wenger.Wake up pple wenger got u wrapped around his palms.no doubt hes been great for us, but that dont mean hes decisions are unquestionable.

  229. IRISHGOONER says:

    harsh words from sinbad there! there is no conclusion to this at all, so i fail to why has came to one. We are a day short of August and yet people are still crawling all over newsnow for a new signing. Just relax fellow gunners, it will happen. Wenger knows business, and with his latest statements no manager will attempt to rip us off. Teams know we have a lot of money to spend so this is just arsene’s way of telling them to not overprice his wanted players. We always take ages in making new signings, when your talking about spending 15 million quid for a single player you ought to be careful. fair enough, if the transfer window closes and still havent invested the money then action must be taken. I feel the board are more to blame here though really.

  230. Jow says:

    Is Wenger perfect? Of course not, he has a number of flaws for all to see.

    However, he is also the most succesful manager that this great club has ever had. Winning 3 league titles and 4 FA Cups and also guiding us to a Champions League Final.

    He has completely transformed Arsenal into one of the world’s top clubs since he joined and anyone who doesn’t think he is the best man for the job is deluding themself.

  231. Mark Newing says:

    Arsenal fans do need to wake up, its not just the fact that wenger has said we have to many defenders after buying thomas, we also have to take into account that he sold probably are best centre half and has kept some real average stuff at the club, also if my memory serves me right wenger said that he wanted to keep this current squad together and add a couple to it, once again we have been sold down the garden path, the club at board level is not functioning properly, we have share holders at logger heads and this does not bring harmony, i think the biggest player we lost in recent seasons has been David Dien…………………. If wenger does hot add to the squad and we fall short again i think his time will be up!

  232. GREG GOON says:

    Sorry guys but if you are honest Gallas is better than toure!

    Toure is class as a person, and loved playing for arsenal but when you talk about player vs player… gallas is top quality defender!

    And I believe that gallas and toure was not a good partnership!!!

    Should we keep a player because are hearts tell us too ??? no

    And this is what wenger has done he has bought vermalean to play with gallas as that is the right thing to do in football terms.

    Sorry guys but we all loved toure and what he did for our club but he is not as good as gallas and they never played well together

    INFACT its the easiest decision to make it just not the one that you all wanted because gallas can be a right cunt lol.


  233. whelk lord says:

    The amount of players isn’t the problem, sure we have depth but we seriously lack any quality in depth.

    I think this coming season it will tell again. Wenger himself, at the end of last season said defence is where we are not as strong as our rivals. So to remedy that he has sold Toure and bought in another kid.

    We have the money to buy a decent CB so why not use? I don’t want to be relying on the likes of Djourou, Diaby and Gibbs.

  234. The Law says:

    So, Arsenal are likely to lock up 3rd place and Champions League football again for next season.

    See why you need to stay in your cage, Sindumb?

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