From all the gooners, Thank you “KING KOLO TOURE”

Posted: July 29, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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What can i say…Its a sad day for many gooners around the world. He was a big favorite with the fans and the longest serving player currently at the club, and the last of the 49ers.

But no more… King Kolo Toure has signed for the blues and we wish him well.

I was a massive Kolo fan and i loved the way he played the game, Always gave 100% for us and never let us down. A few memories I have of Kolo, Scoring the goal in the champions league semi final at Highbury, The battle he had with Martins vs Inter Milan, He long range thunderbolts and the long range runs from the back with pace n power.

Kolo, From all of us gooners “Thank you” and “Good Luck” You will forever be a legend at Arsenal FC..You will be missed.

Jason Goldstein

  1. jimbob says:

    Thanks for all the memories, Kolo. I for one will cheer u when we play against u and boo for ADD-it-by-More.

  2. fierro says:

    Sad day, sad to see him leaving our club… I wish him very best, not to Manchester Shite.

  3. Toby says:

    For once I agree with you, thanks and all the best Kolo…

  4. G Dogg says:

    Yep – leaves with my best wishes. Brilliant professional.

  5. JSP says:

    Can I just say good luck Kolo……oh and Mark Hughes is a useless cunt!!!!

  6. jazbo says:

    Good luck Kolo, thanks for the memories

  7. Drew says:

    completely agree.. he was by far my favourite player on this current team.. a true professional but the evolution of the team must go on//

    long live King Kolo

  8. nutsack says:

    Never let us down? Hmmm – Anfield, 2-2, Champions Leauge QF…

    Rash challenge in front of the Kop.

    The guy let us down plenty – otherwise Wenger wouldn’t sell him.

  9. Mattuso says:

    Kolo is a legend. Never forget him coming on as a sub against Man City and sending Schmeiohel flying with an “accidental” collision. Hes been a crowd favourite ever since. He was looking a bit shaky of late so its a good deal all round.

  10. Gooner4life says:

    Gud Luck Lolo!!
    thnx 4 everything u have done 4 arsenal!!

  11. ah says:

    you are being too emotional ……. kolo, the old kolo, left two years ago. Thanks for the memories, kolo. Now lets move on.

  12. Gooner4life says:

    Gud Luck Kolo!!
    thnx 4 everything u have done 4 arsenal!!

  13. Pat Thompson says:

    Goodbye to a true Gooner. Never let us down with his attitude, if others had cared so much we wouldn’t be four years without a trophy.

  14. s peters says:

    The king is gone but never forgotten. Thanks KOLO YOUR A LEGEND.
    Liam Brady said “He’s a good finisher, Chuks. He is a big lad, very laid back but he has loads of skill and knows where the goal is.” Who is this kid and wheres he from ?

  15. Amz says:

    sad 2 see him go,las member of he invicibles :(….hope we get a repacement wirthy 2 take his place,WE LOVEEEE YOU KOLO,u ill awlyzzzz be rememberd 😦

  16. anonymous says:

    goodbye kolo, after afcon 08 he came back a different player, i think he’s past his best, good business for us to get £15m for him, still i’d rather if he stayed bcos of his experience + wenger won’t replace him

  17. FHC says:

    Kolo was the best, even if he was past it. Worth it for the £15m but would like to see him come back in a coaching position so he can share his wealth of experience with the wengers starlets. He was my favourite player and really sad to see him go =( wish him luck, hope man shity fail though and ade-give-me-more seriously injures himself trying to score but flops and kicks other the bar the bloody money grabbing b*stard

  18. danish gooner says:

    Fantastic commitment,live long and prosper King Kolo.

  19. 4ever GOONER says:

    And what now??? We need defensive midlefielder we need sub center half and we need a striker, but guess what we’ll sell 2 more players and buy none. ALL HAIL STINGIES FROM EMIRATES! We’ll happy not to finish last. This is worst transfer season I have ever seen, even worse than last one. I wish luck to us coz we’ll be needing it….. A LOT

  20. Marko says:

    You notice it’s not from Sinbad because it’s positive. Is it possible he got a punch in the head?

  21. Rob Craig says:

    thanks for everything and good luck. true gooner legend!

  22. Nis says:

    King Kolo for 2 seasons the best center back in the world. Its sad nobody acknowledged that fact. He was a rock and I’m sad to see him go. It is good business though.

  23. gary says:

    wish u all the best and i hope that le boss spends well or we could regret getting the 16 mil

  24. arsenal afc man says:

    were clearing out the darkies gd on u wenger

  25. ryan says:

    nutsac that penalty he gave away vs liverpool was a dive anyway.

    have some respect for a player who deserves to go down as a legend. he was my favourite player for a long time and at his peak a couple of years ago was one of the best in the world- the african cannavaro.

    it’s a shame he won’t be spending the rest of his career dominating with arsenal but we must wish him all the best. thanks for so many great memories. he would run through a brick wall for the cause and i hope he leaves knowing just how loved he was. even those who think he isn’t playing as well as he was- he’s still considered a legend and we are all very thankful. he always said arsenal are the club in his heart and i hope that never changes with this transfer. so long kolo! we’ll all be hoping you enjoy the rest of your career and you’ll get a huge reception at the emirates!

  26. Osiris says:

    The first decent article on this blog that I’ve read in ages and it is no surprise that it isn’t by that nutjob sinbad. Anyway, back to the point of this article. Goodbye Kolo, you gave us the unbeaten season and one of the longest streaks ever in european football without conceding a goal. You have earned the bumper salary that you will get from now on with the Citeh.

  27. aravindvr says:

    good luck dear KOLO…thanks for the wonderful times u gave to Arsenal fans…
    u will always be remembered unlike Moneybayor…

  28. James says:

    Bye Kolo, thaks for the Invincibles season!

  29. StrangeDog says:

    Am I the only one feeling bitter about Kolo leaving the club? WHY Kolo? WHY???
    It’s all about the money. Wake up guys. F you Kolo and thanks for joining a rival premiership team.

  30. ogo says:

    Kolo is not a king plzzzz

  31. Dear KING KOLO TOURE, you are a true ARSENAL FC Legend, unlike WHORE ADEBAYOR. We will always cheer you, we shall live with your memory. You have been 100% always regardless of the level. You have taken your body to MAN CITY, But we are very sure your HEART & HEAD are with ARSENAL forever.

    We are gonna keep you in our hearts forever and ever, even in our houses your image shall stay. Thanks you very much.
    From ALL RWANDANS in E.A.

  32. Larkin says:

    the final member of the unbeaten team a very sad day! i cant believe wenger has sold the hole unbeaten team in just 4 seasons

  33. peter says:

    Good lad Kolo, you deserve to do well, best of luck mate.

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