[Video] Eboue says “goodbye” to the Arsenal fans.

Posted: July 29, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Enjoy the highlights from tonights friendly..

But fast forward to 4:15

Eboue comes over to see the Arsenal fans, Gives his shirt and boots away to the Arsenal fans and then waves goodbye.

So Eboue is off then…

Wenger is having a right old clear out this summer with the african boys. Adebayor, Toure and now Eboue.

Lets just hope we see replacements SOON.

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  1. Truly AFC says:

    That’s it, Arsene is clearing out. Eboue will also be gone and I think Senderos too will be going.

    We just need two players after this clear out, a midfield enforcer and a striker. The current midfielder is very lightweight and are incapable.

    I like Vaemalen, he is the type we need.

  2. Tony Adams says:


  3. bjohnson says:

    I am sorry to see him go. Very good versatile player.

  4. yguy says:

    song really improved,physical,i remember been at old trafford in the cl and he was the only one who got stuck in,strriker maybe,cb defo get silvestre out,every game he is dreadful

  5. john says:

    Hi mate u got any emirates cup tickets? I need 2 or 3 tickets on the lower tiers?

  6. GREG GOON says:

    Your a nutter arsenalaction!!!!

    One minute your moaning about selling these players there you are calling it a clear out lol.

    Its the best news I have heard, sell senderos, eboue, sylvestry, and we will of got rid of loads of crap this summer and most of all they wanted to go anyway!!!

    • arsenalaction says:

      Dude…Sorry to break this to you but a number of different people post articles on this blog

  7. DucthGooner10 says:

    Sorry man you reading to much in it. I just see somebody appreaciating a couple of fans.

    But I do think Eboue will inevatibily leave this season. Now that most of his click has gone there will be less consolation and comfort from comradery for him.

    ALthough not loved by many I wish him well when he goes.

    • arsenalaction says:

      You didnt see him wave goodbye ?

      • smudger says:

        Waving doesn’t mean “goodbye” – he was merely thanking the fans, as Eboue has done on a number of occasions. Considering the link with Fiorentina has been tentative (i.e. a Viola representative just saying they’re interested without hinting at any sort of negociations), it’s unlikely Eboue will leave before the weekend and the Emirates cup, which presumably he will feature in. I do agree he will leave this summer though.

        I’ll keep an eye out for any other players waving during the Emirates Cup though so we know who else is unequivocally leaving.

  8. bewster says:

    the vid wont play do i need to download something

  9. Amz says:

    i dunno about him leaving man,think he will stay defo as therz no back up 4 sagna there,unlike the toure and ade suitation,i still think we are 3 players short at least,we just tooooo light weight its incridible,never heard of a team with sooo many dwarfz playing at same team,and idoubt i will never see 1,i mean its sooo clear for every111 to see but not wenger somehow.

  10. bewster says:

    thanks for the link hope eboue dosent go ive heard hes a great buzz in the dressing room and good for morale

  11. wondrinfree says:

    When I see a friendly played where someone else other than Sagna or Eboue is RB then I’ll suspect Eboue is off. Otherwise we woud have no cover.

  12. IgglePiggle says:

    Eboue has been doing this for ages, he always comes over and gives at least his shirt to the away fans … it doesn’t mean anything you numpty … in saying that, less African’s the better, lets not forget there’s another African Cup of Pub Teams on this season.

  13. Pie says:

    Hes gone. Ok give your shirt away, but your boots!……And then waving. He is definitely going. Good versatile player but if Fiorentina are willing to give us 9 million for a guy that doesnt really make our first team, then its a god bit of business. 50 million to spend (25 for Ade, 16 for Toure & 9 for Eboue), I think Wenger will buy Hangeland & Huntelaar for around 27 million and let Song & Denilson mature instead of buying a defensive midfielder. Dont forget we have got Eduaro, Rosicky, Traore & Senderos all coming back.

  14. Jesus_Saves says:

    Arsene tries Djourou at right back. ITS SAD. WE know we get profit from players that dont help the team morale or wishes to leave, but we DONT WANT TO BE SEEN AS A SELLING CLUB. Well i guess aresenal should buy ALL the young stars now, renew contracts and sell all those who needs to before football feels the full blast of the economic pressure. When that happens, then foolish spending will stop, and youth teams will be the focus. Many wil lcatch on to what barca and arsenal doing, but the momentum would be with arsenal and baraca. So i hope we can do these things and truely develop into a great team.
    We seemed to lack during this match. We seemed ordinary. Sorry to say this but teams dont sit down and let us pass through them again. We need flare players now. Only if Eboue could pass and shoot. We need penetrative players.

  15. lol... says:

    wenger gonna offload most the africa player because the africa cup. 2-3 months is long time.

  16. Benji says:

    why has Rosicky not played again since Barnet game? Are we really going to rely on this guy bein fit this season

  17. ryan says:

    he waved goodbye, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s leaving the club. MAYBE he’s just being grateful for the support of fans miles from home who came to see an unimportant friendly.

    it’s likely that he’s going, though. but seeing him wave goodbye to some fans in that situation would hardly be the strangest thing ever done by a player who’s staying.

    i’ll believe he’s gone when it’s official (which seems very possible but not certain yet)

  18. Truly AFC says:

    There are many covers. Eboue is not good playing anywhere. His defending is poor for an RB.re. Arsenal v Chelsea FA Cup, Wembly. At Rm,he runs and runs and no finish product. He’s past it since 2006/7 season when he wasted his chances and forced Arsene to buy Sagna. He’s waste, he should leave.

    We will get rid of all the ACN players except Song. The next to go is Eboue and Senderos.

    Its a clear out of old dead woods.

    We have to get a better midfielder to play with Cesc than Denilson. We don’t need a back passing and sideways passing midfielder.

  19. gary says:

    let’s be realistic we got 25 mil for a player who wanted to go, 16 for one who is not a first team cert and oh god if we could get a quid for the third one, it would be the best bit of business since we got rid of hleb

  20. Jesus_Saves says:

    THe problem is not selling. IT NOT SELLING, but the problem is, WE STRIP THE SQUAD AND NOT MAKE ADDITIONS AND REPLACEMENTS. You sell Eboue, a okish back up Rb and RM, then who do we bring it, NO ONE. So we always sell and never replace. THer isnt a season where we just added to the core of the squad. We always sell or partially replace persons that wer in our starting line up. Hleb, flamini, henry. etc. WE just need to buy capable ADDITIONS or replacements

  21. Randy Osae says:

    Why have you posted a link of this post on my site mate?

    We obviously clashed with the same topic, I see….hehe

  22. Mickey G says:

    New players will sign, there is too much pressure on Wenger and the board for anything else to happen. The only questions are who we’ll get and when. It makes no sense to wait until the end of the transfer window. Why pass up the chance to have a look at the new players and try to gel them with the rest of the team in a couple of friendlies? It would be sheer madness not to, when all our rivals look to have gone back a bit. Surely we will be closer to winning the league than since the invincibles, if we do get one or two quality players in the right positions. They can’t be too young either, but their age won’t be as important as their courage and willingness to fight to the bitter end.

  23. man says:

    if he goes replace him with dabo of st etinne

  24. daymee says:

    I am happy at least we are doing the right thing, ie getting rid of those players who have no future at our club. I’m not exactly convinced that Arsene is clearing out Africans because of the ACON. Arsene knows that this season will be decisive as Arsenal cannot finish the season without at least a trophy. Arsenal are preparing to launch an attack on the Premier League and there is only 4 and a half weeks to sort it out. If I don’t like anything about Arsene, I like the fact that he is not scared to wield the axe. I love Kolo because he gave us his heart and I will forever remember all he did for us. I’m 100% certain that it is the right time to cash in on him.

    Having said that, I believe this “firesale” is due to the fact that Arsenal have transfer plans this summer and in order to act we need to generate cash internally without going burst. So players who we’d normally carry for another year despite their diminishing value gets sold. I’m very glad because it appears that the gaffer has assessed the side and identified our areas of weakness. In defence, one of our problems was the centreback partnership of Gallas and Toure. For the last 2 years, it was common knowledge that the two players were similar in height and way of play and did not do much in complementing each other. Whether that was due to the relationship between the two is anyone’s guess but I’m sure the defensive unit was faulty last season. That was why Senderos was loaned out to ACMilan the last year.
    I believe Kolo Toure will not be the last player to depart Arsenal this season. I personally cannot see how Senderos will remain an Arsenal player. He has offers on the table, according to Arsene and a decision will soon be made. I believe two more players are on their way out. One is Senderos and the second is Eboue, although it looks as though he has said his goodbyes tonight.

    Arsenal’s transfer strategy this summer appears to be strong. I say that because it appears Arsenal are doing the important transfer dealing behind closed doors whilst amassing the required money to carry them out. August will be a massive month for Arsenal. If you ask me I’d say that KJHuntelaar is already in the bag, it is only a matter of time before the process kicks in. At the moment, KJH is waiting for Arsenal. It is everywhere in Spain.

    I also believe Arsenal have identified 3 players that will come in before the end of the transfer window. I can confidently say Arsenal will announce 3 players serially the way we have sold them. I will end by also saying Jack Wilshere will be more involved in the first team this year. By the time the puzzle is put together, we will all see a brand new Arsenal machine. I just hope we don’t leave things too late and miss out on our targets.

  25. Reece says:

    Walcott is not ready to start week in week out for the first team

  26. Messi says:

    eboue is not going nowhere as far as i no he loves this club too much plus he is settled he has good friends like theo, cesc, sagna, galls, clichy robin and the rest. Eboue is just 1 of those players that loves to give so much even if you watch his interviews on arsenal.com he says he loves this club the good fans the manager and players always. 2nd to NONE, so what stupid article you have come up with i really dont know but just remembered that this blog is by that sinbad guy. and you fans THAT SAY WE NEED TO GET RID OF THESE PLAYERS LIKE EBOUE AND DENILSON ARE HAVING A LAUGH, EBOUE WAS 1 OF OUR BEST PLAYERS THIS GAME VS HANNOVER ALONGSIDE ROBIN, SONG AND DENILSON, CESC THE WHOLE TEAM WERE AMAZING 1ST HALF BUT FADED A LITTLE 2ND HALF BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY ITS PRE-SEASON, JUST SHUT UP U NAIVE FANS AN WAIT FOR WENGER TO REPLACE OUR MISSING PLAYERS AND THEN JUDGE!!!

  27. tommymac says:

    It wasn’t his shirt though, it was a Hannover player’s, we were playing in white and the the shirt he gave away was red!

  28. goonerc says:

    as much as you would like to criticise eboue, you can’t because he always gave 100%, whore his heart on his sleeve and was a good influence in the dressing room. It’s a shame it didn’t work out.
    as for toure i believe 16 million is a goo deal as long as we re-invest that money in another centre back and a holding midfielder. If that happens then i will be full of confidence we can do well.

  29. peter says:

    Messi, clearly a barca fan, move along kid.

    Wenger is sorting us out, I would expect a few more departures and arrivals. I don’t think he can risk another close call like last season, he’s been looking for a dm as we all know, I would expect a minimum of two arrivals.

  30. Clockers89 says:

    Doesn’t make sense to sell Eboue.

    Djourou and Song are terrible at right back.

    Can’t play Sagna, who isn’t the best going forward, every match.

    If he gets injured, then we’ll have to rely on Djourou and Song who have been really poor when played there or bring back Gavin Hoyte, who is a teenager and primarily a CB.

    Need to buy a top replacement like Darjio Srna, the Croatian captain and UEFA Cup winner.

    Also, as someone mentioned Rosicky once again didn’t make the bench. He didn’t figure in the match in Austria or Hungary either. So we may start the season without any of Nasri, Rosicky or Eboue, arguably 3 of our 5 wide midfielders (Walcott and Ramsey the other two).

  31. Clockers89 says:

    sorry meant Walcott and Wilshere as the other two wide midfielders.

  32. Stu says:

    The only thing that Eboue offers is an extra attacking option when he is played right back imo. Once he leaves we will only have Sagna there and he is a defensive right back who leaves a lot to be desires in attack. He cant cross and doesnt support the right winger the same way that Eboue can.

    Not a major issue but i do hope we bring in an attacking full back to replace Eboue because if Sagna gets injured then who will be his back up? Hoyte? A replacement is needed…anyone capable of crossing would do imo.

  33. James says:

    Maybe he was just showing his respect to the travelling fans…?

  34. Stu says:

    Eboues best friends were Ade and Toure and i think Song for obvious reasons. I remember reading that when he got booed of against Wigan that they came to his house and convinced him not to quit Arsenal in Jan. Now that 2 of them are gone Eboue has nothing stopping him from going.

  35. steve says:

    Messi, clearly a barca fan, run along kid.

    Wenger will replace, expect more departures and arrivals.

  36. Clockers89 says:

    Now we need a backup right back, a defensive midfielder, a tall CB and perhaps another striker. With Nasri sidelined and Rosicky apparently injured again and with Eboue the backup winger leaving we could also use another wide player.

    Unfortunately, the chances of signing more than two players are remote…

    1. Matuidi
    2. Hangeland
    3. Dabo

    Not sure if this is going to appeal to too many supporters after losing Ade, Kolo, Eboue and likely Senderos…

  37. emperor says:

    Goodbye goodbye goooooooooooood bye

  38. Gooner Mark says:

    Unlike Kolo I wouldn’t be upset to see him and his diving antics go. £9m would be ridiculuous and proof that football is in a dream world..

  39. theo says:

    Good as Gone.

    Its true that his actions could be interpreted alot. He gives away his shirt alot of times but his boots as well?? His body language is the writing on the wall for me anywayz.


    MEN not BOYS!!!!!!!!!

  40. theo says:

    jUST READ THAT WENGER IS NOT CLOSE TO BUYING ANYONE. WTF!! HOW CAN YOU SELL 2 KEY PLAYERS MAYBE MORE AND THEN DONT REPLACE THEM. Man u replaced ronaldo and tevez with owen and valencia. Why is wenger so stubborn to buy? It is inevitable we will have many injuries next season as we always do and that will severly weaken us. We have a decent starting line-up, then it sorta goes pear shaped after that. There are players available for f’s sakes. So act quick, Hangeland will be cup-tied if he plays in the europa qualification games. So will many other targets!!

    What is worse is that we sell to one of our direct rivals. Where’s the genius in that???

    We need BIG Players. A Drogba, A Torres, A Henry, A Vidic. These players win you the game before a ball has been kicked. As the opponents see that they are playing and have no confidence that they could stop them.
    You want an example: Drogba againt Arsenal. Our defenders are scared of him, have no confidence in stopping him, so thats why he always has the upper edge and scores against us.
    Even adebayor struck fear in players and i mean TOP players. Rio Ferdinand hated playing against adebayor as he was so strong and could outleap him.
    There are not many players available that have the influence that the game is won before it has started. At the top of my head … David Villa…. im struggling……
    whats is the point in building a team when you are constently selling each year. That means you are constantly rebuilding and not allowing the team to mature.
    PREPARE FOR ANOTHER SEASON OF NO TROPHIES AND ALMOSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Mark says:

    I have no fear this year if we never bought for many reasons

    1. Man U have the worst mid and attack out of the top four now.

    2. Liverpool players wanna jump ship

    3. Chelski players are a year older i don’t think terry is the same rock as he has been over the last couple of years

    4. Won’t even mention Man There Shitty

    Relax everyone it’s a good year to have a clear out and maybe bring back Pat as cover (Pay as you Play) deal happy days

    Plus i think we have a good team this year with out tossers call Deni a sideways passer WTH WTH WTH i typed that 3 times and i still don’t know why anybody says Deni is a side ways passer 1 min need to get sick. Honestly some of our supporters are Fifa 09 HEADS side ways passer, those fans a side ways tossers.

  42. Freddylung berg says:

    Sinbad you are correct yet again.

    Wenger let the fans down today.

    Why didnt he just say ” Yes we are looking at bringing in 2/3 players and we will do everything we can do sign them”

    He plays mind games with even his own fans. What did we do for this?

    Every summer its the same shit

  43. charles says:

    For me, if Eboue goes, I will definitely miss him. Might not have been the best player, but always gave 100% and remained professional at all times. Even when he wasnt playing great, you could always see him trying hard. Reminded me a lot of Gilles Grimandi…just got on with his job and did the best he could, and Arsene appreciates both players a lot.

  44. GOD says:

    Rather than signing new players first Arsenal need a new board where the board Member(s)are soley commited to the club unlike Kronke & co who uses Arsenal’s cash to pay off his other hopeless sports team in the U.S. instead off making the money available for Wenger to buy.

  45. It’s sad the stick he gets.

    I know he is mental.

    In the season we reached the CL final Eboue played well at right back.

    RVP for captaincy anyone?

  46. BooMeR says:

    hahahhaha, he gives away his shirt and gives a wave = he is leaving Arsenal?

    This is the biggest load of crap ive read this summer, and that says a little!

    He might go, you never know, but this is just Eboue beeing Eboue, it isn’t the first time he has given away his shirt etc!


  47. DOnald says:

    Happy to meet with you here, thanks above information, I will always come

  48. akincitr says:

    Emeğine sağlık güzel paylaşım, devamını bekliyoruz.

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