Wenger confirms he is a mad stubborn,out of touch,deluded fool

Posted: July 30, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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its time for the fans to protest!

And just like i have been saying for a very long time. Many of you used to blame the board for not giving wenger the money, Many of you have tried to defend this stubborn weed of a manager.

But today the Arsenal manager confirmed to the world that he has lost the plot and is a stubborn out of touch deluded fool.

After selling the longest serving player and experienced center back and a player who has scored over 40 goals in 2 seasons to our rivals for 4th place, Wenger told Arsenal.com and i quote

“We do not need any more new signings, In England people think that all the problems can be sorted out by buying players. I believe the biggest target is to work hard in training, improve what we can improve and have confidence in the players that we have” “If we need to add then we will. We have money available so for us it is now [important] to spend it in the right way when we do it or IF we do it.”

The words of a madman!! Its clear to us all that we need is reinforcements. How can this div think we are strong enough to win anything is a sign that he has a mental problem and maybe needs to be addressed with some medication.

Being on this site I have noticed that if you have a different opinion to most Arsenal fans you are called a number of names.

At times saying something against Wenger is like being in Stalinist Russia in the 1930 when if you showed decent against the party line you were frogmarched off to the Gulag in Siberia never to be seen again.

I say its time that we as gooners unite in one voice and say this is not good enough and i suggest we make our feelings clear this weekend at the Emirates Stadium and protest.

I urge all Arsenal fans who love this club to start singing and holding banners this weekend to get this board to spend money on our team.

We pay over the odds to come to this stadium each year and we  lose / Sell players each year without investment.

I urge you to sing for the cheque book to come out this weekend, its time we told Wenger that his project is not working and we have lost trust in him.

Let the board know this weekend!!!!!



  1. sinbad=cunt says:

    wow, you have just confirmed that you are obviously a cunt, and quite clearly not an arsenal fan, because anyone who is a fan of “Arsenal”, whether they like wots going on or not, would never speak with such disrespect towards one of the greatest managers in the history of the game.

    You should go back to fucking your mum whilst injecting yourself with steroids in an attempt to become a real man, and leave the running of this football club down to the only man who knows what the fuck he is doing!!

    there should be laws about t*******m fans like you making blogs about Arsenal

  2. Randy Osae says:

    Haha, I knew you were gonna hit on this.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    • Rob says:

      What is obviously evident, and what everyone fails to grasp is this: with the arrival of chavsky on the scene, the move to the big expensive stadium, Wenger and the board decided to chuck winning anything. FOURTH place is now what the board expect because they know they have to spend to win anything. Since wenger is ONLY answerable to the board who reward him for any profit he makes, he will lways put profit before trophies. So all of you arsenal fans that are slacking off wenger should keep this in mind. Those who blindly support him sould realise, Arsenal have NO chance of winning the league; not this season, and definitely NOT the next.(We MIGHT though, win the champion’s league as it is a cup and any decent team has a chance to win it.) we will always keep dreaming about “this is it, this is the season we do it!” but it’ll never happen as long as Wenger and the board are in place. Remember fans: this debate will go on EVERY summer.

    • GB says:

      Fuck off Randy, yank cunt.

  3. sinbad=cunt says:

    And btw, i, and many other Gooner have most certainly not lost faith in Wenger and his project…

  4. Arthur says:

    You are talking nonsense. Wegner is keping his cards close to his chest. If he anounces he know has 40 million to spend and that he intends to spend it the price of every player he looks at will shoot up. What ever Wenger may or may not be he is usually great in the tranfer market. Fear not i’m sure he is working on a number of things now.

  5. Stephen says:

    Nobody forces you to pay for the seats at the Emirates. Nobody forces you to follow football. You could just start going on fishing weekends instead. Stop being an ungrateful tosser that thinks he knows how to run a football team because he plays Premier League Manager 09 every day.

  6. Mike says:

    Sinbad you are such a stupid kid. The school holidays give you too much time to mess about writing such ill-informed and poorly thought out articles. I for one can’t wait until you are back at school and I no longer see your shit headlines clogging up newsnow.

  7. jazbo says:

    After this piece of trash, it confirms that you are not an Arsenal fan but one of those tossers from whiteshitelane.

  8. Arsewub says:

    I abslutely second the words you used to explain this damn egoistic mad dog-AW. What worries me most is how the so called “fans” live well with such a mediocre status where AW put us in order to, you know, massage his egoistic genuis that “I don’t buy stars, i creat them”. Shame on those who organized a march on his behalf in May. Shame, shame, damn shame!

    • Wandarah says:

      Yes, far better to rant and rave on the internet.

      Far better to write clueless articles, which serve to do nothing but sew negativity around our club, hindering the chances you already consider to be so fragile.

      Your goal here is questionable, your assumption that the Manager doesnt want to do well at the club he has spent years at, simply in order to pocket a few more quid is indictive more of you, than him.

      You may be interested to learn that some people do things out of pride, and passion, and some people won’t sacrifice thier principles in order to get a couple more bucks which (and I stress) – they do not need.

      It doesnt surprise me that people who would not do this, are unable to comprehend the actions of a person who does. You are truly, and I mean this in the most profound sense of the word – a fucking loser.

      It is quite obvious to anyone without an inbuilt sense of entitlement, that Wenger has limited funds to spend – including those funds recieved from transfers. It is also immediately obvious that Wenger has a job description, and sometimes he is unable to say what some would consider to be the truth.

      Surely any fool is able to understand this, surely any fool is able to *see* this.

      You insist on blaming Wenger, who is simply trying to do the best according to his instruction, and his job description – and who has, considering his resources, overacheived every single year.

      You have a new stadium, which I am sure you have never been to. A world profile, champions league football and some of the top talent in world football – but all you can do is try to bring it down.

      I am uncertain what you suspect your motivations actually are, but you obviously cannot think more than five steps ahead if you think you are going to achieve a positive result with such intense negativity.

      In short, go fuck yourself – you clueless, sad little man.

  9. adam truman says:

    He also said the other day that he wouldn’t buy until after the Emirates Cup to see any reinforcements would be needed.
    We have many youngsters, nows the time to see if they can step up, if not we have until end of August to buy new players.
    Now is not the time to panic

  10. Strapped says:

    Preach on Brother, Preach!!!

    Wenger is a fucking bellend if he thinks that Vermaelen alone can make enough of a difference to win us anything. We lose 2 important players and this arsehole thinks that “great team spirit” or whatever the fuck he always goes on about can win us titles. Yes, great team spirit is like 20% of the ingredients needed to become champions. Nottingham Forrest have great team spirit and I don’t see them competing for top honours… So he needs to stop with that bullshit because Arsenal fans aren’t a bunch of fools.

    He’s been applying the same tactics for 5 years where he sells vital players and replaces them with 1 decent signing and 3 youngsters that he can perv on in the dressing room after a sweaty match.
    He has the money now, there is no excuse as to why this FAGGOT can’t bring in some quality, I’m getting more and more impatient. I thought after we got whacked 3-1 at home in the Semi’s by Man U perhaps Wenger would get his head out of his tightly adjusted arsehole to find the checkbook and sign maybe 3 players of vermaelens standard… Now he refuses to sign anyone.. Lmao it’s a joke Arsenal fans. Don’t be fooled by his constant bullshit, speak up for yourself. This blog is the truth!

    • Rich says:

      1) Its the end of July, halfway through the transfer window.
      2)http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-we-are-looking-at-possibilities He is looking at people but if he can’t be sure they will improve squad, what is the point. There is an excuse there might not be the right player. None of the English clubs bar Man City have brought that much quality in.
      3) Team spirit is a huge part of the game. Think how much our seasons have been affected by Gallas strop, Sol Campbell’s walk out, Adebayor’s tiff with Bendtner, they could barely look at each other let alone pass.

  11. Simon says:

    He actually said this:

    “I feel we are strong enough but if we can add then we will do it,” he said.

    “In England people think that all the problems can be sorted out by buying players.

    “I believe the biggest target is to work hard in training, improve what we can improve and have confidence in the players that we have.

    “If we need to add then we will. We have money available so for us it is now [important] to spend it in the right way when we do it or if we do it.

    “But unfortunately I cannot tell you that we are close to signing anyone at the moment.”

    It dosn’t say we don’t need anymore signings. Just that if he can add to it then he will. I don’t know what you expect him to say “our squads rubbish and we need new players” that would destroy all our confidence. Im sure the players and arsene knows we need a couple of players. Lets just see what happens. We need to be behind the team 100% whoever plays for us.

    In arsene I trust.

  12. andy says:

    this is why i dont read this blog ur full of shit sinbad

  13. BRIAN says:


  14. Adom says:

    You do know that majority of people who go to see Arsenal play nowadays aren’t ‘fans’, they’re audience paying to be entertained. And again, how old are you?

  15. gaya says:

    ithink you should go and listen to the extended interview where hw talk about transfer to realise that what’s reported is just what was required to get people like you boiling

  16. Raj says:

    shit post AGAIN..he’s not exactly gonna come out and say we’re desperate to sign players..are u really that thick or just having a wind up

  17. Mattc says:

    So how much is that fat fuck Usmanov paying you to write this reactionary nonsense?

  18. mr b says:

    i have to agree if the reports are correct and he truly believes our squad is strong enough then the man is very deluded. we haven’t won anything in the last 5 seasons and thats with stronger squads tahn we curently have. We’ve become a selling club and we’ll be selling the likes of Fabregas, Arshavin and Van Persie when we finish 5th or 6th next season. just pull your finger out, listen to the fans and get centre back, DECENT defensive midfielder and Huntelaar.

  19. jcb says:

    you are a complete tit! find another sport

  20. decky c says:

    people like u are really trying to run my beloved arsenal in to the ground. do u self and all of us loyal arsenal fans a favour and support anothere team because in my eyes all u do is talk s..t i would love to meet u face 2 face and punch the nose clean off u ARSE HOLE. IN ARSENE WE TRUST

  21. stan says:

    You are deluded
    How is this a weak squad
    Arshavin VPersie Bendtner
    (Vela Eduardo Walcott Rosicky)

    Denilson Fabregas Diaby
    (Nasri Ramsey Song Wilshire)

    Clichy Gallas Vermaelen Sagna
    Gibbs Senderos Djourrou Silvestre Eboue

    If Eboue goes we need a pacey wingback to cover for Sagna
    Probably need a good center half instead of Senderos Silvestre or Djourrou

    This is a very strong squad

  22. sssssssssss says:

    mind your word busted……u think u are clever than wenger….who are u?wenger is a professor,he know what the best to the club……be patient…u are very stupid…

  23. Strapped says:

    And what the fuck is “in arsene we trust” Arsene Wenger is a human. He isn’t a God. Stop getting teabagged by this weak, withering man. He is 2 signings away from becoming a great manager again, if he only he could get past his ego.

  24. gsdgdshsdh says:

    You do realise that Wenger didn’t say ‘“We do not need any more new signings”

    Complete and utter bullshit from someone who is RENOWNED for writing bullshit.

    You’ve just fabricated his quotes, and made it look like he’s not going to sign anyone.

    http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-we-are-looking-at-possibilities – Watch that you fucking mug.

  25. abass says:

    i agree even though Arsene is one of the best coaches but we really do need some signings at least 2 players to beef up the squad cos everyone thinks we r not serious. Gunner for life.

  26. Anon says:

    You should trust him, there is no need for panic the performances pre season have been impressive, he is shrewd and would only buy in order to improve not just to waste money, if he feels this squad is strong enough he is probably right, he cannot be that bad if Real Madrid try to tap him up other teams would kill for a manager like him

  27. sinbad=cunt says:

    ive worked out who sinbad is … http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/77560505.jpg

  28. Edmund Simpson says:

    I’m afraid Arsenal FC is not there to give purpose to your otherwise miserable and pointless existence. You’d elicit sympathy were you not so utterly brainless, ignorant and abusive about a guy who dragged our club from endless years of mediocrity into a world-class player. But then you don’t really understand what I’m talking about do you? You are just desperate to have local bragging rights in the hole you live in, rather than consider the longterm prosperity and future of the club. What Wenger has achieved is simply beyond your limited comprehension. He deserves better and hopefully morons like you will remain an ungrateful, but tiny minority among the Arsenal faithful.
    Have you tried psychotherapy or maybe that’s what this site is all about…..

  29. BunkUP says:

    The guy is entitled to his opinion even if a lot of us think it’s wrong. Why call him a cunt?

  30. gaya says:


    hi again,
    maybe you could also read the link above to get more worked up or smell the air around you and realise the plans to create more tension around the club b4 the season starts

    we started last season with discontent and we not prepared to support and encourage what we’ve got maybe that could boost their confidence?
    or what are you a supporter for? the good times?

  31. Spike says:

    So, this sad media fed sheep of a spud-u-kick is yaddering on again about perceived crap he had his carer read to him from the Sun headlines today….

    Eejit! Simpleton, inbred gimp…

    get back to your village, they are really missing their idiot.

    I hope Wenger keeps on coming out with these comments, it will obviously have the desired effect of either;

    a) Giving morns a heart attack, or
    b) make em eff off and leave the club to proper Gooners.

  32. TaeluvTW14 says:

    Just a quick one question – How would you feel if you read on the net that your dad is a mad stubborn, out of touch, deluded fool? This is out of it man, you lost it completely.

  33. arsenalaction says:

    Add me on Facebook to arrange the meeting for the protest


  34. Chim says:

    Agree with you Sinbad

  35. jimbo says:

    is sinbad a spurs fan pretending to be a gooner? This is the single most pathetic piece of shit article i have ever laid my eyes upon. I don’t give a fuck if it was all true (which it isn’t) i still wouldn;t come on here and actually urge fans to turn on the club at the emirates this weekend. what kind of fans are you? if winning nothing for 4 seasons ends up with you acting like this, i’d hate to imagine what you’d do if we had gone 19years without the title (liverpool) or worse still 19 years without a major trophy (spurs). or even worse, never win anything, ever and be sat in league 1 or league 2 or the championship, or any of the other 87 clubs out there who aren’t utd, liverpool or chelsea. this is pathetic – support your team, no matter what you believe is being done wrongly. do you genuinely believe a revilt will force him out? course not. so why not support the team and at least try to urge them on to better things.

  36. brian rayden says:

    Sinbad……….. i am all for everyone’s entitled to their opinions so here is mine….YOUR A CUNT.

    We’re not even into August, what do you expect Wenger to say? he is hardly going to go to the press and say he has £40mil in his pocket and desperate for (average overpriced) players.

  37. Jimmy says:

    Just get Hangeland to treplace any other CB if any go, rhen if Vieira comes he can help Denilson, Song and Diaby fullfill their potential.

  38. jimbo says:

    strapped – if we’re only two players away from a great squad, then how can you claim wenger is pathetic? surely he must have doine something right to enable us to get to this position despite having much less money than any other club?

  39. Dave says:

    Sinbad confirms he is a sad, pathetic, brainless idiot…and it’s time for sane, true football fans to protest.
    After a seemingly endless stream of drivel from this fool (where he was disgusted that Arsenal hadn’t broken the bank to buy a player that he had seen commit lots of fouls on youtube (a website where all footballing experts scout players obviously) and eventually went to Sunderland; then was disgusted again when a player that wanted to leave the club for over a year and showed it by not trying on the pitch was allowed to leave; then was disgusted again when the manager makes the sensible point that football isn’t just about how much money you can spend) the time has come for action.
    Perhaps if we lived in Stalinist Russia (Sinbad has worked out how to use wikipedia, not bad for someone with the IQ of a slightly mental horse)we would be better off after all, as Sinbad would probably have been locked away, (they might possibly have carried out experiments to work out how someone so stupid manages to feed himself, saving us from his idiotic musings.
    In any case, at least we’ll all get to see who this enigma is this weekend, as his proposal is to have a banner demanding the club spend money (something along the lines of “Spend more money, it doesn’t matter if it’s on players that are worse than the ones we’ve got, if you spend more money I’ll be happy – ps There are loads of players on Youtube that can do kick-ups and stuff, got to be worth a £50m bid before Leyton Orient snap them up…oooh if they do I’ll be so angry”)
    Anyway, if you spot this loser with the banner, make sure you tell him what you think of him.

  40. naija gun says:

    in as much as its a free world,i really tink u are a foolish fool.Ade wasn’t happy,kolo was neva desame after losing 2 Egypt @ ACN,so their moving was very justified in my book.instead of u to be grateful to God 4 being able 2 watch the Arsena,u re here crying ur fucking ass off.in Nigeria,to people like u we say,”ko ni da fun e”.damn white lane idiot

  41. sinbad=cunt says:

    Hangeland won’t work in our system, he is slow as fuck, and with the fact tht we play a high line, he just wouldn’t be able to recover in time. Wenger knows what he wants, and he will get it if he needs it, i say give BIG PHIL a chance again, he is solid

  42. John the greek says:

    Well done Sinbad..Will be adding you on Facebook. We will show wenger this weekend. Great idea

  43. Brad says:

    In a previous post you label Wenger a liar whose words can’t be trusted. You then write another article attacking the man for quotes that were recently posted on the website. If as suggested Wenger’s words do not always match his true intentions why are you getting so worked up. I fully expect to see new faces at the club prior to the Aug 31st deadline. To piss and moan now with a month to go is a little premature.

    You’re suggestion by the way for this weekend is an absolute disgrace. The fact that you would encourage such a negative and confrontational atmosphere before the season has even kicked of is appalling.

  44. Justin says:

    Yep, you’re a prick, how old are you? 12? Do you realise that running a football club is a business? Sometimes you just have to suck it up…

  45. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    Fuck off all you negative counter productive twats & go & support the Spuds or chavs. Since when does Wenger (or any sensible manager living in the real world) shout that hes going to buy players? He will probably deal quite near the end of the window & score us a great player or 2. Even if not support your team & dont be just glory hunters. This sort of attitude from our own ranks smells like blood to our rivals & they read forums like this & get more confident. The red tops thrive on these kind of views and use them to ramp up negativity towards us. Get real & know that if Wenger don’t spend its for a bloddy good reason. Once things for sure DONT GO TO OUR STADIUM & SPOUT THIS KINDA SHIT OTHERWISE YOU’RE A TRAITOR TO YOUR OWN!

  46. Timbob says:

    Sinbad quite obviously masturbates frequently over big money transfers such as Ronaldo and Kaka to Madrid and he uses them to fill a distinct void left by a lack of positive male role models in his life. This is not football this is hideous capitalism. Furthermore, in order to make up for a meaningless existence he attempts to make a ‘success’ of himself by latching on to a top four football club, and at least be successful in his choice of club. As soon as this football club undermines his position as seasoned supporter (glory hunter) by selling a couple of decent players he has a strop, throws his toys out of the pram and moans about Wenger (that was so last year). Pathetic quite frankly. We all want Arsenal to succeed but it is more important they survive, and if not buying big name players is the key to our survival, then Wenger is definately the right man for the job. Sinbad, f**k off to Old Trafford.

  47. OGC says:

    Get a fucking life and stop calling yourself an Arsenal fan coz it’s clear that you don’t have a clue about our club. Fucking glory hunter. Go follow Man City or Chelsea. You’ll fit in nicely. Do us all a favour and delete this blog coz not one real Arsenal fan gives a shit about what you think cunt and you’re just an embarrasement to our great club.

  48. Eddie McGoldrick says:

    You know Sinbad, you are everything that pisses me off about the internet. It’s a medium that lets any mouthy, retarded cunt such as yourself spout off, no matter how stupid your opinion, no matter how shit your writing. What is more, it sickens me to see someone who claims to be an Arsenal fan speak about our manager in such a way. Even if you don’t think he is getting it right, there is no need for the tone you use.

    In summary, fuck off, you utter, utter cunt.

    • arsenalaction says:

      “At times saying something against Wenger is like being in Stalinist Russia in the 1930 when if you showed decent against the party line you were frogmarched off to the Gulag in Siberia never to be seen again”

      Thats why i put this part in the post.

      • Eddie McGoldrick says:

        Plenty of people can happily listen to criticism of Wenger. It’s just fucking annoying when it comes from a no-mark, no-brain reactionary retard such as yourself, who pisses his pants when some cunt from Marseilles doesn’t sign from us, just cos YouTube showed him fouling a few guys. Dumb motherfucker.

  49. faithnomore says:

    im in…wenger is ruining the club

  50. joah says:

    wenger is looking to buy. and it is in the interests of arsenal that he doesn´t say í am desparate to buy´(which he and arsenal clearly are) as selling clubs will jack up prices. don´t listen to what wenger or players say, look at their actions.

  51. Chuffbox says:

    You pricks make me chuckle. Hang the fella for having a different opinion to yourselves. How many of you actually put your money where your mouth is and follow the team home and away?

    • arsenalaction says:


      I knew it was coming mate.

      Thats why i made the comment about the Gulag in Siberia

      • Rich says:

        The reason people criticise you so much is because you attempt to pass off your opinion as a collective opinion, which doesn’t represent either the view of many of others on this website, nor myself. If you simply tweaked your writing style, and used “I” instead of “We,” you wouldn’t recieve half aas much critcism. And would probably find people merely challenged your opinion.

  52. Daz says:

    I was beginning to think I was the only Arsenal fan that thought this way! If he thinks this squad is strong enough to sustain a serious title challenge for the league and champions league the guys a muppet!! We will be lucky to qualify for the champions league with this squad anyhow!
    The squad was not good enough last season and I think the squad is in a worse state now than it was this time last year!! We need two new quality signings AT LEAST!

  53. danish gooner says:

    Wenger is no longer the manager of Arsenal football club,he is the chief bean counter.If you asked him what he wanted most, 100 mil in the coffers of Arsenal or winning the cl he would choose the first option.

  54. Edmund Simpson says:

    @Jumbo. Well said. I suspect this revolting creature is a 17-year-old Sp*d, with a mental age of 10. He has no comprehension of the history of the club, nor of the long dark years we spent watching middle-of-the-table crap throughout the 70s and 80s, in an historic, but sadly dilapidated stadium. And where are we now? Playing at the Emirates – a worldclass venue, drawing gates of over 60,000 with a 2-year waiting list for season tickets, able to attact many of Europe’s top players, and consistently .

  55. Chuffbox says:

    Eddie, if you had any intelligence at all you’d realise the irony in your last comment.

    So, to summise. You won’t realise the irony in your last comment.

  56. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    And as for your Facebook stunt FUCK OFF & DIE SPURS CUNT!

  57. Mick says:

    This article was clearly written by a moron how has no idea what Wenger has done for our club. I for one will no longer waste my time reading this site.

  58. Weener says:

    Great blog mate. Thank god for Sinbad. The voice of the real fan

  59. V says:

    F*ck off Sinbad! I can’t believe you are saying this!! You are a deluded little boy! How long have you backed the ARSENAL??? Not long enough!! 18 years we went without a league title!!! 18 BLOODY YEARS!!! what the hell do you know about AFC? Spending money doesn’t always work! If you remember when Chelsea first spent all that money…who was their manager??? Ranieri!! 8 months later he was gone and they bought in the worlds best manager at the time! Do you think Man City will attract Mourinho?! probably not as he is living in the fashion capital of the owrld with gr8 food and support! Man city cannot expand their stadium to make it super-status and they have a team full of overpriced dim-wits!! Toure and Adr will be missing for at least a month inext Jan! Hughes hasnt got a chance to make these so called superstars into word beaters!! Ady = average!! Cruz = 1 good season at Blackburn!! Tevez = not as good as people think he is!! Toure = hasnt been the same for at least 2 years! Robinho = average – season after season (inlc R. Madrid)! de jong = OVERPIRICED! Mark (wanker) Hughes = Hasn’t won anything as a manager!!

    SINBAD…get a life and let me buy your website….you spud cunt!! Have you seen the reply’s people leave on your site?? Mate you are one little spud c*nt!!! Yes thats right c*nt!! Write something decent or your website will be brought down!! No….that’s not a threat it a fukin promise you lilywhite fuk!!!

  60. danish gooner says:

    I urge all Arsenal fans to remmeber what wenger said in May.We are gonna keep the squad together and add 1 or 2 top quality players.

  61. Fraser says:

    A reasoned argument would have been ok but when you call Wenger a div you say so much more about yourself. You say that you are not intelligent enough back your overwrought thoughts with words. You say that you are intellectually inferior and unable to construct a decent case in your head. In short you prove that you are a moron. I know that Wenger has offended you with his inability to see that he should do what you say, but then you really shouldn’t be walking the streets should you?

  62. Edmund Simpson says:

    Before I pizz off for ever from this pathetic rant-in, just pleased to see that so many other Gooners share my opinion of this moron.
    Normally I’m against bullying, but I hope this little prick gets the shit kicked out of him every day for the next 8 years or so he’s at school (I assume by the standard of his writing/grammar/style that he’s at least 8 or possibly nine years old).

  63. Wayne says:

    Sinbad im with you mate. Im sick of wenger and his bullshit

  64. Matt says:

    Please stop blogging – you are simply an embarressment to all Arsenal fans.

  65. KEriEM says:

    Thank you Sinbad. 1000s of us feel the same. But we cant say anything as we get called plastic etc.

    You have the bollocks to say how we feel.

    To all the people who are calling Sinbad names, You need to grow up.

    • Mattc says:

      Actually I count six basic grammatical erors in the title alone.

      It should read: “Wenger confirms he is a mad, stubborn, out-of-touch, deluded fool.”

    • Wandarah says:

      You’re quit right.

      The bravery required to write a hate-filled blog about your ‘own’ club on the internet under an anonymous-moniker is a undisputible sign of having ‘bollocks’.

  66. Chuffbox says:

    Be careful Wayne agreeing with Sinbad the sinner who dares to share his opinion with the infamous AKB gang. The uber-intelligent taskforce that rarely attend games or challenge the superior I.Q of the special one.

    • Wandarah says:

      As opposed to the chav-fucking, tracksuit filling crowds of half-pissed morons who boo their own team at a game?

  67. Gelbs says:

    The Club’s a laughing stock. Sooner it goes tits up, and Arsenal learn the hard way, the better. The more cunts who re-new their season tickets etc (and yet still complain), is the reason the board and Wenger get away with it continually. Like a drug addict, if he refuses help, the only way they’ll learn if they do, is to fuck themselves up and learn the hard way..
    Fucks me off something chronic when diehard idiots defend Wenger because he changed that, because he changed this. Errrr. One major flaw with that. What has a successful past got to do with a shite present?! Brian Clough bought success to Forest then got them relegated. Prime example of making and breaking a team. If Arsenal win nothing much within the next 5-6 years, you’d still get wankers defending Wenger because he changed the dietary methods 20 years ago, and won league titles 15 years ago etc etc lol. Remarkable.
    I used the same scenario once before. If your married for example of 20 odd years and your wife has bought you so much happiness and changed your life etc etc, and one day you found out she was fucking other guys recently, you gonna defend her and keep ahold of her because of the happy past? Or are you gonna consider the present and cut your losses? Maybe you’d work something out, well, Wenger has had 3/4 years. Plenty of time to deliver but hasn’t. In football, you judge someone in the recent past and present to be fair. And Arsenal’s last 3/4 seasons have been in general, shit and trophyless.
    Oh, and maybe stability breeds success. After-all, look at the incredible success and trophies Dario Gradi bought to Crewe after so many years of being manager!
    People also wonder why on earth Wenger plays Diaby (on the left) and Eboue etc all the time, and call the man a genius. Answer is, the bloke is an idiot! Why would a genius make the same old simple mistakes eh? Bunch of Wenger asshats. And does a so-called genius go a total since they have been at a club of around 6-7 years without a trophy?! And does a genius who has had such wonderful, world-class players at their disposal have such a shit general record in Europe and never won a CL and back-2-back league titles?
    Bloke wants to admit defeat, gain respect by fucking off to Japan or France and take the board of directors with him. Prove how “good” he is by building a young/youth team with a small club over there for peanuts. Then if he makes them world-class, then we can say he is a genius. What a prick.
    Thinking theres’ a conspiracy against Arsenal also is typical of being a cunt and decisions etc go against him. Should take a long hard look in the mirror and closer to home. Always someone elses fault.
    It amazes me why people continue to defend this man to the death. He is seriously fucking up Arsenal, to a point, if he did leave, no world-class players would want to join Arsenal anyway. Won’t ever change under Wenger. All true and the truth hurts. With a French git who speaks such shit and thinks the World is against Arsenal. That is why I dislike Wenger, not just because of the lack of success recently, it is the refusal to learn from the ultimate, simple alot of the time mistakes, and the constant “bigging” up of his team when they aren’t good enough, and the repetitive shite he continues to spout. Whatever he once achieved at Arsenal is history. He will be remembered as the maker and breaker. Most successful manager, but also the most underachiever. Fact!
    Plus, although I am not particularly bothered by the lack of British players in our team/squad, BUT, Wenger goes on about how wonderful our foreign kids/team is, well, what have they actually won eh?!
    Wenger said in the summer of 2005, when he sold Vieira, he had a “Masterplan” and “Trust me”. I guess that the plan and the trust in him, was to finish with fuck-all 4 seasons on the trot, whilst watching your fiercist rivals sweep the lot between them. How wonderful. The cunt’s ego is writing checks his body can’t cash (lmfao “Top Cunt”) and he is a skinny fucker too. Starved of success. Whilst everyone else involved with The Arsenal (mainly the fans) has to suffer.
    Seeing United/Chelsea etc win shit, you’d think would agonize and make Wenger etc more determined to do something about it.
    Wenger apologists always point out we were “shit” before Wenger came along and were a “mid-table team”, which in parts is utter shite, because it was only around twice (1993 & ’95) we were mid-table.
    1993 and 1995 was the only real time in recent years prior to Wenger we were mid-table. Yet, in 1993, we still won a cup double which was a first in those days, so not at all a bad season and was a fantastic triumph when the League Cup meant something back then. So in fact, 1995 and 1996, was only 2 shitty seasons we had until Wenger came along. In fact, Graham himself, only finished outside the top 4 like 3 times in his 9 seasons or so he was at Arsenal. And 1995 would of been different if it wasn’t for a certain cunt named Nayim from the halfway line.. Could of been the first team to win back-2-back Cup Winners Cups and another successful season.
    People are also quick to harp on about how we wouldn’t even be where we are today without Wenger. Damn right about that!! Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
    Same people, however, aren’t as quick to notice that the past 3/4 seasons, which have been shit, are also thanks to Wenger. After 2004, it is sure shit to be an Arsenal fan. Maybe as well, we don’t have the funds to get players in because the new stadium etc. Well, if that’s true, sounds like a right hash job and not thought through enough, with crippling debts. Might be good for the future, but by then, probably be a lower division side. Yet again, you can blame Wenger, seeing as he was the one behind the new stadium and the one with the “vision”.
    Thing is as well, I wouldn’t want someone like Mourinho at Arsenal, but Arsenal fans speak shit anyway. If we had him or some boring cunt like Koeman, and we won titles every season etc, NO-ONE would complain because we were winning things. Then again, some idiots would probably say they didn’t want trophies playing less attractively and would rather win nothing under daddy Wenger. Any successful or top draw manager (i.e. Rijkaard) could probably finish 4th at worst, whereas Wenger can only finish 3rd or 4th at BEST.
    Brilliant times tho eh? After we won the FA Cup (undeserved playing negatively and shit something Wenger hates and slates other clubs who do that against us whom we struggle) in 2005, we have had to watch Liverpool win the CL, FA Cup, Chelsea back-2-back titles, two FA Cups, and Man United’s hat-trick of League wins, and also being crowned Champions of Europe in the same season. Twice in less than 10 years!! What a wonderful place to be in. And people reckon us Arsenal fans are spoilt lol. What the fuck does that make United fans then eh?! Them not wanting a takeover from the Glazers probably been the best thing for them! Dominated the 90’s, and now the 2000’s and probably do it all again next season!
    And who can forget Avram Grant, reaching his first CL Final in only a few months, someone who was in-experienced and might not even have the right coaching badges etc. Something Wenger had taken a decade to do in reaching the final, and still not won a Champions League! Wenger also says the English dominance in the CL won’t last forever. Just a sore loser and jealous in which he won’t do shit about. Guess by him saying that, is no dominance writes Arsenal out of winning it lol. Such a cunt that bloke. Speaks so much shit. Moans at Chelsea for having un-limited funds etc, but Man United ended their dominance of 2 successive league titles by spending less. And thanks to their takeover from the Glazers who all the fans hate. Don’t hear them moaning about them now. And Wenger is against a takeover. So it is his fault for not having funds (though we all know he does but refuses to spend because he is scared of doing so). Then again, he knows full well, he’d be out on his ear for not winning nothing if a big takeover occured. Wenger doesn’t even need to break the bank anyway. He even said himself he wouldn’t spend 100 million if he had it because it would hinder the development of the youngsters!! And if the club is broke, Wenger is the bloke who’s to blame for wanting to move to the new stadium.
    SACK THE BOARD AND WENGER!! It is the only way forward if Arsenal are to win trophies. They’re both fucking cunts. Lie to the fans. Just because Wenger wants to do it his way and bring on shit kids and basement buys just to save a few bob, who are too young and not good enough, then blame the lack of success on “Lack of maturity.” A self-inflicted, repetitive wound..
    360 million in debt is a hell of a lot. But not if you put into consideration Highbury being sold, overpriced season tickets, matchday revenue, merchandise etc, new flats being built. Absolute fucking joke. Plus, you pay off for loans with a small amount each month, probably what Arsenal make in one or two home games. Total disgrace and lies. Man United might be in debt, but at least their trophies and success will go a hell of a long way in paying it off. Campbell, Wiltord, Edu, Kanu, Pires and Flamini all on a free and gone. A potential of at least 20 million lost in recent summers due to the way this cunt of a team is being managed and controlled. All spin and lies and propaganda, just like the government. 25 million on one player nowadays certainly for a big club, should be the equilavent of 7-10 million 5-6 years ago.
    Probably why Edelman was booted out as well, because if I recall, he was the one who claimed Arsenal were in a fantastic position financially and had 70 odd million to spend if wanted. Hill-Cunt and co, probably thought it blew Wenger’s cover and booted him out. In order to protect Wenger on his fucking shit policies and lie about having no money so Wenger has the perfect excuse when they come up short season after season.
    And people defend Wenger (Arsene knows brigade and apologists) stating the board are letting Wenger down in regards to transfer money. Wenger is the fucking man behind it!! He wanted to move to the stadium and do things on the cheap and brainwashed the board to the point they are now BOTH to blame. Wenger wouldn’t even spend shite loads if it was all good and wouldn’t effect the debt at the club. And the money spent recently proves we have it!
    Plus, Wenger said success can only be measured in time. Okay then. Have it your way:
    7 trophies in 12/13 years not bad. But add up a total of 7 years of not winning anything, no back-2-back titles EVER, no Champions League EVER, 3 league titles in 12 seasons, and no title for 5 seasons, and a trophyless 4 seasons on the bounce.
    Overall, shit ratio. Well done, Arsene!
    Once Fabregas goes, which will probably be next summer, seeing as the team is built around him, Wenger will fuck off, and the Arsenal board because daddy left, leaving it someone elses’ problem to hire a new manager and leaving the club in the shit. Probably end up Arsenal having the best stadium in the Coca-Cola Championship lol. With sad fucking Wenger cunts with banners sat there saying “Arsene Knows.” “Bring back Arsene.” We are shit. Fucked. Finished. Back to mediocracy like the 80’s until Graham saved us and turned Highbury into practically a full house and not just 20,000. Out of the darkness, into the light….
    Funny too, how people say Ferguson is a “chequebook” manager and Chelsea “bought” success etc. True in parts, but still bullshit in regards to Ferguson inparticular, because he is a totally quality manager and a winner. Buying players doesn’t guarantee success, look at Real before they won titles recently etc. You telling me that Man United and Chelsea’s first eleven are better than that of Arsenal’s 2004 winning team for example?! NO! It isn’t. My point is, Wenger has never been good enough to win a title after another and also a CL. So trying to be-little Ferguson’s achievements because of cash is bollocks. Remember he also won stuff with kids without spending big at the time. You still need to know what your doing. Plus, I bet if we splashed the cash and won title after title etc, what Arsenal fan would moan about that?!! NONE!
    The prick also claims this is the best squad he has ever had under him. What shit and a total insult to the players we have had. As if this bunch of shit would compete with the 1998 double and 2002 squad, and that of “The Invincibles” of 2004. What a load of spin and shit. Typical of this cunt! And you got Hill-Cunt defending the man saying he is completely behind him and couldn’t give a shit if we win nothing ever again…Stating too, that winning the CL and title is a difficult thing to do. Yeah, but United and Chelsea seem to cope?
    If it is true what Wenger said about how brilliant it is Arsenal qualifying for the CL every season, again, another cunt comment. He once said himself only the Champions alone should go in it, and he has only won the league 3 times in 11/12 years. Shit. The rest have been due to finishing second and of late, 4th (thanks to West Ham), 4th and 3rd. Again, pathetic and not saying much. Particularly as his record as a whole in Europe is crap.
    When you got a manager and board of directors happy and content with winning nothing and finishing 3rd and 4th, you are never gonna be successful again.

    Wenger has gone full circle. He made Arsenal and made them successful, and now taken them right back to where they started. Although they weren’t as shit as everyone made them out to be prior to Wenger. But as far as league titles are concerned. Wenger’s 2004 Invincible season, something which may not ever happen again, was his swansong. The worst sequence of runs since 1980 to 1986 where Arsenal never won anything until George Graham took up the reigns. And even he never went more than one season without fuckall!
    Sinatra style with Wenger singing – “And I fucked Arsenal……………MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “It is unacceptable for a big club to go 4 years without a league title.” – Arsene Wenger on Real Madrid.
    No league title for Wenger for 5 years, and trophyless for 4 and counting…………

  68. Mattc says:

    Sinbad knows better than Walter Smith:

    Rangers boss Walter Smith, who also managed Everton and assisted Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, believes Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers Britain has had in the last 25 years.

    The former Scotland boss also suggested he would be using Arsenal’s blueprint to success, as his club’s ambitions in the transfer market are undermined by financial woes.

    Smith told Rangers News: “If you take into account the things Arsene has won, he has achieved a lot and handled his club very well financially,”

    “When you consider they were building a new stadium and their outgoings were restricted by that, they have done very well.”

    “They haven’t had the luxury of being able to spend the same amounts of money the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool have spent.”

    “Arsene has done a fantastic job there to keep his team in touch with those other three and to keep producing a high level of football.”

    “He obviously has a scouting policy of looking in depth at young players and, when you do that, you’re always at the mercy of clubs that will spend lots of money.”

    “There are clubs in England and abroad who will spend cash and Arsenal have benefited from that.”

    “When Arsene’s club’s finances have been drained because of the money going towards the new stadium, it has been a big achievement to keep Arsenal in touch with the rest.”

    Smith contiuned: “I’ve come across Arsene on a number of occasions, both when I was the manager of Everton and since then as well.”

    “That said, I don’t think you need to meet him or know him to have a great amount of admiration for the man.”

    “He’s now in his 14th season at Arsenal and that’s fantastic.”

    “Everybody always looks at his teams and talks about what a fantastic level of football they play.”

    “He had a great level of success with players who had already been at the club and gradually evolved to play in a manner his team has played in recent years.”

    “Arsene isn’t somebody who came in and discarded everyone right away but still did very well.”

    “That’s good management and I think you can look at him as one of the best we’ve had in Britain over the last 25 years or so.”

  69. Merse-10 says:

    Yet another mindless, uneducated, anti wenger post.

    Man Utd sold a player who had scored over 60 goals in the last 2 seasons and have not spent the £80m they got for him but i don’t head Man Utd spouting the shit you have. They actually sold a player who won matches whereas we sold a lazy bastard who did nothing for us last season.
    Man Utd are weaker than last season, Chelsea have not stregthened in any way and Liverpool with the impending sale of Alonso will be weaker.
    – I don’t see us being weaker in any way.

    Adebayor was shit for 18th month and as much as i love Kolo he really didn’t perform for 18 months either. Kolo also said he wanted to leave.

    Our first 11 is better than Man City’s and so is our squad i don’t really see what your problem is otehr than delusion.

    What the fuck is all this “i urge all gooners to make banner/sing about chequebook” what a load of bollocks. Make a banner if you want one, i’d rather sing support for the 11 players out there and Le Boss.

    Grow up.

  70. KarlAFC says:

    Sad excuse for an Arsenal blog.

    You don’t deserve to enjoy the moment we lift more trophies under AW, that’s the sickening part.

  71. A Proper Gooner says:

    You might think that you are clever, writing a piece of garbage like this. Like MOST of Arsenal fans, I find this kind of vitriol totally unnecessary and rather narcissistic. I am sure you sit in your sad little boys’ room at your mum’s house, deliriously revelling in the amount of hits your worthless pile of word-masturbation has produced.

    A spurs supporter? I would rather guess a Liverpool fan, judging by your blatant bitterness. A boycott of this site will be supported by all of OUR fans, and many of us will make sure the word is spread.

  72. Freelancer says:

    Good stuff Sinbad. Keep it up. We support you

  73. Usmanovs Sexslave says:

    Fine work Sinbad. I think this protest malarkey sounds like a jolly fine idea, but then I’m paid to say that….

  74. sinbad sucks willy says:

    Sinbad and his small majority of so called ‘gooners’, please do a post before ye go to the emirates cup this weekend telling us exactly where about around the emirates ye will be protesting so myself and real gooners can find ye and kick the fuck out of ye, hopefully ending yer worthless, pathetic, childish, waste of oxygen lifes, fucking underage fags

  75. Usmanovs Sexslave says:

    Hold on, looks like you can call off the protest:

    “Of course, we do not make money to put it in the banks. We want to, and are looking at, a few possibilities at the moment and we want to, as well, assess the pre-season and what is needed.

    Questioned over the possibility of an imminent signing, the Frenchman continued:

    “No not at the moment. We work at the moment very hard to prepare for the new season and we are looking as well at some possibilities to strengthen the squad. We’ll only do it for players who are worth spending the money.”

  76. Mikematic says:

    Tell me one big signings Arsene made in 14 years that turned out to be a star. Arsene doesn’t sign big names he unearthes them and gets them for cheap.

  77. pauly herszaft says:

    the club died the day we left we highbury , aw is to blame but so are many others , this season will end in tears and there will be plenty of games with thousands of empty seats , next july cesc will go and we will have no champ lg footy , we will then have even less money and get further into debt , i predicted all this years ago when everyone was saying how great the future the looked , aw is not deluded at all he is a genius , who else can win nothing for 4 years and still get away with it ?

  78. Spike says:

    Well, posting utter bollocks and ultra negative sensationalist brage even the Sun and Daily Mail would twice about has really brought the hits aint it?

    Well done.

    And as for complete internet trolls like danish gooner and gelbs???

    The less said about fuckwits like them, the better, suffice to say…

    Do not worry, the nurse will be round with the mediaction any time soon.

    Fuck this site and its retarded fair weather ‘fans’, ignore it is my advice

  79. Rich says:

    I’ve posted this once,and i’m posting it again….
    Clearly Sinbad you have been shot down in flames once again – My limited knowledge of psycology tells me you enjoy the attention, ‘negative’ attention at that (commonly used by adolescents)
    This is a common side affect of low self esteem. As is latching onto a football club because they are currently sucessful as you can hide behind their success, boasting about how great the club is you support to those who threaten you (in a social sense – I don’t mean a person with a stick)
    I think you could be honest and tell us how old you are. How long have you supported Arsenal?
    I’ve followed them since 1983, I’m 32 now and was 6 at the time. I’ve lived through the good and the bad times but i’ve always, and will always, be a supporter. I will bleed red and white if we end up in league 2 one day (not that that is likely to happen, but it could)
    Are you aware Man utd got relegated in 1975? (or thereabouts)That Alex Ferguson sold Paul ince, Andrey Kanchelskis and Mark Hughes, much to the derision of his own fans, and promptly went on to dominate the mid 90’s? With kids? That Liverpool have also gone down? That Chelsea were once a tiny club? That Nottingham forest won the European cup? Twice?
    Stop being so fickle and support the team you have chosen to support. If you think Wenger has made a bad choice then by all means voice it, but not in this sensationalistic cheap tart tabliod style.
    Protesting at the ground? You are entitled to do so of course, but that will meerly give the tabloids and opposition ammunition to shoot at us with, not to mention undermine the confidence of the remaining squad. What are they supposed to think when sections of the crowd are telling them they are not good enough?
    Get behind the team and wait to see what Wenger does. If in January we are 15th, i’ll be next to you protesting.
    But that is hardly likely to happen now is it?

  80. jesus says:

    In 2009 we have bought a defender & an attacker TV & AA (remember him!) & sold 2 for very decent money. The market is crazy right now so wenger is doing the right thing by keeping his options open. Even without any signings I think we will be stronger next year, rosicky & eduardo to return, song & bendy showing improvement etc .

    Protest against the best manager in our history, i dont think so!
    Hey I think far more would be interested in protesting against you & your pathetic imbecilic ramblings that reflect so poorly on our great club .
    I bet u even write most of ur own positive comments or at least get ur little chums to make up replys. 🙂

  81. TH14 says:



  82. Hugo says:

    Can you acquiesce to the requests of your readers and just tell everyone (honestly) how old you are?

  83. Sinbad the ignorant says:


    The fact is that the two players who left to City underperformed last season. Toure was not getting on with Gallas, never a good thing for a center-back pair and Adebayor was not the driving force he was the season before. If you look at the squad now and compare it with the squad last year at the same time, four players have been added: Rosicky, Eduardo, Arshavin and Vermaelen and only the two players cited above have left. I understand it is hard for people to understand that but young players really DO improve with time. Song, Diaby, Denilson and Ramsey are very very good players. Just compare them with Viera, Petit, Essien, Hargreaves, Lampard etc.. at the same age. If you would sell them other clubs would buy them in an instant. They will be better than last year. The squad might need a little reinforcement but overall it is already a strong one. The transfer window is far from being close and some good players are outhere to be bought. I follow football like a religion but I cannot pretend that players like Chamakah or even Huntelhaar will be a hit for sure. The main thing is how they integrate in the squad and the type of dynamics they will have with other players. So yes…do trust Wenger, he knows a few things that you don’t.

    If you feel as strong as your blogs indicates, why don’t you just sell your season ticket and go and support another London team. I have heard that Spurs have loads of money to waste, alternatively Chelsea aren’t too bad at what. Believe me, if you carry on like that you’ll have an heart-attack!! Whatever you decide to do, please don’t write with a we but with a I, that would be more appropriate.

  84. Matt says:

    What a sorry excuse for a so called ‘Arsenal Supporters’ blog.

    Sinbad, Danish Gooner, Gelbs – you are all so amazingly un-intelligent it is beyond comprehension.

    Please go and support someone else – you kind are not required or wanted at Arsenal.

  85. WENGER says:


  86. johnno says:

    sinbad the gordie gooner !
    fans that want to have a say in how to run a club, need look no further than newcastle !
    are we not SUPPORTERS anymore ??
    continual booing of our own players ( oh and in my oppinion if you boo 1 person on your own side , you are then booing the whole side , it is a team sport non the less , if you want to show discontent then do it before or after the 90 mins not when the players are trying to do there jobs ! )
    now cos we CHOOSE to go and watch the arsenal , that gives us the right to have a say in how the club is run ! . since when has fans getting involved ever helped any club ??!
    you are obviously not a very happy gooner , and am struggling to come up with a reason why you support the club , you very rarely have a good thing to say and instead decide to blog about what you hate about arsenal , ie the manager , the young players , the financial restraints , the board and your fellow gooners. yet you still decide to be a voice of the clubs SUPPORTERS .
    i have nothing against having a difference of opinion ( no matter how ridiculous at times ) but it would be nice to read a positive post from you now and again ( on any subject to do with the arsenal ) then more gooners may be inclined to actually take on board what you say , as it is you come across as an arsenal hating mug sort it out !

  87. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    No, people who actually SUPPORT the club they love you miserable cretin. If I see anybody spouting vile negativity & protesting I may seriously think about giving them a dig. Had enough of this shite!

  88. Matt says:

    Your kind are idiot’s who post negative, ill informed, uneducated and frankly, amazingly stupid trash such as you do on this site.

    Supporters support – the clue is in the word.

    The majority will support Arsenal long after AW has gone, and will quiet rightly hail the man as the greatest manager in our history and be thankful for everything he has done for the club.

    The minority, namely you and the imbeciles who agree with you will be too busy trying to organise a protest about the next manager, and the one after that, and the one after that.

    Please tell us which part of the ground you are going to protest at, so we can come and protest at your protest.

  89. adam truman says:

    You still haven’t told everyone how old u are Sinbad

  90. OGC says:

    If you’re a real fan, you have every right to criticise Arsene if he isn’t delivering but you can do it with a bit of class and no one will call you names. But when you go and say Arsene is a deluded, mad fool, you obviously are a classless twit who’s insulting the greatest manager our club has had. You clearly are one of the new breed of glory hunting kids who started supporting the club recently and have no idea about the history of the club and the way it’s run. People are calling you a cunt not because you’re criticising Arsene, but because you’re a cunt who’s insulting our club. There’s a difference. Learn it before you start writing garbage again.

  91. joseph says:

    your kind spurs fans

  92. Grooner Goonerer says:

    Sinbad: Fuck off and die in a hole, you ignorant piece of shit.

  93. emperialis says:

    simply put arsenall action u’re a DAFT PUNK. I wonder why people bother reading this shit

  94. es says:

    Wenger? Mad? Stubborn? Out-of-touch? Deluded? Fool?

    No. That doesn’t sound right.

    You, on the other hand …

  95. the tops says:

    wenger is a legend he is definitely one of the greatest managers to ever grace the game, but i do hope that he goes back to basics his basics when he first came to arsenal , he set about building a team that played football that other teams in england at the time could only dream about playing , but for all arsenals flair and style they always had guys like viera and petit keeping that balance of muscle and flair, these guys done all the dirty work mopping things up. pretty football is nice to watch but does not win trophies, and he also inherited the best backline in england at the time, something that he never came close to rebuilding it is frustrating at present we are so close to being outstanding and it has been that way for a few seasons , our defence in particular has been our achilles heel we need guys like vermaelen who are calm and focused and read the game and thank god that we have a defender again that can actually win headers, we can gauge nothing from last season because of the in team arguing and also pricks like adebayor not wanting to play , i think the best thing wenger can do is sign another good CB to partner vermaelen, i think he should also buy someone like sakho for cover , i would definitely push gallas into our defensive midfeild role he has all the attributes for this position he is 100% committed , he is strong he can tackle he can spread the ball with decent accuracy and he would definitely get in the face of other teams in this position and rough them up i think he would be that driving force that we need in midfield, i really do think if wenger signs one more good CB and another young guy like sakho for cover then this could be our season, be great to have eduardo back that is one guy we missed so much , i think he was the link from midfield to our strikers that we missed all last season , if wenger sorts our defence , then im positive we have a great chance for trophies this season , especially now we have arshavin for the whole term and intelligent players like eduardo and rosicky returning, I also think huntelaar would be an outstanding player for arsenal, but if wenger has limited money then i really hope that it is our defense and a defensive midfeilderthat he pays attention too, and please wenger no more cygans sendoros stepanovs, my only criticism of wenger is his choice in full backs obviously it is his big weakness oh and for letting flamini go last season when he should have got rid of ade the prick bayor instead, but then again thats easy for me to say hindsight is a great thing, i guess i have said what we all know arsenal are unbelievable as an attacking team and when we have all our key players back from injury we will be unstoppable going forward, but untill wenger plugs the gaps at the back and adds some steel to midfield then we will never regain our rightfull status as the best team in england and who knows with a good defense europe too , what would we not give for tony adams and patrick viera in their prime right now ah wishfull thinking haha

  96. Erik says:

    Sinbad…I honestly dont know how many fans Arsenal actually have, but one thing I know for sure is that you should fuck off and support another team.

    Any real Arsenal fan that I have spoken too understands our transfers and feel Wenger made the right choice, you however beleive that he has lost the plot.

    Adebayor thought he “made it” and is now being lazy, £25m for him is like $24m more than he is actually worth in our team, so basically, good business.

    Toure, he might be the best defender we had during the invisibles season but any real fan knows he has not been the same since the African cup, if anything he has been a weak link in our defence, so £15m + for a 2nd rate defender is an amazing bit of business in my opinion.

    The thing about people like you Sinbad, is that you fail to realize that players in our team like Song, Denilson, Wiltshire, Walcott, Bendtner, Djourou have one more year of experience and are basically better than they were, these players are youngsters and many of our “legends” were NO-WHERE near their potential at such a young age and many of these players are doing better when you compare them at the same age.

    Argubly, the only area we are lacking is the widely debated DMC position, but from pre-season it seems that Wenger is going to use Denilson/Song as defensive midfielders and Fabregas in front of them spreading the passes around for the wingers (Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott)

    And if Fabregas gets injured then any of the above (Walcott aside) can fill that role just as well, with the inclusion of Wiltshire, Diaby, Ramsey too.

    So to say we are lacking in depth just shows how little you know about the team you support.

    Even if Wenger doesnt sign another player I’ll remain positive, why? BECAUSE THATS WHAT FANS FUCKING DO! you aint a fan or a supporter Sinbad, you are a negative fucking glory seeker and you should fuck off.

    Real Arsenal fans: we will win something soon and you know it!

    Screw you Sinbad.

  97. topeogeds says:

    lol You guys are hilarious. Arsenal action is simply giving his opinion (obviously with the intention of pissing you lot off as well) and there are some valid points in there, whether you like it or not. I may take offence at the personal abuse of Wenger (that is uncalled for), and I also chose to be patient and wait till the transfer window closes to actually say anything (Arsene is notorious for playing his cards close to his chest), but its pretty obvious that we need to strenghten in some key areas – and this is a feeling that seems to be shared by the whole world and his dog, except for Arsene.

    So while its premature to get all antsy at this point, if we do go into the new season without any new signings and end up having another dissapointing run, the pressure/blame would be on Arsene, and rightly so.

  98. JOEL says:

    The squad is strong enough but:-

    Clichy is injured!
    Nasri is out for some time!
    Rosicky continues to suffer injury setbacks!
    At least 3 other players are “injury prone” and cannot sustain full levels of fitness!
    We apparently are blessed with a full quota of 6 CBs:-1 is still finding his feet;2 will walk as soon as he is contractually able;3 despite significant exposure still doesn’t really stand out as a top Premier League defender;4 no longer has the legs to play in the PL;5 doesn’t seem to be required by Arsenal AC Milan or any one else;6 is really a Midfielder who seems to be a “jack of all trades and master of none”
    With the loss of Adebayor (loss is probably the wrong description as its more the case of a lack of replacement)-“Plan B” now revolves around a lumux who’s first touch is even worse (if that’s possible)than his predecessor.
    Without a proper defensive midfield partner(s) Fabregas will not be as effective in his role as he should be.His form last season highlighted this problem.Denilson too frequently fails to protect the back four adequately.How many times last season was Almunia left exposed by long range shots which should have been blocked?He never seems to be around to claim the 2nd ball once the defence have cleared their lines.
    Once again we are discussing the “Spine” of the team.A Spine which is as weak as I can remember.A Spine which needs strengthening-Hunterlaar and Hangeland are the two names which spring easily to mind.Admittedly,good Defensive Midfielders ARE thin on the ground but are out there for a price!Undoubtedly,if Monsieur Wenger chooses to stick with his existing team squad then supporters will be disappointed.A disappointment which eventually will lead to empty seats in the Emirates and a further exodus of the teams best players.Even at this stage i’d be interested to know the exact level of ticket sales for the Emirates Cup?I’m not so sure that given the choice of opposition and the lack of pre-season expectation,we can expect a clamour for tickets.So, perhaps it’s best that the Board choose to bank City’s £40m and save it for the “Rainy Days” that potentially approach!

  99. dyeruz says:

    Sinbad does whine alot doesn’t he? There is no money you deluded fool, and even if there was you don’t go to the press and tell the whole world you’re desperate to sign players because that will inflate the price in an already crazy transfer market. Wenger knows more about this team than any of us and he knows the squad is not good enough, but he will never ever come out and say that in the press, never has, never will, it’s detrimental to the players we have got. Look we got the the semis of the cup and Champions league, went on a 20 game unbeaten run, we’re not far off, the signing will come, it will be interesting to come back here and see if people change their tune when the window closes. Its funny how people truely believe the man who won us cups and leagues is truely satisfied with finishing fourth and not winning anything. Makes me laugh.

  100. howitser says:

    sinbad go and hang urself, hang ur mother first tho so she doesnt give birth to any more fucken idiots,, You call urself an arsenal fan.. suck ur girls shit stained ballbag..
    Lets say the great man is right in everything he has said.. the resesion hiting football..If so id rather have a spare 50 million in my pocket to spend and i quote.. “i will spend when the time and player is right”………………………………..

  101. Gooner '71 says:

    Sinbad: you no nothing muppet. I don’t need to explain why, it’s obvious.

  102. goonerbigsam says:

    in arsene we trust

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