[VIDEO] Wenger speaks about Vieira

Posted: July 31, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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  1. Jerry says:

    I saw him about two weeks ago here in the US when Chelski played Inter Milan..he still has the talent and the fight, he was the only Inter player that stood out…I don’t see how we can lose in this situation, if he plays pay-as-you-go. He brings experience, size and fight to our midfield…something we definitely need at the moment

  2. Frogooner says:

    I don’t have any inside info, but this is pure logic …
    This deal is going to happen! It is written and what is more, it is going to be great!

    1)Viera wants it

    Viera has never been a passenger type of player and it is not now going back home that he is going to start… He will want it so much! Also he wants to go the the world cup next summer. What is more, Wenger also said : “I am aware that he wants to come here”. So the will to come is there.

    2) Wengers instinct will want it.

    He probably has other midfielders on his tracking list and wants to sees how the market develops. Chances are these other guys are not proven in the premiership and therefore a 20 games a saison Viera is once again exactly what he needs. What’s more the signing will keep the “spender fans” of his back, give him the midfield destroyer that he needs and want. And generate a huge positive vibe.

    3) Viera still has it

    He has been injured a lot in the last couple of years but when he played was prety decent for an unfit guy, Also Viera is a heart guy he is better when it is hard so will always raise his game. He is clever enough to become more economical with his efforts like Blanc, Adams, Keane or Thuram were at the end
    of their carrers.

    Why the delay?

    The delay is due to a few things,
    1)Wenger never doing things in a hurry. Lets face it this decision is very emotional (which is why we all feel so crazy for or crazy agaisnt it ) And Wenger is trying to calmly see through the emotions and into the real logic. Has Patrick still got it, how will it impact the youth, is he realy compatible with Cesc, How will Cesc humanely react to being overshadowed by the old legendary Captain? Will it be a big brother thing or a dominant male fight thing?

    There is Also the money situation, What does Inter want? Will they be happy with a loan when Totingham are ready to buy?Arsene won’t have him back at just any price. It is going to be a pocker game between Inter, Arsenal and Viera and Wenger canot show that he is too keen or he will get a worse deal!

    Be patient gooners, it will happen!

  3. Yid says:

    I hope he goes to Arsenal. I was getting worried a couple of weeks ago when Harry was praising him.

    Let’s hope the Arsenal deal goes through!

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