Cetin Servet is a clone of Keown, Arsenal need this type of player.

Posted: August 1, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal are linked with a summer move for Galatasary hardman Cetin Servet.

According to this source Arsenal Scouts has been to Turkey and believed to be watching the Galatasaray Center back Cetin Servet (photo above)

The 28 yr old central defender was linked to a £8m move to Marseille this summer but no deal has yet to be done. Galatasaray have already signed a replacement for Cetin in Gorkan Zan on a free. so it is understood they are still willing to allow him to leave for the right price.

Some of you might remember Cetin from Euro 2008? He was the Turkish Center back who was more like the Bionic Man who refused to come off and carried on playing throw the pain.

I have watched Cetin a number of times, Very solid player. Powerful in the air and very hard in the tackle. He is a keown type player and even Drogba recently said this about Cetin.

“ I have never struggled like this against any defence in the English Premier League. Servet is devilish. I could hear him breathe and it sent chills down the back of my neck.

From what i understand Wenger is now willing to let Senderos leave the club but first he wants to sign a CB and Cetin would be perfect for Arsenal. The gunners seemed to be weak in dealing with highballs into the box last season and Stoke proved this in beating the gunners.

Cetin would eat up them high balls all day long.


  1. goonerguy says:

    looks like a monster

    plz sign him and we can go from 4th place contenders to in the title rae

  2. Tom14 says:

    We have signed Vermaelen to play in the first team, we will not sign another player who would be classed as “first team”.

  3. oli says:

    please sign….he looks nuts

  4. arsenalaction says:

    His nickname from Galatasaray fans is “ayıboğan” which literally means, a man who could choke a bear, due to his height and strength.

  5. arsenalaction says:

  6. vc says:

    im turkish myself and i watch turkish football as well as watching arsenal matches. servet is a beast in d air mainly bcoz he is tall and strong. but on d ground he can b done easily, some 1 like walcott,ronaldo,robinho can easily rip him apart bcoz his slower on d ground. but i still hope arsenal buy him. we need a beast like him.

  7. niyi, london says:

    I like the guy’s profile and i had rather we go for him @ around £8million than pay £12ml – £15ml for Fulham Hangelande. Kind of master stroke thing again to lift us all up again.

  8. theo says:

    He does look scary. Wenger prefers athletic players though. He does look like a monster, but is he quick? It would still make sense to get him as there will always be a conpromise with anyone. Quick players tend to be small and useless with high balls, and slow players tend to be excellent headers with giant leap.

    Get him… Get somebody… Long, high balls kill us everytime.

  9. Pål says:

    Sounds and looks like a player Arsenal need, yes. Servit Cetin has that look which says “Do not mess with me!” I would also like Wenger to go for Anderlecht`s DM Lucas Biglia, Mr Biglia tackles well,reads the game very well, deliver pinpoint passes, and he is technically excellent as it very difficult to take the ball away from him without creating a clear foul. I would also like Wenger to go for the Italian DM from Roma (I do not remember his name at the moment), but I doubt Wenger will pay 30 million pounds for a player. How to afford him? Sell Walcott and Nasri. I would like to see a new look Arsenal that can out muscle and out play Chelsea….

  10. Daniel says:

    That video makes him look shit!!!!

    I’ve never heard of the guy, nor seen him play but from that video (which is supposed to show his best moments?!?!) he looked rubbish.

    Also slightly concerned that he’s only got 37 caps for Turkey, he’s 28 and only has 37 caps… if he’s that good, wouldn’t he have alot more international caps for his age?? It doesn’t look like he’s even been Turkey’s first choice Centrehalf for the last 6 years.

    • PV4-EVER says:

      Like Hangeland some players can end up becoming late bloomers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tim says:

    Good call. I cant believe i havent conciderd him as an option. Ive seen him a few times and he really is a monster.

  12. Jack says:

    Gallas replacement?

  13. Xerxes says:

    Every time I’ve ever watched turkey play, I’ve loved the hell out of this guy. He is a beast, not only is he physically dominant over pretty much everyone he plays against (watch the video, he dominates ronaldo and Koller, who is a fucking beast), but he is also a very passionate player as most turkish are. He’s like keown to me, and id love to see him at arsenal. He’d be like our Vidic. We need a nutter in our defense.

  14. arsenalwaps says:


  15. jesus says:

    Understand where ur comin from but not really a clone of Keown or gonna be similar to Sol as both these players at their peak were quite pacy.
    But certainly looks a monster & may be worth a punt, who Knows? but the speed of the prem & arsenals style of defence at the moment does tend to leave players without recovery pace somewhat exposed . However a player of his type would be good for defending set pieces etc & maybe offer qualities we lack & could certainly be an option if senderos goes.

  16. Arse&Nose says:

    This is the type of hard bastard we are missing!

  17. Goons_with_Guns says:

    Bring him on and then let Viera coach him

  18. TJ DA GOON says:

    That video certainly doesn’t make him look shit like how someone stated. He got done once by the Czech winger in that whole clip and then gave away a free kick.

    I’m Turkish too and i can tell you although he is a beast and oozes passion and commitment, he can be a bit of a liability. He gives away needless free-kicks in dangerous positions and gets caught out quite a lot. Basically, he doesn’t defend with his brain, (something that let’s many Turkish CB’s down). He has decent pace and never backs down but has poor technique. I reckon Vermaelen’s a better bet IMHO.

  19. 1 8 seven says:

    look at him him in the mask!!!!!!!!!!! He looks like IRON MAN!!!!!!!!!
    You don’t mess with this guy..we should definitely sign him and i think wenger will.

  20. timao says:

    sign the bear-choking monsterman!

  21. timao says:

    drogba is the new barbara cartland, “…his hot breath on my neck sent chills down my spine…” please! get a rooom…

  22. digger says:

    There’s some f*cking idiots on this site, as soon as anyone is linked to us it’s “sign him up please”, the first time a team keeps the ball on the ground playing one two’s around this lump and you’ll all be saying why the f*ck did we sign this munter for? Some of you need to stop sucking milk from your mums titties, wait for your balls to drop and let Wenger get on with running the team.

  23. John says:

    And what about Neven Subotic, 20 y old from Dortmund? He’s monster in the air, and much younger.

  24. JOEL says:

    Madrid’s goal today illustrated the need for further defensive cover.Cup tied for the CL or not, the Toure money should be used to prise Hangeland from Fulham!

  25. dreamer0507 says:

    This guy is awsome.I’m sure he’d be a great asset for the team.No one would dare attack cause they’d get killed.I hope to see him when I come to my first Arsenal game.I’m from Romania but I will be visiting London this fall and going to an Arsenal game is a priority. Also I hope they won’t have to play FC Timisoara in the CL play-off because it’s my home team and I love them both too much.Of course Timisoara must first qualify but I trust their strenght and I think they’ll beat Shaktar in the 2nd leg home after a 2-2 away.

  26. simms21 says:

    Honestly this is worst than the Cana hysteria!! Even a youtube video can’t make this guy look good you guys are crazy. All we need is Inler and maybe Bassong to be a back up to RB and CB and we’re set.

  27. […] Cetin Servet is a clone of Keown, Arsenal need this type of player. Arsenal are linked with a summer move for Galatasary hardman Cetin Servet. According to this source Arsenal Scouts has […] […]

  28. Amz says:

    how tall is he??i would go for hangeland anyyyy day above any of the defenders we are attracted to,hes the tallest/toughest/leadership and most of all PROVEN EPL EXPERINCE which why arsene must get him and pay the 12-15m they wanting.

  29. Chris says:

    Please buy this guy Dixon said Adems once said to him u just get in their way ill do the rest can u imagine Djouro saying that to Gibbs i can,t but this guy

  30. Rob says:

    Digger- exactly what I was about to say. Does anyone know if you can get emirates cup tickets at the box office today?

  31. Gunnerforever! says:

    He’s the man for us! Enormous and bullish. Would be great signing.
    Just found an awesome site about Arsenal: http://gunning-red.blogspot.com/

  32. […] him. I do not know if he is good enough to play at Arsenal’s defence but anyway here is the story from arsenalaction […]

  33. Shashi says:

    we need scary and rough players like him… who dont mind kicking ny1s ass to win the game… pls pls sign him.. AW

  34. Okan Yuksel says:

    Is Turkey’s best defender Servet Cetin.

    King Servet..

  35. kayonga says:

    This guy is a very good defender, he kicked Ronaldo and him to look ordinally. if posible lets get him plus Hangelande sell silvestre and senderos.we really need such hardmen.what time is the valencia mutch. is it in spain or emirates

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