Ibrahim Afellay linked with £7m move to Arsenal

Posted: August 2, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Accoreding to “The people” Arsenal  are closing in on a £7million deal for Holland star Ibrahim Afellay.

The Gunners manager has been tracking the 23-year-old PSV Eindhoven midfielder for the last year.

Pretty awesome deal if it comes off.

Nasri will be out for a little while and we can’t guarantee Rosicky will be able to manage 30 + games… this looks like it could be a gem of a signing.

Afellay is quality and not over hyped like most dutch league players.

Enjoy this video.

Jason Goldstein


  1. james says:

    Yep, cos what we need is another attacking midfielder.

  2. frankie frankie says:

    He is a quality player but he is an attacking midfielder similar to what we have already in abundance. this has got to be the worst rumour i’ve heard this summer. The one place we don’t need more players is attacking mid.

  3. louis lafayette says:

    its rubbish not what we need at all just media speculation wenger will not buy another attacking midfielder we have so many

  4. KING GOONER says:


  5. jiga says:

    prety good 4 us.

  6. gilmeister says:

    you never have enough quality . its a long season , good stuff if its true .

  7. riad says:

    pleas by afellay
    wenger he is a best player

  8. nicky says:

    Could it be that we already have a dmf on our books (being re-trained)?

  9. dipesh says:

    I don’t think we need a attacking midfielder … I think we need a defensive midfielder.

  10. JIM says:

    ibrahim could be bought and we could buy the other two players i personally believe he will sign a def, mid and ibrahim as he could be used on the wing or up front. id like to see theo move upfront this year and signing afellay could allow him him to do so and we would not have to shell out on a new 17mil striker like huntelaar and we would have a real winger on the right side and not a striker trying to be a winger good move if it is true

    • smiffy says:

      With Nasri, Eboue, Walcott, Arshavin, and Wilshere, do we really need another winger? There’s enough competition for places in our midfield as it is. With Rosickys return, he answers the questions raised by Flaminis departure. What we need now is a player to answer those raised by Hleb’s abscence. Also, forget Chamakh, Huntelaar all day in my opinion

  11. JOEL says:

    Everyone seems to agree on this one-and I’m no different.I hear he’s a great prospect but we don’t need him!We need Hangeland and if Hodgson really wants Vela on a season long loan to sweeten the deal then let’s hope that this is a rumour with some truth behind it!

  12. Roy Chappell says:

    I went to the 2007 U21 Euros in Holland and all the Dutch supporters kept banging on about this chap. Saying he was as a” big missing person” for them, in the way Walcott was for us.

  13. SERIOUS says:


  14. mo says:

    This could be a top signing, as if we sell eboue we will need to replace him. ibrahim is a quality player and can only improve. there will probably be injuries buring the season and he is versitile player. to stand a chance in winning the title we will need a large squad, go gunners…

  15. Johan says:

    Being from The Netherlands and having been living in London for almost a year now, I can assure everyone that Afellay is a top class player, but frankly his best position is central (attacking) midfielder, just like Rosicky and Nasri. I think Arsenal can, and should, spend their money by purchasing a defensive midfielder.

    Furthermore, I strongly doubt whether he can be purchased for 7m, as I understand that PSV Eindhoven wants about 15 million euros for him (and some Italian sides offered such an amount for him in the past). In The Netherlands we have experienced that English clubs sometimes spend way too much for average players (just like in the case of Vermaelen, a defender with no international experience, made some terrible mistakes for Ajax in the past, and Arsenal spent 10m for him), so I don’t think PSV would accept a 7m offer.

  16. dan says:

    Afellay, seen him play once, watched him couple of times, this is a top player. But would only buy if Eboue goes and he’s willing to play as dm where i think this type of player can really shine. Excellent physique for the prem.

  17. Mark says:

    If it’s true this would turn to prove a very good move and I’ll explain why. Firstly you could argue we are down an attacker from last season (because of Ade’s departure), this hole looks to be filled with the likes of Eduardo, Bentdner or Walcott. Lets just asume that RVP and Arshavin retain their places at 2nd striker and left winger respectively, this then leaves us with Rosicky, Eboue and Nasri – one has been missing for 18 months, one may be on his way to Fiorentina and one has just broken his leg! If we suffer another set back with Eduardo that could leave Walcott in the 2nd striker role so who comes in to replace the right winger?

    I agree a def and a def mid are more important, but lets not knock it. Depth and quality is essential and this guy would add both.

  18. g4eva says:

    U say we dont need him. but if we push arsh up front and put him on the left then thats ade replaced.

  19. nobbydamus says:

    Bring back Pat Jennings!!!

  20. […] Ibrahim Afellay linked with £7m move to Arsenal Accoreding to “The people” Arsenal  are closing in on a £7million deal for Holland star Ibrahim […] […]

  21. Amz says:

    no need for creative mid i would say,especialy not ANOTHER YOUNG 1!!bring in Hangeland/Vieira&Hunter then we are all ready and set!!cumnnnnnnnn goonerz

  22. osas says:

    i think this is rubbish we will only buy chamark and hangelande and possibly vieira but for affelay he is not needed

  23. FHC says:

    Would like it if he came. However, Wenger wants Hangerland and Chamakh. Apperntly Chamakh is already in London so it seems like Wenger is going to sign him. So he is probably unlikely to sign another attacking option especially when he has already said that the pre season has shown we “do have attacking options.” This means he will probably go for Hangerland and Viera who has refused to comment about which he usually does when planning to sign a player. Although Hangerland would be a good signing for Arsenal I would like to see this guy from Galatasery his name is servet or something like that he is more phisically imposing and looks like the type of player Arsenal need at the back.

  24. Victor says:

    Is this dude a DM if not forget him please

  25. IRISHGOONER says:

    comon how do we need him? we dont need anymore attacking midfielders. we need a dm, cb and striker

  26. Bash says:

    Has any one heard of Ronaldo Aparecido Rodrigues (Naldo)? is he not better then Hangerland? Can we not get him with Senderos almost gone.
    As for Ibrahim we don’t need him now, maybe in January when its Cheaper to get him.

  27. Kyle says:

    certainly looks good in red, I’ll give him that.

  28. khonsa says:

    thanks for the opportunity given to comment, I visited another opportunity again

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