Should Jack Wilshere start ahead of Diaby?

Posted: August 3, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Jack Wilshere is only 17 but he has the world talking after his impressive performances this summer in Arsenal’s build up to the start of the season.

For me Wilshere is the best young player i have seen at Arsenal for 20 years and he NEEDS to start this season ahead of players like Diaby.

Wilshere can changed the game with a moment of skill and vision and the future of Arsenal and England is in fine shape with his talented left foot.

Wilshere is not blessed with loads of pace like Walcott but he is able to ghost past players with skill and body movement. And for a 17 year old he is as strong as a lion.

And as we all saw this weekend Wilshere has an eye for goal. But what really impresses me about Wilshere is he knows when to give the ball easy and never trys to much. Unlike Diaby who seems to get caught on the ball time and time again. I cant really blame Diaby, He is not a winger and needs to play in the middle.

I know Wenger has tried to protect young Wilshere and rightly so, But we cant hold this kid back anymore. He needs to play and now.

Add Henri Lansbury, Fran Merida & Nacer Barazite to that, We seem to now have a host of talent waiting to push for a first team place this season.

The future is bright, The future is red and white


  1. Evs says:

    he should start instead of walcott
    far better and more of a threat

  2. We were there says:

    Is £1m better than 1p?

  3. Tittle Tattle says:

    Its not a question really. Should he play ahead of Theo is the real question.

  4. ben says:

    Hell yeah… Diaby: waste of space! think this its an important season for him, he has to prove himself, otherwise he has to go!

  5. Bob N7 says:

    Gaf – I respect your 20 years of watching Arsenal. As a 44 year old my hero as a kid was Liam Brady. Until Bergkamp came a long Brady was the best Arsenal player I had seen. I appreciate the hyperbole is going into overdrive but I honestly believe he has the technique as well the vision to be an all time great. He’ll have to deal with the spotlight and of course the trappings of success, but if he does and stays fit then we have a potential world beater.

    By the way, a think Ramsay, Gibbs are Vela are a bit special too.

    Come on you Reds!

  6. He is a valid option and always was.
    Merida looks like he’ll step up this year too.

  7. gunners xxxx says:

    YES HE SHOULD!!!! Cant believe hes that good at 17!!!!

  8. Tristan says:

    emmmmmmm hellllllllllllll yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  9. Zizi says:

    Both JW and Diaby a CM’s but Jacks better at playing wing than Diaby and even Theo.

  10. Zizi says:

    Merida’s looking good too, but for all these it depends on the system we play, don’t know if JW is ready for a 4-4-2 system yet, playing as a winger???

  11. Pie says:

    Wilshere was awesome everytime he played last season and the season before that in the reserves. He scored an absolute corker against West Ham reserves as well as others. Wilshere & Gibbs were always going to make the first team squad and I think in a few years time will both be England regulars.

    Another one that stands out is Jay Emmauel-Thomas, he will come up through to the first team squad soon aswell. But the trouble with Jay is what really is his best position as he can play in several areas on the pitch. Not only is he powerful and can tackle but also every now and then steams on forward past players just like Viera did. I am hoping he will be our next midfield general like Viera. The guys is huge and is only 18.

  12. tmurrey says:

    our next generation is too good

    STRIKERS: theo, vela, bendtnar, barazite, afobe

    MIDFIELDERS: merida, wilshere, lansbury, ramsey, thomas, coquelin, frimpong (hopefully eden hazard soon)

    DEFENCE: ayling, nordviet, bartley, gibbs, traore, (need some right fullbacks)

  13. BendyTheViking says:

    This is kind of misleading piece. Jack and Diaby do not play the same position. If Wenger was going to play a 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1 again this season I would totally agree with you but in the new 4-3-3 it seems Diaby will play in the center of midfield while Jack will be used more on the wings at the top of the formation. The question then becomes should be play over Theo, Vela, Arshavin, Robin, ect. I think the answer to that is not yet. He should get minutes and the odd start and in general he will play a bigger part but Wenger is right in saying he is so young and we shouldn’t heap these expectations on him. We did the same thing last season and he suffered a dip in form in December and that is natural for young players. As amazing as Jack is he still needs to develope and he will have bad games. But as far as a question of should be play more this season the answer is a resounding, Yes.

  14. kai says:

    i think he wilshere should start ahead of walcott,or maybe wenger should interchange them from time to time….obviously he has more skills than walcott and as for pass…dont really see a big difference….since the bottom line is to get past defenders

  15. kai says:

    i think he wilshere should start ahead of walcott,or maybe wenger should interchange them from time to time….obviously he has more skills than walcott and as for pace…dont really see a big difference….since the bottom line is to get past defenders

    • J-rock says:

      Kai, i guess u are wrong when u say u can not see any difference btn jack and theo’s passing be honest with you jack is more talented than theo…actually he so talented that he is better than most of the players at arsenal..he makes football look so easy, especially when he takes on people…His passing is second to none.I am just praying that he starts some games with asharvin and eduardo..

      I wana say something about merida as well…merida has impressed me this pre-season, the guy has gotten stronger and he fights for the team..he knows when to shoot and when to pass the ball…unlike a certain eboue who runs like a headless chicken…eboue runs at people and he wins free kicks but his end product is zero….

      Diaby should go…i know he has got talent but u cannot rely on somebody who plays one game and goes the sick bay for 3 months…

  16. simba says:

    i think if theo wants a place in this team he really has to step up his game because yesterday what I watched yesterday was a wilshere show . wenger should make his mind up about one of them walcot or wilshere on that wing because wilshere has impressed me enough but i still need to see him play aginsst a serious team and see how we cops wirth presseure

  17. Grimey says:

    Diaby should never start, especially on the wings. Good dribbler he is, but not much else. Wilshire I think is a better option on the wing than Walcott.

  18. He should start ahead of diaby, eboue, walcott, nasri, and basically anyone on the wings other than arshavin and rosicky.

  19. Andy B says:

    Diaby isn’t good enough for Arsenal, Jack is. End of.

  20. john d says:

    Im not sure,maybe he would have a impact straight away???
    found this blog,reckons arsenal are waiting on lescotts move to city.
    so arsenal can snatch richards?

  21. tom says:

    Team for season should be
    sagna gallas vermalen clichy

    Fabregas JACK WILSHERE

    Arshervin Rosicky (while he stays fit)

    Van Persie

    we win the league like that.

  22. jack says:

    was going to comment but just read ‘bendy the vikings’ post, dnt think anything needs to be said, bang on mate.

  23. Charles says:

    JW has been protected for the past two seasons. I think it is time AW unleash him. He is a natural talent. Everything he does on or with the ball, he does effortlessly. I should think that AW should start bringing him into games gradually.
    It AW that always say that “if you are good you play dosn’t matter your age”. How old was Roney and Messi when they made their debut? younger that JW i guess. And i think he could be as good as Messi if he continues like this.
    This season i hope to see him more in the PL possibly ahead of Wallcot and Diaby. We shall see. WENGER KNOWS BEST!!

  24. adam says:

    he should be in the starting 11.hes proved hes good enuff.even last year he was ready.but this year i think its time wenger played him in the first time.sell diaby hes crap.silvestra passed it.senderos never made it.danilson cant pass.fabianski not even good enuff for sub goal keeper.liverpool 4-4 game.we should have won it.all his fault.i could do better then him.sell him to burnley.thats where he belongs

    • BendyTheViking says:

      If you would have actuallz paid attention to the game and not the final score you would have seen Fabianski was the reason we didn’t lose 8-4. He made a number of fantastic saves. It was the shit defense of Kolo and Silvestre which fucked us in that game, not the keeper.

    • Stu says:

      Surely you can’t be serious. Fabianski was arguably our best player in that game (apart from Arshavin obvously). Fabianski made so many saves in that game and if the defence wasnt so crap we would have won.

      As for Diaby, he is talented for sure. But his injuries and lack of consistency means he isnt good enough. Talent alone isnt enough to make it as a footballer. And he is a bit too thick to play defensive midfield so he really doesnt have a position. Best to just sell him on imo.

  25. Erik says:

    Saying Diaby isnt good enough is premature, Diaby’s problem is consistency which is hard to get when you are injured every other game.

    Wiltshire is better, dont get me wrong, but I dont see why we are comparing them for starts when is clear they are very different type of players and have different functions within the team.

  26. Robbie says:

    Should Wilshere start ahead of Diaby?

    Douglas Bader should start ahead of Diaby and he has no legs…he’s also dead.

  27. KING GOONER says:

    JACK “THE LAD” WILSHERE is the best player arsenal has produced since the great “chippy” brady-i cannot give him higher praise than that-he is as good as that-trouble is who you leave out at his expense-wenger is trying to nurture him in but the media hype because he’s english will be added pressure-we have to be careful-remember he’s only 17yrs….INCREDIBLE!!!

  28. Joel says:

    No, he should not. He’s too young, inexperienced, and untuned to the ways of the EPL. He’s a boy with incredible talent and skill, but he is not ready for the EPL. Better to bring him along slow, so that he retains his confidence, builds his skills and his physique with stints against top flight talent. The world is full of wonder kids who never made it because they were rushed to start before they were truly ready.

    If you care about Jack, or even if you don’t and all you care about is England and / or Arsenal, you will see that showign a bit of patience will bring huge benefits to your cause.

  29. jesus says:

    Obviously hugely talented but give the boy time. IMO he will get minutes but also has to compete with the likes of Nasri, Rosicky Arsha & Theo as well as Diaby/eboue?
    The first 3 are class ball players, Theo offers something different with his electric pace while Diaby has height & more strengh & eboue is a decent utility man & while not greatly talented going forward is the best defensively.
    It will depend on the opposition & our own line up on how Jack is deployed. I can see him probably in both cups & getting some prem starts but maybe being used as a sub mostly?

  30. Sinbad the ignorant says:

    Why do you compare them? One is a defensive midfielder who needs to step up a level and get more experience. The other is offensive midfielder who can be used from the bench to boost the attack if needs be. We have to be patient with Wilshere. Let’s make him a Gascoigne with the brain and composure of a Lineker.

  31. steve says:

    if anyone gets to play over diaby it should be djourou. he can bring the strength in the midfield, he gives %110 each time, and overall he just looks the part. as for wilshire, i think he is the guy you bring on when you’re playing birmingham and they’re running a flatback 8 trying to catch something against the run of play.

  32. BillikenGooner says:

    It is kind of hard to think that in 4 years:

    Cesc – 26 (if he’s still with us)
    Nasri – 26
    Walcott – 24
    Vela – 24
    Gibbs – 23
    Wilshere – 21
    Ramsey – 22
    Merida – 23
    etc.. etc

    All these guys will still be young. Crazy.

  33. aisha says:

    jack duckworth should start before diaby.
    on a more serious note jack should get the wing and theo should try down the middle.

  34. As an outsider, I think Wilshere should start. Diaby is a good player. Wilshere has a chance to be great. At 17, starting full time might be more than he can handle, but he needs to get his chances.

    The lineup above sounds great, but at some point, you have to believe that Arsenal will sell some of their young players at a premium, especially with the likes of Madrid and City overpaying for talent.

  35. Fabregas wants my beef! says:

    dnt mean to be critical but diaby cnt pass a ball
    all i can remember from matches is him passin the ball to other teams players!

    wilshere is quality and needs to get a league start
    u all see the way he dribbles! unbelievable he’ll be better than walcott no bother!


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