Massive 2 weeks for Wenger and the future of Arsenal FC.

Posted: August 4, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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The Arsenal manager has less then 2 weeks to bring in much needed reinforcements in key positions and after losing experienced players like Toure, Adebayor myself and a few other fans on the forum are starting to worry about weather Wenger WILL spend the £35m on the right players.

With Senderos and Eboue apparently close to also leaving the club i wonder what happened to the comments made by Wenger in may when he said “My aim is to keep this squad together”

However..I do agree that the squad needed a shake up, Now Wenger has to work his magic in the transfer market and put us back in the race for honors. I feel we still need 3 new signings before the end of the transfer window.

The spin of the team right down the middle. A CB and a much awaited DM and a replacement for Adebayor. No doubt we have some great talent in the squad with Jack Wilshere , Henri Lansbury, Fran Merida & Nacer Barazite. But the balance needs to be right and we cant put all out hopes on the new season in a 17 year old kid in Jack Wilshere.

So Wenger has less then 2 weeks to spend the £35m, I say its a massive 2 weeks for the future of the club for a few reasons. The strength of Man City may push us out of the top 4 and out of the champions league spot this season and this might be the last season we have Cesc as i am sure he will be sold next summer.

Wenger really needs to go out and address the weaknesses in the team. We have already seen in the friendlies that we are still weak at the back and still missing that defensive ball winner in the middle of the park. I’m hopeful that we a few new additions and with up and coming youth we have we can surprise a few people this season. BUT Wenger really needs to earn his money in the next 2 weeks and sign some players….If not, its gonna be a long painful season…And if its a bad season how much longer will some of the fans give Wenger and his project? He really needs to start winning something soon. Nothing to show since 2005 and even the “in wenger we trust” brigade must be having some doubts.

Lets hope some new blood will fire us towards glory.

Sinbad….. See you on the forum ( HERE )

  1. jammathon says:

    Arsenal has a future – it’s over 100 years old and will go on for hundreds more.

    Fans like you want these signings to determine your future of staying for the glory or buggering off to god-knows-where.

  2. Trickster says:

    Why has he only got two weeks then ???? I make it nearly a month

  3. willo says:

    call yourself a fan, lol.

  4. dan says:

    im not too sure you have seen our current size of our squad it’s massive! we have many many midfielders all that we are lacking in that area is we all know a DM which im confident PV4 will cover. not convinced we need another real striker as it looks like wenger is going to go for the 4-3-3 formation meaning we dont need any more offensive players as wenger has told us. however if he signs a big towering defender no gooners will be complaining even if it is for back up as anyone (hopefully hangeland) will be better than silvestre. but i dont know what is what with everyone’s need for us to splash out 30m on decent players that we dont require!

  5. Pistolpete says:

    There is no way wenger will spend 35m – Maybe 15m max

  6. gooner90 says:


  7. Spike says:

    Oh no! Cesc is goin now!!!! My mum just read the headline on nuzenow 2 me!

    quick sinbad, lets all top ourselves!!!

  8. Terry Nutkins is a Gooner says:

    I guess we need that DM and a TALL CB making us less Vulnerable from set pieces which seemed to be our downfall last season.

    Striker to replace Ade? I dont think so. Lets look at what we have…

    Bendtner : Although I really dont rate him, I think he will grow into a decent reserve striker.

    Eddy: Can easily replace Ade, and is a better header of the ball?

    RVP: Has to be first choice

    Vela: Young talent, can turn it on.

    Jay Simpson: Personally I’d play him ahead of Bendtner, stronger, faster and more focused.

  9. Edmund Simpson says:

    “I’m hopeful that we a few new additions and with up and coming youth we have we can surprise a few people this season”
    Yes YOU you stupid pillock. A few days ago you were predicting gloom and doom and a fasttrack descent into the Championship.
    Why the sudden change in tone? I’m no psychologist, but such mood swings usually denote serious mental problems, only confirming the impression gained by reading your previous paranoid rants.
    When do you return to school? Can’t be long now hopefully.

  10. pilgrimage to the title says:

    No one is relying on wilshere to win the title, he is amazing but still probably 3rd choice in any of the positions he can play. Your title has the word MASSIVE, and your article is a MASSIVE disappointment.

    Although I do agree that it would be good to get a defender (with silvestre out) and a defensive minded midfielder that can play in the midfield triangle with cesc and song (as long as Denilson who is the most boring player, doesn’t have to play).

  11. jamie says:

    If we don’t finish in the top 4 Cesc wont be hanging around and Wenger will hopefully be sacked

  12. LimparAssist says:

    Having struggled through this abismally written toy-tossing piss fit I can only feel sorry for you and your readers. I wouldn’t spend too much time on this blog – you clearly lack any talent for writing, and certainly have no pertinent input to add to the Arsenal debate.

    “all out hopes on the new season in a 17 year old kid in Jack Wilshere” Who the hell is doing that?

    “3 new signings”? Go follow Real City.

    You obviously have all the patience of Paris Hilton

  13. babat says:

    You are sure Cesc will be leaving next season…sounds like you decide who stays and leaves with Arsene…please change your blog name to antiarsenalaction blah blah blah…the “in arsene we trust” brigade will never have a second thought. when the trophies start flowing you’ll surely start singing another song.

  14. steve says:

    I think you will find the transfer window ends 31 Aug mate & wenger try’s to get the best deal for the club & not get ripped off

  15. Odunayo says:

    I wonder why people like you mention the same names over and over again but what you dont know is that not all that glitter is gold what if he gets them, they come and fail to perform? you will be the same people that will boo them. leave wenger alone lets allow him to fail first (and i doubt if he will) before we know all you prophets of doom were right and employ one of you as manager.

  16. browny says:

    I see over the last few weeks Sinbad you have got many Arsenal fans back up with some controversial blogs mostly, if not all, very negative. I need to know from you directly, are you really an Arsenal fan, or do you support one of our rivals and are just having a laugh at winding up gooners.

    If you are for real I would potentially agree with you about the DM and maybe the CB additions. I however don’t think you should have more than 5 options for 2 CB’s, so with Gallas, Vermaelen, Djorou, Silvestre and Song available for this role any new addition should see another leave. In which case it would be more about improving the quality of the 5 available rather than adding extra numbers. Granted if compared to Utd they probably have the best first choice pairing but after that they have O’Shea, Brown and Evans. So they have 5 options like us, and after their first choice they are no stronger than us in their back up defenders.

    In midfield in a 4-3-3 formation we can choose from Fabregas, Rosicky, Denilson, Diaby, Song, Nasri. Ramsey and Wilshere can back this up at times. Wilshere or Diaby could even play as part of the front 3 adding further options there (see later). If we adopt a 4-4-2 we can add Arshavin, Walcott and even Traore to that list. That is 8 for 3 positions in the 4-3-3 and 10 for 4 positions in the 4-4-2. Again I don’t feel we are short in either numbers or quality and maybe just need one more experienced anchor man. maybe PV.

    Why do we need to replace Adebayor, and why do you and everyone else think we lack depth here. We have options from RVP, Arshavin, Eduardo, Bendtner, Walcott and Vela. The first 3 are top experienced internationals while the latter 3, while young and still developing, are all fully fledged international players for their respective countries. We even could call on younger players like Simpson and Barrazite in a real emergency. That makes 6 options + 2 younger back ups in a real emergency. Add potentially Wilshere and Diaby to this if playing a 4-3-3 and we look strong. Now compare that to Utd who you and many others think are SO MUCH stronger than us. They have Rooney, Berbatov and Owen as main strikers. Owen is very prone to an injury even more so than RVP. Backing up these 3 are Macheda and Wellbeck, both promising young players but not internationals like our Walcott, Bendtner and Vela. I think we could cope far better with an injury to a main striker than they could with one to Rooney. I just cannot see how they are stronger than us here both in numbers and the type of players available. So Utd are always accepted as ok yet we must replace Adebayor or we are in trouble! I don’t understand.

    It seems to me that their is a mass hysteria amongst gooners largely fuelled by journalists who state we have no strength in depth or are not good enough. I think many fans just buy into the media opinion. Remember a journalist is just one person with their own opinion and that does not mean they are right. I really don’t think many Arsenal fans sit down and go through the squad themselves and look at the available players for the different positions and formations.

    I want YOU PERSONALLY SINBAD, to reply to this and show me and everyone else reading where I am wrong here and show me how Utd are so far ahead of us that they are title contenders and we should be looking over our shoulders and be grateful for 4th if we are lucky enough.

  17. annonymous says:

    i love you browny.

  18. Dan says:

    Look, we can argue on here about the Arsenal squad forever. Truth of the matter is that our morals are different to other teams. We are trying to develop players – probably because we do not have the cash. Anyway my personal view is that our squad is missing a reliable spine.
    Browny you mention CBs – Gallas – ok good defender on his day but I’ll never forgive him for throwing his toys about when Clichy gave away the penalty (that wasnt even a penalty), Vermaelen (looks good but untested in Prem and has already got an injury!), Djorou (largely untested and prone to mistakes), Silvestre (an absolute joke – see FA Cup V Chelsea – he actually stopped running!) and Song (a stop gap at best and thought he was going to be the tough tackling midfield ball winner – not quite there really although improving).
    As for the rest – we have some fantastic talent but its all flair and no grit and of course the papers will pick up on that. The real problem is if we dont (and i dont think we will) sign anyone we are placing a hell of a lot of reliance on players that have there own beds in the treatment room.
    Do we need to sign anyone – well we have a big squad but look at the amount of money and success of Berbatov at Man U – would we be happy with that outlay/return.
    No – its not the Arsenal way any more – we have some great youth coming through – yes Fabregas will leave next year but we will still be Arsenal and although its not likely that Wilshere/Ramsey etc will play a whole lot this year they are waiting in the wings to carry on the tradition of this great team!!

  19. browny says:

    Sinbad. I know I was a little long winded above but I was basically countering all your recent blogs. I have counter argued your concerns in the last few weeks and I still want a reply from you about my points above. If you have read the points and think, maybe on reflection, that you have been barking up the wrong tree at least have the guts to hold your hands up and say sorry I was wrong. Your current silence is deafening and can only lead us to believe you cannot counter my argument. In which case you should seriously consider what the point of your blog is.

  20. Terry Nutkins is a Gooner says:

    Browny, do you have a blog we can all read?

  21. danish gooner says:

    If my calculations are right we have closer to 40 mil to spend even without the pending transfers of Eboue and Senderos.

  22. Browny is my hero says:

    “So Wenger has less then 2 weeks to spend the £35m, I say its a massive 2 weeks for the future of the club for a few reasons.”

    Has anyone seen Brewsters Millions? LOL

  23. browny says:

    Sorry chaps I don’t have a blog. Contrary to the long winded reply above I would struggle time wise to do it. I am on a computer intermittently as my job is more in the sports and sports science fields, (which is why I can tell you that having studied his running style, that I don’t think Nicky Bendtner is as slow as some people make out). It unfortunately means I could write something and then not be back for another 8 hours. I feel out of respect to your readers you should be able to reply to them, (note to Sinbad). If anyone who looks at things with a bit more perspective wants to set up a blog I would be happy to help with some contributions. We could call it “The Positive Gooner”.

  24. Terry Nutkins is a Gooner says:

    Browny, with all due respect, a blog is about someone having their own opinions, and if you have your own view which differs to someone elses, you can have your say but repsect other peoples points of view.

    As far as I am concerned I don’t agree with all that is written on this blog, but opinions are valid and if you don’t like it why just go elsewhere and read another blog? Or even channel your anger and obvious EXPERTISE by become Wenger’s advisor or setting up your own blog.

    Thanks, oh and by the way Chris Packham says hi.

  25. Gunners49 says:

    We looked ‘OK’ over the w/end but I still feel that should we come up against a top attacking opposition line, we will soo be exposed either by playin too much of a high line, or in the air as proved over the w/end. We definetly need 3 more playas down the spine, a CB, a DM and a striker. What happens next season, when Gallas leaves. Even if Vermaelen turns out 2 be an amazing CB this season, I don’t see him and D’jourou being THE prem. CB pairing of season 10/11(ala Ferdinand/Vidic 07/08, 08/09) and our CB options are poor – only Song(who is not an out an out CB though adequate) and Fish head will b gone(thank God), so 4 all those that say we don’t need another CB you’re havin a laugh – we need another one NOW to have one bedding in season b 4 Gallas leaves.
    Any one that thinks Denilson is our DM has 2 be deluded. 4 me he looked mediocre(@ best) in the emirates cup. He is NOT a tough crunching tackler! We saw plenty of evidence in the cup of him losing the ball, dropping his head, jogging, passin short, backwards and side 2 side and shooting into row Z. Funnily enough though I can see how all the aformentioned may make Denilson look soo industrious on the pitch 2 the masses – trust me he’s NOT, a real case of “Much ado about nothin” imo. A real DM should take your breath away @ least 3/4 times a match(ala Flamster – Milan v le Arse-CL, San siro 07/08, etc) not some ****in headless chicken that looks busy – he is the complete opposite of a true defensive mid! Song is improving in this area and I’m willing 2 give him another season as a DM but I don’t think he has enough speed of thought, zip and penetrative play about him. Lets hope these traits develop along with the season because if they don’t, we have to start with a quality addition to the squad in this position 4 10/11.
    Finally we definetly need a new striker. What happens if either RvP or Ed or both get injured 4 sustained periods!? As much as alot of peeps think Bendtner will evolve into a top striker(I’m not one of them), he’s not going to cut it wk in wk out while our 2 main boyz are out. Walcott and Vela need time.
    I have no intention of suggesting which playas we should buy as this is completely futile because it will never happen.
    Every season from 04/05 til the last, we have suffered with soo many injuries that we are not adequately covered for EVERYTIME. Our challenge on all fronts diminish, we play 4 nothin, then Wenger will tell us that we’ve made much progress. That’s not what I call progress. He asked us half way through last season 2 judge him @ the end of the season. When we did he accused us of treating him as if he had committed murder. Stand by your word MAN!!! The shareholders had a right to question him and speak their minds. He cares more for balancing the books and his mediocre players. His most significant commitment should be to the supporters. Without us there is NO Arsenal FC.
    I know the majority will disagree with all I’ve stated here. But I have given Wenger’s experiment and policy a chance for 4 years now. Apart from a genuine charge 4 the first half of 07/08, the rest has been fruitless(and b 4 u label me a Johny come lately, I was a supporter in the wilderness years between 79′-86′). Bottom line is Wenger does what Wenger wants. He pays little or no attention to the FAN’S VOICE. I sincerely hope we have a season to remember. A season which makes me BELIEVE again. A season which makes me stick everything I have stated here right up my arse. But I’ve heard the spin soo many times from the prof. that I doubt it.

  26. browny says:

    Terry Nutkins. What on earth made you think I was angry. I have posted a logical argument to a blog that is more permanently critical and asked for a reply. Someone who writes a blog should not just rant and rave and then disappear, but should be able to come back and explain themselves if others bring up questions for them about their points.

    On your other point, I am working on being Wengers advisor. He is considering my C.V but can’t afford me and Vieira unless he sells Eboue.

    Who the hell is Chris Packham?

    • Terry Nutkins is a Gooner says:

      “I want YOU PERSONALLY SINBAD, to reply to this and show me and everyone else reading where I am wrong here and show me how Utd are so far ahead of us that they are title contenders and we should be looking over our shoulders and be grateful for 4th if we are lucky enough.”

      Sounds angry to me?

      Anyway, I was amused by your musings, this isnt a personal attack. Just observations. I won’t go into it for my intellect is far superior to yours, as you can see in pictures of my on the world wide web my brain grew large and swollen, I am now bald on top with my long hair on the sides.

      As for Chris Packham, he would eat your arse for breakfast with his lisping ways.

      That is all, now bow.

  27. browny says:

    Terry Nutkins. I think from your description I know you. Swollen brain hair down the sides but bald on top. I am sure I have seen you somewhere before. Maybe in Mars attacks. Your intellect is obviously quite superior for a mentalist. Anyway what is it with you and the ever silent Mr Sinbad. Are you Alien lovers. Don’t tell me he is 9’6″ about 5 stone, bulging eyes and a 3′ affro. Anyway I can assure you I am fully calm and collected and am just awaiting Mr Sinbad’s reply.

    • Terry Nutkins is a Gooner says:

      Surely, you are referring me to a fictional character in a film? I thought someone of your knowledge would understand the concept between a fictional character and a real peson. Look me up on the interweb should you care to expand your knowledge and not remark on these nonsenses you are blithering on about.

      Did you boo Adebayor? I bet you did. When the crowd said bo selecta.

  28. browny says:

    Do you know what Terry I had completely forgotten about Animal Magic. So you write on blogs or do your own blog which is why you are coming over all holier than thou on me. In other words “I write a blog, you don’t, so you have no right to criticise a blog writer”. Are you really Andrew Weber? Which blog are you writing for now?

    Anyway I have seen a couple of your earlier comments and it doesn’t seem that you think too differently to me but I would still like Sinbads opinion. Must go now will look out for your opinions and/or slagging me off later.

    • Terry Nutkins is a Gooner says:

      browny. I would never do that… just lay off Sinbad is all I’m saying he is entitled to his opinion as much as you and/or jouro’s are 🙂

      See you next time Nutfans!

  29. goonergerry says:

    It is a massive 2 weeks- because we are clearly not good enough defensively, and we are under pressure to sign replacements. If we don’t we can expect more of the same- big defeats by the likes of Chelsea and United like those in big games at the end of last season.. Wenger has said that we are not close to signing anyone so perhaps we should not hold our breathe.

    I would not be surprised to see big bids come in for Cesc between now and the next 2 weeks. It will be interesting to see if there is any truth in the Tuttosport story that Wenger has a pre agreement with Milan for Cesc. There is a fair chance Cesc will go if the money is big enough.

    All the messages that Arsenal are giving the rest of the world are that we are in dire straits financially.

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