[Video] Salomon Kalou? No thank you Mr Wenger Sir….

Posted: August 4, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Is Wenger having a f#cking laugh with us or what?

What the hell do we want with Kalou?

We dont need a player like this? Why are we signing rejects from Chavski and Man Utd? Last season it was Fishface Silvestre and now Kalou? We dont want him or need him Wenger FFS.

We need a defensive ball winner in the middle of the park and a powerful centre back…

And a small tip for you Mr Wenger, Sell Senderos, Eboue and Silvestre and invest in some decent players and we might have a chance of finishing 4th.

Clueless……Salomon Kalou HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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  1. Djal says:


  2. senderos' mum says:

    fuck you
    you arsenal hating pillock
    grow a pair and suppport your team

  3. a real fan says:

    sinbad your a huge douche. so fricken negative mate. Stop writing please.

  4. adam says:

    A really very silly and slightly spiteful article from a total imbecile.

  5. ddj says:

    Sinbad ‘the broken record’ for manager!

    Who is with me? No?

    Okay …

  6. k says:

    “Sell Senderos, Eboue and Silvestre and invest in some decent players”? yea, cos we’ll get bare cash from selling these players. u dick

  7. mmmm says:

    Are you fucking stupid? Has he been fucking signed yet? Bitch all you want when he is, I’ll help, but at the moment, you’re coming across as having PMS.

  8. Evs says:

    no1 wants to read your crap
    please dont carry on writing you prik

  9. Wasi says:

    fukin c**t stop writing negative stuff about Arsenal and go play with ur rubber duck… its waitin 4 yu in da bath

  10. Abhishek says:

    The greatest judge of world footballers has spoken. Shut up Arsene, Jose & Ancelotti. Sinbad say’s he’s crap. Period.

  11. Marko says:

    BAck again Sinbad. I had hoped somebody ran you down in a car but I’m never that lucky. Stupid prick.

  12. PETE says:

    What a loud of CRAP!!

  13. Sinbads Mum Has A D**k says:

    Sinbad I really respect your judging on players… Maybe you should step into Wengers shoes and do the job he’s done with limited amount of cash?
    Stupid prik
    An you call yourself an Arsenal fan… pfft… You can kiss my ass

  14. carl says:

    I wish everyone including Arsenal supporters would shut up about a defensive midfielder we do not bloody need one. We already have one!!!!!!!!! Yes, we bloody well have and have had one for years.
    His name: William Gallas!!!!!!! It is so obvious.

    Okay now think about it.

    He attacks too much leaving us struggling at the back. He is decent with his head.
    He can tackle and likes to go forward. He is a bit small for a central defender.
    Where would you put him? Hello AW wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. scottpuffin says:

    I’ve never know such brutal abuse for posting your opinion!!
    I think you’re wrong about Kalou, he has potential to be a decent player, and he’s not getting many games at Chelsea. But the abuse is undeserved! Relax fellas!

  16. Barry Bethel says:

    Yeah sack Wenger and bring Sinbad in!!!

    He’s the man….Dick, do you not read the shit you write before you post it…fucking twat why do you bother?????????????

  17. steven says:

    what a prick, only 2 of your players would get into any of europes elite you plank

  18. wenger says:

    u r d fattest cockface, y does ur shit even come up on newsnow? Stop writting for fuckkkkk sakkkeeee

  19. Cy_gooner says:

    Err…yeah. At risk of being called a cunt by everybody else here I actually dont think Kalou is the best signing for us either. Last season he started 43 games + 13 sub appearances and managed only 11 goals (before u hurl abuse at me for being wrong check the stats). We have enough players with ‘potential’ if we guna buy a striker it shud be someone who can consistetly score goals. Anyway, this is all probably recycled bullshit as Wenger was interested in Kalou last summer but Scolari wouldnt sell him to us. Also, how much could we get for Senderos, Eboue and Silvestre? Well seeing as Senderos is actually going for about 6m and Eboue was looked at by fiorentina in the region of 7-8m thats quite a bit there…I dont know how much we’d have to pay someone to take Silvestre tho….Come on then…let ur words of wisdom fly my way. Although I do agree that Sinbad, the way you write is like a 3 year old having a tantrum and you just blurt out the 1st bunch of shit that comes into ur head. Think it through a bit and maybe not everyone would hate you so much

  20. nut says:

    Totally agree with mate, lets see what these surporters say at the end of another season without winning anything………. Fucking fed up, no more faith in wenger.

  21. true blue says:


    • jreaper says:

      lol. i guess you havn’t been watching the pre season. arsenal looked awsome.

      lol but i did catch some chelsea games, lol. i think 5th place will be going to someone and it wont be the red shirts.

      we have rosicksy back eduardo back and arshavin can now play champions league. we will conquer next season, you watch.

  22. DN says:

    The abuse is well deserved. All he does is criticize the club. I did see him come on here over the weekend and say anything positive about the way we played. He just waits to post something negative. For 8mil Kalou is a steal

  23. arsenal09 says:

    Sinbad! WTF! You dont even sound english! Piss off!!!!! Your not a true supporter, Piss off you twat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MunchMyBunch says:

    I think Sinbad is a cum swallowing sausage jockey, but on this occasion I agree with him, I don’t think we need Kalou in a million years. We could have bust a gut for Alonso last year at 16mill now he’s going to Real for 30 … Wenger the transfer superstar

  25. perrygrovesworld says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ‘nut’ is just an alias of Sinbad’s cos he’s Billy Nomates…. Reading Sinbad is like reading Arsenal News Review without the brains. Sinbad is Myles Palmer’s Igor…….

  26. Ajax says:

    We don’t need this type of player, we have plenty of attacking options (see Emirates tourament at the weekend) and the chances of 1st team action for Wilshere, Vela and Merida would suffer. Also is he better than what we already have?
    I hope this is just a typical Sun rumour.

    All you lot having a go at him for posting this are being a bit harsh. He is expressing an opinion thats all. Last time I checked this was a free country.

    • Daniel says:

      and we’re expressing our opinions that this pre-pubescent bitch needs to fuck off back to the lane…

  27. Daniel says:

    I wonder where you were when we bought a Juventus “reject” in Henry or a Milan “reject” in Vieira?

    Oh i know… you were still sucking on your mums tit!!!

    Grow some pubic hair, get some knowledge and bore off till your older enough to vote.

  28. doodie says:

    What would a player of Kalou,s quality and undeniable potential sign for a club like Arsenal who are quite obviously in decline and are now a selling club >

  29. dappa don says:

    I am a true Arsenal fan but agree with sinbad. Why are we signing rejects, lets be honest if they were any good why would man u and chelsea sell them to a rival? In a way it makes good business sense because he is an ideal replacement for Ade, we sell for 16 mil and pay 8 mil for Kalou, but dont we want to win silverware we need to compete and to do that we need world class players! just having a world class manager and midfilder (cesc)is not enough Dont waste the money on him.

  30. Fabregas wants my beef! says:

    fuk u u bastrd kalou is a good, potential player

    “Wasi’s comment
    fukin c**t stop writing negative stuff about Arsenal and go play with ur rubber duck… its waitin 4 yu in da bath”

    it platstic and its in his drawer with his other ones


  31. IRISHGOONER says:

    I think people underate kalou. i personally think he’s a good player and i have saw him quite a bit. I still dont think bentner is good enough, so if we are gonna go for another striker i would prefer it to be a target man rather than another jinky player. Im not even gonna say what else we need as im sick of repeating myself on these blogs!

  32. DJ says:

    whoever wrote this is truely a dumbass. I’m not crazy about Kalou but to call Wenger out like this and call Mikel a fishface or whatever. This is why they pay no attention to fans like you. Your not funny and you sound stupid

  33. SINBADs daddy says:

    fuck u…
    BAN this dic*heAD in all Gunners forum blogs n fansites….

    fuck off SINBAD once again…u bloody son of many totteridge spud fans.,.,,

  34. Joe says:

    Keep your hands off our fringe players you dirty little frenchman! Why on earth would Arsenal need Kalou anyway? What with the wonderful youth system and Wengers wonder kids it’s mind boggling. We all know your kids are lined up to win the lot. Maybe Arsene just doesn’t want to shame the rest of the league by winning anything!

    Anyone would think your youngsters have turned out mostly average and not prem quality!

  35. pasa says:

    hes a gd player nd cud bcome world class at arsenal hpefully we sign him 4 around 8m instead of chamak for 12m, kalou is nt only so much better bt hes an experienced player in england unlike chamak

  36. DAZZA GOONER says:

    what a c**t no faith in the greatest manager in the prem league go support tottham hotsh*t you t**t

  37. JOEL says:

    Arsenal do not need either Kalou or Chamakh-at any price!!!!Neither would add anything to the squad or the team.The ONLY available forward who would make a difference is Huntelaar but Monsieur Wenger will not spend the money.To effectively swap Adebayor for a true goal scorer would make great sense and boost the team in exactly the right way.Unfortunately,I don’t believe that it will happen unless Real madrid suddenly decide to cut their losses and have a “fire sale”.Similarly,I cannot re-iterate strongly enough the need to bring in Hangeland.Any series of injuries to the existing Centre Backs will leave the Arsenal defence,even,more exposed than it was last year!Again though,I feel that this won’t happen and we will left to lament what could have been-once more!

  38. true blue says:


    • Alex says:

      true blue kalou has scored at least ten goals a season so get your facts right before you call yourself a true blue you plonker.

    • sameshitdifferentday says:


      once again you’ve let yourself down with your profound opionion, I guess its back to wanking off listening to the sound of your parents fucking again until you can think up some more of your negative bollocks to post…

      “We dont want him or need him Wenger FFS” is what you put but a more accurate account of the asrenal collective is “We dont want you or need you Sinbad FFS”

      Your such a cock

    • sameshitdifferentday says:

      your a little lost you chav cunt…the ladies room is on the west side of london. Stamford bridge I think its called. Some shit club with no class and no history, you’ll find you fit right in…

      • jreaper says:

        uhh what you on about? i’m an arsenal supporter. you clicked the wrong reply. true blue you was looking for. and if you wasn’t and did get it right then i will say…what you on about? you clearly can’t read.

  39. Farty Foulke says:

    He’s easily good enough for the new Arsenal.

  40. truegooner says:

    you prized twat! No need to lay into Wenger like that at all.
    I agree we need a ball winner to balance the midfield but Kalou would be a welcome addition for me. Young versatile and bags of pace.
    Come u gunners!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Romford Pele! says:

    What makes me laugh is why you put that video on there? showing Kalou pulling a load of prem defenders pants down!?

    for 7M he would be a decent buy , i dont get all this love for Huntelaar? yeah he scored shit loads of goals in the dutch league… but so did Kezman and look at him now playing for PSG in the emirates cup and doing pretty much squat! and whenever ive seen Huntelaar play for Holland hes looked pretty average! and to spend the large majority of our cash on a forward would be stupid!

    We need a body in centre mid and possibly centre back if big Phil has gone to Everton but if we keep eboue it isnt vital! our squad doesnt look too bad too be honest!

  42. cairoblue says:

    I think Kalou would rather be a squad player with us than with a team destined to finish 5th. As for Whinger being the best manager ,dont make me laugh deluded fools. Another false dawn for you lot,pack of pretentious wannabees. You are in serious decline. Pack of poofs!!!!!

  43. Alex says:

    this sinbad guy is a complete twat he has no idea about football. Kalou is a decent player but i dont want him to leave chelsea as i no he will get alot of games and become a very good player. i think arsenal does need a defensive midfielder they were stupid to get rid of diarra. To be honest arsenal need more english players. and i think they need to look to there reserves and bring in jay emmanuel thomas he is tall strong and can play anywhere in midfield abd would be perfect for the DM role. and if AW wants a striker then Sanchez watt he is a mix between adebayour and kalou as he is tall but quick and skillful and scores goals. as arsenal do need more english players as of that new rule.

  44. anonymous says:



  45. solidarse says:

    i think uve gota a point there sinbad spoken from the heart.

  46. O.B says:

    stop writing you dickface
    as far as im concernerd any signing is a good signing
    so fuck you
    you know nothing

  47. John says:

    Funny the Chelsea cock is on here. Go on your own site you fucking gooner wanna be. Such a cunt. All you fuckin fools who have lost faith in AW you are cunts. Go and support Chelsea or Man Citeh. Follow Cole, Toure and cockabyor. Who needs wasters like you talking about our leader the way you do. You have no faith, no vision, gratitude or substance. Stand with us fight when we are down or fuck off and support another team. As for Sinbad he is just angry because his dad keeps him at home so he can keep fucking him up hte arse so take it easy on him. It can’t be nice having to suck your dad off when he has finished rooting you up the arse and then having to drink his cum as the only source of nutrition. Come on don’t be so hard on him. Sorry Sinbad write as much shit as you want you poor cunt. If that what keeps you going throught these bum wrenching times then who are we to begrudge you a little happiness. Chelsea cunt fuck of to a blue site you sad cunt.

  48. well done sir for that idea kalou is the player we need to boost striking force thank you.

  49. sinbadsacunt says:



  50. tobi says:

    Holla Great Arsenal fans, i think wenger should get Miguel Veloso or Gokhan Inler as our defensive midfielder, WENGER PLEASE SAVE US FROM THIS HEARTATTACK….

  51. Elliot says:

    This blog is merely a forum for bashing Arsene Wenger. It’s the topic of practically every post I’ve read. and one question: what makes you think this rumor is based on anything? there are no quotes or sources except Arsene admitting his admiration for Kalou a while ago.
    We get it, you don’t like Wenger. How many ways do you need to make your point?

    • John says:

      You obviously cannot read.
      Most of us are supporting Wenger just disagreeing with his decisions.
      We are insulting Sinbad S I N B A D.
      Try C Beebies you cock.

  52. Joe says:

    Look you deluded Gooners. It’s patently obvious to all that Arsenal are now a feeder club for the big boys, West Ham the second if you like. You bring them in and nurture them then watch them leave for greener pastures. You can keep your Rosicknote and Van Persie but just wait till next summer. Bye bye ‘Cesc, bye bye Arshavin.

    As soon as city overtake Arsenal, your (remaining) stars will be off, leaving you with a bunch overated kids and treatment room regulars.

    Watching Arsenals colapse will be the high point of my season for sure!

  53. A Real True Blue says:

    True Blue – you are, in fact, a total twat. Christ, do you have any idea how hard it is out in the big wide world for us Blues without wankstains like you bringing us down? Judging by your comments you have no heart or true support and as far as I’m concerned you can fuck off to Fulham or Spurs or wherever your little tantrum takes you.

    On the other hand, Sinbad – if this was a Chelsea blog I wouldn’t waste time being this polite: You are the worst kind of negative c**t supporter – thank god its the Gooners who have to deal with you you prick. Show some fucking backbone and support! A “supporter” like you doesn’t deserve a 4th place finish. My grandfather has supported Arsenal since 1930 and he’s been fucking patient enough so why don’t you? TWAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. […] Arsenal Action takes a look at why they don’t want Salomon Kalou. […]

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