Arsenal Bid €7m for 6ft.5in Argentine defender

Posted: August 5, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal has failed with a €7m bid for Sevilla centre-back Federico Fazio.

Fazio (22) is a giant at 6ft.5in and Arsenal wanted the big Argentine defender to replace Kolo Toure & Phil Senderos who is due to sign for Everton before the weekend.

Fazio is contracted until 2012 and his agent Eduardo Gamarnik insisted: “The situation’s clear. Federico doesn’t want to be sold or loaned.”

Gamarnik has confirmed that Sevilla have rejected a bid of €7m from an unnamed club (Arsenal)  for the defender.

Fazio had an injury-plagued second season in Spain during 2008/09, but coach Manolo Jimenez is an admirer of the Argentine’s ability and wants to retain him, as the club returns to the Champions League.

Gamarnik, told newspaper La Razon, “Fazio will play in Sevilla next season. [Chairman] Del Nido has had offers, one of seven million, but it was not accepted. He will play more games this season.”

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I would have liked to sign him but he does’nt want to come, but good to see Wenger bid for a defender.

  2. KarlAFC says:

    Sevilla are too problematic regarding negotiations anyway. There might be more truth in that Neven Subotic rumour as it is.

  3. frankie frankie says:

    whats the point in trying to buy players who don’t want to move. surely they could have found that out first. he really does need to move quickly for defender.

  4. Sleb says:

    Fair enough that the guy is commited to his club. So rare these days.

  5. Victor says:

    Wenger should wake up and smell the coffee! How can he bid 5.5M for a defender who is a regular for seville, 6m for chamachk. He should follow the market trend and buy players he needs and move on. He behaves like the money from Toure and Ade’s sale is in account earning interest.


  6. AFC MUDAFUKA says:

    we need a new one and a stiker and a defenciv mid player

  7. Dejavu says:

    AW sure need a defender b4 the seasons kicks off am not too confortable with Gallass – age is telling on him and can not go for those dirty tackles any more. He minds the we he tackles to avoid injuries as u can see in the match against Rangers where he had a pull even while running. AW really needs a defender. thank God that he has is antena scouting for a defender.

    AW please you need to up your bid if u want to get quality player the whole football world manager knows that u have money from the sales of Toure and Adebayor and they want to get a fear share out of it.

    i will support if you spend on good quality player not those starlets.

    • Gianni Sonvico says:

      To be honest, I think we’re better off without fans who’ll only support the team if we behave in a certain way.

      On topic, good to see that Arsene sees the need for another defender, I have no doubt that we’ll be bringing in two more bodies before the window closes.

  8. €7m bid for Sevilla centre-back Federico Fazio, Banange who is Fazio, wenger likes to surprise, with all the rumours about players he just bids for someone un heard of.but guys just have confidence in what we have, i predict this season theres something in the pipeline.i trust arshavin and rosicky and fab.

  9. DucthGooner10 says:

    What Seviila have done is let Arsenal/Wenger put a marker on they guy. Now the whole world knows he is value for money. That’s what they wanted.

    We are not a club that make bids without being invited to do so. After the selling club allows us to contact the player there will be a price tabled.

    It’s just one of those stuppid transfer games again.

    Extra note: Now media are playing such a big role in transfers being completed. I look at Fifa to step in and regulate the chaos. It is getting out of hand.


  10. Bash says:

    Does Wenger read what we write?

    “Fazio’s main assets are his aerial ability and no-nonsense defensive attitude …” these are what we need at he back and can also play DM.

    why cant we get just get want we want at the right price, must we always drag this Big Club in the media with our low bids for good player?
    other option are (Naldo, Zapata and hanggelar).

    Chamakh for 5.5 M? Com on Wenger. You know we need depth. Get them now so we can start the season well. Good luck

    • DucthGooner10 says:

      Good point Bash. After my comment I was thinking about the opposite side of the medal. Club’s know you have to sqeeze Wenger to get your juice, he doens’t let you drink out of the fountain of love for free.

      Hence, the reason 2 Clubs already publicly announced a failed bid. They know they need the outside pressure if they want more moolah from the deal.

      On the other hand I am a Gooner and don’t want my club to pay stuppid money. I mean look at the week-wages some players earn. There is no sense of reality to it any more. We ask business CEOs to drop their huge bonuses but say it’s the market when it comes to our beloved football. We are so thick in this ourselfs.

  11. Brad says:

    Good 2 See That Wenger Has Finaly Got His Finger Out His Ass And Bidding For Such Good Players Like This And Not That Shit Of Another African Chamakh

  12. Moray says:

    now, I don’t want to be cynical, but…

    “Fazio had an injury-plagued second season in Spain during 2008/09”

    Sounds like our kind of player…

  13. Jigar Shah says:

    Arsenal shoould land a big defender. Wenger is taking a lot of time in signing new players and this might prove to be costly

  14. naylove lawal says:

    That Prof knows exacty what to do to strenthen the squad is not in doubt, what i doubt is when he makes the necesary replacement. for the benefit of doubt(assume he isnt sure of what to do) here are roles he needs to fill in the team.
    2 strong centre back
    1/2 powerful defensive mid fielder

  15. Maak says:

    what is wengers problem.he makes offers that are not even up to the market value of a it that arsenal are too poor or that are profit oriented?why cant we sign at least one known player? wenger is a very good manager during the season.but as soon as the season ends, its almost as if he dosent want arsenal to go foward.this defender he wants to sign is not a 15year old why is he oferring him 7million euros for a standard player.if i was the player,and my drean team was arsenal.i still wont consider an offer like that.

  16. Bash says:

    I feel something we all want would happen before Friday. CB, DM, FW

  17. Mark says:

    Would ye all cop on and relax??? We have a good enough squad already trust me even if we sign no-one till Jan we’ll be there or there abouts the “top 4” are weaker than ever Man-u Liverpool, Chelski and Spuds???? Spuds lolololololol thats my joke of the day out of the way

  18. Wenger says:

    I want this guy to sign for arsenal. Money buys everything, wenger needs to show more cash.

  19. Harry says:

    Arsene has said he wants to complete all his signings before the season starts. I think Wenger is an amazing manager, but his slow approach to tranfers (even for tactical reasons) often worries me. This is because often he ends up signing no-one. Flamini is a player who many will agree has not been replaced.I hope we can sign Huntelaar as we are a team capable of creating chances, just not able to convert them efficiently. We obviously require a tough DM to support Fabregas and stop us from being bullied in midfield. Arsene Wenger knows this, but is he willing to react? No matter what, us Arsenal fans have got to trust Wenger and hope he will take the actions necessary to move us forward.

  20. Spinoza says:

    Toure. Experienced, on top of his game, top four team player and will be at end of this season. How much is that worth Arsenal?

  21. Aaron says:

    selling toure was a cleevr decision. he isnt the same since 03/04, his been causin trouble with gallas and handed in a transfer request in january, and plus he never seems to recover fitness wise from african cup of nations. 15 million that seems good money for him. but he does need replacing. hangeland?

  22. I think Arsenal need more strength in their team.

    The invincibles had strong players like campbell, vieira, henry, gilberto, lauren

    Alonso should have stayed one more year

    • Ollie Rodwell says:

      There is a lot of Truth in these posts, the basic fact of the matter is that Wenger is living in 01-04, where he could just pluck players not quite finding form and turn them into household names.

      Nowadays, its not that easy, and he needs to update with the times. I think the board is more to blame with the lack of funds, but Wenger is not blameless in the time it takes for him to sign new players, we need a replacement CD/CDM a realistic target we can actually bid the market value for, and a good quality front man to partner Van Persie.

      I think I’m right in saying that the true Arsenal Supporters, don’t want huge buys as ‘a show of faith’, just sensible buys to fill obvious gaps in our team, so as we have a decent shot this season.

  23. […] Arsenal have now been knocked back a number of times in the hunt for new players, Matuidi joins Chamakh,Melo and Fazio […]

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