The problem with Wenger is he wants everything on the cheap

Posted: August 6, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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in response to your article gaffer, totally disagree with your views.

Wenger is stubborn and is 2 tight for his own good. He has had loads of time to find a DM and still we wait. He has had loads of time to find a powerful CB and still we wait. He knew all summer that Adebayor would be sold. AND STILL WE WAIT!

The problem with Wenger is he wants everything on the cheap. Why go shopping at Harrods if you don’t have the money in your pocket to spend? You might as well stick to Primark if your a cheapskate. But WE HAVE the money and still he refuses to spend it? WHY?

You say he is looking after the clubs interests? But he signs and sells the players. How is he looking after the clubs interests when we have not won anything since 2005? He is looking at the financial side more then the winning of prizes side.

The man has over £30m in his pocket but yet he is still counting the pennies and trying to get players on the cheap. Last summer he had the chance of signing Barry or Alonso and he missed out just because he didn’t want to pay the extra few million.

Well “he who waits will miss out”

Wenger is toothless in the transfer market, You compare him to Arthur Daley, I think he is more like a homeless bum looking into the bins and begging on the streets for some spare change. Every summer its the same crap for us gooners. We are loyal fans, We are patients fans. Its time Wenger respected us more. This summer its the same shite, Wenger makes a joke of a bid to sign Melo and again we miss out…sounds familier?

As i have said before Wenger is lucky to have us. Since 2005 he has won nothing and still some fans think he is the best thing since sliced bread.

If Mr Wenger was at Real Madrid he would have been sacked a long time ago. Wenger has failed and let us down time and time again in the transfer market. We cant keep going on like this, David Dein was 100% when he said Arsenal are stone aged. Look at the Liverpool manager, He sells Alonso 48hrs later he has agreed a deal to bring in a replacement. Wenger lost Flamini more then a year ago and still we wait….That’s the difference in managers. Some managers have bottle and some are weeds.

I think wenger is a cleaver man, He cant lose…If Arsenal finish 4th he wins, Champions league football more money in the bank and all done on penny’s. People think he has done well. And this is why he never spends money….Why should he? If he was to spend £30m on a player and we finished outside the top 4 people would question his judgement and say ” He wasted money on players and we won nothing” Well people cant say that about Wenger coz he has not got the bollocks to do so…

He would rather play it safe and keep finishing 4th every season and reach the champions league. Wenger cant lose, If he wins nothing the fans still love him, If he sells our best players and never replaces them the fans still love him..What a bunch of Muppet’s you are..

Its time we told Wenger that HE HAS TO SPEND. 4th place is not good enough for us anymore….In fact i don’t even think we are going to finish 4th this summer. And then what? Well Wenger still knows RIGHT?

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  1. TheSKAGooner says:

    The problem with this website is that they keep letting Sinbad write articles.

    • Goonblogger says:

      Too fucking right SKA. Gaffers article was pretty good.

      Come on sinbad….wheres the proof that we do have the money?

      And don’t say Arshavin because we only paid 10mil for him plus about 3 million in add-ons over time.

  2. JSP says:

    Well DER!!!! Have you only just realised?????? We’ve all been saying this for the past 5/6 years!!!!

  3. Joe says:

    “If Mr Wenger was at Real Madrid he would have been sacked a long time ago.”

    I guess thats why he turned the job down then isn’t it – even when they were offering him 300m of a war chest.!!

  4. AngelGooner says:

    Sinbad you are an idiot.

  5. PV4 says:

    I dont like the disrespectful tone of the article but I have to admit there is quite a lot of truth in what you say. Compare Wenger’s attitude with Fergie who has always spent that extra few millions to get his man (Ronaldo, Carrick, Hargreaves, Ferdinand, Berbatov, Rooney et al)

  6. Dave says:

    Another rubbish article from Sinbad the retard. By the way Sinbad, your pathetic attempt to club together all braindead degenerates to protest against the club at the Emirates cup the other day was obviously an unmitigated flop. Conspicuous by its absence!! Where did you decide to hold it in the end? Up your own arse was it? Or did you actually get the message when it was just you and the local tramp and his dog that turned up, and you then realised how pathetic you actually are. I can just imagine you the night before, making those protest banners and everything!! LOLm you’re such a loser

  7. bertiebloggs says:

    Who is this clown, some fekin closet spud.
    How can you support a club and be so down on them. (Or in his case the manager). Like you knows better? Sure, lets spend a few million here another few million there. “We could have had Barry last yesr if we spent a few more million” Well if you think that Barry was ever going to make the difference YOU ARE WRONG. Another player maybe, but not Barry. He’s never an Arsenal player, and you are never an Arsenal supporter. Of course i want things better, we don’t aim for 4th, leave that to villa cite and the spuds, we want 1st. I can’t work out from your rant if you want to keep Wenger and get him to spend, or ditch Wenger and get some Hughes type character who will buy just about anybody becuase he doesn’t have a clue and the money is there.

  8. supermatty says:

    All the questions about Wenger and the club i agree with we are a greedy selling club.

    • arsenalaction says:

      All we care about is making a profit mate

      • Daniel says:

        Well do you want to be in leeds United’s position?!?

        Or how about portsmouth’s position…

        Or what about West Ham’s position?!?

        Wait 5 years and see where Chelsea will be (by the way, chelsea haven’t won a major Trophy {Prem or champions lg} for 3 years despite the amount of money they’ve spent in the last 5 years.)

        Liverpool haven’t won the premier league for 20 years, look how much money they’ve spent in the last 5 years.

        You “Sinbad” are part of this new generation, the generation who don’t see tomorrow, all you see is today, you’re the reason microwaves and remote controls were invented. You’re the type of person that boooooooooos at sporting events or on big brother.

        You lack any perspective on life because you’re either too young and haven’t lived yet or are just extremely obnoxious.

        You would like to see us spend £60m this summer, win the premier league and champions league (if we’re lucky- it’s been proven that spending money doesn’t guarantee anything) but go out of business in 5 years. You wouldn’t give a damn because you’re not a true fan, you don’t remember what it was like pre-Wenger and you have no idea how bad we’ll be post-Wenger.

        I guarantee you started “supporting” (and i use that word loosley) when we had the unbeaten season, you loved that we were the best team so choose to start “supporting” us. The same way Man utd had thousands of fans in the 90s that lived nowhere near Manchester and never went to a game.

        You Sir, is exactly what’s wrong with this country now… No perspective, no patience and no intelligence.

      • arsenalaction says:

        Man Utd and Liverpool are also in mega debt. They still try n improve each summer

  9. supermatty says:

    The reason people get so down Bertie is because we really do care and with a little investment we could do so much better.When you support the club by spending thousands every year it’s a little different to watching the games in front of the TV.

  10. wondrinfree says:


    The money Arsene doesn’t spend does not go into his own pocket so why hold back if there wasn’t good reason too. Arsene has said that if he finds someone who will improve the team and is available then he will buy. You seem to compare our player performances against the edited highlights of unknowns playing in lesser leagues. Try not to be so naive.

    There are many reasons why he doesn’t chase each youtube wonderkind like a child with an icecream van.

    1. They have to improve the team – for example, Hangeland is flattered by Fulhams defensive style and peoples low expectation how many goals did he give away? Senderos got bested by Drogba and suddenly he’s rubbish, yet our attacking style leaves our defenders more vulnerable than Fulhams. If we bought Hangeland we would soon realise he was no better than Senderos.

    2. They have to fit into the wage structure – for example, supposing Huntelaar (or other top name) was demanding 120K a month (speculation) sure we might be able to afford it but then Fab, Arsh, RVP etc would all expect more and we would spiral out of control.

    3. They have to fit into the premiership – for example, David Villa is lauded for his abilities in Spain but then so was Reyes. it would seem some players don’t appreciate other teams being allowed to kick the living daylights out of them like they are in the prem.

    4. They have to fit into our team – for example, Veron was an excellent player but did not fit in Man Us style. The advantage of taking youth is that we can mould them into the Arsenal style.

    If we let go of the arrogance of assuming we know better then Wenger dispite us having only youtube highlights and Champ manager stats to go on and Arsene having all the details and (usually over 40) scouts reports to go on, we might realise that he is better placed to make better decisions.

    Of course it also means that as fans we ought to grow up and stop acting like petulent children.

    • supermatty says:

      Other managers seem to be able to find players for there clubs,why cant Wenger?.Negatives can always be found when buying players as your examples show but buying players can also have a positive effect on teams.We have needed DM & CB FOR 2 years and surely he knows this and find the relevent players.

      • wondrinfree says:

        Except for Man U, liverpool and Chelsea all other club managers are below us so what they do is less successful surely? Why copy them?

        The problem is not that negatives are being found to stop us buying players. the problem is that Youtube et al overplays the positives so that clueless demi-fans think that every chump featured is the ‘answer’.

        Think about where we want to be. If we wanted to be the best team in the world, only 11 best players (plus subs etc) in the world would be good enough to play for us. If we wanted to be in the top ten then similarly there would be a small finite pool of players good enough to improve us. Given that the majority of players in the other nine clubs are settled then the pool of suitable players is very small.

        Yet every week we get inundated with dozens and dozens of players who we ‘must’ have. Do the maths.

  11. borngooner says:

    another spuds fan in disguise………

  12. bertiebloggs says:

    supermatty, you wrote
    When you support the club by spending thousands every year it’s a little different to watching the games in front of the TV.

    your a Condescending cunt. Iv’e supported Arsenal since 1964, on the terraces without a season ticket, in the seats with a season ticket, and if i can’t get there, on the TV. SO FUCK OFF. you think that becuase we spend some of our hard earned on season tickets we have more of a say than somebody who can’t afford sky, espn and relies on sitting next to the radio on saturday afternoons. What a tosser

  13. sinbadthecock says:

    sinbad i fuck your mother every day every night

  14. fatgingergooner says:

    when we was going 49 games unbeaten and winning trophies, how many big signings did we have in the team???

    why would AW change his philosophy when it has worked so well in the past?

    the thing with AW is he looks at the long term picture, whereas fans want everything now.

    we have the best youth and scouting system in the world and also have a team on the verge of dominating football for years to come. if you look at the other prem teams, non of them have about 10 youth players pushing for 1st team action who all look like they could be world beaters, but we do!

    i believe we also need a couple of older signings to add experience but please STOP with the constant moaning and watch how good we are this year. 21 games at end of last season says it all!!!

    • jamie says:

      Please stop living in the past,i just don’t get the mentality of some fans.Yes of course Arsene did fantastic for us but we need to move on.It’s also just fantasy to say we have a team on verge of dominating football for years to come… name the 10 youngsters on the verge of the first team ? Wengers policies are not working any longer and we’re gonna be in a bad situation come next may… mark my words !!

  15. Daniel says:

    Arsholeaction – “Man Utd and Liverpool are also in mega debt. They still try to improve each summer”

    If you think losing Ronaldo and Tevez and replacing them with Owen and Valencia is improving then you’re deluded.

    Yes, Liverpool have spent alot in the last few years, where has it got them:

    last season-


    Prem—– 2 ———– 4
    Champ lg- Qtr——— Semi
    FA cup— 3/4th??—— Semi
    Carling –4th??——— Qtr

    So we did better than Liverpool in 3 of the 4 competitions last years and liverpool haven’t won the league in 20 years.
    And we finished above liverpool the year before last.

    You’re truly deluded.

    • arsenalaction says:

      And Man Utd?

      Back to back league winners and Champions league winners?

      Proves that you need to spend big

      • Daniel says:

        No that proves you need good players.

        Man Utd went 4 years from 03 to 07 not winning the league or Champions league despite spending millions (ferdinand, rooney, ronaldo, carrick, vidic, evra) but they waited for those young players or foreigners to settle in (young-ferdinand, rooney, ronaldo + foreign- vidic, evra)… then Ronaldo became the best player in the world, Rooney became they best English striker in the country, Ferdinand grew into captain material and one of the best CBs in the world, Vidic was awful in his first year but grew into the team, Evra was shit when he joined in Jan but is arguably the best Leftback in the world now.

        They went 4 years whilst we went unbeaten in 04 and Chelsea won the league 2 years straight then their players and squad become a great team… by the way many “fans” called for Ferguson’s head during that four year period, then he won the league 3 years in a row and the champions league.

      • arsenalaction says:

        And what did Ferguson do? HE invested he world class players

  16. Arshavin says:

    You can continue deluding yourself if all you have back up yourself is ‘Wenger knows’. I won’t go to lengths of insults I see here at times, he deserves our respect but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We have to disagree at times, it’s part of being human. For example, would denilson get into the squad of any other top 4? Be honest with yourself and forget the blind faith. He wouldn’t. If wenger thought he’s good enough he wouldn’t be in for Melo. Sometimes to get quality players you have to go beyond bargaining. They no longer come cheap. Arshavin has already shown that. A quality CB and DM would make the squad at per with other top 4.

  17. Jonny says:

    Its not that Wenger won’t spend, its just that we can’t build a title-challenging squad because every year 2 or 3 players want to leave due to the lack of success; its a total catch 22. Just think, if we hadn’t sold Flamini, Hleb, Toure or Diarra we’d have a very very good squad by now. We were unlucky with the DM situation; Wenger wasn’t to know Diarra and Flamini would have such ego trips, otherwise he would’ve taken on Palacios and kept Gilberto.

    On a side note, do you not ever wonder why Liverpool, Chelsea and United are in so much more debt than us? We’ve built a 60,000 seater stadium and still owe less than the others. Its because Wenger refuses to pay over the odds for players- you complain about Melo; would you have been happy spending 20 million on him? Have you ever even watched him play? At the Confederations Cup he was overshadowed by one Gilberto Silva. I believe you were complaining about Cana not signing, the fact that he’s now gone to Sunderland should suggest he isn’t up to Wenger’s standards. Do you want to be like Spurs, paying over 10 million for Bassong, 16 for Bentley?

    Stop complaining. It is what it is. Who the hell would you have replace Wenger anyway?

  18. Da_Hustler says:

    In my opinion……we need to be fighting back against the board! Who at football clubs have the most power?? The fans!!!

    I say….we veto the board to get them out, because they are not backing up what is clearly a world class manager in wenger!! We need to push back, because if the fans continue this way, we will end up with a shit manager….and an even shitter board!

    I know, most arsenal fans would be ok with the thought of not having enough money to spend on players….that way we would get off wengers back! But its the board who always come out with shit comments, like “he has money to spend”…..bolloxs…..i say we get them out!!



  19. Joe gunner says:


  20. arsenalaction says:

    Wenger has £30m to spend from the sales of Toure and Adebayor.

    Why didnt he spend £13m on Huntelaar, £5m on Lorik Cana & £8m on Bassong?

    3 areas we need and all good players at a good price

  21. FUGAYZI says:

    yeah he dont spend big but Arsenal have had some of the biggest and best players the premier league has ever seen…..this is the way he operates….if we could sign sissoko and sako or the colombian guy from udinese i think were set for the title…..the only thing that frustrates is the fact that every transfer of recent memory seems to drag on….i think teams may be using Arsenal interest to inflate prices…..nice to get a little surprise know and again……

  22. ATT says:

    Why dont you just go and support Man City?

    In 5 years we’ll be a huge force and in a very stable position. We might not win anything between now and then but hopefully idiotic fans like yourself will have given up and gone off to support someone else

  23. Daniel says:

    “And what did Ferguson do? HE invested he world class players”

    You think vidic, evra or ronaldo were world class when they signed!?!?!


    It took them 4 years to develop into world class players. No doubt they were talented but much like our players (Song, Diaby, Nasri, Wilshere, Vela….) they need time to develop.

  24. fatgingergooner says:

    you say that Cana, Bassong and Huntelaar are all good players, but why are non of the other so called top 4 going for them? Even Moneybags City have avoided these players.

    Arsenal fans need to get it outta there head that signing players will solve everything. There are only so many good players out there that will improve our team, and most of these will demand way above what we are willing to pay, or dont want to move. This is why AW tries to develop younger players.

    it doesnt matter if we have £500m in the bank if there is no-one worth signing.

  25. JohnW says:

    I remember a certain Leeds UTD that tried to spend big, and look how many PL trophies they have won! If Wenger refuses to spend, then surely Sinbad can bide his time until another manager who does not fear to spend comes in. The good thing he will find a huge pile of silky pounds to spend, and ofcourse we will then automatically win all trophies. Abramovich came to Chelsea in 2005, since then they have won two PL, FA cup once and Carling Cup once. We won only the FA cup, reached the CL final (like Chelski) and in 2007, we were just nipped in the PL. Now Sinbad, if Arsenal bought every one you want, can you guarantee it that we will win the PL?

  26. Francois says:

    All Gunners, lets pay a little respect to our great coach, with the pennies he has, he has been able to keep up from bankrupcy, which would have seen us go the Leed United way, and with the rest of the top four having large and deep pockets, they still find it hard to beat us, ” only once from the top 4 last season”. lets see how MANu Cheveski and liwerprool cope with no money and lots of debt to pay? we have quality players who are able to hold their own every season, yes we’ve been a bit unlucky in the last years but, its no fault of Arsene, look at Man City with all thier money, they still couldnt beat rangers? so its not about money its about increasing the squad so we have able replacemens when a player get injured. beign 17, or 18 doesnt have anything to do with it.


    Lets Lift the team sprit and show we are behind them, belive it or not, they also read these blogs.

  27. Kais says:

    It is time wenger left Arsenal. I say this man should go. He is a waste of space. Every time he opens his mouth to say absolutely nothing. Even fans insist that he knows, well, he knows Arsenal is nowhere near to win any trophy. Useless

  28. geeGunner says:

    This is a fake arsenal supporting blog.

    the author is fake and so is his support!

    Dont support fake support

    Fuck Fake Fans!!!!

  29. Gunz4life says:

    Does it really matter? I mean if I get the job done without spending so much for it man that’s a plus. Spending big doesn’t mean best of results.

  30. Amr Ayyad says:

    I think your missing the bigger picture, you are right, we haven’t won anything since 2005, but your wrong in slating Wenger, here my opinion on why.

    Since wenger took over almost 13 years ago now, look at what he’s achieved…multiple trophies including 2 league and cup doubles, he has also managed to do this while 80% of the time there has been major boardroom troubles, major changes behind the secenes, yet we still find ourselves year in year out in the champions league….not only that but we have reached 2 semi finals and 1 finals during this period. Not bad, yes not as good as Man U, but Wengers not done yet.

    Now take a look at the youth system put in place since Wengers arrival, im sure your an Arsenal fan, and i’d expect you to know that on multiple occassions Wenger has stated it will take atleast 10 year if not more for our first batch of youth talent to come through…started out with senderos and cesc, and continues in the form of Jack Wilshire.

    So a combination of board room troubles, financing of a BRAND NEW 60,000 seater stadium, and the constant onslaught of ever rising wages and transfer fees, yet we finnish 90% top 4 since wenger, and now your slating his ways?

    Hmm he doesn’t spend a lot of money you say…well just say we did go out and spend 30m++ every transfer window a la Chelski Manure and the scoucers, how do you people think we are meant to breed our youth like that?

    In a few years when the Premier League can’t compete money wise with say La Liga and all the stars will flock there, it will be arsenal who will be left in best position, with a constant flow of talent coming through the youth system now, this will improve the first XI as well as provide financing from sale of players who don’t quite meet Arsenal XI expectations.

    Some people need to respect Arsene Wenger a little more for what he has achieved and done for my club, our club, Arsenal F.C, it’s not surprising though, with the new global appeal of the EPL and the massive increase in global fan base for almost all clubs, smaller and larger, some short sighted, newer, commertialised fans our my club, are bound to the glory, and don’t appreciate what Le Boss has done.

    You are entitled to your opinion, as am I, but i hope us gooners aren;t turning into this.

  31. Gunners007 says:

    sinbad u r such a loser..shame on you to claim that u r arsenal supporter..y dont u support real madrid instead

  32. vi says:

    hey SINBAD……..
    i’v read all your articles and its all rubbish.
    i think you arnt even a supporter of the club.
    go on and be with the people you were always meant to be with..”the spuds”…
    you dick head…..
    the arsenal fans should be thankful dat the club is not managed by a spud like you..
    piece of shit!
    buzz off…

  33. Gunners007 says:

    dont even think city want a fan like u..

  34. hulin, says:

    Have you ever thought that the highly over-payed players that get payed for doing something there are supposed to love keep on blaming it on their managers or team mates when they don’t perform. Adebayor want to win trophies but being the quarterback on the team failed to improve his or anyone else game with his bad attitude.forgive me if I forget that football is a team sport. As we can see his increased wages did nothing for his moral and had him off balanced by the increased swelling of his already large ego. Long story short managing a team is easier when you are standing from a position of assumption looking in as we truely do not have the fly on the wall idea of what transpires within the club structure all else s assumption. As a fan it can be frustrating at times but what I have learned that a true fan never gives up on his club no matter what. Yes we all want to win but gone are the days when we had dedicated and loyal players who stuck with the club and improved over time.This is not EA FIFA 09/10 or PES 09,and playing such games have shown me that even making big name transfers does not ensure instant success. Each club needs to gel as a team , having players that want to stay around and be the best they can be for that team . Consider R.Giggs. P. Scholes two old vets that have stuck with Man U and held them together with their maturity and experience their love for the club is something u can’t buy. If every player that is developed by his team want to move onto a bigger team for bigger wages and get his 15 minutes of fame else where because the grass seems greener instead of staying and tapping into his true potential. Let them go. At this rate football will be a one club game where no-one has to challenge themselves against all opposition ,settling rivalries on the day. an furthering the development of future stars for years to come. I am sick of these big money transfers inflating players egos and also the clubs that are party to this. Many of them turn out to be a waste of money look at RMadrid with the entire dutch offensive line up but yet not succeeding. Relegating these players to surplus to requirement after one season. Do not let a well loved sport that has wowed us from generation to generation become a players trading stock market killing the game and all that it stand for

  35. Odun says:

    It will be best if you start supporting madrid and i assure you nobody will miss you. Will you buy a perfume from harrods by looking at just the bottle?

  36. Jonny says:

    Ever decide to visit a site just to get annoyed? Arsenal Action manages it every time for me.

    What a rubbish article.

    Daniel – thanks for spouting some sense but I think you are pissing in the breeze with the likes of Sinbad and his two brain cells (which are probably fighting each other for autonomy).

    Nice to see how many loser fans have written off Wenger and the team before a ball has been kicked. I wonder what you would do if we win something this season – it’s not impossible you know?

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  38. Jonny says:

    Jamie did it escape your attention we were challenging for FA & CL at the end of last season? That we were just 4 points off winning the league the season before? In spite of a litany of injuries we were and are not a million miles away.

    Nice to see you have given up all hope if us winning anything.

    The only real loser is fans like you with your hideous, negative mindset.


    You don’t know how good you have it.

  39. fatgingergooner says:

    just a quick thought…

    how many of these over priced, over paid players that are in the PL at the moment do you think will bugger off abroad when the 50% tax comes in for high earners?

    i wonder who will have the best team then when clubs have to count on there youth systems like back in the old days cos they cant attract the big names???

    u will all be hailing AW as a genius then, no doubt!

  40. Bretty says:

    He doesn’t buy pointlessly.

    He could buy more, he could go and spend around £16 million for an average winger or right back like certain clubs have done this window.
    Or he could try and get the best players he could.

    Verm was brought in as our CB problem sorter.
    Whether he is or not we will see but I doubt we paid 10 million for a naf centre back that won’t solve our problems.

  41. Gooner49 says:

    Sinbad, you’re a twat.
    You really think Wenger is happy to finish 4th?
    You really think it doesn’t hurt Wenger just as much as us to fail?
    You need to wake up, look around at the clubs you’re claiming are more “ambitious” than us and th managers who have more “balls” than Wenger!!

    Why do you think Wenger has the reputation for buying quality players and turning then into world class ones?
    Why do you think there are articles stating how Wenger competed and won league titles on a fraction of what Man U and Chelsea spent?

    Do you really want Wenger to spart splashing shit loads of cash on players he’s not 100% sure of?

    Wenger is stubborn, he is proud, he is set in his ways – but if you think he doesn’t badly want to win you’re a plonker!

    I believe he is looking right now for a CB who can also play RB. And he is probably looking for a DM too. Once he gets those we will have an awesome squad!!!

    I was just thinking about our options with our new formation 4-3-3. The possibilities are endless!!!

    I have a sneaking suspision that Wenger has been planning this for a while! He has played almost every striker we own out on the wing at periods during last season! Why? To help them develop their game, passing, defending, keeping possesion! Why? So that when we shift to 4-3-3 they can all play right across the pitch!!

    Fucking Genius!!!

    Also 4-3-3 makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE with the players we have.
    We have too much attacking talent to let it waste on the bench!
    This way we get to play 3 forwards in every game and Wenger can interchange then depending on who we’re up agaisnt!

    I can see us blowing everyone away!!!

    Bring it on!!!!!

    • Leo says:

      very much agree with the new formation, gonner49

      btw Sinbad, have you thought of closing this blog since this is such a bad impression to everyone

  42. Sam U says:

    In the immortal words of Alex Furguson directed towards Sinbad: “You sir…, are an idiot”

    Support another club you idiot. Last time I ever read this so called “Arsenal supporters blog” again.

    I’m gonna call you Dimlad from now on… work in McDonalds do you?

  43. Ash says:

    why do all you morons dismiss this article?? I am a long time gunners fan and have been a seat holder for the last 25 years, and honestly I am sick and tired of having the same old hope every summer being shot down by wenger. Sure he has developed an easy on the eye style, but it has no substance, no cutting edge, no defensive base to rely upon.

    We have been waiting 3 years for a replacement for sol campbell and 4 years for a vieira replacement, why does he not buy? because of his arrogant and stubborn attitude that at arsenal “we make superstars, dont buy them”. Well Mr. Wenger I put this to you, the only reason you still have a job is because you bought a guy named arshavin. It is so plainly obvious that signing a world class player like this has completely changed the outlook of our otherwise mediocre team. Guys like Denilson and Bendtner and Song will be good players in 2 or 3 years, but we NEED experienced players to complement them and to help take some of the load.

    I’ll finish by saying that those who think we dont need another striker are seriously kidding themselves. Relying on two inhury prone forwards to supply most of our goals isn’t the answer, nor is a mediocre talent from france who is going to be involved in the African cup anyway. It is a disgrace that he has let huntelaar go to milan for 13 absolute disgrace. He would have been the perfect signing, a pure finisher that we have lacked for too long. I truly hope eduardo can stay fit for this reason.

    Who are our targets now in the market? Hangelaand would be another terrific signing, but due to his tainted faith in his current centre backs he has yet to sign him, and now he is cup tied for the CL group stage. So which tall powerful CB do we go for now?

    And in regards to the DM position, we were close to signing melo a month ago, but all of a sudden the priority to sign someone in this position is on the backburner?

  44. Endi says:

    Oh oh Ash. You left the best 4 last! Thumps up Sinbad 4 such an honest piece.Its high time we listened to it. You only make progress when u r bold enough to acknowledqe your shortcomings. Ignore these i-love-second fans. . . .When a finger points at u in disgust, be sure 4 others r pointing back at ’em. Arsenal for life!

  45. cally gooner says:

    Just someone explain why in five years we’ll be a huge force with a policy based on no spending and every year releasing decent experienced players. You can dispute how good Ady really was, but he was certainly better than Bendtner is right now. I accept that the latter may catch up and overtake the former in a couple of years, but we cant afford to wait.Even if he does, then we’ll sell him and start again, and you guys will still be saying have patiennce there’s this 16 year old genious coming through. This approach isn’t going to win anything.You’ve got to start asking what are the key financial incentives in Wenger’s contract

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