Arsenal outclassed in 2-0 defeat in spain

Posted: August 8, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Valencia 2-0 Arsenal

Tonight was maybe a sign of things to come?

Arsenal totally outclassed, outplayed and battered at the hands of Valencia.

Yes some people might say “it was only a friendly” But wenger played his full strength team in a build up to the Everton game.

Wenger played a new 4-3-3 formation which was more like a 4-5-1 as Van Persie was isolated up front and Bendtner wasted on the wing.

It could of been alot more then just 2-0 and we have Fabianski to thank for his super penalty save from the dangerous David Villa.

From that show its going to be a hell of a long season, But maybe NOW wenger will go out and spend some money on much needed reinforcements.

Arsenal Team

Manuel Almunia
Emmanuel Eboue
William Gallas
Johan Djourou
Gael Clichy

Alex Song
Abou Diaby
Cesc Fabregas

Andrey Arshavin
Nicklas Bendtner
Robin Van Persie


Mikael Silvestre
Lukasz Fabianski
Bacary Sagna
Kieran Gibbs
Armand Traore
Fran Merida
Jack Wilshere
Aaron Ramsey
Theo Walcott

  1. cezan says:

    lol hopefully we need a defender not fuckin hangeland tho!!

  2. Mo says:

    They were ridiculously rubbish

  3. BOY BETTER KNOW says:

    sounds like it’s a taste of things to come then

  4. Daniel says:

    errrrrrr… outclassed?!?! Van persie had 3 chances in the first half that he wasted. Then we started the first 15 mins of the second half really well, wasting opportunities.

    60m onwards was poor but a midfield of ramsey, merida, gibbs, wilshere and walcott isn’t the most secure midfield ever. (silvestre is shit and fabianski was injured on the second goal)

    You seriously need to take a zanex or prozac, your manic depressive over-reaction to anything is disturbing.

    ps. It’s funny, i don’t remember a blog by arsenalaction after the emirates cup- i wonder why?!?!

  5. z-mani says:

    we sucked….diaby was crap….i wonder what he did with that famous french physician….maybe everything but football

  6. Daniel says:

    Also, if you’re going to report at least report the facts… we didn’t play our best team in preperation for the everton game. We played our best team in the first half, a half that ended 0-0. Then when we brought, fabianski, traore, silvestre, sagna, ramsey, walcott, wilshere, eduardo at HT. Then brought, merida and gibbs on after 60 mins.

  7. dizzey says:

    some old arsenal. arsenal need to wake up and buy 3 decent players. im still findin hard to come, how we have the like of silvstre in our team. the fish face. if arsenal dnt win us anyting this year. he should get killed further more. he is good manager, witout doubt and we are honour to have him. but how hard is it to spend 20 million on 3 players.. when shit spurs can spend can spend solo 20 million on one player.

  8. fm says:

    Rubbish,what game were you watching????????????????
    We dominated the whole first half, it was only when we made a lot of changes did valencia get the ball.

  9. brr says:

    yeh, we were pants. Wenger needs to BUY players, fullstop.

  10. G1GAHURTZ says:

    Well said Daniel.

    Seems like some people live in a fantasy world where they know more about management than one of the most successful managers in world football.

    Maybe they should go and support Man City, then come back and tell us how big money signings can win those ‘all important’ freindlies for you…

  11. Dave Stanton says:

    There is not doubt that we are going to have a tough time this season.We will control the games against the bottom half sides however in the main we will not be good enough against better sides.We have not enough goalscorers in the side,Van Persie and Arshavin aside,Bendtner will not score enough if playing out wide and Silvestre,Traore and Eboue are not good enough defensively and we don`t have the midfield players who are suited to that role.It could be a long season!!

  12. JIM says:

    yeah stop plotting the fall of arsenal because of 1 bad pre season result how many times would you see the second half line up go out to play for arsenal the positives you seem to have forgot that gallas and djourou linked up well at centre back restricting valencia to 1 or 2 shots on target in the first half and they were from distance i felt it was a good work out away from home against a good team with excellent players sometimes results like this at this stage of the season works out better than an unbeaten pre season

  13. Daniel says:


    “My point?

    Tonight was a sign of things to come”

    What 0-0 away from home against a very good spanish side. Dear lord, we’re in trouble.

  14. Alex says:

    Outclassed?? Hahah. First half was even , RVP shoulda scored 2. 2nd half we were good at the start, theo again shoulda scored, last 20-25 mins we were poor because of the many subs. Shoddy defending for 1st goal and Silvestres fault for 2nd.

  15. Gary says:

    Nice to see Wenger and his folly exposed yet again. Will this stubborn man ever learn?

    he would rather settle for mediocre strikers like RVP and Nicklas, instead of world KLaas ones. Will settle for mediocre DMs like song and denilson and very poor defenders like silvestre.

    The fans need to sack him at the end of the season, if he fails(i am sure he will) to win the CL or PL.

  16. Arsh says:

    You lot who are saying the team is ok,the squad is strong enough are out of your minds and being plain stupid if not retarded. The squad was thin last season, we got beaten badly by man u n chelsea. Now we’ve sold two players, another out for months and another always injured and you think the squad is suddenly good enough?! Quit sucking up to wenger and deluding yourself. We will get massacred if we go into the season like this. And stop being positive for the sake of it. We’ll win fuck all with this squad that’s been depleted further. That’s the truth. Don’t like it? Fuck off.

  17. Daniel says:

    Second half was 2-0 defeat but with this team

    Fabianski (who was injured for the 2nd goal)

    Traore (3rd choice left back)
    Silvestre (4th choice CB and shit)
    Can’t remember the other CB]
    sagna (played quite well)

    (quite clearly that midfield will never play again this season)

    Eduardo (played quite well)

  18. David says:

    ArsenalAction you are an embarrassment. As Daniel states, where was your report after the Emirates Cup??? Most teams will lose at Valencia this season. By the way, you still fail to asnswer my questions from a few weeks ago: Who would you replace Wenger with as you clearly want him out? Lack of substance to your points makes your views meaningless. Lack the average numpty, you moan but offer no solutions!

  19. DUZIE says:

    We just need 3 players. one DM, one FW and one CB. Nevertheless, we didiwell today . we substituted our main players, thats why we had abad result.

  20. Dapo says:

    Aw come evribody is dwellin on d negative. Song was fantastic 2nyt.. Did u guys c dt. We lost wen we had no dm. gibbs 4 song, d game was 4 fun, apparently

  21. ArthurTheGooner says:

    Come on guys get your act together, it was a friendly to start with, secondly 2nd half we played with teenagers and I’m proud of them. Young Jack was a bit lost hence you can see why he shouldn’t play in the premier league yet.

    This game can not justify how the season will turn out, Liverpool lost 3:0 to Espanol and I have never heard any scouser calling it a fucking tragedy. Get a grip you moaning morons or else get playing football manager on your consoles perhaps you are only good at that!

    I can not stand some of you making it sound like a disaster.

    Get behind your team you plastic fans!

  22. borngooner says:

    dude u need to get the name of ur blog changed to “spudsaction”
    or are u among those 10% of supporters who change there team every season.

    its just a single game, no mater what managers say about there team plans u cant believe them and dats wat happened 2day. 1st half was decent and that what matters the most”IF U ARE A TRUE GUNNER ” that is ……..

  23. Mr Cee says:

    Guys whilst I think Arsenal’non’action is well of the mark with his assessment of the game, I side more with how Daniel looked at things but there are some worrying signs there for the start of the season.

    I love Arsenal but even my blind faith can’t muster up enough belief that we will be good enough with this current team to win the league or champions league and thats just my personal view.

  24. GoonerVance says:

    Same old Arsenal, always talking about how we played better, but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t score more goals than the other team. Our back line has gotten beat the entire pre-season. Atl. Madrid and Rangers both exposed us easily at the back, but they didn’t have the quality to finish. David Villa tho, has plenty quality. I don’t even care about the result, I care more about how we played and once again, we show how brilliant we can be at times and then do something stupid to concede.

  25. Farty Foulke says:

    It’s “should have”, not “of”. And “a lot” is two words.
    Apart from that I agree with everything you wrote. Walcott!!?

  26. JOEL says:

    He’s had the whole Summer to put things right and hasn’t!Having brought in a new Centre Back it seems that he could be injury prone or possibly not strong enough to stand up to the rigours of the Premier League..The season starts next week and that game won’t be any easier than tonights.The manager has chosen to ignore the need for a dm.A requirement that’s been more than obvious for the whole of the last year.He’s ignored the obvious attributes of Huntelaar instead making overtures to a second rate French League Forward ;and has then only stepped back in his pursuit as a result of the fee.If Chamakh is only worth £5-6m (even taking into account the stage of his contract)he cannot be good enough.Arshavin’s arrival last January papered over the cracks and Monsieur Wenger has done little to sort things out since.A club which has spent less than the likes of Sunderland in recent years can’t expect to challenge for honours.
    The kids coming through will only develop if they are surrounded by the right kind of leadership on the pitch.Man United won trophies with kids because those kids were nurtured by the likes of Cantona,Bruce and Pallister.Wenger has forgotten that his winning sides were based upon the foundation of some great Senior players in combination with younger flair merchants.Unfortunately too many seniors have left the current squad without suitable replacement.I now have the same negative feeling about this team that I had towards the end of the Graham era.I’m sure that most,reading this,will vehemently disagree.But with a Board who are only interested in their own personal power base and a Manager who treats club funds as his own I can only see problems ahead.There seams to have been no proper plan formulated with regards to “Winning Trophies” this Season- merely a hope of maintaining the “Status Quo”.Sadly I don’t feel that this current side are capable of managing even that!

  27. Tim says:

    I think you need to calm down. We didnt play with our strongest side and its not a sign of things to come. Some of the players who started the game (Bendy, Eboue, Diaby and Djourou) are not first teamers, so i dont know why you are pushing all the panic buttons. Im sure we will be ready for Everton next week, but for us to challange for trophies we still need a quality CD and DM imo.

  28. JOEL says:

    Yes,you are absolutely correct Tim- we do need both a quality dm and cb.But will we get them-I seriously doubt it-and if Bentner,Eboue,Diaby and Djourou are not “first teamers”-what precisely are they?They certainly played a high percentage of 1st team games last season for Arsenal.Admittedly I don’t believe they would have played as regularly if the’d been on the books of any other top 6 side!! But like it or not the manager seems to have a high degree of misplaced faith in them-oh,we should also add Denilson to that illustrious quartet!

    • Daniel says:

      They play so much because our creative players are always injured.

      Djourou isn’t a bad backup- vermaelen is injured.
      Bendtner isn’t a starter, rosicky and nasri are injured and would both be ahead of him.
      Eboue started but sagna is clearly the starter.
      Denilson played so much last year because if injuries, he isn’t a starter.
      Diaby is an enigma, He can look brilliant one day and then 3 days later he’ll be awful. The only way he’s going to be great more frequently is to play more often sadly.

      I agree, we need a DM and a CB but to say our season is over after tonights game, a game in which a first team drew 0-0 and our youth/reserve team lost 2-0 is ridiculous.

      It’s sensationalism at the expense of common sense.

  29. Ash says:

    maybe it may be time for you to support another team as you fail to grasp the meanining of “supporter” it means (since you are ignorant) that you support your team through thick and thin. It does not mean that you should use disapointing games as a excuss to slag your team of. Iam not saying that we were brilliant or that we ca not do with 2 more signings, all iam saying is we are there to get behind the team no matter what happens not run off after we are 3-0 down (against man u ) . I went to watch the carling cup game against liverpool several years ago when we beat them 6-3, what i was amased about was that allyhough their team were being humiliated by young arsenal side most of the liverpool side stayed until the closing stages singing you will never walk alone. But supporters like probabily would not be able to hack it and would do a speedy exit ( hence the game against man u ). Remember it is still preseason and player such as diaby and theo have not even played more then two games, and also if us loosing 2-0 to valence is the end of the world what is liverpool losing to espanyol and athletico madrid 3-0 and 2-1 respectively (with full strength squads). I can bet you that tomorrow the media will make such a big deal about it and won’t even mension other results. However although i don’t think this performance wasn’t as disastrious as you make out i still think we could do with two more players a defender and a lone tall striker who can hold the ball up and bring others into play. Also since some gooners and media people have selective hearing the gaffer has said that he will try to bring two people in an that arsensal do not have the same financial backing as some other teams in the league ( including teams such as sunderland and tottenham)

  30. Dwaine says:

    I love this blog..The only Arsenal blog on the net that says it how it is..

    • wandarah says:

      haha, yeah right – i dont think logging comments as someone else, pretending to support your shithouse blog, fools everyone

  31. Saintyjones says:

    Pre season Is a time you test ur first team and your bench. Our first team and bench constituted all that played last night. So if we lost, the whole team and manager in parenthesis lost.

  32. Goons_with_Guns says:

    It may have been a mauling by Valencia in the 2nd half, but we should be taking heart that there was more dirtiness in our players out there, getting an elbow in the back on a header, or tackling hard, which is nice to see again, finally.

  33. Steve D. says:

    It was a pre-season friendly FFS – I am convinced this blog is run by some Spud supporting red top journalist who just can’t wait for the team to fail. You cheer and get excited when something goes slightly wrong and are nowhere to be seen when the team play well.

    If you truely supported this club, you’d get behind what ever team is playing and you’d fight to keep the best manager ever to have graced this club!!!

  34. rust76 says:

    Arsene definately needs to beef up the DM any case no 1st team players are able to sustain the no. of games per season hence, reinforcement to assist the younger batch is required. Not only to create a positive ambitious attitude but providing leadership as well when key players are put to rest. This was seen when gilberto was still around…able to leading a 2nd line while cesc was resting on games etc. Definately a purchase of a defender and DM not a Striker…why buying a useless striker that contribute a lesser amount of goals than Bendtner? Its stupid… Thats what i think

  35. dan says:

    I think we can all admit now that in order to maximize the entertainment value on the pitch we should dump any two players and throw on usmanov and kroenke, think about it, we’d get much more out of it. We can put fizman in goal, he’s sort of hapless porpoise isn’t he?

  36. JOEL says:

    Apparently,the only type of true Arsenal supporter is one who agrees with everything that the team does-no matter what!That’s fine if you are a mindless sycophant but I am not!I ,like many others, have seen many versions of Arsenal over the years including the turgid mid-table dross served up by Terry Neil and Don Howe in the early 80s.At this moment in time I find the situation at the club extremely frustrating.The team is, as many have noted, not very far off the mark (this being capable of winning Trophies) but they are being hamstrung by factors which are effectively not of their own making.The Club Transfer Policy is a joke.The income generated from the sales of both Toure and Adebayor has not,in my mind ,been ear-marked for replacements but utilised to pay off debt.Debt which should not be leveraged through transfer income but by other means.If the Board are unable to do this then it’s time they relinquished their Power Base and brought in people who can!
    The loss last night to Valencia is certainly not the end of the world ;but the team were well beaten by a side who finished 6th in the Spanish League.Yes Arsenal were the better side for much of the first half- but how many times last season did we say that having witnessed another frustrating draw with a side who should be beaten.The team,itself,lacks leadership and steel through the middle.Nearly every Commentator worth their salt will say that Arsenal have “a weak spine”.The new formation requires RVP to lead the line -he is a very talented player but a central target man he is not.Cesc needs adequate protection in the centre of midfield;otherwise he won’t have the time on the ball to weave his magic.Defensively Arsenal need back-up-they need Hangeland.Gallas might be a good defender but how committed is he?;Djourou and Sylvestre simply aren’t good enough and we still haven’t seen anything of Vemaelen.
    For the whole of the Summer supporters have been clamouring for just a couple of necessary Transfers to be made.Played Fantasy Football Manager and have seen nothing really happen.So is it any wonder why frustration reigns.Now we cling to the hope that the appropriate player(s) will be brought in before the end of the Deadline.A process which will possibly save money but won’t help the team aclimatise to the season ahead.The game against Valencia should have seen our new players make their debuts- showing what the future offers.Instead it proved to be a damp squib.But before I sign off I have to be positive- at least for the sake of some of the “foul mouth ranters” who have blogged before me-Don’t worry everything will be solved when Arsenal pay a second rate fee for a second rate forward from Bordeaux; who will play a handful of games possibly score the odd goal without setting thev World alight before jetting off to play in the African Cup!

  37. Hugo says:

    “It could of been alot more then just 2-0”

    In the first seven words of that sentence you’ve managed to get three of them wrong. I don’t know what’s worse about this site, the childish spelling or the childish crap it spouts.

    And if you don’t know what the mistakes were just ask your teacher when the school term starts again.

  38. Endi says:

    Nice post again, Arsenal Action. Saying it again, just the way it is!

  39. Aussie Ash says:

    Joel you are spot on mate. To all those people who have faith in this squad, wake up. On paper our first team doesn’t look too bad, not world beaters, but solid. Add injuries, which from an arsenal team is inevitable, and we start to enter dangerous waters. THIS SQUAD JUST ISN”T GOOD ENOUGH.
    Wenger, you have to spend, please shelve your deluded faith in players like denilson, silvestre, bendtner, and make the obvious reinforcements that are plain for everyone to see.

  40. J says:

    I am not losing my faith in Arsene Wenger or Arsenal but Arsenal fans.
    What a bunch of whining idiots we have become.

    Season before last narrowly missed out on winning the prem. Last season was a bit of a mess because of Greedybayor Flamoney and Helb. This year we have a great chance as the rest of the top four have got weaker not stronger. TRY SUPPORTING YOUR CLUB!

  41. mike says:

    Arsene just sign two more players and we’ll be fine!

  42. Jeremy says:

    Apart from Ramsey and Wilshire, dun really see any possible hardman or potentially good players from the current crop of so-called youngster.

    Diaby, Denilson couldn’t really pass well and Song is like a 30+ slugging through the pitch.Not sure if anyone could remember,AW said before he don’t like to buy in January window.

    And it looks like we going to lose Eboue on the free soon since he wasn’t going to be automatic starter.

    Our defenders seem quite unsure of themselves even.

    No point saying what will happen.The battle of Britain with Celtic and our final standing in the league will be the best yardstick to whether is our beloved club is going backwards.

    Sadly,be it AW or the board,no heads will be spared if things don’t turn out well.We fans have been patient for far too long.I think we have to hear of the truth about the current club financial situation and nothing but the truth will suffice.

  43. Paul N says:

    over board madness!

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