“FOUR” Missed Opportunities or Good Judgement?..

Posted: August 8, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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As we all knew it would be…This summer has been awash with endless transfer rumour and gossip.

I would say that 90% of the names that we have been linked with are nothing more then media speculation to generate headlines.

However some names do have some credible argument, 4 players who were linked with this summer have now signed for other clubs and at reasonable prices.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar to AC Milan £13m
Felipe Melo to Juventus £17m
Sébastien Bassong to Spurs £8m
Lorik Cana to Sunderland £5m

I know some members on our forum were very keen on all listed coming to Arsenal this summer but we missed out on all of them…

So was this “FOUR” Missed Opportunities or Good Judgement by Wenger?

Whatever reason we didn’t sign them I’m sure Wenger has other players on his hit list. So lets just see what the next 2 weeks bring up.

Keep the faith

  1. redbearer says:

    Wenger also missed out on Gareth Barry… ok so we wouldn’t match their wages but at 12 mil if scouped up early enough he would have done a better job than what he have there atm!

  2. stuart says:

    Keep the faith!
    The summer is not done yet….and besides if we don’t sign anyone we have emmanuel bingbong and francis cock-well-in as central midfielders, while we have sanchez watt and jack wilshire as attacking midfielders. Finally we have big harvard and kyle bartley coming through as central defenders….

    Most clubs would die for the quality of youngsters comming through at Arsenal – we are seriously talking wonderkids not alsorans!

    Besides come Aug 31st, arsenal would have signed patrick vieira, big brede and possibly chamach….there is no smoke without fire! We had this with nasri and arshavin. I think the only 50/50 is chamach but if we dont sign him in the summer, we certainly will in January!


  3. stuart says:

    Gareth Barry is the wrong side of 25 – so no deal! Plus he is highly overrated. Even if wenger wanted him, there is no way he would be able to match man city’s wage structure at present.

    Man City will probably enter the top 4 this year, but it wont be long before chelsea’s owner gets bored and leaves – then its bye bye chelsea.

    My prediction this year:

    1st Chelsea
    2nd Liverpool
    3rd Man Utd

    4th Arsenal
    5th Man City
    6th Aston Villa

    I believe it is a toss up between teams 4-6th this year for 4th place… It is likely Man City will make it as they will spend another 100m in Jan!

  4. ian says:

    for huntelaar, thou his scoring records speak for himself, but if he’s that good why wud wenger & ferguson not sign him? for cana, this i’m not sure but i’m confident we’ll have an defensive midfieder signed by 11.59pm 31 aug 2009. hitzelsberger anyone?

    arsene knows (i hope he still does)

  5. stuart says:

    When you analyse the three teams starting line-up they make for interesting reading:

    Man City:


    Richards Toure Dunne/Lescott Bridge

    Wright-Phillips Barry Kompany Ireland/Petrov

    Tevez Adebayor/Santa Cruz



    Sagne Vermaelen/Hangeland? Gallas Clichy

    Denilson Fabregas Diaby/Ramsey/Vieira?

    Arshavin Bendtner/Chamakh v. Persie

    Ast Villa:


    L Young Davies Cuellar Shorey

    Milner Reo-Coker Gardner/Sidwell A Young

    Heskey/Carew Agbonlahor

    I believe that with the three additions I believe Wenger will bring in before 31st Aug – remembering that he said he will BUY ONE OR TWO players (Chamakh and Brede I believe) and a third being Vieira on a FREE so not technically buying him!

  6. jazbo says:

    What kind of prediction is that??? it should look like this

    1) Arsenal
    2) Liverpool
    3) Chelski
    4) Manchester City

    5) Manchester United
    6) Aston Villa
    8) Everton

  7. t says:

    If we cannot meet their wage demands then its not really like we were in the game in the first place is it? If we have not had the sufficient strenght to compete in the first place(maybe on the exeption of Cana) then its not like whe have missed out on something. We simply havent been able to compete in the first place. Due to lack of transfare budget or lack of having the strenght to compete wage wise. Besides rumours do sugges that we bid 17 mill for Huntelaar.
    Now the real question would be, if we have had a lack of adequate funding for new players, as in either we havent been able to match their wage demands or we havent had the muscle power financially to compete, who’s fault is that? Is it AW that just dont know how to spend or is it the board that doesnt allocate adequate resources?

    As far as i see it, if we are underdog both wage wise and transfare fund wise, we can count ourselfs lucky for staying in the top four all this time. Also expect it to become worse. Whetere AW stays or not, if we do not have the sufficient economical power we wont be able to compete on the highest level no matter what manager we have. A new manager will have exactly the same problems, not managing to sign Huntelaar due to wage demands, not managing to sing Melo due to wage demands and the fact he WANTED to go somewhere els( yes,not everyone dream of pl, believe it or not).

    Except from the Cana signing i doubt Wenger has had the luxury to apply neither good or bad judgement. Both his hands are tied on his back when it comes to economical matters. Of course, he likes to develop young players and he likes to get peope up from youth teams, but the man isnt stupid. He knows that without reinforcements we have trouble. But what is the man to say? go out public and stab his own board in the back? Saying we need more funds to compete, i need more money to win?
    But that is the reality and that is what we have to deal with. No new manager will suddenly have MORE money to buy with, and suddenly bring in more expert players, cos there isnt any money. And that really isnt Wengers fault. Most of the money we got in this summer are already spent on Arsharsvin and Veemelaanen and you guys know it. SO why all the hassle all the time? Why always moan at Wenger when you know the problem is at board level? When you know he doesn’t have the money that other clubs has?

  8. stuart says:

    Haha Id love you to be right, but if recent times has taught us anything, it is to be realistic….quietely optimistic yes, but realistic!

  9. stuart says:

    excellent read t – completely buyin to everything you’ve said….us gooners have to be patient and realistic with our lot! We must also keep the faith in the youngsters we have as they are our best shot of remaining in the top 4- certainly our wage/budgets dont render us to the likes of liverpool/man city/chelsea – but as ive said before, it is only a short-term fix for those clubs and i believe if I was a man city fan I would actually be quite worried for the long-term future – just look at newcastle and leeds!

  10. Gooner Grantski says:

    Stuart you pessimistic arsehole why dont you go support Everton

  11. stuart says:

    no need to be offensive! I dont believe ive been pesimistic either….

  12. goonerpete says:

    I was dissapointed we didn’t get Cana, he only costs 5 mill and would have been worth a go.

  13. Jack says:

    Why is Eduardo not in the first team his the best striker we have had and Wenger himself said that he can take over from Henry.

  14. Anegor says:

    We keep the faith but I in thus two days thinking something.If our club buy player in last two hours that will cannot be a big star.You will say why?Because if you buy that kind of footballer the team who sold that player must find replacement.What happen with liverpool thay sold Xavi but buy Aqvilani.That is the problem with buying in last two hours of transfer window.

  15. islingtoner says:

    van Persie;Eduardo

    and with Vermaelen, Ramsy, Diaby (if he can start to fulfil his potential), Walcott, Nasri, Vela, Gibbs, Traore, Wilshere and Bendtner all pushing for a place. Not too bad a team. Things could be a lot worse.

  16. spanner says:


    1st- ARSENAL
    2nd-who cares
    3rd-someone else

  17. Stu says:

    Im glad we didnt sign Bassong. That fella is shit, hence why he got relegated with a shit team and then joined the spuds (or he is about to..cant remember).
    Zidane said we tabled a bid of 17m for Huntelaar but for whatever reason it didnt happen. So we were in for him but we have enough options in attack fo im not fussed about that one.

    Cana….well he went to Sunderland for 5m. How good can anyone be if Sunderland are the only team bidding for him and got him for 5m. Marseille didnt rate him anymore, why else would they sell him for so little?

    And Melo, i watched him in the confed cup and depsite playing well he was not the defensive midfielder for them. It was Gilberto the whole time. And i have heard from people who watch him regularly that he is just an older, more stupid version of Denilson. I didnt think it was possible but i guess he it is. Not what we need at that price.

    And for the person who shares my name…not being pessimistic? Like fuick you’re not. Saying arsenal, the club you “suppost” will battle it out with Shity and Villa it very pessimistic. You should be saying we will be fighting for the title. Thats optimistic.

    And heres my prefered arsenal team(or the one i think is our strongest) if we dont buy anyone:
    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
    Fabregas Song
    Van Persie Eduardo Arshavin …..(injuries permitting)

    Until Rosicky and Nasri return have Ramsey in there.

  18. Stu says:

    Fucking typos! But you know what i mean!

  19. RVP ROCKS!!!!!!!! says:

    champions of europe
    wilshere lifts the carling cup on his own
    fa cup champions

    and yes i will keep dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Definitely win one or two though

  20. JOEL says:

    Unfortunately his decisions have been based upon his belief that the transfer market has been inflated by Real Madrid and Manchester City.As usual whilst Monsieur Wenger doesn’t mind benefitting from these exorbitant sums of money he does not believe in paying for players based upon the same inflationary values.A truly ridiculous and paradoxical belief system.Both Melo and Huntelaar should have been brought in.If anyone had told me that we could sell Adebayor and Toure,after the season they have had; and replace them with a proven goal scorer such as Huntelaar and a current Brazilian International who’s very much in the Gilberto mould;and still have £10m left in the bank I would have said-“Great Business”!Instead it seems that we are trying to buy a mediocre forward who offers little to the squad ,let alone the team,on the cheap!
    I still believe that Paddy is worth a punt given his experience which would surely be of great benefit and that Hangeland is an absolute necessity.It will be interesting to see how the defence cope with the Valencia forward line tonight=I have a sneeking feeling that they might struggle although it depends who plays!

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