[Predictions 2009/10] Can Arsenal finish in the top 4?

Posted: August 9, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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With a week to go till the start of the new season, NOW is your time to get your prefictions in…The thread will be locked after kick off.

Can Arsenal pull something out of the bag and win the title this season? Or as many fans think it will be a long season for the gunners and for the first time under Wenger we will finish outside the top 4.

See Sinbad’s post { HERE } He has Arsenal finishing 6th this season. Do you agree with him?

Have a go and see if you can get it right come the end of the season.


  1. Gunnerboy says:

    We hope to finish as Champions

  2. green says:

    2nd, off by 3 points.

  3. Renan says:

    We’ll finish first.

  4. anthony says:

    one more signing and we will finish 1st this squad is sure to deliver now

  5. nicky says:

    The way to total success next term is simple. (1) leave the buying and selling to Le Patron; (2) learn from last seasson NOT to lose points from “lower” teams in the Division. We did OK against the “top” teams.

  6. adam says:

    if wenger does not by a defender will will finish out side top 4.we were shocking last night .valencia made us look like the under dogs and they could have scored for fun.are defence is not good enuff

  7. blake says:

    one more hard defender, servet cetin is real hard man, if we dont get a DMF ,it wont be a disaster, because i can see song doing the job, he done well last season, , but i think defence is the real prioraty, servet cetin, pls AW sign him, but if we do get a dmf he doesnt have to be world class, matuidi, veluso one will do, but we dont need it as much as a defender(servet cetin)

  8. Joe Nelson says:

    i agree with most of the above….or below lol…….
    i think we will finish 4th yet again if we do not sign a bold defender…..perhaps another striker???
    if we get the transfers ….we can be title contenders……if not ….i think we will be in a bit of a struggle to finish in the top 3……should be able to get 4th easily

  9. lee says:

    i think we will definately finish in the top 4 but if we buy BREDE HANGELAND we will win!, he is an awesome defender and can solve our ‘conceding from set peices’ problem. HANGELAND 2 ARSENAL COME ON WENGER!

  10. Sean says:

    Can we stop talking about top 4 now, lets not make that an expectation… lets take that for granted, its our belief in the team which will bring us back to our formative days, all the players we have currently are able to make us the best in the premiership- this in my belief is the start of the revolution. We should be able to bring through our youth players more and more in the coming seasons and the prospect is crazy, but to make it happen this season needs to be a major title

  11. RVP says:

    We are the arsenal, we should aim for first not fourth, wer’e too big for that.

  12. Tim says:

    If we dont sign a CD and a DM we’ll finish 3rd or 4th, but if we do make those signings i think we’ll win the league.

  13. ramu says:

    at this time,everyone will feel i m joking or just a crazy fan but beliveme arsenal will challenge very hard for the league title this season and also win..the young players will come of age…arshavin,fabregas,eduardo,van persie will be the men to do it in front of goal..

  14. Richie says:

    Once again 6th place if they are lucky. Couple of injuries and this squad is too light. They are too weak at the back and too many mediocre replacements for our starters. And why is that useless Eboue still in the side. Also no more signings from that cheap bastard Wenger. Never saw a guy who likes to bullshit about who he is looking at when everyone knows he is not about to part with a Euro.

    • JonGunnergetya says:

      Richie: You must feel like a shallow, faithless, ****.
      Eboue playing very well, Vermalen in – already a star. And most of all to show no faith in wenger shows how thick you must be!!

  15. GunnerX says:

    It’s well annoying that this current group of players are just one or two additions from success, and all this waiting until the eleventh hour to pick up some bargain basement rejects is just plain weird if you ask me. Really it totally illogical behavior and is not befitting of a club like The Arsenal.

    • markus40 says:

      it is well annoying and totally pisses me off that wenger cant see the players that are not good enough he is still trusting to do a job, that they obviously cant do.
      get in a quality DM and a tall strong quality defender and maybe another out and out forward and this team will be strong, but no wenger will wait till deadline day and go for cheap end of sale players.
      we had the chance to get alonso and because wenger didnt want to pay a little extra we lose him,
      he just wants players on the cheap, well now we have near on 40mil from the sales of adi and kolo why the hell is he not spending to get the players that we need in??????

  16. Ezekleef says:

    Arsenal are not a bad team,what i pray is for all the players to be free from injuries this season especially,fab,rosicky,arshavin,eduardo,and ofcourse everyone. ‘WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS’ THIS SEASON, I HAVE NO DOUBT ABOUT IT WHETHER U LIKE IT OR NOT……. ”THE GUNNERS,THE NEW CHAMPIONS THIS VERY SEASON” EZE,DSM,Tanzania

  17. Simon says:

    I love how people underestimate us, it will bite em in the ass for sure.

  18. lolsad says:

    It’s so sad to think that a couple years ago during pre season we were asking the question “who else is going to challenge with us for the title” now it’s “Can we finish in the top4???”

    It’s pathetic. Last night was dreadful and just a little sneak preview of what we’re going to see all season I’m afraid. Our defense is shocking, Wenger has had all window to address the situation but has failed to do something about it. He’ll wait till the last minuted to pick up another reject or some 12 year old African “superstar”

    Lovely times ahead! :}

  19. PissedGooner says:

    top four finish without doubt! I dont think we have the strength nor depth of squad at the moment to make any real predictions of winning major trophies other than we will never be as bad as Tottenham which is all that matters to me. In a league which now demands physical strength over technique and speed arsenal are way underhanded. We dont even need to spend BIG rather get some players in of BIG stature. Please wenger you must notice we need strength, what are you waiting for, your prestige as a manager/coach is second only to that of Sir Alex so almost any player would like to play under you and your staff. If you really cannot afford it just say so that we can all get behind the players you so highly rate in your squad rather than raising question marks over thier weaknesses. I believe the current squad can achieve greatness even in the face of ridiculous over spending by other clubs wanting to emulate your success but us fans will just have to wait for that day to come which is only a matter of time in my view. Managers coaches players and fans have all learned a great deal from you Arsene now they know it all its time step up to the next level and that being of physical demand rather than pretty passing. Its time to change your style Wenger and stop living in the past as are many of us fans, Its not just big spending that has brought success to chelsea and manu it is simply a case of physical prowess in the places that matter, infront of both goal lines.

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