Wenger “is no longer interested in buying Marouane”

Posted: August 18, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal interest in signing Marouane Chamakh is over.Today the Bordeaux president Jean-Louis Triaud said

I personally called Arsene Wenger who said he was no longer interested in buying Marouane. I think Arsenal’s victory over the weekend at Everton speaks for itself.”

Chamakh has now accepted Arsene Wenger will not return with another offer this month and is willing to wait until the player is a free agent.

So is Wenger still looking at bringing in a few players before the end of the transfer window?

Personally i feel we still need 2 players, its going to be a long season and yes we have had a great start but we cant get carried away with one game.

We still need that ball winner in the middle of the park, Yes Song was fantastic vs Everton but we still need a player to do the same job should Song be missing. And lets not forget he is going to the african cup. We dont have any other player like Song at the club.

We still need 2 players. Dont let the win vs Everton fool you…

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  1. eddie says:

    I agree that we need a back-up for Song – maybe Matuidi of St. Etienne, although they want 12m for him. We also need another CB as Silvestre is pap, Djourou always injured and Song needed in midfield.

  2. perrygrovesworld says:

    Lordie lordie, are you Sinbad in disguise?

    have you ever heard of brinkmanship? it obviously fooled you. Lord knows how bad you would be in negotiations. West Ham won’t offer more or they would look desperate and the other teams are outside London. So Chamakh knows that he has an even chance to work with Wenger if he holds out. On the 30th August, you will see Bordeaux getting a little more eager to sell… and yes Wenger will spend.

  3. Steven says:

    I am not a part of the ‘Arsene knows’army but I am willing to wait till August 31st deadline to see the two players Arsene will buy;he’ll do it cos he knows Edu, Rosicky, Diaby, Nasri and RvP are all closer to the treatment table than most. And Song is out for ACN January and could come back injured or out of form. And its a loooong season ahead;no need to make same mistake twice. Chamakh, unfortunately, got caught in the middle of two clubs. Sorry mate, was already salivating at what his addition will bring to an already fiery strike force. We wish him the best at West Ham but Arsene will find a more than capable replacement.One thing is sure that Arsene is searching for players ‘better’ than what he has now. Targets like Melo, Federico (Sevilla) reveal Prof’s ‘taste’ for top quality that wont alter the cheque book. And for a coach who sends scouts to watch a player for about 50 times, and will even spy on them in training before agreeing to buy, let’s stay positive. Gunners for life!

  4. woody says:

    brinkmanship or not we do not need this bloke. why chase him, scoring goals is not the problem, its conceding them, look at last years top 4 stats

    a c/b for sure for the reasons eddie suggests. i am not so sure on the out and out d/f midfielder as i am not sure it fits AW ideas. I read he wanted to make Nasri more defensive, he certainly tracks back well, and then ramsey can do same thing. A good tackler needed but also some offensive leanings

  5. thenry says:

    hear hear stupid plastic johhnycumlately know it alls get right on my tits.
    dont most of you expert morons know by now that Wenger will sign who he feels can benefit the team not cos the media and stupid fnas jumping around at the latest link.

  6. Claude says:

    How come people think Chamakh and Matuidi are going to improve us? I’d much rather see Vela and Ramsey get more playing time. I think we need another centre half, and Haangeland would most definately bring something we don’t currently have. The rest, I feel, we have the players to cover.

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