It Was Not A Dive…

Posted: August 26, 2009 by thevanster in Uncategorized
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Hello all, been a while since I’ve posted on the blog. Hopefully I’ll make for a little more positive reading than Sinbad, or rather, present my views less controversially.

This is not a match report, rather my thoughts on the recent Celtic – Arsenal game.

First off, let me say that if we play as openly as we did in the first half, United will rape us. Having said that, we started the game 2 goals up against lower quality opposition, so in this scenario was not bad and very enjoyable. Put in the disciplined, organized performance of the second half and it’s United that will get destroyed. Even if we do lose to them, this game was more important. Be a bit annoying to have our momentum stopped, but I’m quite confident against the bigger teams. If they thrash us, then maybe we’ll need to have a look at ourselves.

Not a single bad performance today, so I’m pleased. I very much enjoy watch Dudu play, such an intelligent footballer. And Vermaelen is as well, reads the game really well. The team sheet at the start didn’t exactly fill me with joy, but it turned out alright.

I don’t think Dudu dived. It looked like he tripped to me. To my knowledge, he has no reputation as a diver so why would he when we’re two goals up? Was definitely not a penalty though and I can understand the frustration of the Celtic players and in no way do I blame them. I would have gone completely mental if I was on the receiving end of the stick.

You’ll get a clearer view of what I’m saying if you look at it from another angle.

He gets caught in two minds I think. Was going to try and beat Boruc, but when he saw he couldn’t tried to cut it back with his left foot or stop and lost his balance or tripped on the turf. Hard to tell which.

You only need to be a psychologist if it’s a 100% dive, but this is not. Not in my eyes anyway.

It doesn’t look like a dive to me and the fact that he has not dived before and has no need to makes rather more sense then him suddenly deciding to win a penalty.

People will go on about Wenger’s comments and how we as Arsenal are a bunch of hypocrites, but I suggest you take whatever comments he makes with a pinch of salt.  He will say one thing to the press and another to the players. Wenger is anti-diving. He has publicly criticized Eboue in the past for diving.  I don’t recall Sir Alex Ferguson having much to say about Cristiano Ronaldo diving, yet he seemed to have cut most of that out towards the end of his time at United.  I don’t doubt Ferguson had a word with him in private.

But in the end, that goal made no difference. Even if we hadn’t scored, they were still two goals down and would have had to attack, which would’ve opened them up so we would have scored goal two regardless. Had they scored in between those goals, it may have been a different story, but they didn’t, so it’s a moot point.  Celtic trying to deliberately injure our players seems to be a bigger issue to me but I doubt it will get a mention. Whereas when Eboue accidentally injures John Terry, he should be kicked out of the country for touching England’s little star.

No doubt the English media, hypocritical cunts, will vilify Eduardo. Celtic players will bitch and moan about how nothing went their way, but the fact that they had one shot on target the whole game, and that coming in the second minute of injury time, says it all for me. If their captain was not such an incompetent, maybe they would not have been in this position today.

A word about the incident at the end. The match was lost. Had it happened after the penalty, I would have understood it but Scott Brown having a go at a 17 year old and then the whole Celtic team ganging up on Denilson – who seemed to have suffered the brunt of their frustration for reasons unknown to me – says it all. Today, Scott Brown did not look like the best player in Scotland. He looked like a thug and an utter cunt. The whole Celtic team  seemed to have a mentality based on the fact that they’re used to having decisions given to them.

The Fabster

  1. guest says:

    arsenals new striker.

  2. SoCalReferee says:

    You’re trying too hard to defend this. It was a dive, no doubt about it.

    And yes, Dudu has a reputation for diving. He has did an outrageous dive last season in his very first game back with the reserves. He did it again later in a different game and received a caution for simulation.

    Celtic supporters will make much of this, but for me, the dive didn’t matter any more than the Gallas deflection did. Celtic were outplayed on every square inch of the pitch. To make a lot of Dudu’s dive is to neglect the fact that Arsenal were completely superior and could have scored a thousand goals.

  3. TrueGooner says:

    I haven’t look at ur clip yet and i could tell it was not a dive for the telly. The keeper sliding body did make contact to the player unplanted leg. maybe it shouldn’t have been a panalty, but it certainly wasn’t a dive. I feel ashame of gooners calling Eddy a dive on other sites

  4. SoCalReferee says:

    Please. There’s no contact at all. Watch the clip and focus on Dudu’s left leg, the way he intentionally holds it back as if he is being tripped by an invisible log. It is a classic striker’s dive. We all love Dudu, but come on, don’t be blinded to reality just because the guy had a compound fracture. Compound fractures do not make you a saint.

  5. Button Goon says:

    Anybody remember Rooney diving against us a few years back?? Or how about Michael Owens dive against Argentina? “The foreigners have brought it into our game” – Sick of It!! I know its wrong and I agree that it wasn’t as clear cut as they are making out today, but it’s part and parcel of the game nowadays. There were at least 2 occasions that Eduardo was pulled back when he was trying to break away and countless incidents of Diaby and Bendtner being pushed and pulled off the ball – many of these incidents coming before the penalty so it’s not as if Celtic were playing by the book themselves.. How about in the first leg where Cesc has got the bruises to prove that they were out to “do a Bolton”.

    Now that this game has gone, we can concentrate on our Manc double bill – 4 points would be a result!

  6. Stu says:

    Lets be honest. It was a blatent dive but i franky dont care. Other teams dive so often. The scousers, Ronaldo and Rooney, all the italians etc etc

    Im not going to defend the dive because it benifited us and its not the norm at arsenal but the reaction in the media and all the arsenal haters is just beyond ridiculous. Calling us cheats, divers etc etc but this is the first time we have dont something like this in ages.

    Its all very annoying but not very suprising. We will not hear the end of this for a very long time. This weekend just watch as Rooney dives around the place and nothing being said about it.

  7. shad says:

    Fuck Celtic. They were embarrassed. End of story. Arsenal don’t like it up ’em? Hah. Celtic behaved like cry babies just like Arsenal have in the past when things didn’t go their way, but Arsenal have cleaned up their act a bit in this department. Celtic as an institution I have a lot of time for. This group of players however are still stuck in the 20th century. Mowbray should move most of them on. Cunts. Didn’t like it up ’em apparently. 5-1 and very little reaction to their leaving the boot in, a tactic any moron can embrace. Takes a bit of footballing skill though to live with the Arse or any of the other big boys. . Slink off back home and whinge, ya whinging whingers.

  8. Danish Gooner says:

    How many times havnt we been on the end off injustice when penalties are handed out just on the top of my head Shrek at old Trafford when we lost the unbeaten run and the toure incident at Anfield in the Big Cup a couple of seasons ago those decisions were crucial decisions made the wrong way.Tonight Celtic made it look as if they were gonna defeat us if they hadnt conceeded that penalty………what utter bollocks,they could have played till the cows came home and they still wouldnt have come close.This is probably the worst Celtic side in years and their useless british sergent major Tony Mowbray is just another completely clueless washed up journey man of a manager from the lower echelons off disgusting football tactics.So to sum it all up Celtic were a shambles and didnt deserve anything Arsenal played beautiful football at times but still overelaborates much of the time and will be strongly tested at ot but here is to sticking it to Sir Taggart.

  9. Matthew Wade says:

    Jesus guys..we are all Arsenal fans, but it WAS a dive. He assumed that there would be contact, and started going down in anticipation, but Boruc did very well to avoid any meaningful contact, and in the end it was a dive. Agree that it may have been partially motivated by his injury and fear of contact, but he either way he embellished whatever minimal contact it was. Its a pain that it was in such a high profile game, because that means that it will go against us for the rest of the year….

  10. guest says:


  11. Jesus_Saves says:

    IT should not have been a penalty, but the issue is not whether its a dive or not, the issue is that the media have seemingly been waiting to get something on the “perfect” image of arsenal. its been blown out of proportion. Hopefully we can win the champions league and become a “big club” like what Henry said.

  12. josh says:

    it is an obvious dive. im an arsenal fan. very embarassing. eduardo never struck me as the diving type. trying to defend him just makes us arsenal fans seem very biased and incapable of objectivity. i really think he should be banned for two games (we won´t need him given the group we´ve been dealt) and then just get on with being the fantastically talented player he is.

  13. stephen says:

    Not a penalty, but not a dive, it did not matter, we still creamed them over both legs.

  14. Jesus_Saves says:

    If the same incident happend against arsenal, im sure we would be angry. but the issue is that the media has blown this out of proportion as if this was the worst case ever and as if we consistently do it. Its sad that there are many anti arsenal ppl in the media. It was a bad dive, the contact made was not strong enough to bring him down. but the post match commentry was all about the incident

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