4 days until the deadline. Wenger must spend if Arsenal want to win the title

Posted: August 27, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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With only 4 days until the transfer deadline, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has to decide NOW if he feels the squad is currently good enough to win the title.

Wenger has the money to spend on fresh players after the summer sales of Toure and Adebayor. But will he spend it?

Its been a great start to the season and after hinting all summer that he would sign new 1/2 new players the time has come for Wenger to show his hand in the transfer market.

Wenger has recently ruled out moves for summer targets Chamakh, Hangeland & Matuidi so does that mean that Wenger is happy with the current squad and wont sign any new players? I think so!

Personally i feel we still need 2 players. A CB and a CM, My reasons for this is clear, If Gallas gets injured i dont think the likes for Silvestre & Djourou are good enough to deal with the likes of Drogba so we need a powerful CB.

As for a CM, Alex Song has had a great start to the season but who else in the team can cover that defensive role? lets remember that he will be off to the Africans cup as well, So we must sign a ball winner in midfield. I still feel we need that Flamini type ball winner in the middle of the park at Arsenal and i have hoped that Wenger would address this position this summer.

Like i said its been a great start to the season but lets not forget that we got off to a wonderful start 2 seasons ago and were top at xmas only to fad away and finish 4th. That’s why i feel we MUST strengthen before the deadline and build on this start and push on towards the title

Debate this more in this thread (HERE)


  1. Rd says:

    It does not matter what you think is needed for the team. Our squad depth is fine. Song is going to miss a month in feb due to the ACN but if I remember correctly, there is another transfer window in jan. So lets see how we do till then and if further additions are needed, they will be added.

  2. pH says:

    We’ll sign noone. That’s the policy, the money has gone elsewhere (debt), face it.

  3. dan says:

    i will be very surprised to see any new buys, i think he is happy with his lot. the problem is any new centre back is going to have to be a back up to TV and Gallas and not sure who out there is good enough for us and better than djorou, happy not to be first choice and costs the right amount money, funnily enough, Huth, Dunne or distin all probably could have done the job but they all moved elsewhere today. no way is he going to spend $10m plus for a reserve.

    clearly djorou and sylvestre are no where near good enough to play long term for us, so let’s hope they both remain fit.

    no chance of a centre midfielder coming either. he is happy with song, denilson, diaby ramsey and cesc.

  4. Jack says:

    you must be outta your tiny mind if you think we are gona win the league this year with the team we have…. yes our starting 11 is talented and on their day can beat anyone, but if we get just 1 or 2 injuries we go straight from a good team, to an average one…. we need 3 maybe 4 established players before we can think about winning the league again… id absolutely love it if we got the fa cup this year, but honestly without some major investment in the squad i cant see us competing for the league or champions league, we are a few players short…. hope wenger does buy but cant really envisage that happening

    • alastair says:

      we already have one or two injuries and the squad looks ok-Wenger has always said that he will not buy unless that player is so significanty better than what he has………..we have looked ok so far! Saturday will be a good barometer as to whether we need a few more players or not.

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    This team unfortunately have an inherent flaw ,it has no bollocks when the going gets tough.

  6. Aeoric says:

    Anyone who thinks our squad depth is fine as it is has their head in the sand. We have squad fragility right down the spine…

    Fabianski (who frankly isn’t a Championship-winning GK) is injured currently for a few months – leaving Mannone (1 senior cap) and Szczesny (0 senior caps) as our only backup. If Almunia is injured or suspended – are you, in all honesty, of the opinion that they could go into crucial games (europe/premier league) and perform at the highest level with no experience?

    Lets look at CB next, Gallas and Vermaelen have struck a good partnership quite quickly (especially so since Vermaelen was injured most of the pre-season), and despite conceding 3 goals in 4 games and not being fully tested yet (Drogba, Anelka, Torres, Defoe, Adebeyor (lol j/k), Ronaldo, Eto’o, Ibrahimovic, etc) are comfortably our optimal CB pairing. Who steps up when they are injured or suspended ? Djourou, Senderos, Silvestre (at a push Song, who is 1st choice in another position at the moment). Of these Djourou is the most promising but often injured (like now), Senderos is a pile of nerves and slow, Silvestre is old, slow and (what do you think of) spurs. Hardly confidence inspiring is it.. ?

    Ok, on to Defensive CM – Song is having a great start to the season, hustling and harrying, tackling and adding some physicality to the midfield outside our box.

    Take a closer look and watch how many fouls he gives away (something he will have to learn to cut-down from leading exponents of the foul-without-fouling like Makalele in his prime, Petit, Gilberto). Given our frailty against set-pieces, these are likely to cost us a couple of goals a season. Of course, no-one can realistically expect a DCM to go through the season without injury or suspension given the nature of the role – but given we *already* know he’ll be missing for the ACoN at a crucial part of the season, why (??) would we put ourselves in a position where we buy in January and expect the new guy to just fit-right-in without an acclimatization period?? Why in a league as fast and physical as ours, and for a position as pivotal (especially in 4-3-3) as DCM – would we go into the season with no dedicated backup for this position?

    Finally – pointman – striker – leader of the line, well we don’t have one. At best we can play Bendtner there (although we have that option now, and for some inexplicable reason, Wenger plays RvP (who is explosive cutting in onto his left foot from right-inside-fwd) up there with his back to goal, getting hacked every game and getting nothing from the ref). We sold the useless Adebeyor, and are not replacing him with a player that can actually work that role and prove a (strong, physical, fast) handful for the opposition centre-back pairing. Eduardo, whilst deadly running onto a chance, is not physical (or fast) enough to play lone frontman, ditto for Vela, Walcott.

    We have tremendous flank options throughout the squad (def/mid/fwd), but a real frailty, not to mention lack of experience and thinness of squad down the spine. (Some) people may think this is a lot, but I believe we are those 4 positions short of a team that could achieve everything in the game.

    No point in talking about players that fit this bill but have already moved on this summer for small change and were overlooked, but there are still plenty that are available: Akinfeev (Gk, CSKA), Sahko (Def, PSG), Matuidi (DCM, St Etienne), Dzeko (Str, Wolfsburg)

  7. RVP ROCKS!!!!!!!! says:

    All I know is that we have 7 players injured and the team is still doing brilliantly. I agree we probably need to bring in A player but, with gilberto-like qualities who can play midfield and do a job at the back

  8. Nephilim says:

    Aeoric’s comment is absolutely spot on, couldn’t put it better myself (not sure about the player recommendations though). If Wenger thinks this squad is strong enough to win the league’s he’s nuts. Yes we’ve had a great start so now’s the time to strengthen further. We are definitely short of world class cover at CB, CM/DCM and CF.

    • Rich says:

      Short of world class cover at CF, what?? We have at least one of RVP, Bendtner or Eduardo on the bench on most occasions, have Walcott, Vela and Rosicky coming back who will play in forward three, and in addition Arshavin has more than successfully played as a striker through the centre for both Zenit and Russia.

  9. gunner90 says:

    I agree the squad is too small – at the end of last season, Wenger said he had identified the problems why we had failed once again to win anything. So he sells Adebayor and Toure for £39 million ( which I agreed was great business and also were 2 players who had fallen out with some of the other players). He buys Vermaleen for £10 million which means he has ( I thought) £29 million to buy the additional players we need to reinforce the squad ( another tall striker, a proper defensive midfield player and a tall CB who would deal with people like Drogba and the other physical strikers who always cause us problems – particularly in away matches). Now Wenger says he is happy with the squad – which almost certainly means no more players coming in before the deadline. We already have 6 players on the injury list and you can bet ,with our record in previous seasons, there will be plenty more in the forthcoming season. January is a terrible time to buy players – also they cannot play in the Champions League. The £29 million will go towards our debt and we will win nothing again!

    • Rich says:

      Those 6 players will be coming back with the exception of Nasri, none are long term injuries, Rosicky made his comeback then suffered a completely different injury, which is common for players who haven’t played for a long time.

      We are coping well with the current injuries!

  10. jo eskimo says:

    When are you dreamers gonna wake up? You keep banging on about the boss having to buy, but who is out there to buy that can walk into our side and is guaranteed to improve it? Even if we had the resources to cherry pick the worlds best players is that any guarantee that we’ll be sweeping every other team aside? You’re all missing the point. Anyone that would agree to join us at this stage is going to be a squad player, and by definition not good enough for our first 11 or anyone elses. That’s why we’ve followed the policy of buying players that are flying under the radar and try to groom them into becoming the real deal. I concede that we are short, but the real quality that we need are tied up and unavailble. Our scouting network is going to have to work overtime to pull out some supersize rabbits, or the rest of the squad will have to up their game ridiculously for us to become the force that we all want us to be.

  11. Stuart says:

    Give Danish Gooner a silver lining and all he’ll see is a cloud. Clown!

  12. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

    Our squad is absolutely massive. In all departments. No other club can completely change the team for Cups are we do and stay successful. When Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott and Djourou return we will have world class players sitting in the stands.

    We are uniquely a club of supporters that get sucked into media impressions designed precisely to suck you in.

  13. Igbokwe says:

    We are two shot players away from competing favourably til may next year.a combatant DM and a CB to compliment any injury and absenties which has become a norm in the club.

  14. We are Arsenal Not Arsene!!! says:

    Arsene will not buy experience player so he can save the money and pleased the boardroom member$ who is always happy as long as the club making profits even though win nothing and guarantee his job).And also his current squad is too small (without key players like CF4 and AA23)and injury prone (TR7,TW14,RVP11). With his small number of talented and potential squad, he will point to the inexperience and injuries again if we fail to win something this season!!!

    • Rich says:

      you have no idea, unlike most clubs Arsenal’s shareholders do not take a dividend, so its not making them money, they are paid salaries for work they do for the club, and not exorbatent ones at that.

  15. Alan says:

    When I woke up on 2nd Sept 2008 I was absolutely gobsmacked to see we hadn’t bought and I think it was obvious to most Arsenal fans that day that we were f*cked. Eager not to disappoint the frail squad fully justified our gloomy premonition.
    If Wenger does the same again all I can say is he will fully deserve what he gets. As someone mentioned earlier our spine is way too weak. Personally I think we need a 1st choice keeper, center-half, center-mid and striker. Out of those 4 the center-half and midfielders are vital.
    Granted we are playing quite well at the moment but it is very early days. For years under Wenger we have not strengthened when on top and as such have never prolonged our success e.g. never retained the league.

  16. Steven says:

    So far so good. What happens if injuries render Euardo,RVP,Gallas to name a few areunable to play.Don’t forget Song and Eboeue will be unable to play in janand feb?If the team continues to do well does it mean AW is satisfied with the squad?
    I believe Arsenal have been undermined by the lack of depth in the past and this is nothing new. Last season was a good example. Bf AA arrived,AW continued with his usual optmism about squad strength, and the need for no additional players.Arsenal struggled during the autum a nd early winter.It was only when AA arrived that the attack received the boost.
    The epl is the most phsical league in Europe if not the world.Two footed lunges which would injure most players are dealt with a yeelow card when a red shd be the minimum.Bear in mind the average weight of the player at this sort of tackle is about 😯 kg plus or 170 lb plus you would then have an idea a player could easily be maimed.Just ask Eduardo.
    The SFA are asking UEFA to ban Eduardo.When liverpool con the ref for the penalty against arsenal AW did not ask babel to be banned. What about Taylore who wreaked the most horrific injury on Eduardo.He shd have been banned as long as Eduardo was unavailable.
    I believe that AW could do some business come dday.

  17. john says:

    Wenger will buy but i think alot depends on senderos leaving. I think hes after Neven Subotic well John Cross a gooner working for Daily mirror thinks so.

    Boy if i was Wenger i would take Christian Poulsen on loan from Juventus as cover for song in midfield.

    Johan Djorou is good enough what are people on about the guy was immense last season and players especially young players develop even more.

    Wenger is right 6 months later arsenal will be even stronger. I cant belive ppl think djorou isnt good enough and hes only 22, 23. I think hes one of the best 23 central defenders in the world. Hes improved greatly him and vermaelen will be first choice i reckon later on in the season. I dont think gallas at 32 can play 50 games on the bounce without picking an injury.

  18. john says:

    Arsenal havent got a small squad. And to write off younger players is plain stupid. These younger players denilson, walcott, bendtner, song got arsenal unbeaten for 21 games wihtout the experience.

    In the big games we had half a team missing ie semi finals. I think people underestimate our squad depth.

    Silvestre is at arsenal to help the younger players hes got great experience can help the likes of vermaelen, djorou, clichy.

    I am happy with the squad cause the players will get even better later on in the season. Bendtner, walcott, song, denilson, vermaelen, djorou will be even better in 6 months.

    But i do think we need at least one player in defence. Get a tall centre half and thats who Wenger is after its obvious

  19. Maddog83 says:

    If you look at what the squad looks like all that would be required is a CB and a DM. Up front we have Arshavin, Bendtner, Eduardo, Vela and RVP. In the middle of the park you have Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby, Song, Ramsey, Wilshire, Rosicky, Walcott and Nasri. Defence you have Sagna, Clichy, Gibbs, Vermulen, Gallas, Senderos, Djouro, Eboue. Another DM and CB is all that is required as back up then could keep the same squad for years and win trophy after trophy. The 4-3-3 lets the players rotate around keeping everyone guessing which is good to see. Diaby if he stays fit will be player of the season this year just wait and see.

  20. Jimmy says:

    I also think our squad is good enough but we would need to buy another centre back, gallas, silvestre and senderos are all out of contract at the end of the season, so we should get someone now so they have time to fit in and maybe become part of the first team net season, Neven Subotic would be ideal considering his ade and height.

  21. Jimmy says:

    I also think Djourou is a great defender considering his age, at 22 years old he already hs 23 international caps for Switzerland, he was also fantastic in his performances last season and had good partnerships with oth Toure and Gallas.

  22. mike says:

    I think we are just 1 or 2 Players away from being a real force this season honestly all Arsene needs to do is sign a CH and a DM and thats it, but if he dosent and the injuries start to set in. he will only have himself to blame. I dont think anyone will be buying our invented phrases like UNLUCKY, POTENTIAL, KEEP THE FAITH, YOUNG SQUAD. etc. Its either they deliver this season or they never will. and when i say deliver i dont mean they have to win the PL or CL they must not finish 4th they must try and get to the semi finals of the CL win either the FA cup or the Carling cup and that will definately be a succesful season to me!

  23. KING GOONER says:

    regrettably sir wenger won’t buy(unless we get shafted by MANURE this wk end-as a wake up call)we’re getting the same spiel as last season-the end result will be that all the johhny come latelys will be after his head by christmas,stirred up by a media frenzy(who would like nothing better than for arsenal to give him the bullet!)-it could be avoided if he bought the 2/3 players we need to strengthen in depth for the inevitable injuries we are def going to get!but don’t hold your breath…..by the way, how is it every time we pay those shower of b******s from manchester we never have a full team-always 3/4 players missing-it’s hard enough trying to stuff them when they have the proverbial ref in their pocket with the usual DODGY DECISIONS!!!

  24. Lee says:

    This has got to be the most negative Blog ever! with the most morbid fans commenting.

    Have none of you watch the four games so far this season that we have won?

    We have five first teamers to come back from injury – yet it’s all doom and gloom…

    Shame on you. Stop whinging and get supporting.

    Spoilt brats.

  25. Ad says:

    Actually I think that Djourou is more than capable of filling in at CB and we have Song if a crisis arises.

    I do think we are light on midfielders, but we still only have one actual winger in Walcott so I think a further winger is required. But we’ve needed one for years so that ain’t about to happen now. We do need a CM though without a doubt.

    I just worry that we’re very short in attack. RVP hasn’t found his shooting boots yet but even so, we are starting Arshavin, RVP & Bendtner in most games. We have Eduardo who can replace either of Arsh or Bendtner but after that who is there. We sent Simpson out on loan and Vela is currently crocked with his ankle sio what happens if RVP twangs a hammy like usual in the international break. We NEED a striker, we missed out big time on Huntelaar so no doubt we’ll miss out again and have to buy the “awesome” Chamakh currently plying his trade in a low league in a currently domestically poor footballing nation. Wahey!

  26. hairy bottle says:

    haha most of you guys makes me laugh : D we dun need 4 more players, we need about 40 more cos I can foresee the next match there might be storm which injures the whole first team + bench….oh yes we need 40 more players…yes yes….arsene pls go and buy them now…..haha you guys are a joke

    • gunnersz says:

      We got too many fm08 gooners. Many of you thought money can buy good players. The truth it is not. take yourself in the shoe of a new Wenger recruit , One has to work very very hard to get into the young energetic arsenal squad. besides arsene do not give preferential treatment to any senior players through his ruthless sales policies. Many players wouldnt want to come to arsenal. it is a very tough environment for players to begin with. money cant attract talents alone as the player must have hunger and no ego too.

  27. Am disapointed to see that our manager can let a quality in Sneider to leave for intermilan,yet he was cheap.surely with the number of games we have,we rilly need atleast 3 quality players to be sure of every cup we are in,remember our players are injury prone,especially,Gallas,Fabrigas,clichy,sagna,nasri,eduardo,rosicky,walcot of which am sure these determine our season.Am not saying they will go at once but tell me a month we have had all our players and just think if they were all around.

  28. Ben says:

    we finished 3rd not 4th that season and we were only 4 points behind man utd

  29. wandarah says:

    Anyone who thinks we can buy anymore than perhaps one player, is totally unaware of the budget we are operating on.

    I would be surprised if we didnt bring one player in, but it’s safe to assume that the remainder of the profit from the sales of Adebayor and Toure have gone into servicing the clubs debt.

    This, while not perhaps bringing us much joy in the future – will of course, serve to pay those debts earlier. Once this is done, our financial clout will be very impressive indeed, and perhaps then we can buy all the players everyone is whining about.

    I dont see that happening for a good four years though.

  30. Sam says:

    For the record it was until march, and we finished third! not that it makes much difference!

  31. murtuza says:

    i wouldn’t be suprised on 1 sep 2009 when arsenal reveals vieira as their signing.

  32. Bash says:

    If Senderos does not leave, we are not buying any CB, its that simple. And i dont see him leaving with Everton already getting other CD. We need the books to be balanced (AW says). Remember no quality player wants to see on the bench.

    With the new 4-3-3 formation is use these days, with Song out or for ACN, Diaby/Denilson and Nasir will take charge. Though if we get a good deal an unknow guy might come.

    As for the CF, Chamakh might still come in (will be on bench mostly though)

    what do u think.

  33. nickoman says:

    any intelligent brain can tell that we need a CB and a DM . If Gallas or Song for instance gets injured our replacements in those positions wouldn’t even be Fulham class. All you deluded gooners need to wake up and Arsene you need to be more honest with us because know you would rather have Hangeland or Zapata rather than silvestre or Djourou. Has debt got anything to do with it? dah….. wake up everybody time to turn on those dinosaurs in the boardroom!!!

  34. Mat says:

    Maybe wenger has something up his sleeve. David Villa or along those lines. I think this season will either be a big winner or big loser. Wenger has done wonders for our football club and with the new stadium there were always going to be cut backs, however we have a team that will challenge this year and more importantly we have a bright future in times where some clubs are looking like they may not. People don’t see what happens behind closed doors for example Liverpool who have spent, spent, spent have won nothing and were very close to going into administration this summer before Hicks refinanced but they were very lucky because without the backing of the FA they wouldn’t of had that option. As a fan I would prefer Arsenal to have a future than not. That is what it comes down too.

  35. pat the gooner says:


    how can you say if we get a couple of injuries we go to an average team. I personally think as an attacking force we have the best squad in the country. Eduardo, Van Persie, Walcott, Arshavin, Bendtner, Nasri, Rosicky (That’s seven class acts playing for a maximum of four places, and I have left Vela out of this).

    Middle of the park aint exactly weak is it Fabregas, Song, Diaby, Denilson (that’s for playing for two/three places, without mention to Eboue who seems to be improving no end and the emerging talents of Jack Wilshere and our litte welsh friend)

    Clichy/Gibbs/Troare has left back well covered (Gallas can also play there)Sagna/Eboue has right back well covered. Centre Gallas and Thomas look a class act already. Djourou is good enough and Song can play as a decent centre back(I haven’t mentioned the other two)so we are not weak in any department.

    Having said this I would like to see one more good centre back and maybe a centre midfielder for when song goes the ACN.However, I think you will see my point, just a few injuries will not make us average.

    I am not going to get carried away with our start until after the trips to Manchester, bu personally I think we will finish in top three, and maybe an outside challenge!!

  36. ritesh says:

    About the disgraceful UEFA

    The decision of UEFA would not stand in a court of law.

    In fact, Arsenal can sue them over partiality and double standards.

    I would think that The Arsenal would not be able to do that, however us supporters of Arsenal need to organise ourselves to defend our team in an appropriate manner.

    We are against diving, YES. However there should also have been an investigation when we were kicked out of the Champions League by Liverpool when their player dived and win a penalty. Where was UEFA then? No inquiry? No investigation?

    We do not have David Dein to take care of politics for us now, and to be honest its better like that. Lets go for fairness and let the supporters take care of this.


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  37. cesc says:

    completely aggree! at the start of the transfer market i was hoping for a centre back and a defensive midfielder. wenger bought vermealen and he is lookin exeptional at the moment but as we have sold toure we could well do with another BIG! centreback, and if song is injured/away we have no standout name to fit into that important role. but who knows, wenger might come out and play sum1 else in that role and surprise every1! after all hes done it before .

  38. Jack says:

    win the title?
    utd were awful the day and we still got beat… u clowns need to realise that we are at least 3 players short at f*ckin least… and no the most important one is not the dm your all thinkin about its a f*ckin keeper… almunia barely gets into the top 10 keepers in the prem, and he wouldnt get into the utd, the chelski, the liverpool, the man city, the (fuck i hate sayin this) spurs team, the F*CKIN bolton team, the villa team… and there are more…. and i aint sayin this jus cos of the utd result, but because we he’s let us down again and again… he is simply not good enough… f*ck the dm and another stiker, or defender we need a proper goalkeeper and almunia aint it!!!!!!

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