[Video] OK Eduardo took a dive.But what about this lot?

Posted: August 28, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Whats going on? Why is the football world now started to look at diving like its something new? This has been going on for YEARS, so why is now Edaurdo being picked on and punished?
If UEFA want to start using video evidence to punish players then they need to look at this.

Eduardo dives and he is going to get fined and banned ? Ronaldo & Drogba have done it for years and got away with it EVERYTIME. WHY?

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  1. oskar says:

    UEFA are so lucky people have done most of the leg work on the most notorious offenders. There are already so many ready made videos on youtube for them to look at.. They can just start banning tomorrow! I guess Rooney won’t be playing against us!

  2. KingKolo says:

    How many times has Roll-naldo and Drog-dive Dived and won their teams penalties or free kicks. Why then is it a major issue with Eduardo. Celtic wer never gonna win that game, so what is their point in arguing it

  3. bishop says:

    UEFA are not using their brain(s) on this case. the bottom line is there was contact, how much and why he went down ‘easily’ is a whole different story. may be coz its ARSENAL and not CELTIC

  4. Akbar Ghaffar says:

    I say we bloody flood UEFA emails, postboxes with all these videos and links, racist twats. A million dives by Ronaldo, Gerrard and Rooney but no objection!!!

    • zef says:

      dats a good idea!! lets load d email with all d you tube links featuring Gerad, Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba……………….ect!!

  5. WarriGooner says:

    We night as well go back to the “hand-of-God” incident of 1986 and ban Maradona for two matches. Its never too late to do the right thing. Rubbish!!!

  6. arsenalDenmark says:

    This seriously makes me angry!

    So many divers in the EPL and now all of a sudden they want to punish eduardo.

    Drogba has already earned him self a 50 match ban, put together all the times he has dived.

  7. frankie frankie says:

    Fare enough Eduardo Dived. We don’t want to see it but what gets me is that if the ref had seen it properly Eduardo would have only got a yellow card. But now uefa don’t want to be embarrassed because one of there refs and 2 assistants couldn’t spot a dive they can now ban him for 2 games. This rule is the most rediculous rule in the game. Wenger is right to say its a witch hunt. I’m not condoning it, but its crazy to think you can get a 2 game ban for something you only get a yellow for. And to suggest it had any baring on the outcome of the game is the most stupid thing of all. Celtic were well beaten and it wouldn’t have made any difference. Punish one, then you have to punish all.

  8. GunnerX says:

    The Cunt that broke Eduardo’s leg into bits gets a 3 match ban and Eduardo gets a 2 match ban for trying to evade a challenge. I was at the game on Wednesday, at he time thought that the pen decision was harsh, but to get home and listen to all the comments about cheating are for me bang out of order. Let us pray that this action is taken against all players regardless of the league they play in.

  9. Cybury Gooner says:

    And where exactly were UEFA when Babel’s dive at Anfield knocked us out of the Champion’s league the other season. I don’t remember hearing a peep from them then, and that dive really did change the outcome of the match, as we were going through on away goals before that.

    If I remember correctly, the general response we that were simply whinging Gooners and it’s part of the game. Now we’re a bunch of cheats when it’s the other way. The media and UEFA are a complete bunch of hypocrites.

  10. davetherave says:

    What about the two games fabrigas has to miss due to their spirit of the game leg crunching.
    Why don’t we get our lawyers on the case like chelsea do every time the FA or UEFA try it on. They seem to piss their pants when clubs get their lawyers involved.
    We can then get video evedence of every dive that remains unpunished and ask why we have been made an exception of?

  11. sam says:

    i have sent an email to info@uefa.com
    with many other incidents of cheating

  12. davetherave says:

    I agree that diving should be made punishable amongst other activities like breaking a players leg where he can’t play for ayear.
    So why don’t UEFA make this law at the start of the season instead of waiting for media presure and using eduado as a scape goat.
    I might be primed to dive if my leg was broken and the intent of a possible injury was coming, wouldn’t you.
    I would do a chelsea and sue the UEFA for unfair treatment considering the players background regarding his injury.
    Players are trained to avoid body thrown tackles and considering eduado had his leg broken by one who can blame him.
    It was the refs disinsion to give the penalty.
    You don’t punish the drug adiicts you punish the pushers, so why don’t you punish UEFA and the ref for not using a preventive measure in the first place like instant video evidence and a fourth official who should be able to watch an instint replay and talk to the ref like the do in cricket?

  13. davetherave says:

    After watching the video of the incident.
    1. It was a side body sliding tackle-which is considered a dangerous tackle
    2. The goal keeper did not go for the ball because he brought his knees into play with the intention of fouling or intimidating the player into falling to the ground- which is “intent” punishable by a yellow card on any other part of the field.

    Why does the video not show the goal keeper nearly touching the ball instead of the player?
    If the goal keeper is stupid enough to try his luck then he deserves to be punished by a penalty.

  14. howitser says:

    for talk sake eduardo took a dive outside the box and won a free kick. then put the ball in the back of the net… think the out come would be alot different than all this bollocks..
    eduardo dived or avoided the challenge-ref got it wrong end of story. there was no way we would of lost that match 2-0 up. didnt see anything happen to dirk dickhead kuyt when he held back an helb in the box the night liverpool put us out of the champ league semis. far closer match and alot more at stake..

  15. This is utter rubbish, it is part and parcel if the game. How many times a real foul have been ruled against? and otherwise… it just cannot be tracked that easily seeing that there are thousands of such incidents. It is really unfair

  16. hantsgooner says:

    lets see if they charge messi for his attempted headbutt in last game or ashley young from thursday night

  17. GILBO says:

    Arsenal should get as much evidence of similar incedents and make UEFA
    watch everyone one of them and ask them to come out and explain to the public their decision to bring this one up and none of the others.

  18. Potter says:

    Messi – Young won’t happen. No Scots involved and won’t do anything to cover up the gulf of difference between the Premiership and their semi professional game.

  19. ritesh says:



    It is therefore important that UEFA are made to pay compensation for that. If they cannot make it according to the existing by laws, then challenge it in a court of Law for god’s sake. We have a CEO, and I have not heard anything from his side. The SFA went and did their shit, What is our Chairman doing apart from preparing the defense!! We need to make sure we are strong enough so that we are not hit with such shit going forward. STAND UP GOONERS!

    IF the Arsenal cannot defend themselves, then we have to ask the supporters to enter a court procedure. Can you immage for one moment that they would dare touch Drogba/Chelsea, Gerrard/Pool, or Ronaldo, Rooney?Man Untd??? No..then WHY??? OUR TEAM is letting itself down and it will have a bearing on our footballing performance. The Board needs to get this sorted… Actually, I am not sure that if Mad Usmanov had been our Chairman, these blokes at UEFA or SFA would have been able to touch us!!! Disgusting

  20. RobC says:

    If the idiots at EUFA want to punish divers,and this I have not got a problem with, they should have stated as much prior to the season starting and they must apply it to all games not pick and choose or bow to pressure from the aggrieved party. How many matches would Ronaldo,Drogba and many others have missed last season if they were given a 2 match ban each time they dived. Klinsmann would have missed most of the season for Spurs. I fully agree that we should make EUFA back down through the courts and make them fully aware that they will be opening a can of worms that they will not be able to cope with. But I will agree that divers should be punished but make the rule first and then apply the punishment.

  21. andreidagiant says:

    you dont get it do u, charge was for fooling the ref aswell, some of ur vidoes containd players NOT fooling the ref, u need videos that show wrong decisions being made. i must say that they have been priks wid now wanting to ban eduardo, if they want to do that they should let eduardo go off wi a warning and then start the bans after that

  22. rjp says:

    Platini or whoever in uefa making these fucked up decisions is a fucking queer cunt. Would they treat a Man U or Barcelona player the same way? No. Fuck off platini

  23. MR SMITH says:

    stupid…how many times christiano ronaldo dive?? how many times fifa take action to him???

  24. […] [Video] OK Eduardo took a dive.But what about this lot? Whats going on? Why is the football world now started to look at diving like its something new? This has been going […] […]

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