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Manager Arsene Wenger last night hinted that there will be “NO new signings for Arsenal before the transfer window”

Speaking on Arsenal TV Wenger was asked about if he expected to be busy working on transfers in the final days of the transfer window, Wenger said ” “At the moment NO, it’s very unlikely that we will sign a player, I must say. In or out.”

“Deja vu” for Arsenal fans?

Its seems like we have been here before right? Wenger has hinted all summer that he would bring in 1/2 player players to replace Toure and Adebayor. We also need a defensive ball winner in the middle of the park. I cant understand why Wenger would not invest in the team?

Any intelligent football fan can tell you that we need a CB and a DM . If Gallas or Song for instance gets injured our replacements in those positions wouldn’t even be Fulham class.

All you deluded gooners need to wake up and Arsene you need to be more honest with us because, you know you would rather have Hangeland or Zapata rather than silvestre or Djourou.

Bendtner is cleary not good enough to replace Adebayor so we also need a striker.

Has debt got anything to do with it? NO! Wenger has over £30m to spend on new players.
Wenger is just a stuborn man and if he refuses to spend on new players after selling Toure and Adebayor it will prove that he only cares about making a profit for those dinosaurs in the boardroom!!!

Wenger MUST spend if he really wants to to challange for the championship.

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  1. PETE says:

    Let the man Manage the team how he seems fit, he has done well so far, the silverware will come without a doubt.

    • Cypriot Gooner says:

      Nothing since 2005 pal

      • fissurezone says:

        And how did we win before that you dumbo?

        Ah, it mustve been you all along working your asre off day in and day out to get arsenal where it is today.

        Its a simple case of not finding the right players at the right price. Write it down and remember it the next time you go shopping in championship manager or whatever?

  2. MaddArchitect says:

    OH SHUT UP……wenger would manage his way or he go to madrid! take it or leave it. Unless you can or know anyone that can take over and do better than the God father of sexy football, i think you should be quiet or you can go support Mancity.

  3. Alan says:

    This is bullshit. Is Wenger schizophrenic or just bullshitting fans. Every year when we finish 20 points behind our rivals he declares “I have indentified the problems. We will buy and the fans will be reassured by what they see”. In true Chemical Ali style he then begins to sell players, slowly retract that statement, buy f*ck all and we, the fans, sit back comfortable in the knowledge that we will win nothing.

    • Rich says:

      So are you not reassured, he bought vermaelen, who has given us much better aerial ability in both open play and set pieces, has reinvigorated gallas, and has made Song into a genuine replacement for flamini!

    • jones says:

      i totally agree. its the same thing all over again

  4. kenny says:

    He’s right we have a good first 11 but if any of our top players get injured we are in serius trouble plus Song will be missing for over a month (Rocisky we don’t know how he will come back) there could be doubt’s over some of the others as well Eduardo,Walcott,Diaby,Van Persie, they all seem to get injured at some stage

  5. Mark Wellington says:

    Is this site in any way backed by Alisher Usmanov and David Dein? I’ve had my suspicions for a while.

    Arsene Wenger knows we need a centreback and and defensive midfielder, but he won’t pay more than he thinks they are worth no matter how much money we have. And you have to admit that Denilson, Song and Diaby have improved a lot since last season. If Djourou shows the same level of improvement, things might not be as bad as you think.

    I don’t think we need any more attacking players.

  6. paul says:

    I think Djourou is not a million miles away from being a top centre back; Silvestre on the other hand is at least a million.
    Still think we will see maybe one or two signings before the end of the summer. Honestly I feel the new formation and all pulling together could make this a very interesting season. I will know much more around 7.30 this evening – if we lose it may force Arsene’s hand (or chequebook)

  7. Steve says:

    “…Wenger has over £30m to spend on new players…”

    You know this for a fact do you, I mean you have sat down with Arsenal’s accountants, gone through the finances with them & can confirm that there is this money available? I may be a “deluded” gooner mate but your talking nonsense man, no offence.

    You strike me as a reasonably intelligent bloke but I suspect, after reading this article, that you are one of the thankfelly small minority of plastic fans that scout for new players via Youtube & thinks that because Arsenal have a sustainable busines model that they somehow are letting the fans down. Personally, I would rather my beloved club never wins a single trophy again if it means we sell out everything we believe in by allowing the latest billionaire Johnny Foreigner to get his grubby hands on it.

    It’s 2 games into the season and already you’re being the harbinger of doom “oh, what if so-and-so gets injured, what if this happens, what if that happens”, GROW UP MAN. We’ve made a flying start, the team are looking fit & healthy, so stop whining about things over which you have absolutely no control & enjoy this evening’s game against our old enemy 🙂

  8. Jarred Grimshaw says:

    Completely agree

    a) We need 1-2 players (as was promised)Simply the reason being is we Need cover in a couple of areas, Defence being one. My example is If Gallas and Vermalaen were to go down injured… How would we fare?

    My other example is what would happen If Van Persie got injured again? Bendtner is not a sniper, in fact he is far from it. These 3 players fitness along with the likes of Fab, Arshavin are vital.

    I have no complaints with Wenger’s tacticts, however, I think we need a big squad to win trophies! Our first eleven is great, however I dont see us, Even on current form (unless injuries somehow dont appear) winning any Major title.

    This has been my major worry, and this article sums it up perfectly. I will be bitterly disappointed not to see one or two players come in, and considering the time left in the TW, I doubt it is going to happen.

  9. Vishal says:

    Wenger will buy in January you clowns… When the players are less inflated!!! Song is available until the ACN in Febuary, so Wenger WILL find a replacement before he goes!! GOOOOONERS!

  10. james says:

    I can’t stand u idiotic fans you are so easily sucked in, the same thing is just going to happen again we will come up short at the end of the season. u idiots are only agreeing with AW because we have started the season well. Didn’t we start last season on good form like the start of this season. Idiotic fans getting carried away with the first three games of the season now everyone is turning a blind eye to new signings now fans are saying let AW do his job but i wonder what u idiots will say when we go on a bad run its funny because people always wonder why are own fans are the most pathetic well this is why. If we dont make anymore signings we will be punished u mark my words.

    • Rich says:

      ok how about we base it on middle of season 21 games unbeaten, the majority of which we were missing fabregas, adebayor and theo, thats what suggests to me, we have a strong enough squad.

      Signings don’t guarantee success.

  11. Gooner1 says:

    Can’t understand the point of this blog! Last time I checked, Wenger is probably the greatest manager in our history! So to say he is short changing us fans seems idiotic. The man trains with the team everyday and fully knows the strenght of our squad. I’m fully confident in whatever he decides we need or don’t need. We all know he will buy a player if we need them, and that he won’t spend money for the sake of it or if he feels the fee is inflated! Djourou is a quality defender who will be world class – just watch. It was people like you that have constantly said players like denilson and song weren’t good enough, now look what’s happening. Bendtner, whilst not yet a great finisher, is twice the team player of adebayor. He’s all over the pitch and in midfield helping out – which in return is allowing midfielders to break forward, hence most of our goals so far coming from them! We’ve put up with these players progression for all these years now so why not stick with them whilst they are now starting to look like it was worth it! Rather that write blogs questioning our great manager, why not support our team and sing up for the boys!

  12. Thor says:

    You seem far more concerned about buying players than winning football matches. From what I have seen thus far, the current crop is gelling together very well. It wouldn’t be a complete disaster if we dont sign anyone else.

  13. james says:

    How many time’s is AW going to lie to us? When does this guy ever keep to his word? The man is absolutely obsessed with proving people wrong he cares for know one but himself. When has this guy ever took time out and listened to the fans? LOL but fans are always ready to put there lips to his ass you idiots need to get some backbone.

    • Rich says:

      He did in May listen to what the supporters had to say. However, these supporters made personal attacks on his players, what manager will allow tht, it completely demoralises the team.

      is he supposed to get rid of every player the supporters don’t like. If so, we would have got rid of Eboue, Bendtner, Gallas and Song this summer. They have started off pretty well.

      All is not perfect at the club, but they are doing their best, from the directors all the way down. And given fans recommend players from limited viewings, I am pretty sure Wenger stands more chance of getting it right, by watching them in training in 30-40 games.

  14. Same old Wenger-The “ego maniac’s syndrome”.
    Such a talented manager,with such a “self distracted personality”.
    I think it the after math of the great success of the “invisibles”.
    I don’t blame Wenger.I blame the directors who Care’s only about saving money.
    We started the season very well,but during the long season,our thin squad wouldn’t be enough(same story for the last 4 seasons).
    Don’t understand me wrong,i think that Wenger is every talented manager,i think that we need a better director that will “exploit” Mr’ Wenger great talent.
    I need to remind every body(especially Mr’ Wenger that NOWBODY IS GREATER THEN THE ARSENAL!!!).

  15. Rich says:

    Just a few points.

    He did bring in 1/2 players – Vermaelen is one player.

    Arsenal’s backup’s at CB and DM not fulham quality??

    Well Djourou is ahead of Senderos, as our first backup, and if I remember correctly he held talks with everton throughout summer, who felt he was everton quality, and if I remember correctly Everton finished a couple of places higher than fulham last season! …. So we have at least two CB’s of Fulham quality.

    DM – have a look at Denilson’s stats for last season mate! he is more than capable, added to that Wenger and most other coaches Nasri have had say they see him as a DM. And for the follow up argument- What about CM if Denilson moves, Fabregas, Diaby, Ramsey, Eboue for two spots, we would have to suffer real bad luck to have all those out.

    Bendtner – 15 goals last season, limited starts, young and improving, catcch a grip mate, how many did adebayor score in his first full season with the club!

    Finally, If you insist on talking money, at least have a slight knowledge of the finances of the club. The directors don’t benefit from the profits, they don’t take dividends and haven’t for 30 odd years. Additionally, they don’t have to make a profit to protect their personal wealth, they are protected behind the veil of a limited company. All the board are doing is securing the financial stability of the club

  16. Maciek says:

    Guys, relax. I think, that he will bring at least one player. We are not far away from being great. If Senderos will stay, we don’t need another defender. But we still need another cdm. Matuidi, or Senna( why not?) and we are sorted. We have made 40 milion from Toure and Ade sale, add to this 25 milion from CL.So money is there.Even if You exclude 25 milion payed for Arsh and Vermintor. Take care, best wishes.

  17. Will says:

    Despite the emphatic victories this season, I still
    remain unconvinced. Everton, Portsmouth & Celtic have provided little in terms of opposition. The true test will come today. A poor result today will provide vindication to all those who have questioned Wenger’s reasoning in not beefing up the squad this summer. It is also of note that Arsenal were top of the league after 5 games last season, yet the league season capitulated shortly after.

    Thomas Vermaelen has made an impressive start to his Arsenal career, but lets not get too carried away. I do remember Phillipe Senderos looking impressive on occasions, in particular in Arsenal’s champions league run in 2006. Veramelen has yet to be tested. It is one thing defending against the likes of Jo, Samaras, McDonald, Fortune, Nugent, etc but It will be a completely different task defending against Rooney, Berbatov, Drogba, Torres, etc. Vermaelen in a recent international against Bosnia really struggled against the power & movement Dzeko.

  18. rav200 says:

    I don’t understand this article. We have maximum points, 10 goals in two league games, through to the champions league group stage and now have a good group draw. Wenger has spent well on Vermaelen, sold well with Toure and Adebyor both leaving for lots of cash. So where is the problem???? The squad depth is balanced, when everyone is fit a few players will struggle to make the bench especially in midfield. I think all gooners should be getting behind the team and supporting Wenger. If you want a club that splashes the cash there are two in Manchester.

    • arsenalaction says:

      The point of this article is simple.

      its been a great start but without investment we might go the same way as previous seasons and fad off towards the end.

      Many of us feel that we are still 2 players short of having a squad capable of challenging.

  19. james says:

    Don’t worry mate your article is a very good one, theses idiots are just to scared of losing AW so they will just accept any choice he makes weather bad or good. These idiots need to look in the mirror and ask themselves one question, who do i really support Arsene Wenger or the club?

  20. Boris 9 says:

    After todays game against ManU
    it will all come out of the water. A fact.

  21. rust76 says:

    I agree with at least another signing…. no need to be someone of a superstar brand name…just someone who will do the job “a consistent player somewhere playing DM – CB” 🙂 I hope tt helps

  22. Sean Gibson says:

    oh SHAAAT-UP. People get an obsession with new signings and arsenal are playing great at the moment. Yeah one or two new players would help, but they could also easily damage Song, Djourou etcs development. We also can’t just bring in a player with the intention to leave him on the bench as replacements as that would be ridiculous. Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott will come back and we might even have Senderos. I wouldn’t worry too much if we kept the squad the same.

  23. Peter M says:

    2 Points to make here. `
    1) No the board don´t take dividends, but if they can get the club to post after tax profits profits of 40-50m, which given the transfer dealings and previous years reports is very possible, add to the cash reserves and reduce the debt then they are on the way to making us more valuable.. which would lead to an increased payoff if they plan to sell out. Usmanov has been paying 2000 above market value but in about 13 months when the next two financial reports come out Arsenal could be the most valuable football club in the world, esp if the flat sales pick up to add to the booming football business (most profitable in the world I would hazard, only maybe Bayern could compete with us off the field at the minute). He is not that rich because he is a fool.

    2) I actaully think we can win something without new signings and like Wenger I am very optimistic BUT unlike Wenger I don´t see how a new signing would hurt anything but our record profits. I would like the insurance of one more top class defensive minded player (ideally a DM then Song could cover CB) but I think there is a lack of good ones around. Would also love Zapata of Udinese, have watched him a lot on TV and also in the flesh for Colombia… he is a top class player.

    • Rich says:

      They don’t plan to sell it though, most of the board members entered into a lockdown agreement, and any sales made by the board have been made to kroenke. Because they feel he is the most likely to keep the club stable.

      If they increase the share of their club because it is being well run whats the problem. Its not greed, which others have been suggesting, its simple business aimed at ensuring the club remains a going concern. In addition the cash reserves are essential, esp as the club cannot guarantee a profit on players every year. Further the three year transfer rule that is legislation, means that within a very short period of time most of are players tranfer value will theoretically drop to the remaining amount left on contracts, even Cesc will be worth only a nominal fee. We cannot rely on it, so if possible it needs to be used to run down debt aas much as poss.

  24. 26may1989 says:

    Just when did Wenger “promise” any new signings? How has he “lied”? Trouble is there are too many fans who read all the transfer gossip and journos’ spin and believe it. All Wenger has actually said is he’s looking to sign players, there are possibilities, he’s looking at new signings to find the right balance in the squad etc. There has been nothing absolute about anything he has said, so whatever you think about our squad, lay off all the bullshit about being lied to, you just sound like a bunch of whingeing, deluded babies.

    As the pre-season developed, and especially with Eduardo’s return to fitness plus Rosicky’s progress, Wenger came to the view he had enough attacking options (there was never anything about replacing Adebayor), so he didn’t need to sign an attacking player. On the defensive side, he has said he’s continuing to look but there isn’t much of the right quality out there that’s available. Or would you have been happy with Cattermole or Cana at DM or Distin or Dunne at CB? We do need one more defensive minded player (and given the number of midfeilders we already have, I would very much prefer a CB), but there’s no point signing anyone who is anything other than the quality of Vermaelan.

    Although I’d like to see one more defensive signing, we do have CB options in the form of Senderos and Djourou. I’m not over-impressed with them, but much like Song, Denilson, Eboue and Diaby, one or both of them may have improved – Wenger’s best placed to judge that, given that he’s the one who works with them day in day out. In central midfield, we have Fabregas, Song, Denilson, Wilshere, Diaby, Ramsey, Merida, Nasri and (as an option) Eboue. After them, anyone who watches the reserves knows we have some real quality in the likes of Emmanuel Thomas, Frimpong, Lansbury, Coquelin etc. Any signing we make may block the development of these players, which only underlines the need to make sure we only sign players of the best quality who will slot into our system.

    Very amusing to see all you Wenger doubters talk about Song in such reverential tones – this was the player you lot all rubbished a year ago, and laughed at Wenger’s predictions that he has a big future. And now you think the wheels will fall off our season when Song goes off to the ACN. Laughable!

    Bottom line, calm down Cypriot Gooner & Co, just accept that you know about 1% of what Wenger knows about football.

  25. Endi says:

    Israeli Gunner and James said it all. Arsene is a great manager, probably the greatest. But he’s selfish. I love this team, but i fear for it. In Nigeria, we say “count your teeth with your tongue “. Today, the real challenge starts.

  26. jones says:

    I really think what wenger is doing is extremely unfair and sadly i agree with this article. Only two seasons ago we were in first position until about march. Then the injuries started. If arsene cannot fulfil his promise to buy 1/2 more players and the injuries kick in at the middle of the season, then we are really going to have a big problem on our hands. I’m sure everyone saying arsene knows best now were annoyed at the fact that he bought only one player until we started winning matches. I’m afraid i must agree that they are….. well…… deluded.

  27. johnno says:

    what a shit article !
    if senderos stays we dont need another cb .
    obviously another fan along with james that think they can manage a footballl team cos the play champ manager you dont know what the team needs , you dont see the squad training day in day out , you dont know the personalities of the players at the club let alone the ones you think we should buy . and from this blog you dont know fuck all about football go and blog on the cypriot weather which you might know somthing about .
    failing that go and take sinbad with you and fuck off and support yes i said SUPPORT newcastle a club that excels in being run by the stupid fan.

    just to point out to you what we have starting 11 when fit almunia, sagna , gallas , verm , clichy , song , fab , nasri , rosicky , arshavin , rvp . second 11 fabianski , eboue , dj , senderos , gibbs , diaby , denilson , ramsey , vela, bendtner , eduardo.

    this squad is good enough to see us at least until january if not all the way with a bit of luck along the way with injuries .

    if wenger does bring in another player he would have watched him upwards of 30 times ( this does not include the player in training which will also be scouted ) .not just watching 5 min videos on u tube and the like which i take is what u excel in !

    why on a day when we face man u are u bringing up this shit ??? enjoy watching the game via a link cos i doubt that u will be at the game or any other throughout
    the season with an attitude that u have shown i dont want you there either !!!!

    • Eddie Yak says:

      Johnno ! Who are you ? Owner of Arsenal or you think you are John the Baptist, certainly not because they are never so foul mouthed like you. Only scambag write and speak like your article. You don’t own anybody or anything, everyone have their opinions, you keep yours and they keep theirs.

  28. Josh says:

    Jesus you guys do get your knickers in a twist! Calm down, we have made a good start to the season and hopefully it should carry on. I’m not getting carried away, I’m just looking at the positives and i suggest you guys stop arguing and do the same also. I personally would like a signing before the window, to add more depth but it would NOT be a disaster if we didnt sign anybody. We have many players injured and we are still winning games, not to mention we have young talent coming through. Big signings mean jack shit if they are not suited to the way we play. I don’t love wenger, quite the oppsite at times, but he knows an arsenal player when he see’s one. Bacary Sagna for example; relatively unknown and now he is one of the best right backs in the world. We do have depth, our players are improving, we are winning, and we may still make a signing. BE HAPPY!!! ITS A GOOD TIME FOR ARSENAL!!

  29. brr says:

    Wenger bought 2 players already!!!!!!
    1. Tom Vee 5
    2 Jamie Edge

    Thats what he said he was gonna do innit?

  30. Alan says:

    On the 20th of September 2008 we were top of the league. We all know what happened then and it was too late to do anything about it. We seemed almost reluctant to sign Arshavin and so nearly missed out. Had that of happened we would certainly not be in the champions league this season. We MUST buy.

  31. andreidagiant says:

    u idiots dumb?? deja vuu no?? last seaon mistakes was not replacing players, y do the same thing agen and keep our very thin squad the same, yes we off to a flyer but for how long?? wen is wenger going to learn, i dont want him to dig in the janary window jus coz we need players then like last season, better to be safe then sorry and get more players!! we want trophies and not POTENTIAL

  32. andreidagiant says:

    plus the squad are always full of injury every season we dont want the younger players on the pitch too often or we will get punished like we did against utd champs league

  33. blake says:

    brr, dw , he said it way after we brought TV and EDGE , so i got a feeling hes gonna sigh 2 players on the lst day like he always does, and hel suprise us aswel

  34. profarsenal says:

    we hav jus lost against nited now we will need frther aditions a striker maye if uve got atleast 50 mil consedring championsleague lottery buy aguero 4 30 mil and ben arfa 4 20 mil sell eboue,senderos and bentner they arnt needed could atleast make another 15 mil buy selin them

  35. Swann Song says:

    We dont need a defensive ball winner, AS SONG has been our best player so far this season.

    Followed by Denilson.

    Denilson has to learn a little bit more in how to keep the ball and he will be a good little player for us.

    As for Diaby – He has one or two good games then he gets either injured, Suspended or always gives away the ball (ie Chelski, FA Cup semi, he was the worst player)

    I would sell Diaby to a team like Lyon and use the money to fund a move for VanDer Vaart.

  36. Alan says:

    @Rich – you f*ckin tosser. Add a top goalkeeper to the list of required players. Do you still think we don’t need players. Will we wait on Diaby’s brain to shut down again before we agree that we need another CM.

  37. stoo-born man says:

    Get Stuffed

  38. stoo-born man says:


  39. Daakin says:

    The issue of getin more additions into d club has continually generated controversies frm time to time amongst fans.I think we need to give Wenger d chance to take his stance on team related issues rather than condeming his approaches.To me, AW isn’t a politician but a professor of football and as such has nothing to do with d politics in d club.Moreover, his young crop of players improve over d years and this we all can observe in their gelling together this season.I strongly believe this is our season where to end the drought about silvewares.Pretty soon d likes of Nasri,Walcott,Rocisky,Johan Djourou e.t.c will bounce back into d team stronger and d skies would be our limit.In Arsene I trust!

  40. Eddie Yak says:

    I think every single ARSENAL fans will be disappointed. Looked at last night’s game against Manchester United, the Arsenal players were bullied throughout the game by both Manchester United players and the referee. Mike Dean. If this is a bribery investigation Mike Dean would be the prime suspect because he has a motive. Anyway this type of match scenario always happened to Arsenal went they play the top four be it Chelsea or Liverpool. The fault actually is within Arsenal themselves, they always seem to cracked and players start to make basic, simple and silly mistakes. We alway shoot our own feet. I would say the lack of experience and temperament. Wenger is extremely stubborn, just like a donkey, and he refuse to accept the need for better players. If last night we have able replacements, like a Lampard, Ballack or Essien for the injured Fabregas, do you think we will be bullied by Manchester United ? Anyway Song and Denilson did their best and if Arsenal won there will praises for them for doing a good job, unfortunately we lost – brickbats as usual from the fickle. I sincerely wish Mr. Wenger will understand Diaby is not up to the level require of him. This guy play without conviction and he simply daydream and sleepwalk through the match. He only woke up after his own goal. Yes technically he is up to the mark but football is not just physical it is thinking game perhaps he should consult Ashavin on how to play the game. Aaron Ramsey is not ready yet – period ! His final pass is absolutely POOR giving the ball away to MU to counter attack several times. Mr. Wenger if you think this squad is good enough to win you the League, FA Cup and Champion’s Cup without buying any more players than I beg to differ, you WILL FAIL ! All the Arsenal fans will cry without you !

  41. Erik says:

    “Not even Fulham class”? sorry, had to stop reading your non-sense at this point.

    CB – I admit that once we have an injury we might struggle, but to cover we have a player that holds the record for longest time played before conceeding a goal in the Champions League in Senderos who is more experienced now and just spent a whole year training with the best defender of our generation (Maldini)

    DMC – We have 3 players contending for this position who are just developing, what is the point in signing someone for £20m to play here and hinder the development of our players.

    I just got back from a long drinking session and reading crap like this annoys me, why do “fans” think we are just gonna go and buy, we are not a buying club, just because Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool do it doesnt mean we have to.

    4 years without a title? so what, we play the best football and we develop and create teams from scratch with little resources, this team is 23 yrs old in average, cost around £30-40m and are genuine title contenders, you SHOULD APPRECIATE AND ADMIRE THIS ABOUT YOUR OWN CLUB.

    If you are a real fan you’ll see that even without signings we will win the title either this year or within the next 2…. a £30m DMC and Defender wont guarantee us the title.

  42. Melvyn says:

    No team can be a top team without a decent goalie. Almunia is a clown. He can be a decent shotstopper sometimes, but his judgement is appalling. He fails to come when he should, he comes when he shouldn’t. Diaby screwed up, but it wouldn’t have happened with a proper goalie. Our team is a talented attacking team and now looks like it can defend too – but it will not succeed with that Goalie. I don’t understand Wenger – he knows that Almunia isn’t good enough – he’s said so. He thought that Fabianski was going to step up, but it didn’t happen, and yet he does nothing about it.

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  44. cyprus tax says:

    LEt me just repeat what I read earlier: keyword: “at the moment”..

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