Arsenal NEED to sign Chamakh

Posted: August 30, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Its clear to me that we need Marouane Chamakh at Arsenal.

If Wenger wants to play this 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 we need more attacking players.

RVP has yet to score in the league. Eduardo is coming back,but for me is still not ready and Benther is just not good enough. We need a player with real PACE up to and who is good in the air, Chamakh has them both.

I don’t understand why we have not signed him? He wanted to join and stated as such. Wenger also is on record as saying he was wants him at Arsenal.

I hope that Wenger will come back at the 11th hour to resurrect his interest and according so some reportsThe Gunners are preparing one final bid for the ace

Chamakh has had a great start to the 2009/2010 season by scoring 3 goals in 2 games

There doesn’t seem to be much noise coming lately from the player or his agent, which can of course mean there is nothing there…or there is possibly something in the works.

Lets hope that on transfer deadline day we will get the news we have been wating for all summer and he has finally signed for us.

Roger Milla { proud member of Arsenal Action }

  1. john says:

    Yh i think we do need chamakh. I like bendtner alot seen him grow up from the youth ranks he was destined to become world class player. hes only 21 and i think he will get alot better. But for the moment we need some who can play as a good target man chamakh can do it. Bendtner on the right plays well

  2. AA23 says:

    i agree, we need a focal point to the attack. we havn’t got a striker like chamakh who has BOTH aerial prowess and speed..

    although more urgently we need cover for song ACON and at CB because i dont trust silvestre or djourou

  3. johnno says:

    i would much rather see the money spent on a decent goal keeper thanks ! this is the only position where we do not have either a reliable back up or indeed a reliable first choice . yesterday again underlined the week spot in our side, a continuation on last sesasons problems need i remind you of fabianski in the semi final fa cup , or almunia vs ronaldo from 30 odd yards . forget dcm or even cb i would take a world class goal keeper to back up what is looking a supirior defence this season ! even the signing of rob green would be a huge improvement !

  4. saf says:

    bendtner is a good player, itz juss he’s young n struggles to break through the opposite team defence, he needs to break them in piece’s, he needs to finish and score goal’s

    but he is still young we need a ready goal scorer asap, eduardo nang, but he is still trying to get back to best…his performance against celtic was good but i recon celtic r rubbish,

    alot of players need to come back

  5. GNR says:

    M8 you need to modify your comments about Bendtner, give him support and he`ll be better than Ibrahamovich. Stop spreading Negativity.
    On the note of Chamakh I think we will sign him. Maybe on the deadline day.

  6. griffo says:

    i agree, chamakh is what we desperately need… van persie would do a better job playin on the right of the three, where he can cut in and play to his strengths which is his shooting and his vision.. plus chamakhs meant to be a work horse so that central role would be perfect for him..

  7. Kris says:

    Get some sense into you. To play in the attacking three positions we have;
    Arshavin, Van Persie, Eduardo, Vela, Walcott, Bendtner and both Nasri and Rosicky who have both played in the wide positions of the formation and well as central midfield.
    To play in the defensive midfield position we have;
    Alex Song – that’s it.
    To play in central defense we have;
    Vermaelen, Gallas, Djourou and Silvestre, with Silvestre as fifth choice and Song as fourth.
    You notice how if we are to succeed this season far too much depends on Alex Song. Your right we need a player, but we need a player in defensive midfield so that Song can both rest and cover for the centre back if we are very short.

  8. danish gooner says:

    Pierre Andre Gignac my friends.

  9. nickoman says:

    Chamakh would definitely add some bite and another dimension to our attack because Bentdner is simply not delivering on that front. More importantly we need a DM and a CB . Once again during Feb-Mar when the big games arrive thick and fast defensively we will crash as Thomas Billy and Alex r all we have on that front. Wengers inability to realise this is a major concern. If he doesnt add at least one more quality player in this area by Tuesday,as Arsenal fans we need to be asking some serious questions!!!

  10. Jimmy says:

    Iagrre that we should get him, wehave no natyral front men to lead the attack and has aerial presence aswell as speed.

  11. joel says:

    Why on earth do we NEED Chamakh??? His goalscoring record is absoulutely terrible!!!!

  12. Ben says:

    Well he’d certainly be an improvement on Bendtner, but then again, so would a sandbag.

    I think getting a top class keeper to replace Almunia is far more essential. Almunia’s a great shot-stopper but he lacks the most important quality that GK’s need – judgement.

    Also, if Djourou really is out for the season with his knee injury then another CB ahead of Silvestre & Senderos is essential.

    None of these signings would be expensive and so there is no reason not to make them other than Wenger’s stubbornness. It’s really starting to grate on me now – it’s the reason he’s not playing Wilshere…he won’t let anyone tell him when to play his players…grrr

  13. Ben says:

    And on the DM note – he’s never going to sign one when you consider that he feels he can play Fabregas, Denilson, Song, Diaby, Ramsey, Merida, Nasri and Rosicky all in the middle. + Song has come a long way…he just won’t do it.

  14. Amz says:

    guys correct if iam wrong,but did wenger not SAY IN AN INTERVIEW jus before ADE and TOURE left that he will ONLY BUY if players leave,and buy REPLACEMENTS for them????????????????????????iam 100% sure he said that,so WHY DA FFFFFFFF you would say that we you KNOW you wouldnt, and all of us expecting that then he cumz up and say something else????the punk,he keepz making these things up EVERY EVERY YEAR and it’s just not funny anymore.

  15. smudger says:

    How do we need more attacking players?
    Centrally we have van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo (possibly even Walcott but I hope he wouldn’t play this role on his own)
    Wide we have Arshavin, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky, Eduardo, Bendtner, Vela. Van Persie and Eboue can also play this role.

    If anything we need a defensive midfielder to challenge Song and to cover when Song goes to the African Cup Of Nations.

  16. John says:

    Ive had enough of “Oh he’s only 21” “Oh he will improve” “Oh He’s got potential”. Bendtner is simply not good enough to be an Arsenal football player. Its been 4 years since he’s made he’s debut, Yes 4 years. Ive had enough of the word potential. Le boss needs to consider a clearout of the players who are simply not up to Arsenal standards. Eboue simply looks like a Right back playing in midfield, Put him on the bench as cover for Sagna nothing else.

    This is the team I would like to see with out current players including injured players.

    Almunia (No choice here)

    Sagna Gallas Vermalaen Clichy

    Samir Nasri Alex Song Fabregas

    Arshavin Wallcott
    Van Persie

    Anyone agree with this team?

  17. Amz says:

    no i dnt,defo wallcot shouldnt be a starter,Rosi iz 1billion times better,wallcot should be introduced at the end at that’s all coz him/diaby/almunia n slivy are NOOOOO WAY arsenal standard,theo plays 1 good game and 5 average or poor what sort of player is this???idnt give a fukkk if hes English,there’s better English lads that are wayy better than him,as for diaby i just been sayn this ever since he came and my only wish is that he gets injured for the season or else wenger will play him ahead of deno/rosi/theo/jacky/eboue and even ramsey which utter crab,we need hangeland and a DM,man fuk the board sell players and keeping e money every year.

  18. nichoas says:

    Not first priority, not even second, not even third. I would have not problem seeing him in arsenal but not until we buy A) another defensive midfielder B) another reliable center back C) a keeper worthy of Arsenal’s #1 jersey
    then sure I’d love to see him at arsenal

  19. Snake says:

    we really need a CB or Def Midfielder in this transfer period.
    and i agree with aa23 to not trust in silvesre which is an ex ManU and not in his “gold era” and djorou because hasn’t enough experience to play in emirates stadium to be in arsenal defensive line.

    I think we dont need any forward. (we have great player in that position)
    Arsenal need player that can really usefull if fabregas get injured i mean a player that have great creativity like fabs since rosicky is in injured problem too.

    Bravo Gunners!!

  20. GoonerForLife says:

    Nah…I don’t want Marouane Chamakh! I don’t see anything special about the guy personally. I watched that Bordeaux v Marseilles game and nothing popped at all…he seems kinda average. I really don’t think we need another striker, and if we buy one he should be something special!

  21. goonergaz says:

    I can’t really understand all the bendtner bashing, he’s done 10 times better on the right wing than Walcott has ever done. Look at that bit of skill he did against Everton for the 1st goal. As a left back I know who I’d rather play against between Walcott and Bendtner. Walcott is just pace, Bendtner is a skillful giant, he’ll have his best season this year.

    If we buy Chamakh great, but i’d prefer to see cover for Song or/and someone brought in to challenge Almunia, this guy is the weakest link. I don’t know why he has to take free kicks 30 yards outside our own area, unneccessary risk, Rooney nearly made him pay at least once.

  22. oskar says:

    I would love for Chamakh to come in but first things first. Almunia needs to be made 2nd choice. He was never better than Lehmann and he is a joke as I could mention 10 better goalies in the PL. We need a strong leader in goal. I would suggest Marcus Neuer of Schalke or Igor Akinfeev of CSKA Moskva. Very good keepers for years to come. It would be an investment for now and the future.. not just a quick fix!

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