Almunia should not be the Arsenal number 1 keeper

Posted: August 31, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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I have been saying this for a few years now ALMUNIA is not good enough to be our number one keeper.

The clown makes to many mistakes and for me he is a walking nightmare.

If I asked you 2 pick the top FIVE keepers in the league? The Arsenal keeper would not be in them. I’m talking about Cech,Reina,Friedel, Van Der Sah,Given.

They are top keepers who can win games on there own.

Look at the Man Utd game, Ben foster made a world class save at 1-0 and stopped us going 2-0 up. That was the turning point of the game. What did out keeper do? Gifted them a pen and didn’t make a single save all game. AND also the goal vs portsmouth he was to blame.

Dont get me wrong Almunia is a “decent” but Arsenal have a long history of having world class goal keepers. Jens, Seaman, Lukic, Jennings you cant call Almunia world class. He makes to many mistakes at vital times.

Champions league semi final last season and the free kick from Ronaldo? Lobbed by Bentley from 40 yards, to 2 goals away at Stoke. The lost vs Fulham. All down to Almunia….And many more

Almunia is living off ONE  pen save from robbie keane vs Spurs thats this it…

When was the last time he had a great match that won us the points? I remember us playing West Ham a few seasons ago and Rob Green saved everything and kept a clean sheet and they won the game 1-0. That’s the type of keeper we need. I even rate Chris Kickland, Tim Howard and Jaaskelainen high then Almunia.

Sorry Almunia you have had your chance at being our number one and you have let us down 2 many times.

We should give Fabianski a run in the side or sign a keeper like Rob Green. We are never going to win anything with Almunia as our number one keeper

You can debate this more (HERE)

Cypriot Gooner

  1. andrew says:

    aluminia doesn’t make “so many mistakes”. the reason he doesn’t have games like green, or kirkland, or jaeskelinen, is that hes not in the kind of team that has their goal peppered all game long. would you honestly prefer kirkland to almunia? honestly think before you write.

  2. Jarred Grimshaw says:

    Im am of the same opinion, in fact I was blaming him for the abou diaby goal… Why is he not coming for that ball, no Man U player was within 10 foot of diaby. ALmunia should have screamed ‘mine’ and claimed it.

    Penalty was also his fault. And I cannot believe this guy is still our number 1. I see today rumours of Pompey letting James go, well Id rather him in goal than Almunia. At set pieces this guy is shite, anyone remember Pompey’s goal a week ago? His fault again.

    That keeper from Burnley had a good game on the weekend. How about him.

    P.s I would like to see Chamakh arrive, seen him twice so far he is quite impressive!

  3. GNR says:

    Really? Honestly is this supposed to be real? Don`t you have anything else to do than condemning our players, yesterday you called Bendtner “not good enough”. today this, tommoro you might say Fabregas is shite. Fuck this negativity.

  4. dean says:

    Almunia is useless.

    He will never win you games by making world class saves like cech, reina etc

    I would go so far as to say he is not in the top 10 GK’s in League!

  5. GonnerLee says:

    If it was not for almunia we would have gone out of the chamions leage against roma, he made a world class save against motta, and he did extremly well to keep the score 1-0 in the 1st leg against man u. And has kept out serval penaltys last season including aston villa and newcastle.

  6. diaby-is-the-senderos-of-midfield says:


  7. Mark Newing says:

    I think there is some truth in this, 2 goals this season already you can question almunia, the one v portsmouth was he strong enough and should have done more, and the pen v man utd, that was rash to come flying out like that when Gallas and Thomas were still in the zone of getting to rooney, we need a world class keeper!

  8. scully says:

    Unfortunately, I can only but agree with your article. Almunia is always just one game from another howler, imo. Yes, even top keepers make the occasional mistake but for me Almunia make more mistakes than he does match winning saves. With our style of play and like many other successful sides a confident and commanding keeper is an absolute must. I do not believe Fabianski is yet ready and I really cannot see Arsene buying another keeper at this late stage, so it looks like we’re stuck with Almunia.

  9. Dirty turkey says:

    Lukic was never world class either. if you cast your mind back a few years he was known as John Bostcik becuase he was literally ‘stuck’ to his line like glue for any cross or corner!

  10. gunners88 says:

    Totally agree, Almunia maybe a good shot stopper (aren’t that a goalkeepers job?) but he’s not a leader and doesn’t command his area at all. He doesn’t go for crosses well too. With Lehmann and Seaman you can see how they always orders their defenders around or will give them a bollocking after their defenders make a mistake. Almunia is too timid. He’ll be a great back up keeper though.. And don’t forget Schwarzer of fulham now he’s a fine keeper..

  11. Mark Flatts says:

    I am deeply amused by the fact that Arsenal Action’s team produce more articles the worse Arsenal’s results are. Rather quiet recently but now we lose, you guys are wetting your knickers again. Wenger Out! ha ha!

  12. wandarah says:

    Agree with the above. I was concerned that if we continued our current excellent form, this blog would sadly have to be shut down.

    You should be thanking Almunia for giving you something to have a cry about.

  13. gunners88 says:

    Oh and can i add that at 23 yrs old, akinfeev is a mighty fine,world class goalkeeper! You guys should watch cska moscow games and see his penalty saves, he doesnt save slow, bad penalties like the ashley young’s and obefami martins penalty, he saves those great penalties which are hit hard and sometimes those penalties that are going into those top hand corner of the net.. I know we’ll never buy him, but just thought i might add

  14. Sir Xclsive says:

    ive never commented on these web blogs but Alumina has to be the wooorst keeper i have ever seen. i much prefer lehman but we have never had a world class keeper ever since david seaman retired

  15. brian says:

    Absolutely spot on.I’ve been saying for years that he is a disaster waiting to happen and the wait has come to an end over the the past six months.The article does lose all credibility when Green is mentionerd.He’s an absolute no-hoper and given the choice i’d rather keep Almunia.

  16. steve says:

    I don’t agree with much this site comes out with but on this time they are right alumnia is not top end a good nos two we should have a top keeper

  17. Toby says:

    I’ve been looking for ýou since the league started, haven’t been able to find you!
    But after one defeat, here you are, all moaning again…..

  18. natay says:

    almunia is ….
    slow, have problems reading the game, poor reflex
    i did not yet see a single mistake that the defence make and turn out to be a goal
    i will give them 100/100
    i believe almunia is not fit enough to be arsenals number one
    roon’s penalty
    Kaboul goal against portsmouth
    Donatis goal against celtic
    even diaby’s goal
    are all his mistakes …
    at least we need to buy green or some body equivalent to remind him that he needs improvement really…..

  19. wfqw says:

    Fabianski is even worse lol

  20. clockendjim says:

    Actually Andrew, yes I would prefer Kirkland to Almunia. In fact I would prefer the keeper from any other PL team as I seriously believe Almunia is the worst of them all.
    Could you ever see Almunia winning a game for us like Friedel did for Villa against Liverpool.
    Our team is reaching such heights now, but I believe it will all come to nothing if we do not have a better stopper behind them. Almunia has been at fault with just about each goal we have conceeded so far this season. On Saturday his rushing out misjudgement gave away an unneccessary penalty as Rooney was going away from goal and was being closed down by two defenders. As horrific as Diaby’s own goal was, a competent keeper would have been out to claim the high ball that was going nowhere. The same for the goal that Portsmouth scored
    Against Celtic he missed the cross that was put in the net to fortunately be ruled offside and a perfect team performance was blighted when he let in a shot from such an angle that a Given or a Reina would have saved.
    I appreciate what Wenger has achieved as much as any Gooner, but his blindspot to our weaknesses has been getting worse. If they had been addressed over the last few seasons we would definitely not be trophyless, but I fear we will have another season of ‘promise’ without winning anything.

    • Peter says:

      Same old Arsenal…. nearly but not quite there. In typical Arsenal fashion we played the better football, created more chances but still ended up the losing side. Man Utd could afford to leave Berbatov on the bench until the last 10 minutes and were perfectly happy to sit back and soak up the pressure hitting us on the counter for the last 25 minutes. Cast your minds back to 07/08 season same venue same score line after Adebayor emerged between Michael Carrick and Van der Sar to scuff the ball home from a couple of yards out. Man Utd came from behind to win the game 2-1 ending our title challenge for good. Incidentally this was the same week in which we were minutes from reaching the semi-final against Liverpool only for us to concede a penalty with Babel scored in stoppage time to put the tie beyond doubt. Last years FA cup semi-final against Chelsea yet another example of our uncanny ability to self-destruct. And after each “harsh” defeat Arsene and many supporters worldwide bemoan our bad luck. Was this defeat and the aformentioned ones more than just bad luck? Could our defeats be attributed to psychological weakness deeply entrenched?
      Take last nights game, the penalty decision. I’ve looked over the incident a few times and come to the same conclusion. Yes Rooney was already falling forward but Almunia makes clear contact. Let’s face it Almunia is no rocket scientist by any stretch of the imagination but he was outfoxed by Rooney who cleverly changes pace approaching the ball deceiving Almunia who brings him down. What in God’s name was Almunia doing out of his cage in the first place. Gallas was tight on Rooney, who was running away from goal and this incident would most probably have petered out in a corner. Point being Almunia has now been at fault for 2 goals this season. Portsmouth at home with arms fully stretched above his head Almunia is outjumped by Kaboul. Unacceptable.
      Diaby scores with a tame headed goal. Why head backwards if you are uncertain about your positioning?

      The defensive header, also known as the ‘clearance’ header, is designed to get the ball as far away from goal as possible. The player puts the strength of his whole body behind the ball and drives it up and away from the goal (defensive heading for dummies & dumbfucks). What part of defensive heading does Diaby not understand? So 2 goals conceded as a result of piss poor decision-making albeit Diaby has shown marked improvement in this particularly area.
      Continuing along the lines of goals conceded we have been unable to keep a clean sheet as of yet and if we continue our 1 goal conceded per game we will not only equal last seasons 37 but eclipse that total.
      In closing, Almunia has always been a weak link but now represents the weakest link as our central defense has been pretty much flawless. It (Goalkeeper) is a key area Wenger needs to address and with 15 mill to spend allocate a large chunk towards the acquisition of a top class keeper and relegate Almunia to his rightful role of back up. An experienced DM in the shape of Vieira or M. Diarra from Real Madrid would make us complete or we face the prospect of another season of near misses and “harsh” defeats due to bad luck.


  21. Joel says:

    I have to agree. Almunia is slow, does not position himself well and does not command the area. If you look early on in the ManU game. Gallas is shielding the ball from Rooney and it took Almunia an age to come of his line. I think the team seems to be gelling and he stands out as the week link

    This could be Arsene’s last year. With Lady Bracewell about to sell her shares and Kronke and Usmanov all set to create another Chelsea, what speaks on the pitch can count for a great deal. Winning the premiership is about avoiding mistakes. The 4 – 4 at liverpool, the 4 – 4 at Spurs. Almunia is too easily beaten for someone who is so well protected by his back 4.

  22. adam says:

    he is not good enuff for are starting 11.we need to by a pro keeper.almunia is only good enuff for the reserves.makes far to meny mistakes.he mite pull off the odd good save but the mistakes happen far to much for us.

  23. Peter says:

    yes I would prefer Kirkland to Almunia. In fact I would prefer the keeper from any other PL team as I seriously believe Almunia is the worst of them all.

    here here. We need a goalkeeper with International caps. I mean Almunia was never first choice at any of the clubs prior to Arsenal. Why do you think Celta loaned him segunda division club and then loaned him out again the following season to Recreativo where he played understudy. He was bought for 700K – and despite making some improvement he probably isn’t worth much more than that today.

  24. WENGER IS TURNING ARSENAL INTO A LAUGHING STOCK WITH THESE PLAYERS. ALUMNIA, DIABEY, BENDTNER, SILVESTRE, SANDEROS, ROSICKY [Only Injuries], EBOUE. arsenal cannot win any trophy with these lousy players. Am just a football fan and a hardliner AFC Fan, unfortunately We the fans see lots of things that WENGER the so called professor cannot see. He makes lots of poor judgements since 2005, I keep on asking myself if he really he will ever win a trophy for AFC, atleast not in the next 3 years. Sticking with DIABEY Wont save you Mr Wenger, think now before you are embarassed. FANS are tired of your lousy approach. 4 to 5 seasons without a trophy is any Manager’s sack CV, especially to a team like AFC.

  25. rosicky says:

    he has good and bad days – remember his performance against united in the CL at old trafford?

  26. Idoit spotter says:

    how can goalkeepers win games.. you idiot.. Goal-KEEPER..Fool

  27. markus1 says:

    You are so right.i cant believe this clown is our number 1……….i have been supporting arsenal for years and have never openly written bad about one of our players but i dont understand what Wenger sees in this idiot!

  28. ? says:

    i think we should get rid of him and get green as our number 1 look how class he has done this season and the season before!

  29. Koro says:

    Almunia is a joke. Will never win a trophy if he is our starting keeper

  30. Jesus_Saves says:

    manu had 7 substitutes with a great amount of international caps. Arsenal were the bettter team that day, and seeminly the better team this season than manu and liverpool and arguably chelsea. But the international caps is important. ITs easy to show the best of Arsenal, but we need to be meticulous and be honest. WE need more expertience to win titles and then you bring in the youth gradually, unless the youth is a fabregas or wilshere that is lightyears ahead of their age group. Almnia has one major flaw, nad thats his deision making. But the goalkeepers of the top 4 teams ahve been protected by their defenders. THis season almunia may seem better, because gallas and vermaelen are doing great stuff. SO give him time. IF we have a solid defence and a cohesive team then almunia will do good in the little saves he has to make and he will start getting “better”. in my view lol.

  31. Brad says:

    Have to agree about Almunia.
    Not just jumping on the bandwagon here but I also have said for ages this bloke is a liability.
    He is one of the biggest reasons our defence was suspect.
    He gives no confidence to the defence at all when defending set pieces etc.
    His distribution of the ball is a joke.
    He certainly isn’t good enough for a so called top club.
    But knowing Wenger, the more people moan about him the more he will stick by him.

  32. earthsaveitorloseit says:

    Almunia isn’t the best but he would seem better if we had better defenders. Look at Diaby’s STUPID own goal against Man U, rubbish. He has made quite alot of good saves though. It was a very poor decision to charge at Rooney though. visit it is awesome.

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