NO SIGNINGS! Wenger lets the fans down AGAIN!

Posted: September 1, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Well well well…The man has done it YET AGAIN!!!..AND JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU (HERE)

Not for the first time, our manager has let us down in the transfer market and failed to do AS he said and replaced Adebayor and Toure.

Why did you think he would? This is not the first time Wenger has done this. All summer he has said things like I want to keep this squad together, I will only sign players if we sell (Adebayor) Wenger has toyed with the Arsenal fans all summer and hinted that he would bring in 1-2 players and he had the money to do so.

So what was the point in selling Adebayor and Toure? I was sure that the reason why we allowed BOTH to leave would be to invest the cash back into the squad and on new players. But yet again we have been lied to and let down by Wenger. Just like the last 3 seasons.

Selling players and not replacing them, We have still not replaced Flamini/Diarra/Gilberto.

We are still waiting for Wenger to sign that powerful centre back to deal with Drogba. Its not the first time Wenger has done this, No doubt he is going to come out and say the same thing to us..Rosicky is going to be like a new signing, I didn’t want to sign new players as it would kill the progression of the kids…And no doubt the “in Wenger we trust brigade” will come out and blame the board for not giving him the cash to spend on new players.

Wenger has the cash to spend from the sales of Adebayor and Toure to spend if he wanted it. SO WHY DIDN’T HE DO SO?

After hinting all summer that he would? Why have we been let down YET AGAIN! Why do we keep allowing this to happen? I’m sick of Wenger and all his lies, I’m sick of the “in Wenger we trust brigade” that keeps telling me to F-OFF and support Man City or Spurs.

Why can’t you people see what’s really going on at our club? Wenger is killing the club with his stubborn transfer policy and you fans who keep saying “ he knows what he is doing “ Well if that’s the case then why have we not won anything since 2005 and since Vieira was sold?

How many more years are we going to put up with this shambles? Selling key players every summer. Never investing that money back into the team. The board saying we have money to spend, Wenger saying he has money to spend and tells the fans that they would be reassured by what they see coming in only to let us down.

Wenger tells the fans that his priority is keeping the team together and then sells our best players. Like I have said many times. Wenger and the Arsenal board only care about one thing…PROFIT £40m for the board this season Wenger..WELL DONE

Who are you going to blame at the end of this season when we finished out of the top 4? The ref? The FA? Lets blame that cheat Rooney or Evra? NO even better lets blame the midweek international games?NO lets blame Platini?

There is only one person who is to blame and that’s the Arsenal manager…and its not the first time.

The only problem is most of you gooners wont admit the truth.


Well done to Cypriot Gooner who told you all weeks ago that we would NOT be signing any new players (HERE)

  1. oskar says:

    what does he do with all the money?

  2. Norseman says:

    have you watched any arsenal games this season? they’ve been fenomenal! we can do just fine without any signings!

    • John Lock says:

      its phenomenal..yes I agree…

    • Arshavin says:

      i agree we still have nasri, fabregas, walcott, rosicky, vela, djorou, coming back and we still have an amazing squad at the moment when we really shud have beaten manchester so we shud just be looking forward to kicking ADEBAY WHORE’S ASS

      • Lanesra says:

        Whilst i will accept that the Man U result was unfortunate and we were the better side. I still maintain that this result could of been avoided. We were missing Fab4, Nasri, Walcott, Rosicky and Djourou. Four of those 5 would probably believe they are first 11 players. In order to keep them happy they will want to play. That said i dont really care if they are happy, sad or suicidal. They play for Arsenal and the fans want success now, not the hope of success in the future. If the board had splashed the cash in August 2008 on Andre Arshavin who is to say that we might not of lifted the Champins League last season. How many top teams around the world have 17 and 18 year old players on the bench let alone playing in the first team. I realise in order for them to develope they need playing time. However once they gain the experience and we fail to win honours they up and leave. Why am i paying one of the highest entrance fees in world football to watch developing players. If the Arsenal board are keen to keep the finances in check, lower the gate prices. I hear some saying it’s all about supply and demand, but if we fail to finish in the top 4 this season, next season there wont be a demand for tickets like in previous years. If the club is so well run financially, why does it year after year reduce it’s football staff. Tell the fans the truth, we can take it, we might not want to hear it but deserve to know. Let me be clear on this, i am not a fan of Mr Wenger, the board, or the players. I am a fan of Arsenal Football Club. Wenger, the board and players come and go to suit their needs. If Mr Wenger is unable to spend money tell us. If it is as i suspect he wants to keep the younger players happy by allowing them to see a place in the first team, give it up because it aint working. Go out spend close to the limit the club can afford and buy quality, top quality, Arshavin esque. I dont wanna have fear when Cesc is missing in midfield, buy buy buy or lose the fan base.

    • RC says:

      We had great games in previous seasons too… but that wont win us any titles. Of course we could win it all if we didnt have anyone injured, suspended or away to african cup. But thats not the reality we live in, is it? Its the same old story every summer – we are selling stars without replacing them. And no trophies has been won for several years… cant you see the pattern here?

  3. nemo says:

    I wouldnt be so sure about this. Tell me when did Arsenal ever announce their deadline day signings within an hour after the deadline???

    • Sinbad says:

      HAHAHAH…Are we going to do this again..OK LETS WAIT FOR Stephen Appiah to sign on a FREE!!

      • BostonGunner says:

        Arse you slow? a strong Center back to deal with Drogba.
        What are you going to do with Vamealen who is looking like a world class CB and Gallas who is in the best form of his career. Go out spend a huge sum for a World class CB and put him onthe BENCH?

      • Zaiky says:

        Wow Sinbad, you really are a first class c*nt and obviously have no idea about football.

  4. jiz says:

    I agree whole heartedly. You are absolutely spot on mate. Wenger has been destroying this club from within for 5 or 6 seasons now with his stubborness and arrogance in the transfer market.

    • spunk says:

      the 5 or 6 years that correspond to the stadium move? wow what a coincidence.

      Have none of the bloggers at this somewhat farcical site considered that the money in from selling players may actually be used on things that are useful like paying off the stadium debt?

      Before anyone pips in with “the board lining their pocket” or some such nonsense, the board is the directors who, in their capacity as directors, will be paid a salary and potentially a bonus but other than that taking money from the club would be illegal.

      It’s also not going into shareholder’s (who presumably those accusing the board of taking the money are actually referring to) pockets as there has been no dividend. It might just be going to do something that will benefit the club long term rather than opting for big signings that more often than not don’t work out and act purely to keep some spastic fans happy as they wank over SSN.

    • mandla says:

      Same old shit,this man has lost it.
      he is busy destroying our team,come end of the season a lot of players are leaving.he will never win any thing,my be 2014.
      this s*********has lost his touch.

  5. gooner says:

    To be fair Arsene replaced Toure before he had left the club. Any new centre back was to replace Senderos. Arsene has previously stated that Senderos would become available for selection again should he still be at the club at the close of the transfer window.

    Arsene never said the reason for selling the players to Man City was to generate extra money for buying players.

    It was not like we needed to replace Adebayor either because the system Arsene is playing means we only have one main striker. Van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo and Vela can play in this role.

    I’m surprised we have not added a defensive midfielder in this transfer window with Song likely to be away with his country for a period of time.

  6. Pat says:

    here we go again
    no silverware! we were unlucky with injuries and all that tripe.
    could wenger or better still one of the muppets on the board tell us what’s going on.
    where is all the money????????????????????????

    great stadium surely good enough for champions league football
    please please we need to know

  7. adam says:

    shutuup u tosser. he is building a team that will have sustained success in coming years we jus need 1 troph yto get the ball rolling. we signed vermaelen who is a fantastic player-better than toure-that is improvement. and selling ade is an improvement in itself the guy is a troublesome tosser.

    STOP MOANING U MAKE ME ANGRY I WISH U WER A YID. support the team or piss off ok?

    • Sinbad says:

      HAHAHAHA… is he really? Won nothing since 2005 how long do you think this might take? Shall we give him 5 more years of selling our best players?

      Do you really think we are now going to finish in the top 4 this season?

      BYE BYE champions league football and Bye bye Cesc

      But just as long as we make a profit “RIGHT”

      • Marko says:

        The same tired argument all the time Sinbad. What are you a child capable of the same tired old response?

      • london jones says:

        Wait one f**king minute I don’t always agree with Sinbad but you AW lovers said “shut up believe and in wenger, he will buy and he knows what his doing!” that’s what you all said! I believed in Wenger! I had faith! And now look. yes we have one bloody good play now in Vanma but it’s some of these Nazi arsenal fans that are going to try and tell me that Ady is crap! Or that Toure is past it! well you said we have started off so well! Well what F**K is Man city doing then! Ady was a good player and the the proof is in the FACTS! are you all so racist that you can’t see that! What has RVP done!!? Tell me? WHAT HAS HE DONE? What is ADY doing at Man City! I love Arsenal and always will! But don’t none of you Nazi so-called Arsenal fans tell me I have to love every single thing AW does! You can’t Bully me and tell me I don’t love Arsenal! WHAT BECAUSE I GOT A F**KING OPINION!!!F**K YOU! If it was not for you Nazi so-called arsenal fans we would still have Ady!!! it’s you who are the nuts thinking every year AW has this big plan that’s going to win us the lot! I see you every year on the bloggs chatting that same crap! What have we won? Nothing! How much longer is AW going to be at the club!? WAKE UP! You remind me of sheep! You know sheep just do as there told! And just get lead to the slaughter house! THAT’S YOU! Bunch of mugs! I don’t hate AW but his acting like a baby! “NO NO NO NO NO I don’t want to buy!” And we do well nearly every pre-season!!! What’s that meant to mean? Stop telling people how to support there club! It’s not just your club! It’s not just you and your opinion at the matches! We all love Arsenal or we just wouldn’t even care to sit by a computer and blogg all day! and if you think you can tell me how to support my club ever again……I tell you what put your address or anywhere else you would like to meet up!… put it on your reply! and I would be happy to come and see YOU!

      • Mike the greek gooner says:

        I would rather it was bye bye Sinbad as you are the biggest COCK in blogging history, we have started the season performing well and you could not wait for any opportunity to have a dig, FUCK RIGHT OFF ! Go and support someone else you prick !

      • J says:

        Sinbad, Is it really the football thats getting you down? Maybe it it’s a more deep seated personal problem. Maybe you are lacking in other areas of your life. Something must be wrong because never have I heard such a load negative rubbish spouted about our beloved club and Manager.
        You really are not a football man, have you thought about going into politics? The B.N.P. are crying out for full time shit talkers like yourself.

        To love Arsenal is to love a great club with real standards building for a bright future. Wenger’s legacy will be felt at the club for generations to come.

        If you would rather support a big spending club that is some rich oil mans play thing then I suggest you sling your hook and follow Kolo and Adey up to city!!

        Arsenal Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. John Lock says:

    mostly to sign in january once he knows how the team is doing after 6 months..

  9. GNR says:

    fucking loonetic. cannot believe you`d write something like this.

  10. Marko says:

    WHy is it you think it’s Wenger’s fault all the time. What you know someone on the board who feeds you this shit. You’re just a dickhead. We’ve started of the season very good so it’s not like we were in dire need to strengthen. The reason we didn’t sign another defender was cause we still have Senderos, the reason we didn’t sign Chamakh was because we can sign him for free in a few months.

  11. Jack says:

    wenger was never gona buy anyone, and our good start to the season only ensured that we wouldnt sign anyone of quality… expect the statements from wenger and the arsenal site about “believe we have all the necessary players to compete for the championship and in europe and domestic cup competitions” to follow either today or tomorrow…
    it was completely reasonable to believe we would sign maybe another defender, or defensive midfielder or striker, as anyone can see that’s the areas where if we get any more injuries our squad depth is worringly thin, but as with every other transfer window arsenal doesnt even enter into the equation…. if we fail this year to win any silverware, and athe points total is anything like it was last year in the league then it has to be wenger and wenger only who takes the blame, if the players do not perform it is because they are not good enough, and if we do get injuries to key players which hinder us then again, wenger decided not to strengthen the squad when he had the chance… and there can be no statements about not having the funds as we re-couped nearly 40 million from the sales of toure and adebayor….

  12. :adore: says:

    Sinbad you truly are the oracle. You are of course correct and your preseason prediction of us to finish 6th looks spot on at the moment.

  13. jiz says:

    And watch Wenger use the Eduardo ban as smokescreen for the next week or so to cover the fact that he has bought no one and the squad is much weaker than last season

  14. jim says:

    The thing is with all these “anti-football” teams about , you are bound to get injuries and then cry again. Can your manager see that you need to be equipped to play the bully boys of the league? and if you not, u will be punished.

  15. Brett Leverton says:

    this post is hilarious…….were you dissapointed with Arshavin? nasri? the season isnt over so he might spend it in Janurary, but either way we are playing well, robbed on saturday, Theo,Nasri,Rosicky, Senderos, Djourou, Vela, havnt even made appearances yet this season. so give it a rest please.

  16. Jem says:

    I remember Arsene did say “we are no way near in signing anybody. But, it is not over yet. Something could happen”

    That doesnt mean he is signing anyone…. when did e lied to you ppl who think so.. you lied to yrself not arsene!

  17. Cardinalé says:

    You have just shown your true colours, or atleast your age. Point be made, Wenger doesn’t control the purse strings, the board ultimately do. Wenger manages the team, and is given a budget by the board. Grow up and smell the coffee. Adebayor and Toure leaving, some may think its a loss, I for one was a big fan of Kolo … but removing the rose tinted lenses for a minute, he’s not been that great for us last term, and Adebayor was not a good influence in the dressing room or on the pitch. May I recommend that you put your dummy back in, and act your age. When Arsenal win the silverware, in whatever form it presents, I bet you’ll be first in line to celebrate the achievements of our great manager, who you clearly are doing your hardest to berate at every turn. Myles Palmer in disguise.

  18. John Lock says:

    there is very good reason wenger manages Arsenal and not YOU!! let him do what he wants and you support the team if you want to..

  19. Jack says:

    in short, if we get any key player injured like fabregas, arshavin, vermalen, gallas, song, van persie, then we are absolutely FUCKED… for all those who think otherwise ur fuckin deluded

    • :adore: says:

      I agree if the likely happens and 6 of our first 11 are all injured at the same time, then i think we will struggle.

      Why can’t Wenger see this and buy 6 more players?

    • Sinbad says:

      IF/ When Gallas is injured we have Silvestre Senderos and Djourou as cover. What a joke..And if Song is out? Who is going to play the DM for us?
      Diaby? What a joke

      • Sinbad you suck a lot of cock says:

        No its you who has let yourself down again Sinbad, I guess its back to tugging yourself off listening to the sounds of your parents fucking again. Get a fucking grip you desperate pessimistic retard… Stick your negative drizzle up your shit pipe and take up something that’ll make the rest of us on here happy…like self harming

      • Zaiky says:

        Hilarious – best post I have read all day. Sinbad take note and take up self harm…

  20. shant says:

    I am one – or was – of those Wenger loyalists, but after this summer’s teasing of ‘we will get maybe 1-2 players’, I must admit, my patience has finally run out. To tell you exactly how I feel … this morning I was convinced we were going to get a defensive midfielder or CB, just one player mind and was looking forward to our Man City away game in 2 weeks time … but having got absolutely no-one, and having banked 30mln, i now feel absolutely sick to the gut, and i couldnt care less about our next game … in fact, i wouldnt mind if we lost that, just to stick 2 fingers up at AW and the Arsenal board. We will almost certainly finish out of the top 4 this year. And it could have been so different. Just 2 additions would have made us genuine challengers for the title, but now, we have NO ONE to cover vermaelen or gallas and NO back up DM, ie NO ONE to back up Song!!! I truly truly feel sick to the gut … season over in my book!!!

  21. sinbadtoucheshimself says:

    you’ve been dying to post that.

  22. Grobut says:

    Stop knee-jerking, you asshat!

    None of the money saved goes to Wenger or the Board. Wenger draws a fixed salary from his contract and they board have NEVER had a dividend payout.

    If we aren’t spending money, its because we’re skint. Mindless reactionary blogs like your’s dont help at all.

  23. Marko says:

    The sane rational fans will also notice that Sinbad or whoever from this blog only ever respond to the other bitching and moaning comments. They literally have no argument for their stupidity.

  24. Albradini says:

    I think you will find that we have signed Thomas Vermaelen in june 09 who seems to have fit quite nicely in defence?? Signings do not have to be done on the last day!!!
    We look good as a team so far so lets get behind them

  25. jaygunn says:

    the players at arsenal have prgressed but the problem is we are still short of a few players, agressive imposing stiker, consistent holding midfielder and a goal keeper to press almunia.
    only time will tell, when the injurys start to kick in if we once again throw it all away.

  26. thomas vermaelen says:

    Ehh.. you have to think again.

    Arsenal have been great this far into the season. The young and experienced are now the opposite, but still young. We’ll be fine if we don’t have to many injuries. (We should have won at Old Trafford without cesc, nasri and rosicky.)

    Give him at least one more season.

  27. mjc says:

    Christ-on-a-bike! You must get through a serious amount of bed linen….

  28. willo says:

    Wenger hasn’t let you down then, as you are no fan of this club.
    After the start we have had who are you to say that ‘REAL’ Arsenal fans are not happy. I’m a true fan of over forty years and let me tell you ‘I’m Happy’. Are you looking to make a name for yourself with the crap you write?
    I’m very proud to be a Gooner. It is a time for unity not for wanky opinions like the above.

  29. ice says:

    totaly agree with you! IN ARSEN WE TRUST??What happend last season? and the season befor that?!!I personaly dont trust Arsen and the board!But i will say this.We look stronger this season,but………..if Gallas or Vermalen gets injured,then what?Silvestre? Sendroos?Wenger is gambling with the team.If we lose to Man city then give up the me

  30. jay z says:

    Yes we played fenomenaly well and still lost to me that’s not a good sign

  31. Erik says:

    Sinbad honestly, give up writting blogs, you are wasting your own time and the time of the people that read them… or at least have the decency to write ” by Sinbad” so that I know is you and dont waste my time reading the whole article to find at the end it was you that wrote it.

    “Wenger is killing the club” says how much you know…. basically NOTHING.

  32. martin says:

    Mate I agree with you and i’m sick to the back teeth of all the lies.

  33. Northbank Karl says:

    Lets see how we get on this season first although i think with injurys and suspensions we are going to struggle as we do not have quality in depth …… But should we end up like old mother hubbered AGAIN then Wenger can follow fab to spain and i will give him a lift myself (Wenger that is ) with my foot up his arse.

  34. jay z says:

    will be fine if we don’t have too many injurys lollll have you not noticed the amount of injurys we alredy have and were only 4 games in

  35. Mikematic says:

    I stopped reading your post when you said that Toure has not been replaced. Ummm Vermaelen duhhhhh !!!! But I’m really happy to see our coach being confident with our current squad and I feel confident that our squad is stronger and can compete for the title. This year its us and chelsea locking horns for the title. Manutd and Liverpool will be struggling to keep their top 4 spots. Mark my post !!!

  36. jay z says:

    the same will happen again at man city when it comes to the crunch we have not got the players to deal with the occasion

  37. ArsedocTor says:

    This article is the reason that football fans aren’t football managers. This is total rubbish.

    People have short memories and I am not going to bother reminding people what wenger has achieve for the club. He was trying to sign players but clearly he couldn’t get the players he wanted. Etienne for example made it quite
    clear tat matuidi was not for sale.

    All those people complaining should state who was available that wenger should hae bought. Otherwise shutup and enjoy the team playing well like the rest of us.

  38. a says:

    he won’t sign anyone for that would hinder the progress of his kindergarten kids

    is that not reason enough for you gooners?

  39. sinbadthecock says:


  40. bright says:

    yes u are right my fellow gunners fan wenger is taking we the humble fans for granted and i hate seeing that banners in arsene we trust.

  41. Marko says:

    Buy buy buy like the cunts in Manchester or Chelski. Look at Liverpool – Benitez has spent more than Sir Alex the past four years and what’s he got to show for it? Nada. It’s disgusting all the pricks who bay at the moon for mercenaries to come to our rescue. Want a good reason why no-one comes? 50% tax fucker. I wouldn’t come here either when an Italian, Spanish or German team is calling for me. Arsene is doing us right, I’d rather cheer for a 5th place team built from the ground up, than a 1st place team built on the backs of money-grubbing whores like Adebayor, Barry, Robinho, Berbatov, Terry and on and on.

  42. chengiskhan says:

    How anyone can think that one new signing (who may very well take up to 6 months to bed in) will mean the difference between competing for the top prizes and finishing outside the top 4 is beyond me.

    You all need to get a grip.

  43. N4 says:

    75 mins gone, 2-1 down against the EPL champions and who did we have on the bench to turn the game around ? Aron Ramsey! i rest my case.

    • Hugo says:

      Because Cesc, Nasri, Theo, Vela and Rosicky were all injured. And were it not for Gallas straying offside Ramsey would have set up the goal that levelled the game. Good point though brains.

    • Arsedoctor says:

      eduardo, bendtner and ramsey, not to mention we still have fabregas, walott and nasri to come back into the squad. who did man u have? berbatov and owen? no one else in their squad in attacking positions….

  44. Mateo says:

    I say this with all sincerity. Go support another team. Your negative slat on Wenger and the squad has gone beyond annoyance. This team is fully capable of winning day in and day out through January. If he feels he needs a player or two then, he’ll buy. Until then, support the man who has changed this team or go pull for Man City. I hear they love to buy.

  45. Toby says:

    Sinbad, ou truly are pathetic….

  46. SoCalReferee says:

    When did Arsene Wenger say that he would buy players if he sold Adebayor?

    Just because some lame website blogger says it, that doesn’t make it a quote from Wenger.

  47. Brett Leverton says:

    doom and gloom at arsenal already because we lost to man u at old trafford and havnt bought anyone? week ago you were all probably saying how amazing we were and that we would wipe the floor with anyone we play……your all fikel fans and are the reason our support has a bad rep with other supporters at other clubs!

  48. morro says:

    I would blame you for being too stupid, spending money you don’t really have to buy what you don’t really need in the middle of one of the deepest recession in a century. We are growing and evolving through it because of one man, with a great stadium, and a team playing the greatest football this country has ever seen and a production line in place with 2 teams behind the first team. How much have Fergie,Benitez and Chelsea spent? Adegimmemore our best player? WHY don’t you go and support the spurs, Harry is buying.

  49. Hugo says:

    He’s not let me down- I support Arsenal simply because they are my club, not because I want to be presented with exciting new signings. I’m very confident, as is Arsene and most other fans, that this squad is capable of winnig trophies, and when they do I’ll be giving all the credit for it to Wenger.

    And if he was only interested in “selling our best players” and making a profit, why didnt he take Barca’s £50m for Cesc? Maybe there’s a chance he knows more about running a team than you do. Think before you talk shit.

  50. bergy says:

    I belive we have the right to be disappointed by the lack of spending, but I don’t think we have the right to say that players have not been replaced. Song and Denilson is filling the space left behind Gilberto and Flamini, and in my opinion these are good replacements.

    Hleb has been competently replaced by Nasri and Arshavin. Toure has bee replaced by the impressive Vermaelen.

    Adebayor? Come on, Wenger could replace him by using himself. I’m quite sure he would be able to get out of offside once in a while.

    The squad can always be stronger. If we are extremely lucky with our injuries, we can challenge Chelsea this season, but it would have been nice to have a 3. centre half with good quality. Other than that, I can’t see we need strengthening unless Almunias dip in form is permanent.

  51. Tuza says:

    Go support Manure or Chelski if you are tired with Arsenal. Who did you want him to buy? Owen? Let all who are tired leave our club. In Wenger we trust.

  52. Iron Duke says:

    I love you Sinbad

  53. Aa23 (norwegian gooner) says:

    2 be honest i didn’t really read the article (apart from the 2 first lines), but i felt the strong need to say; WTF?!?! Arsene Wenger let us down in the transfer market? we damn near beat raining champions man utd without our star playmaker…United had a total of 3-5 shots on target… Why the fuck would wenger buy when we’re that strong?

    take my word 4 it lads, this season it will come down 2 us or the chavs…

  54. FUGAYZI says:

    Although we lost, i think we outplayed manu at there ground and thats saying something. However i would have liked to see at least another centre back at Arsenal. Lets see what santa brings us this year!!!!!!!!

  55. Joe says:

    It’s dissapointing to see supporters react like this. What a ridiculous piece siting that we don’t replace Toure? We bought Vermaelen. One in one out and i know who i would rather have.
    I’ve seen people reply stating that we sold our best players? Right, did you watch Toure after African cup of Nations January 2008? Did you see Ade all last seson. I think the answer is probably no because you wouldn’t be complaining that they left if you did.
    My only disappointment is hearing wenger say that people looked nervous the other day against United. Well of course they do. Unforutnately the trade off of building a team rather than buying established trophy winners is that they don’t have the composure under pressure. I hope he knows what he is doing and that he has factored this in. If he has i see no reason we can’t win a big trophy this season because we were better than United and yes they will improve, but so will we.

    Come on you gunners!!!

  56. Gonerdvae says:

    Once again the transfer window passes by and all Mr Wenger has signed is 1 defender and a 15 year old, to be perfectly honest this not good enough, I hope I am probably not the only Arsenal supporter thinking this. With the news that Arshavin, Fabregas, Wallcott are all injured I actually thought that we might sign at least a couple more players, like van der vart, Taylor, Hagaland, Chamakh or Matuidi. I have been an Arsenal supporter for 37 years and hate doing this but it is time for a change, we sold 2 players for just shy of £30 mill so were are there replacments Mr Wenger, it is all right you saying that we have the squad to win the premiership well were is it then!!!! you cannot rely on the kids we need some experience in the team, just one big name signing would have done that would have cheered the Arsenal faithful up, what would happen if god forbid we don’t finish in the top 4 at the end of the season will Mr Wenger come out and say I thought we had the squad and make it 5 years without a trophy. If that happens there will have to be a lot of question’s asked in the boardroom about a replacement for Mr Wenger. Somebody who is not afraid to put his hand in his pocket. I really do hope that Mr Wenger can prove us wrong and we will be able to bring some silverware home this season, even the worthless cup would do lol.One last thing somebody who know’s what they are talking about WELL SAID THAT MAN

  57. ice says:

    you are all a bunch of losers!! Man Utd were lucky against us,remember that!4 wins and 1 loss and you are allready crying? common!! I for one dont trust Arsen and the board,but we do look good this season!!lets see what happens against Man City first,before making any jugdgement…i can see Adebayor scoring in this match,so be ready forhim dancing in front of you face!

  58. gunner90 says:

    Cannot believe the deluded cunts who think by just adding one player to the inadequate squad ( minus the 2 that went to Manchester City) we had last year we are going to do better than last year. At the moment we have at least 6 players injured and that will continue right through the season because every team plays the same physical game against us. I think it is a combintion of the board plus Wenger who keep lying to the fans. I cannot believe we have not got rid of shit like Silvestre and Ramsay from the squad. There will be no trophies again this season so perhaps the prats who think Wenger knows will finally realise what is going on!

  59. One since 81 says:

    Several other people that read this blog have pointed out what a twat you are Sinbad but I just had to tell you myself!

    In 1981 when I started following The Arsenal we really were shit but we loved them none the less. Following Arsenal is in your blood and your remarks about Wenger amount to treason. Are you sure you aren’t Tottenham in disguise?

    If you can’t see what he has achieved at this club has surpassed even Herbet Chapman’s era you are indeed a MUG!

    What he is building will see us dominate for years to come and he is making a statement by refusing to be held to ransom by ridiculous transfer fees.

    If you really think that we will struggle to finish in the top 4 this year you should consider supporting the Yids.

    Manc Scum Utd are still counting their lucky stars at the spawny win they fluked at the weekend. They were completely OUTCLASSED and they know it.

    If you can’t get behind the club then do one !!!

  60. Marko says:

    Different Marko up there. Sinbad must be off to bed.

  61. Pistol Pete says:

    Wow…what a bomb! Wenger didn’t sign a new player…Anybody surprised??? Hope not…
    Is Wenger paying outta his own pockets?
    Wenger has actually WEAKENED the team and (mark my words)this will come back and bite us in the AS* sooner than later. Wenger is running the club as a supermarked. We’re selling players wholesale. Other clubs can come and get new players when ever they want to.
    Cesc will leave at the end of the season…bet me!… BECAUSE of Scrooge McWengers transfer policy.

  62. :ninja: says:

    Sinbad >> all.

    He knows more than all of you and is, as usual, correct. Sinbad, you’re spot on and I wish you and Wenger could swap places so you could manage the team. Please, join football365 where your views will be appreciated. All the people here are vile jelous bullies who don’t understand you. You’re truly too good for this world Sinbad. Keep on writing and pwing the h8rz xxxx

  63. bergy says:

    I’m quite sure that if you read Sinbads blogs a month ago, he was complaining that Vermaelen did not have the experience/was to short etc…

  64. Commonsense says:

    Sinbad, No need for the doom and gloom. Based on our performance in all of the league games so far, Arsenal are far better now than at the end of last season. The team that I saw at the emirates against Portsmouth was awesome. From where I sit, given the obvious improvement in Diaby, Song, and Denilson as well as the addition of Nasri, Arshavin, and Vermaelen during the last 12 monts, the first XI and the squad look far better than at the end of last season. Vermaelen is better than Toure by a country mile, Song has become the CM that we need an Denilson can deputise for him . A first team of Almunia, Clichy, Vermalen, Gallas, Sagna, Fabregas, Song, Diaby, Arshavin, Eduardo, Rosicky is a team that can win the league. When you consider that we have quality from Nasri, Walcott, RVP, Denilson as back up we don’t have a problem. I would also suggest that the likes of Wilshere, Gibbs, Vela, Djourou, Eboue, Bendtner are high quality squad players.

    Eventhough AW seems to be looking at Djourou and Song and CB cover, and Denilson as CM cover (for Song), I truly believe that we have a winning squad. The only problems that I currently see is that Almunia isn’t good enough, and RVP doesn’t want the job of centre forward so we haen’t got back up for Eduardo.

    If we have no silverware at the end of the season, I may be one of the first in the queue asking for someones head. In the meantime ignore what the gaffer says and just watch what he does and how the team performs on the pitch.

    • Commonsense says:

      Sinbad, Whilst I understand your frustration, no need for the doom and gloom. Based on our performance in all of the league games so far, Arsenal are far better now than at the end of last season. The team that I saw at the emirates against Portsmouth was awesome. From where I sit, given the obvious improvement in Diaby, Song, and Denilson as well as the addition of Nasri, Arshavin, and Vermaelen during the last 12 monts, the first XI and the squad look far better than at the end of last season. Vermaelen is better than Toure by a country mile, Song has become the CM that we need and Denilson can deputise for him . A first team of Almunia, Clichy, Vermalen, Gallas, Sagna, Fabregas, Song, Diaby, Arshavin, Eduardo, Rosicky is a team that can win the league. When you consider that we have quality from Nasri, Walcott, RVP, Denilson as back up we don’t have a problem. I would also suggest that the likes of Wilshere, Gibbs, Vela, Djourou, Eboue, Bendtner are high quality squad players.

      Eventhough AW seems to be looking at Djourou and Song and CB cover, and Denilson as CM cover (for Song), I truly believe that we have a winning squad. The only problems that I currently see is that Almunia isn’t good enough, and RVP doesn’t want the job of centre forward so we haven’t got back up for Eduardo.

      If we have no silverware at the end of the season, I may be one of the first in the queue asking for someones head. In the meantime ignore what the gaffer says and judge the teams performances on the pitch. So far so good.

  65. LB says:

    Well, I must admit to feeling just a tad dissapointed at the lack of at least two new additions in this window, truly ?

    I expected a last minute snatch of Chamakh and Bliase …. these would of given us more depth and good quality to boot.
    I do agree that we have started well and are showing very good play, but injury ill play it’s part in our success over the season. We are about to loose Arshavin for at least 3/4 weeks maybe even longer. Rosicky is one tackle away from another six weeks on the sidelines and Walcott won’t be ripe for at least another couple of months. So, I strongly feel that we ARE lacking depth and this may bite us in the arse again when it matters most ! All teams will suffer injuries over the course of the season and competitions, but the really succesful ones are the few that can still field top quality players in the absence of their main stars and this is where we were found wanting last season … Vermaelen is a very good signing for us and youi can see the noticeable diference that this has made to the backline already, but a good defensive midfielder like Bliase would have really reinforced this area and made it near water-tight. I am sure that Wenger knew this and this stumps me all the more that he didn’t seek to shore this area up in the way that could of been done. When it comes to Chamakh, some were saying that he really wasn’t what we truly needed right now, but I disagree … everbody was harping on about him not being agreat goalscorer, yet I think he is going from strength to strength in this area and he has a fantastic effective work rate – his support all around the pitch is often overlooked. I feel he would of made a really great addition to the squad and a much needed one at that !!
    So, overall, I am surprised that Arsenal didn’t splash out at least £15 for Blaise and Chamakh and they would of still been £25 million up on matters ? I guess, Wenger and Co are going to try and see how they go until the Jan window and they make critical aquisitions according to our predicament at that time … however, I always thought the old addage of being prepared and up to full strength before hand is what gave you the edge needed ?!

    • N4 says:

      Spot on mate! I would have thought a new forward was on the cards also, considering ours are having trouble finding the net.

  66. clockendjim says:

    I would have agreed with this rant over the last 4 years; however a gut feeling tells me that the promise and potential we have been fobbed off with is finally happening.
    What I am unhappy with is £40m Man City money lying in the bank and no effort to spend any of it to shore up a very thin squad. If we get any more injuries then we will be struggling once more – the back up is just not sufficient. Just imagine if either Vermaelen or Gallas became unavailable right now
    My biggest worry though is Almunia. He has been terrible so far this season, only saved from more embarrassing situations by the superb efforts of the team in front of him. Dont blame Diaby for that own goal, Almunia should have collected a hopeful going nowhere free kick. Trouble is Fabianski is even worse. No team ever reaches greatness without a world class keeper.

  67. Romeo says:

    Our fans like to live in denial. I have been saying the same thing for 3 years and still read ” we have a good squad ” and ” Arsene knows “.
    Well arsene knows alright , he knows Arse fans are naive ..sometimes even idiots.
    God help him if we have few injuries this season.

  68. Fredwest says:

    Well said sinbad. I will never trust wenger again, he says one thing and never comes up with the goods. Well I tell you what I won’t be spending any more money on arsenal kits or DVDs etc. Not until I see some investment

    • Romeo says:

      wish everyone does that , and fans show their disapproval before matches. Maybe that will persuade Wenger ( and the stingy board )to caugh up

  69. millsy says:

    and who do you suggest he should have bought then? Toure was replaced before he left and Adebayor was sold as he was surplus to requirements and bad for team moral. I do think he should have bought another CM but there is no one really available is there (please dont say vieira or matuidi as they are no better than what we’ve already got).

    Also i think your article is ill informed/ narrow minded at best. Look at all the money spurs etc spend, where has that got them???

  70. Fredwest says:

    And one more thing. Sunderland have a new stadium but they are able to spend money on new players, even Stoke spent more then us

    • bergy says:

      But have any of them ever got more points than us? Is it a point having spent the most money? Why bother playing all these meaningless matches?

    • One since 81 says:

      How can you compare Sunderland and Stoke to us?

      They are clubs on the cusp of the Championship sruggling to stay in the PL.

      Would you really have AW sign any of the players they have?


  71. fonesolo says:

    Wouldn’t blame Cesc if he buys out his contract next summer, which i think will happen, can see Andri leaving as well. Don’t think we have a team to challenge for the title. Maybe for a top 4 spot, but thats only if we don’t get as many injuries like we’ve had for the last 3 seasons.
    I think all the board want to do is pay off the stadium as soon as possible, which means with our fans paying the highest ticket prices in the land, they’re milking it.
    I remember Hill-wood saying when we were still in Highbury that moving to the new ground would be pointless if we didn’t have a great team to play in it. What maybe he didn’t think of is that you need fans to fill it as well. I would expect the attendances to fall for the coke cup unless the prices are the same as last year(drasticly reduced).
    I wish Hill-Wood would ride off in the sunset & bring back David Dein. Don’t agree with everything he’s done, but he’s more pro-active & a visionary as to where to bring this club.
    With Wenger hitting 60 next birthday, how long he’ll go on for is anybody’s guess. But what really needs to happen is for this team to be a success before he hands it over to the new in-coming manager, but I don’t see this team being a success anytime soon & thats the worrying bit.

  72. steve says:

    i do think wenger has missed the boat here with the fans, he thinks senderos is’nt good enough last year loaning him to ac he’s out of contact next season so we need cover who is good enough, djourou gets injured warming up & gallas or verminator gets injured in jan/feb we are in shit street a/n/c rules out song,d/m if denis neilson gets injured we are going to struggle we do pay good money so don’t hold on to it like it’s is own. just two players & a top keeper

  73. Stav says:

    Last time I read this blog, more negative crap coming from a pointless twat. Get over it; if we had the money to spend and there was someone worth buying we would. As it turns out, we have some great players and are playing the best football in Europe. I would love to see someone come in and do better than Arsene Wenger…..fucking ungrateful prick…

    • One since 81 says:

      Well said!

      Who could replace AW? He was on Real’s shopping list but said that even with buckets full of money you can’t buy a instant success.

      I watch Man.Shity with interest as I think is only a matter of time before the wheels come off with them.

      Who could he have bought in that was worth the investment and was going to be any better than what we already have?

      Song and Denilson have already shown that they have developed significantly and Senderos is still a better defender than anything we could have bought in the Summers crazyily priced transfer market.

      He was very wise to bank 40 million for the 2 players he did sell. I was sad to see Toure leave as he was a good servant to the club but the other twat! Well good riddence to bad rubbish!!! How he had the front to compare his situation with that of Fabregas shows what a big headed tosser he really is.

  74. lauritz says:

    The squad ain’t that bad… but a signing would have even more supporters get behind the team and generate some optimism aroud it, instead of slagging it off… I think all the critic and negativity from the media, from united, from UEFA, from own supporters(!) are gonna make the togetherness in the squad even better and the team, OUR team is going to be a real force!

    btw, anyone else then me that have been thinking about the “last minute shopping” Wenger is applying to drive the prices down has backfired once again? That the selling club know this, and just gets on the back heel and leaves a take-it-or-leave-it-offer, at a price much higher the valuation, because it’s too late to find others… could have happend with Alonso last year, everyone we have negotiating with last couple of years have been extremly difficult. “Bargain Wenger” does’nt get a bargain anymore, they double the price, if we accept – good, if not, the they offer the player to someone else for the initial price…

  75. Gooner '71 says:

    Sinbad; If you ever said anything positive your views would have some credibility but you do not.
    You are an anti-gooner.

  76. Danny says:

    great post. agreed 200%

    if arsenal are to sucess this frog has to go.

    just watch us lose to citeh and finish below spurs. stupid frog and those arsene know fuckers

  77. Jonny says:

    Like all Arsenal fans i was hoping we would at least sighn a holding mid, but after a great start to the season i think the team really is comming of age. Without a fully fit squad we dominated United and where simply unlucky, we have players who can play in various positions and even Denilson is going forward now. All those fans who keep on bitching and moaning need to get onside and start suppurting are great club! Come on the Gunners!

  78. pat4 says:

    everytime i read one of these blogs i’m surprised at the utter close-minded mentality that this site generates and dwells in. how can you sit at home writing articles slating wenger day in and day out.
    wenger absolutely loves arsenal football club and has single-handedly warped this club into what it is today. he is not selling players and not buying certain players in an evil conspiracy to destroy arsenal. and seriously, in my simplest english: what the fuck are you talking about?
    assuming that we can calculate how much money he is allowed to spend by tallying the summer sales and acquisitions is pretty retarded to say the least. not only do we not know how much money the club has, how much wenger is allowed to spend, how much players were truly bought and sold for, but we forget that wenger makes decisions that are best for the club as a whole, for the slower folk; mr. wenger thinks it is bad to spend x, if he knows it is going to be bad. we, the public don’t know shit about the club’s finances. the grove’s estimated annual revenue was exceedingly higher than what it turned out to be, leaving afc in worse financial situation than what they started with, which coincidentally leaks into the transfer kitty and ticket sales.
    what separates us from the rest is the very fact that we have a fraction of the budgets the top 6 have yet we always do exceedingly well. we represent the old, untainted and true football clubs that are now extinct, due to the very same impatience and ignorance of fans that you so proudly and openly express. we not going to win titles and trophies by buying pat, chamahk, taylor or hangeland, and neither can we achieve success by hoarding players such as toure and adebayor (whom you probably previously slated) if they have no desire or passion for this club. we should revel in the knowledge that we were by far the better team against united even though we were missing rosicknote, cesc and (dare i say it) theo.
    why aspire to be like any other winning club when we can attain something special in the near future? wenger turned down madrid for pete’s sake!
    the man is a genius, his ability to spot greatness through a pregnant woman’s stomach, his revolutional tactics (wing back thingie…he made that shit work), his undying dedication and love for arsenal, keeps this club far from average. don’t resist, whats the point?
    if you think, with the current financial resources (resulting form the grove) and particular crop of players, that you can do a better job than arsne wenger, the greatest coach there ever fucking lived , because you won the quadruple on championship manager 09 then please, PLEASE post an article, or write a book containing your ideas regarding tactics and personal. i would love to read it.

    keep the cannon’s blazing, oh and:
    in wenger we trust
    there..i said it. maybe you should open your eyes before you attempt to empower yourself by talking utter garbage

  79. db says:

    Look… I think you should seriously think about the future of your Arsenal “supporting”. It is obvious that it can never bring you any joy in life since you can only hope for the team to lose to prove your point. Any success, that the real fans should be happy about, is only going to bring you misery because it would prove you have been wrong all along. What’s the point in that kind of “supporting”?

    No, I’m not telling you to go and support Spurs (which many seem to think you already do). Maybe you could consider Man City or Real Madrid, they are buying a loads of players they are not even “promising”, but even that is somewhat uncertain route. I would not count on their success either, so the happiness could only last for the transfer windows and even that can end pretty soon if the Arabs lose interest or the Spanish banks start to wonder where their money is (yeah, like that would ever happen…) Anyway, once supporting becomes a desperate need to show your own superiority, it really is better to stop following football altogether and try to find something else that could bring some happiness to your life.

  80. michael odebisi says:

    we need to stop criticising sinbad. he is only expresing an opinion eventhough sometimes i dont agree with him.first and foremost i m sick of hearing some of you fans saying adebayo was distructive in the dresssin room have u ever heared arsene or any of the other players say that so we need to stop making up stuff. The fact is we dont know why we sold toure and adebayo we were not told as always we are never told why we sell players. and ofcourse arsene did say we will sign one or two players not this season but last season in an interview with arsenal TV so guys please get ur facts right. i can understand why some fans think there is an element of deceit i guess @ the end of the season we will all see if arsene was right to sell and not buy so please lets stop crticising him for now but if this team fails this season then i ‘ll presume all d so called fans suffering from i m a better fan than u syndrom and never see anything wrong with arsene ‘s selling and not buying policy should aplologise and admit dat they have been wrong


    Name says it all,this terrible articile is all thats wrong with arsenal f.c. fans get laughed at. Wenger is a genius,the best manager we will ever have, this team is proof!!! We sold apparantely 2 of our best players when people said we needed 2! ARSENE proved right.So you say sign a defensive mid-fielder,WHY??? While i agree song and deni are not the finished articale,why stop their development and goiong by the weekends game where they were and were all seasonFANTASTIC. Sign a centre back—-Why ??? We have djourou comming back from injury , Cant think of 2many cb’s better at that age, along with the two excellent cb we already have,surely senedros will do as 4th choice!!! Sign a striker, with robin van p. and eduardo,bendtner and vela fighting for 1 spot why sign a striker,behind them we have the option of wilshire,walcott,arshavin,rosicky,diaby,world class or world class in the making.. We also have the likes of merida and ramsey, comming through next year we have frimpong and nordivet… on our way to becoming debt free,beautiful football which this year i feel we can win anything, up to 50 mil for the january window if things need changing..all of this with a new stadium in 4 years JUST GOES TO SHOW WHY ARSENE IS THE BEST MANGER IN THE WORLD. COME ON U GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONERS

  82. Alan says:

    Regardless of how emphatically people are for or against Wenger’s stance on signings we most certainly did require signings and we will rue this decision. Remember we topped the league at the end of September last season. Injuries/form will take their toll on us and we have conceded the league today trust me.
    For the record I do think Wenger bullshits the fans every summer and his failure to strengthen his squad always costs him. That’s why we have never retained the league title.

  83. Sam says:

    I think first and foremost our start to the season has been great. We played utd off the pitch on sat and we deserved more from the game that was only won due to a momment of madness by diaby.

    I am inclined to agree with some of the above article, I’m getting very fed up with wengers lies. Why even bother saying we may sign one or two players or we must keep the squad together only to go and sell two first team players, and make no real effort to address problems that have existed for an intire season.

    Even wengers most avid followers cannot deny that he’s been feeding fans what they want to hear with no intention of ever following through with his statements. LIES! plain and simple. I think this season promises to be much like the one before last, lots of promise, undone by inevitable injuries and a lack of squad depth.

    I love the club and I would love wenger to do it his way, fact is with all the money in the Market, the goal posts have moved, and wengers reluctance to spend may well cost us dearly this year. I really thought this summer was gonna be different, I belive in the squad, I just hate being lied too.

    I’m gonna get murdered for saying this, but if we end up pot-less again come may, surely wengers days are numbered. Who could step in? Bring back a certain Dutch iceman? I think bergkamp is wengers eventual successor in waiting.

  84. sam the gooner says:

    and cesc will leave next summer what is the point in developing young talent 4 them to leave and they will .no trophies arsenal have become a feeder club we need new blood and i hate to say it mourino esque manager is what we n eed or the truth arsenal have no money

  85. Marko says:

    To london jones for some reason I couldn’t reply up there. I think you’ll notice that Man City’s start to the season was alot easier than ours so I wouldn’t be too concerned with Adebayor scoring goals against Blackburn, Portsmouth and Wolves. I also wouldn’t be too concern with a supposed fan like you. A fan who on the weekend supposedly cheers for Arsenal and then right after the game gets on a blog and talks about how we need better players than Denilso, Song etc etc. Forget about the fact that in every game this season we’ve looked very good and thats even without players like Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott, Djourou, Fabianski, Vela and even players like Eduardo, Diaby and Fabregas have missed games this season too. You and people like Sinbad are also the type of fans that scream and ridicule Wenger for not signing players then scream and ridicule him for not playing players like Wilshere. Bloody thick you lot.

  86. whotrustsanarse says:

    Watch when we lose to wolves and are 2-o down to hull, lets bring on the best attacking supersub we have, Silvestre to play upfront, cos the rest are injured!, its only been a couple of matches in and half the squad is injured. Watch after the international break even more injuries, Rosicky’s a hasbeen and will never play this season in the premiership (Maybe in carling cup against dagenham perhaps). We will be out of all the competitions by December and I think a realistic finish for Arsenal this season is 10th place if lucky. And when they do, I want an apology from all you “in arsene we trust” bitches, and also lick my balls too . You heard it here first, suvival of relegation is arsenals priority. Tight bastards

  87. TRUE GOONER SINCE 1979 says:

    i feel sorry for our club having a supporter that thinks he supports arsenal!!

    but really doesnt deserve to have an opinion! and may be you should take a look at the squad and see that we are very strong and will get better as the season flows.

    we didint let senderos go who i beleive was harshly treated by fans like you!! he was 23 he got us to a champions league final he and flamini at the back were brilliant everybody forgotten that?? senderos will be a good replacement for vt

    we have players to come back nasri,rosicky who looked sharp in the emirates cup,walcott,dujuruo and vela why would wenger sign anyone untill jan if we need it???

    also would you rather us in portsmouth or newcastles shoes? its 3 games into the season we are playing well GET BEHIND THE TEAM DONT BRAKE IT DOWN!!!


  88. Steve says:

    Perhaps we have a transfer policy which reflects the ambititions of the club – finishing fourth in any competition is now success for Arsene Football Club.

    Anyone who plays behind Cesc has only to turn up for a game on a Saturday – we have no competition/reserve for any defensive players at the club. How can that be good management ?

    Wenger has not only let down the fans but also the players that have been too loyal to him.

  89. trugun says:

    sinbad, look at the money thats why wenger won’t buy. just yesterday one of the players stated that if he came to the u.k. his wage demand of 40k would now be 80k in order to offset the new tax laws for high earners which in the next week or so goes to 50%, if someone came in say a defender well his transfer fee is going to cost a lot more now, you know how it works if lescot is worth 24 mill ( in june his price was between 8 to 10 mill)then realy good defenders wont give you much change from 20 mill then you have their wages as i’ve said they will now be double to compensate for the taxman,doesn’t end there either does it as you can guarantee some of the other players will want more if you remember there were noises coming from the russian a month after signing over the high tax rate ( mind you good as he is in fits and starts he needs to start earning what he’s paid now, most of the time he looks knackered, says he should only be played for 20 minutes as after that his fitness drops no wonder wenger is cautious 16 mill for a fat russian) i know that people wont care about the money but you have no choice, and i guess some will rush to arshavins defence with all the great goals he’s scored so far but, before you do think how much better he could be if he took wengers advice and lost weight.

  90. In Wenger We Trust says:


  91. TRUE GOONER SINCE 1979 says:



  92. BLOODRED says:

    Sinbad has a point, we should have signed at least 1 more player.

  93. Long time fan says:

    So Arsene dosen’t buy?
    You’re half right, he doesn’t rush out to buy players for the sake of buying players with big names and inflated reputations and prices.
    Just think of Nasri, Arshavin, Vermaelen, and Sagna.
    Don’t forget what Wenger has done for us. When he took over the “experts” told us he would have rebuild the defence and it would take years to do it. They laughed when he said he thought his side could go a season unbeaten. They swore that moving to a new stadium would place such a burden on the club that this would cripple us.
    This team is getting better and better. There are lots of teams who spend ridiculous amounts of money for no returns (watch Citeh win nothing this season) go support one of them

  94. BLOODRED says:

    He didnt need to rush he had all summer to buy 1 more player, truegun no one is disputing what MR Wenger has done for us,the fact remains we need a DM.

  95. pablo says:

    Here’s a solution to everything: just buy five players with all of the money out there, and clearly at everyone’s disposal for every position. Spend because you can spend because others have, and forgo about the policy of drafting in young players.
    Talk about talk is cheap– go out and buy; he’d be good, snap him up, love the look at him after watching his agent’s video on You tube- Buy him and buy him again, and again, money is no obstacle having never watched him he’d suit the Gunners, after having never watched him; and Oh yes, did tell you I played five-a-side at junior school, and, most recently after a few pints wiv me mates, so I know what I’m talking about; buy me before the deadline; I’d make a great back up to Gallas

    By the way, injuries are part of the game, and it does not follow that because we do not get injuries others will not. And the assumption is– that they have players who slot into their teams who are as good as the players whom we might have? I think it is likely that there’s only one teams that might be able to do that, and that is Chelsea, who have and will have a lot of creaking bodies by the end of the year. So many of these gripes are silly. Bloggopinions are OK, but leave them there where they should be.

    We have an excellent squad, as good as anyone’s else’s and a lot more fun to watch, even after defeat.

  96. Luke says:

    It sounds like you’re suggesting you know better than Wenger. If that’s the case, what qualifies you to know better? How do you know he hasn’t tried to sign players but been thwarted by exorbitant demands from clubs/players?

    I suggest you leave him to manage the club, as “manager”, and you go back to supporting the club, as a “SUPPORTer”.

  97. stephen says:

    I would have liked a couple of players coming in but bringing players in can cause new problems and surely you wouldn’t want a manager like Harry Redknapp. He buys 10/12 players every opportunity, some are in favour for a while then he doesn’t want to know them. And its funny that his ex-clubs are in financial difficulties.

  98. Super Swede Limpar says:

    You’re an idiot. If Wenger left this club now we would sink without trace. Wenger never had a problem spending money before the stadium project because there was money available. He spent 13m on Wiltord, 8m on Jeffers and 4m on Inamoto for fuck’s sake.

    It’s the likes of you, who have been spoiled by the success Wenger has generated that make me sick. By the sounds of things if it wasn’t for Wenger you wouldn’t be supporting Arsenal, but whoever else was winning trophies while we continued the Everton like slide that had begun before Wenger took over.


  99. Womble says:

    I absolutely agree with you. His arrogance and lies know no limits. He is a stubborn, eccentric, French prat. We will never win another trophy under him.
    Why Gazidis and Kroenke allowed this to happen I have no idea. Gutted.

  100. Jeff Boston says:

    Once again A.W. has not strengthened the team when he should, Sir Alex does it well (even if he is ANTI FOOTBALL) he adds one very good player every year, which does not upset the spirit of the team, even if you don’t agree with that philosophy you can’t argue with the results. If at the end of the year spurs end up in the top four and we do not the fans will be calling for A.W.’s head, and if they stop coming to see the team then the board has to sit up and listen.

  101. the truth says:

    these sites are full of anti Arsenal twats and to you all i say grow up and go onto your own fan sites because your not welcome on Arsenal sites.LIVE IT BREATH IT UP THE MIGHTY GUNNERS………………….oh and the rEst of you doubters go f88K YOURSELVES and go follow another team chelski andany other plaything of the rich,i understand this seasons must have is mancity

  102. goonernumber1 says:


  103. GOONER_STEVE says:

    RE: Norseman

    We were also phenominal to start with in 2007-08 and ended up coming third thanks to our thin bare squad. I can see the same happening again

    Wenger is incapable of learning it seems.

    He will blame everyone and anyone when we get our usual 4th place and knocked out in the champions league quarter finals. but the only person to blame is HIM

  104. Teddy says:

    Wenger brought in one player, who has settled into the team quite well. Or doesn’t he count? Yes he did say he was hoping to bring in more players. If we are to listen to you, AGAIN(!), him not bringing more players is a sign that he is lying to us! Is it possible that he tried and couldn’t find the right player to fit in with this team? Is it possible that the cost of the players that he wanted was ridiculous? Or perhaps to satisfy you, he should just bring in any player at any cost! You know like your favourite team, the spurs!

    Does it matter to you that our team, the Arsenal Gunners, have started out the season in terrific form? And yes, I think Edwardo and Rosicky can be viewed as 2 new signing. New signings who have already shown us that they are exceptional players! Does it matter to you that we are a year older, maturer, hungrier and now more united and committed?

    I find it amazing that you have this ability to remain silent when Arsenal is doing well or somehow find that negitive needle in a hay stack to write about. Why would anyone think you’re a spur or chelsea fan?!

  105. Fen says:

    He was never going to spunk the sort of money that Melo went for but, fuck me, surely he could have added someone within the bracket he likes to pay (5 / 6 Mil etc). You can’t tell me his entire world-wide scouting network couldnt have unearthed someone of the required DM standard to provide the cover we will undoubtedly need?

    If history tells us anything, we’ll have more shit long term injuries followed by relapses on returns and he’ll moan about it along with everything else that doesnt go our way.

    I’ll judge him in May, AGAIN. So what, I’ll still be here I suppose

    I’d have been happy enough seeing Sylvestre outed but that hasnt happened either. As I said last year, that man is a complete cock and will continue to cost us every time he gets a look in. But what the fuck do I know

  106. Gooner4Life says:

    IN WENGER WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Gunner says:

    Stronger than last year, no. We had an excellent second half in the premiership last year. If you do not address the weaknesses in your team that have been evident for a number of years then you have not improved. Still need a keeper, centre half and holding midfielder as we have for the last five years. Too many of our players are of a type, good ball players, comfortable with both feet but are small in every way physically. Given the type of players that we have and the style of football that we play then our susceptibility to injuries if far too high. Look already at the list of those injured and the season has hardly started. Every year for the last four years we needed two good but hard players in every way.
    If its a case that we don’t have the money fair enough. Just come out and say it and as fans we would accept that we have to stay within our limits. But please stop the same horse shit every year when it is alluded to that we are going to spend when what we actually do is to get rid of players that we don’t replace. You could start with Vieira. Once he was sold we started to lose the spine of our team. We haven’t a hope of winning the premiership as we haven’t the power to do so. Top five somewhere but not in the top two. A sad reality.

    • Super Swede Limpar says:

      Not a reality, your opinion. Big difference. We’ve outplayed every team we’ve faced so far this season. We are undoubtedly stronger than last season in the sense we are defending better as a team and higher up the pitch.

      Also Vermaelen has improved the look of the whole backline, the only period of the game United created chances was when we went for broke at the end.

      We’ve better than Utd, Liverpool, City and Spurs. Only Chelsea look stronger at the moment, perhaps Wenger should spend half a billon on our squad too eh??

  108. Zaffa says:

    At the end of the day, no other manager could get what Wenger gets out of these players! I agree that we needed to strengthen, but the fact is he hasnt.. And if Wenger left leaving us with this current squad, we would become the next Leeds, Guarenteed! What annoys me the most is that, people say that Wenger is building a team for the future? You need you eyes washing out! He nurtures these players, then sells them off for a profit, not for the future of the club.. Anelka, Diarra, Bentley(Scum), Adebayor(Scum), Fabregas(next season) etc etc. Even so, KEEP THE FAITH!!

  109. Paul says:

    Wow – how many new Arsenal fans are on here, started following post 1998 perhaps?

    Listen before we get excited let’s consider the facts of the matter- what have Man Ure, Chelski, Liverpool, Citeh and even the likes of Villa got in common? – new (ish) multi million pound owners,

    Did you also notice the Equifax results the club posted ( concerning the clubs finances in comparison to some others? – this will hit home, and before some of you come on here saying ‘we’d rather be top of the Premier League than the Credit League etc etc – just have a think about it for a minute.

    The flats over at Highbury have not gone so well owing to the current global problems – but they will. We have absolutely massive overheads to deal with presently and whatever the club is saying this will have an effect on the transfer budget.

    So what would you rather? Sack Wenger and bring in (for example) Arsenal Legend David O’Leary who spent like a wildman in the transfer market at Leeds and where are they now? I’ll tell you should you not know, they are second in League One (division three in old money) and have to play the likes of Walsall and Brentford in league games because they over spent and fcuked themselves financially – and they aren’t the only ones.

    Say what you will I would rather a pragmatic manager who gives a toss, who built the clubs recent history and can claim to be the most successful and best in the clubs long and distinguished history – what I have also never seen is any of the Anti-Wenger brigade come up with any gems about who they would actually appoint as manager, although perhaps it is easy to sling the mud rather than rationalise?

    As it happens I think the squad is stronger this year to last despite the departures of Emmanual (I think as am as good as Henry) Adebayor and Kolo Toure who lost a lot of my respect when he bleated about our lack of leaders when he himself was supposed to be a senior pro!

    We have Vermaelen who looks great, he is also left footed and the reason why Gallas has looked happier and on better form is that he is now playing on the right side of a centre back pair.

    Traore is back from Portsmouth where he performed well, Senderos is back from Milan and if his head is straight after this summer of uncertainty he is a welcome squad player too.

    And as others have said already – Nasri, Walcott, Djourou, Rosicky & Vela are yet to kick a ball yet this term.

    Add to this Gibbs who performed fantastically well the second half of last season, Ramsey who already looks twice the player he was, Wiltshire who is a year more mature and looks ready for some further exposure as well as some other very good looking players in reserve (Sunu, Bartley, Lansbury, Bartley, Barazite and Coquelin spring to mind) things don’t look too bad and this is an example of a bunch of lads who dominated their peers last year in the Youth Cup.

    We may not have the squad (or funds) of Citeh or Real Madrid granted but we don’t fare too bad in most departments against the other – especially considering ManUre sold their main maker and scorer of goals and the scouse lost Alonso who will be a massive loss.

    We are short in some areas granted – goal keeper for one in my opinion but things aren;t all that bad and if we play as we did against Everton, Portsmouth, both games against Celtic and also against the Mancs then we will certainly win plenty more than we lose (played 5 scored 15 conceded 5).

    Enjoy the season fellow Gooners – it ain’t all bad!

  110. Captain Flak says:

    Wenger lets the side down again!! . . . What the hell are you burning in your pipe man? . . . Even Terry Vegetables can see what’s happening at Arsenal . . . . . . Wind your neck in, park your arse and enjoy the ride man. All aboard the Arseboat.

  111. Mark N says:

    Its not right, I dont mind if Wenger comes out and says his happy with the squad and would not be adding new players, but to say that we will keep the squad together and add 1 or 2 players then to see 2 key players leave and only one come in, this is shambolic and angers me so much the club i love, all summer you wait to see a couple of quality additions and then nothing, you tell me Van der Vaart or the 2 other dutch blokes there could not have added something to are team, When fab is out injured Van der vaart could have done that creative role from midfield, his a great passer and has an eye for goal, we just was not strong enough in the market, and i am fed up with this!!!!

  112. vince says:


    i swear to god some of the replies on this post have been made by sinbad using an alias, i mean who would lick someone’s arse this much?:

    “Sinbad >> all.

    He knows more than all of you and is, as usual, correct. Sinbad, you’re spot on and I wish you and Wenger could swap places so you could manage the team. Please, join football365 where your views will be appreciated. All the people here are vile jelous bullies who don’t understand you. You’re truly too good for this world Sinbad. Keep on writing and pwing the h8rz xxxx”


    Sinbad thought we should sack Wenger and bring in Claudio Ranieri….his footballing opinion is null and void due to that statement alone. Don’t believe me? Look for Issue No 122839827297197 of Sinbad knows best.

    Has anyone seen how well Bayern Munich have been doing recently? Shit you say? Nothing to do with moving to a brand new stadium?

    Liverpool are doing well aren’t they. No League title in 20 years….but don’t worry Rafa because you spent 40 million on b list players and paraded them on sky so your scouse version of sinbad will only be moaning about your lack of being able to play any decent football, rather than signings.


  113. nickoman says:

    The facts are that Arsene has been behaving like Rigsby with his little black purse for some time now. However this has coincided with the building of our great new stadium and the redevelopment of Highbury of wich the recession has had a hugely negative impact – extremely underestimated by many gooners. Put 2+2 together and you know where the money is going. This i can just about stomach but what i find insulting is that Mr Wenger and those dinosaurs on the board have been dishonest and misleading on the whole matter including their genuine intentions in the transfer market. The fact is our squad is light in the DM and CB positions and this will probably mean we wont be champions of any kind this year. On the positive side the cancer that is Adebayor has banished and the team spirit seems alot stronger and Thomas V is looking shit hot. Cheer up gooners we have a sporting chance!!!

  114. paul says:

    i dont a hundred percent agree with sinbad but he has got somewhat of a point
    we have taken in 33 milion plus this year in profit from transfers from toure and adebeyape and replaced with a top class defender will miss kolo though and in my opinion asrshavan and eduardo can more than step up to the mark and score goals to replace that overrated disruptive ape
    however as arsenal fans we dont want to be a selling club which on the record of the last few years that is what we seemed to become
    we’ve got a great team and yes we have got some top class players and brilliant prospects but we have seen that its not enough to have just that signing players is a part and in arsene we do trust but i am not convinced that we have strength to battle in games against teams that get lucky ala man u, when we get misfortune that can sometimes change the game as happened on Saturday last and in the cl semi final at ashburton last year we dont seem to have the players in the team that can ride the luck of that sort of game or games we needed a battler like Ian ‘the messiah’ Wright suggested a guttuso type of player or PV4 player or a rugged striker ala drogba scrappy player fletcher just someone to mix it up when thugs kick our kids but we have not im not askin to change our style but we cant keep selling players and being nearly men in an ideal world cesc edu rosicky and nasri would be fit all the time and we wouldn’t score og s give away stupid goals from set pieces etc. and the beautiful game would always win, but its not an ideal world you will always get silly games and rubbish results against certain teams we need something different and i hoped today we could of done that i only hope that we can keep this group of players and maybe add to in that different edge that even the dogs on the street know we need in the next window. and stop selling our stars to other clubs its not helping us and wont.
    there is no need to attack the people and tell em that they should support another club do you guys that do that want to sell more players who will be next cesc arsh or robin we are all gooners and im just a concerned fan that does not want us to fall behind in all fairness
    sunderland have spent 30 milion plus and the spuds have spent 80 plus 0ver the last two seasons

  115. joeskimo says:


    Let’s see how much you really know about football Sinbad.

    If you had the thirty million or so to spend, who would you have bought?

    I’ll even help you out and say that before you come up with any names consider the following factors carefully:

    a: 2009/10 ends with the World Cup. (incase it had slipped your mind)

    b: The players you mention would not start in our best 11.

    c: Don’t mention any of the following players: Hangeland, Chamakh, Flamini or Upson.

  116. Arse-whooppin' says:

    On saturday, the refree was inconsistent…True! but we lost the game through bad luck! Now I have a question to all you ‘ASS-ene KNOWS’ religious priests, for the past 3 or more seasons why is Arsenal the only team losing valuable points to BAD LUCK??? ManU made their own luck…their players(even their weakened defence and goalkeeper) were composed under pressure and didnt score ‘splendid’ own goals. Here is a quote for you morons!


    -Albert Einstein

    Rip those large ‘Arsene-Knows’ posters of your walls and act like you got some goddamn sense!

  117. Sick&Tired...SinbadFTW! says:


  118. Tom, Romford says:

    Arsene Wenger is a manager of principle. He wants to build a squad and to enjoy the success. Nothing is definite in football and he might fail. Big money signings are not his way. Some of the biggest signings have been the least successful. When his contract expires that will be the time to judge. Somehow I feel the vast majority of fans will be more than happy for him to carry on.

  119. Ken says:

    As usual, a load of old toss. It would be better if you spent your time watching video of the brilliant Arshavin and telling yourself how lucky we are that M Wenger bought him during the last 3 years of lies and let-downs, and reminding yourself to keep ill-considered opinions to yourself.

  120. gunner1 says:

    same old boring articles SINBAD just admit your a spurs fan. totally mindless and never right anything positive…..i have genuine hate for you because you seem to always spread hate…..and the rest of you other mindless twats watch when wenger proves you wrong!!!!!!!!!

  121. LG says:

    Sorry, I must have you wrong. Only someone highly gifted could have said so little of consequence with so many words.

  122. Mo says:

    There is no chance that Sinbad is a real gooner and you are all mugs for falling for his nonsense. For a so-called arsenal fan, why do you think he constantly bleats negativity and hurls insults at the greatest manager the club has EVER seen? He’s sitting at home in his Spurs shirt laughing manically to himself about how he has managed to wind up so many Arsenal fans so easily. Stop taking the bait.

  123. 26may1989 says:

    Ah Sinbad, I wondered where you’d got to. But then I guess a good start to the season means there isn’t much for you to say.

    I know you don’t really like to bother with facts, but if you checked, you’d see our first choice side seems to stack up pretty well against our rivals: United have a good defence but a poor midfield and a thin attack; Chelsea have a solid core but rely too much on Cole and Bosingwa for width, plus they have too few options in the attacking positions; Liverpool remain very poor on the flanks and have precious little back-up for Torres and Gerrard. Spurs are the new Portsmouth, and will win plenty of games but haven’t got enough depth. Man City have started very well but against weak sides. It’s not yet clear if they’ll gel quickly enough, and in defence and midfield they still lack decent options.

    And us? Almunia’s start to the season is worrying, with his worst run of games in over two years, but hopefully he’ll recover his solidity and confidence soon. Other than that, we’re looking excellent. We have plenty of options – the doubters have already stopped slagging off Song and Denilson. Players such as Diaby, Eboue and Bendtner are clearly doing better, and we may well see the likes of Wilshere, Senderos, Djourou, Merida and Vela make significant contributions.

    Unless there’s a fluke of the draw, with the strengthening in Spain and Italy, I can’t see any English side getting beyond the CL semis this year, but we definitely have more than enough to make a serious challenge for the EPL title. I still think Chelsea are favourites but I see us finishing at least second, and it’s tight enough for us to land the title.

    What will you do Sinbad, if that does happen? Apologise? Acknowledge that you got it wrong? Or just go silent again?

    And what ever happened to your call for Arsenal fans to march in protest against Wenger? Many fans turn up for that? Oh I forgot, despite living near London, you don’t actually go to many games.

  124. matt says:

    you done the job mate.. got plenty of hits for a pretty shit house article.. I too would have liked another player.. but Im not crying about it. i cant think of anyone i would replace at the moment without paying 6 x what they are worth. If arsenal win the league or euro cup this year.. id like to see you come out and offer your readers an apology

  125. Gregor says:

    Sinbad you’re a right whiney cnut aren’t you? Who would you have bought? Is there any one available who would actually be an improvement over what we have at a reasonable (non-Man City/Real-inflated) price? It sure wasn’t Chamakh since Bordeaux foolishly played the waiting game and no one was willing to pay their inflated price. Matuidi? Maybe, but I don’t think he would have been any better than what we have. Hangeland? For £15 million?? I think not. Get real, grow a brain, and stick a cork in that whiney pie hole of yours.

    BTW Have a nice season! 🙂

  126. vince says:

    it cracks me up when people start going on about “oh we should have signed blaise matuidi and the bordeaux striker” like they watch french football and really know what their talking about lol. i bet half of them have never seen matuidi play.

  127. Jarred Grimshaw says:

    I will point out, from the articles on the official website, Wenger did say he thought our defence needed 1 or two more.

    However we did not sell Senderos? I think he is OK, as for Silvestre and Djourou, well I wouldnt have them playing, Silvestre for me is a joke.

    I just hope the team stays fit, Vermalaen is a rock (quite easily could become signing of the season) and Gallas looks miles better along side him than he did with Toure…..

    On the other hand, Bitterly disappointed we didnt sign Chamack. Seen him play a few times this season and he is super quick and great in the Air. Bendtner now needs to step up to the plate as Wenger has put a hell of a lot of responsibility on his shoulders!!! If he can score 15 Goals this season, I think he has done his job.

    Cant wait for the rest of the season, We absolutely dominated United and lost (which cost me a new tv remote)

    The signs are positive, however. I just hope injuries are kind this season.

  128. Lee says:

    SINBAD = Loser.

    Please fuck off and support Man City if all you want is signings…

    We have played 5 games, won 4, and scored 16 goals and are looking great…? are you not aware of the youth policy? It is working you prick.

    One comment mentioned the Spuds winning more in the past five years… they haven’t won the league for 48 years! the Carling Cup is all they have won and your jealous? no champions league….

    Sinbad you are a cunt – a thick as pig shit cunt at that. you come from a family of cunts. Why would you write such an article, do you not watch the same team…..

    You must be a virgin or a bender to be do bitter about the world. Go get laid you sad, cock jockey loser.

    and let real supporters get on wiht what looks like being a great season.

    Come on you REDS!

    • fuego says:

      As usual the fairweather fans over reacts…..the season barely started and its all doom and gloom.

      Personally, I think the squad is much stronger than it was last season. Of course, it would have been nice to have another centrehalf or defensive midfielder. But in general the squad is in pretty good shape. And more important, negative dressing room problems seem to have been resolved.

      Look at Arsene’s 1st 11: Almunia – Clichy – Vermaelen – Gallas – Sagna – Song – Nasri – Fab4 – Arshavin – RVP – Bendtner

      Look at the backup: Fabianski – Traore/Gibbs – Senderos – Djourou – Eboue – Denilson – Rosicky – Diaby – Vela – Eduardo – Walcott

      Plus we still have Ramsey and Wilshere.

      I have a feeling Arsene is giving Senderos a 2nd chance to redeem himself. He has the makings of a solid defender, he just needs the confidence.

      This season is looking promising and honestly only consider Chelski as realistic rivals for the title.

  129. tim says:

    we haven’t sold our best players. we sold a stiker who didn’t want to put the effort in (and his tally last season showed this) and defender past his best.

    who would we blow our money on? where is an available defender that can deal with drogba? drogba is one of the best because defenders can’t deal with him.

    we know how AW operates; if you can’t get better than you have, don’t waste your money on someone you don’t need. he has targets, but if he can’t get them (because they don’t want to come, or their clubs want to much) why waste your money chasing the second or third choice, who you didn’t really want anyway?

    The place i (and everyone else) think we need a player is in CM. I believe he would have got melo, but melo didn’t want to come. so what do we do? chase someone else not as good? or give the improving song a chance? i think he’s made the right choice.

    The only person to blame for the failure of the team winning things is wenger, we know this, he knows this. he made a bold statement at the start of this season that now is the time for this team, if they fail again this season, i think we will see this team broken up. i think the new CEO is results driven, he will not let a failed experiment continue.

  130. matt says:

    Wengers a wanker………. he’s bleeding our club dry of quality/experience and it will end up with us dropping down the league. Have a look at what he did at Monaco, very similar things happened eg…. he sold experienced players, tried to build a team of kids and cheap buys, and it ended with Monaco dropping down the league to 14th and Wenger being sacked!!!! How low do we have to go before all you blind Wenger lovers realise …he aint that good!!!!! The early season games prove nothing…. just wait and see and I hope you all hav the balls to come on here and admit you were WRONG!!!!

    • Captain Flak says:

      Watched the reserves last night. The whole club oozes class from top to bottom. Get rid of people like you from the terraces and we’re laughing!!

  131. Sue says:

    So some of you idiots posting on here think he should buy just for the sake of it – Grow up and try acting your age instead of your shoe size!

  132. Akbar Ghaffar says:

    Its funny how we all think that the whole squad will always be there..this is football where u have atleast 4 players injured all year round..we need depth not worldclass players but our replacements are all young n inexperienced!

  133. Eddie Yak says:

    All that can be said and done were all said and done by the fans before me. Wenger not only let the team down but also all the fans worldwide and now it is proven that he is only interested to make profits for the Arsenal kitty. So be it and I really really hope Arsenal will lose it’s fourth placing to Everton or Manchester City only then will things happen in Arsenal because that will also be the time Wenger resigned from Arsenal.

  134. Sir Cecil says:

    I would be very pleased to see Arsenal finish no higher than 5th this season.
    Of course, 6th or 7th would be better still.
    Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion on this excellent forum.
    Good day.

  135. 1080pete says:

    Maybe Wenger is even more intelligent than we give him credit for and is waiting for the 2010 world cup to decide just who he will spend big on. Makes sense to me, there is no greater test of a footballer than that of an international match.

    If you look at our squad SINBAD you will see that we have players who can play in more than one position ok maybe they aren’t specialists in all positions but Arsene has fleeted a very versatile and young squad. Versatility is key when players who normally play in certain positions are sidelined through injury. For example if Song Diaby and Ramsey aren’t fit to play Eboue can fill every one of those positions also so can Denilson. Even Djourou can be pushed into CDM if the situation arises. The same goes for the whole team up front and in defense.

    I too feel your frustration at times SINBAD but I guess its a good thing for you that we haven’t won anything or bought any major players otherwise you’d have nothing to moan about. I can see only a trophy or two will be good enough to silence you and your negative blogs.

  136. Nucks says:

    ‘arsene wenger is killing our club’ Blimey! You obviously feel passionately that he is. However I dissagree. The last 2 seasons I have felt that we needed to strengthen. From what I’ve seen so far, maybe 2 players. 1 cb, 1 cm. But I am convinced that we can finally kiss goodbye to 4th spot this season as it will be 3rd or above for Arsenal this season which is far from our club being killed I think. One of us will be proved right. I hope to god it’s me. But I don’t blame you for being pissed off, it’s not been easy for us the last few years…

  137. RadioRoy says:

    If buying players was the only way to success on the football pitch, then Harry Redknapp’s team would win it year in, year out. Even Graeme Souness would be challenging for honours.

    Yes I was also dissapointed by us not adding to the squad yesterday, but I guess the dissapointment was due to me expecting the excitement of seeing who Wenger/Gazidis would pull out of the hat, more than the addition in itself.

    The main issue by adding to the squad is that the addition will have to be better than the ones currently being in the first 11, because if we should add just depth in the squad, I think Arsenal are just fine.

    Without using a penny, Arsenal have added Senderos, Rosicky and Eduardo to this season’s squad compared to last year. If Big Phil can find back to his best, he’ll be a brilliant back-up for Vermaelen and Gallas, and the little I saw of him in the AC Milan jersey last season wasn’t bad at all.

    Rosicky showed in pre-season he’ll be a great asset, too, and Eduardo’s probably one of the best finisher’s in the league.

    With Merida and Wilshere waiting to step in, Nasri back in a few weeks time, and the same with Walcott, we’ve got players almost any team in PL would envy us.

    As far as I’m concerned there’s only one area where I would have liked us to strengthen, and that’s the DM-position. Not for the people who does the job now, but we can’t expect Denilson and Song to stay fit and without suspensions for the whole season.

    Wenger said a couple of weeks ago that every club was looking for a player in that position, but other than Alonso who went to Real Madrid, and Barry to City, there was not a single high profile DM that exchanged clubs this summer.

    Both of them were out of reach for Arsenal anyhow. Alonso because of his price-tag, and Barry because of the wages offered by City.

    Diaby, Djourou and/or Senderos could fill that gap, at least until January.

    Wenger is a cunning fox in the transfer market, and if the players available isn’t better than the ones he already has at his disposal, why bother splashing the cash.

    Arshavin was better, and Wenger went for him, and I wouldn’t be surprised do see Chamakh joining Arsenal in january.

    My point is that money doesn’t buy you titles. It sure helps getting the players you want, but there are more examples of big-spenders not winning anything than the opposite…

  138. John.S says:

    “NO SIGNINGS! Wenger lets the fans down AGAIN!”

    No he hasn’t…our team is strong enough. Wenger is right to bring through our young developing players and give them their chance.

    And don’t presume you speak for the “fans”, you don’t.

    I’m sick to death of you whingeing bloody moaners, throwing crap every season at our players and team.


  139. nizzer says:

    this is the first and last time i will ever leave a message, but i don’t know why i’m bothering because your opinions are so ridiculous. i never thought he was going to sign anybody so he hasn’t lied and tricked me.If you think that we have been worse off over the last few years where we have been playing excellent football, bar some stages last year, paying off our debt, and developing a young squad together who could potential dominate every competion it plays in for years if it clicks, you must be efing mad. winning a trophy every year is not everything.

  140. George Loxdale says:

    i completely disagree you think wenger has let the fans down when he has done the opposite he has kept together a world class squad of players by giving contracts to van persie and some great up and coming youngsters such as gibbs and wilshere. this is a sellers transfer market and wenger has got rid of the troublemakers (toure and adebayor)
    why spend loads of money when we don’t need to buy. if your so pissed off with wenger there’s another team down the road mate.

    George Loxdale aged 15

  141. MAC says:

    Simple, 2 options put up & shut up or sack AW, you decide……

  142. Gonerdvae says:

    Well John S and everybody I am 100% behind Arsenal and alway’s will be.

    The thing that pisses me off is that we hear the same old bollocks coming out of the club year after year “no money new stadium” what most of you don’t realize is that Arsenal is actually run by a YID so that is why there is no money available. I think that if there are no trophies this season that will be it for Wenger and the board. Watch out for the sneeky Russian bid very soon, if it happen’s I would like to think that there would be some money available for new player’s, but to achieve that you need to get rid of Wenger and get a manager with a pair of nuts. Sinbad you are a star and I will be raising a pint in your honour for having the B******S for saying what you meen.

    • mjc says:

      Your an anti-semitic twat

    • Zaiky says:

      ‘for having the bollocks for saying what you mean’ – yes massive balls to post an anonymous load of crap online, well done sinbad

      Goonerdave, you are an anti-semite and perhaps the biggest wanker of them all – go fuck yourself and I will be raising a glass to you have an accident very soon

      • Gonerdvae says:

        That is not fair and I apologize if I have offended you in any way, I am not against anyone’s faith, but do me a favour next time you reply to a message don’t bring religon into it you soppy cunt if you dont like dont fucking read it, it is as simple as that and as you raising a glass for me when I have an accident well bully for you hope you enjoy it and I hope it does not choke you. Are seson ticket holder?

    • Zaiky says:

      Don’t apologise then take it back you moron and yes I am a season ticket holder at the Emirates, unlike you who obviously has one at the Lane. You brought religion to this page you prick, not me now go fuck yourself, you are the only person who will!

    • jreaper says:

      hey knob jockey twat face. everyone on here is a supporter you dumb fuck,and guess what? everybody has a different oppinion. didn’t they teach you that at the womens school they sent you to. so you wrighting such a stupid comment such as “go and support your team you sad cunt” solves nothing. so why did you write it? do you think your input was going to change everybodys mind with noobish force.

      Anyone that tries to stop the way i want to think wether it be government or pedestrian,will get my defiance on all levels.i will not be forced by yours or anybodys beliefs,cause as you should know there is actually no wrong or right. it’s who ever manipulates the best argument decides the reality for human kind.reality changes by perspective. so please don’t preach to me again as i don’t give a fuck about your manipulating arsenal stories written only to piss me and others off.only my word is gosball.

  143. Gooner '71 says:

    Sinbad, do you go to the game?

  144. The Truth says:

    Yes we beat a very, very poor Everton and a very very very poor Portsmouth. Okay we outplayed a Man United side who are unlikely to play as badly as that again all season, and they STILL beat us!

    This squad isn’t as good as a lot of rose-tinted glasses wearing people would like to believe. Already players are dropping like flies (Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin…) and we’ll be well and truly found out.


  145. Henry14 says:

    What a bunch of cunts you lot are, how the fuck can you say that this man doesn’t have a point?

    There are glaring flaws in this team, they were there last season and they haven’t been addressed – yet again.

    It’s 3 games in – we have beaten a shit everton and a shit portsmouth and lost the 1 game that was actually a test!!!!

    Yeah we played better, but what a fucking suprise we couldn’t kill the game and lost and are blaming the ref! HAHAHAHAH!!

    It’s embaressing.

    We will win fuck all this season end of story and to be honest if you follow wenger on blind faith you deserve to be paying a £1k ever season for your ticket and be dissapointed.


  146. Haider says:


    We buy young players and develop them. We don’t go out and buy big name players. We augment our squad with good players without major league experience when we no internal options – Sagna, Verm, Eduardo, Nasri, Rosicky. We don’t have the petro dollars to live it up like Citeh. Song, Bendtner and Diaby are improving. See how Theo comes on this season. Denilson’s still young but he’s getting the expereience and he has the talent.

    Stop dissing the team and start screamin your lungs at the Grove. The fans needs to get behind the team and create an inhospitable atmosphere for the opposition, like the Rangers fans did…


  147. thevanster says:

    If we don’t have money, the club shuts down. We’re in debts ffs. Deal with it. I can’t believe that after the start we’ve had you’re still yapping on mate.

  148. slightly concerned! says:

    I am very optimistic about this season, but i can’t help worrying that the same will happen to us as happened last year and the year before. When Song goes to ACN we will struggle to replace him, thats assuming he continues the form he has shown so far this season, which is something i personally cannot take for granted. If i was Wenger i wouldn’t even think about Rosicky as a member of the squad. It is clear that he cannot be relied upon to be fit so we should treat him as a bonus player. I would not have been unhappy to have seen Kranjcar come in. For 2.5m, surely you can’t go wrong and then even with the worst of luck with injuries we would have had plenty there.Defensively we should be acceptable, injuries to one of Vermaelen or Gallas would make me nervous, i hope Djourou has improved as much as Song. Senderos, although struggling like mad against Drogba, has put in some good performances for us and i wouldn’t be surprised to see improvement from him this year also, if he is willing to fight for his future at the club. I’ve not seen this Chamakh guy play before, but i’ve never thought we really need another forward, Bendtner frustrates me to my wits end and then has a good game or two to make me think he might make it after all. Eduardo will be class. I must ask the question, am i the only one that thinks Rvp isn’t as good as his rep seems to suggest. I really don’t see him playing the lone role up front. I can’t wait for the day when Walcott takes his rightful place up front instead of playing wide all the time. I’m no football expert but this is how i see the state of our squad. anyone tend to agree with me? or am i talking complete guff?

  149. Tommygun says:

    100% agree with you sinbad

  150. Theo says:

    I’m a “fan” and Wenger hasn’t let me down by not signing anyone in the transfer market!!! I’m actually happy with our squad, it’s one I am very proud of. Let other clubs sign up all the mercenaries. Now that Adebayor’s gone, we at least have a squad full of “Gooners”…..more than can be said of our “fans”! Whether they’re enough to bring us the trophies we want, we’ll have to wait and see. I’m happy to give them the time, Arsene and the players have earned that much!

  151. no1fran_merida says:

    I am one – or was – of those Wenger loyalists, but after this summer’s teasing of ‘we will get maybe 1-2 players’, I must admit, my patience has finally run out. To tell you exactly how I feel … this morning I was convinced we were going to get a defensive midfielder or CB, just one player mind and was looking forward to our Man City away game in 2 weeks time … but having got absolutely no-one, and having banked 30mln, i now feel absolutely sick to the gut, and i couldnt care less about our next game … in fact, i wouldnt mind if we lost that, just to stick 2 fingers up at AW and the Arsenal board. We will almost certainly finish out of the top 4 this year. And it could have been so different. Just 2 additions would have made us genuine challengers for the title, but now, we have NO ONE to cover vermaelen or gallas and NO back up DM, ie NO ONE to back up Song!!! I truly truly feel sick to the gut … season over in my book!!!


    Now this is clearly not an arsenal fan. Anyone who wishes for our team to lose a game is not worthy of this claim. Either this is a wind up spud or a stupid little boy (both the same thing really).
    So 2 additions and we are challenging for the title but none and we are out of the top 4. What if we get 2 more injuries or 2 less, shouldnt that then make as big a difference as 2 new signings.


  152. matt stewart says:

    When will you understand the 40M is going to pay off debts!!! Sinbad you have been very quite lately, probably hating the fact that we were winning and the fact that we played manure off the park and were very unlucky. We will do well this year rest assured. Doom and gloom merchants can then find something else to moan about, like why the sun doesn’t shine in England. Also its no wonder Arsenal supporters are the laughing stock with supporters like Sinbad and Sick&tired. As for S&T your personal abuse to AW leads me to believe you are not an arsenal fan so fuck off you sick excuse for a fan.

  153. Tony C says:

    Our team is strong enough blah blah blah…….you idiots that stick up for Wenger no matter what make me laugh (and fume at the same time).

    Apart rom Vermaelen, we are WORSE than we were last season when we finished miles behind the champions. What makes you think it will be different this season? Sure the defence looks great at the moment (apart from the clown in goal) but what happens when Gallas or TV are injured? In comes Senderos or Silvestre and we are shafted! What happens when Song goes to the ACN in the new year? We get Denilson as a holding midfielder, we are shafted!
    Arsene Wenger has signed his own death warrant at the club. If he fails to win a trophy this year he now HAS to leave. We had 12,000 people either not renew or not take up a season ticket this year, the club can’t afford that to be 20,000 next season. The man is so stubborn he is damaging the club not ensuring it’s future.

  154. bdawg says:

    The only reason people get disappointed when there are no new signings Ts because they get caught up in the media circus that links every man and his dog to our club. We have a great squad and time will tell if it is the year we break through the ‘talented youngsters’ label that has become common place with Arsenal. The money made from the sales this summer has gone into the club as a business to reduce payments on the new stadium or to help fund the residential outlay from the old Highbury grounds. What people forget is that we are in a recession and sound business decisions have been made without determent to our team on the pitch. Have Faith.

  155. cy says:

    Spot on.
    It’s beyond a joke.
    If we win nothing this season, he should walk.

  156. Tommygun says:

    So why has Wenger hinted all summer that he wanted to bring in 2 players?

    Why not just say we are not in the market? Thats what Sir Alex said at Man Utd. He came out and told the fans that was it and not to exspect any signings. Wenger didnt, He said time and time again that he was looking to bring in 2 players and he would wait until the last min. And not for the first time he flopped.

    Wenger is the king of BS

    • One since 81 says:

      He might have hinted that he wanted 2 players but that doesn’t mean any old 2 will do.

      If he couldn’t get the players he wanted at the right price to fit into his squad plans then why waste the money?

      Who else buy more successfully than AW? His record speaks for itself. the players that have tended to let him down have sadly been English hopefuls like Jeffers and Richard Wright.

  157. Rich says:

    He has always he will buy if we need to, and he has bought a central defender who seems very good! We have changed from a defensively nervous team to good defense, what position would you strengthen? He has not let any true fans don – just BS fans like you who open their mouth b4 they think!! Use your brains if you have any!

  158. fanele says:

    Only a fool will be happy with the squad arsene has at the moment,He is already travelling on the fast lane with his best possible team. Tell me what will happen if Song gets injuried/ or goes for african cup of nations?, play diaby as holding midfielder?, If vermalen/gallas get injuried or worn out who replaces them sanderos?. Wenger’s message is ‘keep the faith’.What faith?, that players do not get injuried?, that our rivals do not use antifootball tactics?,that gallas gives us 20 goals in the season?,that arshavin and fabregas stay injury free?, that van persie stays fit, that rosicky comes back and gives us a full season?. Everthing in that team is based on LUCK.For four years we have been hoping and hoping.This is how the season will go AGAIN, we will reach semis in FA, Carling cup and quarter finals/semi in Champions league, losing all those matches in the same way.We still needed one defensive midfield cover,and one top class striker, whats the use of playing bentner in the wing and continue to pile up crosses for the our short midfielders to try score headers, if we still needed to cross balls from the wings then why did we not get a tall striker.

    • Zaiky says:

      Well fanele (whatever the fuck that wank name is) we must all be fools then and you are a genius. What a load of absolute shite you spout. I suppose you wanted to sign Krancar? I suppose you wanted to sign Dunne? What you need to sign is a form admitting what we all know – you are a scummer and always will be. Now fuck off down the lane and take this sinbad prick with you!

    • George Loxdale says:

      well said Zaiky two spud wankers.
      fanele are you retarded bendtner on the wing is one of the best tactics you’le see all season because bendtner will win the high balls against full backs and knock the ball down to the midfield high up the pitch for example denilson goal vs everton bendtner won the ball in the air skinned the defender gave it fabregas and you know the rest.
      Anyway you think two maybe three new players will instantly win us the league and the european cup i think not.
      George Loxdale 15

  159. gooner91 says:

    sinbad mate if your gonna start complaining that were not gonna win anything blah blah before the seasons already started then why dont you fuck off, we dont supporters who do nothing but complain, thats why they call it being a supporter, u ‘support’ the team
    if all you want is big money signings then fuck off and become a man city fan yeah
    your an embarassment to arsenal fans
    personally i dont feel let down, weve got of to flying start 13 goals in 5 games hardly a shit start is it
    and anyway sinbad seeing as u seem to be such a football genius, who do you suggest we buy eh?

  160. Peppers says:

    You you call yourself a supporter ?? If that’s how you feel please go ahead and support City or Spurs, it’s no more than you deserve. Wenger has done a tremendous job for us and it’s time that people like you stopped slating him. We have a great team – we should have won the league in 2008 barring an injury or two and we let ouirselves down in the Champs league semis last season – what more do you want ? Ficklle so called Gooners like you turn my stomach.

  161. Long time fan says:

    People like you make me laugh. If you know so much about football and what it takes to to run a great team, why aren’t you managing one? The money’s good.
    You read a few reports maybe see something on you tube and become convinced that such and such a player would be great for us. Then you slag off Arsene for not indulging your fantasy. Well here’s something for you Why don’t we sign this guy? I saw him score (with his bare feet) a goal against a top international goalkeeper. Sign him up at once Arsene as far as I know he is not attached to any club and is available. The goalie was Pat Jennings and the scorer was Tony the Tiger (he’s Grrrreat.

  162. adamu bab says:

    what is the extent of deciving? as he always tell us the untrue future about his transfer plan!

  163. nigel rosli says:

    if the prof wants to be a stubborn mule and not buy any players for whatever reason it may be….i could not care less…this season is his sink or swim with his ‘nursery’ policy…if he fails to win anything this season, i hope he resigns..period…if he succeeds to win a major title…then we will all shut up…till then……..

  164. Geoff Strong says:

    I am sick to death of this “no trophies” crap.

    There are only 3 things worth winning each year, PL title, CL title and qualification for the CL. (the FA cup & League Cup are worthless now).

    Thanks to Wenger you are able to watch CL football every year and, in case you have forgotten, been able to celebrate 3 PL titles along the way.

    We are competing with the best clubs in the world, not only in Europe but in the PL as well. It seems we get more respect around the world for what we achieve than from some of our so-called fans.

  165. uways says:

    i think that him not signing anyone isnt a problem because arsenal are fantastic this season

  166. alex says:

    food for thought. sinbad stopped commenting after the 10th comment or so. When will all of you realize his posts are just to wind people up and he does it just for kicks…

  167. jreaper says:

    arsene obviously has a plan. we played leathal in pre season and first two games. we were robbed at man u (probably bad karma for eduardo dive and it was a dive) we still have loads of players to come back. rosicksky was leathal in pre season, and no doubt we will give man city a proper spanking (i hate mark hughes) even if we come 4th again and win nothing, wenger would still have done a good job. as many know how the other teams would like to be in our position. so stop moaning and enjoy for once the journey and hope of winning things in future, as everybody knows it can get boring when your the best. when we were invincibles i wanted any team to beat us. i love the anticipation. we will do well this season. lets just hope and enjoy. peace.

  168. earthsaveitorloseit says:

    what a supid descision view this and comment

  169. aRENAL 4 D END says:


  170. gigbrin says:

    Wenger’s killing the club eh? Awful isn’t it… playing the best football consistently year after year… developing kids into world beaters with his intelligent nuturing and coaching… refusing to buy in to the endless spiral of rising prices in the over-inflated transfer market… creating a lasting legacy and a sustainable business model… maintaining our top 4 status despite a fantastic expansion with our amazing stadium (other clubs who have built new stadiums have disappeared into financial ruin and been relegated)…. if you idiots who loathe the man honestly cannot see that he’s the best steward for this club both on and off the pitch, you either have very very short memories or have only started supporting Arsenal in the last 6 years or less. If you want a club where success can be bought… support Chelsea or Man City…. Some of us can see the bigger picture and don’t believe buying success can ever be sustainable…. the teams that have done it eventually have to balance the books… we have no devine right to win the prem…. I don’t want to bankrupt the club trying. You people really are sad… you’d love to see this man sacked and replaced with what exactly? Incredible!

  171. Dave says:

    Just as a reminder, this article was written by the same person (half-wit/little boy/monkey*) that proclaimed that Arsenal would not win anything because they didn’t buy Cana from Marseille (his opinion was based on him watching footage on you tube of him fouling people, although he later lied about having watched him on live TV loads of times). Enough said really I think.
    * – delete as appropriate

  172. This Season looks a real promise for the gunners we outplayed Man U also. I think it will be waste in signing a new player just because we have the money.

  173. Merse-10 says:

    wow! Sinbad and his negative posts yet again. Tiresome, boring, yawn inducing, bollocks. Vermaelen is more than good enough to cope with Drogba.

    If the players of required quality are not there to buy then there’s no point buying for the sake of it. Our squad is strong enough, simple as that.

    Yopu are just a negative prick who at the start of the season called on fans to protest and make banners against Wenger. lol. You have a agenda and take every opportunity to knock Le Gaffer.

    Brainless and pathetic.

  174. Merse-10 says:

    too be fair to Sinbad he said Vermaelen wasn’t good enough, not tall enough, not strong enough so i think that pretty much sums up what a good judge he is.

    Get those banners out lol lol

  175. Merse-10 says:

    “Wenger tells the fans that his priority is keeping the team together and then sells our best players”

    Pretty sure the last time i checked we still had Asharvin, Clichy, Cesc, VP, Eduardo, Sagna, Nari…etc etc. If you think Kolo and Lazybarndoor were our best players then once again you’ve showed what a poor judge you are.

  176. Merse-10 says:

    “There seems to have been a change in stance from the board. They seem to have backed away from statements about what a lot of money you have to spend. Did you ask them to do that?”
    I think they grew to understand that it put me under tremendous pressure, and was not helpful. To be fair, I think they were under pressure when they made those statements, too. We have an economic model that is easily explained.
    So you think Arsenal can achieve their aims with the current financial structure, without inviting people like Alisher Usmanov in from outside?
    Yes, we have an economic model that is viable as long as we stay at the top. In six or seven years time, it will be very easy financially, but it is not my job to be involved in that. A company works best when everybody does the job he is paid to do.
    So you are not pressuring the board to accept outside money?
    I agreed on a structure to the club four or five years ago, I believed it could work and we are at the period now when we will see whether I was right or not.

    Rather than read inane posts from a negative fool, perhaps read a sensational interview with our great manager, from the horses mouth, the facts. Brilliant interview, the man bleeds Arsenal;–II.html

  177. Goona says:

    To cut a long story short lets wait until the end of the season to find out if Sinbad’s sailing in the right direction? or if he’s sailing up the creek without a paddle? Some Gooners have different opinions so we’ll know then who were right, the pro Wenger brigade or the anti. If it turns out that the pros were right Brill!!but if we go once again without some kind of trophy with us holding the spuds up.Grr!Bye Bye Team Viva Espanya or hello La liga! Gawd!wish we’d have stayed at good old HIGHBURY!!!!!

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