See the truth,The Arsenal Accounts and Chairmans report

Posted: September 3, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Thanks to stevedon on the forum

We have managed to get our hands on an informative Chairman’s report and the financial review.

Click (HERE) for the rest of the reports

  1. 1 Number10 says:

    What does Note 16 say in respect of the £334m falling due to Creditors within one year?

  2. danish gooner says:

    Surely it cant be 334 million it has got to be something like 334 thousands pound????

  3. danish gooner says:

    Can someone please explain this.

  4. Jbird says:

    We are basically 159 mill in the green after you minus our loan debt due to emirates and other bank debts we have.

  5. AS says:

    Here’s the breakdown of 1/2 Year Accounts to Nov-08! Nothing strange!

    Nov 2008
    Bank loans – secured 98,020
    Fixed and floating rate bonds – secured 4,676
    Trade creditors 11,886
    Corporation tax 6,845
    Other tax and social security 2,585
    Other creditors 17,558
    Accruals and deferred income 125,563

  6. Fredwest says:

    So wenger has the cash to spend on new players

  7. RP7 says:

    Look at it closely it is last years accounts, not this seasons!!!

  8. red712004 says:

    Check out the Arsenal Supporters Trust for an analysis of the accounts:

    I think the accounts shown here are for last year and there has been an interim report since.

  9. ddj says:

    So basically we make 25kk a year and there will be a lot of available cash in the future assuming those flats sell on nicely and we make it into the Champions league during that period.

    As frustrating as it is, you must admit it is impressive how secure we are. Effectively this is a black spot until well laid plans come to fruition.

    Options to go wrong seem to be:

    1. Flats go tits up and recent profits cover it
    2. We miss Champions league and recent profits cover it
    3. Both and we could have problems, as unlikely as it is.

    During all this, Wenger has given us a promising young squad, so what I see, is that we will end up with a good squad and some good cash to improve it, or an excellent squad, in which case the stadium debt could be largely put to bed.

  10. clichydoubledeuce says:

    now that’s a healthy balance sheet. the current account might be in a slight deficit, but i’m sure it won’t be a massive hit to the retained earnings (102m!)

  11. Womble says:

    How about a bit of commentary to explain what your point is?

    I guess it means that Arsene has plenty of cash to keep pinching everyone elses best youth players by luring them with over the top salaries for their age, to give huge salary increases to fickle failures like Robin van Persie, to keep paying Rosicky for doing nothing, to keep all his compliant, pampered babies at the Club?

    Of course no money is available to buy a hard midfielder so we finally have some real balls and steel to our delicate midfield.

  12. Wambam says:

    IF ONLY arsenal had borrowed a few thousands of £s to keep Diarra and Flamini.

  13. dirty turkey says:

    @ Babo , are you quoting Microphone Fiend by Eric B & Rakim?

    Great tune – chilling to the maximum, I cant relax, coz Im hyped as a hypocondriac…etc

  14. niyi, london says:

    That Womble of a guy is Myles Palmer in disguise! In fairness, It is quiet frustrating not to have the type of players we (fans) reckon will add to the teams strength and the Manager keep saying no new player every year.

    I understand the investment in the youth was basically to push them on to 1st team but when you look at the kind of seater Eboue missed at the OT; it can make you go banana. We need two or more inspirational player in the mould of Arshavin and need it fast but the honourable Managers of ours don’t give a damn how we feel. He knows better.

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