[VIDEO] Rooney dives and wins a pen AGAIN!!

Posted: September 5, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Frank Lampard Goal (pen) V Slovenia – 05.09.09Funny blooper videos are here

“I’m an honest player and never dive”

Well thats what Wayne Rooney said a few days ago when asked about diving.

After going down in the box vs Arsenal last week, Rooney did it again and won a pen tonight.

It looked very soft and for a bloke who is tough and has the body of a boxer he went to ground VERY easy…AGAIN!

So will UEFA now look at this and BAN Rooney for 2 games?

Of course not.

Because English players never dive…DO THEY!

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  1. ROOOONEY says:


  2. vivb says:

    Not particularly a dive but certainly a foul on the defender, the offense is compounded by Rooney claiming for a penalty to the ref afterwards. But as ITV decreed it was the referee at fault not our honest Wayne

  3. RVP ROCKS!!!!!!!! says:

    As far as the english media are concerned rooney walks on water

  4. A foul by Rooney? Yes, he should have been yellow carded for sliding in on the opponent. But a dive? Eduardo showed you what a dive looked like the other week and Eduardo showed you at the weekend. Arsenal fans should know better than any what a diving player looks like.

    • vivb says:

      From a supporter of a team that has been graced by Ronaldo for the last 5 season’s that’s fucking hilarious

    • RVP ROCKS!!!!!!!! says:

      And united supporters know better than any about sick paedophile chants. Seriously though how sick are you? Its a game and then you bring thrash into it. Everyone hates you and the world would be a better place without your twisted minds.

    • dave says:

      youve been watching ronaldo for a few years so Id say tou know a bit.Well done

    • Uggunner says:

      Scott the Red, Dudu was punished because he “deceived” the referee into making a wrong decision. And for that he got a 2 game-ban. Well, Roony deceived the referee even more spectacularly in this case, what with him even having the audacity to seek the penalty from the referee.

  5. zef says:

    What!! dat is him who pulled d defenders shirt and tackled him!!

    Dis is soooo unfair!!

  6. zef says:

    @ scott: What the hell was he doing by raising his arm and acting dat he was tackled???

    z dat honesty?? z dat not deceiving d referee??

    get a life u moron!!

  7. Besher says:

    Don”t be so patheitic he was pulled from his shirt he did fall easily but he didn”t act or dive . There is no reason to dive it”s only a friendly . A dive is like eboue”s dive against man utf at old trafford now that was a dive when nothing touches and u fall .

  8. SV says:

    What Rooney did was worse than Eduardo. Eduardo did not try to bring an opponent down and did not appeal for the penalty. But let’s give Rooney some credit here. The guy has learnt an art of provoking penalties to perfection.

  9. nickogs20 says:

    Glorious bitterness.

    • Liam says:

      Yes as an arsenal fan I am bitter. When there is one rule for one team and another for every other team. Eduardo was suspended and I am okay with that, as long as the ruling applies to EVERYONE.

  10. Dave says:

    I thought Eduardo was done for deceiving the ref not diving. Didn’t Rooney deceive the ref?

  11. redordead says:

    maybe he didnt dive this time but he is a cheat!

  12. vp says:

    Different rules for Rooney and other England players. Pathetic.

  13. kenny says:

    That is unbelivable just because he is English he gets away with it If Eduardo is a cheat Rooney is a liar & cheat

  14. Gary says:

    Rooney can run but he cannot hide. Its nice that he gets exposed again.

    SAF should thank the ref, the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo for the silveware they have recived over the years.

    • Terrence says:

      SAF said UEFA was right to ban Eduardo..now this time he able to stand up and same and said Yes, Rooney should ban 2 match ?

  15. RIX says:

    Rooney is a cheat and has perfected the art of diviosis…and he’s english too and they dont lie and dive….till they get to world cup minus their referees…and loose matches to everyone else.Good luck SHREK THE DIVER…

  16. RIX says:

    SHREK DOES IT AGAIN….but for how long??

  17. Jem says:


  18. Stu says:

    Its not anti enlgish mentailty. Eduardo dived and rightly got banned but its not being done to all the other divers.

    Its anti arsenal too. Wilshere (an arsenal youth for ye mancs) won a pk for the u21s and there were articles going around saying he dived. So its anti arsenal too.

  19. DTees says:

    Eduado was banned for decieving the referee, which is exactly what Rooney has done for 2 games in a row resulting in penalties and subsequently the team winning. This should be pointed out to those clowns at uefa. Voice your opinions to :

    michel.platini@uefa.com and info@uefa.com

    Pass it around, the more the merrier…..

  20. g0on3r says:

    as long as you are not an arsenal player, you’ll definitely can get away when diving. gerard such a serial diver but never once media said him so, he even got away with obvious and serious criminal offense. i think even if rooney kill someone he can easily walk away not guilty.

  21. Paul Kennard says:

    i remember when arshavin was trying to tell the ref it wasnt a penalty against portsmouth. Rooney could have done the same in a meaningless fixture yesterday. he knew no way it was a penalty and after speaking to the nation on tv he would have been spoken highly of rather than a fat peice of cheating lard

  22. clockendjim says:

    Obviously Ronaldo gave Rooney some simulation lessons before he left and very well he does it too.
    Not only was that ‘penalty’ created by Rooney, he also fouled the defender and actually put him out of the game.
    Obviously Ronaldo gave Rooney some simulation lessons before he left and very well he does it too.
    Not only was that ‘penalty’ created by Rooney, he also fouled the defender and actually put him out of the game.
    So come on UEFA where do we go from here. If you are going to punish Eduardo for what I still think was debatable, what are you going to do about Rooney when it was so obvious. And for that matter, every other simulation that occurs in just about every game these day.
    It’s definitely can of worms timeIt’s definitely can of worms time

  23. king of bling says:

    F**kin cheat rooney….hes been cheating since d age of 16….once a cheater always a cheater….what a role model for kids he is dives,cheats,f**ks whore,betting ….wat else…maybe drugs too?

  24. TH says:

    And people wonder why I used to beat the shit out of ManUre fans. I feel like slapping around a few again for the fun of it. Weak fucks!

  25. Fredwest says:

    English players are the worst. Owen gerrard and Rooney

  26. koksan says:

    Don’t u know English players are above the law? If Gerard happens to shot someone with a gun, it will be that guy’s fault because he did not avoid getting beeing hit by the bullet. If Rooney rapes a girl, it will be the girl’s fault for not keeping her legs together….. That’s why England football team will never succeed..

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