What “IF” Arsenal got a 2 year transfer ban?

Posted: September 5, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Chelsea have been banned from signing any new players until 2011,I started to think last night, What if this happened to Arsenal?

Would anybody notice the difference if it did??

Its not like we use the transfer window to strengthen the team anyway is it? And if anything i feel wenger would welcome a ban like this at Arsenal so he could save even more cash.

Just imagine the profit we would make?…Wenger would love it
While Manchester City Liverpool Chelsea Spurs Villa and even Sunderland are spending and investing in new players, Wenger seems to only care about making a profit.

Fergie’s net spend at Manchester United since the Glazer family took over is just £6.25million – even taking into account the £80m received from Real Madrid for winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

Wenger is actually in profit over the same time period, clawing in a net £27.87m.
Compare that with Man Utd £6.7m -Liverpool £88.4m -Chelsea £97.5m – Man City £232.4.

But making money for the board is one thing. Winning titles and cups is something else. Man Utd have won champions leagues etc because they have invested on players. Arsenal have not won anything since 2005 for ONE REASON. Lack of investment.

The transfer deadline passed last week with Arsenal failing to do any business. Many of us were stunned as Wenger has hinted all summer that his aim was to bring in 1 or 2 players. Wenger decided to bank the money from the sales of Adebayor and Toure rather then bringing in some much needed quality and for me he is taking a huge gamble!
For the first time under Wenger i fear we wont make the champions league next season.

I cant see this bunch of players finishing above Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Utd, even Spurs this season. I fear this a 5th place finish for Arsenal at the end of the season now and unless we WIN the champions league, I cant see us being involved next season.
IF Wenger had brought in 1/2 players of real quality i think we could have challenged this season. But like previous seasons when key players will be missing our replacements are just not up for the job.

Wenger should have spent this summer! Why didn’t he? Some of you might say he didn’t have the money, but we have seen a Arsenal FC doc that confirms its the boards policy that proceeds of any players sales will ALWAYS be made available for re investment back into the development of the team. So why was this not done this summer?
Again some might say that maybe there were no players available?

Well what about the likes of Rafael Van der Vaart , Miguel Veloso, Lee Cattermole, Obafemi Martins, Felipe Melo,Cristian Zapata, Sebastien Bassong, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Lorik Cana?
And IF we would have gone knocking for Brede Haangaland the player would have jumped at the chance to join us.

The sad fact is that if WE did get a 2 year ban from making transfers it would not make a difference at Arsenal. The manager and the board no long care about challenging for silverware. They only care about making a profit!!

Since we last won anything in 2005, Chelsea have spent £230 million on new players, Spurs have spent £213 million, Liverpool have spent £170 million, Man U have spent £104…Arsenal has spent £89 million,
Proves my point

Debate this more (HERE)

Cypriot Gooner

  1. jay z says:

    wenger would love it

  2. Shaun Sen says:

    So we spent almost the same as Man U and have a new stadium, so it can’t be to do with money then!

    Are you saying it wouldn’t have made a difference to us if we hadn’t/couldn’t spent the £89m!

    Not sure you’re making sense but happy to debate this with you!

  3. zef says:

    No probs @ all!! in fact dat would b ideal 4 us!!

  4. Josh says:

    It’s as good as the same as what we’re in now isn’t it?

  5. Norwegian Goon says:

    If Arsenal were to be banned, it could potentially have catastrophic outcomes. A couple of important players, such as Cesc and Arshavin could leave, in case we didn’t win a trophy. They would see that we cannot strengthen the team with new players and request transfers.

    But it could promote and fasten our youngsters’ development, those from the Academy and so forth. It would see the likes of Wilshere, Jay-Thomas, Nordtveit, Barazite, Bartley and Coquelin moved into the first team, and used there more frequently. I take it that these players are registerter, because the UEFA ban on Chelsea prohibits them to register players into the first team squad until 2011. They are not banned from transfer activites. As I understand, players are allowed to leave if a club makes a bid.

    I also want to add that I find the whole UEFA organisation ridiculous. First Eduardo’s ludacris punishment (what happened to Ashley Young, Platini?), and now this. Gooners often argue against the 6+5 rule with arguments such as “workers freedom of movement”, and I think that this arguement should count in Chelsea’s case as well. Understand me correctly, Chelsea deserves the punishment, but not this kind of punishment. It would be better to dock them some points or something.

    Proud to be a Gooner!

  6. jay z says:

    As long as the mon£y keeps rolling in the board will be happy,fuck the trophy’s they say

  7. Arsewub says:

    Wenger would have been extraordinarily jubilant. He is relieved of the task of scouting for low-cost potentially usefull underage players

  8. Indy says:

    we would be fucked my friend

  9. Erik says:

    Ok we dont buy then… then tell me this… where the £”$”£$”£ did these players come from?


    Were they at Arsenal all the time?

    If each of those players cost £40m+ you wouldnt even moan about us not signing.

    Sooo annoyed at all these idiots (this blogger included) who fail to see what the club is trying to achieve, we outplayed the Champions last week but “The manager and the board no long care about challenging for silverware” honestly, go £$”$ yourself and support Chelsea.

    • Mo says:

      Haha wel fuckin sed m, we are proud to be GOONERS,

      • superclark says:

        very very true – good comment – for f$£***ks sake – the list of players we could have bought in this blog, im not sure any of them are actually good enough to play for arsenal, hence we didnt buy them – people need to chill out – the fact is we bought arshavin earlier, then vermaelen, and also have eduardo and rosicky (sort of) which ar elike new signings!

  10. grey-z says:

    “Since we last won anything in 2005, Chelsea have spent £230 million on new players, Spurs have spent £213 million, Liverpool have spent £170 million, Man U have spent £104…Arsenal has spent £89 million.”

    The one problem with that last statistic is that it prooves spending money doesn’t guarantee success. Since the 2005 FA cup, that extra £15 million that Man U has spent has led to 3 Prem titles and 1 Champion’s League win? While £124 million more leads to one Carling Cup win and mid table finish?

    15 million doesn’t even buy the 1/2 top quality players you are suggesting (Lee Cattermole is not top quality.). The problem lies in how that money has been invested. Arsenal’s money is invested in giving young, unproven players much higher wages that other teams. The idea is to breed players who are Arsenal through and through. By giving players that extra incentive to stay at the club, they are sacraficing money that could be spent on one player’s transfer and their wages.

    Unfortunately, until the Ramseys, Wilsheres and the Velas become world beaters, the money spent doesn’t equate to trophies.

    Let’s hope Arsene knows.

  11. Eric says:

    why is it poor people are always the ones talking loudest about spending money?

  12. RealArsenalFan says:

    I can’t believe a real Arsenal fan has so little trust in Arsene Wenger.
    The man is a genius in a creating a world class team for as little as money as possible and he has always spend when he finds player for the right price and right skills e.g Henry.
    And this team in my views is strongest team we have had in years.
    Since the addition of Vermaelen and Gallas finding his old class our Defense looks one of the best in EPL.
    Song has really matured into a world class DM in matter of months.
    Eduardo is back and Rosicky in nearing full fitness that’s like having two new world class players in our team this season.
    Bedtner and Denilson have looked awesome in pre season and the last three games
    And there’s Harmony in the team no one is fighting amongst each other. They are playing as team and that’s the most important thing for success

    So to sum up
    inform young player + Eduardo and Rosicky back + Gallas and Vermaelen forming a formidable defensive patnership+Song and Bedtner Maturing into world class players
    can you plz tell me where we have a problem because I just cant see it.

    Oh and dont use the age old excuse Arsenal has no depth because our youngsters are 10 times better than most players sitting on the bench for most teams in EPL right now e.g Ramsey,Walcott,Wilshere,Djouru,Gibbs

  13. irish gooner says:

    5th place are you mad?i can see us winning the league this year

  14. kas57 says:

    What a disappointing article. Instead of pointing out the fact that because of the wonderful strength in depth that Arsenal has now, the fact that the youngsters already play the Arsenal way, already have the skill and simply have to grow older to become stronger, the writer of this piece repeats the same rubbish spouted by all the other anti-Arsenal blogs. If running Arsenal was left to the likes of this blog, we would have as little money as Liverpool and be worrying about the coming season. Instead we are on a high and looking forward to a really successful season. Whoever wrote this can’t understand football nor care about Arsenal. Arsenal Action? More likely the tiny totts in disguise.

  15. Gooner77 says:

    Why do you fear that we won’t make the top four this season? Cos you believe everything you see and read in the Sun and Sky Sports or on crappy blogs like this? Having seen the rest of the competition over opening games as well as ours I would say we look pretty good.

  16. Ottoman says:

    The Cyprus image doesnt make sense? LOL

    As for the article itself…im bored of Gooners hating on wenger. Its getting old.

  17. Tommo says:

    Forget how much we’ve spent. Our squad is probably worth more than any other club. Put down your championship managment and think about the business of real football club managment. I fully back what AW is up to

  18. g0on3r says:

    i came across a lot of bloggers like you and you all just casually said wenger has to buy no matter what. i think wenger stressed it already, he would only someone who is better than he already have. its not like if we buy more players, winning trophy is a guaranteed. to buy someone like that is easier said than done. you all shouldn’t just said it like its buying an ice cream. wenger the manager for reason and you guys just taking crap because don’t qualify to be a manager.

  19. A REAL CYPRIOT GOONER ,not a plastic cont like this blog writer says:

    the writer of this piece of crap is a vamo shisti that is a bigger villo head than your average spud fan..now run along and stop your bitching! keep watching sky etc and there transfer clock countdowns and start your mucho from now about all the players we will be linked with …you are a fucking disgrace to call yourself a cypriot…

  20. A REAL CYPRIOT GOONER ,not a plastic cont like this blog writer says:

    you say you can’t see us finishing 5th ,,fucking ell , i take it all back !! you can see into the future , shit you must be right in all you say above! what does wenger know anyway ? only over 30years in management and you no doubt championship manager pro !

  21. Carlos says:

    Well well well ….first forward 6 months down the line and we are real contenders for the EPL. What bullshit were you trying to tell us then? Just proves one thing… that you belong to the stupid brigade that believes spending ig money is the only way of challenging for silverware. Keep you stupid thoughts/analyses to your wife

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