[Ratings] Thank you for not buying Mr Wenger!

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Man City 4 – 2 Arsenal
(HT 1 – 0)
  • Almunia (og) 20
  • Bellamy 74
  • Adebayor 80
  • Wright-Phillips 84
  • Van Persie 62
  • Rosicky 88

Hate to say I told you so…But “I TOLD YOU SO”

One signing in the summer? WHY? This squad was NEVER good enough

When the transfer window shut at the start of Sept, so did the chance of Arsneal winning anything this season. Wenger is sitting on the profits from the sales of Adebayor and Toure but instead of sticking to his word about bring in replacements he is trying to prove a point and showing how stubborn he is YET again.

Well THANK YOU for not buying Mr Wenger. I can see why you didn’t replace Adebayor or bring in a Defensive ball winner. We clearly are good enough to win everything this season.


In wenger we trust? You bunch of Muppet’s!

Today showed what wrong with Arsenal. 1 or 2 players were fantastic and the rest  let us down.

Wenger will no doubt come out tonight and tell us how proud he is of the team spirit and how he has great confidence in this team..Deja Vu? Truly embarrassing

The sad fact is that the likes of Almunia, Song, Denilson, Diaby are NOT good enough to start for Arsenal.

Bendnter our target man is being forced to play on the wing? RVP is isolated upfront, WE ARE NOT PLAYING 4-3-3,its 4-5-1. The same as last season.

Nice judgement, Wenger – time to go

If you cant see that then you are as deluded as wenger!


My Ratings

Almunia,5 ( didnt make a save all game, Not for the first time this season, At fault for the first goal. )

Sagna,6 ( Poor crossing yet again )

Vermaelen,7 ( Could not deal with the power of Adebayor )

Gallas,7 ( See Above )

Clichy,6 ( See Sagna )

Bendtner,5 ( Wasted on the wing, AGAIN )

Song Billong,5( Worked hard but wasteful with the ball )

Fabregas, 5 ( First game back and it showed, Well off the pace )

Denilson, 4 ( Our worst player, And this is the reason why we needed a CM )

Diaby, 5 ( Errhmmm? Didnt know where he was playing and i dont think he did )

van Persie 8 ( GREAT GOAL, But needs support )

Subs:  Rosicky, 7 . Eduardo, 6 . Eboue, 6

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  1. JustAGooner says:

    I agree with you. 2 or 3 new players and we may have had a chance at winning something, instead we’ll be fighting for 4th again

    Cheers Wenger.

  2. fukcitycunts says:

    emmm…ye fuk tha shit!…adebayor..what a dick…celebratin lyk tha…wha a dipshit..hope he dies or somthin…mayb get linched or somthin..i dunno…id lyk it though..b funny!…laugh at the bastered

  3. Ante says:

    You’re a lunatic! After Adebayor kicked Van Persie in the face we lost concetration. They scored goals from counter attacks.
    I guess that money can buy everything even referee! Red card for Adebayor and Barry’s penalty would made difference!
    And yes I think we were better than City – 20 shots / 10 on goal

  4. nihal says:

    we play better.we need goal keeper.headless alumina .fucking ade did idoit.he show his low class.i cant wait our ground.we will kick his face

  5. Gaunty says:

    Gutted, same old same old. Bullied out of another win, how long can this go on for?. That scumbags theatrics only make it worse for loyal paying fans. Sort it out wenger you are mugging us all off!

  6. AfriX says:

    Almunia & Diaby have clearly shown they do not belong at this level no matter how much Wenger motivates them. Wenger must go back to 4-2-2 this 4-5-1 is not working with the personnel he, RvP belongs 2 the wing, our most lethal finisher Eduardo too small 2 play the lone role. Bendtner not a consistent finisher!

  7. odie says:

    we still can win!!!!!! no need to be sad!! lost away to mac n manu..not bad at all!!

  8. Erichero says:

    This is a post in the heat of the moment and is well of target. Adebayor should not have been on the pitch by the time he scored the third, which meant we would have levelled. In truth, a draw would have been a fair reflection, but we were very hard done by. Song was top notch, but Diaby continues to dither in possession and would not have been on the pitch were Arshavin fit (and that would be Russia’s fault, not Arsenal’s).

    Nice to see Rosicky back and looking really, really good. The next sequence of games will show whether we were hard done by in the two Man games (I think we were).

  9. Shamus says:

    Eight goals conceded in four games! I am glad we’ve solved that problem spot from last season, eh Arsene?.

  10. Rich says:

    Poor performance, awful substitutions, Sinbad whinging about things that can not change. Its like Groundhog day from last year!

    Nothing you say is going to bring more players into the club and all you do is contribute to the negativity around the club that I hoped would be put off a bit longer than the first two games.

    We lost badly – accept it and raise the issues at the right time. The club isn’t about to let Arsene go but if at the end of the season things are in an equally poor state – then try and rally the troops. In the meantime, try and show some loyalty to the players that will have to play for us over at least the next three months!!!

  11. odie says:

    i can guarantee u,arsenal will win atleast 5 straight games after this..trust me!!

  12. dave says:

    i am gonna disagree with you bout Song. yea he was at fault for letting richards through on the 3rd goal but he has shown himself to be a good player.
    the other 3: diaby, denilson and almunia, beyond me how they are in the starting 11. Before abusing me, seriously, who out of the above 3 would get a sniff in any of wenger’s arsenal teams before 2005.

    • swede says:

      Song is ok, but the three you´ve mentioned are terrible.

      Almunia will cost us this season….

      • dave says:

        will? he has already cost us this season.. can’t really seeing him putting in the match winning performances to redeem himself. we can just hope he will be a solid keep throughout the rest of the campaign.

  13. Steven says:

    Agree 100%. Stop the pretty pattern weaving soccer and go direct.The name of the game is winning not beautiful soccer.
    Problem is AW is unwilling to compromise his philosophy
    be it playing style or personnel. he could be forced to change his view if Arsenal can’t win anything this season.

  14. Dazza says:

    Van Persie 8? Very, very generous. AW trying to accommodate this guy is part of our problem. Great goal, granted but his team play was truly awful. Vermaelen was our best player again, he must wonder what he has joined

  15. super says:

    you right my friend i agree

  16. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    We all are gutted but you don’t just replace the team and manager cos of it. Grow up

  17. Daniel says:

    Oh god. sinbad is back… i thought your mummy might have cancelled your internet connection.

    Did you watch the game… we didn’t deserve to lose. We had 25 shots and 60% possesion!!

    Almunia is sh!t… i agree with you there.

    However, your gloating at an Arsenal defeat is pathetic… are you really an arsenal fan??

    OH and calling us muppets for supporting our team really shows how young/immature you really are. Why this site still allows you to blog is beyond me.

  18. Tom says:

    AW & the board decide NOT to spend because all these years, we are STRONG enough to win silverwares… Don’t u noticed that we just beat Man City 4-2??? Oops… Typing error…. I really doubtful we’ll any silverwares this year with the performance just now… No worries, by the end of the season (when we win nothing) as usual AW & the board will come out to tell u all fairy tales (which love my some supporters) we GOT MONIES TO SPEND, WE CAN WIN SILVERWARES, CURRENT SQUAD CAN CHALLENGE FOR SILVERWARES, I WANNA BUY DM/STRIKER etc… all the above will keep u all shut up at least for another season – at least it works all these years!!!

  19. dave says:

    i also agree with the above comment by Rich, we gotta try and keep the vibes positive, not much we can do till Jan.

  20. Sinbad you suck a lot of cock says:

    change the record for fucks sake, you whine like a fucking mule. no one takes you seriously when you post with this wenger out crap in your know-it-all rants, you know fuck all thats why wengers running arsenal and your still wanking in to your socks…get a fucking grip you miserable cunt or better yet get a job and give this up, Why cant for once you just post “hard luck lads you cant win them all, we did well to come back from a goal down and then took control and looked good til that cunt adebayor injured RVP and while they were one man up they capitalised, nice to see Rosicky back and contributing, No you never post like you support the boys you just looking for the next oportunity to peddle your anti wenger filth, your a dick and you let this website down, your not fit to wear the arsenal badge

  21. Simon says:

    Did you watch the match? Arsenal had really got themselves back in it after Van Persie scored and could have gone ahead. Man City’s goals were good goals and well finished. Admittedly we made mistakes but the goals were class. Disappointing but nothing to be ashamed of.

  22. ewan says:

    Wenger will come up with excuses again. The team only needed 2 top players to be brought in to become a winnning side. But Wenger has decided to chance it all on the kids again. Arshavin, Fabregas and Walcott have all said that they wan to win trophies. They will be gone by January at this rate. This is not an after match rant. Most of us saw it coming but the “In Arsene We Trust” mob refuse to. The Arsenal of all would have won the last 2 games- easily.

  23. redordead says:

    ADE DONT COME TO London you will get it!

  24. brian says:

    great comment but u erred on song. he really is holding our midfield. there were three great players today. van persie, rosicky and song. when nasri gets well and now that rosicky is back,bendtner and diaby wont start. we should be able to hold our own until january when wenger should buy if not, then we should just stop title ambition and chace our fourth position.

  25. Dazza says:

    Agree with Dave, song played well until Clichy dived in on half way line and exposed him. Why did Gallas let that big lazy fucker free? The biggest problem with this system is that it relies on our full backs for width and both of them are useless going forward.

    Theo will make a big difference and I even predict we wont lose another game and everything will be rosy (until nov 29th….)

  26. h3nk says:

    i don’t agree at all with ur comments! we didn’t deserve to loose this one.

    Could someone plz shoot Ade and his family asap!!!

  27. Ade'smate says:

    You agree with me. Now you know why I left. You share the opinion of Adebayor!

    Really, you have as much sense and understanding as Ade squared. Was your diaper not changed this morning, so you are made at the world? Poor baby.

    • arsenal4ever says:

      you and him should be killed!!!!

      • Ade'smate says:

        what a total cunt of a reply from what can only be a total cunt. Seebad saw the game he wanted to see, and came out on the same side of the analysis as Adebayor. Irony really is beyond cowardly virtual hooligans like you, isn’t it? Why don’t you have another 20 pints and inspire another witty response.

  28. RedandDread says:

    U tossers………….one bad loss. Geez, we didn;t play that badly. Got beaten on the break for the last 3 goals. Clichy? We got kicked left right and centre though and what a fuckin’ clown Adebayor is………cunt. We just ahve to regroup. It was always going to be a tuff game and remember that the lads are coming off an international week so they were going to be a tad tired. Come on, the doom & gloom has to fuckin stop. One bad egg does’t spoil the whole bunch! Geez man, enjoy your football! Get behind the team. Yes we are short some talent but come on I am sure we can turn this around!

  29. TonyM says:

    Complete over the top reaction. we were the better team, we got caught on the break.

  30. RVP ROCKS!!!!!!!! says:

    Fuck off! One bad performance does not merit this response

  31. Jack says:

    all of you “fans” you are coming out with this bullshit about being unlucky and adebayor shouldve been sent off are fucking drivin me crazy… u muggy cunts… we got what we deserved from this game… fuck all… we let adebayor go to a team, that could hurt us, thas wenger’s fault not his… we werent unlucky, we were poor, and cesc and van persie, and arshavin are beginning to realise that they deserve better.. on motd watch the look on fabregas’s face… he knows we are short of 4 players at least and if he goes to barca, next season, who can blame him… he’s gona be one of the best players in the world, and we wasted his talent for 6 and half years… as for wenger, only being a realist can save his legacy… if he continues to believe in this team, then he will always be remembered as a great coach with a great philosophy, but someone who was too stubborn to and fool hardy within his own principles to deliver sustained success… winning the league is one thing, but if u havent done it back to back your a flash in the pan… and thats a fucking fact

  32. Sam says:

    Fuck off wenger you mug, I’m tired of the trust wenger bullshit, trust him to do what, run out club as a profitable business and invest time and effort into players that are cheap and never good enough to play for arsenal, diaby an denilson shouldn’t even be in the reserves, their performances this season our shocking, the thing that makes me most mad is that for a combined fee of 12m we could of had kranjcar and van der vart, who would have given us more options and experience in our squad. I’m so pissed off with wenger his usual bullshit about players returning from injury will be like a new signing no longer washes, lies all he tells the fans is lies. Leave now before your reputation is in tatters.

    Wenger out!! Bergkamp in!!!! Bring home the iceman!!!

    • arsenal4ever says:

      yes great post mate. Wenger out he has lost it!! And yes a manager which lies everytime against the fans is a disgrace. He can go and fu.. off!! 4 or 5 trophyless seasons are was to much!

  33. Dash says:

    Finally sum1 agrees abt denilson. he doesnt even deserve a place on da bench. Wasting talent like wilshere, vela n edurado

  34. arsenal4ever says:

    yip agree totally to your article mate!! 2 words to say as he clearly dont care about the fans! Wenger out!! He lies and lies again and the worst thing is he lies to us the fans who are paying for tickets and merchandise! Why he didnt replace Diaby at half time! I dont get it! We need a new world class keeper as Almunia is just average. Last season he was brillant but a good keeper keeps on going season after season. I dont want to hear Wengers post match interview as he again will protect our team and dont speak about our weaknesses.

  35. Michael says:

    Wow, knee jerk reaction at its worst, toys out of the pram and stuff.

    To slag Song off after his really good 2009 so far is stupid.
    Almunia should be dropped, really. He’s playing like a turd this season.

    • Dazza says:

      thats the problem, that clown SHOULD be dropped but for who? That Polish lunatic? Dont think so, we have fuck all. What happens when TV or Bill get injured? Silvestre….I mean WTF?!!!

    • ken says:

      Dropped for who? Mannone is worse than almunia and fumbleanski is a bottler. I miss Jens he was a fucking legend. Arsene should have signed more players. It’s shocking that he didn’t really. I mean after all that went on last season with the fans demanding signings to actually sell Toure and Adebayor and buy just the Verminator really does stink of pure arrogance. If we fail this season I think it might be time for a chance. Hiddink would be my choice to replace Arsene. We need a GK a centre back and defensive midfielder and a striker. It’s as simple as that but Arsene keeps believing in cretins out eboue, diaby and Bender. Was Bender even playing today? He done fuck all! I thought he would be fired up for this one to prove a point to Ade but i was wrong. To play him on the right and diaby on the left is simply bad management. I mean i can understand if we were struggling with injuries and it was an emergency but it’s not, its wengers choice which shows he isn’t the great manager he once was.

  36. LEE says:

    total bollox again from Sinbad. bossed the game but got naively picked off – but look at the shots per team.
    Almunia is shit – agreed – has to go. But this team has a lot of class and for the majority of the game outclassed city. Belamy’s goal was completely against the run of play. but if we’ve got a goalie who has 4 shots to save and doesn’t save any, nothing the the rest can do.

    • arsenal4ever says:

      did you see the same game? Denilson was shit today but he has talent. Diaby on the wing? What is Wenger thinking? It is sad to see this old man wrongs decissions! I think he should resign as we a clearly not up to it with this team. 2 or 3 more additions as it was promised us would have been ok but nothing happened so Wenger lied again and has to pay for it!!!!

  37. goonergerry says:

    The team needed rebuilding at the back and in midfield last year and we have not done anything instead we sold our best players to our rivals and we have just been hammered by them. Wenger and the board have shown an appalling lack of judgement and should be replaced before we go down the toilet completely.

  38. Eddie Yak says:

    Hooray, the result is what I expected. The great man’s insistence that his squad is good enough to win trophies inspite of numerous incidents in the last two seasons which showed it is not good enough. When the season begin he said he would buy reinforcements but as usual he lied. I said in numerous comments that the squad is lacking in QUALITY replacements because Wenger never take into considerations of injuries and he simply take his chances that the first 11 will not get crocked. Today is a glaring example of the lack of good backups. I hope Arsenal continued to lose matches they shouldn’t have, it is just a cruel way to show the high and mighty Mr. Wenger he IS WRONG !!!

    • arsenal4ever says:

      yes but Wenger is not Arsenal and I dont want to see loosing Arsenal!! It is the only positive thing today as Wenger was wrong again!! He has lost it, fact! Bring on Hiddink!!

  39. silverpapa says:

    Everytime we lost you bunch of blind wenger “arschlecker” keep saying when this..when that..we would won that match..shit!!, you always try to find for some excuses..stupid blind!! arsenal is not arsene and otherwise, the only reason of this shit state is that blind cheap still helplessly stubborn and arrogant, as long as he just keep lying to us..on and on, again and again…then time will tell, how bad we gonna suffer this season. Maybe we’ll just end up with prideless one of the world’s best stadium.

    • arsenal4ever says:

      yip it is time to go for him! His lies are way to much. It keeps the fans expectations high and then he lets us down again.

  40. fanner says:

    don’t worry guys, Diaby would be back to his best after another say.. 7 games, he would peak once every 10 games, rest assure. Densilon, he is a very good player when playing against the weak, so don’t worry, there are 2 to 3 weak teams in EPL.

  41. silverpapa says:

    Fuck diaby..fuck almunia..and big fuck to your LIE wenger..

  42. malta gooner says:

    I think your ratings and comments have not been done when thinking clearly. I think we did not deserve to lose. The match turned at 2-1 when Barry’s handball was not given a penalty and they broke immediately to score the 3rd when our team was caught up front. As for Song and Denilson they played well. In fact in my opininon one of them should have remained on the pitch till the end. I would have removed Diaby or Bendtner who were ineffective to say the least

    • Dazza says:

      Wake up call, Denilson DID NOT play well. The match turned when, as you say, we played so well to get back into it and then Clichy defends like an idiot to let Craig Bellend in to make it 2-1.

      Bendtner wont ever play well on the right. For the Danes he plays in the middle and scored 2 in 2 over the break.


  43. bedy says:

    The menance of this game are Clichy and Almunia.
    Clichy did not stop Shaun Philis attack once in the entire game and nobody ever mentioned that,i beleive Gibbs would have done better than that at least he has stoped Tores and Ronaldo in an entire match before,remember when clichy lost focus last season we brought Gibbs to help and he did well.
    Secondly Almunia is a clown and it is very supprising Arsene Wenger can not see,in all our matches this season he has caused us cheap goals from the opponents both champions leauge and premiership.

  44. Clive says:

    guys your not talking good thats beavuse we just lost and we didnt deserved it we have 3 players out ARSHAVIN , NASRI and WALCOTT and rosicky made a great comeback today ! we have a good squad !! we dont have LUCK !! thats a very big part in football and arsenal very lack that :S !! im sure we will comeback to form especially if rosicky stays fit … and bdw how at the beggining of the season everyone was saying we have great team and we gonna win the title ?? we have to support our team till the end no matter what will happen !! not when we lose we are not good and have shit players !! come on guys gheer up we didnt deserve this 2 deafetas if you watched the 2 games we just need a bt of luck like the other teams have !

    • arsenalaction says:

      You do know that City didnt have Tevez and Robinho today dont you?

      • Clive says:

        yeah i do and we had players out too and we played better in my opinion but thtas football !! its what i said luck wasnt with us today as usual :@

    • silverpapa says:

      Its our 4th season without trophy, every year we got crocked good player, therefore you need a BIG back up, not only whinning about players who’s not available to win a match.. thats all!

      • Clive says:

        yeah i agree that we need players but i dont agree to fans when we win we have a good squad and when we loose we are shit that hurts me to much !! and still i wil always say if we play good and have that fuckin luck we will be hard to be beaten

  45. Marko says:

    Seriously Sinbad 4 games in we might as well throw in the towel yes? While we’re at it why don’t we throw you in the river thames or out a moving train

    • Dazza says:

      If you can through your rose tinted specs, read and repeat several times. Played 4, lost 2.

      • Marko says:

        You’re an idiot. We lost to United (which we didn’t deserve) and away to Man City. I fancy we’ll beat them both at the Emirates but you clowns on this blog and others like it think we’re done for and we’re gonna get relegated and lose all our best players and then go into liquidation all under Wenger. Bunch of moaning pricks I can’t stand our own fans constantly abusing their own team it’s fucking retarded. Not only does our club have to deal with certain type’s in the media/tabloids and at Uefa as well as being hated by the fans of Man U, Chelsea, Spurs etc. but we’ve also to deal with some of the types of fans I wouldn’t wish on my enemies. Enough is enough.

      • Dazza says:

        Just being realistic mate, its not personal. We all know what it takes to win titles and I’ve never seen Arsenal win anything with a clown in goal. Thats not negative, just plain fact. You also need a forward that scores 20+. Based on the last 4-5 years, who is that gonna be?

        If you know the answers Marko, please discuss

  46. TonyM says:

    i can’t understand the bitchin about denilson going on here. i think he is a fantastic player. apparently he is an easy scapegoat for some people. oh and bedy’s comment above..are you kidding me?? clichy dominated wright phillips in first half. he only had a problem when everyone was bombing forward carelessly. the only problems i see from the game is almunia once again being very under par and some reckless going forward after citys 2nd. we are a better team than city.i agree that wenger should have bought players but there is no need for an over the top reaction that attacks certain players that i think don’t deserve it

    • Dazza says:

      Everyone bombing forward carelessly? Just where was the mighty Clichy when Richards beat song to get his cross in? On his careless arse on the half way line

      • TonyM says:

        i don’t agree with you. clichy may have been caught out of position but he was bombing up and down the flank all game. where were gallas and vermalaen for adebayor goal. i think the whole team fell apart defensively after 2nd. not just clichys fault

    • Dazza says:

      You’re spot on about that clown in goal but hes been a disaster waiting to happen for years now. And who is the back-up? A polish lunatic. We are fucked

      • TonyM says:

        yep, exactly. we are fucked there. you need a world class keeper to win anything and we clearly don’t have one

    • Dazza says:

      There is one of the problems. The system relies on the full backs bombing forward but ours dont know what they’re doing when they get there. They both cant cross, cant shoot so theres no end product.

      That and the fact that RVP is SO over-rated but thats another matter

  47. Eddy says:

    I agree apart from Song!
    Denilson would not get in any top 6 team.
    And i seriously believe Almunia is one of the worst keepers in the league!!

  48. Jesus_Saves says:

    clichy (charged carelessly), alminia( not first time he does things like this, he would not be first choice in other teams), denilson( he needs something more to his game), diaby, bendtner(only offers height).
    Players that would only start for arsenal are not really ready yet. Like bendtner almunia denislisn.

  49. Fabregas' Dad says:

    You have no idea what you’re on about mate.

  50. donny gooner says:

    very poor display almunia,song,diaby and denilson simply not good enough,will be lucky to finnish in top 6

  51. A says:

    Almunia, Denilson and Daiby are not good enough.

    But When Walcott, Nasri, Arshavin and Rosiky are fit then neither Denilson and Diaby would not play these big games.

    Rosiky today was the only positive today.

    Also Bendtner n Van Persie need to swap positions.

  52. Rob says:

    The fans above make me sympathise with adebayor. Who’d blame wenger if he left and celebrated in the face of these moaning whiny cunts masquerading as fans.

  53. Fredwest says:

    Agree with you sinbad

  54. ActualGunner says:

    This is absurd. First of all, we have plenty of quality in this team. Song, who you dismiss, has been one of our best players so far this season and he was strong again today. With Theo, Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky all injured (Rosicky returning late today) we have more attacking options waiting in the wings. Yes, Diaby was poor today, and Bendtner too, but we were solid defensively and had all the possession. when you travel to a tough ground and control the game, you shouldn’t be so miserable. Citeh got a lucky first thanks to dreadful play from Almunia. Citeh rarely threatened. True they got four goals, but they came from counter attacks after we were pushing for goals late-on. Maybe we were a little naive, but we weren’t poor. You can’t compare the way we’re playing this season to last season. We’re more organized at the back. We look more fluid on the ball, and when our best attacking options are healthy, we’ll be more dangerous going forward. Face it, we could’ve scored 6 or 7 today. Van Persie hit the post. We were denied a penalty on Barry. Gallas missed an easy opportunity. Bendtner missed from close range. Given made a few decent saves. Vermaelen’s rebound was parried just barely too wide for van persie. There were chances galore. And little things change games. we were a little naive today. We chased the game a little too agressively and that left us open at the back. Clichy was poor in the second half but it’s shameful to dismiss Arsenal the way you have. I’m sure that buying players would’ve been the answer. Would a new midfielder have stopped almunia from gifting the first goal today? Would Matuidi have played better than song did today? How do you know. Would a new player just effortlessly assimilate to the Premier League? You don’t know and it’s easy for you to spend money when it’s not coming out of your pocket. I’ll take this arsenal side and support them whole heartedly. We could easily go undefeated through Oct and Nov and be at the top of the table. But I’m sure you’ll be on the bandwagon by then. We’re all frustrated with this result, but look at the schedule. We had three tough away games out of our first four matches. If I offered you three draws from those three games you probably would’ve taken it. Instead we got a barnstorming victory, and unlucky loss at United, and defeat at Citeh that belies some of our better play without key players. 3 points from those three games is just fine. Liverpool lost two of their first four and I don’t hear anyone writing them off. Just support your team you moron.

  55. Mark Flatts says:

    Arsenal lose and Sinbad crawls out of the woodwork!! Genius! “wenger must go”? tee-hee-hee!
    Keep up the satire, mate!

  56. Osi says:

    What a rubbish people you are Arsenal Action. Sorry you don’t have any analysis to offer, just a big ego. It’s all about you, and you praying for AW to fail. but that didn’t happen because it’s early days. I think you need to analyse things and not to insult genuine Arsenal Fans for the faith. You’re No Faith No Fan.

  57. name(required) says:

    No walcott, nasri, arshavin rosicky in startin team and still created more chances.

    Stop over-reacting

    We WILL come out on top

    Adebayor will be raped by a big black dude who has an elephants cock

  58. Steveo says:

    Sinbad, you are a total tossrag. Up until this game everyone was astounded by how good the Arsenal had been. One deserved loss this season and look who pipes up. You and your illiterate little hangers on. Go f**k yourselves, the lot of you. Arsenal fans, my arse.

  59. Kyle says:

    “Hate to say I told you so…But “I TOLD YOU SO”

    One signing in the summer? WHY? This squad was NEVER good enough”

    Where were you when we smashed Everton, Portsmouth, Celtic..? You boring sensationalist cunt. We could have easily picked up the win towards the end, and we were desperately unlucky against manure. Change the record – you’re boring and your opinion is just regurgitated tabloid fueled moronic drivel.

    You’re not original, you’re not clever, you’re not right, and you’re not an Arsenal supporter.

    • Dazza says:

      Portsmouth and Celtic are Champioship level at best. We played Everton when they were in turmoil. I bet we thrash WBA too and everything is ok again, eh? 2 real tests and we failed both, get in the real world mate

  60. Ben says:

    bit overdramatic. fact is arsenal looked like winning until clichy made 3 horrendous mistakes and sodded everything up. he really is fucking useless. tell me what good he does?

  61. Amz says:

    HAHAHAHAHAAAA now what mother fukers ha????keep booin our players and they ill keep showing you whoz wrong,i have said eva since ADE came that he is the best at what he dose(holding the ball up,bring people into play and really good on the air aswell)and that’s exactly what hughes said afterward,wel what can i say am not even botherd anymore if we win or lose coz i believe we still end 4th AT THE VERYYYY BEST so what’s the point ha???we were champz few years back and now that’s what we are why?????ask wanker and the board,feel sorry 4 all true arsenal fans really coz that’s not what we used 2 pay loads of money 2 see regardless the result,wanker and board time is realllllyyyy up and iam just happy and hope we wont perform this year as wanker said this the last year hes given this team the chance 2 prove people wrong(well maybe and most likely hes fooling us as he usually dose which is what diapointd me the most about him last few years i.e. when he said he will replace players defo if some leave and that’s AFTER verla accusation which clearly was just a way 2 keep us fans waiting till the window shut and not even apoligising 4 not buying or give a PROBER reason why)fuk wanker/fuk da board.
    bring in usamov or what eva and big tony as manager,someone will real steal balls who wants MEN 2 PLAY FOR HIM and not LIL SISSY KIDS.well done again ADE(altho that was un prof what u did 2 van especially as u were close mates)but the booing fans deserve it.

  62. mike says:

    When would we just accept when we lose that the other team was better than us on d day. first i think its disrespecful to the other teams to always say that we were unlucky and all dat crap. ok i agree some fans go over the top with negativity when we lose but some of u other fans just delude urself, we played well in 2 matches and we lost God save us when we play badly we will be absolutely battered. the truth of the matter is arsene said we are stronger than last season after selling two of our better players so if he is wrong @ d end of d season he has got 2 admit it to d fans and rethink his philosophy if not he needs to go because no one is bigger than the club arsenal will still be around long after arsene so stop treating him like a God he is human and he can make mistakes just like everyone else.

  63. 7masters says:

    I think in long run for good of Arsenal should start to recruit his replacement, I fully support his style but it need substance. Alan hansen in Match of the day put it clearly, We are awesome going forward but we lack defensive Midfielders, Dennilson in same side with Fab is to much attacking expose defence. Today Arsenal where not in the game beaten from first whistle, Adebayor was all over the place and if he continue like these then he would easily replace Ronaldo as EPL player of the year…But we know he is playing to gallery and very soon would be back to his usual lazy self.Wenger has completely lost it and his team is the weakest link in top four due to playing in same style all over and he never change the formula in mid match.Arsenal weakness

    The qualities that were most attractive about Wenger’s team in their all-conquering era – youth, fluidity, intelligence, pace and confidence in possession – have effectively taken over the team.

    And the other qualities that side shared with many great teams – physical power, the ability to close down opponents in midfield, competitive spirit, experience of big games, a certain ruthless selfishness in front of goal, and competent defensive organization – have all been crowded out.

  64. […] [Ratings] Thank you for not buying Mr Wenger! Man City 4 – 2 Arsenal […]

  65. Randy Osae says:

    This article is fucking SPOT-ON.

    I usually think people are right that this blog does nothing but criticize Wenger anyhow, but this post is just spot-on.

    If you don’t agree, then you’re indeed as deluded as Wenger himself.

  66. Cogs 8.75 says:


    The quicker we get some investment to stop our decline the better. Fuck all this shit about self-sufficient blah blah bollocks, whilst we mess around failing to sell Queensland Road and Highbury the likes of moneybags city are rampaging in the transfer market. Even those scum down the road are putting together a squad.


  67. aaaaa says:

    damn right wenger has to spend or leave.

  68. danw74 says:

    You’re correct that the manager lost the game, but not because of his activity (or lack thereof) in the transfer market, but because of his team selection and the non-sensical substitutions. Anyone could see that Bendtner was struggling, and Diaby was just awful, so he replaces Denilson, Sagna, and Song (our best player on the pitch)?!?!?! I love AW and the job he’s done here is nothing short of miraculous, but between Arshavin’s benching vs. Chavs last year, and this downright silly display at MC, it’s time for someone to hold him accountable for his actions. TBH, I think Pat Rice needs to go, and a suitable replacement to be brought in, that will question AW and push him. My choice… The Iceman DB10.

    • Dazza says:

      You are right mate, AW’s tactical nous being called into question again. Still cant get over not playing Arshavin against the chavs in the only thing we could win last year. How he kept (right-winger?!!) Bendtner on yesterday and took song off only he knows. AW is letting the fans down again big time

      • Dazza says:

        Wenger has too much control. If Rice left tomorrow, AW would cherry pick another nodding dog to help out in the creche

  69. newtontile says:


  70. newtontile says:


  71. murphy says:

    i feel veery sorry for u guys. city thrashed u like babies.stupid ade should be punished but i loved what he did. u guys deserve it.
    dont wry we guys will teach ade a lesson next week.so dont cry.
    by the way has diaby overcome that trauma of own goal. i heard that he had deppression.poor diaby.

  72. mmc says:

    rvp was shit accept for that goal he scored so 8 is way to much, kept on stalling and giving the ball away. people say diably was anonymous today,denilson and “super” nic were worse wer even worse.. clichy 3 cos at fault for 3 goals and almunia not even worth rating cos consistently useless

    • Dazza says:

      100 per cent correct mate. The only person who rates RVP more than Wenger is Robin himself. He slows our play down. I seriously believe he is only in he side for penalties, free kicks and corners. The guy offers nothing to team play. He is shit and is holding us back

  73. cheese says:

    You’re wrong, fact is in football sometimes you lose matches, everyone does. And games away at City and Utd are 2 of the toughest 4 games this season. We were unlucky not to come back with anything, and we had some great 1st team players out still.

    Every year we hold our own against the bigger teams, those results don’t always matter to who wins the league, they didn’t for Utd last year.

    The results we get against the smaller teams is what will make or break our season.

    4 games in and you are moaning like a girl. Losing 2 away games but controlling the games against top teams. When we still have players returning.

    I bet you prefer Arsenal to lose just so you can write these articles!! Why don’t you moan about transfers in January or at the end of the season, but until then actually support the team.

  74. donny gooner says:

    people should not get fixated about wenger it is the players who are simply not good enough. The board should break there stony silence and say weather the transfer funds are there instead of letting arsene take all the flak.

    • arsenalaction says:

      Who signed them players? Who refused to bring in new talent before the transfer window?

      • Dazza says:

        Also, he must have known about Djourou’s problem before sept 1st, so opts to leave us with back up choices of Sivestre and Senderos. Unbelievable!

  75. rof says:

    clichy once again proved to be tactically and defensively very poor, vermaelen had a terrible game, first goal he didnt jump with richards, the bellamy goal he was ball watching and same on adebayors goal, seems the left side of out defence is very weak espcailly if weve got denilson and diaby supporting. we desperately need to get our injured players back to get top 4.

  76. RG says:

    What Ade did on RVP yesterday was shocking & he should get the book thrown at him. I don’t blame him for his goal celebration, us Gooners had that coming.
    Ade was a fantastic player in his first full season with us, then he played up over money – and rightly so (he was on 35k a week for fucksake) and Arsenal fans turned on him big time. The songs being sung at him in pre season last year when he was wearing an Arsenal shirt were disgusting. I still don’t understand WHY? (JT used Man City to get a bumper new contract at Chelski – their fans would never turn on him like Gooners did on Ade)He then had a shit season & I’m not surprised, why would anyone want to play for fans that hate you?
    Now he is showing how good he is & we better get used to it.
    RVP & Nickolas are the problems at Arsenal & they are the ones that should have been sold last year but AW was forced to sell Ade, the fans ensured that.
    I wish AW would drop RVP & play Dudu up front. Our goals to chances ratio would increase dramitically.

    • Dazza says:

      Not only did he, rightly, sell Adebarndoor but he also gave RVP an improved contract. A reward for what exactly? Even Ade offered the team more. RVP is only on the pitch for set pieces. Ok, he scores the odd great goal now and again but his link up play is awful

  77. tim says:

    we need to be taken over asap, we have no money our stadium is taking up all the profit from the dead wood we sold in the summer. rob green should have been bought in the summer, in form keeper playing for england. catermole should have been bought also, hard working ball winner, probably could have got both from the adebayor money, time for wenger to admit his wrong? you decide.

  78. arsene knows says:

    i videoed the sky first and watched it this morning as too depressed last night… i was expecting a pathetic display but the opposite was true, we bossed the game from the first to last minute, we played sweet football, we made tons of chances, on another day we would have won exactly as we did at everton. it just went their way today, they got a flukey goal, you cant blame our keeper for that, thier keeper given kept them in it, we hit the post and a stonewall penaly not given… a few bad momets yes but you get that in every game over 95 mins, clichy 3 times he lost the ball and 3 goals, he has to do better, he has and he will, bendtner for me was awful but in every game some of our player and the opposition we be awful, eduardo looks class again, and to be fair adebeyor was superb, the only good player for citeh who looked a rubbish team… ade was a disgrace too and thats why wenger sold him.. i so wish he would have bought a finisher like dzeko, im sure he will, arsene knows what he is doing, some of these blogs are some kind of playstation childish fantasy rants… so far we have played great football in every game, utd game and citeh game we deserved to win.. dont worry we are looking good and wenger will buy when he is ready, arshavin last window and vermailen are pure class as is arsene as is our club as is the football we play… come on fans, we need to be class too
    up the arse, come on you rip roarers

    • Daniel says:

      I couldn’t agree more… my sentiments exactly.

      I too wathed the whole game and watched us dominate but get caught on an unlucky OG and 3 counter attacks, which im not saying is acceptable but it’s not like we got outplayed in any way.

      Bendtner was awful but he isn’t a right winger and it’s not fair playing him there… i though RVP was awful (more evidence that sinbad doesn’t watch the games, he just looks at the result and the goalscorers)… RVP needs to get down the gym cos he gets knocked off the ball so easily, which you can’t do if you’re playing as the main striker… flip RVP and Bendtner and then judge them. This issue is on Wenger.
      2 unlukcy OG’s in 2 games cost us points…. our luck will turn around.

      I thought Ade played really well and let himself down with the stamp and running 90 yards to celebrate… would have been a chance for him to show that he isn’t the dickhead that we all know him to be but alas, he couldn’t control himself and his true colours shone through again… just wait until the transfer window citeh fans- you’ll love some of his comments.

      Anyway… Theo and Rosicky back this week with Samir and Arshavin back in 2 weeks.. almost back to full strength.

  79. Stu says:

    Sinbad you crazy bastard! Clearly Rosicky was our best player out there yet you give VP 8 for doing fuck all except score. Rosicky played 35 minutes and got a goal and an assits yet only got 7. Madness i tell the!

  80. Pete the First says:

    Sinbad – Sail on!

  81. Bonksy says:

    listen the reason why Arsene Wenger is still at Arsenal is, because the board know he WONT spend money – a new manager will demand at least 100 million to make a team – so get your head out of the sand, Wenger is the puppet and the board the puppeteers

  82. Ozy says:

    It’s time 4 wenger 2 walk! if he can’t see wat a weak squad we r right now then he must hav shit in his eyes. Why denilson wasn’t replaced in the summer I hav no idea, he wouldn’t make the spurs reserve side. Uefa cup here we come, thanks again arsene, un grand twat!! U hav had 4 years to replace patrick, how much more time do u want u mug.

  83. Adebyor!! says:

    COMMON ADEBYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. david says:

    Two years ago,I wrote to Arsenal expressing that Almunia really sucks.He is not even qualify to play for Arsenal.His reactions are too slow and he only cares if he look good in front of the camera.
    For Ade,the foul against Fabregas,Ade did that delibrately.From the play back,Ade was looking at Fabregas’s foot and stepped on it as he turned his head away.
    I have the feeling that Ade is going to break his leg sometimes in this season and won’t be walking again the rest of his life.

  85. arsenal need to to buy 2 quality defensive players soon or this season will struggle badly

  86. clockendjim says:

    We have been steadily declining for 4 years now and obvious deficiencies like replacing Flamini have not been ‘fixed’ In my opinion we will win nothing this season with the weakest goalkeeper in the PL.
    Now I am not saying Wenger has ignored our obvious failings on purpose. If he has then he is seriously falling down on the job. If it is because the board will not let him spend money then this is a disgrace when we are buying the most expensive football tickets in the world and with £40m of Man City money in the bank.
    The fact is that none of us supporters know the true story; we are fed so much disinformation. This cannot go on. The Emirates will not be filled to capacity every match as it has been to date. Notice how much longer it is taking to sell out a match; with less than a week to go, the Wigan match still has plenty of seats available. Even more worrying is that the Spurs match is far from sold out 2 weeks after going on sale. This would not have taken 2 days when we first moved to the Emirates.
    Whatever the reasons behind the current mismanagement, the bottom line is that what seemed like our new Arsenal castle will all come tumbling down financially if the decline is allowed to continue – I’m heartbroken about the whole unacceptable situation.

  87. Don C says:

    I am not one of those that like to say i told you so just because Man City beat us. I am concern that some of the players we have are not good enough and for the fact that we made more than 40m in summer sales and not one decent player was brought in. I don’t know what AW is thinking but i am being lead to belive that he is just plain stubborn, simple. Every year the team is going backwards and come next season we will lose Cesc and God knows who else. It all comes down to the fact that top players see the club as lacking ambition.
    What happens when games start coming thick and fast and injury starts mounting? Three four years ago, we could get away with mediocre team because you only have 3 teamd to compete with. Now you have at least 6 teams. I am scared for my beloveth Team.

  88. perrie says:

    Firstly, can i just comment on what a great Arsenal bog this is.
    Secondly, its very easy to say this was bad and this was good,etc,etc…
    There is a very fine line between success and failure…Even when we were winning trophies under Arsene..we still played badly, but in certain games we had some luck…2005 Fa Cup Final is a great example…we were utter shite but ended up winning.
    Since then Wenger has been a loser..FACT…he has also had to sell his MARQUEE player every year…Vierra, Henry, Hleb, Ade.
    This doent mean he hasnt made other mistakes…Why have we not replaced TOURE?….Yes Verma looks great but what happens if he or Willy gets injured?….
    Almunia also looks poor but only this season…(remember the semi against manure)..he was sensational!!!!

    We will have Arshavin,Walcott,Rosicky,Vela and Nasri all available in the next 2-3 weeks…and if he can find a way to control clichy’s mistakes and protect the back 4 a little more…we should be ok….

    Everyone can see that we had more possesion against both Manchesters…but this is IRRELEVANT…..We got NO POINTS….

    Wenger has until May….Lets at least give him that?
    http://www.arsenalislife.com is also good.

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