Is it safe to say our title challenge is over?

Posted: September 14, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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is it safe to say our title challenge is over before it begun?

Even at this early stage I can’t see us clawing 9 points back on this chelsea side.

I can see them losing max 2 all season. In our last two games we have managed to lose games we were in complete control of. Once is unlucky, twice and something is seriuosly wrong.

We have now lost 2 games out of 4, We are out of the title race after 4 games

Some stats and comments from Stevedon

Premier League Champions over the last 8 seasons, here are the facts. Average number of wins was 27 (lowest 25 & highest 29). Average number of losses was 4 (lowest nil & highest 5). Average point was 89; most common was 87 (twice).

If this is an average season then the Champions will score 89 points. There are 4 ways to get 89 points (see below) including one scenario where there are 7 losses (29, 2, 7). So saying the season is already over based on the results is clearly wrong.

However, if you look at the relative strengths of the top teams you would not be predicting Arsenal to win at this stage. I don’t think we will win but it isn’t because of results so far, it’s because of a lack of experience & quality in our squad, lack of leadership and playing people in the wrong positions.

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  1. jenks says:

    yes mate top 4 is what were aiming for! sad but its true

  2. jenks says:

    so where do you think we will finish then?

  3. Gooner JJ 71 says:

    No. Man U lost 5 games last season.

  4. Barry Bethel says:

    No way, the gap between the top 4 and the rest was always going to be closer this season, who have Chelsea played…no one of any real quality…of course we can catch them…man u have terrible starts to the season and go on to win, why shouldn’t we. get a grip and strap a pair on and support your club!!!

  5. AusGunner says:

    Yes. it is absolutely safe to say this. We are really crap. I am going to stop watching Arsenal games for the rest of the season and I recommend you do the same (I will be watching ManCity games instead, but pick any team you like). That means there’s also probably no point in you writing blogs about Arsenal anymore.

  6. gaya says:

    did you think we would go the whole season without loosing? if you think not, then which games were we bound to loose? Or do you really think Mancity is not a top team?

  7. tom says:

    the dream ends earlier and earlier each season, we have a nobody for a manager who has not the decency too thank G GRAHEM for what he inherited at the club

    • D says:

      Mr Wenger is the best manager we have ever had, so we haven’t won anything for a while, it will happen, Mr Graham was sweaty bung taker. Call yourself a gooner?

  8. WONDERMAN says:

    You seem to have missed the fact that we have a game in hand on Chelsea , which I think is Bolton at home, assuming we win that, we only have 6 points to make up. Furthermore after 4 games last season Man U had 5 points, 1 less than what we currently have , so your morbid view of the future does not hold water. The positive I would say is that we have played well up until now ( no repeat of the Fulham horror show yet) however we have been tactically naive in the last 2 league games. We went ahead at Old Trafford and threw it away, and Stats suggest we had more shots on and off target than Man City…all is not lost…your stats make good reading but I’m not sure what the motivation was for the blog????

  9. perrygrovesworld says:

    usual bollocks from Arsenal Action, are you Sinbad in disguise? it takes 9 games to get a proper perspective and we have a game in hand.

  10. liam says:

    wow you lot really dont understand how to be a fan of your team do you. in case you haven’t noticed spurs fans think they will win the league most years so how can a gooner not believe in arsenal. i think we need to find a way to get rid of all you negative lot cos no one wants you to support the team.

  11. Dirty Turkey says:

    What do you expect with no real investment spent on players

  12. Daniel says:

    Why is the season over??

    We’ve played two title challengers in the first 4 games. We had to play them at some point this season… heck we’ve played Everton, who finished 5th last year, away too.

    This site might have changed it’s look but it’s still the same crappy bloggers trying to convince everyone to slice their wrists with them… unlike the bloggers on here- the rest of us have faith and support our team through thick and thin.

    As AusGunner said ” he’s gonna support another team this year now”… please would this site do the same. All shallow, adolescent, unfaithful prepubscent bitches.

  13. D says:

    This is to ausgunner, you are no gooner, go and watch man c you mug, sounds like your a manc scum anyway, so get back up north and let the real gooners relish the season ahead!

  14. Wagglewee says:

    What title challenge? Once Wenger and the board made the decision to sell Ade and Toure and pocket the 41 mil, there was never going to be a title challenge. Only deluded Arsenal fans and Wenger think this team is good enough to win a title. Heck, even Cesc and Arshavin don’t believe it. Why do you think they were pleading with the manager to add reinforcements. BTW, when was the last time Wenger actually got his tactics right in a big game?
    The cold reality stings like a mother…. which is why the diehards on this blog will call you all manner of vile things. In the end, as with the four previous years, Arsenal will be fighting for fourth place.

  15. Amos says:

    Would it have been safe to say that ManU’s title challenge was over after the first 4 games last season when they had one point less than we have now? The stupidity of some defies belief.

    • Steven says:

      Amos @5:38pm above, pls note that at the time last season started Mna Utd had Ronaldo out and they took time to get into it. But once they hit their strides, they ground out results including the famous streak of 1-0 wins that nearly seem to last forever. Even after losing to Liverpool, they picked up from their and kept going until…you know how it ended.

      But I agree that the title race is far from over. After our howlers against Fulham, Stoke and Hull City last term we picked up from there and when Arshavin came in January, went 21 games without losing;thsi speaks a lot about the team’s quality. Now While I do believe Chelsea is inform but will hit their own brick wall sooner than later, they grond out the 3 points against Stoke on Saturday and that may be the edge they will have over all the rest.

      What Arsenal need(that was lacking against Citeh) was that we started well becos we decided to attack together and defend together. The team didnt do that and were punished for it. As long we defend together and attack same way, we can break dwon and dominate anyone, and possibly win it.

      But in January, Wenger must spend on a DM and a top striker/finisher who can scare any defence. Immediately Song was stken off against Citeh the midfield didnt stand a chance against the rampaging counter-atacks by Citeh.Cesc, Rosicky, Diaby, didnt backtrack enough on time to cover when they lost the ball. Song would have stayed back and covered.This means we still lack a cover for him in the team. Pls dodnt say Denilson, he is more of central(good at going forward. good at brealking down play) when playing with others;nothing more.

      Above all, we lost to a team anxious to prove a point. The jury is still out on them as they looked shaky at some point when they allowed us play our game.Our greatest weakness has been a lack of a plan B of what to do when teams clatter us and try to bully us off the ball and close us down. Until we train well what to do about this when the Ref seem to turn a blind eye to what we see as fouls, we are going to keep losing on away turfs.

      Honestly, inspite of the defeats, I think we are still in it and it is still in us.Go GUNNERS!

  16. wonderwarthog says:

    We were never in it anyway. I was aiming for top three as an improvement over last couple seasons.
    We are not strong enough to win the league. While we employ players like Bendter(right wing oh please), Denilson, Diaby,Eboue and Almunia (how Arsenal,one of europes finest clubs cannot find a better keeper is totally beyond me!)we will never really compete for the top prizes.
    Its time to accept that we as fans have been duped by the board for too long.
    We have not really competed in the transfer market since Dein left. I dont trust Fiszman or his decisions.Do we have any money or does Wenger really think this crop is good enough?
    Answers by the end of the season please or changes have (as sad as that is to say) to be made.

  17. clockendjim says:

    With the weakest goalkeeper in the PL we dont stand a chance. It is the one position that cannot be covered by overall teamwork and Almunia is costing us dearly
    If the No.1s had been reversed in both Manchester matches, we would have won both games

  18. arsedoctor says:

    Overreaction as usual. We have played one less game than Chelsea and they have played three relegation candidates already. We have play three away games against the champions, the 5th place team last season, and the highest spending club over the summer. Let’s not overreact. Man U have lost a game, Liverpool have lost two, and neither have played a team anyone would consider would be challenging for a top four place. We need to be more clinical in front of goal and have walcott, nasri, arshavin, rosicky all to come back into the team. We will know more after 10-15 games. Everyone get a grip until then!

    • Daniel says:

      wow… be careful mate. That was verging on rational and mature… I don’t think that’s allowed on this site… well not from the bloggers anyway.

    • Steven says:

      Arsedoctor, well spoken.If only we can just respond like Man Utd and Liverpool after losing.They just pick thenselves up and say, ‘hey guys, we lost, but let’s get on with it and go for the the next game’.After losing 1-4 to lIverpool at OT, Man Utd went on winning and they eventually got there! Thanks for reminding us all what it means to be MEN(not whinning BOYS)!

  19. danish gooner says:

    Dont make me laugh,it has never been a question about challenging for the title,just because Wenger says we can challenge it doesnt make it so.Ther are so many flaws in this team i am not even gonna bother starting outlining them.

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