Wenger gets the tactics RIGHT by playing Eboue ahead of Sagna

Posted: September 30, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Some people say i am anti wenger and not really an Arsenal fan because i have spoke out and criticised Wenger recently over his transfer policy and lack of spending.


I would like to praise the arsenal manager today who got the tactics bang on the money last night.

For me the decison to drop Sagna and play the more attacking Eboue was a master stoke and helped win us the game.

When teams come to The Emirates they tend to play one up top and hit us on the counter attack, So do you really need 4 players at the back marking one man? Of course not.

Wenger used the more attacking player in Eboue back in his best position at right back and for me Eboue was MOTM bombing down the right and giving us something we have not had this season, Direct pace on the wings.

For me Sagna is a better defender then Eboue at RB but he gives very little going forward. The totaly opposite to Eboue who is better going forward and not so great defending.

Wenger got it right last night and i think we might see Eboue play more games in the CL at HOME at RB.

Of course when we are going to play a more attacking side away from home it will be Sagna back at RB.

But i take my hat off to Wenger this time for thinking about something new and it worked a treat.


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  1. Gooner says:

    I’m sure he’ll sleep easier now knowing that…

  2. Tombo says:

    Didn’t eboue play ahead of sagna against standard?

  3. ayo says:

    True ebou played very wel much better crosser of d ball den sagna. I tnk clichy should be dropped show dat his dispensible en he can hopefull improve

  4. nicholas says:

    I agree with you for the most part. I think tactically it was a good decision, but I believe Sagna to be possibly if not probably the best right back in the world. Eboue does give more of a dimension going forward and I’ve always thought that he should be played at right back instead of in the midfield.

  5. The Coach says:

    I’ve always maintained Eboue is a resourceful player. He gives a new dimenstion to Arsenal’s play…it’s almost unpredictable.

  6. Fredwest says:

    Eboue is a better right back then sagna

  7. Eboue is fierce! he gives us many freekicks.I totally agree wit u,he was the MOTM to me as well.

  8. Sedah says:

    Gud observation bt who rplace diaby his pace and intent with the ball lyk that of berbatov he ways down on counter

  9. Stu says:

    It was the right decision playing Eboue but hardly a masterstroke. Everyone knows that Eboue is a better attacking right back than Sagna. And especially against teams who we will dominate possession against its obvious that Eboue is the smarter choice for right back.

  10. […] Wenger gets the tactics RIGHT by playing Eboue ahead of Sagna Some people say i am anti wenger and not really an Arsenal fan because i have spoke out and criticised Wenger recently […] […]

  11. saminator says:

    i don’t agree that sagna is better than eboue. the ivorian is usually at his best when playing from the back where he gets more space to allow him bomb forward. as a defender, i would pick eboue ahead o sagna any day.

  12. gooner76 says:

    What a load of tosh every time Eboue gets over the half way line he either gives the ball away or falls over and gives the ball away, Sagna may not get into the opposition half as much but he is ten times the player Eboue is

  13. nn says:

    eboue is twice the player sagna. wenger tried to save money by converting him into a right sidrd midfielder.this player helped get us to a champ league final . brilliant on tuesday nite

  14. insideright says:

    Getting full value out of Eboue before he disappears off to the African Cup is also a prime reason for doing this ‘switch’. He’ll play a lot more games than would otherwise have been the case – not all a RB

  15. some dude says:

    dude wenger doesnt need your praise

    • Jonsky says:

      its gud to praise him . . but it does not mean if u had not given it to him he would be anything less . . . I ALWAYS GIVE IT UP TO THE MASTER . . .HAIL THE GREAT MAN ON THIS 13th ANNIVERSERY ! !

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