Wenger needs to stop playing Eduardo and Bendnter as wingers

Posted: October 3, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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This was posted on our forum (HERE)

Over the years wenger has found new positions for players and converted them into different areas. Like petit, signed as a centre half and wenger made a defensive ball winner.

Lauren was signed as a centre mid and Wenger converted him into a right back, Henry signed as a winger and wenger made him the best striker in the world.

But having said that wenger has recently got it wrong with some players.. I cant understand why he keeps playing Eduardo and Bendtner on the flanks?.

Wenger also did this with Wiltord who we signed as was given the title of the new ian wright..Wiltord like Eduardo was a very good finisher, but wenger played him on the wings and was wasted..I can see the same thing happending with Eduardo.

I ask you this, would you play robbie flowler, Owen, or Defoe, or even Ian wright on the wing?

These players are box finishers,you cant ask them to play on the wing, its the same with Bendnter, he is a target man and asking a big 6 ft plus player who is a beast in the air to play on the wing is just wrong.

Fundamentally Wenger needs to finally put a stop to this utter nonsense of playing good players in alien positions.

I also remember seeing Diaby play on the left wing and Nasri as our ball winner, Baptista on the wing.

Eboue is a half decent fullback, he can play at right midfield if we are desperate but shouldn’t be expected to play anywhere else on the pitch as he in not capable of doing so.

For Wenger to now continue this and not even play Bendnter as the central striker in any of this seasons games is just crazy! Bendtner just isnt a winger and the same for Eduardo.

Just because the likes of Petit and Lauren had the intelligence to adapt and excell in new roles,doesnt mean that every player will.

Diaby,Eboue,Bendtner,Eduardo will never be wingers. End of..is Arshavin a winger?.

Arsene has to stop trying to make wingers our of the players who cant get into the team.

Play your best players in their best and you will get the best out of them.

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  1. itai says:

    we need to buy Lee Chung-Yong from bolton

  2. villa says:

    I hate seeing it as much as you but “FACE IT” none of them will start over a fully fit RVP.

  3. Stewart says:

    A really ignorant article from someone who doesnt understand anything about high level football.

    If you were at the games you would see that they are not wingers and the forward players interchange.

    Having Bendtner is a wide as an attacking option has been hugely beneficial. Look back over match videos and see how his ball retention in those positions has created copious amounts of chances…

    Seriously, I don’t know why I read these crap blogs….maybe just curious to see the level of stupidity it has reached.

    There should be an intelligence test to be able to write articles or blogs.

  4. john says:

    Bendtner hasnt been bad on the wings. I just think hes better up front he will score goals if we get crosses into the box.

    Eduardo doesnt work on the wings. He hasnt got the pace or ability to play on the wings.

    I would like to see eduardo and bendtner up front and we should rest van persie just in case he gets injured

  5. Miles says:

    arsene has explained that the reason van persie is chosen as the main striker is due to his great first touch and the speed at which he reads the game and is able to distribute the ball. this new system doesn’t rely on a single goalscorer upfront, instead all the attackers get chances to score. the job of the main striker instead is to collect the ball and bring others into play. it seems to be working, eduardo is scoring and getting chances to score.

    eboue has being playing fine on the wings, diaby imo puts in his best performances on the wings anyway so i don’t see how you can say he’s being played out of postion. as with bendtner, who you seem to see as a target man solely based on his height, ignoring his good touch and dribbling skills.

    really, the seasons started quite well, stop trying to find negatives!

  6. Nave says:

    This is the main problem with our team. You named few players, let me list all here. Arshavin playing on the wing(preferred position in the middle), Nasri playing on the wing(preferred position in the middle),Bendtner playing on the wing(preferred position in the middle),Walcott playing on the wing(preferred position in the middle),Diaby playing on the wing(preferred position in the middle). In truth we dont have any proper winger in our team, best choice can be only Theo. We are playing most players out of position attacking wise. Its shocking that since pires left we couldnt find one proper winger or a quality defencive midfielder since flamini left.

  7. Tilt says:

    Lay of the booze. Who are you to tell Wenger what to do…?

  8. DJ says:

    umm Arsenal have won every game but 2 so it’s not going bad. Eduardo set up a goal and the last goal. I’m not complaining if it’s working

  9. BRad says:

    true true, i mean they have an odd piece of form on the wing and he thinks they are born wingers. Wenger is the best manager arsenal has had but this is one of his flaws

  10. shayne says:


  11. Goon lad says:

    I strongly concur wit u. He’s got 2 play players on there natural positions if results are 2 b achieved;eboue is no m.f. In arsene we trust bt he shuld tek anada luk wit this issue.

  12. vinagunner says:

    1) we play 433, which means just one striker, and right now rvp is the man. if we are to have more than one natural finisher on the field, it must be the other strikers on the wings. but they swap positions all the time, so no worries.

    2) wiltord was not a natural winger but still played there because we had henry and bergkamp. still wiltord played a vital part in those trophies we (and france!) won, scored important goals and had a carreer walcott will strugle to emulate. so give wiltord some cred, please!

    3) still on eboue’s back, are you? he’s now a more than just a decent fullback. he gives the team other options than sagna. there are not many rb who are clearly better than him when we look at the total package. please give him some cred as well!

  13. Erik says:

    Another person that writes a blog that thinks he knows better than Wenger? wow, we got so many potential managers to replace him!!!

    What do you suggest we do in a 4-3-3? play all strikers centrally and leave the flanks exposed? or just play a 4-5-1 therefore only using 1 striker every game and leaving Bendtner, Eduardo, Vela on the bench waiting till Van Persie gets injured?

    System is working fine and Bendtner and Eduardo are doing well on the flank, besides, with Walcott coming back is likely Bendtner will be used more centrally now.

  14. dan says:

    bentnar is too thick to handle it up front and eduardo is too weak to handle it also. van is doing it just about and arshavin possibly could also.
    we are missing a strong and fast player

  15. Tom says:

    Can I ask why it is being suggested that these guys are played in different positions? We’ve scored 18 goals already this year which is more than last. If things were going badly then there would be more merit in the debate, but we’re doing ok at the mo, and the new system gets the best out of our creative players anyway. I wouldn’t necessarily change it.

  16. MybrotherBilo says:

    A better solution would be if you stopped writing this blog

  17. Pritpal says:

    i assure you when nasri and walcott are back and when rosicky and vela are both fully fit wenger will do just that!

  18. Renan says:

    Wenger is playing Bendy on the wing because he’s got poor finishing. Until he improves his finishing,, he will always play on the right wing. One more,, I think Wenger puts Eduardo on the left wing because he just returned from the injury and doesn’t want him to get knocked too many times. Playing as a box striker is tough,, you need to be very physical in order to do that properly.

  19. x3qtr says:

    Why complain when we are winning?? Van Persie is doing an excellent job in the middle.. why pull him out of there?? are you not happy with the 4-3-3 ?
    Dont write stuff just because you have time to waste !!

  20. Stu says:

    Agree completely with this. Bendtner is wasted on the wing. He doesnt have the trickery to beat any decent fullbacks and is far better centrally where he can be on the end of crosses and keep the CBs occupied.

    Eduardo is our best finisher so needs to be in front of goal too because if we arent playing well he is always likely to crab a goal because he is so clinical.

    Its just a shame that VP always plays in the middle of a 4-3-3 because it leaves no room for any other central players.

  21. Fredwest says:

    Again this blog hits the points that other sites forget or don’t want to talk about. Agree with your post, nic and dude are wasted

  22. oz_gooner says:

    Well arsene’s transfer choices dont always make sense of late.. but he insists on transforming current players into positions that are truelly not suited to certain players..

    Nasri on the left wing for example was an absolute waste of time and arshavin..well he has been moderately successful there himself but he has publicly said and just like Bendtner that he doesnt like playing on the wing..

    Bentnder i must say looks so awkward on the right wing..he is not pacey enough for that spot and he is one of the few players capable of heading a goal from a cross..

    I prefer to see Rosicky coming in from the right i must say because he has better touch than theo and Vela on the left.

  23. g0on3r says:

    bendtner a large forward, him on the wing against small fullback, he would won high ball 9/10 times. so i say tactical genius from wenger. eduardo indeed an excellent finisher, but he also an excellent dribbler. he very quick and smart enough get past his marker. its all evidence in olympiakos game when he set up van persie. instead using his movement to get into goal scoring position, he use it to create space for himself to break opponent defence and set up teammate for an easy tap in. i say another genius strategy by wenger. eboue for me is our best dribble in the team. some called him ivory coast’s maradona and i can understand why. so he better up the pitch than defending. diaby have to play on the wing because he hold the ball too long. until he learn to release the ball more quickly, wenger would play him on the wing when needed. i think your post in general just a waste of time. wenger knows what he’s doing and he got good reasons to do so. that’s why he manager not you.

    • Mr21 says:

      Well said g0on3r. Finally someone who understands the game. The dude who wrote this article is just plain stupid.

  24. weg says:

    It’s different with a 4-3-3. As Whatshisname said, they’re all interchangable. Not to say that we don’t need a really winger in the side. But if we get one, who gets on the end of the crosses? van Persie? Bendtner? Eduardo? Arshavin? Walcott? Our best headerer is Vermaelen!

    Mighty is the penis that has spoken!

  25. BKK says:

    This is a terrible blog.

  26. oz_gooner says:

    eboue our best dribbler???

    which eboue are u watching??

    u have no idea about what a skilled is…
    arshavin, nasri, RVP are our best dribblers..

    Get real man…eboure cant dribble to save his life ok

    • Mr21 says:

      RVP has good vision, he is creative, he reads the game well.. but to say he is a good dribbler is as wrong as to say he is a good finisher.
      nasri, again, is like van persie, he has vision, creativity, intelligent but again, to say he is a good dribbler, thats not right.
      eboue is not a good passer of the ball, he doesnt have the vision of van persie and fabregas, but he has pace and he makes clever runs. like it or not, he is a dribbler.
      arshavin is a good dribbler. in fact he is one of the most complete players in the team. he has everything. a bit like rosicky but rosicky needs more games and more confidence.

  27. oz_gooner says:

    nothing wrong with this blog..u idiots dont have anything else to say but. ‘this is a terrible blog” this article holds some key points and should be realised

  28. perrygrovesworld says:

    tit! 433 means three strikers 3 midfielders ALL 6 interchangeable. Learn football tactics before you you comment. Simply look at the number of different scorers in the Blackburn game to confirm my point.

    People come here to slag off the blog because in football terms you don’t know anything about football. Where is the big moaner, Sinbad now that we are doing well? eating humble pie?

  29. oz_gooner says:

    Hello Mr 21… The only dribble eboue can manage is when he spits the dummy and gets sent off or simply because he dribbles when he can barely manage to get a start for a game.. he is a poor player in the arsenal shirt and a DEFINATE WEAK LINK in the side..You obviously dont know anything about football..

    For once i would like to see eboue do something special on the pitch.. has he?? the answer is he cant..he has been there for how many years and still cant impress the manager enough to get be a regular starter..

    get real ok.. eboue is crap

    • Mr21 says:

      read carefully before u even start typing. i did not say eboue is a great player. i didn’t think he should start ahead of arshavin, rosicky, nasri and walcott. all i am saying is he IS a better dribbler than most of our players but a lot other aspects of his game let him down.. such as passing, vision, creativity, composure etc.

  30. True gunner says:

    Did u see how many chances Bendtner missed when he was striking from the central position. have u forgotten how many times he held his head due to missed chances. He is performing much better at the wings. Eduardo is definitely a box player but sometimes he has to be protected hence playing wide.

  31. shooy says:

    You just don’t get it do you? It’s Wengerball. But then it doesn’t matter anyway; Wenger ain’t listening to the bloggers – thank fuck!

  32. Subrat_gunner says:

    Congratulations son, for playing too much of FIFA and henceforth coming up with this article. Even if you cant understand football, you could surely do with common sense that a tall guy has better chances of winning diagonal balls throw at him, against the relatively smaller defenders(full backs) compared to centre backs. Bendtner has done just that many a times in this new system, and wenger wins at your expense. Wenger 1-0 blogwriter.
    Eduardo is NOT a winger either in our formation. He’s a wide player in our front three who’s willing to make those runs out to the wings to have the ball and create space for others to get into the play and needless to say, always interchanging positions to get into good central positions. Scoreline: Wenger 2-0 blogwriter. Game over.

  33. […] Wenger needs to stop playing Eduardo and Bendnter as wingers This was posted on our forum (HERE) Over the years wenger has found new positions for players and converted them into […] […]

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