I really cant wait for Nasri to come back and replace Diaby.

Posted: October 23, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Samir Nasri is only a few days away from a first team return and i cant wait. The French international played 60 minutes for the Reserves on Tuesday night as part of his comeback.

Abou Diaby has been filling in for Nasri in recent weeks and has done “OK” but you never know what Diaby is going to turn up? One week he looks like a world class player, Big strong, hard to knock off the ball. And the next hell looks like Carlton Palmer with the ball glued to his boots.

Diaby can be fantastic one week and a nightmare the next.

Thats why I’m so happy to have Nasri back in the midfield and i feel this new 4-3-3 will work a dream with Song holding and Cesc and Nasri pulling the strings.

When Nasri returns he will be like a new signing for us and give the whole team a boost and i hope to the glory of winning the title.

Bienvenue de retour Samir Nasri

Jason Goldstein

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  1. RomfordPele says:

    will be interesting to see what it does to the balance of the team. Diaby’s physicality is quite useful, but Nasri’s passing next to cesc is gonna be sweeet

  2. ian says:

    yup… nasri + cesc in front of song + front 3 of arsh + RVP + rosicky…
    we have a front 6 that matches any team

    but can we not have another ‘just like a new player signing for us’?

    go cescy arsenal….

  3. Hey Dude... says:

    Me thinks Denilson is the first choice, with Nasri being an Eboiue style backup to the more defensive Denilson (Sagna)

  4. G says:

    Diaby has had a couple of good games lately especially vs. the brums

  5. nono says:

    Daiby knew Nasir would be the first choice and that’s why he injured Nasir and broke his ankle during training. Diaby is a street class footballer and he should play in the street.

  6. piken79 says:

    there you go joining “like a new signing” bandwagon..he will be a squad player returning..how about that?

  7. don diaby says:

    why on earth is there no club interested in diaby and denilson. Pls come pick them up at arsenal cos they r notin bt short 5. i think man. utd needs a playa like diaby.

  8. Erik says:

    Hes not going to replace Diaby, he will rotate with Diaby and Denilson…

    There is no set first 11, Wenger already said he will play the players better suited for the opposition.

    And Diaby just needs more experience so that “World Class” side of him shows more frequently.

  9. james says:

    U idiots really think AW will drop Diaby.LOL no chance, AW is just loving the fact that he has stayed injury free so far this season.I ask every fan who is criticising Diaby to look at the role he has been given in midfield very carefully, u will see he has been given a free role in midfield which is more suited to a Nasri or Hlebb type of player. This is why he is for ever trying to dribble with the ball and popping up on both the left and the right side of midfield this is not suited to Diaby’s style of play, Diaby is at his best playing dead in the middle making bursting runs from midfield.

  10. bade the gooner says:

    in short …. me too !!!!!

  11. […] I really cant wait for Nasri to come back and replace Diaby. Samir Nasri is only a few days away from a first team return and i cant wait. The French international played 60 […] […]

  12. eric says:

    Really pity Fran Merida, he will probably walk away from us free if he is not given a single first team opportunity this season

    Need to give him a go soon or else we will lose a new talent that we cannot afford


  13. dan says:

    i believe it is just more choice for wenger; with diarby he does not have to rush nasri back like liverpool and gerrard and torres. diaby . i do think nasri will be first choice however against teams like brum bolton maybe even chelsea he will rotate the 2. he tried to rotate theo and arshavin until he got hacked. it is great he is back he has the ability to shoot with both feet beat players and spot a through ball, he also is a very good goal scorer. and he 2 can make bursting runs from midfield. after all he was the top play maker at his previous club. i guess its more bench time for diaby, maybe thats why he took him out in the first play.

    get in u gunners

  14. clockendjim says:

    I willingly agree that Diaby should bring a physical presence to the team, but in fact he doesn’t use it.
    Just look at him nearly scoring another own goal and his static ball watching when Alkmaar scored in the 93rd minute.
    I would vote for Nasri’s 100% effort every time and think he contributes more to defending than the listless Diaby
    Presuming his injury is not too bad, I think Rosicky is the most important player to get regularly playing alongside Cesc who has looked so much better since Tomas has been back

  15. afc says:

    u not think samir will, also play in one of the wide front roles from time to time

  16. Rob says:

    Nasri wont replace Diaby. He will have to wait for his turn and play on the right or left of attach, he is not a midfielder in the current team structure.

    Diaby is doing well, so cut it. He has to learn and this is the best way for him to learn, just like Song learned and is now in the process of becoming one of the best in the World in his position. Diaby will be a monster in a few months, and he will make you eat your words.

    If you knew Arsenal better, you would not write shit like this.

  17. Arthur Jnr says:

    I think that Diaby is big for thing did you see him at
    Alkmaar he can’t even hold the ball up and got caght ball watcing Nasri’s is 10 times better than him

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