[RATINGS] Arsenal throw it away – AGAIN!

Posted: October 25, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Gallas makes it 2-0

West Ham 2-2 Arsenal

Déjà vu?

2-0 at half time and the game is won right? Win this and we are only 1 pts behind Man Utd with a game in hand.
But yet again we throw it away, 2nd time in a week, Late goals and yet again we failed to kill the game off.

I would say we were unlucky today but how many times has this happened? 2 many….


Mannone : 6.0 ( Weak push out for the first goal, The rookie keeper look just what he is today)

Sagna : 7.0 ( Crossed for the first goal and was much better going forward this week )

Clichy : 6.5 ( A decent game )

Gallas : 7.5 ( Scored a good header and solid at the back, Back to his best – MOTM )

Vermaelem : 7.0 ( Did well to control the dangerous Carlton Cole )

Song : 6.0 ( Giveaway the pen, Looked clumsy and didn’t need to tackle in the box with the player going away from goal )

Diaby : 5-5 ( Gave away the freekick outside the box from which the first goal came from and overall a poor game, Again )

Arshavin : 6.5 ( Not his best game )

Van Persie : 7.5 ( Scored again but should of won the game in the last min with a free header that was saved by Greeen )

Cesc : 7.0 ( Didn’t have a great game apart from one long range shot didn’t do anything of note )

Eboue : 6.5 ( Showed some good pace but wasteful with the ball )

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  1. Mr. Arsenal says:

    For the first time in a long time… iAgree with you… There should be no player ratings for the rest… they made me sick… throwin’ away a 2 – 0 lead like that away from home… when we look 2 have it in the bag.

    Hopefully we can make it up by beatin’ Tottenham COLDspurs…

  2. woody says:

    diaby diaby. diaby for heavens sake, he didnt just give away the free kick, he gave away every good threatening position he was involved with.he gave away simple passes. he would not get in the squad of any of the other top 5 teams.i just do not understand why he is at the club

    he, eboue, fabrecas arshavin all gave up tracking back. you would have thought the AZ game would have taught them a lesson. they all said as much.

    but they let the club down again.

    • Vince says:

      Diaby had an average game but so did a lot of the squad. I am tired of him being singled out for criticism when other players play just as poorly. Arshavin in every game this season has for the most part played like crap scattering passes and shots about the pitch for the majority of his minutes, then for one moment puts it together and scores. Fabregas has been feast or famine. If we are honest the only players really playing consistently are Van Persie and Song. It’s early runnings, international breaks and travel give the lads some time to gel. And just enjoy the fact that we get to watch a team week in week out that is in the title hunt!

  3. gomey says:

    well lets be honest about i love Arshavin as the days are long but he was no good for a 6.5,he just dint fancy it today and it showed, plus the usual motley crew who were at fault for the majority of the last season, plus the substitutions were shite today. when we were 2 nil he should have made a change on the hour to push on for the 3rd alas we just don’t knowhow to kill of teams.

  4. Skins says:

    The goalkeeping position is a problem at the moment. We will not win the league for two reasons 1) Goalkeepers not good enough for top premiership side. 2)This team is very young and does not appear to have the mental strength to win the prem.
    I feel the FA cup is our best chance of silverware.

  5. victor solomon says:

    Theres danger lurking everywhere for this arsenal team. 2nd time in a row they have thrown a game away by not showing enough urgency after going in front. Why do they have to turn games into a practise session after going in front. Other teans are gonna pick up on this and wont lose heart even when they are a goal or two down. Mark me am an arsenal supporter but this team is developing a habit that wont die hard and it could all end in tear if their ideas are not bucked up quickly. Arsene pls throw some tea cups around

  6. GunnerX says:

    We had the perfect opportunity to he close the gap at the top to just one point and we blow it. We really are not capable of keeping a clean sheet at the moment, which is a cause for concern, we shouldn’t have to score three goals to secure a win. Having said that, its not the end of the world, but we must do better defensively, maybe its time for Alumunia to step back in, though for me, he instills little confidence.

  7. goonis says:

    we have to work harder. when we take the lead, the opposition starts to work harder, and that is what we have to do to.

  8. GoonerP says:

    Diaby is a jeckyl and hyde…completely unpredicatable.

    In my opinion we need someone more consistent. Far too often he squanders decent chances. He cannot tackle to save his life, he loves to take on as many defenders as he can…he is not right for Arsenal.

    FFS Wenger chastise our players, don’t blame the ref…we shut down with 15 minutes to go, and then flapped when Diaby needlessly gave away the free kick.

    Own goal at Old Trafford should have highlighted he should top the sales list!

  9. FUGAYZI says:

    expect the unexpected with Arsenal!!! The team just seems to have these lapses at times!?!?! The professa does seem to drag his feet with substitutions!!!!
    when he was two up why not consolidate your position??? bring on three sets of fresh legs from the bench that have something to prove!!!!!! we miss Denilson!!!! he never stops chasing the ball!!! no player like him on the bench or at the club ready to step in!!!!! great squad but what if a centre half gets injured, what then??? back to senderos??? or sivest??? not too confident in them and how bout holding midfield??? song gone to anc what happens if denilson injured again??? we should be powering to the title this season, no one plays like us and has a talented high quality midfield like ours??? dont want to miss out again!!!!!!

  10. bazza says:

    West ham deserved a point , there desire was greater then ours , even at 2 nil west ham kept battling drop diaby and drop eboue they dont deserve there places.

  11. anibal says:

    its getting anoying how the arsenal are finishing the games!!! it dosent matter how u start a game but how you finish it!! arshavin has been really disapointing!!! he needs to put a lot more effort!!! he is to lazy, not that he is the reason we tied today but i would of helped if he looked for the ball and made things happen like we all know he can.

  12. Danish Gooner says:

    Clearly,wenger must realise that whatever he does with Eboue,Song and Diaby they are never gonna be good enough to consistently play for Arsenal.

    • Don C says:

      Don’t agree. I think Song has been the most improved player in Arsenal over the last two seasons. Reminds me of Young Patrick Viera who gives away alot of free kicks and collects Cards like Tesco point but eventually turn out a world class.
      Ebuoe has also improved alot but needs to be desicive with his final passes.
      Diaby should go!! He is not good enough for Arsenal or any to five PL team.

  13. Danish Gooner says:

    Arshavin is already regretting joining the southern softies,bye,bye Arshavin.

  14. TonyM says:

    How can Arshavin get a higher score than Diaby?? Yes diaby made some frustrating mistakes but at least he tried. Arshavin was a passenger. To have the ability he has and put a performance like that in yesterday is criminal. i give him 2 out of 10. Danish gooner, what are you on about? Eboue had a good performance yesterday. Song was excellent in the first half but lost composure after the penalty. Its the same broken record with some guys. blaming diaby, eboue and song.

  15. nilesh says:

    if arsenal want to win the championship then stop playing diaby eboue and bertdner.

  16. Don C says:

    The whole team is to balme for the draw which feels like a loss. 2 nil up and they think the game is over. Its what the coach need to instil in them that they need to kill off teams and concentrate for 90mins even if they are 10 nil up.
    On Tuesday Clichy said they will learn from the mistakes of the last minute draw against AZ. From all indications yesterday, they must be really dumb because dosen’t seem they learnt jack and the way i see it they ain’t learning nothing from all their mistakes.

    The reason Barca won everything last season was that if they finish team up ruthlessly when they go one up. Thats exactly what they did last night and Arsenal should learn from them.

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