Arsenal cant even hold a lead and kill a team off

Posted: October 26, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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So many times in recent years.

We take the lead, seem to be on our way to winning the game and then screw up.

We cant seem to kill the game off and we allow the other team a route back into the game by us sitting back rather then trying to score the killer goal.

We just cant defend, so why do we sit back? attack is the best form of defence.

But how many times have we been 1 or even 2 goals up and only to draw the game or lose.? I can name loads, Beating Chavski in the semi finals 1-0, Beating Liverpool 4-2 and drawing 4-4, Dito with Spurs, Being 2-0 up vs Brum.This season beating man utd 1-0 and losing 2-1.

And many many more.

It shows complacency and at times we show a lack of fight in the battle, Teams like West Ham, Hull, Stoke cant play better football then us of course but they all show more fight.

But yet Wenger bangs on about the mental strength,spirit and belief. Cant he see that this team has NO Leader and a lack of heart.

After West ham scored to make it 2-1 there was only one team that looked up for the game, We didnt look up for the battle at all.

We need winners in our team like Keown and Adams, With Players like Song, Diaby, Eboue and Mannone in our side we are never going to win anything.

Wenger cant see that we need winners in our team. Maybe not the most gifted players but the type that would take a boot in the head for the team.

We have a team of primadonna’s who think they just have to turn up, put the kit on, and they think they’ve got a divine right to win the game.

When the going gets tough, The tough aint at Arsenal


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  1. darren says:

    good grief, sinbad at it again…

  2. AfriX says:

    U r damn right Sinbad, there r too few leaders in this team & it doesn’t help when the likes of Diaby become regulars, I hope Nasri displaces the Diabyolique 1.

  3. Fredwest says:

    Thank god sinbadass is back. I hate to admit it. I agree with ya

  4. Mark Flatts says:

    Hilarious – I can just imagine Sinbad practically jizzing in his pants when the West Ham game ended – “Excellent, now I can have another moan at Arsenal!!!!”.

    More rubbish from a very angry man. Actually, I wonder what Sinbad is really angry about? Is he angry at himself? Something his parents did? I am intrigued.

  5. Dazza says:

    Damn right mate. How much longer will the AKB brigade be in denial?

    Dont know about you but even at HT I was thinking ‘hope we score the 3rd before we gift them one’ You just knew what was coming. Same against AZ. It might even have been the same against Birmingham.

    Will the AKB lot be happy if we screw up against the spuds for a 2nd season in a row? They probably will, they are that far up AW’s arse.


  6. tom says:

    top man sinbad,you get what you deserve in this life and putting up with a leaderless bunch that we have is ridiculous, and a manager that couldn’t see a change in the weather let alone a change in the team. thank god for george grahem signings true warriors who won the mental and physical battles

  7. rockett65 says:

    All right Sinbad has a point but we really miss Rosicky, when he plays the midfield is much better without him staying fit we will not win anything he is the unsung leader in that midfield and with him there we are an elite team without him we are not as proved sunday also how much longer does glichy have to keep screwing up. before wenger realises he is a liability this will be very clear next week against the enemy i hate to say but he is going to be run ragged and the crosses that come in will be very dangerous. Also can we please buy a frigging goalkeeper in the transfer window and get rid of the crap we have. we do not have time to develop a goalkeeper and we all know Almunia will come back and he just isint good enough. other than that it will all be ok and we we will beat the spuds 4 1 next week because Rosicky will be back

  8. Daniel says:

    Where are the tough then??

    Are they at Chelsea who have lost 2 away games in a row… or at Man utd, who were awful yesterday and at Burnley or are they at liverpool who’ve lost 4/5 games or are they at barcelona who lost at home to Rubin Kazan less than a week ago.

    No team is perfect and every team drops points. Let alone away from home, in a derby, against a team fighting for relegation and without Nasri, Walcott, Eduardo, Rosicky and Bendtner from their starting selection.

    What I find sad is that i can almost guarantee you wrote this article a month ago and have just been waiting to use it as soon as we dropped points. As someone else sad, I can imagine you celebrating as west ham equalised rather than feeling devastated like the rest of us.

    Lets hope we don’t drop points to spurs on saturday, sinbad might show his true allegiances.

    Poor article from a poor excuse for an arsenal blog. Never hear a word when we’re doing well but just moan and whine when we don’t. Fair weather fan, fair weather site.

    Im sure this won’t get posted but I’m posting it anyway.

  9. Gerry says:

    Sorry Sinbad can’t agree with your criticism of Song- the guy has been
    sensational do far this season and was unlucky with the pen yesterday

  10. Mark Flatts says:

    The issue, “Dazza”, is not that Sinbad is angry, it’s that when Arsenal win, and win in style, we never get an article with the same about of passion congratulating Arsenal on how they have performed.

    Indeed, Sinbad tends to be very quiet when Arsenal do well.

    That, to me, strikes of someone who is not really a fan of Arsenal.

    Balance is all I’m talking about. Surely that’s a fair point?

  11. Perrygrovesworld says:

    Look who’s crawled from under his stone, the secret spurs fan! It’s so true that you only come out because you have a reason to dig at Wenger. I bet you failed in Arsenal trials as a kid or something. Would love to see you playing the squad!

  12. anibal says:

    i dont really agree with you, but do agree they have to fight till the end and not get over confident. i still think we have a good shout at wining something this year.

    by the way, do you still think we will finish 7th???

  13. Gooner-JJ1971 says:

    Hey Singbad, where have you been for a few weeks. You have nothing to say when the 6-2s and 4 nils are happening. But when we get a bit of a dodgy result here he is. The same bloke who suggested our title challenge was over after losing 2 games. Well Chelsea and Man U have lost 2. And this hard tackling player you are looking for would not have made a difference yesterday, we gave away 2 goals from foul play.
    And all this “AKB” accusation rubbish every time someone give you a reality check.
    For as much you will blog all of this crap everytime we DRAW, Wenger is not going…AKBetter than you.

  14. Ben says:

    slowly but surely wenger will replace these numpties with men. arsenal will win something in 3 years and there’ll be no clichy, diaby, denilson, eboue, bendtner, mannone. you’ll realise that wenger has wasted 7 years fucking around with kids and it will be men who win it in the end.

  15. Polyphemus1971 says:

    Why can’t Arsenal beat Liverpool by more than 2-1. Another terrible performance. Come on Sinbad, remind everyone on how crap we are; Wenger should sacked and we needed a Vinnie Jones on the pitch.

  16. Daniel says:

    Cough… is anyone there??


    Anyone there?



    I look forward to hearing from you WHEN (it will happen, it happens to every team) we next drop points.

    Shit blog, Shit site, Shit support.

    I think I saw you leaving with the yids after 75 mins on saturday.

  17. 26may1989 says:

    Usual crap from SInbad, nothing from him of course since the West Ham game – not happy about the four wins and 13 goals scored since then? Not happy about beating Spurs 3-0? Course not.

    But at leasy Sinbad knows he’s not the biggest twat around.

    Dazza, you are a Class One dickhead. Get a grip, it was one bleedin draw. I don’t mind balanced criticism, but I really wish wankers like you would just do one, you’re not needed and not wanted.

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