[Ratings] Same old Arsenal, So what will Wenger’s excuses be this time?

Posted: November 21, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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International break ….or the ref….NOOO, We looked jaded IMO

The sad fact is that is “Same old Arsenal” Go up north on a cold wet day and didnt turn up.

Were was that fighting sprit that Wenger keeps banging on about? … I saw loads from the player we should have signed in the summer in Cana. He didnt give Cesc and kick. And when i told you that we made a big mistake in not signing him you all said “Who is he? And who are sunderland” Well eat your words.

Its so sad that one injury to RVP has shown how weak we are.Like i said at the start of the season, Just wait till we start picking up a few knocks to key players and watch us fall apart…”SAME OLD ARSENAL”

Well this is what you get for not signing in the summer Mr Wenger.

My Ratings
Almunia ( 5-5 ) Poor,At fault for the goal. Slow off his line and overal crap)
Sagna (6-5) Not his best game
Gallas (7-0) Pretty solid
Vermaelen (6-0) Outjumped by Bent on the cornor for the goal
Traore (6-5) Same as Sagna
Ramsey (6-0) Looked weak
Cesc (6-0) Very poor, Owned by Cana
Song (8-0) Our best player
Nasri (6-5) Didnt look up for the fight
Rosicky (6-5) See above
Eduardo (5-5) Missed our best chance, Didnt even hit the target. He cant play up top in a 4-5-1

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  1. Danish Gooner says:

    So the little dollies cant get up to it twice a week…………cry me a river.

  2. AfriX says:

    is that Sinbad? Big game next week against the West London scum. Was Ramsey that bad? I hope Wenger doesn’t blame the internationals. Am happy for Cana, I wish Arsenal would have signed him. 2 league games in a row & Vermaelen is the culprit 4 the goal.

  3. Dave says:

    Fuck me but you’re a miserable one. So we lost, it happens, we’ve been brilliant all season and had an off day today. The time for despondency would come if this becomes a pattern but let’s wait and see about that shall we? No need to start topping yourself just yet.

  4. Gunning for Glory says:

    u are a real twat.. when arsenal is good, u sing praise, but when arsenal lose just a game, u start biting their tail… just fuck off will u. u are not fit to be a gunner fan.

  5. Record defeat 13 consecutive melting easily when sliced 1-0 defeat. Arsenal players looked like exhausted to play in the game. Armand Traore presentation too jittery and still raw. Therefore Sunderland more focus on the middle and left them. Rarely saw Armand Traore make overlap run as Gibbs and Chilchy.

    Smooth pitch game one of the best sources can not be well performed because the players often look a little control to run and tackle. However. Congratulations to Song was successful rescue situation and control the ball well.

    So that this position longer gap between Arsenal and Chelsea. Next week between Arsenal vs Chelsea, Arsenal need to do somethings, and putting high hopes to pursue victory. Recognized the game really difficult decision when viewed with Chelsea beat Wolverhampton with a large number of goal, namely 4-0.

  6. Liquorice says:

    Ist defeat in14 Plank!!.

  7. The Rookie says:

    Better team lost. That’s football. Arsenal runs circles round Chelsea next weekend.

  8. Gooner says:

    Agreed. We offered very little except Song. Eduardo needs someone to play off.

    Eduardo’s ‘shot’ was feeble.

    Ramsey played like a second rate Diaby. How many times did he lose the ball?

    That kind of lightweight team up north? No.

    Easy in hindsight. Eboue for Rosicky would have been a good idea.

    Can’t blame Wenger too much. Losing RvP is a massive blow.

  9. Gooner77 says:

    Shitty result but hardly ‘same old Arsenal’ go up North. Sunderland aren’t a bad side, we were very sluggish and we need to get a result against Chelsea next week.

  10. Hugo says:

    Do you only bother piping up when we lose? Do you secretly actually want The Arsenal to lose so you can slag off everyone involved with the club?

    And the man you are so desperately in love with, Cana, had we signed him in the summer and played him today, whose place would it have been in? Song’s, who you rated as our best player. So would that signing have really improved our team? Is Cana better thn Cesc? Does a 1-0 loss make us a worse team than Sunderland? Honestly, with your brains I wouldn’t be surprised if you answered all three of those questions with a yes.

  11. Joe says:

    Really disappointing result. Really disappointing Report. Get behind the team. It’s easy to criticise when we lost. It’s a shame that we don’t have 3 tall centre forwards but there arent many teams that can roll 3 deep in any position, even united have had depth trouble in the strikers department since Tevez left.

  12. Goonerboy says:

    Ok yeh it was our first defeat in 14, I dnt support the excessive criticism but I partly understand the disapointment especially considering the performance and some of the chances we had.

    Considering our position in the league and our next game, it is fair to say we arsenal fans were hopeful, though an away game against an in form side, nevertheless hopeful. The Van persie injury was always going to have an adverse effect but considering the amount of goals scored this season and the various sources of these goals, I personally thought we had a good chance.

    And we did! In my opinion ( just mine), ramsey was a bit off but had a couple of chances. I still feel he’s a good prospect but not in any chance better than diaby at the moment. Eduardo on the other hand was a bit isolated due to the lack of link up play between himself and fabregas, but boy did he squander the best chance of the game. He is a very gifted player but honestly he over complicates simple chances, like he did today and his deflected goal against wolves. Nasri was missing, rosicky had a very good chance, song and gallas were effective as well as verm bt could have done better against the goal. Subs were a bit uplifting but theo wasnt a sharp and the loss absense of a central striker during the last minutes hindered 2 very good goal oppurtunities.

    All in all, a not so great performance. Should we be worried? only if we loose to chelsea, if we do loose, not being pessimistic but i feel that wld be it except chelsea go on a losing streak! Should this however change our support for the team, NO FKIN WAY!

  13. Paul N says:

    dumb! looks like you couldnt wait to put this foolishness up! I agree, i think you want Arsenal to lose!

    the heights of idiocy!

  14. Sanmite says:

    Arsenal really disappoimt me 2day, but thats part of the game. but arsenal really need to wake up in time to meet Cheski nest week or else… God forbid!

  15. yardie says:

    go support tottenham you twat.
    its 1 loss in 14 to a game sunderland squad who has taken points off man u and liverpool.
    eduardo, rosicky, and ramsey had bad games.
    shit happens

  16. Ken says:

    I think the name of this cretinous website says it all. ‘arsenal action’…Action against what exactly? Your agenda is clearly to be a negative cunt whenever arsenal lose and you succeed in that. Your an awful fan, I wish you supported another team because i hate you as a fan. Almunia was shit, I agree, sagna was solid as a rock mate, dunno what game you were watching but he didn’t put a foot wrong defensively and his performance deserves to be mentioned. We need a new keeper and to all those Diaby haters out there, we missed him today! Eduardo was isolated and didn’t play well when he did get the ball he gave it away. Nasri was lethargic as was Ramsey. Traore just isn’t very good. Sunderland were lucky to win, a 0-0 draw would have been a fair result but we got caught out at a corner which is hardly a suprise when you have the height of, Bendtner, Diaby and Van Persie all missing. Cana is a good player but technically he is not at the level required to play for Arsenal and Song is better. To say he owned Fabregas is ridiculous becuase Fab had some good chances to score and HE missed. If he had scored you would say he gave Cana the run around. He certainly wasn’t owned by Cana today you mug. Football is a cunt like this and we have to take it on the chin and move on. A lot of teams will lose at the Stadium of Light because Sunderland are a decent team with a very good manager. The bottom line Sunderland were fresher than Arsenal because they don’t have a team of internationals and they played a cup final. Arsenal had a very good first half and then dropped off but that’s understandable after the feeble interlull we were just subjected to. The solution on this twatty site is always to sign players like that somehow prevents teams from losing. Man Shitty are proof of that as are Tottenham, Leeds and many other teams. This year teams will drop points against everyone as we are in a competitive league. Chelsea lost to Wigan, Man Utd were a few seconds away from losing to Sunderland but lost to Burnley and look at Liverpool. Stop being a cunt and support arsenal or fuck off. You need to learn what being a supported of a club is me thinks. Sunderland played well and there fans were excellent something fans like you can learn from. Shout out to all the Arsenal away fans for being excellent as per usual and supporting Henry throughout the match. Sinbad seriously when I learn to remove you from Newsnow I will never accidentally click on this site again.

  17. Daniel says:

    “Vermaelen (6-0) Outjumped by Bent on the cornor for the goal”

    WTF has that got to do with anything?!?! You do realise that Bent didn’t score a header don’t you? He scored with a slide tackle shot.
    You’re a total douchebag.

    I agree that Eduardo can’t play upfront by himself in a 4-5-1, well not away from home anyway. But what was he supposed to do, Bendtner and RVP were injured… someone has to play there.

    Not a great performance but didn’t deserve to lose in my opinion. We played far better than liverpool did up there and far better than Man Utd and Spurs did against them at home.

    As usual you’ve shown youself to be a fairweather fan, just waiting for the chance to BOO when things don’t go your way. Get a Job and move out of your mums house.

  18. Don Cee says:

    I think your headline is harsh but the points you make about the team with the exception of Vermaelen and Traore are true. Darren Bent is a top quality striker and will give anyone a hard time. Saying Vermaelen was at fault is not quite fair. Traore had a solid game, unless I was watching something different! But I do agree and Wenger has to see this. Eduardo is no lone striker, Ramsey is too lighweight and not defensive enough and Rosicky and Nasri do not keep the width or defend enough. This season has shown that Song and Diaby (whatever stick people give to Diaby) are a better partners for Cesc because they do the donkey work and allow him to push forward. Today’s failure was a lack of balance in midfield and Cesc not pushing up to create the openings. Eduardo was too isolated. This shows the true weakness of our squad in Midfield. I think Francis C’ and Eastmond need to get run outs to cover for Diaby or Song to ensure we keep the 4-3-3 with Cesc in an attacking role. Football is about team and balance and whilst I like Ramsey he and Cesc in midfiedl will not work! Eboue should have started on the right to ensure we keep some consistency from the previous games. Too many changes in today’s team for my liking and it showed.

  19. GunnerX says:

    I had to scroll back to the top just to check that this is supposed to be an Arsenal blog site. From what’s written you’d be hard pushed to believe we’ve just won 12 games on the bounce, and of the 12 pl games played thus far, 7 have been away from home.

  20. Fredwest says:

    Agree with u… Wenger missed a great player in Cana

  21. Gunboi says:

    Ur pathetic!…..same old simbad.

  22. Da K says:

    Sunderland got lucky. They had one shot on target, and it went in. Arsenal to play Chelsea off the park next week. Its not over, keep the faith.

  23. cescfromthehalfwayline says:

    nice blog.. ha ha

  24. Jonny says:

    Usual self-absorbed agenda from Sinbad. Everyone should ignore this site – he only posts when Arsenal lose so he can vent his spleen and prove he is right that Wenger is rubbish.

    This man has no place calling himself a supporter – the site has nothing to do with Arsenal it s all about him.


  25. panda says:

    fk off sunderland kept pushing got wat they deserved
    -arsenal played shit and yes cesc and ramsey both got owned by Cana

    no presence up front at all.

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