How would you feel about a Arsenal & Spurs Groundshare?

Posted: November 26, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Today the government rejected Everton’s plans to move the club into a new 50,000-seat stadium in Kirkby.

Everton chief executive, Robert Elstone, today suggested that Everton would welcome a shared stadium with local rivals Liverpool.

Why not, It works for AC and Inter Milan….

From a financial standpoint, Liverpool and Everton would both benefit from a new shared stadium.

And the city of Liverpool would have a super 90.000 stadium on par with Wembley.

But what about the fans?

I started to think about this today, What if Spurs, who are looking to have a stadium revamp were to come to the Emirates and pay off some of our debt? How would i feel about sharing a ground with the people I hate?

Well, Football is no long about the fans, its about making money so I feel the members of the board would jump at the chance. But from a fans point of you I would just hate it. Its almost like asking me  if I would share my wife… I cant think of anything worst as a football fan then to have no home that you can call your own.

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  1. Neal says:

    1) How much rent would they pay?
    2) Everything must remain branded as Arsenal

  2. Potter says:

    The possibility of the two clubs sharing a new stadium at the Ally Pally was mooted just before we redeveloped the North Bank. Of course it was shouted down by much of the support of both clubs, however I wonder how those people feel now taking the debt that we are now saddled with. Had we gone then the costs would have been halved and paid off by now.

  3. Norseman says:

    funny thought
    a place for massacres

  4. PETE says:

    NO WAY!!! JOSE’

  5. adam says:

    Inconceivable on every level.

  6. martin says:

    i feel sick thinking about that

  7. wenger666 says:

    Are u NUTS ?

  8. TonyM says:

    i feel dirty just thinking about it

  9. elbondo says:

    It’s bad enough we have to let Spuds into the away enclosure!

  10. Erik says:

    I’d see more problems with it than benefits.

    Sure… from a financial pov seems good, more money for us out of our rivals really….


    1) Derby Games.. its sweet to beat Spurs… but even sweeter beating them at the Lane.

    2) Dont think our players would like sharing the same facilities with Spur players… I wouldnt.

    3) Away Derby Games – Means Arsenal players have to use the visitors dressing rooms on this fixture? that’d piss me off, is like having to use the spare room in your house once a year… while your worse enemy is in the main bedroom using your stuff?

    I can think of many more but cant be bothered now.

  11. TheSKAGooner says:

    To quote Winston Churchill…

    “That is something up with which I shall not put.”

  12. Trevor says:

    Sir, are you having a fcking bubble?!!!!! I wouldn’t share my p1ss with those scum-bags! That’s like saying here you go mate, borrow cesc when we haven’t got a game. W*nkers!

  13. oskar says:

    if they wanted to rent it whilst building there own stadium then fine as we would pay off our debt quicker

  14. oskar says:

    otherwise we have a more suitable stadium for them that we today share with Barnet!

  15. hh says:

    rather share a cave with bin ladin

  16. Aashavin says:

    Loving the comments! It’s bad enough they stain our stadium on the derby days. The thought of Arry at our stadium on almost weekly basis just made me lose me appetite.

  17. Polyphemus1971AKB says:

    I’d rather share a ground with Spurs than with Sinbad; at least they’d be less critical of Arsenal.

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