[Rating] Surprise Surprise, Drogba does it again. Arsenal pathetic

Posted: November 29, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Boys 0-3 Men

For the 2nd weekend in a row Arsenal lose and for the 2nd weekend in a row Arsenal didnt even look like scoring. So much for the free scoring gooners.

Its just proves how much we rely on Robin Van Persie, And i cant understand why Wenger is sticking with this 4-5-1 without him and Nic we should go back to a 4-4-2. Poor Eduardo was tasked with playing  up top on his own vs 2 massive centre backs. its a lot to ask for any player.

Watching today it was clear to me that we lacked a lot of things. Chavski are just lightyears ahead of us and as they did last season they came to the Emirates and ripped us apart.

I cant understand our tactics. Keep the ball, knock it wide and then cross it to…..errmmm nobody. That was a walk in the park for John Terry and co today.

And we use to blame poor Phil Senderos for not being able to deal with Drogba, Well who do we blame now?

Shall we try the ref? Or the weather?…Or shall we blame Denilson or Cesc or even Arshavin?

The sad fact is there is only one person to blame. And that is the manager, Mr Wenger has put together a bunch of players who are very skillful and have bagfulls of talent. But in the English league you need a few things.




Unfortunately our manager refuses to accept this and thinks he can win games vs the better teams in this league by out passing them….Well in 15 games vs the chavs we have beaten them in only 2 games. If only life was so simple.

But on the possitive side.

We are making loads of profit and with this bunch of kids we will dominate the world within a few years.

My Ratings

Almunia (4) Poor, to blame for the 3rd goal. Cant recall him making a save

Sagnna (4) Cant cross a bridge

Gallas (6) Good until the first goal

Vermaelen (3) I was waiting to see how he would deal with Drogba…The same as Senderos. Maybe even worst

Song (7) Was our best player until Wenger took him off

Denilson (4) Lost count, How many times did he give the ball away

Cesc (3) The worst ive seen him play. Could not give a sh*t at the end. Was giving the ball away and didnt even try and win it back.

Traore (6) Did ok, Showed his pace going forward. But nothing in the box to aim for

Arshavin (5) Weak, Wasteful

Eduardo (4) Poor bloke. It was like a bantamweight vs a heavyweight…Replace by the massive VELA

Nasri (7) MOTM had a shot on target and tested Cech.

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  1. pat shev says:

    We booed Ashley Cole all day. He set up 2 goals. Here’s a thought why not concentrate booing our tight manager or our scrooge of a board. Have we money to spend? Please come out and say then at least we can decide if Wenger is doing a good job or not. The top teams have found him out. What hurts is not losing but the manner we lost. we are 11 points behind already and the gap is even bigger on todays evidence.

  2. stonroy says:

    It’s time to accept that Arsene doesn’t know all, I’m not saying he should be fired but he should bring in some new perspectives, he needs to open up to the idea that he by himself is not good enough to lead this team forward. Bring in Dennis and bring in Keown it’s time to take sole power away from Wenger, because he doesn’t know all.

  3. hh says:

    arsenal ladies team have more fight and bottle that these wenger created pussies

  4. lott says:

    yes it was an extremely pathetic display but how could you say vermaelen is worst than senderos?!.
    He has been rock solid for us, not put a foot wrong until today BUT.
    That own goal was entirely almunia’s fault, the first goal, both gallas and vermaelen was caught ball watching and of course, bad keeping. Third goal was a shit goal keeper trying to assemble a wall of midgets.
    The wall that the shit keeper was trying to assemble were positioned wrongly and he himself is in the wrong position.

  5. Ali says:

    I liked the SINBAD comments above until I reached to the point called Chelsea as “Chavski”. I then lost my faith on his true professaional view of football. I gother he used this word due to Chelsea FC financial strenght coming from a Russian billionair. Fair enough. But SINBAD should also remember that most of the Arsenal FC finace is also from a Russian rich. Should people in this call Arsenal as “Arsenoove”? I would wish so but in fairness to Chelsea it was I believe worthmentioning here for the readers attention. I think we should all stick to making fair comments on football skills, events of the day and learning from mistakes of our teams. Just my personal view and people are of course free in expressing thier views too.

  6. Ali says:

    I think Arsenal really need to strenghten the squad particulary the Defence. You can’t cope with the modern football with high demand without a reasonable big squad. Look what happened to Liverpool. Tores and Gerald injured and they were out. I wouldn’t wish this happen to Arsenal for the sakeof their brilliant play style under apparently a tight budget though I am not an Arsenal supporter.

  7. wambam says:


  8. red-dy steady false start says:

    the reason the directors (including wenger who is their spoon) won’t spend big on transfers is that they prefer to line their pockets with big bonuses and dividends at the fans expense .. and everyone thought the bankers were bad!!! We tought the bankers were bad! Don’t believe a word they say otherwise about us being hard up – a joke. Need to bring in new owners with ambition … lets stop them making lemons out of us and ive them a shock by lining up protests outside the ground. Need regime change big time.

  9. Muppet says:

    Your summary is bollocks and you are a glory hunter tosspot. Why don’t you fuck off.

  10. redordead says:

    Arsenal are like a bloke chatting up a girl with a silky tongue, even taking her back to his takes her clothes off but cant get it up.

  11. g.m. says:

    how many years is it going to take for wenger to realise we need strength down the middle of the whole team,

  12. mark says:

    This was a predictable result. Arsenal were out classed in just about every position on the field, despite the Gunners starting brightly, Chelsea just absorbed Arsenal’s pressure which amounted to little more than running into a blue wall. This has been a familiar pattern in recent years where both Man Utd and Chelsea seem content to let Arsenal run around in circles waiting for the moment to strike with clinical counter attacks at speed with dire consequences for our defence.

    I think 4th spot would be an achievement this year and on this and other performances I have seen I cannot see Arsenal winning a trophy. RVP has been key thus far, but it is clear we don not have any replacements able to step up and Chelsea quite frankly deserved to win.

  13. wambam says:

    Someone please tell Sagna to stop crossing,and to think Toure got all the blame.I’ve now realised how WEAK this team really is.

  14. MybrotherBilo says:

    No mention of Walcott. Poor blog and very childish

  15. orson. says:

    Same old same old.

  16. cescfromthehalfwayline says:

    don’t worry, we’ll be alright. Stringer than United liverpool, and man city. In that order

  17. cescfromthehalfwayline says:

    worst example of arsenalhaters anywhere, shouldn’t give this glog the time of day.

  18. Ken says:

    Wengers errors are very simple but he makes them complicated. Almunia was never good enough to be out number 1 from his debut till now he has proved to be an average goalie. Great goalkeepers make a big difference to a defence and Alex Ferguson has said that they can win you 12 points son. I agree with that, however Almunia costs us 12 points a season. He should be sold and replaced with a world class keeper. Hugo Lloris anyone?

    Secondly we need a big, brave, determined, bullying, leader to partner gallas or vermalaen. Someone that strikers from the opposition fear. chellini or cetin the turk.

    Thirdly people are saying we missed Van Persie today. WE DID. People are also saying we missed Bendtner? Are u having a laugh? He is not the answer to a striking problem. He couldn’t score in a brothel and have Arsenal really sunk so low to say we miss Bendtner. We should have signed a replacement for Adebayor because it was obvious we were going to have injury problems this season. With the weak pussy players we have now its standard procedure. Chamakh should be bought in January.

    and lastly Denilson needs to be replaced with a midfield tarrier in the mould of flamini, essien, inler. Infact we should sign Gokhan Inler from Udinese.

    So Inler, Lloris, Chellini and Chamakh. All big, all good enough technically, all mature enough to settle in quickly, all leaders and all what Arsenal need. I reckon they’d cost 65 million which is cheap considering but Arsene will never do it because he believes so strongly in his boys. The thing is they are only boys and we need some men because Im sick of getting bullied by the big teams. Were Arsenal and its unacceptable.

    Lloris (6.2′)

    Sagna (5,10′)
    Gallas (6)
    Chellini (6,2′)
    Glichy (5,9′)

    Song (6,1′)
    Inler (5,11′)
    Fabregas (5,9′)

    Arshavin (5,4′)
    Van Persie (6,1′)
    Chamakh (6,3′)

  19. goonergerry says:

    Arsenal look a team designed by Chelsea to play each week. Aston Villa gave a masterclass on how to play and get a result against Chelsea earlier this season. Chelsea do have defensive weaknesses and can be beaten away from home-but Wenger has learnt nothing -Arsenal do not possess the personnel or the game plan. Chelsea did not have to turn up to win-and we made them look twice as good as they are.
    Wenger has not got a clue how to get a result against Chelsea.

  20. Herbert Chapman says:

    Why a team with a average height of 4ft 6ins persists in crossing the ball into a penalty box filled with opponents
    3 feet taller confounds me.

    The Arsenal defence is poor, their record shows that and needs bolstering as does the attack now that RVP is sidelined
    for months. The team as currently constituted will win absolutely nothing and I fear we will be knocked out of the Carling come Wednesday. Please Arsene get the cheque book out come Xmas.

  21. Fino styles says:

    Well said sinbad…. And again we lose to the so called big boys…lost man utd, lost man city, and lost 2day.

  22. Ali says:

    Stronger defence gives more options to midfielsers counter attack moreoften. Please, please, strenghten the defence department and you will be allright. Remember Arsenals were the more likely team to score before conceeding the first goal.

  23. Dele says:

    I always wonder sometimes if Arsenal supporters realize we can still get something good this season. If today’s match was in December, I would say Arsenal do not have a hope achieving anything. Lets believe in our club, something good will happen. The boys will adjust and get themselves together, push ahead and still fight to get to the top. What happened in today’s game was just that final commitment some particular players (I won’t mention names) lack – I mean Chelsea players would have stood to face a moving bus if it meant them conceding a goal. My final point – I don’t care what anyone says or thinks – Almunia is one of the worst goalkeepers I’ve seen for a while. He needs to be replaced. He causes so much confusion among his back four and does not communicate with them at all.

  24. Chelsea fanIII says:

    Chelsea diamond 3 – 0 Emirates false economy bling

  25. arsene knows says:

    for perspective…. they scored on their first attack, it was a good goal, the 2nd a fluke on a very wet surface, a perfectly good goal for us disallowed, the 3rd the game was over by then and a fantastic henryesque free kick.. it all went thier way today.. first half hour we ran the game with our tricky interplay but they scored just before haf time… before the season i was desperate for a huge centre half like a hangelaand, and today it was plain to see, john terry was imperious compared to our 2 short arse centre halves however superb they are…and more importantly we sold our big powerful goal scoring centre forward and didnt replace him… it was so obvious to all of us, yes we were shocked and delighted that arsene got it right that rvp can do that role, almost van bastenesque… but no back up… and now he’s out for the season, there is nobody there.. so our season is over… will we buy in january? we can dream… david villa would turn us into the champions league winners we know our clever midfielders deserve… otherwise we are left with bendtner, eduardo and vela, all talented but not at the level we need… so close yet so far… grrrr how frustrating!

  26. Mo says:

    Wenger’s tunnel vision fails to provide anything remotely tactical against a side as strong as Chelsea. Throw on a load of attackers (at home?) and hoping for the best is not the sign of a manager who knows what he is doing.

    We’re a million miles away from the side that beat us today and that will not change with Arsene in charge.

    Notice how he’s failed against Mourinho, Hiddink and now Ancelotti. He doesn’t have a clue against better managers with better teams and in our domestic league, he will never get the better of Chelsea.

    Time for a change

  27. Chelsea fanIII says:

    Our first chance should’ve been a penalty and the ‘goal’ you scored was a couple of seconds after the whistle. He could’ve been booked! Anyway, our biggest away win of the season against a group of individuals that rely on Arsene as a leader. Now back to your revisionist Chavski, no-history, millionaire’s play-thing stuff. It seems to give some of your younger fans pleasure even when older Arsenal fans know better

  28. Steve Najdovski says:

    I am freakin loosing sleep waking up early hours of the morning to watch a bunch of no hope losers doin back heels trying to walk the ball into the goal..! As for Wenger well i cant wait to hear what excuse hes gona give now..? Maybe international break again of Van persie injury distracting the team preperation, seriously enough is enough these guys are getting paid over 100 thousand pound a week and the only people that are suffering are the fans. To tell you the truth i think they dont give a rats, as long as they get there cash.! Wenger has to be the softest manager in the history of the premier league

  29. arsene knows says:

    mo… to be fair the chavs have spent half a billion pounds more than arsene, come on!

    by the way did any of you see my banner today flying opposite the directors box?

    ‘you cant buy class’…. in russian!

  30. Danish Gooner says:

    Why on earth would the board give wenger a massive amount of money when he would just waste it on some shit kicker from Uzbekistan.

  31. Bushy says:

    Same old Arsenal I’m afraid, pretty little passing patterns but you know at some point you can hit them hard. Anelka should have had a pen meaning the defender would have seen red, maybe if you was the away team the decision would have been made. The “goal” you scored, just a fact of football now that you can’t kick your boot that high.
    Keep going Chelsea, looking good and very strong

  32. alex says:

    Holy moses, Arsenal suck defensivly. This was proof of that van persie is the one and only striker we have that is good enough, Eduardo is way off where he need to be, to slow in every move, same with Vela. Arshavin said that he doesn’t want to play, that showed here. Gallas doesn’t have the passion for football anymore, does the bare minimum, and that’s it. Vermaelen did ok, but is no the superdefender we all thought he was, not good enough vs the big boys. Song was good, he was everywhere, but Wenger made the mistake of taking him off. The midfield was very weak, Cesc sucked, couldn’t make a good pass to save his life, didn’t do anything defencivly, nasri played well, he really tried. Denilson was back, he’s not good enough, but beats Diaby bt a long shot, i think Ramsey would be a better option though. Traore did ok, but weak defencivly. Almunia wasn’t really to blame, but did however misjudge Drogba’s free kick, poor. The whole defence was aweful, the let crosses in, and refused to fight in the box, in the other end there was litteraly nothing to show, cesc didn’t do anything on the field, and that reflected, Rosicky made some really nice passes and worked hard, i think he should have started instead the unmotivated Arshavin. Eduardo had little to work with, but he did have great opportunities created by his good technique, he wasted them all… Vela made poor decisions. We need a better option than Denilson to support cesc in midfield, like De Rossi or something, We also need a fighter in the air instead of Gallas, Per Mertesacker, Mexes or something along those lines… Also, for god sakes, get a better goalkeeper, and another striker that is a better option than Eduardo. Don’t get me wrong, Edu is a great striker, but with this form, he sucks, he needs to play only agains crappy teams to get his confidence and sharpness back, then he can score goal after goal. Vela needs a loan spell. Arshavin needs to be shown that he is not the superstar and be reduced to a substitute until his performance impoves. Walcott is wasteful, all he has is speed and not much more. Rosicky and Nasri are the ones that perforn on the wings at the moment….

  33. G.Spot says:

    Wenger accept the fact the fact that your not going to win the league with fucking young, small weak players!! He makes a great team (invincibles), then he goes backwards!! Almunia, not good enough. Denilson, not good enough. Diaby not good enough. Eduardo, not good enough. Walcott, not good enough. Bendtner, not good enough. Sagna, not good enough!

  34. LivingInUSA says:

    Another disturbing fact is that everyone on the Chelsea bench, Malouda, Zhirkov, Paulo Ferreira, Deco, Kalou and Ballack would make Arsenals current first team

  35. Wip3out says:

    Gi back to the jungle you came out of Sinbad.

  36. Johnny Massacre says:

    Jeez man give Wenger a break. Chelsea are sick. Got loads of cash. I doubt you could manage a victory over Chelsea, or bloody anyone right now!!

  37. DTees says:

    Dear Mr Wenger,

    Please sell :
    Almunia, Eduardo, Denilson, Vela and while you’re clearing out also consider Silvestre, Diaby and give Walcott a warning.

    They have all shown that they are either not good enough (and never will be) or (in the case of Eduardo) have lost pace/bottle.

    Yesterday was probably the nost painfull experience for me this season. As usual we talk a great game, lose one player to injury and suddenly we can’t buy a bloody goal.

  38. Jem says:

    Wah.. I can see many arsene haters, Arsene Dunno and Arsene Cannot win premier league to manage arsenal in the future….

    To those idiots who thinks they can win the EPL and CL by sacking almunia, eduardo and blah blah…. 1st get your ass into managing a football team and win it.. before commenting,… it is easy to talk and talk and talk… moan and moan and moan…. but YOU WILL NEVER BE AS GREAT AS ARSENE CAN BE!

  39. Jem says:

    STOP MOANING… NO WONDER ARSENAL CANT WIN .. BECOZ THEY DO NOT HAVE A NO.12 MAN…. which is the FANS … the FANS dun believes in the team.. how could arsenal win…..! EVEN HULL fans is better than ARSENAL FANS… WHY do arsenal need to learn from Aston Villa… where are they in the table.. please double check where arsenal in the table…. LOSING TO CHELSEA IS VERY NORMAL… how many teams has lose to chelsea… I dont see man utd fans come out and say sack their manager when they lose to chelsea or when during the invincible season? And I dont see chealsea fans moan and moan and moan like many arsenal fans when they lost to villa?

    Arsenal Fans are just pathetic.. not the ARSENE neither the PLAYERS AND THE FOOTBALL CLUB…

  40. drogula says:

    just as i thought and told u goons last month that u will indeed crack. u are just not fit 2 b on the same pitch as us and we hardly broke sweat, even spurs will finish above u and that is desperate hahahahaha u useless idiots with a senile paedo as manager hahaha mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  41. drogula says:


  42. Jazbo says:

    Wow, by the looks of things we just got relegated to the championship, got what a bunch of moaning supporters we have, what game were you lot watching, Chelski were out played for most of the game!!!
    The big difference between the two sides was that they had their first choice striker on the pitch we did not, big deal we lost it’s not the end of the season! get a grip lads for god sake.

  43. Morz says:

    We lost to a quality chelsea side! the team to beat. We’ll destroy pompey @ the emirates & go from there girls. calm your boots. Keep or re-install the faith.

  44. brdgunner says:

    Our Height and Strength are in the Physio Room. Arsene has got big players. Song, Diaby, Bendtner, and RVP. Could have stood up to the likes of Chelsea.

    I think we are over harsh on our team sometimes. Shelsea may well be better, so what. Is your girlfriend the best looking, you job the most prestigous, your house the nicest. No. Thats why you want Arsenal to fulfil your dreams for you.

    Its life that you cant be the best all the time. However, you can keep your dignity and class. Something as Arsenal Football Club we have done throughtout our history.

  45. rayman says:

    Jesus this site is like some kind of mong magnet. Some of the comments here sound like they come from people who know nothing about football and didn’t even watch the game.

    Chelsea in no way dominated the game, their tactics were to sit back absorb what we had (they started with two DMs sitting in front of their back 4) and hit us on the break. They succeeded brilliantly, and out of proportion to their control of the game. I bet they can’t believe how lucky they were to get that second goal which effectively killed the game. They also had one of the world’s best strikers bang in form otherwise the game would have been a draw. Drogba was the difference.

    people on here saying cesc was shit? Wtf game did you watch. I can’t remember us pressing and penning in a team so well, for most of the game Chelsea couldn’t get out of their half and lots of that was down to nasri, cesc, song (when he was on), arshavin, denilson harrying and tackling the chelsea defence and midfield. Cesc had nobody to pass to because we had no fucking CF, no wonder he didn’t play aniyone in, nobody was making runs. The few times eduardo did make a run he was played in a fucked it up, he was fucking terrible, replaced by a child man early in the second half, I wonder will he ever recover from the humiliation. Whats Cesc meant to do some roy of the rovers style beat the whole chelsea team and score? We dominated midfield and were hardly under any pressure at the back. But we had no strike force. Chelsea did not dominate the match.

    One goal was a magnificent opportunistic strike from a great player, another a fluke og, the third a horrible goalkeeping error. We were not taken apart by Chelsea by any means. I can’t remember Almunia making a save.

    Finally, we didn’t lose this game because all our players are midgets, we lost this game because our two CFs are both injured and we came up against the best team in the premiership. Its not the end of the world, or even Arsenal’s season.

    We lost because we had no strikers. Arsh down from the world cup exit and out of confidence, Eduardo a shadow of the player he was. But take Drogba and Anelka out of Chelsea and they wouldn’t be free scoring either. Its really bad luck that Nik and RVP were injured at the same time and incredibly bad luck that RVP is out for the rest of the season. Do you think if Chelsea had to play the rest of the season without Drogba that we all would be so sure that they will win the Premiership? Wake the fuck up, we have been massively unlucky and got punished for it everything isn’t AW’s fault.

  46. michealxxx says:

    boys v men wenger has promised us so much with this”young team” its time to stand up and be counted perfect football is nice to watch but for once just shoot on sight

  47. wandarah says:

    haha – quiet for so long, sinbad waits for the bad results then slates the team, again.

    classic. what a cockend this guy is.

  48. Polyphemus1971AKB says:

    Sinbad…Why do you not comment on every game?

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