3 games in a row without a win or a goal. “In wenger we trust?”

Posted: December 2, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Watching Arsenal is like watching soft porn… All VERY pretty but no penetration!

I know what some of you are going to say “its only the Carling cup” Well tell that to the 5000 gooners who traveled to Manchester tonight.

We have now lost 3 games in a row and failed to score in any of them.Sunderland lost 1-0, Chelsea lost 3-0, Man City lost 3-0.

Well that’s 270mins of football of football that have proved a number of things.

1 ) Wenger was wrong not to replace Adebayor in the summer, But we have made a massive profit so he is loving it.
2) Without RVP Arsenal lack a cutting edge in front of goal. Eduardo cant play up top on his own and can only play in a 4-4-2.
3 ) We have a team of midgets. But we have known this for 3 season. Whats taking wenger so long in addressing this issue?
4 ) This new 4-3-3 system is gash. Wenger told us this will make us more defensively stronger
5) Wenger now has to go out and spend big. 4 players are needed. A GK,CB,CM and a proper striker and not a elf.

In Wenger we trust? I think some of you need to wake up and smell the coffee.


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  1. Stephen says:

    So out of order! I’m pretty sure you would’ve been saying: “Liverpool fans are too hard on Benitez”. Well, it’s only been 3 GAMES. One against the future champions, one against the toughest bottom table team and one with our second team! Get a grip mate. Get a grip.

  2. simon says:

    total bollocks

  3. sinbadtoucheshimself says:

    you were very quiet while we were doing well, you’re a poor wind up mate

  4. silentstan says:

    ffs stephen. it has not been just 3 GAMES.

    it’s not in its 5TH YEAR


  5. Christophe says:

    It’s over, it’s been over for two years. A steady drift into mediocrity. The best that can be said is that they’re flat track bullies. Spanking an Everton or Blackburn can’t cover up the fact that every time Wenger’s great young hopes meet one of the big boys.. they lose.

    It isn’t working. Retire gracefully sir.

  6. chrris says:

    too true, too true, this is all right, wenger is the most overrated manager ever

  7. Ken says:

    I agree a we need a gk, cb, dm and and striker. All have to be powerful players to add some much needed power and aggression to the team.

    Lloris, Frey, Akinfev, Adler

    Chiellini, Cetin, Hangeland

    Inler, Vieira

    Dzeko, Chamakh

    one of those from all for all four positions. It wil never happen but I can keep dreaming.

    • Anonymous says:

      Set your sights higher.

      We should be buying players from our rivals to weaken them too.

      I’d say

      GK: Akinfeev
      CD: Vidic
      DM: Essien
      CF: Torres

      Every player has his price. I’m sure Usmanov would put his hands in his pockets to pay for these players.

      Also, Replace Wenger with Mourinho. At least then Arsenal will learn how to defend properly.

  8. james says:

    funny how this is your first post in roughly 2-3 months. however i do apreciate that you successfully unite most arsenal fans under the acceptance of your own incompetence.

  9. Jem says:

    This is not all bullshit by any means.

    Arsene does have blind spots that all of us are aware of in that he doesn’t usually buy physical battlers and he doesn’t buy lots of experience. True when he has bought either they have tended to let him down but not trying again has a whiff of arrogance.

  10. sawtooth says:

    Right on cue as soon as Arsenal lose a couple of games the small minded, temporary Arsenal “fans” come out with this b*****,

    Well said Stephen you are the voice of the majority.

    People quick to kick Wenger should consider where we were before he came and what sort of mess we would be in if he were to leave.

    He cant help losing players to injury and the club wants to get rid of the stadium debt as quickly as possible.

    Now AW is forced to enter the transfer market, he will find someone, finish top 4 again!! and might sneak in the FA cup or even champs league. Then the same moron who started this thread will be out on the streets singing Wengers name. Fickle beyond believe.

  11. Same crap every season says:

    Same crap every season. Firstly I think we should sell van Persie simply because we have never got a full hard working season out of him and everytime he gets injured, It’s for 4,5,6 months and he spends the enitre season out. Secondly, Arsene does need to wake up and make some MAJOR changes to this team because we are tired of hearing the same crap after every season and before the season. How can Wenger say the Carling Cup is “not one of our prioirities” when we haven’t won a trophy since the FA Cup in 2005!!??? At this point, we are out of the carling cup, 11 points behind in the league and on’t make it past the quaterfinals of the champions league. As far as I’m concerned, EVERY COMPETITION we should be playing as if it was our last and not prioritising on what we think we should “play” for because Wenger has been “prioritising” for the last 3 and a half seasons which is a main reason why we haven’t won anything. He needs to change his mindset and turn his players into fighters and real men.

  12. Desmond says:

    Did I imagine us beating Standard Liege 2-0? Or does that not count? Does that ruin your doom-mongering?

  13. Yupa says:

    Arsenal played a very young and very inexperienced side tonight. It was a given, to me at least, that we’d lose. We started fairly brightly, but quickly started to have our pressure and play breakdown.

    I don’t believe our problem is size, but application. We seem to lack basic defensive nous. All over the pitch we don’t seem aware of how to slow a player down, or stand them up.
    We show players inside to our goal, allowing them onto their favoured foot. Make silly passes is crowded areas.
    We seem happy to let players cross into our box, in fear of giving away a corner.
    In this 4-3-3, or 4-1-4-1 as Wenger likes to call it, we don’t protect our fullbacks enough either.

    For me, 4-4-2 is the true formation Wenger needs to play, to realise Wengerball again. But I’m not sure we have the personel for it. With 4-3-3, the ball comes narrow too early. We get to the halfway line, then play it central. We’ve no width and it’s alot to ask of Vela and Eduardo to suddenly play the 1 up role.

    Worryingly, with all the creative talent we have, we seem to find it hard to create chances. The amount of brilliant runs Vela made tonight, it was crying out for just one pass round the back of the defence to him. We seem utterly predictable at times(first team), and pass to players standing right next to us. Our movement from most, is very lazy off the ball. We always seem to keep the ball in midfield, which is grand, but need to get that directness back in our game and get the important stats back on our side. Vieira picking up the ball on the edge of the box, one pass to Anelka/Henry/Wright, and its in the back of the net. Didn’t look pretty in the passing stats, but it’s effective.

    Also, we conceded 1 goal in the last 3 games from an aerial situation, against Sunderland, even that we were simply too slow to the second ball on the floor. Drogba’s goal came from wide, waist height. Vermaelen OG. Drogba freekick. Tevez ran in from wide. Swp from the edge of the box, Weiss from a ball across the box. Bellamy had a ball played across to him he should have stuck away from wide. We need to do that.

    With RvP, Song, Gallas, Vermaelen, we should be ok in the air. Diaby, Bendtner too.

    Let’s not be too harsh on these kids, they played a near enough first team tonight. A team that almost beat United, Liverpool away. But lets not beat Wenger too much either. He put in some experience, more than usual, and for me, would be a shame to have not given these kids a much deserved run out against man city.

    I trust Wenger will sort it out. And also, congrats to him for not shaking Hughes’ hand. Looked like he was acting a twat on the side. It’s utterly boring and moronic for pundits to suggest we should shake hands with everyone, no matter how odiously theyve behaved.

    Lets get behind the team and take it on the chin for now. Wenger will have my patience for some years to come.

    Merida looked good and composed. Song gets too square against players. Eastmond lacked power running and in the tackle. Would liek to have seen Le Coq.

  14. Mannix says:

    Am Arsenal fun & i hate to say this, Arsenal is no longer a competitive team bt a business empire running by individual in that very board and using poor old man as a cover. We cease to show seriousness in ths competition after releasing some of the players who achieves alot in Arsenal invinsible team. Mass exodus of Wiltord,kanu,Edu then followed by King Viera and so on and so forth.Only to be replaced by kids.So let us enjoy sexy football, forget any trophy and suffer shock humilliation while we sing the song “IN WENGER WE TRUST” slogan.. But only a fool can believe tht our current full Arsenal squad are capable of winning any trophy by playing under 12 kids against Man city full hse squad and believe we will win jst bcz Wenger knws best.I pity my once a thunder hit squad reduced to hopeless baby who don’t knw wht to do when given a toy instead he put it straight to the mouth thinking it belong there. Go Ahead Prof of economics. Make alot of profit then go home empty handed with nothng to show off bt regret after regret. For me am waiting for a better day to come when u r gone or accept 2 change tht silly policies of urs,of buyn n sellng players like shares.

  15. arsene knows says:

    i thought we outplayed man city tonite as we did chelsea and probably sunderland (i didnt see it)… trouble is we dont have any finishers, no ian wright, no henry, no radford even… so all our wonderful build up play without our 2 finishers ie adebeyor and rvp means we have a big problem, we dont score… you have to take you chances and you have to score when your on top, we simply cant do that now… i think we need 2 proper goal scorers not one, huntelaar & dzeko would do it… plus silvestre was woeful and we were all waiting for him to give a goal away, hebacked off wright philips like a park player, embarassing, so no centre half in depth and no goalscorers, apart from that we are fantastic

  16. sawtooth says:

    Arsenal have qualified for the champs league every f***** year under Wenger. Show some respect moron, you think we have a god given right to win every match.
    Ask Spurs supporters if they would be happy if Rednapp qualifies Spurs for champions league for next 12 seasons, he might not do it once.

    Arsenal are 5th favorites to win the champions league this year, 4th in the Premier league, in the FA cup, at least wait until May before you crucify arguably the most successful manager the club has ever seen and likely to see again. He deserves better than this crap.

  17. Sue deNymme says:

    3 in a row? If you’re trying to wind people up, at least get your facts right. I suppose you’re so concerned about the prestigious Milk Cup that you forgot about the victory over Liege in a minor cup competition called The Champions League. Nice try, though.

  18. arsene knows says:

    arsene knew, he tried to buy chamkh, the french champions centre forward, he is big and poweful… we bid £5m and didnt increase it…. why? cos he didnt have the £40m we made to spend…. we need to know, is this the board or arsene

  19. Daniel says:

    Haha.. SINBAD has mugged himself off again. 3 losses in a row without scoring??

    Get your facts right you prick.

    I thought the kids held their own tonight for long periods… I would still rather have seen a youngster at CB instead of Slivestre and Rosicky is too offensively minded to play CM (just doesn’t track back consistently).

    I don’t think the final score was a fair one but I do think they deserved to win, which is what I expected when I saw the teamsheets.

  20. Mo says:

    I think you’re overrreacting because it is only the Carling Cup and we fielded a second string team against a side that cost hundreds of millions to assemble. Chill out!


    Your points are valid.

    1) We are lacking a physical presence up front.
    2) Eduardo doesn’t have said presence to lead the line on his own and was at his best with Adecunt and/or Bendtner
    3) Height is an issue.Wenger needs to realise that ariel ability is essential in any team that hopes to succeed. He’s trying to emulate the Barca and Spain teams but fails to acknowledge that both these sides contained players who very dangerous in the air.
    4) 4-3-3 is not gash but it is far from perfect. On Sunday this was exposed for all to see. This is where a ‘Plan B’ is needed.
    5) The team is not far off greatness. I honestly believe that. Wenger needs to go out and literally buy a couple of players. A great keeper and brute centre mid and we’ll be on our. ARSENE, THERE IS NO PROBLEM IN SPENDING MONEY?!?!!?!?!?

  21. danish gooner says:

    Sinbad,you and i are Brothers in Arms.Wenger havnt got a clue and to all those claiming us to be fair weather fans,if you can look at this Arsenal side and tell me that we have progressed during those four seasons you are all lunatics.

  22. danish gooner says:

    And exactly how many youngsters have our beloved youth system actually propelled in to real class players and dont count Fabregas because he was already an outstanding talent before he joined ???? Diaby……..dont think so…….walcott……..are you havin a lauf……..Denilson……….dont be kidding…………Vela…………….complete overrated muppet or should i say a one trick pony……….Quincy owusu………sold of in to obscurity…………..and the list goes on………..kirean gibbs maybe………………Jack wilshere…………maybe but will never get a chance……………….Fran Merida…………midget like and always takes the wrong option so exactly where is these outstanding talent that Wenger keeps blabbering about.

  23. Alan Wong (HK ) says:

    I think AW shd know by now his brand of soccer is not working, It’s pass here and pass everywhere . the yg also tried to pass thru a crowded penalty box similar to the sg against Chelsea.
    I think AW has lsot the plot and is deluding himself but not the fans with all kinds of excuses.In short he shd consider his options. and take a job elsewhere where he will find the employers aint going to be generous and liberal.

  24. tonyss-gooner says:

    The bottom line is that Arsene has taken the CLUB forwards but the TEAM backwards!!

  25. Fredwest says:

    Wenger out, I’m sick of his lies and stubborn ways.

  26. Gooner_B11 says:

    truth be told, wenger is just spin doctoring year on year, and alot of you are just buying it! he sold his winning formula off when the likes of parlour, vieira pires were sent on their way, players from the old side who had enough in their make up to pass the knowhow onto the next gen, and let managers like him and rafa be a lesson to future managers who make decisions and sell players based on pro zone stats ie vieira in 2004 and rafa unsettling alonso in 2008, YOU CAN’T COACH MENTALITY, YOU CAN’T COACH HEART AND YOU CAN’T COACH DESIRE, sir alex kept neville scholes and giggs for a reason to pass knowlesge, if sylvestre had that much experience to teach why would sir alex sell him?….at this point it doesn’t matter if wenger buys a gk, cb, dm, or striker? unless they’re top draw and WINNERS they wont make a difference and WINNERS come at a premium, a premium wengers isn’t prepaired to pay

  27. Saifudin says:

    The problems with Arsenal have been know n the last four to five years. He shd have got
    A) a top quality goalie eg Friedel/Given
    B] a defensive midfielder
    c) a power house striker
    now he has to get all before the gunners can challenge the likes of MU?Chelsea
    He has been getting kids like Nasri?Vela/ Walcott who as the Chelseas game can be easily brushed aside.
    His previous blueprint was working so well. why did he change it/
    there are no easy and fast answers.Failire to beat Stoke who are well disciplined with a manager who emphasizes defence will finally dawn on AW Arsenal are out of the title race.If he thinks not,he is deluding himself but not the fans and neutrals. Of course anything is possible.Win all the remaing matches and then we shall see.

  28. anibal says:

    ill take u serious when write something when arsenal are doing good! any ways who care i love arsenal and will stand by them even if they are having some bad games.

  29. Daniel says:

    All you people complaining are all children that clearly haven’t experienced anything in life.

    None of you remember what it was like to be an Arsenal during the 70s and 80s. None of you remember what it was like watching Arsenal under Graham.

    You’re all obsessed with these videogames, where you can spend £100m and win immediately… that isn’t the real world..
    look at Chelsea, they’ve spent 100s of millions and haven’t won the league in 3 years.

    Liverpool haven’t won the league in almost 20 years.

    Spurs have spent 200m and haven’t got anywhere near to winning the league in 50 odd years.

    You need to get your ungrateful, lazy heads outta your a$$es and realise that only one team wins the league every year in a country made up of 1000s of teams.

    Quit acting like spoilt little brats.

    Sinbad, I dont know how old you are but by the fact that you only post when Arsenal drop points, I’d imagine you’re in your teens so i suggest you go and talk to you daddy or any spurs fan and ask them who they’d like to manage their football club. I can assure you, your father would tell you that Arsene is the greatest manager this club has ever had and any honest spurs fan would tell you that that they’d give their right arm to have had Wenger for the last 13 years.

    Im not saying you dont have some validpoints, you do, I agree we lack size, especially upfront but how do you expect people to take you seriously when the only time you contribute is when Arsenal drop points…

    I agree we lack size;
    I agree we need a GK;
    I agree Eduardo can’t play upfront in a 4-3-3;
    I agree we need a big CB.

    I hope the “fans” in here calling for Wenger’s head aren’t actually Arsenal fans but mearly Yids cos if not, you’re fucking pathetic myopic little brats… fuck off back up the lane you fair weather bitches.
    No wonder every other club laughs at our fans support.

  30. Osiris says:

    This website should be titled F***arsenal rather than arsenal action. The only time I ever see any posts on here is when the team does badly and when the team is rolling along, the silence is deafening. And you call yourself an Arsenal Fan Blog, we don’t need such retarded fans such as Sh*tbad.

    Why don’t the whole lot of you just go and find a team that is treated like something from Football Manager where you buy whoever you feel is good. You can join the millions of other gloryhunting chelsea or city fans who claim that they’ve been fans “all their lives” (I guess the chelsea fans were born post abramovich and city fans are barely a few months old)

    We all agree that the team has weaknesses but you do realize that if we can see this as fans, you think Wenger can’t see it as well. He did go for Chamakh over the summer because we needed height (and now he’s looking at Dzeko) and frankly Verminator’s jump is as high as any Hangeland or other big defender you all so crave. If you or any of the dozen odd fans on here who want player X,Y, and Z know so much more than Wenger, why is it that all you are doing is posting comments on a S**t blog while the guy you claim has no idea what is going on has been manager for 13 years.

    And get your facts straight you 9 year old nitwit. There was a mid week champions league game that we won 2-0. Unless of course you’d like to suggest that the Carling Cup is more important than the CL in which case it makes me wonder if it is an ape typing these blog entries out.

  31. sawtooth says:

    To all Wenger bashers out there, if you dont listen to us on this forum please listen to what George Graham said about Wenger………

    “Does anyone really, in their right mind, think we should get a new manager,” he asks increduosly. “Surely not. What absolute nonsense.

    “I can not give him enough plaudits. The way he has got Arsenal playing – and the way the club is now internationally respected – is down to his skills as a manager.

    “Arsenal have had rough times in the past and got through it and we will this time. We’re still in a great position and will, at the very least, finish in the top four. We’re also in the Last 16 of the Champions League.

    “I expect us to respond in a positive manner when we play Stoke this weekend.

    “And let me just say this: if Arsene were ever allowed to go – which he won’t – there would be a very, very long queue of very big clubs waiting to snap him up.

    “That doesn’t sound like a manager who should go…

  32. JOEL says:

    Unfortunately everything has come to a grinding halt and although injuries are partially to blame,we all know in our heart of hearts that both the team and squad are lacking.
    The slick passing football only seems to really work against certain types of sides.Similarly the 4-3-3 formation has to have a “figure-head” and without Van-Persie the passing slows down,becomes shorter and less dynamic and allows the opposition to cover defensively.
    Talking about “Defence”- the team have undoubtedly improved this season but with injuries to both Clichy and Gibbs Arsenal have been forced to play someone so defensively inept that he couldn’t even get a game in that position for Portsmouth last year.We all know that the back four whilst standing as the “last line of defence” are not the only means of defence and besides Song the first team squad lacks any other midfielder with any real understanding of defensive requirement or the ability to impose themselves upon the opposition in that way.
    The team has attacking flair but without a “Spine” comparable to our main rivals cannot be expected to fight for honours.Wenger’s successful teams of the past had skill and guile but also had a physical presence which overpowered the opposition.Without a “World Class” Goalkeeper-Centre Back-Defensive Midfielder-Centre Forward we cannot expect any better than we are getting.
    In a World hit by Recession it’s comendable that the squad has been put together on such a miserly budget.But we have spent money on a series of players who are virtually all from the same mould-Eduardo-Vela-Rosicky-Arshavin-Walcott-Nasri.Don’t get me wrong I like them all as players but whilst they all offer the team speed and skill they all suffer from a lack of physical presence and all seem prone to injury.
    We lost to Sunderland who’s captain did much to snuff out our creative midfield-a player who many Arsenal fans had suggested would be an ideal target, for Monsieur Wenger ,during the Summer.Steve Bruce saw the potential and took Cana to Sunderland-I’m sure that he would have jumped at the chance to be part of the Arsenal first team squad.
    To this point the team have ,more than anything, “Over-Achieved”.Unfortunately three consecutive defeats to Premier Team opposition has undoubtedly left the side lacking confidence and lurching towards a potentially tricky December programme.Liverpool,Hull and Villa have all had a reasonable amount of success against us in recent times.let’s hope the Manager can re-ignite the same “spark” of fire that he seems to bring out in certain opposition managers and to place it into the bellies of this young Arsenal side-because if they lose their self belief they will continue to lose games and start tumbling towards mid-table mediocraty!
    The January Transfer window can’t come fast enough let’s hope that it hasn’t arrived to late!

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