Wenger is NOT god!!! In Arsene We Trust? Give me a break

Posted: December 5, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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“Arsenal Fans” who will stick by wenger and never say a bad world about him. Even when its clear that he has made many mistakes.

Wenger is now under pressure and it is showing. At times he is starting to become an embarrassment to the club with his childish spiteful ways.

I hate the fact that he just cant put his hands up and say “we got beat by the better team” without blaming the ref, or international fixtures or other issues.

Wenger will never admit that maybe “HE” is to blame and that’s the problem. He seems to think that he is some sort of religious guru of football and the problem for us Arsenal fans is that there is a group of wenger lovers who think that he can do no wrong and is GOD!

The board love wenger, The problem is that Wenger has taken the CLUB forward but the TEAM backwards in recent years.

Wenger now seems to care more about balancing the books then anything. Wenger has turned this club into a youth hostel.

I agree that Tony Adams should have been given a role at the club. Along with Keown and Bergkamp.

The problem is this. Wenger has got a team of “YES MEN” people like Pat Rice who just seem to sit on the bench and nod there head at everything that wenger says. None of them have the balls to question wenger or have the skills to become the next number 1.

Wenger has made himself unsackable & when fans take all those “In Arsene We Trust” signs to matches and have pointless idiotic “we worship Arsene Wenger” marches through the streets of London. Some of the fans are to shoulder some of the blame for Wenger’s arrogance and disrespect for the fans.


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  1. ClockEndRider says:

    So what do you expect? Do you not get things wrong in your life? Doesn’t everyone? Show me the person who doesn’t. For God’s sake get some perspective, and/or a life.

  2. Gooner says:

    How can a manager in charge of a football club who financial cannot compete with man utd and chelsea, yet still take us to an fa cup semi final, c/l semi final, 4points from the legue and produce some of the best football matches not only arsenal fans have seen but the whole world have seen.
    Right now is the recovery state of arsenal fc after moving stadiums and of loading star players to finance the move we are recovering. it will still take a cuople more seasons yet. leave wenger alone

  3. TV Gooner says:

    I agree mate, whats more I bet you my left nut that Wenger wont buy anyone in January!

  4. You are 1000% right.Wenger is a liability to us(gooners).The man shld go.His time is over.Fab4

  5. David C says:

    Everyone makes mistakes, especially a lot of bloggers. There are web sites determined to get rid of the best manager we have ever had. And who would replace him? There are no real contenders as far as I can see and AFC is in a far healthier position than probably any other club in the world. We are 4th in the league after 13 games, have qualified for the knock out phase of the Champions League and have the A Cup still to look forward to. We were knocked out of the CC by a team that cost hundreds of millions and AW stuck to the same principle of playing the youngsters, which gave them valuable experience and gave AW the chance to see how short of ability they actually are.

    AW does not always get it right, but he has kept us in the hunt for ten years when most other managers would have seen us drop to mid table mediocrity. I still think the first team is a good squad that just needs experience. Consider the best defensive midfielder in the world, Essien aged 27, and one that could be, Song aged 22. At 22 Essien was quite poor in matches it is only his age and experience that has seen him grow into a world class player.

    As ClockEndRider said get some perspective and/or a life.

  6. Steven says:

    What a typical case of a person taking out his life’s frustrations on a man like Arsene Wenger. Make something out of your life first. You mean nothing to Arsenal and never will.

    Arsene Wenger means everything to Arsenal and always will.

  7. this blog a shite says:

    soo… maybe YOU can be the manager of arsenal then?? Soo what do ya expect?? Arsene to buy big when the club is hugely in debt??? to spend big like real or citeh??? This is a team full of potential so how can you say that the team is going backward??? its a young team.. but its better than those of looserfools who spend big but achieved nothing also… YOU CLEARLY ARE A HYPOCTRITE to put wenger face on your blog but clearly doesnt trust him,,,, for the love of the club,, you have to trust the manager also,,, cause arsene love the arsenal also,… maybe he love arsenal more than you are

  8. Mike says:

    OMG, it’s the end of the world. Sure Sunderland was bad but having just lost to two teams with approaching £2,000,000,000 worth of spending between them you’re complaining. Clearly you have no idea what it was like watching Arsenal in the 60’s. Grow up and put things in perspective. Of course he’s made mistakes but ur a blogger and you think you know better than Arsene…………………it beggars belief.

  9. Grant says:

    So what if there are a group of fans who think he is god? There are a group of fans at least as large who think he is the devil and we should get rid of him. What is the point of such silly and petulant articles as this? Most fans are somewhere in between. They see both his strengths and his weaknesses. See him as a human being prone to mistakes like other human beings though with far greater qualities and abilities than the average contributor to a football blog. A far greater embarrasment to the club than Wenger are those that use the club crest to give credence to complete and utter bullshit such childish and infantile efforts as this.

  10. N1 says:

    Writing this particular blog has made you look like a massive idiot. I can tell though that you must be quite young, so I will not hold it against you and explain.

    We have lost a key player for the second time in as many seasons. That hasn’t happened to any of the other top sides in the last four years. Imagine how quickly Liverpool would fall out of the top four if they lost either Gerrard or Torres for an extended period of time (I know they are like patchwork people half the time but they generally play at least half the games in a season each). Equally, imagine how difficult united would find it without Rooney or Chelsea without Drogba or Lampard?

    Wenger accomplishes so much with what he has, no other team in the country has the capability to build a world class stadium in worlds major metropolis’s and continue to play a brand of football that is synonymous with Arsene and Arsenal. This is because it’s simply too expensive.

    When Wenger leaves, it will hail the end of a golden era for Arsenal football. The quality, the style. I still trust in Wenger and will miss him when he departs. But not because idiots like yourself call for it, but when it’s time.

  11. Stewart Stanbra says:

    No one has ever claimed Arsene to be faultless….he is just the best man possible to run or team/club.

    He upholds the traditions and standards of the club and does so with dignity and honour…

    I wouldn’t change him the world….

    Why dont you just go and write about something else…along with all the other ‘plastic fans’who leave 20 minutes before the end

    We want REAL supporters at Arsenal….not you

    • Daniel says:

      They would actually have to go to a game to leave 20 mins early rather than sit indoors all the day playing videogames.

      This will be the one overriding fault of the internet… giving imbeciles like this blogger and these fans a voice when ordinarily their lack of intelligence, knowledge and rationale would restrict them from such.

      The same people that BOOO their own team then go home sit on their computer and bitch about how we’re not the best team in the world. Immature little teenage brats.

  12. Mean Lean says:

    What is interesting is that you hardly have any positive articles this season even though we have been scoing goals for fun.

    Arsenal supporter? mmmmmmm

  13. SImon says:

    I read the other day that Wenger has spent a net 15million since he arrived in 96. You name me another manager who would have kept their team in the top 4 for the entire time on 15 million quid!!

    Man Utd?
    Chelsea – hahahaha?
    City, can’t even do it with money!
    Liverpool? Benitex has spent £185 million net in 5 years!!

    You have to accept that we have no money at the moment and cannot risk doing a Leeds. I go to every home game and you know what really annoys me is the fact the everybody acts as if we should win the league every year. We were finishing 13th before Wenger took over, did you forget that?

  14. PETE says:

    What a load of tripe!! Arsene Wenger is the best thing that has happened to Arsenal for years, and I am now in my sixty-fith year supporting the Gunners. So don’t lets start crying because of a bad spell, Keep smiling good times are not far away.!!!

  15. james jones says:

    U R A TWAT!

  16. Roy says:

    I think you have got your answer mate… no one is interested in your views..

    In Wenger I trust….

  17. nickfury says:

    reply to David C:
    yes you are right with many of your points and maybe the author of this blog has gone a little overboard. But Arsenal could have done a lot better in recent years with the addition of a couple of experienced players instead of always relying on players that have potential but never seem to show it.
    After coming so close to winning the title a couple of seasons ago, we should have strenghthend the team for a better assault the following season. Instead we actualy weakened our team by losing Flamini, Hleb and Gilberto. Hleb was replaced the other 2 were not, even though it was painfully obvious to everyone that a defensive midfielder was needed.
    These little things can make the difference to winning a trophy or not. Song may very well turn into a world class player, but he is not there yet, keeping an experience Gilberto in the team whilst Song learned his trade would have been a good idea I think.
    Arsene is not to blame for everything, but he must shoulder a lot of it.

  18. NorthBank says:

    Keep Wenger for life! I love the way we play, and the way Arsene acts. He is Mr. Arsenal!

    All the teams in the PL would have be troubles if the lost both of their dedicated strikers. I do not mention the Carling cup game, it was another team we fielded. All teams have periode were their not playing as well.. I think we will have a trophy after this season.

    And think a bit about the word supporter, and what that means.

  19. jACK says:

    how has he kept us in the hunt?
    explain that to me u moron, wenger has had more than enough money and time to build a successful side, able to compete with the likes of chelsea and manure, but he’s fucked it up… 3 seasons ago, we were top for most of the season, and then fell away towards the business end, and admirable effort, but what every arsenal fan was expecting was to push on from there and compete again the year after, but we fell apart and our season was effectively over by november… last year was just as bad, flattered to decieve throughout, and when crunch time came we fell apart because we havent got the players or the experience when it comes to winning big games that have real meaning attached… this year was supposed to b our year (AGAIN) and realisticly we have only the fa cup to play for as we are out of the title race, and the champions league is beyond our capabilities, so you’re happy with this bullshit are you? there are plenty of other managers, that could do exactly what wengers doing with the resources he has, and plenty still how could do fucking better… his transfer policy is ridiculous, and unbalnaced, and the amount of money he continues to throw at youth prospects who’ll have to wait at least 3 years to play in the first team, is unbelievable… he’s stubborn beyoned belief, and cannot or will not see his own or the teams weakness… basically what im trying to say is he’s outstayed his welcome, if you continually promised you’re boss this was going to be you’re year, for 4 maybe 5 years running and continually made the same mistakes year in year out you’d get the boot, wenger deserves absolutely the same, he doesnt know what he’s doing anymore

  20. mayo says:


  21. jACK says:

    what good is scoring goals for fun against shit teams???? against teams in the top half of the table in the league we have 3 points… that doesnt alarm you at all? its december and the only real hope of a trophy is the fa cup… this doesnt say something aint right to you??? since one player’s been injured, we havent scored at all, so what the fuck use is scoring goals for fun against blackburn, everton etc eh?

    • Zakk says:

      The same shit teams we couldn’t beat a few seasons ago? All those draws at the emirates are now wins. Wenger is the best thing ever to happen to Arsenal Football club. Actually the only bad thing is that his success and style of play have attraced a new breed if supporter ideally we could do without.

      Still who else in world football could keep a team competitive with the same resources. Go and support city brother.

      • jACK says:

        you’re a clown… all of you AKB brigade trot out the same bullshit response, when dealt whit cold hard facts, “go and support chavs/spuds/citeh/maunre etc” have a day off… we’ve gone backwards, beating the likes of blackburn, and evteron, fulham etc, shouldnt be somthing to be celebrated or not something wenger should be congratulated for, it should be fuckin expected… we are supposed to be a big club with real ambitions of winning or at the very least competing for the title, that you seem to wanna make a point that we are beating these kind of teams this year, shows you just how poor we have been in recent years, its not a cause for celebration, its the very least we should be expecting…. wenger has been the best thing to happen to arsenal, but all good things come to an end, and playing the most attractive, at times, football in europe is not what footballs about, and this is wenger’s own personal mantra, he wants to win games, he wants to win trophies, but he habitually through making the same mistakes, is failing to do so… so what do we do? take his word, like we;ve taken it the last 3 years running, that next year will be better>? fuck that and fuck you, you can go an support city, if you’re happy with winning fuck all and getting spanked by the bigger teams in the league, then you should be one supporting another side, cos the vast majority of arsenal fans are fucked off with the current situation and if you arent then maybe you should have a look at yourself…

  22. Mike says:

    If you had told Arsenal supporters in mid-1996 that the club would appoint a manager who would in 13 years bring Arsenal two doubles, four FA Cups in all, an unprecedented unbeaten Premiership season and in addition take the club to two European finals, produce teams that play football of a quality unmatched in this country, preside over the building of a state of the art training complex which hosts England team preparation and move from the wonderful Highbury to a magnificent new home just down the road – and accomplish all this and more for a net outlay that is minute compared to the embarrassing and obcene amounts spent by other ‘big’ clubs – those fans would probably questioned your sanity.

    Arsene Wenger is without doubt the greatest manager in Arsenal’s glorious history and if he were to so much as hint that in the face of the petty and mindless criticisms of a minority who don’t understand the game, he might leave, two things would happen: there would be a world wide stampede for his services and the immediate aftermath of his departure would be marked by an exodus of most if not all of Arsenal’s stars and the rapid degeneration of the club’s fortunes.

    Think about it!

  23. Sam says:

    I agree to a certain extent. Wenger has made our club fantastic in the years he has been at Arsenal, no-body can deny him of that. However, now he seems to be going on a one man crusade and trying to do something which just isnt possible to give us success. He wants to have huge success with the current team of players he has, building them up from youth which he has always done, in such a good way. But now we have hit a brick wall, the players we have just are not good enough, they are too lightweight. I cannot understand why he doesn’t go out in the transfer window and buy 3/4 good solid players to fuse in with the youngsters, we need to create a spine of leaders starting with a keeper, central defender, strong midfielder and an out and out goalscorer. We achieve that and mix in the younger players such as Ramsey, Song etc, we will be back to being great like when we had Vieria fusing with a young fabregas etc. Wenger is losing faith in fans, I cant see how anyone can be happy with the lack of success and frustrating performances which just get us nowhere. Buy some players, and he’ll egt back in my good books!

  24. jACK says:

    in wenger i trust…??? what do u trust him to do?
    win the league??? seriously even the most deluded and mind numbingly AKB brigade can see that we arent even in the hunt for the title and its DECEMBER… do you trust him to deliver us the champions league??? with a team nowhere near as good as the won we got beaten in the final with in 2006??? every other team has gotten stronger since then, but we havent, we have arshavin yes, but barring that every single player on the pitch that night was better than what we currently have, and against the likes of chelsea and barca how anyone can realistically envisage us winning the champions league is baffling…
    so what’s left, the fa cup??? you think wenger wont treat the fa cup with the same contempt he did the cc… ??? no doubt we’ll have a few more first teamers in there, but there will be at least 4 or 5 youngsters in there for the west ham game… if wenger had any sense, the fa cup would be his absolute priority, delivering a trophy is what HE’S been banging on about since the beginning of the season, and that’s our only real shot… as far as trusting in wenger, not a fucking hope…. if you’re missus kept lying to you, and breaking promises to you, and spending all you’re money on shit, she’d be out on her ear… wenger should be too

    • Mean Lean says:

      Come on Jack, you seem to be the man (boy) with all the answers, Wenger needs to take some tips from you.

      ok, break it down for all us ‘AKB’s’

      What would you do against teams that are spending way above their means to win a trophy.

      Explain how you would transform this club. I am sure many would love to know the correct way to run a club.

      • jACK says:

        if i were the board id set realistc targets each year, that must be achieved… as the only one we could have at the moment is top four, other wise wengers failed for 5 years… also if the board tell you there’s money available and they’d prefer to see some signings as they sqaud didnt look strong enough the season before then maybe think about taking that on board, without dismissing it straight off the bat like he did last year and this… and i dont claim to know all, or how to sort out all of our issues but then i dont get paid 6 fuckin millions pounds a year to do so do i????, but what i would do is implore him is to stop spending £4million here and £5million there on unproven teenagers who are going to take 2-3 years to make the first team, and spend it on proven quality… vermallen was cheap enough at 10 mil, rosicky, sanga, both under 10 mil, arshavin, eddy, both under 14 mil… he’s been able to buy quality in the past who were older than 23/24 this would be a fucking start… and he’s had money to spend, he’s admitted as such, and the world wolrd knew hen had cash to spend in the summer and refused to do so, after telling everyone he would for the second season running…

  25. Overdose says:

    “the problem with US arsenal fans”……..you are a pathetic excuse for a fan!

  26. TV Gooner says:

    Your argument about spending to win the trophy is stupid and another AKB foolish argument.
    You don’t get a special gold star and summoned to meet the Queen for winning a trophy on a low budget. It’s the same fucking trophy whether you spend big or spend small.
    Do you think in 50 years people are going to remember how much Chelsea invested? Of course not.

  27. jACK says:

    where’s you’re counterpoint? where’s you’re balanced arguement? where’s you’re explaination as to why the author is wrong, or what it is in particular you disagree with??? there’s nothing there, is there? lyou have no arguement, you have nothing to say because you’re just simpletons, blinding following a manager and not a club, you’re just sheep who cant see what’s staring you straight in the face… ahh there’s no point even talking to you people….

  28. jACK says:

    p.s. something or someone who only dispenses positive information… thats called propaganda you absolute fool

  29. smudger says:

    You’re an absolute tool sir. Your grammar and writing suggests you are no older than 15, which is a theory supported also by your opinions.

    I do agree with one point though – “some of the fans are to shoulder some of the blame for Wenger’s disrespect for the fans” – you are very much one of them.

  30. ktm says:

    hes fuckin right u tits .live iin a shite world where u cant see the wood from the trees ….tits

  31. ARSENELA1234 says:


  32. Zakk says:

    Jack, The article it’s self is extremely poor making general statements rather than specific criticisms.

    Ok but answering some of the main points.

    “Arsenal Fans” who will stick by wenger and never say a bad world about him” Yes we do – we criticise and question decisions he makes all the time. But we understand he is the manager and charged with custody of the club. Over his career he has got most things right and transformed every aspect of the club. Thus we are prepared to go with him. How many people here didn’t criticise the signing or Baptista/

    ‘The board love wenger, The problem is that Wenger has taken the CLUB forward but the TEAM backwards in recent years’. Very general to say recent years what does that mean. Last season at Highbury we struggled to finish 4th. Since then we haven’t struggled with that task. What is ironic is that the Get Wenger Out brigade don’t seem to understand how football in England has changed due to the influx of money. Arsenal can not compete financially no matter what the board say. In 98′ Man U could outbid everyone and were the powerhouse but we had a very good chance if they wern’t interested. Now we are about 7th in line. Yet we continue to produce.

    Wenger now seems to care more about balancing the books then anything. Wenger has turned this club into a youth hostel. Thank god otherwise we’d be in Portsmouth’s position or even worse Leeds. Wenger will hand over the club in a far stronger position then he got it.

    Your comments.

    Arshavin was bought in January – Vermaelan in the Summer that’s 25mill and Wenger thought he had the squad to do it. Without the injuries we all did too. We dominated in manchester and were playing great football with the results. Did he count on RVP being out for 6/7 months – theo dieing – Diaby being out – add any names you want. He didn’t should he have a huge squad? maybe but how do you keep them all happy and control the financial bottom line. Wenger only buys what he feels he needs unlike Chelsea when they got the money they bought everyone who coincidently play allover the world now – crespo/ robben/ duff/ johnson/ mutu etc. Great strength in depth but a waste of money.It’s better to buy when he feels we need it.

    I’m curious what is a realistic target? Why enter a competition if your aim isn’t to win it? You can always set your own targets then you won’t be disappointing.

    A ‘big club’ is bullshit and doesn’t mean anything. it’s a term you have bought into. I like your comment about us expecting to beat the same clubs but it’s beating the big clubs that matters! Did you see last seasons results. Pay attention to Manchester United and how many games they won against the ‘big clubs’ yet they won the league and got to the champions league final.

    So if Wenger was to walk who would take over? What fresh idea would they have considering we don’t have a blank cheque book?

    Off to the grove.

    • jACK says:

      how do we continue to produce? produce what??? thats the first thing id like to know….
      as for you mentioning van persie and how on earth could wenger ever envisage a player who up until this season had played exactly half the games he could have for arsenal due to injury, be injured for a long period again??? i mean theres no logic there, is there? our backup consists of a player who’s himself injured a ridiclous amount of the time i.e walcott, and someone who had a career threating injury over a year and a half ago i.e eddy, and a player (and this is no slight on bendnter, i like the player) who if he gets 10-15 goals a season will have had a blinder…
      and if the term big club is bullshit, its wenger you should take issue with, as he seems to trot it out all the time, in fact just this week, he said something along the lines, of a big club like arsenal, the carling cup is not out priority… surely the great man couldnt have bought into a bullshit term that doesnt have any real significance…
      also as far as the results go, utd had a poor mini league with the other top 4 sides last year, but you’re making the mistake that we are in the same posistion as they were, against teams in the top 10 this season, we have 3 points from the game against spurs, chelsea we lost, utd we lost, man city we lost, sunderland we lost, utd last year we rolling over the rest of the teams in the league, somehting we are not doing…
      as far as the financial aspect goes, what about stop spending money on the likes of zezinho, who we are looking to pay £5million for, and hold on to that cash, and buy some quality replacements for the members of our squad which everyone connected with arsenal can see are not good enough, ie almunia, diaby, silvestre, denilson, vela, bendtner… now not all of those i would completey disregard, but some of them, ie denilson, vela and bendtner should be playing for our first team, they should be fringe players, with a view to breaking into the first team, in 1 year or two… wenger used to be able to buy exprienced quality players for reasonable prices, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that these players arent still available, but when wenger is faced with a young exciting prospect and someone with proven quality he goes with the yonger option, and this is not working…

      • toby says:

        jACK maybe this will give you and other people far from reality a perspective into the pressure wenger handles

        http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/footba … l?ITO=1490
        Arsene Wenger is poised to make a move for Ajax centre-half Thomas Vermaelen as he tests the board’s willingness to back him in the transfer market this summer.

        But the Arsenal manager has already had to rule out signing Juventus centre-half Giorgio Chiellini because of the £13million limit the board has placed on summer transfers.

        Though Wenger has rejected a chance to manage Real Madrid next season, he did so only after assurances from Arsenal’s new chief executive Ivan Gazidis that the board will be more supportive.

        Last week’s crisis meeting with Gazidis came as Wenger’s relationship with the Arsenal board reached a nadir after he was told he had only £13m of new funds and that any extra would have to be raised by selling Emmanuel Adebayor.

        Wenger was furious when directors did little to defend him at a stormy shareholders’ meeting, failing to make it clear he had to work to a budget.

        Gazidis has promised Wenger the board will no longer give the impression there is plentiful money to spend.

        However, Belgium defender Vermaelen, 23, is expected to join this summer.

  33. Daniel says:

    Just on my way to the game… some of you “wenger out brigade” should try it sometime rather than sitting in all day playing football manager then finding a stream of the game online.


  34. Personally, I think I could do a better job at half his wages

  35. Dgob says:

    5-0 against Porto last night: joint second in the premiership with the easier run-in; Eboue producing man of the match performances; Portsmouth facing administration; ManU, Chelski etc in huge and worrying debt; our captain (Cesc) making his commitment to AFC clear, again; Song being recognised as a ‘great’ defensive midfielder; Nasri starting to shine…

    In Arsenal we Trust

  36. Dgob says:


    “In Arsen(e)al we Trust”!!!

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