Wolfsburg knocked OUT! Arsenal must now move for Edin Dzeko.

Posted: December 8, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Now that Wolfsburg have been knocked out of the champions league the chances of Arsenal signing Edin Dzeko have improved.

Wenger recently said ““I like the player,But they fly too high right now – price-wise.”… Well things have now changed. His price should now drop as they are out of the champions league, If Wolfsburg had gone to the next stage it would have taken a massive bid to lure Dzeko away…But now???

The fact that he is cup tied in the champions league didn’t stop Wenger signing Arshavin last season so i don’t see any reason to why Arsenal should not go all out and sign one of the best strikers around.

Dzeko is just what Arsenal need. Big powerful old fashion English striker.

Arsenal hold the ace card in the race to sign Dzeko in first team coach and fellow countryman Boro Primorac.

Lets hope Arsenal sign Dzeko in January


  1. Tony says:

    Why? We need someone for the Champs Lge.

  2. neville thompson says:

    Obviously your not all there. He should have been signed last summer, now the auction begins and we cannot compete financially. So get back to reality.

  3. drogula says:

    hahaha u cant afford him u losers hahaha 0-3 we fucked u till it hurt

    • Steven says:

      And Man Citeh did what to you? They could even afford to score an own goal not to talk of a ‘gift’ of a penalty for you.Yet you couldnt win! With all your millions Chelsea is still second rate and things will get worse for you as your African Four proceed to ACN. Of course without Drogba and Essien you guys are average at best! Pride still goes before a fall man.

  4. dom says:

    Locked on target.

  5. dom says:


    get off our sites and go back to your mediocre webspace, populated by chumps such as yourself. come back to me when chelsea could win something without a sugar daddy 😛

  6. chris says:

    i agree, if we could get him for around 15 million we shouldn’t think twice about it!!!

  7. samy says:

    While AW is playing fantasy /pretty soccer, chelsea and MU have been scooping prize. Time for a reality check.

  8. Jammathon says:

    He’s cup tied. What’s the point?

  9. Doug Shoes says:

    chelsea = plastic club funded by russian oil, everything they achieve is 100% hollow and means NOTHING. Their bragging fans are as pathetic as the club.

    Dzeko played well tonight, only player with a clue – really good movement. Sadly it is about money and I’m sure one of the money men will offer enough to get him.

  10. Ivan Yakinoff says:

    Would be nice to get him, but he’s like Adethewhore. He wants “Beyonce” and not Alicia Keys.

  11. Pritpal says:

    yes he is cup tied, but do we really need him for the champions league? the answer is no. we need him for the physical premierleague. the champions league resumes in march, when, fingers crossed, rvp is back. so i can cope with him cuptied. but for the games against your boltons, sunderlands, west ham, chelsea, united, liverpool and even city he is needed. would love to see a front 3 of arshavin – dzeko – rvp, DEVASTATING!

  12. spareknacker says:

    Don’t be so sure that they’re out. Moscow might just get booted out of the competition yet for failing drugs tests.

  13. AM says:

    Dont get me wrong I Hope his price has dropped, BUT THINK ABOUT IT.

    Why would his price drop after they get knocked out? They could take the money but he is still young. If they sell in January then they will not get the full price for one of their top players.

    Also it would make more sense for Wolfsburg to keep him and secure their back to back league championships. This would increase his price more for the summer.

    He is one of the hottest properties in Europe at the momunt and HIS PRICE WILL ONLY RISE.

  14. AuzzieGun says:

    All I want for Xmas is Dzeko. Come on Arsene, we will smash all the other EPL teams with him on board!!

  15. hashthetrash says:

    Arsenal can cope against European teams because their style of play is very much European. They have problems facing the English Premier League teams because they are more robust, play more high balls and English referees do not blow so much for agressive tackles. The current team can even win the champions league if they can avoid Chelsea and Manchester United. They need Ndezeko more for the BPL and FA cup. Go get him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. sa gunnar says:

    I woud rather have gicnac becoz he isn’t cup-tied and french so woud be able to cope with team mates better.

  17. Jammathon says:

    Let me guess. If Wenger doesn’t get this player, he needs to get sacked, right?

  18. GILBO says:

    Dezeko is no way as good as Carlton Cole, Cole is good on the ball abd certainly has more ball control than Dezeko

  19. brian says:

    Took his goal quite well but it was basically a straight forward header.Apart from that he was ponderous and indifferent and really messed up a couple of shots.Not much different than Bendtner.

  20. Bradski says:

    dont think twice
    he is a must
    Carlton Cole 15 million – Dzeko 20+ no brainer

  21. Brahma says:

    For real – the player is on record as saying he wants to play for AC Milan, above all other options. AC Milan have all that Kaka money still available to them, so no way can we compete with AC Milan or convince Dzeko that he should pass up his childhood dream of playing for AC Milan to come to London. You have to remember that most of the former Yugoslavia grows up watching Serie A on TV… if a Serb/Bosnian/Croatian player has a choice, they’ll go to an Italian team long before an English team.

  22. silent stan says:

    couldnt agree more. but fact most fans would probably means we will buy a short second rater with goal ratio of 1 in 5 at bestm and who will be ok in 5 years

  23. Syed says:

    Wenger has already said that he is after someone who is not cup-tied. We only need a striker case our main strikers are injured. And this is different from last year when we signed Arshavin. I say this because this season we really need to win something. Wenger knows that an if we don’t there is a chance that Fabregas might leave. Therefore I don’t see wenger moving for him. Even though I personally think he could be the next Torres in EPL.

  24. IRISHGOONER says:

    Unfortunately its not realistic. And can supporters other than of Arsenal please leave.

  25. Marko says:

    First off I think he’d be the best option to buy and I’ve been saying since last season that he’s the one player we need a natural finisher capable of scoring half chances but unfortunately it seems he’s got his heart set on a move to Milan (eh Why?) so the chances of him moving here are slim and Wolfsburg knowing this would drive up the price, he’s a great player but he’s worth no more than between 15-23 million at most. Other players available in Jan vary from Arda Turan and Krasic but I also like Elia and Gervinho who are doing brilliantly since moving clubs in the summer and therein lies a problem signing those 2.
    Still think this blog bitches and moans too much.

  26. eddie says:

    All that matters here is that Wenger has made it clear he wants someone who can play in the Champions League. Dzeko cannot so Wenger won’t consider him in January (maybe in the summer? but I reckon he’d rather get Chamakh for nothing).

    As RvP won’t be back until late April, at best, signing Dzeko makes no sense as we’d still be short a striker for 3 rounds of Champions League!

    I agree with another post on here that Gignac of Toulouse would be a good option. He’s not cup-tied, his side languish in 12th spot in the French League and would probably not be that expensive.

  27. Dean D says:

    Gignac/Cole/lukaku/Palychencho anyone cuptied aint an intelligent buy!! What if(touch wood) arshavin gets injured!! We will need “another option” as put by Fab!! We want to win the C.League so we need a player that can play there THIS season!!

    Dont we think we can win it this season????

  28. Marko says:

    Stefan Kiessling of Bayer, Gignac, Demba Ba, Gervinho, Carlton Cole, Llorente (Atletic Bilbao).

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  33. JamesT says:

    i think wenger Should sign Luca Toni, Till the end of the Season, he is big Defenders nightmare

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