[Ratings] Wengers half time sunday roasting kicks Arsenal into action.

Posted: December 13, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Talk about a game of 2 halves….

1-0 down at half time and playing some of the worst football i have seen from an Arsenal team in years. i was ready to come on and slag wenger and the team off.

But…Something happened, and in the words of Cesc Fabregas “Wenger went crazy at half time and told us that we were not good enough to wear the shirts of Arsenal FC, I have never seen the manager act like that”

Well done Wenger, I didnt know you had it in you.

And it worked, The 2nd half was all Arsenal. Almunia didn’t have a single save to make in the 2nd 45mins. Just as well as it was fawlty manuel that cost us the goal. What was he doing? And not for the first time this season. Maybe its now time to give Fabianski a run in the team.

1-1 after a nice move down the right and an OG from Glen Johnson, And then the little Russian came up and did it again with a world class finish that won the game for us.

Back in the title race…Credit to Wenger for giving the players a kick up the Arsenal!


Almunia (4) A clown, Not good enough to be number 1

Sagna (6) Pretty solid, Wasteful with crosses again

Gallas (7) Did well, But lucky not to give away a pen in the first half

Vermaelen (8) our best player by a mile. Had Torres in his pocket

Traore (6.5) Did well. Solid and showed his pace.

Fabregas (7) Poor first half, gave the ball away endless times. Much better 2nd half.

Song (6) Again very poor in the first half. Got caught on the ball and gave it away.

Denilson (6) pretty much the same as song

Walcott (6) a few nice runs but nothing to show for it

Arshavin (8) Did nothing until his goal. But what a goal it was

Nasri (7.5) Set up the first goal. And worked hard for the team

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  1. TonyM says:

    6 for Song? you’re having a laugh. He was easily better then fabregas. broke up liverpool moves all day. typical player ratings. you can predict your ratings before the game even starts

  2. trytytry says:

    WTF!!!!??? Song=6 are you crazy he was our best player today

  3. Hambi says:

    Song 6? You know nothing about football.

  4. pauly herszaft says:


  5. bhiz says:

    i think you r wrong about almunia, he is not a clown, he is a waste of space n i honestly believe its time fabianski took ova. whether my dream of llorris playin for the arsensal will come true i dont know, but when i look at what this team could become wit a world class goalie i feel like punchin a wall.(ouch!!!)
    nway on a more serious note, me n my broken had think you r wrong on SAGNA. he was so hard working he made me feel warm inside, with VP in there some of those crosses would test reina. i give him a 7.5

  6. boo-ya says:

    Nasri 7.5, didn’t know he was playing till just b4 HT

  7. Sughosh says:

    agree with Tom… Traore deserves credit as well… I really dont remember torres, kuyt or johnson getting past him easily.

  8. stonroy says:

    Song was better than you give him credit for, much much better. He bossed a lot of that midfield.

  9. tom says:

    Seriously, Song was fantastic today, absolutely brilliant, he broke up the play, and protected the back 4. he was pushing Vermaelen for man of the match. sorry mate but have to disagree with you on that one.

  10. guners for life says:

    Silly Rating, i dont think u know anything about FOOTBALL

  11. Vjs says:

    Song better than denilson….equal or better than fab today…

    Walcott 2,3 points lower than even denilson..did nothing the whole day…was like we were playing ten men..no intelligence no power…no ball holding..may be its the long lay off…he is much better than todays performance…

    Nasri did good but is betta than what he did today…typical “efficient” arshavin…

    One CM(denilson 1st half) and one Wing(Walcott both halves) need straightening out…We were lucky liverpool did not punish us…

    Walcott will come of age in due time and we have lot of cover over there….So-

    Worrying Part-Denilson, doesnt seem to be coming of age soon enough, diaby is no good either. Worse-We have no cover no option…(Nasri may be if wenger imagines)

  12. Stranger says:

    Wat 6 for song u r totally biased against him

  13. mr21 says:

    is walcott getting worse and worse by the season? everytime he touches the ball, we lose possession. if he does not improve his first touch and if he cannot keep the ball for a few seconds at least, he will never be good enough for the central role and he will never be good enough for the arsenal.

  14. Stranger says:

    U r crazy sagna kept benayoun quiet and he get a 6

  15. mr21 says:

    you can totally tell song was a bit shaky in the opening few minutes but he quickly found the rhythm and he put in a good performance in the end. i would give song a 6.5 at least and probably a 4 for walcott. the boy has nothing other than pace. awfuL!

  16. Gunnernet says:

    u kidding us?????Did u watch the game? Song was fabulus Cesk was lost and Denilson, Traore had outstanding performances. I agree with you with Verminator.

  17. Scott says:

    6 for Song????? 6 for Walcott?? Walcott was terrible. Couldn’t hold the ball up against 13 year olds. Song was the ONLY midfielder to show up in the 1st half. Had it not been for him we’d have been down 2 or 3 more.

  18. VieraHeart says:

    Spot on Pauly Herszaft.

    Walcott still plays schoolboy football. touches and decision making unconvincing. got bullied again and lacking confidence in his abilities.

    I have seen Walcott play for arsenal for a couple of seasons and i am not entirely convinced that he will be the complete package the media big him up to be. Is it because he is English. the boy should be sprinter rather than a footballer. He should be playing for the reserve team to find himself.

    overall, i thought we had a poor game. center of the pitch were wasteful in passing; conceding possession easily and no HEART.

    ALUMINIA is a zombie. he has no life in him and he looked raggard. he is a major liability. honestly i think the defence is getting better but you need a goal keeper who can take some of the pressure off the defence by showing correct judgement, commanding and show authority in the box. ALUMINIA is not the special one.

    It only take an own goal and a russian missile to give us the game. Shout out to Arshavin.

    The game was won because of Liverpool current state of pyschology. but we took advantage of that vulnerability. i am glad we won the game and took the full points

  19. jACK says:

    denilson deserves at least a 7.5, if it werent for his efforts in the first half we coulda been dead an buried, and as for song, yes he had a poor first 15-20 mins but after that he was easily one of our better players… fabregas didnt perform today and a 6 woulda been fair, as for vermallen, thought he did well, but he did not have torres in his pocket, that’s just blantantly misrepresenting what happened during the match…
    Other than that, what a f*cking result, didnt play well the entire match even in the second half when we were the better team, but we still got the result… really chuffed with the effort the lads put in… as for almunia, christ he’s a nightmare waiting to happen isnt he??? need a new keeper

  20. Kolo Toure says:

    these ratings are not really good.

    song is key man, can’t understand why people don’t see that..

    and walcott, he had the ball like max. two seconds before loosing it again..

  21. goonerranks says:

    spot on tonym!

    Theres alot of people out there who are only going to realise just how much song is doing for this team at the moment when hes not there. I for one fear for our challenge push without song during the acn! Lets not kid ourselves here, v good result for the arsenal, but liverpool were a v poor team today. Fabregas didnt hv one of his better days and if not for song and an ever improving nasri we could of easily drawn or lost today. I find it hard to criticise our little captain genius, because he is just that good! But when hes not at his best the responsibiliy quite rightly should be shared by his fellow midfielders! Nasri and ofcourse song did that today to great effect. Im reserving judgement on denilson due to his just coming back from injury, but at the moment he is not quite up to the pace yet… Keeping an eye on him!

    So i feel overall, its songs absence on the horizon we need to think about covering during january opening.

    The people who are clammering for arsene to buy a striker in january are misguided! They seem to ccontinuely think a certain nic b isnt up to it! I know for sure he’ll prove them wrong! Ive always been up for nic b. People really gave this boy stick and yet still hes out there fighting and may i add looking really sharp this season. And please, please remember his age. I trust in u nic b! I trust in u arsene wenger!

  22. omar says:

    it seems like everyone here has forgotten that walcott hasnt played at all this season. you guys just expect him to come back and play well? torres has been out for a few weeks and it showed he was rusty too. walcott has only played 1 full match since july. i mean honestly if you guys know anything about sports you should all know that a player needs time to come back. some comments are just disgraceful

  23. musher says:

    Song is my MOTM, and u gave him a surprise 6. Maybe u should check the pool votings else where. Song won the MOTM by a mile. Walcott should be rated 1, for making up the number. Fab was not poor but walcott made Fab look bad because Walcott was a headless chicken. Another bias rating, you must be english, the way u rated walcott.

  24. gooner4lyf says:

    I’m pretty sure u never watched the match. walcott was as bad as aluminium. sagna crosses were really good today!sagna, traore song and denilson were at least as good as fab today. lern to be fair in your judgement.

  25. Max Compton says:

    No way Theo will make the World Cup squad. He falls over more than a drunk on a boat – deserves a 4-5 for today’s disgrace of a performance. Almunia should have been dispatched after the champions league final. No idea why he is still here except we are not serious about winning things.

  26. Max Compton says:

    Sagna’s crosses were spot on today. He, Traore, Song and Denilson were easily as good as Cesc today. Not sure what you saw from Cesc that justifies your rating. Even your write-up says different.

  27. aaaa says:

    terrible ratings…wat game were u watching??

  28. brian says:

    walcott 4 song 7.5. didnt u see the way he was breaking up attacks from the pools?
    seems like wenger needs to get more angry more often so that the boys can stop being complacent.
    nasri was a forward but he really played for the team going back deep to help out.

  29. fg says:

    song 6 lol u twat morel ike song 8
    walcott -2 will do nicely for a pathetic performance

  30. wandarah says:

    clueless ratings.

  31. wenger says:

    i think denilson deserves a little creit for yesterdays match.he was all over even though the physical strength let him down in a few moments but he was excellent i think the only player that played for the arsenal shirt. vermaelen was also excellent but walcott pathetic.

  32. Ezra says:

    Sorry i can’t join the Song bum praise but i know he is Crap u guys are all blind. Go back and watch the game and follow Song and Denilson and then tell me who gave away the ball more and who stayed long with the ball than the other. Song was caught in possession more than three times in our half and once in the box and that implies he is crap and we don’t need him.

  33. FatJerryNorthLondon says:

    Denilision’s tackling in some parts were strong and his distribution was very decent.

    Song is a grafter and was cutting out balls all day long. No idea why you have rated him so low.

    Almunia is a complete and utter waste of time, no confidence in his ability. He never communicates with his back four, doesnt know when to come out and grab the ball from the air and has a habit of of punching balls into the most dangerous positions available.

    Walcott is taking massive stick but how can you write off a man who’s just come back from injury. When he picks up momentum he has great pace WITH the ball, can take players on and CAN finish. Stop writing him off so quickly.

    We BADLY need a strong holding player to play along side vela or edduardo. Even a middle of the field Hartson/big duncan ferguson mould to give us some options when crosses are fired in.

    Verma is on a different level. Really is from the cyborg vidic mould.

  34. PG says:

    Denilson kept us alive in the 1st half – so a higher rating for him is deserved. Maybe Walcott was quite rusty, but he did find himself in positions where he forced errors from Johnson for his OG and for the unconvincing clearance on the 2nd which Arshavin poached. I think with a run of games and confidence, he will fast become a handful.

  35. JohnnyBoy says:

    Almunia – RUBBISH
    Walcott – INVISIBLE
    Gallas – DODGY
    Sagna – Someone teach him how to CROSS

    Arshavin – silent then BANG. A born matchwinner.
    Fab – Captain Forever

    We’ve missed Diaby. He has presence despite his hit&miss performances, but a million times more effective than Walcott.

    Now here’s a question for all – would you swap Walcott & Eduardo for Torres?I would.

  36. samy says:

    After the win over Liverpool,all kinds of things have been said. Some said the gunners can win the title and others they are back in the race.Let’s wait and pause for the adrenalin to stop its flow.
    I personally believe if the gunners want to be part of the race,let alone win it,they must win the next series of six matches . Do it and then they will be considered serious contenders. A defeat against any of these sides and the detractors will come back to haunt the gunners.
    Remember one swallow does not a summer make. Similarly one win does not guarantee anything.
    Beat Burnley and then sw shall see.

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