Can the REAL Eduardo please stand up. And Diaby now showing his class

Posted: December 28, 2009 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Since he has returned from this broken leg Eduardo has never looked the same player to me.

Before the injury he was clinical in front of goal. Now he has just lost the magic in that left foot.

He seems to miss a hell of a lot more chances now,Before his injury 1 on 1 with the goalie was always end up with the ball hitting the net, now he just seems to miss everytime. ONE goal in TEN games for Edaurdo and he almost missed that aswell. This is not the same player we saw pre leg break.

The only good thing about Eduardo was that he was a clinical finisher.

Apart from that he didnt really bring anything to the team.  Will the real Eduardo please stand up!!!

Also, Its great to see Diaby now showing his class.

People use to doubt Diaby and moan about him.

But in the last 2 games you have seen how good he can be. Big powerful and hard to knock off the ball. And he can score goals.

So whats changed?

Well. He is now playing in the middle and not on the left wing. Diaby is the man to play in the Cesc role. and thats why he is now showing his class.

By Roger Milla


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  1. james says:

    Eduardo is not playing in a position Norw formation which suits him

  2. jaymz says:

    dude i guarantee you with a run of games he will be even better than we have seen him in an arsenal shirt, second half of the season eduardo will score, hes been hampered with niggleing injuries

  3. RedandDread says:

    He’ll hopefully get back his confidence soon. He;s a classy player. The 4-3-3 formation hasn;t helped him either, however, he has missed a few sitters recently. He;s a had a torrid year what with injuries & eduradogate. He;s a smart, crafty player and will prove his doubters wrong soon…….GOONER!

  4. Fredwest says:

    Dudu needs to play in a 442. Having said that he has missed loads if one on ones like you rightly said

  5. RealRoberto says:

    He just needs a run of games. When he first started with Arsenal, he was not prolific either. You can never lose your talents.

  6. Daniel says:

    He just needs to put a couple of chances away and he’ll get his confidence back.

    I actually think his overall game (outside the box) has improved alot from when he first came here but right now his confidence is rock bottom infront of goal.

    Give him time and support, he’ll be fine. Let’s hope your “friends” or fellow bloggers oh here don’t start a stupid campaign to get him sold or replaced.

  7. 7masters says:

    Guys give him time please, He is going through confidence crisis and need all help he can get. Yeah you right he nearly missed that open goal as well. It was funny The way Arshavin looked incredulous when instead of tapping it in he almost kicked it out loool.

    I think it almost like his legs have life of their own. But i think he should play it on to nearest who can score to be more assist. One thing you cannot fault him is to be in good positions but he only lack his finishing boots and it would come.

  8. Brigham says:

    Form is temporary, class is permanent.

    He will shine through for us once again, but I do agree with the author that his current form and eye for goal are sadly very poor. His name continues to be chanted at the Emirates, even more so when he misses, so the fans are right behind him.

    Come on Eddy, lets start banging them in once again old son.

  9. goonergerry says:

    We have to be patient he is getting into the right positions – doing everything but score. He needs to score a few – it is a confidence issue not an ability issue.

  10. Fredwest says:

    I can’t understand why arsenal gave him a new long term deal?

  11. goonert says:

    Does no-one see the hypocrisy in this post. Players take time to hit form, last year it was Diaby with everyone slating him, now it’s Eduardo. Irony is that its the same people who were slating Diaby and hailing Eduardo asthe solution to all our problems [once he returned from injury], us Arsenal fans are so quick to jump on our own players backs. Fans didn’t turn on Rooney when he wasn’t playing great, or Gerrard etc.

  12. Steven says:

    Good thing for Edu, he’s playing under Wenger who is noted for his legendary patience with players once he knows what they can do.If Wenger can be so PATIENT with the likes of Diaby, Eboue and Denilson to this point that they have now began to show everyone their real stuff, how much more would he endure Edu’s goal drought. And here’s a finisher if there ever was any at Arsenal. Though its taking him time to adjust to the 4-3-3 and then the issue of nigling injuries, once he scores one or two more, he’ll be clinical again. How great it would be if that comes during the later stages of the EPL title race, CL and FA Cups! Go Edu!

  13. Bergs says:

    Funny – I thought he scored a couple of wonder goals after coming back from the broken leg – the cup goal for instance (Sheff? Stoke? – one of those teams)

    I actually think he’s worse since that dive against Celtic and the racism of the press, and fans up and down the country that could ignore the Rooney incident but abuse him badly – that was worse.

    Since then he’s too conscious and not instinctive or committed.

  14. Howard the Unwanted says:

    He and Rosicky are finished. He can’t play the frontman in a 4-3-3 formation and he’s too small to be the main striker. He’s missed sitters after sitters.

    Spurs 3
    Sunderlad 2
    Burnley 2
    Hull 2
    Villa 2

    What consistency does he need? Arsene should start shopping for a new striker. If he can’t do well while RvP and Bendtner are away, how do you expect Arsene to use him when RvP is in?

    We have to win this league so we need a striker.

  15. lott says:

    actually he’s not the same since that celtic diving incident with all the media calling him a foreign cheat and what not. Adding up that horrific injury with those cheat torments he received for weeks probably affected him.

    And after his injury i remembered him scoring quite alot of wonderful goals namely in the fa cup and stuff. And of course like somebody mention above, probably our formation doesnt suit him. He needs a big man to play with.

  16. Howard the Unwanted says:


    Good point but Arsene won’t change his formation that has proved successful because of him. Besides, do you really need to play in a 4-4-2 before you can convert sitters?

    I’m not against our own player but the truth is, we could’ve done better with a bigger CF against Sunderland and Chelsea than him.

  17. Stranger says:

    He was affected by the celtic hate campaign but the goals will come

  18. PaulS says:

    “The only good thing about Eduardo was that he was a clinical finisher.”

    Look very very carefully on the assist for the first goal:

  19. lutongooner says:

    Eduardo’s poor form is purely down to confidence. He’s still getting himself in good positions, but keeps snatching at his chances. In the last two games he found himself with his back to goal and turned beautifully to end up one on one with the keeper. Against Hull he went for the shot with his right foot when he had time to take it on his left and against Villa he just toe poked the ball. It probably isn’t helping that he’s stuck out on the wing, but as soon as he gets a couple he’ll get his confidence back.

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