YET MORE PROFIT!! Rosicky gets a new deal?So why didnt Pires?.And still no sign of reinforcements

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1st off!!

Good 2 see the business that is Arsenal FC have made yet MORE profit!!! That’s all i keep seeing “ARSENAL MAKE RECORD PROFITS” Maybe its time they started to spend some? If he ( Wenger ) wants to WIN something again, He MUST sign 2 more players this window

1) DM cover for Song & 2) a target man up front…

Remember that thing calling WINNING? Mr Wenger?

We have not seen this since 2005,The FA cup final and Vieira’s final game at Arsenal, The day Arsenal stopped trying to win things and became a business that only cared about profit. On that note, Why are we not signing Vieira as cover for Song???

Its no wonder there are so many empty seats at home games now!!!

2nd, Can somebody please tell me why Tomas Rosicky has been given a new deal at Arsenal?

What has he done at his time at Arsenal to justify getting this new deal? I cant think of anything apart from 2 goals away at Liverpool in the FC Cup?

So why has Wenger given him a new deal?

To make things worst i started to think about the way Wenger treated a true Arsenal great Robert Pires at the same stage of his Arsenal life.

Pires did so much for Arsenal,Won the league and cups and was a key members of the 49ners. Pires didnt get a new deal?

I really cant understand this?

Did Rosicky sign this new deal from the treatment table or what?

And 3rd.. What the hell is Wenger playing at?

The bloke has not stopped talking about “NEW SIGNS” on this week.

Wenger’s Quotes  “New buys won’t stunt my youngsters” – “I will spend my money responsibly”

TEASING US like he has done time and time again.. We have seen this before. I’m just waiting for Wenger to come out next week and say “We are happy with the players we have, I wont be spending any money”

What is he waiting for? We need players NOW!! No doubt Wenger will leave it till the last hour on deadline day and “try” and make a move for a player to try n get him on the cheap and miss out. Only to then tell us “We did everything we could” … Just like the Alonso deal.

Maybe he ( Wenger ) should stop talking about the transfer and got down to work and signing some much needed reinforcements.

IF we are serious about winning the league we bloody sure need them. I suggest Veloso & Carlton Cole.


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  1. carlos says:

    To bring you up to speed, Pires was offered a contract, he just received a more favourable one by Villareal so chose to go there.

  2. The Fabster says:

    lol, quit bitching sinbad mate :p Wenger is a snake when it comes to transfers. Don’t believe a word he says. Are you surprised? Is anyone? Whining won’t help and just makes you seem like a bit of wimp.

    As long as we’re in a decent league position, we can’t really complain. Agree though, that if we want to remain in this position, we need a DM and FW. Probably a CB as well.

    We have no idea what the terms of Rosicky’s deal are so we can’t complain. Most likely it’s a pay as you play which is beneficial for all. If he does hit best form again, he can’t leave us on a free. Ala Flamini. Which would make you bitch all over again.

    • Bubba says:

      Was about to rant at sinbad’s stupidity but I see you just laugh at him so I’ve calmed down a bit.
      It does get my goat to see all these arsenal “fans” slating Wenger like they have more than two neurons to rub together. He’s got the best record of any manager for us since Herbert Chapman and delivered the accolade of the century with the invincibles. He’s bought us a new 60K stadium that’s the envy of the league and has never missed the champions league without putting us in the poor house. He’s won us the record for doubles and still has the best record for FA cup finals I suspect. Every other team envies his success rate with both buying and selling players yet our own fans think he’s lost the plot. Relax lads, enjoy the decade of sucess this project will bring, it could even start this year. winning the League and CL with a team who has grown up (average age 22) together and will have the will and ability to create a dynasty. Ooops I just wet myself with anticipation.

  3. David says:

    Several good points (for once). Empty seats could be put down to mixture of lazy season-ticket holders and general seats that are too expensive. If Bendtner returns soon, cover for the two centres backs is arguably more pressing than signing a forward! Must get a DM as you imply but Wenger said the other day that is not a position he is looking at as we have Denilson. Promising player though he is, he is not a blocker/enforcer.

  4. David says:

    Oh Tommy gets a new deal for more than two years as he is 28 I believe.

    • Sinbad says:

      What about Gallas? Why is he now getting a new long term deal? And Dennis Bergkamp was only getting 1 year and then made to play for the next?

      • 4R53N4L says:

        Goalkeepers & Defenders tend have longer careers longer than midfielders & strikers, Gallas is still a top top defender who still has a lot to offer us plus Bergkamp at the time was a squad player whilst Gallas is our first choice central defender & we’d be foolish to let him go especially considering the fact that Gallas would be first choice in any team he chooses to join

  5. Paul says:

    Absolute tripe.

    Pires left as he was only offered a one year deal (arsene’s policy for 30+ year olds) and rosicky is under 30, so doesn’t fall into the same category. Do some research mate.

    Arsenal turns another profit, my first thought at that is one of happiness, not “oh my god then why arent we blowing it all on an overrated player like other big clubs”.

    Have some faith and quit writing your this whinge-fest of a blog. You sound like your every day fairweather Man United fan.

  6. NickTheGooner says:

    mate you seriously need your brain checked. pires WANTED to leave, wenger has already said that he tried to keep him you total muppet. honestly man go away, you talk like you know everything calling urself a fan but in reality you know nothing.

    • angersjay says:

      its not like rosicky made us broke.
      obviously this is a good thing meaning the club believes rosicky is ready to play more for us. he has a fuckn tramendous influence on the game wat r u on about.

  7. fred says:

    because, pires was 33, and rosisky is 29 you moron.

    because pires was unhappy he was substituded in the final and didnt want to spend the next season as a sub, rosisky doesnt have such a problem.

    get over it, you prick

  8. NickTheGooner says:

    also, we make profits and you somehow make that out to be a bad thing and that we should spend it all?? even after getting into massive debt moving stadiums?

    if we do that, we wont be allowed in the CL ina few seasons.

    you are a true bellend.

  9. Abhishek says:

    Bobby Pires left because he had made his mind up to leave. And Rosicky is class. He deserves one last shot to prove his worth.

  10. Eddie McGinty says:

    My God is this a real website? I actually thought it was a mock article but it really is serious isn’t it. Good grief. Is this where Arsenal fans on their period come?

    Veloso, an over-rated, unwatched, almost mythical hollywood signing which you people seem to want based on word of mouth. Carlton Cole, yeah snap him up, an injury prone striker who’s had one half-decent season who hasn’t played in two months.

    We are in the best position we have been in for a good few years. Cheer the fuck up and stop whining. I didn’t want to spend so much time on this but you’ve annoyed me but it’s people like you who if you were in charge of this club you’d buy players based on hype and in turn lower this club to the standards of Spurs.

    I pity you.

  11. Tunde says:

    You never cease to crack me up, honestly I think you are either a wind up merchant or you need brain surgery very quickly before its too late!

  12. Barak says:

    I agree with Sinbad. Its about time wenger started to spend the cash. He has till the end of this season. If its 4th place and nothing again then i want his head

  13. lalala says:

    shut the fuk up you stuck up bitch. we are going well in the league and considering we may be 1 point behind chelsea if we win our game in hand… plus, bentner is coming back soon, eduardo is going back to his best game by game and in 3 weeks, he will be the player he was before ***** birmingham broke his leg.
    carlos vela needs to be given more team action to show what he can do, he is a quality player and ramsey is doing wkd. rosisky should be back to his best after a couple of games. why on earth do we need to sign someone when we dont need to.
    and the fuk is everyone saying that we need to spend money, jst cause chelsea n man city are spending. all the playeres wenger has signed, last minute it may be have been of quality, arshavin is a pure example.. if he does buy someone, be sure he will be a great player

  14. angelo says:

    Mate sort it out Pires was upset because he was taken off early in the champions League final against Barca and had all of his family there and he didn’t forgive Wenger for it. So he wanted to leave,,, End of story.. Rosicky is a beautiful skillful player and when he plays he’s deadly in the hole and creates play for the other attacking minded players in the team.. He deserves a contract. So stop crying like a baby and getting your toys out of your pram and support the team. Donut!!!! Get your facts first and then back it up!!!

  15. Joe says:

    It’s not MORE profit, the £35.2 Million was from the figures released 31st March 2009.

  16. Good to be a GOONAH!! says:

    calm down, moron

  17. rafi says:

    spend, spend, spend AW, no need for rationality? NO i think AW is right to be cautious and spend only on a player who will add quality. He has already shown this with arshavs and vermaelen. we have not the problems at spurs, liverpool, real of players bought in haste and excitement coz of press overhype that we are now desparate offload like pavluchenkos, hunteelars, rieras, kolos . and thats why the club will be proud that despite getting the cream of EPL newcomer players, we are still making more money.whats wrong with making more money, especially when your mates are losing it big time?

  18. matt dred says:

    here we go, old sailor boys been let loose on the key board again ! must be the time of the month!! It all depends what road you want to go down mate.The club has just got into massive debt building a new stadium, which I think most gooners would agree was, by and large, a good move. How the fuck can you have the hump that the club is making a profit!?Wenger has already acknowledged that we need a new striker, but we do still have a good sqaud of players, and nearly every other club in the league would love to be in our position. We have scored more goals than anyone in the league( without our best striker) and are looking good in all competitions apart from the Carling cup, which is all the spuds have to show for years and years of massive investment !so please save your whining untill the end of the season,because you might just end up with egg on your face ! By the way, you’re not related to that twat who writes that other old drivel Arsenal Truth are you ?

    • Funny … I was banned from Arsenal Truth for clear objective comments to the writer, no abuse no profanity… (Oh well somehow I still sleep fine) the article is a similar style. Loads of crap, but, if possible we would all be banned same crap different spud.
      Peace & Chicken Grease

      • matt dred says:

        Yeh,exactly what I was thinking, I was also banned from Arsenal Truth for disagreeing with the author. There are dark forces at work for sure !!

  19. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    Sorry Sinbad but thats 1 poor article. It is littered with mistakes. What makes you think that you have a right to know details of when or why Wenger (THE MANAGER) buys or sells players? Actually, I think the prozone stats for Pires dropped dramatically in his last season. He went to Villereal and straight away done his cruciate I believe. The reason why clubs can’t be totally transparent to their fans is because there is so many dumbarses like you about. And another thing Viera was not a defensive midfielder.

  20. Gale says:

    Please do all real Arsenal fans a favour and go support Man City, Chelski or a club that buys their silverware rather than earning it. Since everything the club stands for, and everything Wenger does bothers you, I think you’ll find switching club allegiance will solve your problem. I, for one, am proud to be an Arsenal fan.

  21. eduardo says:

    Sindbad aren’t you one of those who told us all last season and the start of this one that Song was not good enough for Arsenal and never would be, now you demand we sign someone to cover his three weeks away.

    As for Pires, you will find that Pires was offered a new deal, in fact a two year deal, but he refused it cos he had been subbed in the CL final when Mad Jens got sent off, his ego would not allow him to be anything other than a first choice player.

    Now to the empty seats, you will find that the tickets are sold, and for one reason or another fans can not afford the travel costs and other costs that comes with going to all the games so they are picking and chooseing which ones to go to. Maybe the lack of money they have is something to do with the world wide financial crisis, maybe you have heard of it.

    Why are you bringing up the club profits, no new figures have been released since october, maybe you have only come across them now, or is it the sky feature today about how much of a loss man city made last year and how Arsenal are the only club in profit, your article brings you out as a very childish individual with a childish view of how things work

  22. rafi says:

    Is the auther aware of the plight at the mancs where the club is in such dire straights they arent even sure what the world holds for them tomorrow as their loan repayments are getting out of hand? spend, spend, spend could come back to haunt arsenal, look at westham!

  23. nils says:

    mate i think you may be harsh but you have some good points, wenger talks shit and we keep falling for the same nonsense every year, he aint won nothing yet, he should really start stop talking about signings and make a damn signing sson as possible, the share holders are out for him and he knows it, if he wins somethin this year i will eat humblle pie but fellow gooners i dont hate the guy i just wishe he would act in the market and no-one can point the figer at him

    • P'TangYangKipperBang says:

      So he should go against what he sees every day in training etc and go and spend a load of money to please people like you. Grow up! Teams are about much more than money. At Utd Vidic cost 6 mil and nobody had heard of him and Berbatov was 30 odd mil. I know which 1 i’d want in my team.

    • Hambi says:

      “…..he aint won nothing yet,..”

      Are you serious? He’s won Arsenal so many trophies and brought so much style and pleasure to not only our fans but football. He has had managers playing catch up to his skills and knowledge ever since he came.

      Let me remind you that before him we had Graham and boring boring Arsenal and still no trophies and we finishing mid table. No Europe, NOTHING.

      People like you should go ‘support’ Man City, because what you really need is a football club to support your ego.

  24. Alan says:

    What would you prefer we do. Nurse Rosicky through almost 2 years then watch as he has a storming end to the season and has 20 clubs banging on his door to leave in June for nothing

  25. Alan says:

    I’ve been very impressed with how Arsenal and more probably Gazidis have gone about tying all our players down to long contracts

  26. anandamide says:

    What gave you the idea that Arsenal should win trophies every year? Oh yeah, it was the success that Wenger brought to the club. How a know-nothing like you gets off criticizing the greatest manager our club will ever have is beyond me.

  27. Iluvafc says:

    Some comments on your queries.
    1) yes we should probably get a DM & CF, but then again, we’re overstocked on diminutive hobbits in midfield who are desperate for playtime. So the gaffer ain’t gonna buy any. As for CF, he’l only go for one willin to play 2nd fiddle once our lads return.(I.e. Mediocre player). So I don’t see the point, since we’re quite abundant in that area as it is.
    I would rather see reinforcements in DC & GK. Veloso & Given would be great.
    2) Rosicky needs that contract cos he’s best mates with Cesc. AW wouldn’t want to see his Captain peeved. It’s called man-management. Simple really.
    3) AW exploits to the media on new signings is to get the other big spenders busy with impulse buys, & when crazy $ start changing hands he can get the guys he wants without undue interference. It’s called politics. Not rocket science also.

  28. Gunnernet says:

    Pires didnt get his deal because he was 32 when he left the club, not 30.. 2 years are huge difference.. And also he wanted to go because Wenger substituted him at Paris in front of his compatriots in the 1st half.

  29. andy says:

    It’s idiots like you that taint this club and as a result jeopardise or chances of keeping Wenger (the best manager we have EVER had at the club) leaving for Real Madrid in the summer. I bullshit you not, through speaking to people I know close to Wenger he was very close to leaving last summer because he was bewildered by the criticism he received. . Ha has made mistakes (silvestre) but what manager doesn’t.
    The fact of the matter is, Wenger will ONLY pay for a player on what he feels the player is worth. Have faith in what this man is trying to achieve remembering that we are not that far away!!

  30. Jig says:

    This is the first Blog I have come across where I see fans who actually cares what Wanger is doing for Arsenal and and willing to back him. He is the best manager in PL and we need to get behind him and not have a go at him….all the players he told us who he thought were good last season but we could not see have done good this season i.e. Song, Bentner, Diaby and Denilson. Players he bought have fitted into the team quick. We are making profit in time when world is in crises. I think there are lot of fans who can’t seem to see what he is doing for the Arsenal…he is taking us towards worlds best club. Well done to all who are behind him.

    PS. He is 6th or 7th richest manager in PL. Where I can see him make lot more money if he wanted by going to place like Man City who would offer him bigger pay check.

  31. Ed says:

    embarrassing article as ususal from sinbad. not sure this guy even watches football. just likes complaining. if he’s so worried about empty seats why doesn’t he buy a ticket like the rest of us?

    be patient, once the stadium has been paid off (because of wenger) we will have all the money in the world compete. if trophies are that important to you, go and support chelsea or man utd with the rest of their souless fans

  32. Marko says:

    6 days gone and you’re complaining about no signings. Right there you should stupidity and second the reason Pires was never offered a long contract was because he was quite plainly not as good as he was. Rosicky is 29 while Pires was in his 30’s when he left Arsenal. I realise you’re part of this new breed of Arsenal fan who just moan, complain and bitch and call our manager all kinds of names because you’re basically a cunt yourself but seriously Sinbad things are going well for us at the moment.

  33. Marko says:

    show stupidity not should stupidity*. You show yourself as stupid Sinbad ya plank.

  34. The Law says:

    Well well well, I thought I’d seen it all, but I’m glad you’ve proved me wrong. I’m sure that with your vast knowledge of football, and ridonculous scouting network, you could do Arsene’s job without getting out of bed in the morning.

    What a fucking moron.

  35. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    Sinbad MUST be a spud or a chav.

  36. Ben2 says:

    dude 1st of all why are you bitching about wenger?have some respect mate .. it is obviously good to keep rosicky because he is a good influence in the dressing room not to mention that he is tight with fabregas..he also brings a lot of experience for the arsenals young midfield , he was the captain for czech republic . Pires was losing his form and was offered a contract he was just to pissed off about being subbed off in the UCL final thats why he left or willareal probably offered him something better . we do not need vieira note that wenger tends to sell players at the right moment and he also has a policy of buying back anyone he already sold . It would be good to have a CB for cover plus 1 forward but wenger doesnt have to buy a world class DM because itll ruin Songs position in the team when he comes back so just a CB and Forward would do . Subotic and Cole should do the job for arsenal since Cole is already in the premier league showing form this season and he would be cheaper than the other forwards . Subotic can just be in standby waiting to replace and learn from gallas . but it all comes down to wenger
    the master of the transfer window so have some respect for the manager of your team man!Sinbad…..IN ARSENE WE TRUST!

  37. Ben2 says:


  38. johnny hoy says:

    How gratifying to read the comments to this drivel. Who is this geezer who writes this shit? As someone pointed out, life before Arsene wasn’t that great. In my lifetime we’ve had the double team of 71, George Graham’s time, and a bit of Brady in between. Although we’d won more than Spurs we were on a par with them until Wenger elevated us into another sphere… It’s a long way from perfect now, and so is Arsene but he’s the best we’ve ever had. Show some fucking respect.

  39. sinbadAKAadesperatespursfan says:

    What do we think of sinbad….
    what do we think shit…..

  40. Roquentin says:

    “… The day Arsenal stopped trying to win things and became a business that only cared about profit”

    You stupid, sorry excuse for a supporter! Wenger is building a fantastic team of exciting, skillful players – surely capable of winning things – while simultaneously securing the club’s economic and financial stability, and all you can do is shout “buy more players, bla bla bla”. Grow up, you moron! Do you want Arsenal to be the next Leeds or the Next Portsmouth? You should be so unbelieveably grateful for the sheer GENIOUS of Wenger, but all you can do is piss and moan.

    A DM? We need another DM like you need another hole in your head. The only player we need in our squad is a world class keeper, but I wouldn’t blame Wenger for not signing one, as I know this isn’t fantasy football. Sometimes the right player just isn’t available. I would rather see Wenger NOT buying anyone in this window than buying someone not quite good enough. Song will be back in a month or so, and even though v. Persie is out for the season he isn’t exactly dead. He will be back, Bendtner is probably back soon, and as some other poster mentioned, Eduardo is on his way back to his best. On top of that, we are scoring loads of goals from midfield positions – Diaby, Cesc, Ramsey, Nasri, Arshavin. Have you looked at the ‘goals for’ column in the table, for crying out loud? We have scored more goals than any other team. Surely, a new striker is not needed.

    In short, we are doing very, very well, despite a shitload of injuries. Now go SUPPORT our team and our manager instead of whinging like a little girl.

  41. willo says:

    Once again reading this blog makes me cringe.

    But then again I was ready for it. It amazes me that tugmuttons can still produce negative articles like Sinbad had here.

    Here are some ideas for your next blog.

    In no particular order…….

    We are not losing money. We are making money.

    We are high up in the league. With a game in hand.

    We are playing football that every other team dreams of.

    We have the best manager in the world.

    The best scouting sytem in the world.

    We have scored the most goals. Most games played without our main strike force.

    Misfortune and a few poor referee decisions have stopped us being points ahead of Chelsea.

    We have the best stadium and the best pitch.

    We have depth in our squad that beats most and matches all in the league.

    We are in the last 16 in Europe. With a favourable draw.

    We are top of the current form league.

    We are Arsenal!

    So pull your head in Sinbad, get behind the lads or fuck of down the lane.

  42. daniel says:

    are u a true fan, dont u remember. b4 pires signed i thought of him as an excellent player when in the champions league he beat 2 chelsea players and smashed the ball in from far and it hit the post than hit the other and went in (id never seen anything like it) and when he came he did not dissappoint. but after a serious knee injury that was the end of the white th14 and he was never the same( a true legend). not only that he was 33 and sunny spain was calling.
    im never that concerned if he does not sign anyone im happy with the players the style of play and im confident in wenger.( there is only 1 arsenal) i can see growth in cesc, song, denilson, diarby, bentdner and gallas. and valmelan is making an impact just like when we bought sol cambell. it show that wengar has an eye for a player from ramsey valmelan etc. so have trust u sad bastard

  43. gunner says:

    whos is there to buy though ?? i bet u cant think of someone?? if there was someone 2 buy he would of by now!People say dzeko or toulalan or yaya toure these people are too expensive,wenger dosnt get ripped off! this is why wenger is arsenals most successful manager and your writing blogs!

  44. mo says:

    why are u moaning for?am glad wenger doesnt go out spending crazy money…id hate to see arsenal turn into a club that just buys ready made players all the time..its exciting to have youngsters develope into world class talent. we are 3rd in the league with a game in a hand(much higher then anyone could have predicted). also remember a certain team called leeds who spent stupid money..where are they now?

  45. Chinmay says:

    i hope he does not buy some 18 and 19 year old guys coz they will develop in near future! We need decent players for now!

    Dont believe what Wenger says during Jan window. He wont let out anything.

  46. angelo says:

    Sinbad look at yourself in the mirror because I tell you what mate you made yourself look like a mug in this article and on top of that don’t slate Mr Wenger because the man has done wonders for the club and for the Arsenal supporters who love football all around the world with the beautiful football we play. So stop what you are doing have a reality check and come back with a proper article for people to read, not crap!!! By the way I’m not a moron so don’t get personnel!

  47. cally gooner says:

    Lot of easily pleased people out there. The time to buy, and I accept carefully, is when things are going well, but you know you are just short of a winning hand.Thats where this squad is. Dont know about Vela ,but Carlton Cole could fit in well as a holding player upfront. In fact Wenger should love him – good technical skill ,injury prone and a bit short on goals

  48. Fredwest says:

    Sinbad, thanks for having the balls to say what we all think. Shame on all of you for having a go at the guy who dared to question wenger

    • gary says:

      What an arsehole call yourself a fan,Sinbad & you havent a clue.Arsene Wenger has turned Arsenal into one of the best clubs in the World,how small-minded you both are……

  49. OM says:

    @Fredwest @Sinbad

    Seriously chaps very poor…. perhaps there is a good reason most people think this article is ridiculous bar you two? We are second, one point off Chelsea with a decimated squad due to a few injuries and your whining that we need XYZ to sign?!

    Plus you have shown some severe lack of knowledge on the Pires front. So very well documented about why he left for a better deal and have you ever played football? How much running does a centreback need to do compared to an attacking player?! There is a reason everyones fat mate called Tiny plays as a centreback!!! THINK next time before you write anything for people with actual football and arsenal knowledge to read….

  50. willo says:

    With friends like Fred West, no furthercomment needed

  51. real gooner says:

    mate gooners like u piss me off u dont no fuck all about football and uv got a blog that ppl read. ur views r all completely twisted. for the amount of money we have had to spend on players we should be floating around mid table. that wengers consistently bought us to the champions league. so what if his made a few mistakes here or there his only human and i challenge another to go do what wengers been doing for the past 13 years. so up urs u fucking prick i hope u dont ever blog again u vile piece of shit. GOOD TO BE A GOONER

  52. AdeBarnDoor says:

    errr … noob … Pires was 32 when he was shown the door …. Rosicky is 29 …. so age difference do play in the Offers ….

  53. theosdad says:

    Cover I believe is needed in the eventuality of any injury to our strikers and our centre backs especially if the idea that Senderos is not a permanent fixture.

    Eduardo during his first season was just starting to impress but was never in a million years the real deal and unfortunately has to restart his adjustment period after a career threatening injury.
    Saying that though the first part of the season I remember it was everyone else but our strikers who were scoring goals and that has been a strength of our squad this season.

  54. Adarsh says:

    The only reason i read this blog is to laugh at this idiot..
    Sindbad… u are a transfer crazed maniac…all u do is watch youtube videos and crib tht wenger should sign the player…if u had ur way arsenal would have a squad of 200…
    grow the fuck up…u are a 15 year old dumb fuck with a keyboard….stop playing fantasy manager…

  55. Shagx says:

    What a complete pile of shit. FC is a business, you stupid idiot. Without money, the club doesn’t function. You people really need to see the history and the future. Not long ago, Leeds were contenders, look what happened to them. Do you not see what’s happening at Portsmouth as well?
    If you were in charge at signing players at Arsenal, I’m pretty sure we would be playing in division 2.
    Didn’t people like you, called Song a complete waste of space and should be shot and disposed of? Didn’t people like you called Cesc a light weight and a joke when he first replaced Paddy?
    My gusee is adding all the “brains” on the internet, would not know these players better than Arsene himself. I’m pretty sure Arsens knows these player’s ability better than the player themself. He is awesome at judging player’s ability and where they best fit into our system.
    So relax! Have some faith and grow some balls! Even a kid at our club has more guts than you!
    We are 4 points behind Chelsea with 1 game in hand, scored 51 goals. That’s pretty damn good if you ask me!

  56. henryvex says:

    thanks to the people who gave this guy what he needed tu upgrade his knowledge abou ARSENAL

  57. james says:

    Sinbad you obviousley know nothing about football mate.

    Thomas Rosicky was not signed for his goals he was signed for his expierence, technique, passing abilty, tactical awareness and knowkledge and understanding of the game he fits perfectly into the arsenal way of play.

    first of all do some background checks before you use facts, like i quote ‘To make things worst i started to think about the way Wenger treated a true Arsenal great Robert Pires AT THE SAME STAGE OF HIS ARSENAL LIFE’.

    Look back mate pires was signed by arsenal when he was 27 rosicky is 28 arsenal released pires when he was 32 and i might add Pires wanted to leave to have a fresh challange before he retired. He also felt threatned by the youth at the club and arsenal only wanted to give him a 1 year extension and a 10k wage rise, which is understandable for yet another injury prone player that was on our books and much older than thomas.

    And the Alonso comment again sorry to do this i quote ‘Only to then tell us “We did everything we could” … Just like the Alonso deal.’ this deal my friend was almost signed, Alonso was at ashburton grove ready to sign the contract when liverpool got in touch with Alonso’s agent and told them the deal was off because their Gareth Barry deal collapsed.

    For heavens sake playing football is not all about signing new players every transfer window ask the spuds look what it does to them every season. If you want to support a team the wrong players willy nilly then i suggest you change alligences mate to man city or the spuds.

    I hate jan, we need this we need that we need 2 more players on an on an on for 31 days. Its pethetic this side we have have is pretty good our league standing tells us that.

    What i suggest you do is go back to your corner and let the grown ups talk and you concentrate on supporting the players we have. If we need he will sign SIMPLES!

  58. RvP says:


    Sinbad, you’re a retard. And so are most of the losers posting here.

  59. jackspade says:

    Sinbad…what a load of tripe.

    You whine and wail and cry when Arsenal have bad results, but when Wenger produces the goods you still whine and wail like a 5-year old.

    Funny thing is you don’t have anything to whine about at the moment so you’re just talking a load of bollocks. Give it a rest mate, seriously.

  60. BigL says:

    I doubt we’ll sign anyone. Wenger may try for someone 20 minutes before the windows closes, then tell us we were close to signing Kaka, Ronaldo, Villa etc.

    Same story, different transfer window

  61. truegooner says:

    stop bitchin. Before wenger arrived arsenal struggled, all you are now is a spoiled little bitch who expects trophies year after year trust me once one trophy comes all of them will come long live wenger.

  62. sam says:

    the amount of money we spend we should be fighting for relegation!! in the past 5 yrs 17 clubs have spent more net money than us! that means there are teams in the championship who have spent more thn us!!! wenger is a miracle worker and i agree in todays climate is turning us in to a MASSIVE club. what else can happen wen everyone else is losing milliions. i do however think the odd player here and there, ie like verm arsh at the right price would benefit us massively. that is all we needed in 2007 jan. i dont just mean in this window but generally, i understand how near impossible to bring i players like those, at the prices they cost, in most windows but if anyone can do it wenger can!!

  63. Danny says:


    Good article and agree 200%

    Wenger is fooling us and will not buy. We need to strenghten fast and spend the freaking money that charge us on high ticket for once.

    I look for the day this frog leaves and thats when we will start to win something.

    • P'TangYangKipperBang says:

      You sir are not only a fool but a racist! Who would you want to replace him? A good English coach like say, Allardice. Careful what you wish for you might just get it.

  64. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    It is really nice to hear so many proper Gooners talking supportively about our club. Thats the way it always was and should be. The trouble is the media these days. Sinbad isn’t especially simple he is just believes what he reads and hears. We have had an almost complete overhaul (as a club) in the last 5 years. As a result of this and outside factors such as crazy, unsustainable spending by others we have not won a trophy. To a sensible person this should not really surprise and could have been expected. To some this is a scent of blood/vulnerability. “The Media” have seen it as a possible in road to their favourite game; Build em up and tear em down. We were already built up after the “Invincibles” etc so great they could just enjoy their fave bit – The Fall from a great height. They remind me of these sickos you sometimes read about who have bothered to take an animal all the way to the top of a block of flats just to chuck it off the top. Thankfully, this particular “animal” is not a domestic cat but a baby leopard and is certainly not ready to be thrown. I know I wax lyrical a wee bit but the point i’m trying to make is that its media driven. People like Sinbad just lack the savvy to read between the lines: and he is not alone. He doesn’t see through the comments of Hansen, Cundy or Phil Thompson etc. Chelsea have been buying off the shelf, top dollar, ready made internationals for years – they’ve only won the FA cup in 4 seasons; PATHETIC! All things considered our achievements have far outshone theirs.

  65. brian says:

    The writer has clearly not known anything apart from the Wenger era unlike so many of us who had put up with many barren years and an awful style of football.To achieve success and play great football is probably what attracted him to Arsenal.I suggest he forgets football and continue to fund his life on his credit card because he clearly must have everything to-day and will pick up the pieces at some time in the future which is what he seems to want Arsenal to do

  66. BB says:

    Because Rosicky is Fabregas’ best friend in the team…simple as that…good move for that reason only…

  67. Rick says:

    Rosicky rules !!!

  68. […] YET MORE PROFIT!! Rosicky gets a new deal?So why didnt Pires?.And still no sign of reinforcements 1st off!! Good 2 see the business that is Arsenal FC have made yet MORE profit!!! That’s all i keep seeing […] […]

  69. Hugo says:

    Would you rather Rosicky hadn’t been given a new deal? Would that have been a better move for Arsenal Football Club to have made? You take two pieces of good news (huge profit and a world class midfielder renewing his contract) and turn them into something to whine about?

    I’ve asked you this a few times and you’ve never answered it, how old are you?

  70. Ed Health says:

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