Wenger : “it is unlikely that we will sign a striker”

Posted: January 22, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Today Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger said “it was unlikely that the club would be sign a striker” in this transfer window.

Wenger told Arsenal.com

“It is very difficult in January to find players who are available for the Champions League, who are just good enough to play for Arsenal and at the right price. You never know, but at the moment it is unlikely [that we will sign a striker].”

Everybody tells me to buy strikers even though we score goal after goal. Sometimes in football you get remarkable attitudes.

“I can understand the question, but if you look at the number of goals we score you have to say we must be doing something right offensively.

“Nothing has moved on the transfer market, we again last night [Wednesday] scored four and we could have scored eight. If you look at the chances we created in the two Bolton games you have to say we have no basic, deep offensive problems.

“We are more worried about the number of strikers available and every next incident can be a little bit detrimental to the success of our season, so we want to be covered more than we want quality…because we have quality.

“At the moment the chances are not there because we have not found the player we want. It’s as simple as that. Today we had training with Walcott coming back, Bendtner coming back, Ramsey coming back. We have offensive players.

“To buy more strikers would mean that to give them a chance to play you have to change the system. The system at the moment suits some players and the team very well. It raises many question, not only the investment potential but the whole balance of the squad.”

I would still like Arsenal to sign 2 players in this transfer window.We might be top,but I feel we need to sign 2 players if we want to win the league and fight for the champions league.

Striker : Eduardo cant play up top in this 4/3/3 and it’s showing. We have to find a replacement for Van persie in this window if we are goining to win something. We also need a Ball winner in CM : Song is the only player we have at the mo who can do this job well. We need cover for him.IMO if wenger refuses to sign players this window our chances of winning something will go with it. We are in a great position, but cover like Eastmond is not going to be good enough in the big games coming up.

Wenger must spend to give us a fighting chance

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  1. Steven says:

    My sentiments exactly man, but we’ve been saying this same thing for ages now but AW doesnt think so.You know what I think we can do? We can simply give it up as its now bothering on an extreme case of nagging. And we can also BELIEVE that AW knows what he’s doing and that the team, inspite of the spate of irritating injuries, will come thru the next series of games without serious damage to our title ambitions. We just have to keep on believing…nothing more

  2. Choy says:

    fuck not the news i wanted

  3. Alzation says:

    Why don’t you suggest a realistic transfer target for each position you would like us to buy?

    • Flamini & Huntelaar

      • Hugo says:

        Flamini yes, but Huntelaar’s too much of a lump. He did well for Ajax but has now failed in two of Europe’s top three leagues, as well as failing to really shine at international level. He might be worth a risk-free punt on loan, but there is very little to suggest he’d come in, having repeatedly not cut it at the highest level, and be an immediate success (and it would have to be immediate to justify your argument) in the fastest team in the fastest league in Europe.

  4. stonroy says:

    No I will not just give it up and say AW knows what he is doing. For several season now the obvious has been staring us in the face, we all see it. He is an unbalanced optimist, I would rather have a guy who thinks the glass is half empty when it comes to buying players as back-up. I don’t want to hear again that getting a player back from injury is like a new signing, ah NO, a new signing is a new signing.

  5. dave says:

    Oh dear shame that.

    Chamakh is due to tell us all where he is going nxt yr, maybe he is waiting for him on a free.

    It will take 3 week for full fitness regarding Bendtner

  6. Tony says:

    agree mate, we are doing well now but in 4 games time we could be 12 points off Chelsea with our run in.

    • I think wenger wants to win the title and then say ” i told you so, Who needs to spend money ”

      But if he gets it wrong? Then what? Will wenger still know?

      • stonroy says:

        He will blame it on injuries or how other clubs have infinite money, but never himself. I have never heard him say, “I take responsibility for this. It has been 5 years and I am to blame.” Never happened.

  7. thundertinygooner says:

    Your comments are spot-on.The real tests are just before us and our hopes hang by a thread.If Fabregas,Vermaelen,Gallas or Clichy don’t play throughout the season we will not maintain our challenge.Our cover is threadbare in several areas.Did Wenger learn nothing from 2 years ago when we were 5 points ahead in February and blew it?This may not happen if we avoid injuries but since when did we do that? I expected him to prevaricate and sign nobody ready to drop into the side.He is obsessed with three years time,we need to be obsessed with three months time.I do hope we are not sitting around in April/May reflecting on another wasted transfer window.

  8. danny says:

    this asshole has don’t it agin. bring the fans hopes up and bring them dowm. as a arsenal fan for 40yrs, i see the team fuck up in the next 4 games

    wenger has to go

  9. spareknacker says:

    nice one danny, Wenger has to go, genius.

    Top of the league and still in the Champions League and FA Cup.

    He’s shit isn’t he?


    What a bunch of moaning tools you lot are. We’ve got the highest goals to game ratio in Europe and you think we have problems up front?

    We needed more defensive cover and he got Campbell, job done as far as I can see (perhaps we could do with one more defender to be really really solid).

    How about having a little bit of faith and getting behind the team and the manager for the difficult run-in?

    Actually, scrap everything I’ve just said, I’ve realised what you’re doing now. You’re keeping up the negativity to keep everyone thinking we’re massive underdogs so the team don’t get cocky and complacent.


    • stonroy says:

      Spareknacker if we had our full team fit and available we wouldn’t be having this conversation, but we don’t. Our midfield depends on keep Rosicky fit for the next couple of months as we are completely barren without him and we know what the chances of that are. We have Nicky B coming back from a very long injury where we are uncertain if it will flare up again, that includes giving him a month to get back into it again at a time were he has to hit the ground running. We have a goalkeeper who….Well I don’t have to say anything there. The point of our frustration is it’s so obvious to all of us, we have the money let’s get some players in. I am not going to go as far as to say sack our manager, but I am frustrated and this is the forum to air that.

  10. Arsenal Mad says:

    Danny! SHUT THE FUCK UP…..if you have a prob go support liverpool.. they would spend 20million and still loose….

  11. Tony says:

    @spareknacker I have faith and I am behind the team. not that it has got us anywhere for the last few years.
    Wenger should have faith and get behind his cheque book once in a while rather than continue to be stubborn

    No one is asking for Kaka, Ronaldo etc, just some cover where its needed

  12. gazzap says:

    we dont need a striker. we have 5 fit strikers now. OK I admit Nik B needs to stay fit and I pray that he does. as for DM, Song has needed decent cover since august. he is a good player but if we ever lose him to injury then we instantly look vulnerable at the back. Everton and Bolton have exposed us. Denilson cant play that role properly while the kids are still 2 years away. DM is probably the only position we need now.

  13. Faby says:

    I’m not surprised at all. That’s Mr. Wenger on his best.

  14. Alan says:

    Actually it was Wenger who said that he would definitely buy a striker during the transfer window. He has been doing this for years, once the market opens he starts to backtrack and then claims the returning injured players will be like new signings. Seriously, how many times has he done this. Walcott will come back for how long before his next injury. Honestly Paddy Power would give you 1/10 that he’ll survive 10 minutes. So who else have we got coming back – oh yes our mature prolific right winger Bendtner.
    Don’t get me wrong, I believe we are lucky to have Wenger but as someone said earlier he made this same mistake 2 years ago.

  15. umz says:



      LOL.. Well done mate

      • vieira says:

        Mate,Does he honestly have to be merited on how many years he has supported Arsenal?

        He has got a point though,why support Arsenal if you guys cant stop bitching about Wenger.Okay i can understand you have got your issues with some thing, its understandable BUT what can you realistically do about it……..NOTHING.

        Either support the team or just post some meaningless shit constantly and blame Wenger for everything.

        How come you highlight the negatives more than the positives btw?

    • Gooner JJ 1971 says:

      Listen umz, we are not all as defeatist as many of the people who post on this blog. Stay with it and get behind the team rain or shine, its more rewarding that way. That’s a football supporter.

  16. spareknacker says:

    Yes we’ve had a bad run of injuries as usual, but players are starting to come back now and Song will return soon as well to give us a bit more solidity.

    Even with the bad injury list we’ve had, we’ve still scored more goals than anyone else. Our defense is a possible worry because of the reliance on Vermallen and Gallas (sorry if I spel anyone’s name wrong, I can’t be arsed to look it up).

    If we go and buy a new striker, who’s to say they’ll hit the ground running anyway?

    Everyone thought we’d struggle to score when Van Persie got injured (specially a certain Mr Marcoti on 606), but we’ve ajusted and carried one getting the results.

    After the thumping we took from Chelsea, we’d normally expect the team to take at least 5 games to start getting their self-belief back, but this season they seem to have grown up a little and realised that it’s only 3 points and not a reason to let things slip.

    I know the games we’ve got coming are big, and we may well drop points, but let’s be honest, we are more than capable of beating any or all of them and I’d go as fr as to say, even with our injury list, we’ve still got a stronger 11 than Villa, Man Utd and (maybe) Liverpool, but they might be buzzing by the time we play them if they can build on the Spurs result. Chelsea have just lot Essien as well.

    Let’s be positive for a change, enjoy being where we are and look forward to an exciting couple of weeks ahead.

  17. stonroy says:

    Yeah umz you just shot yourself in the foot there mate.

  18. JOEL says:

    Offensively we might look great and create loads of chances against the likes of Bolton-but Villa,United,Chelsea and Liverpool are unlikely to be as accomodating.Yes, if everyone was available then all of these sides are there for the taking.But no RVP and Song,coupled with the absence of Nasri,Ramsey,Gibbs,Eboue;and the unlikely re-appearance of either Bentner or Diaby means that Arsenal will not be competing with a proper first team squad to select from!The Manager is completely deluded if he choses to ignore this!By bringing in additional players during the Transfer Window he could have galvinised the side and set things up very nicely for a Trophy winning end of season run-in.I’m not saying that loan deals for the likes of Huntelaar and Flamini would have guaranteed success but would have certainly made it more likely.Instead the Season will hinge on the next 6 results-where “Top of the Table” could quickly turn to a distant third with no Cup competition to fall back on!

  19. Farai Mpasi says:

    Arsene please ,please buy a striker .Very soon you will be regreting why you did not when some of those players that you are banking on(brendtener,walcott,ramsey) get injured again or struggle to pick form.

    We want at least a domestic trophy or the league championship this season after a very long time without winning anything.I DONT SEE US WINNING THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE EITHER.IF WE DONT WIN ANYTHING THIS SEASONS PLAYERS LIKE FABREGAS WILL DEFINITELY LEAVE.MARK MY WORDS PROFFESOR

    Have a good day

    Farai Mpasi- Zimbabwean working in Libya

  20. Roquentin says:

    Hello! Wenger says it himself: We are scoring goals for fun. We do NOT need a new striker. Look at the table for crying out loud. We have scored 59 goals in 22 games, many of those games we played without RvP, Nicky, Fabby and Rocky, and STILL many of you are crying like babies for a striker. You obviously know nothing about football, but of course you all think that you are smarter than Wenger. I am sick and tired of all this “Wenger is stubborn” nonsense. Wenger is wise, but the stupid fans screaming for “just two more signings” are the stubborn ones. I have heard them cry “just two more signings” since 2005 for God’s sake. They said two more signings last year, then Wenger wigned Arshavin. They STILL said two more signings last summer, then Wenger signed Vermaelen, and now they STILL say two more signings. If Wenger signed THREE players tomorrow, those same ‘fans’ would still scream for two more signing. Idiots! And who says we haven’t moved forward since 2005? Look at how players like Fabby, RvP, Diaby, Song, Bendtner, Clichy, Eboue have come on leaps and bounds while Wenger has made intelligent signings like Sagna, Vermaelen, Arshavin, Rosicky. Stop bitching and moaning and get behind the manager and the team. Arsene knows!

  21. Mac Daniel says:

    Good blog. Absolutely agree with you. We have a chance to win the league because of the crazy season that is going on. But we had to buy a cover for Song and for upfront. It is already too late because the big fixtures are coming soon and new guys won’t be settled enough to help out. Wenger is a great coach and he knows all this but he is subborn and will rather resign than change his mind. If we beat Chelsea and Man.U. and lose to Villa and L’pool then we’ll be fine but if we lose to Chelsea and Man.U. then it’s all over unless more crazy stuff happens. The other thing is our chance for silverware lies only in the EPL. As for knock-out competitions we are no match for big teams who have world class players who can win games with moments of individual brilliance.
    Let’s hope I’m wrong. Arsenal all the way.

  22. Dan says:

    Waaaahhhh waaaahhhh waaaahhhh.

    Seriously… Still moaning?!?!

    Yes, we have injuries but you don’t buy just cos you have an injury… this is the real world!!

    If we buy a Striker then what do we do when RVP comes back from injury?

    I think you’re all expecting the striker you want to sign is going to come in a be brilliiant. Why? If we sign one, he’s gonna have to be from abroad so he’s possibly/probably going to struggle to settle in the country and even harder, the premier league (which is like no other league in the world). Not every player is going to come in and play like Arshavin did this time last year, in fact I think we’ll find Arshavin was the exception to the rule!

    Some of you need to realise the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere and the players that play on it aren’t any better than we’ve got.

    • HoBo says:

      I can’t believe this blog has created so much conversation. Arsenalaction is the same stupid prick who was furious that Wenger didn’t sign that idiot down at Sunderland Lorik Cana. We’ve all seen how USELESS he is. Please! SHUT THE FUCK UP!
      If we don’t sign anyone lets just press on and SUPPORT what we have. A young but ‘great’ team.

  23. Fredwest says:

    Well it’s simple. If wenger doesn’t spend and we fall to win anything it will prove that his own ego is more importance to him then the team.

    • Dan says:

      And if we do spend and don’t win the league??

      Oh wait, in your minds… new players guarantees trophies!! Now I’ve figured it out.. are you all really that simple minded??

  24. Vishal says:

    I think Wenger is going to buy Smalling from Fulham and may be Veloso too as we have not been linked with him in this transfer Window :).. Veloso is sort of player Wenger likes.. young, versatile(he can play DM or in defence). A striker we do need but I dont see Mr. AW buying one.. he may go for Cannales if he can…

  25. Dean D says:

    Wenger has done a good job this season! Its also been quite fortunate that ManU and chelsea have had such major defensive problems though!!

    And I for one will not judge wenger over one season!! I will be judging him over 6 seasons!! And if after 6 seasons he has not won ANYTHING!?!?

    Then it may just be time for him to step down!! (And I think he knows it!! but as stubburn as he is, he’d rather go out his way!!)

    Or prove us wrong…… Let’s see!!

  26. JOEL says:

    New players do not guarantee anything.But you can certainly guarantee that playing the likes of Villa,United,Chelsea,and Liverpool with a “patched-up” team will result in failure and excuses!

    • Dan says:

      So you want us to sign 6 players in the next week to cover for the 11 players out injured for the next 3 weeks?

      Then what happens when they return from injury??

      It’s frightening how myopic some of you are.

      • Tony says:

        @Dan who here is asking for 6 players?
        Even Arshivin has said we are short of players, his he myopic?

        perhaps its just a case of only Dan is allowed an opinion.
        There’s a job of dictator going in Iraq, it sounds like its right up your street.

  27. Choy says:

    I still cant believe AW has not signed anyone of any quality

  28. Azhim says:

    i think arsenal should bring new striker..why don’t wenger make an offer to bellamy?he is a good striker..he will make a massive boost to arsenal attacking striker

  29. Azhim says:

    Benjani, Nuno Gomes, David Guiza is also a good striker..

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