[Ratings] Arsenal out of the FA Cup, Does anyone really care?

Posted: January 24, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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It would appear NOT!

I can understand why Wenger rested some key players today with 4 BIG games coming up. But i dont understand a few things.

Why did he risk Fabregas for the full 90mins with a huge game with Villa in midweek? The FA Cup is clearly not a priority for Wenger, so why risk your best player?

Also, Today showed that……….

Walcott and Vela are not as good as we think and hope. Both did nothing, and its about time that BOTH stepped up there game if they want a future at Arsenal.

Denilson is not a defensive player and this showed for the stoke 2nd goal.

Fabianski is just as bad as Almunia

Great to see Sol Campbell back and he did well, But please god can somebody tell me how Silvestre is still at the club ahead of Senderos?

Up front we looked very weak.. Cant remember the stoke keeper making a single save in 90 mins.

I have watched a lot of the reserves last season and this and Eastmond was always a RIGHT BACK, And Coquelin was a Centre Mid.. Can somebody please tell wenger this. If you are going to give the kids a chance, at lest play them in there correct positions.

So we are out of the FA Cup, Who gives a shit… Lets just HOPE that the next 4 games bring us something. For me if we want to win the league we must take 9pts from the next 4 games.

If we win the next 4 games is anybody really going to care about the Stoke game?..Now we can concentrate on the league.…For the next 4 games anyway


Fabianski (6): At fault for the first goal and make a few mistakes

Coquelin (6): He is a CM. Dont ask me why he played at RB. Looked very poor, Not fair on the kids as he is a VERY good player

Campbell (7.5) Good to see the big man back. Looked stong and fit.

Silvestre (4.5) I hate this bloke. Lucky not to give away a pen. and was to blame for the 3rd goal.

Traore (7.0) Showed great pace going forward and made some very good runs and crosses. Shame we didnt have a big man in the box

Eastmond (6) A right back playing in CM???

Denilson (5) Weak, Didnt even try for the stoke 2nd goal.

Fabregas (6) Cant understand why Wenger risked him today.

Walcott (4) Very Poor.

Vela (5) Not as bad as Theo but close

Emmanuel-Thomas (7) Worked hard and linked the play well. But didnt even look like a striker

Subs – Eduardo – Arshavin – Ramsey = (6)

Debate this more on the forum www.arsenalaction.com

  1. silent stan says:

    i give a shit, its the one trophy we could have won

  2. DeeTees says:

    Providing we win the premier league (not the next four games), I for one will not give two hoots about the fa cup. If however we endure another trophyless season, I will want to know why we did not buy a striker before we lost to stoke ?

  3. K. Metz says:

    i kind of care but if we win champions league or premiership this will be forgotten. if not then some people will certainly care.

  4. Jack says:

    im not being funny or anything, but if you think we are gona win the next 4 games in the league then you are delusional… the fa cup represented the best chance we had of winning something this year, and although we did have players like fabregas playing, and more or less our first choice attack for the last 20-25 mins we werent good enough and were beaten by the better team on the day… i honestly cant see us being good enough to win the league, i still think we are a player or two short, and with the injuries we have we are probaly 3-4 short… and i think we still dont have enough experience to win the champions league, so yes i care, and if we come unstuck (i really hope to f*ck it doesnt happen) in the next few games then we basically have to pin everything on the champions league… i have an awful feeling of deja vu, like the two weeks that decided our season last year, the champions league and fa cup spankings we had from utd and chelsea…. i really would of preferred we went all out to win today and then try and take some momentum into the game against villa

  5. nilesh says:

    its good to be out of the fa cup so that arsenal can much concentrate on epl and cl. but it will hurt a lot if arsenal ends the season empty hand. now at least lets hope arsenal concentrate well on the 2 left cups mostly on epl because to beat barcelone for any club its will be same as nearly impossible.
    so guys even if wenger do not bring any striker we are good enough to win the epl. a news striker is a gamble it can work or not but the actual team is not a gamble because it is working and we are well aware of it. b52 can bring some goals even if not many but we can win on headers and can free arshavin to play in free football. and lets hope rvp get back fro atleast the last 10 matches.

    i strongly believe we can win the epl.

  6. GunnerX says:

    Going out of the FA cup is one thing, but we looked ‘toothless’ today, there were no stand out performances from any of our lads, apart from the goal, I can’t remember another shot on target. Let’s hope the gamble pay’s off. Villa up next, and only 3 points will do.

  7. French Gooner says:

    All rubbish.
    The FA cup has been our pride trophy for so long and Wenger really messed up by not valuing it!
    The fans are right to be angry!
    I mean conceding 3 goals to Stoke!!!! that is a disgrace!

    Hopefully Wenger will shop around and leave out the useless silvestre, walcott and denilson (i really mean that he is not made for the premier league. He would strive in La Liga)

    Now we have to really hope this does not knock our confidence for the critical 2 weeks ahead… Our shot at the league is a long one… let’s not blow it!

  8. daveo says:

    i don’t care… rather have a good crack at the league and champs league than get bogged down with FA Cup replays, etc.. I’d even take a 2nd place finish in the league over the FA Cup..

    • Jack says:

      seriosuly u’d rather finish 2nd than win the fa cup? wheres the sense in that? i think most fans realise that the experience of actually winning something will do this team, and the players themselves the world of good, as good as we have been this year, one of the reasons utd and chelsea nearly always seem to grind out a result is because the have experience in winning big games and trophies, and regardless of what trophy it is, as soon as we have that same experience we will be alot tougher to beat

      • Rob says:

        Finishing second (or even last for that matter) is financially MORE beneficial than winning the FA cup. So with the financial situation as it is, I think most teams are thinking that way.

  9. Chrisp says:

    No complaints at all really and a fair assessment of the players with valid questions for Wenger.
    To beat Stoke at their place you need a full team on their game. Fair play to Stoke, they did well. Physical as you’d expect but not OTT and on the hole we matched them. Size, experience and wanting it more won it for them in the end.
    It was weird though that when they went 2-1 up I was more fearful of having to fit in a replay than losing the game which says it all on the importance of the FA nowadays. It’s still a great competition and one that would be nice to win but almost relieved we’re out of it now.
    Sol did really today for a first game in god knows how long. Fabiansky is another adequate keeper in a long list of adequate keepers… David Seaman he’ll never be. Silvestre is a liability of the highest order and I wonder if Vela will ever show what he’s capable of. You could say the same for Walcott but i live in hope that he’s the next big thing.
    The league is there for the taking……. 8 points from the next 4 games and we’re in with a shout.

  10. big-ernie says:

    I understand resting some players, but this was just plain daft ! Campbell (had a good game) and Sivestre (had another crap game) have never played together, You talented players out of position (which will knock their confidence) and agree …. why risk Cesc if you are going to put out a scratch side ? I think Mr W will regret this, as I do not believe we are good enough for the league and in four games time we could be where we were last year, with nothing to show for this seasons efforts ….. I so hope I am wrong and I will back the team all the way, but my big fat gut tells me I’m not :0(

  11. RedandDread says:

    I give a shit! I also thought Stoke played well but we were never out of the game and even the commentators were of the opinion that we looked the less likely.

    Stop blaming someone for our loss. We lose as a team and as the fans. We have a lot to play for still but today was an encouraging display considering many factors.

    Theo is just back from yet another injury-some game to get going again. Give him a few games please.

    Denilson did score the goal-so remember that. He could still improve in a few areas.

    Sol played well and Silvestre played on very gamely.

    Traore is a defensively weak left back and we are probably paying the piper for all the chances that came down his side against Bolton Mk1.

    The forwards are lightweight-you only have to look at them to see that. B52 is coming back. we will need his height, pace and strength.

    Good experience, bad loss. It was ALWAYS going to be difficult and WE ALL knew a weakened side would take the field.

    But we had a CHANCE to win the game and that must not be discounted.

  12. Herman says:

    Could it be that Eastmond was in midfield because he actually looked like a quality midfield prospect when given a chance in the first team? Or that the man making the decision is a wee bit knowledgeable about midfielders. Oh… I’d venture a guess and say that Viera, Fabregas , Song et al didn’t just fall in his lap. Just a thought.

  13. Afif from Lebanon says:

    No Comment , but as we lost the carling cup anf the FA cup will also lose the epl and the champions league !!

  14. Home Alone says:

    Those crosses came from wide positions. Third choice left back and fourth choice right back (Coquelin is our fifth choice right back). No experienced big man up front to allow Vela and Walcott a bit more space in which to do better (assuming they could have – I am down on them both atm). Moreover, neither they nor the fullbacks made themselves available for Denilson particularly well (timing, angles, keeping possession, quicker thinking) and he’s a player that needs options to get out of tight situations (unlike Song).

    I hate losing but to be fair this loss is really about injuries, the ANC, choosing to have boys and not men as reserves, and an away draw. Not team selection, excepting that when Ramsey and co came on they were not up to the hurly burly of the match quite yet. We started to dominate in midfield but were too cavalier, inexperienced. We lost possession on the halfway line for both second half goals and the fullbacks were out of position. If Ramsey and co would have started then we’d have had more control of the match. But we’d have more trouble against Villa.

  15. RedandDread says:

    Jack why do you believe that we couldn’t win the next 4 games. Tell me why please. The team just topped the table in the middle of January and you don’t see that we can possibly beat Villa, MANU, CHelsea & Liverpool-yet!

    • Jack says:

      i dont think we’ll win all four, i think we although villa will be a tough game, we should have enough to get 3 points, and the same for liverpool, but utd and chelsea is a big ask… yes we were the better team against utd earlier in the year, but they still got the 3 points, and chelsea embarrassed us at home… and we were playing well and in good form too… i think chelsea will be too strong for us at the bridge, and although i fancy us having a good go at utd and it being a close game, at this time of year is when it really matters and utd have the experience and know how, of getting results when it counts, whereas when it really matters we seem to stutter and stumble… like i said i hope im wrong, but because we are in good form and have been playing well, could all mean nothing if we dont do it in the next four games

  16. BigL says:

    It goes to show how far backwards we have gone in the last few years.
    We use to compete for the double, now we compete for 4th

    • Hugo says:

      We’re competing for the title and the Champions League, not fourth. With a massive set of games coming up and a load of injuries throughout the squad we played a weakend team in the FA Cup and lost to another Premier League team, it happens. To me that doesn’t sound too dramatic, but maybe I just don’t share your rose tinted view of the recent past.

      • BigL says:

        be real Hugo, we are not going to win the champions league or the league.

        wenger had his chance to strenghen the team at the start of Jan to give us a fighting chance but has left it to late. Now even if we brought a couple of players they wont be in the team for the big games.

        we’ll lose to Man U and Chelsea we are not good enough to beat those teams.

      • Dazza says:

        why does everyone believe that whenever we lose, we must sign sign sign! Players take time to adapt and in our current situation, will there be any point to wait for them to adapt when Bendy is coming back at the same time?

        But signings should be made for a new GK, and a CB to get rid of Silvestre, and maybe a DM for cover as Denilson is useless. I think it’s too late to get a striker in this window, I doubt it will change much

      • BigL says:

        Its not a question of we have lost so sign sign sign. We have a good team but are missing a few players to make us an excellent team. We have been saying this for what feels like forever.

        Even Arshavin and Cesc have said that we need a couple of key signings to help us compete

  17. Joe says:

    Walcott is a nice kid, but he’s not a premiership player, never mind not being an Arsenal player. Time to say bye bye before his monetary value on the transfer market is zero

  18. Hugo says:

    Let Wenger decide where players’ best positions are, you may have seen a few reserve games but I’m sure he’s seen a hell of a lot more. Eastmond has always looked good in midfield when he’s been used and today was no exception. However, as soon as he was moved to right back the whole defence fell apart and we conceded two goals.

  19. pat says:

    i care,and now im really worried because we really have some crap players at the club who really dont deserve the jersey. we could of had dunne and given at the club for 6 million, can we not afford that?im fed up too the teeth of hearing of wonder kids and starlets and id bet you any money if the two players mentioned above were french they would be at the club. we have sold our soul too the french mafia

  20. Roquentin says:

    At 1-1, I actually thought Stoke looked ripe for the taking. The funny thing is that we lost at almost the exact moment when AW made the 3 substitutions that was supposed to make us better. Anyway, I do care about the FA Cup, but the title is more important (as is the CL – though probably impossible to win). Can we win the title? Well, I really don’t see why not. It depends on the next four games, and they will probably be tight games, and we certainly have a quite reasonable chance if we can continue creating all the chances we have created in the league this season. We could lose all 4 games (not likely) and we could even win all 4 (not very likely either), but if we take 8 or even just 7 points we will still be in the race with a decent chance.

  21. arseneknows says:

    look stop with this nonsence that we dont care that stinks of pure arrogance, i 4 1 am sick as a parrott with wengers total lack of respect 4 the fa cup and 4 our fans who travelled all the way 2 stoke. i mean how the hell does sendeross go on loan and silvestre stays? wenger is starting 2 really annoy me as we should have bought a good old fashion c forward by now. i am getting really sick with some of the decisions he is making and yes i was at the game

  22. Fredwest says:

    With man utd n Liverpool already out, this was a good chance to win “something” I pray that we now we the league

  23. alex says:

    not fair ratings.

    Fabianski – hesitant off the line for the first, but collected all the crosses quite comfortable, looked a bit stiff for 2nd and 3rd goal

    Coquelin – played at right back before, but didn’t do well, looked nervous, misplaced passes and outrun and outmuscled

    Campbell – Iron in defence, was good in the box and cleared a lot out of danger, but lacked pace

    Silvestre – worked hard but was out of position often

    Traore – dreadful defending, was never even in defence, someone has to tell him that a left back is a defencive position when under pressure, he was out of position all the time. Maybe he’s better off playing as a left winger

    Eastmond – did well both in midfield and RB, lacked some iron in tackles

    Denilson – no way a DM, works to little, doesn’t track back as often as he should and looked like he just gave up on stokes second goal. poor defencive play. lucky with the goal

    Fabregas – didn’t do anything wrong, tried to make things work, but was surrounded by crap. Kept posession well and played allways the right passes. Risky to play him though

    JE Thomas – worked hard, ran a lot and used his strenght well, but struggeled to invovle himself in the game. In other words didn’t do much. should have played DM maybe?

    Vela – tried and tried, failed and failed. To weak, didn’t make anything happend.

    Walcott – really poor. Drifted in the middle and never got the ball under control. Didn’t make a good pass all game, lost tha ball a lot and never used his pace. A game he want’s to forget quickly.

    Eduardo – never got the ball, after he got on arsenal was under constant pressure.

    Arshavin – worked well to try and create something right after he came in. The team was under heavy pressure and he gave up trying after 5 minutes.

    Ramsey – lively, also tried do do something, but not efficeint enough and looked kind of nervous in the box when he blew the ball over.

    All in all. dreadful performance by the gunners. Physically dominated by stoke, poor passing and movement and no few players willing to battle, like Denilson. Deserved loss and Wenger, as allways, is for blame for his yet again bizarre team sheet where he randomly selects positions for players. Also made very poor substitutions.

  24. sonnu says:

    all u stupid cunts why da fuck u all panicking totenham won carling cup portsmouth won fa cup so what are champions.no never coz big four managers never give priority fa cup or carling watever.we all know if you ask managers, players and fans we all want da league more than any cups.so shut up get behind the team instead thinking like dix

  25. Simon says:

    We have to get our priorities right here.
    Its easy to whine no, but it wouldnt have been worth risking the more important players and then go on to drop points at Villa as a consequence. I was even shocked to see Cesc start.

    This is no disrespect towards the FA Cup, but this year it was placed really unsuitable for us just before a key run of games in the PL. As long as it dont interupt our monentum I cant se the fault in Wengers choice.

  26. WTF have walcott done?

  27. arseneknows says:

    if he played a proper side it would have been worth the 75 pounds i spent all 2gether

  28. musher says:

    Best footbal brain from Denilson. I am really stun the way he got his deflected goal against Stroke, and got our equaliser. He probably knew his misake for scoring and I am very thankful to see how Denilson’s unwillingness to pace and close down Stroke winger to cross the ball that led to Stroke second goal, and it cost us the FA cup. Now we could focus more on the EPL. A classy defend midfielder in making, I am convinced.

  29. gunner90 says:

    Surprised Fabregas was risked for this game – if he had got injured against a physical team like Stoke – our chances of winning the League or EC would have definitely been zero. Denilson ( apart from the lucky goal chance given to him by Fabregas) was awful – HE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING – no skill,no pace and no defensive ability! Walcott and Vela have nothing to offer – they will not be at the club long term! Just hope that Bendnter is back for the Aston Villa game – we desperately need a big striker for the 4 difficult games ahead and Wenger is not going to buy anyone in this window – that is for sure!

  30. o2ba says:

    i wouldnt care as much if i was convinced that were champions material, but were not, yes were up there, but thats thanks too man u and chelsea under performing, not us being unstopable
    we start games to slowly and arrogent, look at everton and bolton games, we easily could have lost both, i agree we done brilliant to come back, thanks to our new fighting spirit, but we cant keep doing that, as we will get found out, i hope im wrong,

  31. Mac Daniel says:

    I agree with the decision to sacrafice the FA cup for the big games that are comming. We’ll entertaine Man. U. in London where we have a chance of winning and then hopefully Song, Diaby, Bendtner, Clicy, Eboue, Ramsey will be available and match fit. So if we have the other main players healthy and not overworked then we have a good chance against Chelsea. Then after Liverpool the EPL schedule is not bad. We’ll have the Spurs at WHL and Man. City at home. I think we have a decent chance. I’m not saying that it’s a walk in the park but we do have a crack at it. Luck as always is the biggest factor so lets hope that we stop getting injured.

  32. JOEL says:

    Of the coming fixtures-this was the most “win”able-even given the current injuries.Presumeably Fabregas played because Wilshire was unfit.That said the team performance was lamentable,dis-jointed and toothless!
    We don’t have a goal keeper good enough to compare to any other side in the top six of the League-with the possible exception of Gomes!Almunia Fabianski and Mannone have all been found wanting in the games which really matter.Defensively today we were OK considering that Coquelin is not a full-back;Traore and Sylvestre are both “an accident waiting to happen” and Campbell was playing his first competitive game in months.Denilson was his usual moderate self-not a bad player-but neither a particularly good one ;and definitely not suited to taking over the defensive role from Song.Eastmond again was OK but really isn’t ready to play at this level yet-although he would have been better utilised at right back!It was the forward line that was most dissappointing,though.I’m afraid Walcott did absolutely nothing except run into Stoke defenders,time and time again.E-Thomas was,for the most part,left completely isolated and although he won a few headers his “first touch” made Adebayor’s look like that of Pele!Vela might do well in the Spanish League,later in his career,but is far too lightweight to pose any real threat in ours’!
    Unfortunately this game sets the tone in terms of “what’s to come”!Winning would,at least,have built the right kind of momentum going into the next four “Big” league fixtures!Instead it would have un doubtedly served to create more doubts in the minds of the “captain” and the other mainstays of the “first” team who were brought on for the last 20 minutes of this farcical match!
    Most Arsenal supporters know that this side could win trophies if it was both “fully-fit” and “fully available”-but it is not.Throwing cash reserves at mid season purchases isn’t necessarily the answer to the problem but this team has needed bolstering for some time-it NEEDS a decent GK another good DM and in the continued absence of RVP a proper CF!Time and time again the Manager has intimated that the squad needs strengthening but he fails to act upon his own assertions.Loan moves for Huntelaar and Flamini in early January could have galvinised the squad and allowed them time to find their feet.If they had played against Stoke i’m sure they would have done better than what was otherwise offered today!
    The next few weeks will set the tone for the shape of things to come.I hope I’m very wrong-but I dont believe a returning Nicky Bentner will make any difference to our attacking threat against our biggest rivals!!At least Song should be back in time to help us stay in the top four although this shouldn’t be the means by which we determine the level of success during a given Season!!!

  33. vieira says:


  34. Frank says:

    Silly to blame Denilson for the second goal. Where was the actual left back? Didn’t appear at any point during the move.

  35. goonerboy says:

    I am not confident we would have won this match with our best available 11 players. Victory would have required another superhuman effort against strong well organised opposition-3 times in a week is too much to ask of any team. Arsenal has a massive injury problem- almost every player is either playing with an injury, out injured or is below par coming back from a serious injury.
    Our playing resources in key areas are demonstrably insufficient once again to meet the extreme physical demands of the English season. We are not in any shape to win anything and will be lucky to end up in fourth position.

  36. GrimGunner says:

    Im a professional gambler (poker and sportsbetting) Did anyone else bar me notice (Im in australia) that stoke were way over odds (I got them at $4.55 or 4.55 to 1) We were never going to win with Silvestre there, he is god dam hopeless.

    Arsenal were never going to win with that line up and in response to this article, No I dont think anyone cares and it could be a massive boost for later fixture congestion.

    I feel we had to rest players, I mean our next 4 epl games are possibly the most important in the clubs history, considering its been so long since we have lifted a trophy.

  37. Harry Barracuda says:

    The FA Cup is our best chance of winning a trophy this year.
    I do believe Portsmouth are probably saying the same thing. As are Stoke. As are Birmingham.

    It’s also their ONLY chance of winning a trophy this year, so they can take it fucking seriously.

    It isn’t just WINNING the league that is important, it would be nice financially to come 2nd or 3rd, and not have to qualify. That’s worth more to us financially than winning the FA’s teacup. I fully support Wenger using both of the domestic cups to give our reserves some experience.

    The only people that care are people that can’t see the big picture, or are just moaning Wenger knockers anyway.

    Although even I wonder what he sees in Silvestre. Why couldn’t we lend HIM to Everton?!

  38. Gooner JJ 1971 says:

    Where are the player ratings for the previous 10 games?

  39. arseneknows says:

    sonnu are u a thick twat or what? u are the most thickest so called fan ever u idiot , do u ever go 2 any games or do u watch all the games from ur armchair u stupid twat. u call ur own fans cunts and we pay money 2 go 2 these games home and away and we all have an opinion so what the fuck is ur problem? and yes the fa cup is important cos who says the league is a guarantee u arrogant twat , remember we aint won a trophy 4 5 fucking long years u fucking moron armchair fan . who the fuck are u 2 call fans who have an opinion cunts u stupid armchair fan TWAT UR SORT AINT NEEDED AT OUR CLUB , FUCKING IDIOT

  40. arseneknows says:


  41. rfff says:

    u have no idea how to rate players, traore 7.0 for good going forward what about good gettin back dont think so…

  42. […] [Ratings] Arsenal out of the FA Cup, Does anyone really care? It would appear NOT! I can understand why Wenger rested some key players today with 4 BIG games coming up. But i dont […] […]

  43. Sam Le Man says:

    No one goes into any game wanting to lose, but you could sense that the lads weren’t totally up for this one. We were hoping to catch them on an off day, but that was never going to happen from the minute the first goal went in. We were out muscled and overpowered by a shit team whose game is better suited to league 1 or 2. The irony of it all is that the two best bits of football in the entire match won them the game. Does anyone care?? I don’t. Arsene will always play a hybrid team in the FA Cup so who says we were guaranteed to win it this season anyway???? We would have had another trip to Citeh were we suffered our heaviests defeats this season. If we stay in the title race to the end of the season and be good enough to lift it, then I wouldn’t lose a wink. Get some perspective people, WE ARE PUNCHING WELL ABOVE OUR WEIGHT AT THE MOMENT, and in todays world the FA Cup is CAT C competition behind the Champions League & The Premiership.

  44. Gooner JJ 71 says:

    My point is why does this s_ite only offer player ratings for games that we lose or where we give a lead away to draw? The posts on the s_ite are only made to validate a couple of misguided fools who think that Wenger should sacked, they then describe anyone who defends our glorios leader as AKBs. S_ite.

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