Did Wenger LIE to the Arsenal fans AGAIN?

Posted: January 27, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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A few weeks ago the Arsenal king of spin Arsene Wenger said that he wanted to bring in a frontman to cover a couple of key injuries.

At the time i said on the forum that Wenger was useing this to get the best out of Eduardo and was not going to sign a striker. Then Wenger came out and said “I want to buy as soon as possible” and” I will spend my money responsibly” I again said that this was bullshit and within the next few weeks Wenger would come out and say that the return of injuryed players would be like NEW signings..and not for the first time, He “DID

Not the first time we have seen this from Wenger over the years. and not the first time he has lied to the fans and mugged us off.

Why come out with all this bollocks on Arsenal.com and get the fans hopes up about new signings only to let us down? I do wish Wenger would just keep his gob shut and stop coming out with all this crap.

Over the years he has said things like ” I will sign 2 world class players, ” The Arsenal fans will be reassured by the new signings” I will sign BIG players”…Etc etc etc.

And everytime we are let down.

And NOW Wenger who recently told the world that he was looking at Chris Smalling has missed out on yet another player. Why did he say anything about Smalling anyway? … by doing so he told other clubs who might have been looking at Smalling that we were looking at him and there might be a chance we could missed out on him.

And Man Utd showed Arsenal hows its done. In 2 days they had a bid accepted and the player signed.

Unlike Arsenal who seem to take 5/6 weeks to sign a player and get the deal done but trying to get him as cheap as possible. and run the risk of missing out, Just like we did with Alonso, and how we almost missed out on Arshavin.

Well… Yet again a transfer window has come and gone and Arsenal do nothing. Like i have said loads of times, Arsenal care about one thing and thats profit.

We are in a fantastic place to win the league and by investing some of that £30m from the sales of Adebayor and Toure on much needed replacements for Song and RVP we might have gone on and won the league.

Now I just fear that the next 4 games will put an end to that and our season.

But who cares, At the end of the day the club will be happy with the profit and the “in wenger we trust crew” will tell us that Wenger did a great job. But the sad fact is that this season we had a real chance of winning something for the first time since 2005 and all we needed was 2 players and our manager to spend some of that profit.But yet again Wenger has shown how stubborn he is… I just hope that come the end of THIS season you will all see what I see.

Arsenal care about one thing and thats not winning things, its about making money and Wenger is treating my club as his own project. This club is now a farm. We sign players with only one thing in mind, to sell them on for a profit.

Why? Dont we spend good money at Arsenal? Why dont we get the big signings like Torres etc?

Maybe thats why you are now seeing so many empty seats at Arsenal. People have had enough of this and i cant blame them.


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  1. JB says:

    Yeah. Did ManUtd show how it was done with Aaron Ramsey? And who is the better player? You talk SHIT all the time on this site.

    We’re going TOP tonight. Do you get that? TOP OF THE LEAGUE! And all you write here is negative bollocks like the plastic idiots you are.

    The LAST player I wanted Arsenal to sign is Smalling. He has played LESS than a dozen professional games!!! And i believe if Wenger could’ve got the striker he wanted he would’ve done so. He’s probably after Dzeko but the price was excessive. Chamakh free in the summer makes more sense because it frees up money to buy a PROVEN C/B.

    Sinbad. You’re a wanker, mate!

    • Arsenal&Arsene says:

      Totally agree mate… Totally agree.
      Red&White… Through & Through.

    • BigL says:

      whos the duleded wanker now eh?

    • Drew says:

      caught with your pants down there JB..

      not saying the post is fair to Wenger, but take away all the harsh emotion from the piece and Sinbad makes valid points

      Man Utd do not waste time, they go in put in a fair bid and get their man.. bottom line is they won the last 3 premierships and a European cup because of Ronaldo, we were first to bid for Ronaldo, under bid and lost the man.. Man Utd came in with a good price, rode on his back for three titles in a row and then flogged him off for a hefty profit.. now wayne is taking over for that lot over there, another import..

      Arsene needs to get a striker asap.. Looks like Eduardo might have done his hamstring in..

  2. Rich says:

    Real chance of winning something, pretty sure you werent saying that at the start of season, If i remember right you predicted 6th or 7th. He said from the start he would like to buy, not that the would, he would only buy if he could find quality, and said he didnt have any targets.
    and he has brought in sol and galinda.
    You are full of nonsense and seem to love nothing more than stirring the pot.

  3. stonroy says:

    Okay that last paragraph went a bit too far, however I agree with you. He has no right to disrespect the fans they way he does. He says there wasn’t anyone out there who is Arsenal class, that’s a load of crap, I could give you a list a mile long, however they are more than 20 quid and a packet of crisps. He has no right to play with our emotions like that.

  4. Guna says:

    Christ you whine like a little girl.

    Grow up you spoilt little cunt.

  5. drew10 says:

    You spout the biggest load of crap I have ever heard!! We have signed Arshavin who is a world class player. I don’t think Wenger saying he will sign only the players he thinks will improve upon what we already have is a stupid notion.

    Also Arsenal don’t only care about profit, what a load of shit that is, they care about completely the opposite and that is debt.

    Christ why am I even bothering to answer this total crap?

  6. TonyM says:

    I was saying something simliar over at young guns and some guy slated me.
    Its very frustrating being promised signings and then 2 weeks later being no we’re not signing anyone. and this is every transfer window now

  7. Ben says:

    I think you moan too much. BUt I do agree that Wenger should stop saying these things to supporters. It’s like he is pretending to sign people to take the heat off his back and then right at the end of the transfer window says he doesnt need anyone and never did. It’s patronising – he must think we’re stupid. I don’t think he ever intended to buy anyone in the first place. Wenger should be more honest with supporters not treat them like something on the bottom of his shoe.

  8. Rabie says:

    wHO THE hell do you think to are talking like that about a living legend?

    Its sad to see such stupid Arsenal fans. He said he would buy if he found the right player. Go play fifa and leave blog writing for some1 that actually has common sense.

  9. Dave says:

    did you really expect him to sign a player? of course he lies, he lies to us every transfer window.

    • bergy says:

      Actually he has signed players! Campbell is experienced and quality. Signing young player who none of us has heard of is what Wenger does best. I can mention Vermaelen, Song, Toure, Sagna, fabregas, Ljungberg and Vieira.

  10. LB says:

    Dude, you need to get over yourself. This is so childish. I’ll intro you to my 2 year old niece, you’ll get along really well.

  11. stonroy says:

    LB no dudes here, piss off you twat.

  12. chris says:

    great post i for one am frustrated at our lack of activity in the transfer market theres a que of players that want to join arsenal but wenger doesnt sign no 1 and when we lose he says we were unlucky bad referee or we come back stronger we shoewed a togetherness etc etc we need a new goalkeeper a new midfielder and perhaps a defender and our squad would be able to match ne squad in the league we need 2 get rid of almunia and silvestre

  13. GunnerFishing says:

    Totally agree, we should spend all the money we have and more and get into all sorts of trouble like Leeds, Liverpool, Manure, Man city and Chelski. Lucky for Man city and Chelski that they have a sugar daddy or they would be in administration already. Spending big money does not guarantee anything.

  14. matt says:

    Like we missed out to manure on Ramsey. who showed who how it was done that time??? Gary Neville i suppose. You are the most negative twat i have ever known. I really have no idea why you support Arsenal. All you ever do is moan and whinge like the fat idiot you are. You say nearly missed out on Arsha like you know exactly what happened. Well he pLAYS for us so just fuck off up the other end of seven sisters TWAT. Yuo should be getting behind the team at a time like this, but no not you Sinbad just your usual shit.

  15. Arsenal&Arsene says:

    Shut Up! Everything You Have Posted This Season Has Been Negative… Don’t come with your bullshit. I’m a 35year old man, and I have see when the club has been at it’s low points. And believe me if you think this is BAD! then you know CLUE! about the club you claim to support… As to go with the Striker claim… who are the top scorers of the league son?
    You NEW! Arsenal supporters make me sick.

    • TonyM says:

      I’ve been an arsenal fan for 25 years. and it means nothing. what he says is true even though he loses a bit at the end. this isn’t the first time wenger has promised signings and not delivered. the frustration is the fact that we’ve been close in recent seasons but the belief is that one or 2 extra players could have pushed us over the finish line.
      Alot of fans who have been through lean times are happy with status quo. I for one do not see the problem with fans demanding success. People say we have no right to trophies. well why not? We are very capable of doing it with the structure we have in place now. And for all the people claiming it will bankrupt the club, we took in at least 30million for adebayor and toure and the board says there is money there. We take in 3million a game at emirates. Also 2 new 10million pound players will pay it back in 6 months if we win the league. And the fans are happy.

      • Thanks for your comments

      • this is a spuds site says:

        Buying players doesn’t equal success…look at Leeds Utd a few years back, look at Liverpool now. I’ve been going to Arsenal for the last 16 years and I’ve been lucky enough to see the changes at Arsenal since Wenger took over. I admire the man and his philosophy, he’s worked wonders at the club and I hope he sticks around to see this team develop the enormous potential it possesses. Why buy quick fixes which will stem the young players development….we’ve already got a massive squad full of quality (Silvestre and probably Fabianski aside); GK Almunia, Fabianski, Mannone; DF Sagna, Eboue, Gallas, Djourou, Vermaelen, Campbell, Silvestre, Gibbs, Clichy, Traore; MF Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby, Ramsay, Wilshire, Song, Eastmond, Rosicky, Nasri; A Van Persie, Bendtner, Arshavin, Walcott, Eduardo, Vela……..plus all the promising kids. Surely you can’t want more!!!

      • GoonerC says:

        I’m so confused – can someone please give me a quote where Wenger promised signings?

  16. Alan says:

    I’ve been saying this for as long as Wenger being sprouting it. His next statement comes in May when we are trophyless. It goes like this ‘I have identified our weaknesses and we will certainly buy 3 super class players. Super super class. The supporters will be reassured by what they see. We want to do this early, certainly before the World Cup.’
    This will be followed up in August by ‘the players coming back from injury will be like new signings – actually I can’t even continue – you know the rest by now.

    • Dave says:

      don’t forget as part of that statement he will let 3 players go and not replace them

      • That sums it all up… The way Adebayor and Toure went without being replaced and Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto.

        Now he has started to sign players like Silvestre and Campbell on the cheap. Im sick of it

      • GoonerC says:

        Toure wasn’t replaced? How about Vermaelen – a far better player who cost 5 million less? YOU ARE A MUG.

  17. stonroy says:

    In all honesty I think he is in for Chamakh and new that buying someone now just wouldn’t work.

  18. Mike says:

    If we bought a striker now what we do with them after all of them are fit? Would we sell a striker or just have too many? We need strikers because the majority are injured, if they weren’t you wouldn’t be asking for a striker. How many do you want to add to van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo, Walcott, Vela and the others that can play up front? I know let’s buy more strikers so we have too many.

    I’d be happy to sign an experienced defender for £12million (what United offered) but I’m not sure Smalling is worth it. I haven’t actually seen him play. He won’t win us the title!!!!!!!!!

    It’s really boring this Arsene we trust rubbish, it’s so tedious the clamouring from the opposite sides. Get over your negativity and support the team!!

  19. GunnerPete says:

    You call AW stubborn????Blimey mate you must have green coloured eyeballs spouting the same old crap every week.
    This ‘we are and have been in a position to win the league’ excuse me again is it that shocking Arsene who has got us up ther against not only your predictions of doom but also your onbious wishes!

    It was not £30 million from sales it was £40+ mill and £10 mill was spent on Vermaelen or dont he count?

    As for AFC being only in this for profit …what as against being in the red like Manure..Liverpool…Chelski….Spurs etc etc. Get real son and get that bloody great chip of hate off your back. The only thing I will agree with you I do not like about the club, but again is nothing to do with AW…and that is the shocking brinkmanship they play on transfers. This fails more often than we know and Smalling looks like another one where Manure apparently made an offer 8 weeks ago ( 2 days) and Fulham were hoping that AFC will get the price raised and it worked..they also keep him until June. We should be quicker and willing to pay the going rate but we have been this bad since about 1960 when we allowed Spurs to beat us to seven top players who turned them into world beaters for 3 years.

    So put up or belt up mate and try to become a real supporter.

  20. tim says:

    Blah blah blah.

    Wenger has us on par with the rest of these free spending, debt collecting fraudulent teams who are spending money they don’t have.

    Unlike the other top teams, Arsenal are run like a business. If you can’t recognise this then I don’t know what to tell you.

    And who, may I ask, did you want us to sign? Keep in mind that the player signed would be expected to make an IMMEDIATE impact. There’s absolutely no room for error. You probably want a striker; what available striker could come in and make an impact right away?

    When Arsenal are celebrating a well-deserved and well-earned trophy this season or next, a trophy won in spite of our not getting involved in silly spending that will cripple a club in the long run, I, for one, hope that you have relinquished your support for The Arsenal and stay home and leave the celebrating to the rest of us.

    • Dave says:

      When Arsenal are celebrating a well-deserved and well-earned trophy this season or next…

      Haven’t we been saying that for a long time now?

  21. Greg says:

    Great post. I feel the same way and this is the reason why i have now stopped going over the Arsenal and the reason why i have stopped buying anything to do with Arsenal.

    I will not give them a penny until they start to invest it BACK into the club and on players.

    I’m sick of Wenger and the board treating us fans like mugs.

    Well said Sinbad. About time somebody had the guts to say this

  22. ron says:

    wenger is a very sick man and very big lie.hes waitin for bent52 to come back but the guy is pure shit. before he got injured how many goals did he score? last season he played alot when vp11 wos injured and he did shit again.wenger says buy the right player at the right price but what aout the fans why cant we buy the right match ticket at the right price? he would never lets us off 50p but he would never pay 50p extera for a singing. its realy time he left we need a new board with a new manger who wants to win something. ita not a youth poilcy its called makein alot off money policy. most off the young players hes got are very shit at best. 6 years without winning the epl that says alot about hes sick project.

    • Gorakshep says:

      “but what aout the fans why cant we buy the right match ticket at the right price? he would never lets us off 50p but he would never pay 50p extera for a singing”-agreed, 50 p should be the ticket price !!

  23. stonroy says:

    I love these people that come on here as if he is saying we should sack Wenger, he’s not so read the article. If you don’t think that Wenger has been using us as a pawn with his supposed talk of buying new players, I must say your head is well and truly up your ass

    • anandamide says:

      ok Mr. Clever, maybe you can explain what he’s using us as a pawn FOR? What would be his motivation? His job is secure at Arsenal, so he doesn’t need to use you as leverage for the board. And if Arsenal were stupid enough to get rid of him he could get a job at any club in the world and not deal with whiny bitches like you and Sinbad. Would you like to explain what he stands to gain by using a turd like you as a pawn? I thought not….


  24. charles says:

    This guy is always moaning, bitching, crying.
    he is like a lil boy in a store who doest get his way everytime i see his blog he is negative,
    wenger this wenger that wenger the other .

    i bet he wanks over murder she wrote repeats.


  25. Mike says:

    you are a complete idiot, this is not an ‘in Arsene we trust’ situation, it’s just a completely pathetic statement. why is it only arsenal fans that behave like this? we have a huge game against villa today and this is where your focus is. when people say, ‘1% of idiots that have a view’, well done mate, you’re firmly in that 1%. don’t bother replying to my post, i won’t ever be reading this again – embarrassing!

  26. The Fabster says:

    Sinbad mate, not always I say this, but I completely agree

    I wouldn’t throw away our chances of winning the league yet, but without a big man upfront, we will never be a threat to defences. Eduardo, Arshavin and Theo are fantastic individual players but cannot play together in the same team.

    Up the Arsenal, I’m trying to stay positive but can’t help fearing the worse.

  27. stonroy says:

    Let me ask you all this question. Ih we were debt free do you think Arsene would spend money any differently? Yu know what the answer is…Xabi Alonso- Ribery- Chamakh- Smalling..

    • Jose Reyes says:

      Stonroy, first of all, Ribery is old and overrated. He would never fit in at Arsenal and you just need to accept that. I admit we should have done better with Xabi, he would be a good signing. And Chamakh will be free in the morning. And if you haven’t noticed already, Smalling has signed nothing with Man U and it Arsenal matched their bid and maybe went higher. Now it is up to Smalling, an arsenal fan. Please stop making such stupid posts and just start actually supporting Arsenal.


  28. dandan says:

    What unadulterated rubbish that turgid brain of yours dreams up.

    You are living proof of the old saying “you cant polish a turd”

  29. ds goon says:

    no one PROMISED any signings you sad wanker. stop you’re pathetic winghing and go support the spuds. i’m sure you’ll like it there.
    ‘in arsene we trust’ you silly cunt

    • Davoody says:

      Oh My God! AKB’s everywhere…… Its Arsenal FC not Arsene FC ….

      I have supported Arsenal over 30 years, i feel i have room to comment.

      I agree he does spout the same old crap every season “super super players”… funny how its always around season ticket renewell time…

      I think your post actually says what i lot of us feel.

      Well the Arsenal supporters, Arsene supporters have a very old tiresome “in trust” approach.

      Keep up the good work….

  30. scott says:

    top league scorers without our main striker enough said arsene is a legend

  31. Stroller says:

    If you’ve had enough then just p*ss off elsewhere. You talk like an 8 year old, but your real motivation is probably to get attention on the net by sensational headlines. There are far more empty spaces on this Arsenal blog due to the infantile stuff like this, And cut out the ‘we’ please because you don’t speak for the majority and your certainly the last person I would want representing me. Get it into your thick head that Wenger knows 1000% more about what’s going on at the club and what’s needed than you so stop pontificating rubbish.

  32. SF Gooner says:

    Absolute horseshit. Even if we only end up with 6 points our run in for the rest of the season is which we can go on a serious winning streak and the other WILL drop points.

  33. JJ says:

    Wenger will only buy better players than he’s got. Does that include Denilson? There are League One players better than him.

    • Jose Reyes says:

      JJ, you are an idiot. who do u think you are? Denilson is in contention for a place in the Brazilian side during the World Cup. You think a shit player could make that team. Think before you post you dumb ass.

    • SK says:

      Oh really. Who ?

  34. ron says:

    wanker is just a big lie most off players are very shit or just injured most off the time and he cant find anyone batter then that? walcock vela bent52 and edu silva all off them put 2gather ant scored more then 10 goals? and wenger cant find anyone batter then them?

    • Jenkinson says:

      What a load of ‘bollix’ this site is. You must be deliriously that so many people click on to tell you what rubbish you write.
      Wenger has not ever directly addressed ‘fans’. Mainly he responds politely to quite aggressive unpleasant questions from journalists looking to generate negative headlines from his replies. And he never says anything definite!

  35. Skaka says:

    Same old shit again we have to take..does a living legend means he can keep telling all lies to the supporters? it happens on every transfer window, believe me guys.. it’s all about his ego trip, he is just playing god and we are supposed to be his blind and dumb servants

  36. Fabgooner says:

    “hes waitin for bent52 to come back but the guy is pure shit. before he got injured how many goals did he score?”

    He scored 14 last season when he was 20 or so.

    Do you think Wenger doesn’t want to win trophies? The man who got slated for wanting his team to go unbeaten for a season doesn’t want to win? DO you think he likes losing? He himself admitted that he’s a bit of a bad loser.

    Wenger didn’t find anyone this transfer window who was available who he liked.

    Maybe you know tons of players from Football Manager who would be great, but believe it or not, Wenger knows more about players and the transfer market than you.

    Wenger didn’t say that he was going to buy definitely, he said he was looking.

  37. Julian H says:

    “Sinbad”, this is getting tedious, it really is. Do you get a kick out of being a wind-up merchant, or do you genuinely have an IQ on par with David Bentley and Phil Neville? I don’t enjoy getting personal in messages, but then your posts are so blatantly attention-seeking and formulaic that they don’t warrant any other kind of response.

  38. Merse-10 says:

    lol here we go again. At the start of the season you were asking fans to protest against Arsene an saying we had no chance and questioned the wisdom of signing Vermaelen. Oh dear.

    So people (like yourself) seem to think it’s a simple thing to buy a player.
    A) He has to be available, B) he has to want to join us, C) He has to be at the right price, D) He has to be good enough.
    I don’t see many clubs selling their top striker. Why would they? If Arsene can’t fin someone of genuine class to strengthen us then that’s the way it is.
    The January window has seen almost NO action and there hasn’t been any big signings.

    You are anti Wenger and jump at the chance to knock him and the club when there’s the chance. When we lose you slag him off and when we win you go quiet.

    It’s a shame when a “fan” wants his own team to fail so he can basically say “look i was right”.

    You’re not right, he hasn’t lied – you can spout this shit for the rest of the season like you did at the start and all season but it doesn’t mean you’ll ever be right.

    Negative. Negative. NEGATIVE. I’m sick of it.

    This isn’t Championship manager it’s real life and if Arsene can’t get the players he wants right now then so be it.

  39. Gooner77 says:

    How about worrying about Villa tonight and trying to get behind the manager and the team?

  40. Merse-10 says:

    It’ also a myth we were close to signing Alonso. We were never in for him. The players agent has already said that. It’s a myth that is always trotted out when people want to talk shit about us not buying anyone.
    Anyway, Song has been one of our players of this season an made the holding role his own which is why signing Alonso was never going to happen but you can keep spouting that shit if it makes you feel better.
    Just like Rafa……i’ll deal in FACTS

  41. AusGunner says:

    stop moaning you little bitch

    draw a nice long hot bath

  42. Callum says:

    sinbad you are UNBELIEVABLY stupid
    literally, go support chelsea you wasteman

  43. steve says:

    you are a tosser go 7 watch spuds

  44. Dan says:

    Buy David Villa.I wud love it!

  45. Arsenal Tom says:




    • Thanks Tom.. All the best mate

      • Jose Reyes says:


        what the fuck is wrong with all of you? u say u support this club but then u just critisize it everychance you get. Arsene Wenger transfer descions: got rid of Adebayor (fucking cunt was shit and obsseded with money), and toure who was old and couldn’t defend anymore and replaced him with Vermalen (him and gallas are one of the best center back pairs in the premier league), has recently gotten sagna, nasri, arshavin, eduardo (he is class. he just needs time. I wanna see you break you ankle that badly and then return within 20 games at most and be at your best again and be able to score goals fucking cunt). SO SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE AND JUST GET ON WITH IT AND SUPPORT THE TEAM YOU CLAIM THAT YOU SUPPORT.

    • geoffreid says:

      sadly arsenal tom and sinbad you spot on this clubs only concern is profit if they bought a couple of world class players we would win everthing going but they never do -cambel and sylvest for nothing great additions-just hope things change for the true fans like you -not those blind idiots that think wenger is god—goodluck guys-from canadian expats club.——p.s keep it going sinbad great writing.

      • BigL says:

        whats worse is the players themselves are saying that we are one or two players short. It must affect their morale as well.

        how long before Cesc decides that he wants to go to Barca to have a crack at winning something?

  46. Ben says:

    Grow up and stop being such a cry baby. I didn’t realise the transfer window had closed.

  47. Osman says:

    As football fans we are primarily interested in what is placed in the trophy cabinet.

    The current peril at Scum Utd highlights the danger of not managing your off-the-field activities.

    Personally, it is my belief that Wenger’s Legacy will supercede honours won and in years/decades/centuries to come he will be revered as a revolutionary for the principles he established at AFC.

    Yes we have not won a trophy for X years and yes fans are growing disillusioned but some perspective please.

    Football has been around for over 100+ years and in that time Liverpool and Scum Utd have achieved 18 league titles with us trailing by 5. That suggests that EVERY club will experience more lows than highs. One thing which every club will not do is go a season unbeaten, a feat my grandchildren will be in awe of. The current crop of Arsenal fans have experienced the greatest Arsenal teams assembled in the last 10-15 years and yet rather than revel in it choose to b*tch. Maybe if we didn’t have such fickle fans such as the author of this article than matchdays atmosphere may resemble a football game as opposed to the library

    • looneygooner says:

      Great post and spot on, I have followed Arsenal since 1973, and Wenger has given me some of the greatest moments in my life, he has also given me some heartache but overall the Arsenal team he has produced will always be remembered. some of our fans are fickle and embarrassing, our away support is ten times better than our home support who can be so pathetic.

  48. MARCUS says:

    his Lies alot again and again how bout tat

  49. dipset says:

    I can see where this sinbad guy’s frustration is coming from, I mean we are the best footballing side in the country and possibly top 3 in europe, if we jus added two or three players to our arsenal, we will be running away with everything, we could have even had the title tied up long time ago, its jus frustrating that when we are doing well like we are now, there always seems to be something missing like now its good defensive cover and a good striker plus a holding player to push song hard for his place and to top it off a keeper that can put us all at ease..

    I mean i was so pissed off to hear Shay GIVEN (top two keeper in england) was upset he didnt come to ARSENAL, you cant be missing out on world class like that when it is begging to come to you.

  50. Hambi says:

    Didn’t get the toy you wanted for xmas? Poor little you.

    Think all true Arsenal fans should stop visiting this blog. Poorly written, inaccurate and immature. Surely, if Sinbad had been hired to write on this blog, he would be the one who was fired by now.

    Without Wenger’s transfer market dealings, we would have been a mid table team for the last 13 years, like Everton and like we were for the last of the Graham years.

    Look at the spuds. Similar size club, similar location, similar support. Remember the contrast in fortunes over the last 13 years before you spout crap.

    Boycott this pathetic excuse for a supporter.

  51. SUGA3 says:

    maybe it’s a bit OTT, but fella has a point – I mean, c’mon: we are sitting on piles of cash, yet we have to watch Denilson doing a square peg round hole routine…

    don’t get me wrong: I like him, but he is simply not suited to a DM position – lightweight and slow as fuck…

    good shot, nothing else, a bit of a luxury player…

    club of our stature should challenge for all four trophies, not throw games against Shitty or – worst of it all – fucking Stoke…

  52. anandamide says:

    God you’re a wanker. How is it a lie to say “I want to buy” then not buy? It meant if the right player became available at the right price he’d do it. If not, he wouldn’t.

    I have to remember not to come to this site and get annoyed by your childish sense of entitlement. Get a life.

  53. Yankee Guner says:

    Consider this for a minute, we are not entitled to win the league. We are not entitled to win any trophy at all. We don’t have Chelseas money or Manchester city’s money. By running the club responsibly, arsene has ensured us a future that is successful. We continue to compete for trophies every year. Would you rather wind up like Portsmouth or like Leeds United were like Crystal Palace or possibly even Manchester United? Look at Liverpool, Benitez spends his money and where has that gotten them? Sometimes signing a new player isn’t the answer. Arsene has done a great job signing good players. Vermaelen and Arshavin are probably the two best signings of last two seasons and they both play for Arsenal. So before you start spending someone else’s money and willingly bankrupt the club we all love, consider where we are today, consider that it’s been done responsibly, and realize that we have a future because of the man you seem to hate

    • SUGA3 says:

      it’s not about entitlement, it’s about realistically challenging for trophies, not selecting ones to take seriously…

      what do you have to say about Denilson after another woeful performance? if our scouts are unable to come up with anything better, they should be sacked, the lot of them…

      ‘it’s not winning, it’s taking part’ – pathetic loser talk…

      what is this, paralympics or multi-million professional sport venture?

      ever been to a game and paid the highest ticket price in Europe? thought not…

  54. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Who cares about big name signings? I just want the club to make signings when they are required and for Wenger to stop saying he is looking to sign someone when he really isn’t.

    Everything else is great, this is a great club with no problems. I just dislike the ‘spin’ we are given at times.

  55. Jon says:

    Arsene never promised any signings. He never has and he never will, because he isn’t an idiot. He’ll look, sure, but he’ll look for the right player at the right price. He’s not going to go off and buy someone from Grimsby just so that he can say “look, I’ve bought a striker!” Equally, he’s not going to go off and spend £35 million on Villa, because Arsenal are and always have been fiscally responsible unlike Citeh and the chavs. You’ve been promised nothing and, frankly, with your attitude, you deserve less. That we’re only on any sort of level footing with the rest of the top 4/5 is only down to Wenger and his prudent decision making. We would be nowhere without him and the stupidity that people like you spout beggars all belief.

  56. nj says:

    sinbad i agree 100% with you, we aint winning nothing without a good keeper and a striker, wenger does talk shit and if he kept quiet then the fans wouldnt complain but coming out with shit every press conference has pissed me off, i am arsenal through and through and go to all the games and buy the merchandise but wenger has to stop lying i dont care if i get slated by fellow fans , we are lucky to be where we are in the league, there are palyers out there that can make the difference but in my opinion almunia,denilson,diaby,eduardo,bendtner aint worthy of wearing the arsenal jersey…… we aint winning fuck all this season whilst colney creche is in operation.

  57. jay says:

    Is that the same same Arsene Wenger that has us playing the best football ever witnessed at Arsenal, brought us thru a season unbeaten and built us the finest stadium in the uk

    Won us countless trophies whilst keeping us financially stable whilst big clubs colapse around us

    I think your the mug mate

  58. Erik says:

    WOW, Sinbad being negative and pretending to know better than Wenger???? NO WAY!!!….

    Either sir, you are a genius or the biggest moron ever… (somehow I think is the latter one)

  59. SUGA3 says:


    you lot are blind, simple as – is throwing cup games good enough?

    ‘we have injuries’ – well, it’s probably because our players, as brilliant as they are, are not suited to kicking dished out in this league week in week out…

    who’s at fault? yep, you’ve guessed it…

  60. The Fucker says:

    more hysterical bleating from some twat masquerading as a Gooner, but clearly would love it if we spent millions on every cunt the red tops link us to or some cunt of an agent up to his pimping to get his commission. If you think the Boss is lying, do something about it, my preference would be you fuck off with all the other whingers and support chavski, manciteh, or some other shitsack club who don’t have the luxury of some tosser looking to buy a vanity project and are leveraged up to their balls. If you’re a season ticket holder, don’t renew it come July, let somebody else have a chance to watch, but I suspect you’re very far from being one.

  61. highberries says:

    I would argue that he has made 3 fairly recent major signings which have all slotted into the team incredibly well without any fuss. I wouldn’t presume as an Arsenal fan that Wenger is actually talking to me when he is taking about signings. His priority is to keep the media and opposition guessing and keep the pressure off the team. So chill, I reckon and be happy we have a manager who thinks about the long term welfare of our club and who doesn’t go around buying a whole bunch of over rated players, in the hope of getting one good one and upsetting the balance of the team in the progress.

  62. jj says:

    A GAIN.

  63. barry bethell says:

    Utter toss…..Sinbad you seem to write more & more shite everytime i read one of your blogs…. how do the words fall out of you arse and end up on a computer screen…..over the last 2 years we’ve got Ramsey, Nasri, Arshavin, Vermaelen, all great players for relatively small sums……should we go and buy Micheal Owen to keep morons like you happy. TOP OF THE LEAGUE IF WE WIN TONIGHT!!!! and you are still whining like my 6 year old when he doesn’t get a packet of sweets. Dzeko is about the only player i think would be worth buying. Huntlaar cant score for toffee at the moment….Bendtner looked great before getting injured….why buy and waste money when there is no benefit to spending it…….People like you will only be happy when we have spent stupid ammounts of money and are in the same position as Portsmouth…..you’ll soon moan when your season ticket goes up in price……thats if you ever been…proper mug!

  64. silent stan says:


    and why are people so confident we will win at villa. we hardly ever do, and only beat them at home courtesy of senor fab

    3 weeks from now we will all have a clearer picture of our possibilities with this squad

    • The Fucker says:

      the only spot this article hits is the spot on the end of Sinbad’s arse.

      it’s cunts like you who come out of the woodwork in the hope that we’ll have a shit run so that your arse about face points of view can be validated. I bet if we did win the League, you wouldn’t be happy because you wouldn’t have anything to moan about.

  65. sosolid007 says:

    y u fuckin idiots hes just sayin wat the majority of arsenal fans are sayin.if u ask me the next couple of games are the most important in wengers history at arsenal.its time to wise up i mean the cash is there and fuck all is being done wit it .we wont keep fabregas after this season if we dont push all the way.he bought walcott and hes a 1 trick pony with a wonky leg so wise the fuck up.i hope arsenal do go all the way but the points this guy is makin are for real.

    • looneygooner says:

      Disagree he is only stating what a minority of Arsenal fans are saying, if it was the majority then our stadium would only be half -full every home game. I understand fan’s frustrations, but insulting each other…that’s the reason a lot of rival fans laugh at us because a few can be so fickle. We will come good, the Mancs are in deep shit, Liverpool the same, Citeh and Chelsea won’t always have a sugar daddy. it’s the same with watching tv if you don’t like it turn over or switch off, the same with Arsenal, no-one is forcing you to spend the money

  66. Mark says:

    While being a little negative, this actually a good post. I’m not sure if Wenger is stuborn, I would say ARROGANT is a better description. True, he has again promised and not delivered. Fo those of you who have said you have been fans for years have you got your heads so far up your Arses that you can’t remember him promising World Class players and not delivering. This was long before Andrey and Eddy. Being a fan does not mean you have to agree with everything your club does! You leemings!!!!!

    • Lemmings 2 says:

      Suga 3, Mark, et al, fuck off and support chelscum/Manure/Spuds etc. Why don’t you back up your ludicrous accusations with proof? Surely it can’t be that hard to Google what Arsene has said in the past about bringing in signings? I don’t recall him saying he would bring in ‘world class players’ without adding caveats to qualify such statements, but prove us ‘lemmings’ wrong. Looking forward to reading your ‘evidence’, pricks.

      • SUGA3 says:

        Lemmings – ahahahahahahaha, that’s ironically accurate…

      • SUGA3 says:

        typical wank response:

        ‘fuck off and support chelscum/Manure/Spuds etc.’

        priceless – come back when you reach 12 years of age…

      • Mark says:

        I’m not going to sling my hook!!!!!I’m a Gooner thru and thru!!!I have further to watch Arsenal play then any of you. Just because I’m not happy with Wenger does not mean I’m not a fan. If you want a bloody quote here is one! “You weren’t world-class when Arsenal signed you.” – Arsene Wenger’s reply, according to The Sun newspaper, when Vieira complained to him that Arsenal had failed to sign any world-class players. He even told the players he was going to bring a world class player. The reality is that all you leemmings get what you deserve….an empty trophy cabinet. I for one aren’t happy with that!

  67. SUGA3 says:

    4 days from now we will have no possibility to do anything about it…

  68. chris says:

    genius hit-gathering and such a simple approach – look you’ve even fooled me!
    Just to say it simple, of course Arsene Wenger doesn’t tell the truth – he does what he thinks is best for the club because he knows it’s all about performances and results not necessarily in that order
    You’re in a lazy possibly neurotic (if I’m being genraous)position of criticising during the season and then if they fail you can say I’m right, if they get close you can say I’m right and if they win you can say that’s all I ever wanted, i’m a real fan honest, I’m very happy to eat my bile and spew

  69. Fredwest says:

    Well said sinbad. Agree with you mate, I’m sick of wenger and all his bullshit

  70. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    What a cock. ‘Been and Gone’ er its only the 27th DUMBARSE!

  71. this is a spuds site says:

    This is a spurs site….or someone who clearly knows nothing about football. Anyone who puts Spurs above Arsenal in their pre season predictions clearly isn’t an Arsenal fan…..weren’t we supposed to be finishing 6th or 7th? Twat

  72. kris says:

    well u suck sinbad. Ur not a real gooner. And all others who agreed with him. Arsene wenger knows best. We didnt buy arsha for a little money did we? Nobody should visit this blog anymore

    • sosolid007 says:

      shut your mouth the same sort uf players are at the club we need a variety of players not pussys.ive never seem such a alight wait cfrew in all my life.we shoud have got richard dunne shay given and a few wityh the spirit and abilty these lads posess not all this intercontinental bullshit

  73. adam says:

    Just think if you were a Spurs fan with all the dealings and money they have wasted over the last few years. Would you still be happy? I don’t think so. The club is following a business plan drawn up with the building of the Emirates. In five years with all the short terms loans out of the way and the delayed building program underway and sold, the club will be in an extremely healthy position and an envy of others. All the major players are on long term deals and if he can add quality AW will. Its all about patience through thick and thin.
    Sinbad you do yourself and this site no favours

    • sosolid007 says:

      shut u langer .ure happy being put in the same context as spuds.well im not i wanna be up there not lookin up u bastard

  74. paulie says:

    I agree completely with the post. Arsene is a proven liar. Only fools listen to this company man anymore. The mans a genius at bullshit and spin. Just reading through some of your replies says it all. The man has managed to kill all ambition in a lot of fans and make them happy with 4th every year. Its amazing how hes managed to do this but I suppose hes collecting 5 million a year for a reason because it sure as hell aint for winning trophies. One last point, this is a guy who wont pay the going rate for new sighnings yet somehow has no objections to being the highest paid manager in england eventhough he wins nothing nowadays.

  75. johnny boy says:

    some of you arsene knows brigade make the majority of us sick. Fact is Wenger is a liar. If you dont like what the majority say then please feel free to f, uc k off to another site. theres no shortage of “lick Arsenes hole” sites around so you know what to do, lets not keep you, jog on losers

    • looneygooner says:

      Who is this majority everyone is going on about? I follow Arsenal, not Arsene, he has made mistakes and will probably make mistakes but he has brought this club up to a standard I never believed I would ever see, imagine how the Spurs fans feel now after all these years Wenger has been manager, that thought alone brings a smile to my face.Wenger has made this club bigger than anyone could have imagined. Without Wenger where would we have been today.And no I am not part of the AKB brigade, I have realised what he has done for ARSENAL and fans like me.

  76. Alan says:

    Oh good, Eduardo is gone now. The good news is that he’ll be like a new signing when he comes back in March/April

    • BigL says:

      I think Vermaelen went off injured as well. I wonder if they get a signing on fee when they come back from injury.

      On the brightside Man U are probably going to be playing extra time.

  77. rosso says:

    we dont have the money….dont blame wenger blame the sodding board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u fickle fan

  78. Pistol Pete says:

    Did you expect anything less??? Wenger lied AGAIN…WOW..what ***%*$* surprise!
    I knew this from the getgo…NO-NEW-PLAYERS!
    Wenger is too fuc**** stingy! Money talks..and Arsenal/Wenger walks..away.

  79. Pistol Pete says:

    Wenger must sideline Eduardo! When was the last time Eduardo hit the target!? I can’t remember…

  80. Andrew says:

    Read this blog a few times but seeing the number of comments actually supporting you this time makes me worry. So being in the knockout stages of the champions league and a fighting chance of the premiership playing the best football in the country at the best ground in the country at the most profitable club in the country makes you want to write absolute nonsense?

    It’s people like you I always seem to have the pleasure of sitting next to at the emirates, i.e. sitting their silently unless your complaining about how we’re not scoring more goals despite being 2-0 in a champions league game…

    I have no doubt that Arsene would have signed a top name striker and spent lots of money if the right player become available much like he did with Vermalean, Nasri and Arshavin but the right player has not become available yet. Any fans who think that Arsene should lose his job at the end of this year if we don’t win any silverware should just go and find another club to support- no club is in a better position than Arsenal right now (without a billionaire owner) and thats largely down to Arsene and the way the club has been managed by the board.. End rant

  81. Me says:


    You are absolutely spot on. You will be derided by the sleeping masses.

    I dont know why arsenal fans are so stupid and gullable. Wenger obviously knows this and takes full advantage,.

  82. Danish Gooner says:

    Failing once again against a piss poor defensive Villa side.When is this so called Uber team gonna put on a showing against any decent side.If we play like this against United Rooney is gonna tear Wenger a new Arsehole.

  83. Cesc Fabregas says:

    I am sick of carrying this One Man Team. I am off to a team that is capable of winning things. Adios.

  84. Alan says:

    Once again it’s that lack of killer instinct. It was summed up perfectly when Fabregas chance came back off the post and Ramsey and Rosicky got themselves in a mess.
    When Liverpool played there last month they were piss poor but one chance fell to their world class striker and they got the 3 points. Eduardo could have been there until tomorrow morning and he wouldn’t have got a sniff.

  85. sosolid007 says:

    bye bye arsenal and all u idiot wenger lovers im a freaked out arsenal fan right now .never will this team have the bottle to win the big games god elpus in the next 3 games we will be 6th after villa and city pick up the points tits to this

  86. Alan says:

    Vermaelen is out for the season

  87. Alan says:

    Does anyone ever make a fucking tackle in training at Colney. Seriously, what how many times O’Driscoll has to come racing onto the pitch to treat Arsenal players during a match. We are a bunch of fucking weasels. Nobody can take a tackle.

  88. mo says:

    guys i am sorry kind of agree. i can understand y wenger does not spend big, to keep arsenal financialy safe, however i think wenger has too much faith in some of the players. denilson & almunia, i doubt denilson could get into another top side, same with almunia. i watched the villa game today. wenger is always going on how we have enough strikers, however we dont have different varietys, bendtner has only come back so we cant expect him to just starting scoring goals for fun. we seriously do need a big tough striker cos we cannot keep relying on the rest of the team to score goals, i understand its a team game but its the strikers job to score majority of the goals and that aint happening. i love arsenal, i love wenger, i love what the club is about but i wouldve really liked it if we went and brought 2 quality players, i dont know y i cant see us winning the league this season, we will come 2nd or 2rd but not 1st am afraid. i really think this is a chance wasted, maybe i will be proven wrong, i certainly hope so….otherwise looks like its another season of what ifs and maybes…

  89. Ricky says:

    We’re going TOP tonight. Do you get that? TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

    Don’t think we will!!

    We have no fighting spirit, we cannot just turn up and win!!!

    Chelsea were desperate to get the ball back every time they lost it and kept fighting till the end, where is our fughting spirit???

  90. BigL says:

    where are all the arsene fanatics? surely they should be here telling us we were unlucky and how we are going to be beat Man U and Chelsea.

    oh and win the champions league.

  91. Herbie says:

    So then – Silvestre our only CB back up now…
    Vela – our only CF back up now… (I’m discounting Walcott as he’s never played him there yet)
    AW – the boy loves a gamble doesn’t he??
    Yes – he’s the best we’ve ever had but no – he doesn’t learn from his mistakes does he..
    Smalling – turns out that if TV is out for season was a lucky miss out on but only if he buys ready made experience..
    We cannot (I repeat cannot) keep waiting on future development in key positions… The mistake has been made in letting the following go too early:-
    Sidwell, Upson, Flamini, Manninger… Think back to the confidence given to those boys in comparison to the patience afforded Denilson, Almunia and Djourou FFS
    Dudu has earned his, AA needs to crank it up and soon – and please Clichy come back with a defensive head on at last.. Up top we have a team of crocks.. RVP – never completed a season with much more than 50% games played – Nicki B – not disimilar but nowhere near the same class.. Theo – wetter than my daughters bed – Carlos – about as solid as a fajita loaded with sour cream.. Dudu (best wishes mate)..
    catch my drift…

  92. Fredwest says:

    Wenger has lost the plot…glad to see so many gooners backing sinbad up

  93. 1arsenewenger says:

    supporting arsenal means supporting wenger if you cannot see what this man has done for the club then you are not a true fan.

  94. A W has to go

    gary Linneker thinks he’s a genius. he said so a couple of days ago. Since then AW took a dive in the FA cup

    Arsenal is a sausage factory for the benfit of the shareholders. Buy cheap from Africa of somewhere, and sell high, adding money into the pockets of the directors, at least one of whom live outside the country

    It’s no longer a football club. It’s a corporation

    • looneygooner says:

      All clubs are corporations, football has been like this for years, it’s a money making business just like anything else, and who would you replace Wenger with?

  95. Singaporean Gunner says:

    If we’d bought Ronaldo or Rooney, we’d have won the league a couple of times already…

    AND we would be able to sell them off much more than we would have paid for them > Much more profits!!!

    So, we should buy Top Talents (like Torres, about 30 million pounds then), then sell to e.g. Man C for 100 million pounds.

    AW has no foresight…. ALAS.

    Top talents will become super-class under him…. he should buy top top talents… Be far-sighted!

  96. derek says:

    sinbad i agree with u 100 percent with everything u have said…………………….iv a pain in me bollox with wenger we wony win anything as long as he stays here……………..great manager but soory his time is up he is ruining my club this is arsenal 4 fooksake we have 2 win silver were………………….just get a top manager in like wenger but who will spend on players

  97. slim jim says:

    First this is a rubbish site you need some help with it.Second i think we have done ok with all the injuries we have had.Third we have sighned some players of the future Wellington for a start.Id much rather see my club in the CL.This club plays some of the best football i have ever seen if that means we will not always win things so be it you sound like a Man Utd glory hunter.Football is a win draw or lose game,we are not in financial trouble.Praise be the art of football.

  98. goognergerry says:

    Whats new? None of it. We have had the same weaknesses for the past 3 seasons and have hit the same wall we hit last year and the year before at the same time and are losing key players every game. Do not have any real basis for believing we could beat the Mancs or Chavs when it matters and win the premiership this year.- simply not capable of playing at the required intensity. So just relax and wait for the kids to grow up.

  99. hers says:


  100. anibal says:

    i agree with u sinbad fuck arsenal!!!!!!! its all about manchester united!!!!! sinbad and me are on the same page, fuck arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. your a moron says:

    your a bitch. shut the fuck up. profit means club longeity. win the title 2009 or survivie in the premier league until 2090? shut your face you know nothing. arsenal are in the best financial position in the premier league moron. because arsene is smart. why pay 8 million for an unproved media fuelled hack. smalling is decent. not worth 8 mill. arsene bought vermaelen for around 10. do you think smallin compares in the slightest to vermaelen. your rubbish. stop comparing players price tag to their talent. vermalean is as good as any fullback in the world. just because arsene is smart and calculated doesnt mean he doesnt buy class players. Better…he gets class for cheap.

    in conclusion…your a moron. shut your gob…moron

  102. johnpt says:

    WE are running out of players as Wenger has bought one in the Summer and sold 2 and lost one on a free transfer. He sells atleast one player every season in order to invest part of the proceedings. Our placing in the league reflects our lack of investment.We dont have any seasoned players with the exception of Fabercass, gallas, sagna, Vermaelen, & diaby who is also injury prone. With half a team we wont win anything as we not good enough to be in the top as the team lacks depth. Our strikers with the exception of Van persie are not good enough.Van Persie spends most of the time injured with Walcott, clichy,Djorov & Roisky keeping him company.

  103. Gooner since 82" says:

    Sinbad, im finding it really difficult not to throw insults at you but i cant help it.. every fucking time i read this post u come out with more and more shit you fucking yid scum!

    furthermore when was the last time Derek & Sinbad actually went to a real game? never i suspect! fucking armchair fans! fuck off to shite hart lane

  104. Ben says:

    I love everything about this club, only those fans annoyed me. I love this club cause it doesnt spend like those stupid RM, Barcelona, Chelsea, Man City… Big player means big money, people are losing jobs, but it does not stop team like RM or others spending big, thats what i admire this club, and the great great manager, with the brilliant philosophy, and yet still the serious title contender. Would you really love it when him spending 40 mil for Dzeko, another 30 mil for a world class C/B, even we won a title or 2, its not the Arsenal I admire, its not the manager I believe in, I will be really dissapointed when one day wenger spending 25 mil on one player. And btw, lie is a word have intention to harm or hurt others, I truly believe even he say anything like big signing doesnt have the intention to lie! Just something not right at the moment or price again is the main concern. Big advice: If you like big signing, dont stay with Arsenal, cause that never going to happen, go to Man City or Chelsea or others, they are the team you admire!

  105. Yes! says:

    He didn’t say he was going to buy anyone, he said that he’ll be in the market.. There’s a difference you jerk

  106. wenger says:

    pussy.this is shit on paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Jon says:

    All you “sack the greatest manager that the club’s ever had” people need to ask yourselves two questions:

    1. Who are you going to replace him with? (I’ll help you here, he needs to be better and available so don’t say Hiddink, Mourinho, Capello, Ancelotti, Ferguson or Guardiola, because they’re not available).

    2. Even if you can find a better manager, will he buy more mature top class (and therefore more expensive) players or will he be under the same financial constraints imposed on him by the board and vy the financial realities of operating during a global recession?

    If you can answer these questions for me in the positive, well, let them sack him. In that case you can send me your reply by way of flying messenger pig.

    By the way, whoever said that having got us into a position to challenge for the title in the premiership and in the knockout stages of the Champions League on a shoestring, Wenger has “lost the plot” – priceless. What must Liverpool fans be thinking about Benitez? Oh no, sorry, forgot, they’re all rallying around their team rather than bitching and whining about it……

  108. Uncle.D says:








  109. Harry Barracuda says:

    Give it a rest you whinging cunt.

  110. lefty says:

    sinbad u dumb cunt…if it wasnt for wenger we would be some shit mid table team like shit everton…we are financially stable and built a new stadium, we are challenging for honours…give me a name of another manager who has achieved this?

  111. am says:

    u idiot.

    Man U are soo good at making a signing that they mucked up on Ramsay.

    Ok Smalling might turn out to be a great player, but 2 weeks ago you were not saying anything about us having to buy this rather unknown 19 yr old from fulham.

  112. gunner17 says:

    It’s the ridiculous number of injuries that we get that is the problem.
    Wenger is reluctant to buy because he sees that when everyone is fit he’ll have too many players.
    The thing is we always seem to have a big list of injured players.

    Wenger needs to figure out how to keep players fit. I think we’ve got a thin spine. We depend too much on RvP, Fabregas(though Ramsey and Diaby are coming along), Song, Gallas and Vermaelen. We need more quality depth along our spine.

    Also he should consider loaning players off other clubs to be on the safe side, numbers-wise. A couple more injuries could leave us looking pretty threadbare. Huntelaar makes a lot of sense on loan. Why wouldn’t you try to get him on loan for a few months? It doesn’t cost anything!

    • gunner17 says:

      I also think the way we play invites injuries.

      Wenger wants players to be running all the time…it must put a lot of strain on player’s legs.

      Look at Chelsea…they play at a walking pace half the time, only injecting pace when necessary, and their players are hardly ever injured.

      I feel sorry for Rosicky and Eduardo most of all…they’re not really runners at all but they’re expected to bust a gut for wengers style of play. No wonder they’re always picking up injuries.

      If either player had gone to a slower team they would be World Class by now.

      • Bobby Boy says:

        You lack knowledge and understanding of the things you talk about But dont worry i have an idea go find Sinbad build a shed together and forget about public life honestly mate your perfect 4 eachother

  113. BwoodGooner says:

    Who could we bring in too improve the team then seeing as the majority of time it takes 4-5 months to adjust to a new leauge/settle in etc. How do you know? A mere blog writer who we’ve tried to sign or not? Stop writing a list of names we should sign when you have no clue as to whether they are actually avaliable or like Wenger says will improve the squad. Of the top of my head I can only think of about 4/5 ‘world class’ players but whos to say they would be interested in Arsenal. Stop bullshitting and support the team.

  114. Dan says:

    Wah Wah Wah…. You sound like a fecking girl. All you do is whine… why did you lie to me, why wont you buy me any presents, why why why!!!!

    Shut up.

  115. bjohnson says:


  116. GosportGooner says:

    Have to say that I agree. Wenger has repeatedly assured us that we need a replacement up front. We also need another central midfielder ( defensive ) and a defender.
    Wenger could have won us the championship this season, instead, he will probably lose it.

  117. Ricky says:

    “Read this blog a few times but seeing the number of comments actually supporting you this time makes me worry. So being in the knockout stages of the champions league and a fighting chance of the premiership playing the best football in the country”

    Um Chelsea are playing the best football in the country this season….
    We have fallen behind!

  118. RB says:

    Just have to say that yes i would have loved a couple of signings in the window (GK and DM (if 1st week of Jan), but not at any expense. The January window has seen so little action because selling clubs are still desperately holding out for unrealistic valuations. Every top side seems to want a striker, but none moved for one and that tells a story in itself. Had Wenger been following this sinbads advice with signings in the past few years we would be totally f*cked and in as bad a shape as Liverpool. The author has even used the example of getting Arsharvin at a good price as a negative example.

    I don’t want to insult someone who is obviously a very passionate fan, but it is time to get in the real world. Credit is going to get more and not less expensive over next few years and i feel happy that we have a cushion in these times is a good thing. We get the some of the best youngsters at rock-bottom prices because of Wenger’s reputation and the structure at the club, of which he is the architect.

    We are getting a run at the title and yes we may come up a little short to Chelsea this year, but i would much rather have our assets and playing squad for the future than theirs anyday. Lets get behind Wenger and the team and give give them the backing they deserve – we were getting therre in the Bolton game.

    Also – seen a lot of nonsense about Smalling – So what about losing out to Manure? Yet more evidence of no value for money. Yes he might be the next Maldini, but its a big risk – At least Wenger has a track record on bringing in developing players at the right price.

  119. Kris says:

    The fact that we have the best squad in the premiership isn’t really relevant when half of them are currently out injured. The simple fact is a manager has to react to the current circumstances in the transfer market just as he would on the pitch. If something isn’t working tactically or a player gets injured a substitution would be made. In the same way if a player gets a serious injury or simply isn’t performing on the pitch the function of the transfer market is to rectify this problem. Quite simply if Wenger does not complete a transfer (loan moves are fine) he fails to understand the point in a transfer market and therefore he is only doing half his job as a manager. People have to consider what the problem is with Wenger, why do some people want him sacked? Do we disagree with his tactics on the pitch? Do we disagree with the way we play football? Do we disagree with his team selection? Do we think he’s not getting the best out of the players at his disposal? No. He is a fantastic manager when it comes to all that goes on, on the pitch. Yet it does seem ridiculous to criticize a manager in the transfer market who has, without doubt, been the greatest manager ever in discovering talents such as Henry, Vieira, Overmars, Pires etc… All the same I think he’s been lacking in cutting edge and for someone with a master’s degree in economics I don’t think he understands the concept of football inflation. We paid £13 million for Sylvain Wiltord and given that £13 million then would be the equilivant of £20+ million today, would Wenger ever contemplate paying that much for a player, no matter how much we needed them?

    • bjohnson says:


    • Dan says:

      I guess we could spend 30m on a player cos that would guarantee a great player for us right?!

      Robinho, 30m, failure just left on loan.

      Veron, 30m, failure was sold for half the price.

      Berbatov, 30m, failure- does Vermaelen have more goals than him this season?

      Nani + anderson, 30m comb, failures.

      Shevchenko, 30m; SWP, 21m; Crespo, 17m; Mutu, 15m; failures for chelsea.

      Keane, 20m, failure- sold back to yids for 12m??!

      Michael Owen, 17m, failed- relegated.

      I could go on and on but you can’t reason with the unreasonable.

      You tell me who we could buy that would immediately come in and win us the league that has a reasonable value?

      • Dave says:

        I think you are missing the point, either that or you just don’t understand. No one is demanding Wenger spend £300 million on Kaka and Ronaldo.

        All we are asking is he address the weakness pointed out by players and fans alike.

      • Alan D says:

        chamakh 6-12mil bordeaux
        james 1mil portsmouth
        matuidi 8 mil st etienne
        gabriel ogbonna 8mil torino

  120. Ivan says:

    I totally agree with the article. Wenger (or whoever is his boss, if there is any at all) is ruining the club. How long do we have to wait for trophy? He spent more than 10 mil on a player and got Arshavin who made us to the top 4 last season. No body wants a manager who only promises titles next season. I dont waht a club that possibly will win something in 10 years, I want it now because I’ve been waiting for 5 years already! Spend the money or loose the fans and the club eventually! I cannot believe we have players like Denilson, Eduardo and Bendtner… come on.. they are not capable of delivering us trophy. And come on, there is no better strikers in the whole world than ours? (not including VP) haha , this is funny. Wake up boys… we wont see any trophy until we spend the money, which maybe means Wenger to go…. Peace…

  121. gunner17 says:

    There is something in the perception that Arsenal go about their transfer dealings in an amateurish way…

    We’re always waiting until the last day of the window to pull off deals.
    We’re always haggling over small sums (we could have had Xabi Alonso if we had spent £200k more than we offered! but we said no!).
    We’re naming players that we’re interested in and then not closing the deal decicively (smalling, chamakh) so allowing other clubs to steal players off us. Essien!
    We’re letting players leave months before they are replaced, creating gaps in cover in the team. Look now at the Vermaelen situation. We should have kept Senderos until signing someone else!

    All of the above is a bit piss-poor. I had hoped that Ivan Gazidis would have sorted this by now.

    Wenger is showing a lack of risk-management nous.

  122. gunner17 says:

    I love Wenger, but if he’s not going to sign anyone, why say that he is?

    It’s toying with people’s expectations, and it’s unnecessary and disrespectful.

    • Dan says:

      Are you a women??

      Seriously, “toying with people’s expectations”, “unnecessary and disrespectful”… WTF.

      You lot need to grow a pair. Stop reading cosmopolitan, quit getting pedicures and go get laid.

  123. gunner17 says:


    We’ve been here before though haven’t we?

    Good start to the season, in the mix for the title, no reinforcements when the opporunity comes in January and bang! Floored by ManU, Chelsea and Liverpool as they gallop past us towards the finish.

    It’s fucking boring.

    You don’t need UEFA coaching badges or a masters in economics to see that a couple extra bodies will be the difference between challenging and not.

  124. gunner17 says:

    Honestly, we could probably buy a couple 6ft+ £500k 30 year old thugs from the Championship and give them 6 month deals and they would enable us to sustain a title challenge.

  125. Mustang says:

    Folks, there is no need for all the abuse and profanity. You can still make your point without being abusive, afterall every one is entitled to have an opinion and that is what this is about.

    To give this some perspective, football fans follow their team emotionally, that is why players and managers come and go but fans remain. The issue I see is that fans consider new signings as a sign of team progress and improvent, so when Wenger says he is in the market for “super players” he raises the fans expectation. What then happens is that if no player is signed and the team don’t win trophies it frustrates the fans who spend their hard earned cash supporting the team, and wanting the team to succeed, who have had their hopes raised. I would prefer Wenger not to mention that he is in he Market at all. I wonder if Wenger sometimes says he is interested in certain players knowing full well that another club is after the player?????

  126. gunner17 says:

    Just watch us lose the next 3 games…title charge over in February.

  127. Up the Arse! says:

    Fact: Wenger will never ever spend BIG. We all know how he plays the market – a very professional man – he’s done it many times, TH14 for one! If we go win tHE league we’ll all be calling him GOD!!

  128. Alan D says:

    unfortunately he did coz we were so close to a deal for carlton cole and zezinho but they didnt happen

  129. neil says:

    A vast amount of people are missing the point !
    Its not about being in credit or debit or who do we buy
    If you think AW or indeed the club has been truthful then theres No Problem

    If you think your being lied to,
    Then its perfectly normal to feel aggreived.
    Dont fight amongst ourselves just accept peoples difference of opinion

  130. tmo says:

    This is such nonsense.

    If your complaint is “he promised me signings but didn’t deliver” then cry me a fucking river. He manages the team not your emotions.

    If the complaint is that Wenger is poor in the transfer market, then you’ve been watching a different Arsenal to me over the years.

    If the complaint is that he should be spending more money, then perhaps you have a degree in economics and know more than Wenger and the board about balancing the short term and long term interests of the club. Where do you think all this money comes from? Where do you think the profits are going? There is one good reason why we can’t chuck £20m at players on a regular basis – the stadium financing costs. Every £ spent now is borrowed at 11 – 15% interest. To put that in perspective: £20m paid now costs £35m over 5 years at 12% interest. And that’s even before you take wages into account. Assuming £100k pw for 5 years, interest alone on wages (on ave for 2.5 years as you pay 5 years interest on the first 100k and 0 years on the last 100k) = £9.5m. Total interest cost of doing that deal now and not in 5 years = £24.5m.

    If your view is that Wenger and the board are too focussed on the long term and not sufficiently focussed on the short term, then you are entitled to your opinion, but you need to actually make an argument if you want to persuade anyone. Personally, I think caution is crucial in the current climate. As someone pointed out, we don’t have a sugar daddy to treat our club like his own personal trainset. Nor do we have the Glazers who truly are taking profits out of the club for themselves. Instead, we have a board and manager who understand the longterm benefits of reinvesting profits into the club to pay down debt, which itself was incurred to produce a massive increase in revenue in the long term. People will look back on these years and say – that was the time when Arsenal truly became a footballing superpower.

    These guys (Wenger in particular) have vision. Sadly, some Arsenal fans do not.

  131. Brahma says:

    WHO DO YOU WANT TO SIGN GENIUS? Who? David Villa, who says he doesn’t want to play in England? Franck Ribery for $40million? Who? ManUre paid a reported 10million for a player with what, three starts? Wenger probably thought he was overpaying at offering 7million. ManUre are an example of how to do things? Get real. We’ll see the real ManUre in a couple of years when their debt crushes them.

    Get lost pal, go cheer for someone else. You’re just stupid.

    • BigL says:

      You are right Brahma. Lets no show any ambition with wanting to succeed. We’ll just count our blessings that Wenger chooses so favor us with his ever graceful presence and count down to that terrible day when he leaves the club. No doubt Wengers absence will led to the club being relegated because surely no one else is able to manage us.

      all hail Wenger hail hail hail

      • Dan says:

        Why don’t you go support the spuds.

        They’ve got plenty of your acclaimed “ambition”. They’ve spent £200m in the last 6 years and are still talking about breaking into the top four, we haven’t been out of the top 4 in over a decade. Been to 2 european finals, won 3 league titles, went a season unbeaten, built a new stadium and the best training complex in the country, regraded as a top 8 team around the continent of europe every season, challenging for Champions league and Premier League titles but we have no ambition because Wenger doesn’t want to waste 20m on a striker (a striker that isn’t available) when we already have Eduardo, Bendtner, RVP (back in 3 months), Vela, Arshavin, Walcott available.

        You clearly jumped on the bandwagon when we went unbeaten in 04 (it’s known as the United effect- halfhearted fans start “supporting” a team cos they’re doing well at one point, they have no idea of the history of the club or any true understanding of the game. It’s what Man Utd achieved in the 90s.) The problem with these fans is they don’t remember what it was like when we finished 13 in the league in the mid 90s or how delighted we were to finish 5 and get a european spot.

        All they know as an Arsenal “fan” is that we went unbeaten and now we’re not unbeaten. That’s just not what they signed up for and they won’t tolerate not being able to gloat that they’re an Arsenal fan to their little school buddies. They’re also the same people that have never been to a game in their life.

      • Brahma says:

        I notice, you fucking idiot BigL, that you don’t answer my question. WHO do you think they should sign? WHO out there is an improvement on what we have, and can be bought AND wants to come to England with it’s 50% tax rate for top earners? Italy and Spain have lower tax rates for footballers. Good clubs aren’t going to sell their best players in January, and bad clubs are usually in financial distress and want a king’s ransom for their players. WHO? You don’t have a fucking clue. Like I say, go cheer for the Arabs in Manchester if you want overpaid mercenaries.

      • BigL says:

        @ Brahma / Dan

        Go support the spuds or the Arabs in Manchester, is that really the best response you can come up with. The limit of your argument if someone doesn’t agree with your 12 year old view of the world is they are a spud. Ridiculous. Besides, we all know that supporters like you will be off to support whatever team Wenger chooses to manage next. As for jumping on the Arsenal bandwagon, you couldn’t be further from the truth. I have been a supporter since the early seventies. My family have connections to many of the Irish players. I don’t claim to know any of them personally but they do keep in contact with member of my family.

        Who should we sign? I don’t know, but then I am not paid millions to run a scouting network. We hear that there are a lot of players who want to play for us, are you saying that with our extensive scouting network we are unable to find someone out there who is available and decent enough to add cover to the team? I don’t recall one person asking for the board to invest silly money on players, its just another of your silly arguments.

        As far as I am concerned Wenger creates his own problems, if he said at the start that we were not going to sign anyone then fair enough, but he sets the expectation that he will sign new players and then back peddles every single time and gives us some crap about injured players will be like new signings.

        We had an excellent opportunity to get some cover and strengthen but we didn’t. And before you go on about new signings don’t guarantee we’ll win anything, yes I know.

  132. Bobby Boy says:

    Sinbad your a idiot and if this is the stupid shit on your mind you really should try to distants yourself from public life. PS Come on arsenal

  133. arsha-Win says:

    let average almunia and demn man yoo’s silvestre go!!!

  134. simon says:

    Think the torrent of abuse to this article says it all really. I think the author must be 5 yrs old. I definitely won’t be coming back to read this joke of a website & will block it out of my newsnow page

  135. Barndoor Bendtner says:

    Moaney old negative bastard.

    Moans when we dont sign anyone, moans when we do, maons that players are either too old or too young. reads between the lines on every comment from AW.
    I havent seen any ‘promise’ to buy anyone. You say yourself that he said he will try and sign a striker a.s.a.p. but will be sensible with the money. Do you want him to be like the twats at Barca that promise to spend fortunes they havent got on players under contract elsewhere? How are they so succesful?? They have 70%+ players from the academy, thats how.

    Bugger off the Shite hart Lane where youreally want to be

  136. […] Did Wenger LIE to the Arsenal fans AGAIN? A few weeks ago the Arsenal king of spin Arsene Wenger said that he wanted to bring in a frontman to cover a couple of […] […]

  137. Onal Baker says:

    nice post, this is what i need, thank for sharing, greetings

  138. JOEL says:

    Lets just say that he has been selective with the truth-but on his head be it!The fact remains that as the Transfer Window opened we needed to bring a couple of players into the Squad.A Forward capable of holding the line and scoring goals and cover in the defensive midfield.Injuries and absentees meant that we were missing necessary strength through the “spine” of the team.But any additions had to be brought in sooner rather than later so that they could potentially acclimatise and hit the ground running once we broke into this crucial run of Premiership games.It would have certainly ,also,made a difference to our team line-up at Stoke-and in all liklihood the result!
    That said,most Arsenal fans knew that it was unlikely that anyone would materialise-even on loan.The Manager insists that there isn’t anyone out there who could improve the side-nobody who might be more likely to hit the target than Eduardo,Vela,Walcott or Bentner-nobody more likely to make his presence felt in the middle of the park than Denilson or Eastmond!!If that’s the case and we manage to come away from the next three league matches with our Title Challenge still on course then many Arsenal supporters will be happy to stand corrected.Unfortunately,many supporters are more than aware that this side is only a couple of players away from winning trophies.A couple of players whose continued absence is likely to precipitate another Summer of our better players being coaxed away at Season end- once again!!

  139. hers says:

    Traore and Gibbs is better players then Gael Clichy, Arsenal very shelfish (Arshavin) in front of the box. Arsenal must stop ball watching and attack the ball. how sad, another season without a trophy and Arsene was never going to buy any players.

  140. hers says:

    Ibrahimovic AGE 28 PRICE 37.6 MILLION POUNDS +

    Cesc Fàbregas age 22 – properties about him
    a leader, he can score goals, control the mid -defensive & attack, 40 million pounds is too little. He is already a master and how will he be at the age of 24.

  141. hers says:


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