5 years without a trophy…

Posted: January 31, 2010 by thevanster in Uncategorized

..Not even the mickey mouse cup. About to be 6 as well.

Just another fact for you Arsene Knows Brigade.  Let’s see you argue with that.

No Sinbad to bitch about, no excuses, just a hard, plain fact.

Oh, and we also have 30m to spend btw.

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  1. james says:

    you know the one thing that would be better than wenger leaving? this website being shutdown, or at least taken off newsnow. no posts to be seen in the good times, anger inciting vomit in the bad.

  2. stonroy says:

    Oh James do the facts touch a nerve you TWAT!

    • james says:

      are we getting our ass kicked in every big game? yes. is a website that turns us all against each other the best response? ofc not. if you want to protest wenger stage a march, a blog like this will change nothing. all this place does is incite anger.

  3. Gunnerboy says:

    Where the hell is sinbad?

  4. DCO says:

    The fans need to do something about Almunia, it’s clear wenger can’t see what is obvious to us all.

    Any ideas?

  5. arseneknows says:

    we really are crap compared manure and chelski

  6. Steen Rasmussen says:

    Wenger used to be the man in modern football, that I admired the most. Now he’s becoming a joke! Why can’t he see whats obvious to everybody? Is he mental?
    Time for Gazidis and Kroenke to stand up. Remember: The club is always bigger than the man. And this man has lost it – permanently!
    Danish Gooner – Steen

  7. Baz says:

    Mate give it a rest! We’ve been out played on the night and had a shocker, do u really wanna stick your boot in too?

  8. you didnt honestly think u were gonna win did u? 2 b honest im gutted with 1-3 we should have scored 6 or 7 and all this without rio and vidic hahahahahaha

  9. Kanu77 says:

    I dont think Arsene should leave, but I think that someone has to convince him that all the player are not world class. We need a keeper, we need a central midfielder, and we do need another striker. 30m£, four hours to go of the window. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  10. BLOODRED says:

    Almunia has told Wenger after the game “sorry le boss im not good enough to play for Arsenal, i have been an imposter”

  11. Ben says:

    Arsenal faction is a total disgrace. Go and support Spurs. You only ever say anything when we lose and try and stir up as much crap as you can. This site should be taken off newsnow!

  12. anon says:

    We want you to stay! We want you to staaaay!! Arsene Wenger, We want you to stay!

  13. Fabby says:

    I was a little bit positive that we may win the PL this season. Now at lease I can relax knowing we will not a trophy this season either. I f we do it would be a bonus fro me.

  14. Gorakshep says:

    give a fuck about how many years without trophy( but hate to lose like cowards,!!

  15. shooy says:

    Oh do fuck off again. This has nothing to do with Arsene Knows Best, so stop hiding behind that pathetic little insult when people don’t agree with you. Pitiful personal insults are getting thrown around yet again. Everybody wants to win something every year, but oh dear 5 years without anything? That’s nothing. The club you now support is light years ahead of where it was 10 or 20 years ago. It has projected itself into the elite of Europe. Believe it or not that wasn’t always the case. For ages we weren’t even consistently in the top 10 clubs in England. Now the current position of the club’s not down to Wenger, but a whole series of forward thinking decisions over the years including building a world class stadium, investing in youth and yes employing Wenger. What wasn’t planned was the emergence of ultra high rollers using football as a plaything nor the bankers fucking things up for everyone who had a normal business model. OK, let’s say I’ll go with you lot and let’s sack Wenger – really I’m not fussed although I don’t think it’ll be the solution you think it will be. I can guarantee the same folks will be back on here in six or twlve months time with something else to moan about and the amazing self belief that in fact they know best.

  16. Abdi says:

    Arsenal is not have problem the one ho it is make problem only venger sorry venger!!!

  17. Narlex says:

    Shut the fuck up bitch & don’t dare give Wenger an attitude!

  18. TJ says:

    The main factor tonight was they had a world class striker and we didn’t. Does Arsene know best? Probably. But we really do need more competition for places. Fact. You get away with midfielders up front against shit but not against the big teams. Let’s face it we have been found wanting and short of a decent squad.
    Apparently we have money to spend but it is no good when your shopping in a second hand show room when the teams above are spending their money in an aston martin garage!
    Poor show all round.

  19. Alan says:

    If Wenger knows best then what does SAF know?

    Asked if the Gunners are set to bring in any players before the transfer window closes on Monday, Wenger replied: “At the moment, no.”

    Does that just say it all. What a f*cking plonker. So we don’t need a keeper, a left full, a central midfielder and a striker. You f*cking tosser Wenger. You wouldn’t even have bought Vermaelen if Toure hadn’t have f*cked off. We implored you to buy a CB for years and you dug your head in the sand and you are still doing it. If you think Denilson is good enough then the replay of the 2nd goal should be rammed down your f*cking throat. And as for Clichy, I use to buy into the ‘he’s so unlucky – everytime he makes a mistake we concede’. What shite, he is diabolical. And if I see Sagna shape to cross the ball again I swear I’m going to put my foot through the TV. No heart, no desire, let down once again. If we can’t put that Utd. side away then there is no hope. Just a couple of extra thoughts

    Problem 1: Picking and choosing games. We were on a run and yet again Wenger tries to pick and choose his games. The net result is we lose to Stoke, carry that into the next game and draw with Villa. We then face Utd. on a run of 1 lose 1 draw.

    Problem 2: Pampering and sheilding players that earn upwards of 30/40 thousand a week. If they can’t take the criticism how can they be expected to deliver under pressure.

    • u r rite mate,some of this facts need to be rummmeeed down his f***ing head,if he cannot see all the problems we see, then he has clearly bcome a mental case,for how long does he think he is going to hide his head in the sand before he gets his stupid foolly exposed?

  20. abiodun says:

    Is there any other club in EPL apart from ManU, Chelsea and Liverpool that has won anything of note in 6 years? And how long can their sugar-daddy continue to bankroll the debts? You want to sack AW and bring in who? I appreciate the culture he has created in the club, the philosophy, stability, etc. You sound like one of those owners from Serie A! Gooners in the US appreciate beautiful football when we see it. Patience, brother. Patience.

  21. Jonathan chawora says:

    Same old story. Usman offered £100 million in transfer kit but he was for all intents and purposes told to go to hell. In my opinion Kroenke is no good for Arsenal just like his fellow country men are no good for Liverpool.
    How about Martin O` Neille as next manager for Arsenal in Summer?

  22. roni says:

    typical of our fellow gooners when we lose,

    we have a go at each other

    the team is great against the rest but every game that mattered since the f.a cup final we choked like sluts on a street. . wenger has got to not have money coz cesc is carrying us and arshavin carries a injury and can’t b himself.

    arsenal will win nothing unless something happens in that transfer window

  23. arseneknows says:

    i am not laying the blame only at denilson 2day but and this is a big but the guy is just not good enough 2 play with cesc and song, we need someone imposing there and fletcher totally destroyed him 2day . why oh why did u let palacios go 2 brum then from then on the scum. palacios would have been a legend at arsenal.

  24. BLOODRED says:

    Well said that man Alan, the only difference is i put mt foot through the tv, gutted……….

  25. Ben says:

    This website epitomises the type of a plastic fan I detest, the kind of “supporters” who don’t actually seem to enjoy football, only the short term euphoria that follows trophies; as if the victory somehow reflects the success lacking in yourself. Football is entertainment first and foremost, winning trophies is a bonus, not the reason for supporting your club. We are lucky that Arsenal are the classiest team in the world, and fans like you are the antithesis to what this club and football in general is and should be about.

    • BigL says:

      Unfortnatly Ben I think fans like you are what is wrong with AFC. You have no ambition for the club and are happy with standing still.

      Only ‘plastic’ fans would be happy with standing still.

      • Ben says:

        Are you kidding me? Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world. I’m not going to cry about losing games like this and put it down to a lack of ambition or the fact that the manager is a moron or whatever. Arsenal have gone almost 20 years without winning trophies in the past so I think you can afford the club a little patience.

      • BigL says:

        I’m patience, I can wait for another 10 years before we win a trophy if i have to. What I wont stand for is sending out a poor/inexperienced team because the manager couldn’t be arsed to buy some experience.

        We used to compete for the double each season, the last few years we throw away the FA cup and fall away in the league. All this despite Wenger claiming this is his best ever team.

        There are 4 trophies on offer every season, we have no right to any of them but we should be trying our upmost for them.

      • shooy says:

        So wrong! It’s fans like Ben (and me) who’ll still be around regardless of what happens. We just can’t help it. We’re Arsenal through and through. Don’t insult people with this lack of ambition shit. Nobody wants to stand still but some people maybe have a more realistic perspective over the years.

  26. Ben says:

    This team is good, probably not a good as Wenger makes out but still we have some of the best players on the planet, every team has a few plonkers. It’s our job as supporters to cheer them on, not bitch that they haven’t won anything in what is comparatively a short amount of time. I wouldn’t want my leg replaced if I sprained my ankle, nor do I want repeated calls for a knee jerk purchase every time we lose a game. Everyone waxes lyrical when this very same team destroys someone, which is pretty regularly.

    • skaka says:

      wake up!! in this league you have to beat at least those best 3 to be the champion, if you cant afford it then it will only stay in your dream. As long as wenger plays ignorant and wont improve this team then we’ll keep ended on 3rd position, maximum!!

  27. JOEL says:

    Once again Ferguson got his tactics right and outmanoeuvred Wenger in every department.Even with two second string CBs United never looked threatened.Our miniature 3 man attack was completely toothless.Why on earth would Fabregas want to stay at a club where his midfield partner is someone so completely inept.This 5 (6) year drought has seen our Star Players leave one after another and next year wont be any different,at this rate.Would Denilson,Almunia ,Nasri,Bentner etc be selected by any of our top six rivals.Last season we were able to at least compete against the other “Big Four” Teams but dropped points against “Lesser” opposition.This year our performances against United and Chelsea have been nothing short of inept.
    The Manager keeps saying that he can’t find any players that will improve upon his existing squad-It’s unfathomable that he can’t find a player more likely to lead the attack and score goals than either Vela,Eduardo,Bentner,or Walcott.Monsieur Wenger must be completely deluded if he believes that there are no other midfield players out there with a greater ability than Denilson to track back and defend against opposition counter attacks or to be able to pass the ball forwards to a player on his own side over a greater distance than 10 feet.Can the Manager justify the current crop of goalkeeper’s a place in his team???How many mistakes can Almunia and Fabianski make and still continue to be picked.If the manager thought that his team were undeserving of their Arsenal shirts after the first half at Liverpool I’d really like to know what he thought after todays performance.Yes I realise that the team are only where they are today under the auspices of Monsieur Wenger but he must realise that you can’t win anything without the right “blend” of players-and this current bunch are in many cases too similar,too lightweight , too egotistical,and too inexperienced to win matches when it really matters.I’m not advocating wholesale change but certainly a change in approach which means using a transfer budget consistent with a top European Team-bringing in players capable of making a difference both in the changing room and on the pitch- and looking to develop some proper steel within the team-which hasn’t been seen very often over the last 5 years or so!

  28. donald says:

    Jonathan chawora … Go fuck yourself !

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