Time for Wenger to do the right thing and quit..

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its time for Wenger to do the right thing and walk away from Arsenal.

This is not a knee jerk reaction to our disgraceful show today, as most of the regular visitors to the forum and blog will know I have been saying that Wenger needs to go for a long time.

After the Deja Vu show by an almost full strength (RVP) Arsenal side vs a Man Utd team without Ferdinhand and Vidic, it was like the “MEN vs BOYS” champions legaue semi final at home last sesaon. What has changed since then? Well Ronaldo was sold and we all hoped that the “one man team” Man Utd would now be weaker. Well they are, But the problem is for us is that we are still lightyears away from Man Utd.

Our problems?

Like i have been saying for 2 seasons, Almunia is not good enough. How many times has this clown let us down in key games?  But yet Wenger stands by him?

Denilson is not good enough, Some of you may ask why?… Well watch the Man Utd 2nd goal scored today. Just watch Denilson tracking back.

Up front we are missing a striker, But yet Wenger (who has had since the summer and cashing in on Adebayor) to address this is still faffing about.

I said last week that “Wenger LIE to the Arsenal fans AGAIN” and was slagged off by many of you for coming out and doubting Wenger?

Wenger and Arsenal had a fantastic chance of winning the league this season. All Wenger needed to do was invest some of that £30m on 2 players. A centre mid and a striker, Like many of us have been calling out for a very long time. Instead Wenger signs a 35 year old on a free as cover. That for me showed his ambition.

Some of you who come on this blog or the forum to have a good at me are just lying to yourself. I’m not the problem and  i am not alone when i say that the problem is Wenger and his stubborn, arrogant ways.

He treats the FA cup with utter disrespect, a cup we had a very good chance of winning this season.

Let’s face it, wenger has said one thing and done something different for years.

You have to ask why?

Do you see other top managers doing this? No

wenger is nothing more then a stubborn lunatic, he says one thing on Monday n come Friday he says something totaly different. It’s almost like he is 2 different people.

Wenger is either very clever or just mental.

Like I have said a few times, the reason I feel he comes out and says he wants to sign players to the press is to get the best out of his players. But there are other ways of doing this.

Your new 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 tactics are not working. You lack of signings are key to all the problems we have.

What pisses me off is that we keep falling for this trick.

At the end of the season wenger will say the following ” I have identify the problems and I will be working hard in the summer to bring in 2 big players”

a few weeks after that wenger will say I have money to spend and I will do this if the right player comes along.

Then it will be ” we are looking at some players, but are not close at the moment to signing anybody”

then it will be ” I will only sign players, if I sell to replace them”

then 2 players will be sold.

Wenger will then say, the players coming back from injury will be like our new signing.

And then wenger will say.. I’m. Not going to sign anybody as it will kill the kids..

And then comes the end of the transfer window, And just as the transfer window shuts our chances of winning the league shut at the same time.

This has been going on for years now, I know that the board are never going to sack wenger so for me the man has to do the right thing and walk away.

Thanks Arsene for everything you have done but you can NOT take this team on anymore.

We need a fresh look at Arsenal because this in not working.


Debate this more with me on the forum ( HERE )


  1. Muppet says:

    Oh shut up you tosser. You haven’t got a clue. If arsenal followed your advice, we’d sink like Monica Lewinsky.

  2. clichydoubledeuce says:

    any recommendations for a successor?

    • Greensborogooner says:

      I have been saying this for the longest, the main problem at Arsenal is AW. People can call me all the names in the world, but until that problem is resolved, we will be playing this stupid game of also-ran. This united team is not special, yet they beat us at home, and could have scored more goals. Why AW can’t see that Almunia isn’t good enough kills me, Denilson, Silvestre, Eboue, walcott, vela are all dead weights. Even if they remove chelsea, and united from the league, this arsenal team will still not win the league, and that my friends is how pathetic this team and AW are.

      • keroppppi says:

        The sad thing is Wenger is not to paid to win us trophies anymore. If it is, this is one of the greatest joke in football that he still keep his job at a club still claim to be a top club and charging the highest price for tickets, not only in the UK but probably in the world..

    • Paul says:


    • wiral gooner says:

      what does pat rice do ? puts some cones out,then just on the bench!i could do that.we need changes !bring in TONY

  3. adam cunningham says:

    I think its a little harsh 2 say get rid of wenger! look what he has done 2 us! the squad (minus a few players, inc DENILSON),the trainin facilities, the stadium, the scoutin system! least our club will survive, cos we pay back our debts unlike others! wenger may use a few excuses, but will still always remain the best thing 2 happen 2 us! keep the faith, our time will come!!

  4. adam cunningham says:


  5. bergkamp says:

    wenger should walk or season ticket prices should be slashed to loser prices,at least 50%, its their choice

  6. Ahmad Zaman says:

    I suspect Chelsea and Man City are the only teams with [relatively] free-spending owners…Arsene is probably hiding the fact that Arsenal are also in severe debt and need to rein in their spending

  7. dickie says:

    today is hard to take and a knee jerk reaction is pointless. BUT i do believe if we end the season empty handed again then it really is time for him to step down. being so close to winning silverware over the last 5 years and achieving nothing is simply not good enough and no wengerisms will cover up that fact

  8. aa says:

    you should quit as a writer.. i dont know how u can even remotely call urself an arsenal supporter, when thats how u treat the player´s and them, how do u think any player can play when all they here from the media is that there shit.. u call urself and arsenal SUPPORTER but ur not supporting the team for shit! ur not supporting wenger ur not supporting the players ur not supporting the club quit writing and quit calling urself an arsenal supporter! nobody wants ur kind around the club, cuz its enough with the media the team doesn’t need the fans going against them which many have done the last years now!

    • skaka says:

      Blind Frog! even if you love your country doesnt mean you have to shut your mouth if you have tyrant rule your life!! open you eyes..!!

  9. Lucifer says:


  10. Boubacar Lillongwe says:

    We need a new keeper and a left back.

    The rest of the team is fantastic.

    Denilson is a reserve, Diaby would play ahead of him and is a good player, but definitely at fault for the 2nd goal.

    Just like against United in the Champs’ league semi, and the Liverpool quarter finals we concede unbelievably soft counter attack goals.

    We were only ONE goal behind and we allow United to have a 4 v 1 situation, total bullshit.
    Can the team just remember in big games to keep it tight coz we always have a goal or 2 in us.

  11. stonroy says:

    I want any person who disagrees with has been said here to come on and give a logical argument on why Wenger should stay? Don’t be a bunch of stupid Muppets and say something emotional like Mr Muppet himself.

  12. chris says:

    Arsenal outclassed again its gettin stupid now denilson was poor almunia was poor arshavin had chances but wernt clinical .arsenal need a new striker new midfielder and new goalkeeper for fuck sake we could have brought given 4 8million chamack for 6million melo or alonso for 18million .32 million and we would have a team capable of being competitive instead of this joke of a team we have now

  13. stonroy says:

    Guus Hiddink is a winner.

  14. goonerr says:

    Dont fucking exaggerate u twat!

  15. khalil says:

    sooner wanger goes, better for arsenal. had £30m, no proper striker, still no new name. feel for all the arsenal supporters inc me.

  16. Royce says:

    muppet pls shut your puppet……..face the reality….for 5 season there is no trophy,dont ever forget……this year there was a hope Change has come and we are gonna win Primear league but after today’s match it’s over….against Chelsea also the same fate……Wenger either strenghten the squad or with due respect and dignity pls QUIT

  17. Farai Mpasi says:

    We are so dissapointed all of us true Arsenal people including Wenger of course.I hope Arsene will buy experienced players and mix them with these kids.However Arsene must not quit.Success will eventually come.

  18. gazzap says:

    that was embarrasing and wenger has no idea of tactics. he made so many mistakes today and I want him out and have done for about 18 months.

  19. chris b says:

    He has to go and he simply has to start playing the long ball game more often!

  20. Ben says:

    Go and fuck yourself sinbad.

  21. mario says:

    hiddink? Arsene can stay but he needs to get rid of the deadwood…but if he was to leave i’d want hiddink.

  22. Bingo says:

    Yeah, fucking harry potter! Fuckoff Wenger if you dont want to rebuild our club then fuck right off.

  23. Choy says:

    Please fuck off wenger and take your shit players with you

    • goonerr says:

      If not for Wenger we would be shite

      • Royce says:

        Why the fuck u r saying ur name as gooner….If u r a true Gooner than face the reality……..last 5 season we trophyless don’t u ever forget that boy

    • Royce says:

      muppet pls shut your puppet……..face the reality….for 5 season there is no trophy,dont ever forget……this year there was a hope Change has come and we are gonna win Primear league but after today’s match it’s over….against Chelsea also the same fate……Wenger either strenghten the squad or with due respect and dignity pls QUIT

      • goonerr says:

        Wenger took this club to where it’s today show some appreciation nor should i mention this fantastic team he has coming up its just a matter of time before trophies come. Wenger has already proved u lot wrong so many times isnt time to shut up.

  24. R-SEN says:

    While I’m not sure that Wenger leaving would be the best move for Arsenal, I do have to agree with you about Almunia and Denilson. Almunia is not good enough for the premiership so the idea of a team challenging for honours with him in goal is a joke. As for Denilson, I was once slated for posting a blog on another Arsenal site questioning his abilities. The fact is, we who watch the game can see that this player is useless. Forget the age thing and don’t tell me he’ll get better. This guy has played regularly for 2 seasons and he is as much a liability (if not worse) than Senderos was.

  25. Jim jam says:

    You are one complete wanker !!!!! you dirty spurs fan !!!!! Fuck you !!!!

  26. MistaKen says:

    I would still give him until the end of the season. If he does refuses to buy at least 2 quality players in the the summer we should replace him with a quality manager – of which there are few but that is what Gazides must do.

  27. stonroy says:

    Success will eventually come? HOW? I don’t think there is a person out there who would disagree that we’
    1)Need a new keeper
    2) Get rid of Denilson
    3) Need a back-up DM
    4) Need a new bloody striker cause Bendtner simply either doesn’t have it yet or never will.

    But yet Wenger our manager and tactician has failed to act on these basic things. Today was a humiliation and I have had enough.

  28. arizzy says:

    Sinbad i’m in totgal agreement with what you said above. Wenger should quit, the guy just hasn’t got a clue and he’s a coward. This guy just takes us gunners for a ride evey season (and its the 6th now), teases us and then what win nothing at the end of the season. How on earth is it that there are no players better than Denilson and Almunia is beyond me. Lets ask ourselves this question if we were to give Almunia a free transfer which club will come in for him. None i believe n this is our #1 goalkeeper, this thus tell u the quality of our manager right there. Time to go ARrsene and whilst you’re packing take Alminia, Denilson and Nasri with you please.

  29. owatz says:

    U couldnt have said it better!!!

  30. shooy says:

    Do fuck off and jerk your knee elsewhere please.

  31. stonroy says:

    Goonerr you are a first class idiot mate. It’s time for your sedative like a good little twat.

  32. skaka says:

    we’re cursed…he’s simply playing god and we are his muppets

  33. JC says:

    Arsene, do youself a favor, next season when we are getting hammmered at home against Utd or Chelsea, instead of facing the pitch, turn around and look at the dissapointment on the fans faces, this is our club not yours, if you dont care whether we go backwards then just pissoff and take that twat of a keeper with you!

  34. paskall says:

    totally agree.. the prob is almost everywhere in the team
    wandering if vermalen is the new striker because he is doing much more better than these prone injury player like bendtner ,vela and eduardo ,the last one spent more time on the bench than on the pitch .. for bendtner it’s the same wiz offside as bonus .. the club is making profit only for paying the nursery and that is since 2007 ..some player should spent more times on loan . like fabianski ,traore, and the wasteful Silvestre, and denilson too .. the transfer window still open for some hours..so get the cash on table because we can still repair this sh_t by beating chealsea

  35. Rinsing says:

    Wenger should stay because.. do I really need to farking write this??! Oh well, er, ok then. ‘Wenger should stay because he is the most successful manager in Arenals post-war history, because he is entirely responsible for transforming us from a team of Hilliers and Morrows to a team of Bergkamps and Henrys. Maybe he should stay because (unlike his contemporaries) he emanates class whenever he talks about football and oozes intelligence both in his short-term and long term philosophies on the game. Wenger should stay because he brought us the invincibles, because he took us to Paris, and because above all he is a beacon of light in a dark and murky footballing world.

    Arsenal fans have become so farking spoilt and the new generation of consumerist fans who feel they ‘deserve’ a 3-0 win just because they bought a ticket disgust me. You don’t have to be anti Wenger to think that Denilson doesnt cut the mustard, and you don’t need to be pro-Wenger to give the man a little credit.

    Victoria Concordia Crescit.

    • TGIFabregas says:

      Rinsing – Arsene has been an amazing manager for Arsenal and I love the man for everything he has achieved for the club and supporters. But having been single-handedly responsible for transforming the team from Hilliers and Morrows to Henrys and Bergkamps (who, was actually a Rioch signing, but I take your point), he is now equally single-handedly responsible for transforming us from Henrys and Bergkamps to Almunias, Eboues, Denilsons and Velas. As happens with almost any industry or nation, a time comes when no matter how much good you’ve done, a leader needs to be changed for the company/nation/team to move forward.

      I want to remember Wenger for the amazing team he transformed us into at the turn of this century, for the amazing counter-attacking football, for the world-beating one-touch football we were capable of playing, not for the man who transformed us back to a point where we have to look up not down to see our closest rivals

  36. JJ says:

    sort the team out in the summer wenger or leave

  37. AfriX says:

    On the spot Sinbad, Wenger abandoned the ways that delivered success ie buy a couple of world class experienced players mix them with up & coming youth and win. Instead he’s flooded the team with average young players who might become world class yes you Diaby,Denilson & Bendtner. This has brought him zero trophies & good profit 4 the club but total distress for the fans. He’ll never win anything unless he goes back 2 what worked. If he doesn’t change he must go. If I was Fabregas i’d start taking the Barca approach more seriously! Fuck off Wenger & Almunia!

  38. Steve says:

    For six years the agenda and focus of Arsenal has not been on winning trophies but as a vehicle to prove that Wenger is right and everyone else in football is wrong. It hasn’t worked.
    Its a shame because Wenger is a great coach. The missing link is David Dein, the best executive in football and the man to keep Wenger pointing in the right direction and guiding him through the transfer jungle.
    Don’t get rid of Wenger, bring Dein back !

  39. In Wenger We Trust says:

    You retard, hush puppy! Wenger has built this team and I hope he stays for the rest of his career! There are no managers out there to replace him! and if you think otherwise who should? I agree with the Almunia statement as he is shit! and our strikers coming back from injury, they won’t be on form, when it matters most like now! So we do need to sign someone but honestly who? can you think of anyone, who will come or is available?

  40. Danish Gooner says:

    I totally agree with Sinbad,you all seem to think Wenger is the only who can carry this club so by definition we will sink like Titanic when he retires that is a complete ludicrous assumption.Do you really think Mourinho or Guus Hiddink will be allowed to bankrupt Arsenal,off course not but Mourinho have showed over and over again that he can do it with little money or all the money in the world and so have Hiddink and so have several other managers.

  41. eddoen says:

    Upset and disappointed, arsenal play too wide and let our players struggle one by 2/3 opponents, I think, our player didnot good enough than MU, so we and Wenger must do self introspection. Its same with old problems in attacking defend, counter attack, and worry to fight Chealsie and Menchit, hope wenger will correct in next match.

  42. clichydoubledeuce says:

    wenger will be on the board after he retires in 2020.

    get used to it.


  43. arsenal lover says:

    sack wenger…he just know how to play beautiful n weak..just make him as coach n scout..get someone like Pep Guardiola who know how to play beautifull n strong…another humanlation….

  44. BLOODRED says:

    Thats hurt, Please get rid of Almunia and buy a world class striker, AW please wake-up.

  45. Matt says:

    I’m not sure he should go, but I agree with the points made. He can’t spot a good keeper, denilson is average, nasri looks a bad buy, Walcott poor, bendtner has never done anything so to think he is the answer is a huge error in judgement. I am actually starting to think a kroenke takeover might be the answer and let’s see if arsene is kept on

  46. stonroy says:

    I would never want Mournho as our manager. He may win but he is a first class idiot, he is not made of the Arsenal stuff. Hiddink in I say.

  47. geoffreid says:

    Proved right again-wegner should f/of for all his lies and inaction on buying–lowest I have ever seen the team-almost as low as DENILSON–who should never play again.

  48. Rabie says:

    you are an idiot my friend. There is limits to how much we can spends. We have loans to pay back and money cannot just be thrown away. With Man city welling to pay 30 million to any good player out there, we just cant compete in the transfer market.

    This was a very bad game. Fabregas surprised me in a bad way.

    Denilson was utter shit.

    And Almunia has to go.

    LETS PRAY we sign someone now that Wenger has seen this game.

  49. chris b says:

    True Gooners are so fickle, its no surprise gooners want Wenger to f-off. Some of them will be at old trafford on a more permanent basis next season lol

  50. Goona says:

    calm down mate, have a cup of tea or something. the next two games will tell us everything we need to know about this arsenal team. almunia and denilson are our players so lets support them. if i see manual, i will break his leg and do time so that we can buy a new keeper but for now lets support the team son. i did not even realise denilson was on the pitch half the game

  51. bergkamp says:

    the next two games wont tell us anything we dont know, whenever wenger enters oneof these famous ‘biggest games since i arrived at arsenal phases we get whipped!

  52. Mac Daniel says:

    The problem is we don’t have David Dein. He was the secret weapon who steered Wenger to success. Wenger is a coach and Dein was a managing director of the highest order. Maybe id Silent Stan takes over he will bring DD back. Now that will be a good thing.

  53. anon says:

    Arsene MUST Stay

  54. Richard says:

    I may be a bit biased being a huge Wenger fan, due to the manner in which he has transformed Arsenal, not only in our style of play, but facilities, stadium and potential. Put simply, if wenger was too leave I could only see this having a hugely detrimental effect on us.

    Say Wenger left tomorrow, straight away the futures of Fabregas, Gallas and probably other members of the French contingent would be very much in doubt. In fact I would go as far to say, that Fabregas would leave.

    I think you have to be objective about these things (which can hurt, as a passionate fan, especially after a bad defeat) but Arsenal are competing in this league, as the only top four club who operate on the basis of self sufficiency. Whilst this may hurt us in the short term, the long term prospects for the club cannot be denied and lets face it we are only one or two players away from being table toppers.

    It will come, but you cannot do this too quickly, potentially hurting the long term future in the process. I for one would far rather see Arsenal being run professionally and spending prudently on the right players, then jumping on the band wagon, buying players (for little other reason than they are available) who in all probability are not the right players for Arsenal……

  55. stonroy says:

    I laugh at all the mugs who come on and disagree and don’t make a logical account of yourself…Because you can’t, you little children.

  56. shooy says:

    No, there’s little sign of intelligent life in here, but lots of pathetic insults and childish name calling. Well done.

  57. dano says:

    how can you decide to go into a game against united without a striker ??? Jesus you have to have a plan b !! Ferguson puts wenger to shame. He deliberately weakens united and still ends up giving us the run around. And those of you with the BE PATIENT line, COP ON its five years later and not improving you idiots

  58. benny says:

    That’s why I didnt sign anyone this term????
    It’s time to see and to read more supoters comments, mr Wenger. I am a one of them, but last three games I am very frustrated. Lets talk the truth. We are short in players, we need a goalkeeper, a left midfielder and a striker. He speaks for Bentdner, if he was the Rooney or Drogba class. PLease mr Wenger, STOP saving clubs money, for god sake. Please mr Wenger STOP playing with us, its very hard for us suporters. I agree with some here about denilson and Almunia, they must replaced. And please can someone find me a goalkeeper who scored more than ours, I mean owngoals!!!!!!

  59. liam says:

    Go fuck off to white hart lane where your comments will be approved of. Same goes to the thousands of people that left ashburton grove before the final whistle, Arsenal doesn’t need glory hunters like you load of pricks. The fans were the biggest disgrace of the night joint with Denilson for even stepping out on the pitch. Even walcott looked better than him in his shite form.

  60. Pistolpete says:

    That was embarrassing Wenger

  61. motherfuckerDENILSON says:

    MU second goal was due DENILSON unwillingly to track back. During Stoke game he did the same time too, never paced their winger and led to our second goal. DENILSON IS THE WORST EVER PLAYER I HAVE SEEN PLAYING FOR ARSENAL. GET THE FUCK OFF DENILSON!!

  62. n4 says:

    What do you expect from a manager who gives his honours and medals away like they are nothing, i would give my limbs to have one of those medals, the fact is Arsenal is just a business to AW.

  63. benny says:

    I forget to say that I considered to sign Messi and Kaka, but sorry they weren’t free. Sorry guyss

  64. N4 says:

    What do you expect from a manager who gives his honours and medals away like they are nothing, i would give my limbs for one of those medals because i LOVE Arsenal, the fact is Arsenal is just a business for AW.

  65. dano says:

    so liam, your ambiton is to follow a nearly football club, with loads of money, but a team that is never quiet good enough. Its about ambition mate. I follow this club for the full 90 mins and beyond of every game. Thts not the point though. The reality is this club needs success to survive at the top. I live in this place called reality.

  66. goonergerry says:

    The whole world knows what many have suspected- this team playing this way cannot get close to beating Chelsea and Man U-if Wenger does nothing-his natural tendency, then we know nothing will change. We have a whole team either carrying or playing with an injury. Yes we were outclassed- by United again, who mentally and physically fitter, stronger players-playing in a more effective team pattern. Let them believe their own bullshit. Over confidence will be their undoing. United are not Barcelona or for that matter Chelsea-Even with the injuries, this Arsenal team has got to be able to defend more effectively than this. We have to put this right. Fixing the defence is the priority.

  67. Pritpal says:

    too harsh in my opinion. the right thing is buy! everyone is saying there is 30m and dzeko is 30m so buy! the fact is that the tactics were right but the players were poor especially arshavin. we need a finisher! but the truth is something has to be done, look at when chelsea were thrashed by united they got in hiddink, we on the other hand just need a striker!

  68. Tommy says:

    Go support Spurs you muppet…without AW, we’re not even Top 4

  69. Van the man says:

    I agree with the people that say wenger should quit and all the people who say wenger should stay are judging him on past achievements and thats unfair, what matters is here and now, u dont need 2 be a scientist 2 realise that Denilson, Almunia are not gud enough and that the team needs a striker bt our great manager has done nothing to sort this out and when it matters most arsenal will fall apart. do u realise hw a player like fabregas is feelin, he knws he wont win anything with arsenal coz some of his team mates r just nt gud enough, it was important 4 arsenal b4 they began this run of 4 games that they started on a winning streak bt guess what wenger did he played a weak team in the FA cup and we lost fastfoward, we hv nt won the next 2 games after that and its chelsea next, hw can u not buy a striker bcoz bendtner is nw available bt he has never been ap prolific goalscorer so hw u put all ur hopes of winning a title on bendtner? and i dont buy it that there are no better strikers than the one’s we hv thats if we hv any gud strikers which i doubt, the people who dont want wenger out r losers bcoz 2 them arsenal resembles their lives they dont get anything and they never achieve anything in their lives so they dont c anything wrong with the club, this is business wenger is nt delivering so he has 2 go.

    • Frank says:

      Write in English you stupid cunt. Don’t expect your opinions (which are garbage in any case) to be considered if you express yourself like a spastic.

  70. Big Merv says:

    Almunia is weaker than a ladies fart, lets start one by one and not be too hastey, all the shit cannot go at once else it will leave us with a team of boy scouts. i will always support my beloved Arsenal but i am growing very frustrated at AW’s continuous smoke screens. Confidence comes from the back and we can build on that, Almunia thanks but no thanks you need to stop fucking up our club.

  71. dano says:

    that was nothing more than an average united team today, bar rooney of course. On paper we had the stronger team. I blame wenger today because he could no adapt. He kept a passing game into a croweded midfield. Started with no recognised striker, waited till 3-0 down to make a change. You can blame the players so much but to me that is very inept management. Denilson has being very poor recently, Almunia too, but you cant blame them for the fact that wenger keeps playing them or cant offer a better alternative.

  72. Pistolpete says:

    Almunia – he has to be replaced. Everytime a ball comes over form a cross i shudder in my boots.

  73. adam says:

    Wish some Sudanese Pirates would kidnap Sinbad’s boat

  74. 3rd again. says:

    I cannot believe so many of you and this blog are takling about AW quitting…complete joke!
    I bet when we were winning you guys were all cheering along saying AW is good etc……what a complete load of rubbish!

    United in case a lot of you forgot…are in HUGE DEBT…their stadium and training ground may even be sold to pay off their debt….that’s what happens when you keep spending rubbish amounts on players!

    So quick to rush on the bandwagon about AW getting sacked! Players can have poor games too and tactics were poor today…its not like Ferguson has won every game this season!

  75. fatgooner says:

    whoever writes this shit knows nothing of football or arsenal.

    It fuckin hurts big time to lose today, but getin rid of aw wont change anything.

    Firstly, on the game itself, we created loads of chances but were not clinical n the final ball was lacking. Man u finished the majority of the chances they had n there tactics were spot on. As for almunia getin slated, i agree fully that we need a new keeper, but to blame him 4 the goal today is idiotic. Nani went past 3 players with ease (dont hear them getin abuse) and if almunia doesnt touch the cross then park has a tap in. Denilson was very poor today n isnt anything more than a squad player, but if diaby was fit he wudve started.

    When it comes to AW, well you are very very wrong. He brought us everything that Arsenal represents today. Before him we were a boring mid table side with no class. All the fans on here have been spoilt with the success hes brought us and think that we should be winning trophies every year. What they forget is that we have had to move stadiums recently and to win trophies with no money is nearly impossible in this day and age. If it wasnt for AWs eye for talent then we wud probs be strugglin to stay in this league. People keep bleatin on about signing big players and this being the answer to everything, but how many of the quality players we have had during the AW era were big money signings? Anyone heard of Vieira, Petit, Van Persie, Fabregas, Clichy, Sagna, Gilberto, A.Cole, Lauren, Diaby etc etc etc! How many of these were big money signings?
    This young Arsenal side is going to dominate football for a long time if people are patient and understand that the football has to go hand in hand with the financial side of the club. Teams like man u, man city, chelsea etc are going to spiral out of control just like leeds if they arent careful.

    I just hope the club n the majority of fans keep the faith.

  76. BigL says:

    Typical Wenger really, on one hand he tells us that there are dozens of players who want to join us but come transfer window we sign no one except a 35 year old despite every man and his dog saying we need to strengthen. Even more typical of Wenger he’ll attempt to appease the fans by drop names of players that he wanted to sign, Villa this time, but of course we have been ‘closely linked’ with Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ivanovic etc in previous windows only narrowly missing out. According to Wenger at least.

    Wenger is not a manager that will sign big name players full stop, so forget saying Wenger please sign xyz because he wont. He is to stubborn and more interested in proving that you can win something with youth. Kind a mute point now with Campbell and Silvestre on board.

    Other than the die hard Wenger fanatics there really can’t have been that many people who thought we would win today or have any chance left of winning the league. The same goes for the champions league. Over 2 legs against a team like Real Madrid I would dread to think what the aggregate score would be.

    This season is yet another right off, the best we can hope for is a top 4 finish which over the last few years has been the limit of our ambition.

    Brian Clough took over from Nottingham Forest when they were 13th in the league. He helped them get promoted, win the European cup, took them on an unbeaten run before eventually getting them relegated. While he was Forests best manager he out stayed his welcome. So before history repeats itself Wenger should either leave Arsenal or go manage the youth team. Pep from Barca would be a good choice. As for not being available. Money talks.

    And before you AKB come back with your standard ‘go support the spuds’ dribble, take your head our your arses and take a sniff of life in the real world. We’ll never win anything as long as he remains at Arsenal!

  77. darren says:

    ur a tosser wenger is class

  78. thundertinygooner says:

    We have what might be called polarised opinions!We have a real quandary.I never like to agree with the old excuse fir sacking managers that “he has taken thgis team as far as he can” but I think it might apply to Wenger,The point is that he has taken us an extraordinary distance and the club will be forever grateful to him for changing our expectations and giving us so much past glory.
    But the inescapable feeling now is he is tactically naive with no real idea of defensive organisation and a thrilling but one-dimensional approach to attacking play.when we fail like today we look like a team of lightweight midgets ,lacking in application,spirit and big-match nous.Wenger has an inability to buy big-name players as much as an unwillingness to do so.He seems only ever to focus on three years hence and we therefore always lose out in the here and now.

    But only a very big man will replace him or could do so and only a handful of those exist in the world.While he delivers a profit and a Champions League place our unambitious Board will never change him. So Sinbad you are never likely to get your wish.

  79. Fredwest says:

    Sinbad, spot on again mate. And credit to you for sticking to ur guns and being consistant with ur views unlike most arsenal sites.

    For all the fans who want wenger to stay I ask you this. What was wenger done in the last 5 years? He had won nothing. Changed our style from a 442 to a joke 433 / 451

    Sold players without replacing them and stuck with players like almunia and silvestre.

    Sorry but the man had to go.

  80. st says:

    im absolutely devastated by the thrashing by man.utd yesterday in our home ground.
    No one else to be blamed except for wenger who missed the chances of signing players like Chamakh and Smalling, and now we got not cover players for the injured ones, the only option is to field lousy players like Denilson.

  81. GuttedGooner says:

    I have a new suggestion to solve all the heartache and we don’t have to get rid of wenger…. Lets loan him…LOL
    I have never seen a more arogant person in my life.
    To all the wenger fans We have had enough of you unqualified support for this air head. We wait for his moaning and complaints after every match. The man has gone way past his expiry date. I hate those that put Wenger before the club. I for one choose the club over this arrongant overhyped old man. I have had about enough of watching these secnd rate kids. Arsenal board must give us some truth as we are not getting any truth what so ever from the manager.

  82. Lady Arsenal says:

    Why do you write this with such unmasked glee, even reminding us that you’ve seen it all along? I mean, given that you can’t wait after every bad result to use it as decisive evidence of your master theory, I ask you this question:

    Are you even happy when this team wins?

    How can you, when you take such intellectual satisfaction in being so categorically proven right, ever enjoy being proven wrong? At the point at which the importance of your ego overtakes the importance of the collective good of Arsenal FC and its fans, then I think you quite possibly are no longer an Arsenal fan. In which case, why do you spend time commenting on Arsenal, and why am I reading the comments of just some guy looking on from outside?

    Bugger me if I know.

    And forgive me, is ‘arsenal action’ an ironic name? seen as you stop at basically sitting at a computer writing opinions which after 24 or so hours are eternally lost in a mass of pointless waste. Or does it include talking to your mates over a pint about this mastery of prophecy which you hold so proudly?

    Arsene, if, by some infintessimally improbable act of random key hitting, you are reading this, please don’t leave the club. The real fans (those of us who still want us to win games) love you. There’s only one Arsene Wenger.

  83. Vish says:

    We have again lost an important match and the title hopes once again look to diminish.We play well with the team which are not to physical.But when it comes to the hard tackling midfield apponents, most of the time our players are on the ground picking themselves up.No one in the midfield or upfront is strong enough to hold the ball and spread it to wide players.We always depend to much on Fabregas to create something for us.Arsene wenger has build a very creative team but without the strong pillars surrounding it,like Patrick viera.We need some one who can rule the midfield and Cesc can play his game without thinking of getting back to midfield so fast.I think that is hampering Cesc game too.He has to cover the space in midfield if Denilson or Nasri looses the ball which is a frequent thing happening in our games.Hope we finish in top four and get a strong team next season.This year we have signed only one significant player in Verminator.

    We don’t expect to get big names but big players and a strong bench to play with.

  84. David C says:

    Sorry, a silly knee-jerk reaction. Wenger is the only manager who will guide us to success, although I have never believed it would be this year, and keep Cesc at the club. Don’t forget, if AW goes, so does Cesc.

  85. JOEL says:

    A change of attitude is certainly required by the Manager and the Board.His steadfast belief that a side can be wholly built from within with a few external tweeks ;where players can be brought in at bargain basement prices-doesn’t really wash any more.Unfortunately the market is an inflated one and whilst happy to reap the rewards of selling the likes of Adebayor and Toure for far more than they are worth he needs to bite the bullet and offer to pay the market rate for appropriate replacements.His steadfast support of the current crop of mediocre goalkeepers is deluded.As is his belief that any of our attacking options besides RVP and Arsh are good enough!He needs to re-enforce the spine of the side-goalkeeper;central midfield and attack.Yes,a fully fit first eleven mostly ticks most of the the boxes but the immediate back-up is just not good enough-and given the physical frailties of our World Class Players we must have better strength in depth to be able to compete on all fronts.
    Similarly the Board need to back the manager properly in the transfer market.If they don’t have the money to do so,then it is necessary to bring in other people who do.Unfortunately,a desire to keep their current power base means that their preferred partner might have bought his way into the club utilising a similar model to that favoured by the current owners of United and Liverpool.If Mr Kroenke doesn’t have any real money of his own to invest in Arsenal then he should not be able to buy the club.
    I also feel that if Monsieur Wenger is to stay at the club he needs to shake up his backroom staff a little.I would like to see some of the successful Arsenal players of the recent past brought in to pep things up.Bergkamp and Keown to work with the offensive and defensive elements of the team.These guys were real winners and need to tell this current crop that they haven’t won ANYTHING and if they are ever going to-then more effort is required!

  86. Arsenal Fan/ Arsene Hater says:

    I am a Nigerian and have been reading ur blog for some time now. I totally agree with you about arsene’s arrogance and the plot to keep taking fans money without giving them anything back. Realise this! Arsene is an Msc Economics holder. His main objective is to maximise profit and not win trophies and we cant take that anymore. Sometimes it gets embarassing for me to wear my arsenal jersey here in Nigeria not cos we lose but the asinine way that we lose. The shear stupidity in our losses is getting too embarassing to support and thats why in Nigeria most Arsenal fans have shifted to chelsea, who have not won the league lately but at least its not down to one man’s fault.
    Still, Arsenal for Life…

  87. Arsene Wenger says:

    I cant believe all of you want me out after all i have done to this club. I believe im doing my best with the funds i have provided. As for the january transfers , it is not only about wanting to buy, it is to find better players than what you have available and we haven’t until now. It is as simple as that !Marouane Chamakh is not available because he is playing with Bordeaux and Bordeaux don’t want to release him. David Villa as well, Valencia don’t want to let him go. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ?! I HAVE trust in these players and i promise you that things will come good in the next games. Be patitient !

  88. fdsf says:

    YES…the main problem with the club is the man who brought us the most success this club has brought us. I bet (well i hope) that the Mancs weren’t calling for Fergie’s head when they had their barren patch.
    The plain fact is that the team out on the pitch yesterday should (and are capable of) have performed better!

  89. Ash says:

    funny…i bet there isn’t a single club out there who wouldn’t be begging to sign Wenger! Grow up!!

  90. Peter Jones says:

    Humiliation. Maybe now Gunners fans will lose their arrogance and stop shouting “Hoof” every time an opponent plays a long ball – its schoolboy stuff, because for all your pretty football you will win nothing – again!!

  91. Fred says:

    I think it is juvenile for someone to call for AW sucking whenever we lose a match. This is football and we will win some and lose some. Man United were better in the day and deserved to win. What we should ask ourselves is what we can do to strengthen the squad. I say get a real goal keeper as the three we have are not good enough to play for Arsenal. Denislon had a horrible game but that does not mean he is not a good play. Same goes for Clichy who needs more games under his belt. We had lots of chances that we never took and hence lost the game. I think the writer of this blog is not a Gunner because if he was he would know that AW is the best thing that ever happened to the team – look at the stadium, the training facilities, the youth system, the fan base, the clubs current financial position all credit my friends goes to one Mr. Wenger. I still feel we have a chance to win this year…. because no one expects us to… Regarding recruiting new players, I like AW’s way to doing business. Look at Liverpool, Man City even Spurs – they have big players but where are they in the league? Goings to show that expensive players and big names does not guarantee trophies

  92. chika says:

    why do fans like u write such bullshit when our team gets beat. when we win, u are thesame fan that write fantastic article about arsenal. when we lose u hit the panic button and start writing such loads of horse shit about ur team.

    u should be the one to quit as an arsenal fan if u cannot accept defeat.

  93. ultrav3 says:

    I think u’re full of shit for saying AW should go! Although I agree with you that Almunia and Denilson aren’t good enough and should be dropped! But the fact is that who can we bring in as the successor for AW??? Who would be good enough to even compare to AW??? I’m even guessing that you get paid by the Spuds or Chelski to write these kind of shits!!! Just to disturb some inexperience Gunner fans’ head! Is that true??!!

  94. BwoodGooner says:

    Wow I cant believe the change in the mentality of Arsenal fans. It saddens me too say that we have probably been hit a lot worse than United with the ‘prawn sandwich brigade’. You cant just sack a manager who has brought Arsenals best years and players. Most of the people on this blog are probably all arm chair fans who never even attend and when they do just sit in their seats occasionally slagging off the players but never offering encouragemet. Never support the team or manager when losing but claim to be the biggest Arsenal fan of all when we are top of the league. If you want to always see success then maybe you should just become another cockney-red. Also if Wenger did go tell me who we would bring in please? Mourinho? Play abit more like Chelsea used to yeah? Just shut up and stop moaning. It happens.

  95. Niyi says:


    • SINBAD says:

      Its not only one game? We have not won anything since 2005. Wenger has refused to accept that he is to blame with his lack of spending and poor tactics. How can you play 4-5-1 with Arshavin up top on his own? Before that it was Eduardo. Arsenal need to get back to 4-4-2 with 2 players up front with Song and Cesc in the middle and forget this new system. Add that Wengers faith with Almunia and his selling of key players without replacment is a good enough reason for change

  96. ponntanny says:

    If we loose wenger we loose fabregas, van persie and probly many more.
    ur a dick stop putting this shit on news now!

  97. Niyi says:


  98. basildon gooner says:

    the problem with half the pricks on here is that they have only been Arsenal fans for three years . Wenger is an absolute legend and it will be the worse day in our long history the day he goes. So fuck off back to watching whoever you supported three years ago and do us all a favour !!!!!!

  99. Stroller says:

    Would you have come out with this headline had we won ? No of course not, and you are simply trading on people’s disappointment and emotions to wage your headline grabbing anti-Wenger campaign. There are just 2 sides who are superior to us in the whole country and you think that is reason to chuck away years of development. I sometimes wish that the club would sink the lower reaches of the table and out of Europe just to teach plastic fans what it’s really like to be hopeless. Have Talksport been on to you yet for a phone-in ? As self-appointed spokesman for all supporters I’m sure that’s what you’re after.

  100. benny says:

    It’s very dissapointing bc we were so close this year of winning something. I think that we have losed more than a game yesterday, more than a 3 points, more than a super-derby. I’m affraid that this will be last season for Fabregas, and how the things are going, it will be for real. It seems that we all know where the problem is, we all know that we are short in some players. But ironically, Wenger and a Arsenal bord dont think so, bc they had choose the way, the material way, they had the formula how to survive even without winning a trophyes. And for all supporters and fans around the globe, I have a message, “they don’t care about us”!!!!!!!!!

  101. Com says:

    Fuck Arsene Wenger..he could eat a dick! giving me broken heart since Viera left….

  102. Serbian Gunner says:

    Fuck this,it’s been enough! Another season without trophies… I think it’s time for someone else to step in,this is going nowhere. In a few years,we’ll be an average club,like Hull City if Wenger keep on like this! We need A STRIKER,everybody sees that! Villa,Chamakh,someone like Torres,not 17-year old kids! I’m from Serbia,and here in our newspapers there’s an article about a kid from an average club from our catastrophy of a football league who’s going to sign for Arsenal! I SWEAR,IT’S NOT A LIE!!! This is getting ridiculous… ( I appologize for my bad English,but I simply HAD to submit this comment!)

  103. Braffit says:

    There are hundreds and hundreds of clubs in Britain and Arsenal is among the top 4 in all the land. We can’t miss this point…except there are no prizes for this achievement. As a fan, I would like this team to go the extra mile and finish first. I do not think it will happen again with Arsene in charge. When “possession” becomes more important than scoring more goals than your opponent, it’s time to go. Have a statue erected in his honour. Rename the stadium after him if you must but please, it’s time for a new manager with a focus on WINNING.

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