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As long as Arsene and the board manage to end the season at 4th place they consider that’s sufficient and will not make any improvement to the squad.

ALL this to maximize in profits and forget the club belongs to the fans!

How many more season should we wait on? Wenger has lied to the fans for years now, His stubborn ways and lack of transfer signing are killing this club.

We never asked him to sign like mad and spend big like City , but at least bring in strength to the weak areas which he failed to do so all these years! We can all see that we need new players to push us on, And maybe  try and win things again.  But yet he keeps saying that the injuryed players will be like new signings?

Well thats not going to cut it anymore. How can he stick with Almunia, Denilson and co and not bring in a striker when its clear to the world thats what we need?

He has money to spend and his tight ways are turning the fans away, How many empty seats are you now seeing at Arsenal? The fans need to know that the money we spend is going back into the club.
All we get from Wenger is young talent and now players over 35 on a free? He sells our best players and that money is never invested back into the team. Like the money from Adebayor and Toure.

We didnt hire a manager to look into the profit of the club.That’s where everything WENT WRONG

Arsenal does’nt belongs to him.I cant see there being any changes and there will never be one as long he continues.His time is up!

Just sign the petition at least, let them know we are unhappy.Very unhappy

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  1. TheSKAGooner says:

    “Sack Sinbad” has a better ring to it.

    • Gooner says:

      We have arguably one of the best managers in the world, a manager who in his first full season won us the double! So Arsenal havnt won a trophy in a few years….just think how some other fans feel! All the top european teams want him as their manager, Real were linked in the summer and you want rid?! No no no il tell you the only trouble with Arsenal mate is some of our fans are whining little mugs who dont have the voice to cheer their team on but love a bitch about them!

      • TheSKAGooner says:

        That’s why I said “Sack Sinbad” has a better ring to it. I in no way want Wenger sacked. Far from it. In fact, I just recently wrote a guest article for another site regarding my faith in what AW is doing.

      • 1 Number10 says:

        silly silly people!!
        OK OK please can I ask you all a really serious question?
        When I say all I mean those of you who say the last 5 years just isn’t good enough (and I include the sergeant from The Bill )
        Was the from of 1992-1997 good enough?
        Were you even regulars at Highbury then?
        What about the form between 1971-1986?
        What did you think of those totally embarrassing FA Cup defeats.
        Players who are experts now played then; and they critcise this squad!
        What did you think about the mid-table mediocrity?
        What were you saying then?

  2. Gooner4life says:

    Arsenal will finish higher than 4th place! You should go and support Chelsea! We don’t need so-called supporters like you!

    • daniel says:

      mate stop acting like your mr loyal and accept the fact that wenger still basis his ideas on youth becoming amazing when they wont we need quality which we dont have and we need to invest in on established players i really cant stand you fans who are like ohhhhh in arsene we trust going to be 5 years without a trophy mate realise that and realise why that is

      • gooner 82 says:

        were the hell would we b without wenger? prob b in a s**t load of debt and fighting for a europa league spot. u tw*ts make me sick soon as we lose a match its sack wenger. tell me another manager who could do a better job without getting the club into debt?

      • åmli says:

        Stupid cunt, most of us would like some changes, but we do not want them if it means that Wenger must go for good reasons. We have a lot of fantastic players who cost a penny, and he almost never buy lousy players, he has just blown big bucks on 2 young english players with potensial that did not work out. If we had another manager who bought big every year, he would not even have as good a team as we have now. Wenger should buy a class keeper for 10-20 millions, other than that he is doing OK. If we had buffon we would be 5 points ahead of chelsea now, it’s the only major problem. We would also like better defence, preferably someone with speed and height. A big targetman would be nice to have to vary our tactics, but we don’t need it, we just have to stop crossing at our midgetstrikers when there is a full defence around him. If Arsenal didn’t send our backs forward as often as we do and they did not cross when there is no hope, we would not concede as much on counterattack as we do.
        Anyhow, we disagree a bit with our manager, but the whole package is better than any other manager out here. I would rather Arsenal got fourth place every year and keep playing the most entertaining football in the world than winning every year and not play this way. Do you want mourinho’s boring football which create results, but it does not produce entertainment. It is probably not money available too, we have 2 owners who are both trying to gain full control and won’t just lash out the cash until then. If we were to win everything this year it would increase the takeover-cost too. Kroenke will have full ownership in the summer, and we will get our stars after the world-cup, next year will be a good one. Wenger has said good things about Kroenke, and they may have an agreement of no success until his takeover, it’s very weird that wenger uses longballs at our midgets and risking goals against us when our WB goes forward so often when nobody else does. It’s like they are trying to loose but don’t want to make it to obvious, and i fully support it and I’m so sad I might commit suicide before that season.

    • vp says:

      I for one, I’m not one of those people clamoring for Wenger’s sack but I think that some of us fans like you are missing the point. The feelings of the fans has to be put in perspective too, we actually pay to support and sustain the club so we should be considered in the scheme of events. Being a fan is like a marriage where you have no choice but to support your spouse and not your neighbor’s.
      Truth to be told, Wenger has been toying with the emotions and feelings of the fans for years now, he should never have opened his mouth to tell us that he intended to buy a striker and a DM during the January transfer, if he knew he wasn’t sure to buy any, money or no money. These are the areas we all know that we are lacking in quality and cover presently, and Wenger confirmed that when he stated that he would buy in those areas cos we are short. January transfer would not have come at a better time.
      The fans are not asking him to buy C.Ronaldo neither Lionel messi nor Kaka, we just want decent cover in those troubled areas to help us push forward and stronger considering the fact that we had a real chance for a trophy this season which has eluded us for years now and still counting. Our hope for a trophy seems to have disappeared, vanished and evaporating into oblivion, or so it feels.
      I have never been gutted and disappointed in an Arsenal defeat like yesterday, for the first time as an Arsenal fan I criticized Wenger in front of my kids, they had a very bad at school because the Man u kids at tormented them to no end, one of them came home and said he doesn’t want to support Arsenal anymore. Their best day is when Arsenal beats Man u which is becoming hard to come by these days.
      One thing that has been ringing through my mind all day is;
      “How did Wenger feel watching Ferguson Jumping all over the place, right in front of his face, in front of the fans, before millions of people on (3D – Sky) TV all over the world, in our own stadium, celebrating the goals and eventual victory yesterday?” If he felt nothing, my kids and I watching it life felt really gutted and embarrassed. Maybe you didn’t, and perhaps you didn’t even watch the match?
      All I’m trying to say is that, “we are better than this,” we are better than finishing 4th or even 3rd every season and could prevent it by making just one or two additions to the squad.
      I still believe that Wenger knows but he’s becoming too blinded by his own vision and ambition that he seams not to be in touch with his own feelings anymore, nor the fans’ who pay the bills. And before you get me started on “WHERE WAS ARSENAL BEFORE WENGER CAME?” Honey that was “then and this is NOW!” His strength is fast becoming his weakness.
      I don’t think there’s anyone who is feeling so proud as an Arsenal fan today? It could be prevented.
      Wenger should not be allowed to continue like this, he should be cautioned or at least challenged.

  3. Jason says:

    Stop this insanity !!

    Be careful what you wish for !

  4. Dennis The Menace says:


  5. josh says:

    Get a Grip!!! we havent got the money to spend big on world class players, so what you are saying is….. lets buy a denilson to replace denilson, people criticise denilson but then people say lets get cover which is exactly what he is, but like i said we havent got the money to spend on players who are better than what we got, so why would u want more average joe’s. You forget we have moved to a brilliant £500 million pound stadium, how do u think we payed for that? Get a grip….. He was god last week when we went Top!!!

    • skaka says:

      yeah..maybe your god, but god that failed..imagine the rest!! he transform this team into champions years its his job to stay on that track

  6. DucthGooner10 says:

    I LIKE THIS BLOG!! I don’t even have to read to have a opinion here. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

    So, no I don’t think Wenger should be sacked. Thank you very much.

  7. lauritz says:

    I would rather have 4 place finish with Wenger at the helm, than swinning around Euro League in Tottenham-style.

    I do belive there should be some pressure on Wenger, and more investment on new faces. But I do find it quite irritating that Arsenal bank agreement that they HAVE to reinvest player sales revenue in the team, just ends up with average players get rewarded with better terms and longer deals.

  8. David says:


    No I’m not happy that we started a game yesterday without a striker. No I’m not happy we got mullered yesterday, no I’m not happy we ain’t bringing any new players in when they are needed. But sack Wenger?? You can’t be serious.

    Who do you suggest we replace him with? Mark Hughes??

    This is a knee jerk reaction and you have clearly put no thought into your post.

    Give us more of a solution than just sack him and people may take you a little more seriously.

    So come on, who do we get in instead?

  9. RvP says:

    The only people signing this petition are plastic gooners, fans of other big four teams, and madrid fans trying to prise away Wenger.
    You cheap bastard. Nobody can replace Wenger.

  10. gooner4life says:

    There`s only 1 equal to Arsene in the premiership and thats Ferguson, who would you replace him with! Are you a complete idiot. Get behind you`re team or get lost.

    • Jack says:

      Ferguson and wenger aren’t equals mate, fergie has been consistently successful and is unrivalled in terms of mangerial status… If wenger had pushed on and been able to either maintain the success the invincibles enjoyed or build a new successful side then maybe… But as is they aren’t even close to being equal.. And no I don’t think we should sack wenger mid season but if in may we end up empty handed again, then he should go… Afterall it was wenger who said he wanted to b judged in may… so let’s see what happens between now and then but I don’t fancy our chances

      • D says:

        Idiot, Feguson almost got sacked by united and almost got them relegated. It took him FIVE YEARS to win a trophy! Add to that he has always had more money and it all equals you being very very stupid. Perhaps even thicker than the writer of this blog, because you believe this moronic fool

    • vp says:

      Stop insulting people who perhaps are more intelligent than you. Ferguson and Wenger are not equals and may never be, i love Wenger but they are not in the same planet my friend. Stop it!

      • Regi says:

        Haha mate you are a fool.

        Everybody knows that Ferguson is a horrendous tactician. He has great points as a manager, his man management for example is second to none, but tactically he doesn’t have a clue. It is no coincidence that when Man Utd have been most successful when they had McClaren and Quieroz in as assistant managers. They hid the fact that Ferguson tactically is weak. There is no debating that fact, Ferguson himself admitted that McClaren was largely responsible for tactics in the end of the treble winning season of 1999 and the successful years of 2000 and 2001.

        All round as managers Ferguson has been more successful, but with a hugely superior budget and with an already huge stadium. Wenger hasn’t had that. If you were to consider their results relative to their resources then Wenger and Ferguson are most definitely at the same level of greatness. To suggest otherwise is both ignorant and just plain stupid.

        Ferguson is better that Wenger in a lot of ways to Wenger, but as an all round manager Wenger is definitely better. On his own Ferguson isn’t as good as Wenger and relies heavily on having a strong assistant. Wenger takes a lot more of the burden on his own.

        This whole blog is ridiculous anyway. To suggest we fire the man who perhaps made the biggest contribution to make this club what it is today is ludicrous. Who replaces him? Who convinces Fabregas, Arshavin, RvP etc that we are still moving forward? A lot of those players are still here because they believe Wenger will deliver success soon, despite the 5 years of no trophys. Those aren’t players who are satisfied with not winning, but are here because they believe in Wenger. Wenger has played a huge part in keeping RvP and Cesc at the club. Sacking him puts their futures in jeoprady.

        Think things through before putting such crap on the internet.

        Also how do you know G4L is less intelligent than the people he is insulting?

  11. Norn Iron Gooner says:

    If Wenger didn’t get his wake up call yesterday I don’t know what it will take.

    I don’t think ‘our strikers!!!’ could have finished a fish supper yesterday never mind get a shot on target.

    Moses has gone to Wigan, Wenger needs to buy and buy big……. we need a goal scorer and goalkeeper, it was evident yesterday and at Stoke.

    All the talk of 14 and 16 year olds is all fine and great, but what about the first team?

    Very disappointing……… get the cheque book out or get out.

    • limo_driver says:

      Some of us do not actually understand the consequences of the term signing BIG here … BIG signing means BIG fees and that mean BIG wages … it will change the entire wages structure in Arsenal … n we can’t afford that long term (atleast not in current situation) … unless u guys wish arsenal being bought by a sugar daddy.

      Yes we lost … we lost bad last week … n it’s hurt … but still i don’t think in current market, anyone can replace him … n if we do sack him, we just made REAL a happy club … so beware of what u wish for.

      • Stepanovs says:

        Sorry but you are talking nonsense. We are already BIG payers. We have a similar salary bill to Man U at the last outing of the finances we were the 3rd highest payers in the PL.

        The wages structure doesn’t need to change this is a complete red herring and just a rather typical excuse.

        We are paying serious cash for some very average players.

        Unlike many of you I support Arsenal, not Arsene Wenger, they are not the same.

  12. shooy says:


  13. stan says:

    arsefan you need to check your own spelling before you comment on some one else’s language limitations. I was angry too but to say AW must go is madness

  14. Arsene Wenger says:

    I cant believe all of you want me out after all i have done to this club. I believe im doing my best with the funds i have provided. As for the january transfers , it is not only about wanting to buy, it is to find better players than what you have available and we haven’t until now. It is as simple as that !Marouane Chamakh is not available because he is playing with Bordeaux and Bordeaux don’t want to release him. David Villa as well, Valencia don’t want to let him go. WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ?! I HAVE trust in these players and i promise you that things will come good in the next games. Be patitient !

    • Dave says:

      !Marouane Chamakh is not available because he is playing with Bordeaux and Bordeaux don’t want to release him. David Villa –

      there a world of difference between these to players.

      trust how much f**king trust do you want? 5 years 10 years 20 years.

      Go manage the youth team.

      • sosolid007 says:

        love it nice comment im laughin my bollo off.go manag the youth team classic

      • Singaporean Gunner says:

        The best and apt comment I’ve seen in ages. AW to manage the youth team!!!

        That will be a great arrangement.

  15. Miklos Gooner says:

    as frustrating as things are and i am really pissed after yesterday the worst thing to do is get rid of Arsene. we need to sign people that is for sure but sack Arsene that is so stupid

    • Leon says:

      I am not happy with Wenger but the board are just as bad just another greedy bunch of bastards looking to cream every penny from the mugs sorry supporters – I used to love watching home games at Arsenal but now cannot be bothered – Wenger – the players – the board – the fans all deserve each other.

  16. Sean says:

    I wan´t wenger´s sack. I don´t care how old and wrinkly it is!

  17. pickle says:

    you sir are an idiot. simples

  18. ben says:

    This is pathetic and juvenile!
    Get a life!

  19. Perry Grovish says:

    Go and support Spurs…you talk utter crap…always

  20. Simon Talker says:

    I’d like to stick you and a sack and chuck you in the Thames.

    You’re a pathetic little gimp. I’m sure we ‘acquired’ you after ’98 or maybe ’03-’04.

    Wenger isn’t perfect and is a victim of his own success. If he hadn’t have set the bar so high in the early/mid years of his term, then we wouldn’t have clowns like you ‘petitioning’.

    He is all too aware of his failings. If only you were aware of yours.

  21. DC says:

    You absolute idiot. Go and support Chelsea or some other bankrupt club. You don’t deserve to have a web site with the name Arsenal – THE Arsenal – attached to it.

  22. carshalton gooner says:

    I am not doubting your passion or that you regard yourself as a gooner, but this is not the Arsenal way. Yes he is at fault for not dealing with theshortcomings and yesterday was painful but there is almost half a season left and we are in a better position than this time last year. His work has been exceptional, he is revered the world over and has put us on the map. His vision is getting closer after taking us through pretty tight times financially and I believe all this means he deserves one more year. If by then when he has had money to spend we are not title challengers call for his head. Until then, smell the coffee, check out the spuds etc and look in the mirror: Are you one of us, in it for the long haul , or some talk sport loving, newcomer in the post sky era who thinks it is all about must have it now glory?

  23. Barry Bethell says:

    So, well lost to a good man u! We beat them home and away the 07/08 and they won the league. Sacking Wenger would be a knee jerk reaction for 1 poor result. We were all over them until they scored and then sadly it fell apart. Who do you suggest would replace Wenger, not many manager would have the ball to take on a job in a top 4 team when there is very little money to spend, £30m aint that much nowadays!!!

  24. Dublin Gunner!!! says:

    I taught I’d never say this but I do agree, wenger has to go! Get Jose mourine!! My liverpool mate said to me after the match that, rafa b, has won carling cup an champions league, in 5 years, wenger has nothing! But yet they are wanting to get rafa out, why are us arsenal fans sticking with wenger, well from now on I’m not! I’m sick off waiting,

    • Dave says:

      Pep from Barca would be great. Same style of play.

      • Arselicked says:

        Its too earlyu to compare Pep Gurdiola to AW, Pep inherited Rijkaard’s team, AW built a team that went the entire season unbeaten.

        Save for Bergkamp AW had a hand in purchasing all of those players. Don’t be stupid.

  25. Remy Gaillard says:

    What a joke. Sad little moron. Go and support Tottenham you assh*le!

  26. alvares babu says:

    Wenger is our hero we must support him,its some of the players who let the good prof down.keep up the fight prof.its not yet over.

  27. dvs says:

    you’re a disgrace

  28. briwall says:

    Maybe you should learn English and piss off to Tottenham you prick. Wenger has transformed our club and will always be a legend here.

  29. Clarky says:

    Utter rubbish. Lets bring in, er Woy Hodgson or Rafa or …. Yes, Wenger is too stubborn and should have bought in the transfer window but had RvP not been crocked by some Italian thug we would have been even better positioned in the EPL than we are now (3rd is not a disgrace by the way) and we are still in the CL. Get a grip and support your team. Also for the record the club is owned by its shareholders (which include the BoD) not by the fans

  30. pete says:

    you’re a fucking disgrace….try supporting chelski, you wanker.

  31. Goonerman says:

    Look at Charlton and the Curbishley scenario or Bobby Robson (newcastle were 4th or 5th) who was sacked.

    You are a disgrace and don’t understand Arsenal Financials.

  32. Block1AFC says:

    You fucking MUG. Arsene Wenger is Mr Arsenal. Who do you suggest would take his place? It’s not him that’s the problem it’s the board you blind twat. If he had the money, real money, he could go out and get players. It IS irritating not signing players but is that worth sacking the greatest manager we’ve ever had? No it’s not you fucking wanker, stop writing shit little “stories” to get this pony site listed on NewsNow.

  33. Matt says:

    Grow up you spoilt child.

  34. GunnerPete says:

    I understand the frustration you feel sunshine as it takes me back to the bad old days when our board refused to shell out for players that wanted to come to AFC..way back in 1960……in fact 5 players that went to Spurs that produced the double winning side had all stated that they wanted to play for AFC…but the club would not match Spurs spending. How ironic is that….just think what we would have acheived if Arsene had signed two proper certral defenders instead of one, and had signed a real goalie instead of a cheap import or four!! The latest is AW will be going after another super star of 16+ from Belgium for £9 mill….? I no longer believe him when he states that he intends to sign 1/3 players in any close season because that usually equates to ” we will sell at least two top players AdeB & Kolo and invest 25% of the money in one good player.

    So there we are…not a case for sacking but a very BIG case for the board to remind AW what his job is and that is not finance management!

  35. Dennis Bergkamp says:

    Steady on – one bad game and you want heads to roll.
    Yes, Clichy had a bad game, Almunia is not a world class goalkeeper and we haven’t got a striker but let’s give credit where credit is due. 3rd place when everyone was writing us off and there are still 14 games to go!!
    We have a manager who has transformed us from a good club to a great club and kept us in the black. Who has provided us with trophies and football from another planet.

    In Arsene Wenger I will ALWAYS trust.
    Who to, who to be, who to be a……Goooner!

  36. Jordan Gooner says:

    are you serious! Wenger is the best manager to grace our great club. i have been watching The Arsenal since 1961, I live overseas and have always had a Season ticket, I normaly watch 12 to 16 games a season. I still rember furnell ,Eastman, Baker, strong, Radford, Mclintock and Radford etc. We are and always will be a great club. I believe Wenger is more than aware of the issues, particularly the problems paying for the Emirates Stadium and releasing funds for new players. he is a great manager and I am very confident, he will at least three players in the summer. I hope in the meantime we get rid of all the plastic supporters like yourself, and let the real supporters have our club back. Up The Arsenal !!1

    • memo says:

      nothing better than to hear opinion from old-timer like you…
      yes.we have to ‘sweep’ away all the plastic supporters!!!!

  37. wandarah says:

    yo dicksmack, imma let you finish. but you should know that this is the worst arsenal blog of all time, OF ALL TIME!

  38. Andrew says:

    thank god the majority of people leaving comments are supporting Wenger unlike the last time I came to this blog

    Yes we have some problems, and maybe Wenger is guilty of having too much faith in some of his players – but I’m still not looking to life after Wenger. I would imagine that a few of our players have as much loyalty to him as they do the club and unless we have another top top manager (I’m hoping a Van Basten + Bergkamp combo), we could lose many of our top players…

    Here’s to many more years of Arsene and the hope that we turn up on Sunday – yesterday was embarrasing!

  39. redhairfreddy says:

    Are you on drugs you mug?

    Just because he didnt sign a marquee player this window you want him sacked. We wouldnt be having table topping clashes if he wasnt here.

    Who do reckon we’d get Mourinho? Dream on. You need to lay off the gear Sinbad

  40. arsenal tone says:

    SACK WEGNER!!!!! you sir are a fucking idiot. please take the advise listed above and go and support someone else. we dont need ‘fans’ like you.

    the great thing about NewsNow is that i can block your pathetic site.

  41. Aman says:

    “ALL this to maximize in profits and forget the club belongs to the fans!”

    You don’t support Arsenal, you are just a glory hunter. Other teams would love to have him as there manager and he you are being an idiot and knowing nothing about football. Try supporting the team and not throwing your toys out of the pram when we don’t win.

    Your a glory hunter, all you think about is the short term and not the future of the club. Really stupid. You know nothing about what Wenger does, and nobody wants to win more than him. Clowns like you think they know best. Wenger has helped us stay with standards of clubs with much more resources than us and all the likes of you want to do is through it in his face.

  42. Tyler Halifax says:

    Are you REALLY an Arsenal fan? I don’t believe you are!!
    Wenger is the greatest ever – new stad, best football in Europe! Utd, Liverpool are riddled in debt so let’s see how long they last. Top four finish is enough with our youngsters and in future we’ll win lots

  43. adams says:

    This petition is outrageous, Your picking up on some overreacting, emotional gooners to push your own views, and get extra hits on your website, (after all I fell for it as well)
    After last nights match, I felt humiliated, but this result isnt reason to get rid of Wenger, who has transformed us, and will continue to transform us into a world class team.

  44. joe says:

    Why would we sack the man who has made use the most stable club in England, It don’t make much sense to me.

    p.s stop posting pure shite and fuck off to the lane


  45. wilko says:

    what a w@nker. f*ck off – we don’t want your support. Yesterdays result maybe heart breaking and frustrating, but I love being an Arsenal fan and long may Arsene Wenger manage our club.

  46. North For Short says:

    Look, I was disappointed with yesterday’s result but that was down to the players who were put on the field. Do you realise that all season, we have not been able to name a full strength side. As for calls for a new manager, you might get that in the summer if we don’t win anything of note BUT!!! be warned, as some Arsenal players have found, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. We might get a big name manager (if we are lucky). We might do well with some new faces coming in but that sdoesn’t guarantee success. We haven’t got someone bankrolling us and if the players that we are after, aren’t available, then what else can Arsene do? You don’t know the measure of his restraints. You don’t know if the players we bring in, will gel with the team and lastly and more importantly, you don’t know whether we might surprise everyone and beat Chelsea and go on a mazy run. Personally, I can’t see it but you NEVER KNOW!!!!

  47. Leebo says:


  48. real gooner!! says:

    lol!! who u suggest we get to replace the genious of mr wenger?? jose mourinho?? fuck off!! lol! wenger is arsenal u fucking idiots!! without him arsenal r nothing!! wen he goes we will b playin europa league footy if we r lucky! i hope he goes upstairs wen he has finished as manager and advise ????? to keep doing things the ‘arsenal’ way and keep it real! go support chelsea u fake arsenal fans!!

  49. Fredwest says:

    About time. Wenger out

  50. Dublin Gunner!!! says:

    I taught the dead line got transfers is 5pm, let’s hope he signs someone, please please!!!

  51. wirralgooner says:

    bring tony adams in move wenger upstairs

  52. Slobby says:

    So you think because you write blogs that you are an arsenal fan. I have never met you and never want to but I would suggest for the sake of all arsenal fans you shut this site down. Your offensive, thick and I wish the freedom of opinion rules did not apply to you as you clearly abuse them. No we should not sack Wenger yes maybe we could buy a striker but if you think we should fire Wenger then get lost and support a plastic team like Chelsea. I am offended to support the same club as someone as stupid as you.

  53. Gooner4eva says:

    So who would you have to replace Wenger exactly…who is likely to do a better job than him?? I agree that we need to strengthen in certain areas and I am bored of being second best to Man Ure and Chelski but they are in debt up to their eyeballs and sooner or later this will have a negative effect on them. You are a muppet to get this petition organised, considering what Wenger has done and what he has brought the club you are a disgrace for even suggesting it. I wish mindless, fickle fans like you would f*ck off to Shite Hart Lane…they spend shed loads of money and look where its got them!!

  54. clock end says:

    Prick, shut up. Be VERY careful what you wish for.

  55. jake says:

    Just one word to describe this post, pathetic

  56. AF23 says:

    Shit article… We are still title challenger… hello, moron, we are top 3 in the league and not the bottom 3 of the league… Sacking the manager is the most idiotic idea I ever heard… Those who signing the petition definitely are not Arsenal supporters… Arsenal, Sir Wenger for life….

  57. Sly says:

    Kindly stick this petition up your chocolate passage.

  58. Vince says:

    I still think it’s the management board problem which caused Wenger couldn’t do anything on the transfer market, I will not blame on Mr. Wenger and we should all blame the board!

  59. gunner says:

    What a pussy , i feel sorry 4 u. arsenal fans dont have a good reputation already for never backing the team when its most needed.Now you want to get rid of the best thing that ever happened to this football club. Fuck off and support chelski or the spuds

  60. NorthBankLegend says:

    Sacking Wenger will not resolve the issues. Wenger has made Arsenal the club we are, there was doom and gloom after the Chelsea game, we need to pick ourselves up and stop feeling sorry for ourselves.

  61. Perry Groves says:

    Smithy knows nothing…

  62. JASON says:

    You lot bwant to wake up, are you all deluded like wenger? For all it is with this guy is same old shit, team spirt, very confident, yer right, is this why everytime we play man u and chelsea that these teams rub their hands and say “lads another easy three points at the emirates”. Year after year, are you going to stand by this old timer and watch him demolish this club? Only reason he did so well for us when he first joined was because we had a decent team for him to work on, ok fair enough yes he did bring in some unkowns and turn them into stars, but how about the other buys he has made? Take a look, Reyes, anelka, hleb, henry, etc etc, where are they now? Point made. Its time for a change, or we will be going another 5 years without any silverware, only thing our trophy cabnet will be colloecting is dust and cobwebs. Bring in jose mourinho, let Stan Kroenke buy the club and allow this team to be where we belong, back at the top.

    • Big T da Gooner says:

      The only team that has not bought in to this MONEY RULES THE GAME mindset and now a manager that has changed not only Arsenal but the entire Premier League, is being slated for it? How depressing… Mourhino killed skillful competition in the league with his anti-football ways! Even teams that had just come up would always try to play football but once they noticed that Chelsea weren’t doing it why shouldn’t they just defend??? Also lets get a bit deeper here and ask why we had the worse discipline record back in the day because we played hard, yet teams like Stoke, Bolton, Chelsea, ect are allowed to kick the shit out of us and get away with it??? Alex asked for more protection for Ronaldo and he got it! Wenger asked for more protection across the board for the good of the game and got called a whinger? Is Wenger the only manager that says he didn’t see something? Hell no and yet he is the only one pulled up and ridiculed for it? There is a serious media assasination of Wenger and Arsenal that has been going on for years but went into overdrive after he refused the England job??? I know this for fact as I have friends in publishing who have confirmed it! Why else would Sky Sports have the son of the fucking Spurs manager CONSTANTLY being the utterly biased pundit for our games??? Lastly I went to a game a few weeks ago and must says that NO fan deserves to be cussing when you muthafuckas don’t sing for your boys!!! Win, lose or draw you must love your team and lose your voice for them! Emirates is too quiet and the so-called fans are a quiet joke! The Northbank used to be the loudest set of fans in football, what happenned? You still hear ONLY them at games but more spread around! Also too many cunts selling their season tickets to NON GOONERS??? Lets give them a reason to play! Lets make enough noise to help the ball into the fucking net! Stop booing your own team! Let these other teams fans do that! We are Arsenal! We are class!!! Wenger for life!!!

  63. brdgunner says:


  64. Goonoo says:

    Numpty. Nuff said.

  65. Jon says:

    Please can someone start a petition to boycott sinbad because he’s a hit-mongering twat?

  66. oldbird says:

    I have supported Arsenal for 50 years and counting. Arsene Wenger is absolutely the best and most successful manager we have had in my time. OK so the last few seasons have been disappointing and all real gooners are hurting badly today. But sack him? Never! Who the hell do you have in mind who would be better? Give him a chance.

    I assume you are just a stirring Spud fan with your pathetic petition. I hope it makes you feel better.

    • BigL says:

      Give him a chance? he has had a chance for 5 years how much more time do you want to give him.

      This team is not going to win anything, not this year, not next year and not the year after.

      Yes he has been a great manager, but he has done all he can here. We need fresh ideas and a new direction.

      • oldbird says:

        No he hasn’t done all he can and I hope he stays to prove you wrong. People are over-reacting today and I’m as gutted as anyone. I really hope that Wenger leaves when he is ready and doesn’t suffer a humiliating exit brought on by glory hunting morons. Is that what we want for someone who has given his all for our club, brought us trophies and delighted us with some breathtaking football. Ok, I would quite like to have a word in his ear today but I still want him to carry on and succeed.

        If we can get 3 or 4 points from next 2 games we then have a pretty good run of 7 matches which are are very winnable, whereas Chelsea and Man U both have 6 matches against the top 6 teams (compared to our 2) incl playing each other. They have shown themselves vulnerable this season. We are not out of it yet. Lets hope rumours of RVP back in March/April are true. Come on you Gunners.

  67. arshenal says:

    Fuck off and go support Sp*rs.
    Arsenal don’t need C*nts like you.
    Anyone who thinks this guy’s a c*nt, write c*nt ont he wall!!

  68. Royce says:

    Time has come for arsene wenger to go……………he should give his resignation

  69. goonergav says:

    shove your petition up your hoop… u ain’t a gooner mate…

  70. Stuart says:

    Thing is everyone says support wenger, but for how long ? 5 years without a trophy is too long for a club like arsenal. OK wenger has transformed the club but only in the style of football we play, we was winning things before he was there, as we have always been a sucessful club. Wenger keeps putting his faith in this team and promised to deliver, the result yesterday typifies us as a team, yeah we play the game the ways it’s should be played but when we come up against the likes of man united and chelsea we are never good enough they always out power us and will continue to unless we strengthen our team properly and not bringing in all these youngsters. Players like walcott, bendtner, eduardo, vela, denilson are just not good enough for a top team like arsenal, look at fabregas he is an exceptional player and he is pretty much the same age as the above players so why are they not on the same level ? basically, because they are not good enough and will always remain as prospects but will never fulfill what fabregas has and is doing. I have always been one of wengers biggest fans but sometimes you need a change and he can’t keep promising fans because nothing is happening. ”I believe in this team” ”this team has the potentail” ”this team are strong enough to win the league” ”we don’t need to sign an players because we have the experience” all quotes we have been hearing over the past 3 years.

    Mourinho for the arsenal job ?

    • Andrew says:

      Lets not forget we were unlucky not to win the champions league and also unlucky 2 years ago that Eduardo broke his leg when we were in a very strong position in that part of the season. Not saying it’s solely down to luck – some of the players we rely upon as backup simply aren’t of a high enough quality whereas at united and chelsea they’re happy to be in debt / run at a loss to have world class throughout their squads.

      I don’t agree that Theo and Eduardo aren’t good enough. Theo came on and caused them problems yesterday – I don’t expect him to be at his best till the end of the season with the injuries he’s had. Eduardo’s having to play a lone striker role which he’s not cut out for – him and RVP up top and he becomes a world class player again….

    • DucthGooner10 says:

      @ Stuart

      The best years of Dennis Bergkamp were with us. After he failed to leave a mark with Inter in Italy.

      What I mean to say is players do not develop at an age rate. But on confidence, experience, guidance, belief, cohesion. Some players find that special spark for their talent later in life than others.

      Question is: do you have the patience to manage that and still get results?

      Can’t think of many other than Wenger.

  71. STAND BY WENGER!! says:

    Whats wrong with you people?! Stop this madness!! STAND BY THE PROFESSOR!!

  72. Erichero says:

    Ah, at least a bit of humour to lighten my day!

    Of course it would be a lot more scary if the petition was for real, but it didn’t take long to dismiss such a silly notion.

  73. BigL says:

    cheerio wenger and take all your plastic supporters with you.

    face it, if Wenger left today to go and manage the French national team, half you AKB’s would become French supporters.

  74. Lee says:

    Prat (you not Wenger)

  75. Andy says:

    Have a beer, or two.
    Its only one game!
    Arsenal are the envy of the footballing world – just ask silent Stan
    ..and yes we will win the the C.L & the EPL – BUT
    just not this year.
    One or two WORLD CLASS signings in the summer will make us a tour de force – Wenger knows this!

  76. wayne says:

    Sack Wenger and bring in Harry redknapp …then we can be in the same posistion as pompey …Win a trophy , then lose all our players!

  77. GoonerForLife says:

    While I think this petition is too soon (We should at least wait until the end of the season and see what has happened.), I believe strongly that Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal is coming to an end.

    I love the guy for what he has done, but his growing stubbornness is killing Arsenal. The first half oh his career at Arsenal was brilliant but very soon you will be able to add up these his years at Arsenal and find out that exactly half of it was spent winning nothing.

    And I love youths but Arsenal are ambitious team that must win Trophies regularly and that’s not happening.

    I will wait until the end of the season to see what we have done, cuz it is not over, we can still win something….but it is becoming unlikely.

  78. Bill says:

    you fucking helmet! what players and manager do we get that is already better than the players and manager we already have? we dont have millions and millions! most of the current top flight clubs are in financial dispair. we’re sitting pretty healthy. we were top of the league last week and one loss causes for AW’s sacking? get a grip on life you bell end

  79. Gooner JJ 71 says:

    Loads of signatures I see. When will you learn that your pathetic pidgin English diatribe doesn’t resonate much with rank and file true Gooners.

  80. dave says:

    your a cunt mate, the only people who will sign that are rival fans or pricks like you, i hope you die slowly of aids, Wanker!!!

  81. Modessar Gulzar says:

    How many signatures have you amassed so far ?
    My guess is 1, your own……silly man !…….you ungrateful silly man !

  82. Mad Scotsman says:

    Go back to playin with your lego castles you big tube!! wenger has done a great job.Ok he wont spend to improve the team but we have got a great team just ready to dominate for years. One person that equals him is sir alex & there has been no other manager in the world that has the same approach to football as arsene does!! He revolutionised the game as we know it & you should start showing a bit of support than calling for his head over one bad performance. Go & support someone else if you dont agree!!

  83. Steven says:

    Sacking Wenger is gutter talk;stop it now! Yes, he made a mistake not strengthening the squad to compete during the January window and has kept faith with non-performing members of the team a la Almunia and Denilson.

    I think what will hurt him more than a sack is to take away transfers and player acquisitions away from his control.A lso, the board should not just sit back and watch AW spill trite during every close season;they should sit down and say, what players do we need to add to compete for and win (a) FA Cup (b) EPL (c) CL, in that order of importance?

    With this pre-season priority, we bring in players good and experienced enough to deliever immediately. We also evaluate the contributions of players and sell them off for non-performance rather than place the desire and the drive of quality players who want to win with such average ones.

    For those who are ‘solidly’ behind AW, pls dont forget he asked to be given two more years and then judged.One year is gone out of that two and the countdown has begun with obvious indications that the youth project wont deliver.

  84. petition for signing players says:

    Isnt a petition to pressurizing the management to buy at at least 3-4 players better? If we can get thousand to sign then who knows! They might dust off the cheque book this summer and actually buy quality players. And to sack the manager in mid season? Imagine all the stick arsenal fans will get from the opposition if we create this pathetic petition.

    No matter how angry and mad i am right now with wenger’s delusional plan, I still feel he doesn’t deserve to be sack, i want him to leave on his own accord knowing that he had given the new manager(be it hiddink,guardiola or whoever but NOT mourinho please!) money and good foundation to built on. But my patience with him is on the edge!

    p.s come to think of it , i dont think the board who are the ones running arsenal, will even care about our little petition as wenger is making them profits after profits after profits. dont just blame wenger , the board is at fault too. Some arsenal fans thinks that wenger has 100% control. Guess what he doesn’t, wenger is just an arsenal employee after all.

  85. lukeafc says:

    think you shoud go and support chelsea. if we had more fans like you we would end up like portsmouth. You must be a joker or a MUG

  86. Goonerman says:

    If you don’t agree with Strategy than petition to sack the Board not Wenger.

    I even doubt you’ll get many to sign that Petition. Dopey.

    How old are you? Answer me.

  87. 5am says:

    If Wenger did go, I wouldn’t complain about having Advocaat as his replacement…he knows Arshavin well and promotes the dutch system. He outmanouvered Wenger tactically like a schoolboy when we played Chelsea last season too…..

    • Jon says:

      I’ll take the fact that you can’t tell the difference between Advocaat and Hiddink as a pretty good comment on anyone who thinks that sacking Wenger might be a good idea…

  88. LGB says:

    You lot are a bunch of jokers!! How can you be recommending sacking Wenger?? As the most successful manager in Arsenal’s history sacking Wenger would be to disrespect everything he has done for the club. However Wenger has made many mistakes most of them have been around letting players go and then not signing replacements. He also suffers from a lack of tactical awareness on the pitch. Those mistakes cannot go unpunished.
    Somebody somewhere on the Board must stand up to Mr Wenger and make him put right some of these errors. If he refuses to listen, then maybe it is time for him to go upstairs!

  89. gunner 4 real says:

    Who do you suggest we replace him with? Mark Hughes??

  90. Hans says:

    Excellent idea. Here a suggestion for the tekst:

    “Dear Arsenal

    Please sack Arsene Wenger and borrow a lot of money to buy some highly overpriced new players. I believe this will bring instant success to Arsenal football club. Just look at Manchester City. I am not in for the long haul so I do not mind that Arsenal in a couple of years will not be able to hold on to their best players because they have to spend money on paying back debt with interest. I will probaly be doing something else by then anyway.

    Kind regards, Smittyknowsfukall”

    • GoonerForLife says:

      You know what I don’t get about fucking idiots like yourself, why it is you think some arsenal fans want big money and players!

      All I fucking want is Wenger to buy some fucking replacements, so my bloody fucking team can have some cover and strength to properly sustain a challenge and win a trophy.

      Is that so fucking hard to understand???? All we do is sell sell sell! We don’t replace shit, its not about big names, its about filling the voids that have been left gaping. THANK YOU!

    • sebjob says:

      haha…good one!

  91. The Running Man says:

    You fucking idiot you should be sacked!

    So the team played shit and the best solution you can think of is to sack the manager, what about the preperation for the next game???

    Maybe you should get the sack for being a complete idiot!

    Id love to see someone else do a better job than The Boss at a club that isn’t cash rich like citeh and chelsea without racking up the kind of debt that te idiots at man u have

  92. GILBO says:

    What a load of Rubbish next to Barcelona they are one of the best teams to watch in the world. Go and support City if you want to buy trphies.

  93. sze says:


  94. clichydoubledeuce says:



  95. stephen murphy says:

    sinbad sinbada only seem to write articles when things go wrong.. your a joke and so is this site for allowing things like this to be published..Is this suppose to be a supporters page..All i see is a bitter person who writes a load of crap.. you were the same last year and at the start of this year…you and this site are not arsenal fans . it seems to bring the worst out out of people..oh and another if you stood in front of me with that petition you would see what you would get and believe me it involves an ambulance and a tip to the hospital to remove it from your ass… keep writing this crap about our team and i promise the get thiswebsite shut down …oh and sinbad your a pathetic liar {your not arsenal fan}…

    • SINBAD says:

      And ive been busy since 2005. Didnt Wenger say last season ” judge me in may ” What is wrong with you people. Cant you see that Wenger is to blame for everything?

  96. d.moore says:

    you have no right calling yourself a fan of Arsenal football club. Wenger has given us some of the best football we’ve EVER played, plus i dont know if you remember before he arrived- we were playing as a standard team!!! like villa or spurs. After he came we won the Title and the Cup! you should remember these things. he has been our most succesful manager to date. if you want “glory without class” go support utd or chelsea. otherwise shut it.

    keep the faith.

  97. BennyGooner says:

    YOU ARE A TOOL !!! I agree we need to sign a player or two but Sack Wenger ? … and replace him with who exactly ?!?!?!?! Have you forgotten what wenger has done for our club. Piss off and support chelski or man city you loser !

  98. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Blogs like this need to end. Simple as. One bad result and the manager must go? I’d rather wait till the end of the season, and then see what happens over the summer as I agree something needs to change, but lets wait. Arsenal have no god given right to win ANYTHING! Stop listening to the Sky Sports generation media. Ridiculous!

    • SINBAD says:

      One bad result : )) We have won nothing since 2005.. More then one bad result dont you think?

      • sebjob says:

        we have been to a Champions League final since then and performed better than anytime in history in the best european competition. Looking back if we look at the squad coming through…what did you say about Song the year after he was signed, two years later? We were leading the league by before Eduardo got injured. Assuming you want a striker. Knowing Eduardo before the injury and now, seeing the fighting spirit of Bendtner, knowing Arshavin plays with and injury and knowing RVP is injured….plus not to mention the talents from the double winning youth squad…who do you suggest are available to sign who would long term be better than these? Two talented strikers just rejected the approaches of Barcelona, Watt two years ago, would this happen before Wenger?

        Saha? Chamakh and Villa have not been available to sign for anyone, and Chamakh is not a top scorer but a team player.

      • Gooner JJ 71 says:

        I keep asking these questions:
        Why do we only see posts from you when we lose?
        Why does this s_ite only offer player ratings after games that we lose?

  99. Tremmers says:

    You idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And every other so called Gooner who wants Wenger out. You clearly have no brains or any idea about football.
    One defeat and all of a sudden we are shit. I give up with you all. Tossers the lot of you.

  100. Stuart says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying wenger is to blame for everything because he has been successful up until 2005. But how much longer would all you fellow arsenal fans be prepared to wait for a trophy ? one, two, three years…? if we don’t win anything this year fabregas will leave and then what’s going to happen to us

    • sebjob says:

      Fabregas is under a long term contract, so even if he would leave it would require an extreme sum, Arsenal would have to agree and he has never expressed such a desire rather his gratefulness and responsibility as a captain. And even if he left there is no panic with the talent coming through it is a truly exceptional situation. I actually see the only position that Arsenal may strengten looking at the talents coming through being possibly right back and short term striker..look at Freeman, Eastmond, Aneke, Afobe, Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury, Wilshere, Bartley etc…these are exceptional talents

    • sebjob says:

      do you honestly think Wilshere needs five years? Do you think Ramsey needs five years? Do you think Gibbs need five years? And no the youth cup winning squad are playing among other in the championship and the premier league, some in the Arsenal first team squad…so no I would assume they do not need five years

  101. lala says:

    you stupid son of a ****** go *** *** ****** ***** **** *** ** ****. go support chelsea u worthless crap. ur not worthy of being an arsenal supporter… if u wer a true supported ud stick with your team instead of turn on them. get a life

  102. gunnersmate says:

    Your a discrace! your no true gooner.

  103. Zaiky says:

    Sinbad, please do us all a favour and jump off a cliff/in front of a train – either one as long as you leave this planet.

  104. Surrey Gunner says:


    Fuck this is a bit early to start this crap, I really do worry about some supporters, yes Wenger has his faults but ……………………………………………………….

  105. johnirishgooner says:

    What kind of Fan are you???? You clearly are not an Arsenal fan……..

    Why would you want to see the best manager we have ever had sacked?

    You my friend obviously know as much about football as an eskimo does about desert fighting or as John Terry knows about loyalty to his friends.

    People like you should be ashamed of yourselves. Next you wil be elling us that you want Rafa the flop to manage us.

    Get life you fkin idiot

  106. sebjob says:

    what you are saying here has got no basis in reality, and this kind of supporter is what we call a gloryhunter and not someone who has seen the development of the club. For us who have been supporters before the time of Wenger have seen a complete change in image from boring boring Arsenal with no focus on talent development to even let Andy Cole slip through, to one of the most entertaining and talented sides in Europe. Arsenal were not among the favorites for the Champions League, as it is called now, before the time of Wenger…nor did they have a new training ground, new stadium or an international profile. Do some research before you do such an outburst, look at the economy and talent development of the competitors, and others who have built stadiums. Look how the squad has performed against expectations before the season, even though all the injuries. Look at the history of Arsenal Football Club before you talk, look at the history even of trophies and put a tape in and look on the videos of George Grahams matches

  107. The TROOF says:

    Here’s a better idea…. let’s start a petition to close this site down
    No loyalty, No understanding, No analysis, No discussion, No intelligence,
    No sense,
    This is the last time I visit this site
    This…. You Arsenal Pretender is Pathetic
    and that’s the Troof

  108. sebjob says:

    …and not the least look at the double winning youth side from last year…we got the most exciting generation ever in the club on the way to a break through. Look at the clubs Arsenal compete with now on transfers and Champions League, these are clubs Arsenal before Wenger had any chance to compete with. Remember how a remarkable signing Bergkamp was before Wenger, with Rioch

  109. Maciek says:

    I don’t understand one thing. Why everyone who doesn’t support Wenger and his “visionary methods” must be a jerk,c*nt,etc.?Everyone should be entitled to his own opinion.
    Wenegr has lost it, and it’s time for him to go.
    I love him as a human being,but he is past his best. He should go.

    Answer me this-what when we finish another seaseon empty handed?Fabregas will go, as well as Arshavin and then?
    He will start rebuilding once again, and again and again.
    He has had 5 years.Enough is enough.

    I can be a spud fan for most of You,it doesn’t matter. I love this CLUB. But it’s Arsenal fc NOT Arsene FC.

    Best wishes.

    • GoonerForLife says:


    • BigL says:

      agreed mate

    • sebjob says:

      Well everyone with a long term contract is dependant on the club agreeing to a sale, which all have now after the effort of signing players on long term contracts. I do disagree with people who call others idiots because of their opinions, but I also disagree with people who the day after a defeat to Manure wants a petition for sacking signed…that is being a bit to hotheaded

  110. LGB says:

    All those who say the Boss is not to blame are completely wrong! Most of what happens on the pitch is the managers responsibility, thats what management is all about. One thing Wenger cant complain about is not being allowed to do things his way, because is given a totally free reign. When things go well do we not applaud Wenger? Of course we do!!

    Yesterday was not a one off, it has happened too many times already this season. It doesnt mean that we wont win anything, but it does begin to put the league out of our reach. I have been supporting Arsenal for almost 40 years now and I always want us to win things and when we dont I want to find the reason why not.

    I am not advocting Wengers sacking, because who would replace him anyway? But I am far from happy with how things are going. I dont mind losing, but I at least want us to compete and fulfill our potential. Anyone who thought we competed yesterday or against Stoke or at home against Chelski should think again.

    We are not a mid table team and we are not just there to make up the top 4. WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT!!

  111. Tilt says:

    Din jävla dåre, vad vet du om fotboll!?

  112. Stuart says:

    I have been a arsenal fan for 20 years and a season ticket for 10 years so it’s pretty safe to say im a true fan. You all say about Arsene is amazing and we should keep trusting him but the fact of the matter is – we haven’t won anything for 5 years, regardless if we have all these potential superstars coming through the ranks we just haven’t got the players we need to win now.

    You’re saying we are not proper fans for saying these things ? but how much longer do you want to wait for a trophy ? yeah we play good football but it hasn’t won us anything since 2005. We have sat buy and watch Chelsea take over our mantle and become a team that is much more capable of winning the league – that’s why we always get over powered by them when we play them.

    Unless he changes his mentality and sign players of real pedigree that can deliver now it’s time for a change before the likes of man city take over

    • sebjob says:

      …and what do you base the success of Man City with over 230 million pounds spent on players on? what is their success? Where is their trophy, and where do they stand in regards of a trophy? what has happened to their talents?

      Where do Chelskji stand in regards of talents development? Tottenham, Liverpool? What is their situation in regards to stadium and training ground? What about the aging squad of Chelskji? The protests of Liverpool and Manure supporters on their bottomless pit of economy? What about Manure, Hargreaves, Anderson, Carrick, Berbatov and all the other signing above the record fee of Arsenal of 15 million pounds for Arshavin? Aston Villa seem the responsible one, well done

  113. Block10 says:

    Cock….Go support the Spuds down the road….It’s twats like you that boo the team rather than get behind them when they need it……Bet your one of the cocks that arrive 10 mins into the game, go for your half time pie after 35 mins and leave with 15 mins to go…

  114. Simon says:

    I home you finished your homework before you wrote this drivel which is either sensationalism aimed at getting hits or plain stupidity from a non fan!
    A true fan would appreciate all that Wenger has done for this club. Oh but you are too young to remember anything else…!

  115. Stuart says:

    Yeah but not so long a go before abromavich millions chelsea were nothing more than a top 8 team – 4/5 years later now look at them, city are pushing on will probably get that 4th spot this season, what’s next for them ? they will spend more money and take the chelsea route to get to their level and what about arsenal, we’ll be waiting around in 3rd and 4th spot waiting for these ”potential” superstars to develop if they do.
    Chelsea do have an aging team but they are still have at least 3 years at the top – so where does that leave us ? we should be getting a lot more out of arshavin, when he has the ball he is exceptional but without the ball his work rate is zero and won’t give you the kind of effort tevez gives man city.
    What we have on most clubs at the top is we are run extremely well and have a good financial infrastructure in place. But that is all well and good but we won’t win anything the way things are going unless things change.

  116. rff says:

    on one condition, we can get mourinho or hiddink, then we may win something

  117. ScotchEggsRule says:

    What a fabulpously pathetic article from whinging spoilt little brats. grow up and deal with it instead of throwing your toys around and wailing because everything in life isn’t exactly the way you want it.
    As a club we have evolved immeasurably under Wenger’s stewardship and fair enough the trophies haven’t been piling up of late, but that doesn’t mean the man should be sacked, especially not on the whim of some whiney little bitches like yourselves.

  118. simon says:

    This is utter bullshit.
    Do you know who dosent care about the club? YOU!

  119. Stuart says:

    Are you mad ? so your quite happy with the way things are going and ending another season without a trophy – sounds like your someone that doesn’t care about the club and is happy just watching us play good football but win nothing

  120. brian says:

    What possible justification is there for saying that Man City will push on and get 4th spot.The blatently obvious reality is that they will finish above us.Apart possibly from Wilshere not one of the Youth cup winning team is good enough to ever make it at Arsenal.

    • sebjob says:

      everyone said the same about Song and Gibbs, Song is a key player while Gibbs impressed hugely on loan. And if no one will make it, how come Barca have openly courted two of the prospects recently Afobe and Aneke? Freeman is a topscorer and several of them are in the Arsenal squad already. Like Eastmond and Thomas who have both made premier league debuts. Sanchez-Watt has long been known to be one of the greatest talents in Europe, while Schezny is impressing greatly with the Bees and made his professional first team debut at 15. Not to mention those who have made Champions League debut

      • sebjob says:

        Gibbs was loaned out I ment to say, nobody believed in him and he came back to fight his way in

      • sebjob says:

        certainly nobody expected teenagers to break through at Arsenal before Wenger, this is a testament to his talents in my opinion.

  121. johnirishgooner says:

    Why does everybody keep saying that if Arsenal do not win a trophy fabregas and Arshavin will leave?

    When have either of them said that if they dont win silverware they will leave? I think some of you guys are reading too many redtops.

    And if we dont win any silverware and if cesc and andrei do leave, what loss will they be. If they can’t show loyalty because things dont go their way then we are better off without them.

  122. nashers says:

    Your retarded to want arsene wenger sacked as arsenal manager. Have you forgotten what he has done for the club? hes given our football club a brand, when you think of arsenal, you think of amazing football. You probably have also forgotten that he is the most successful arsenal manager to date, and by a long way. We are distinct in the form of staying away from the doings of other big clubs….the action of ‘buying trophies’ so if we win anything, then victory would taste that little bit sweeter….besides, this outrage over the loss against united is idiotic, 3 points lost at the end of the day is 3 points lost. So please shove your petition firmly up your easy to please arsehole.

  123. ali says:

    hi could you add my name to the sack wenger petition.Wenger is a fucking idiot i hate long as he is in charge we will never win anything again.Fuck off arsene please.

  124. spit yo game says:

    Stand by him he has transformed us into getting raped by man united and chelsea every year,you can also throw the spud game into that,when was the last time we comprehensively beat united and chelsea like they have done to us

  125. zeeeeko says:

    i just want to tell you to fuck off , i trust arsene wenger in whatever he does , whoever he buys , from wherever he buys them from , arsene is arsenal so fuck you and fuck anyone who says one fucking bad word about wenger , he does his best and if every once in a while things go wrong , i’ll always , alway’s , always trust him

  126. TonyM says:

    I am critical of wenger for not signing anyone and our tactics yesterday were awful but a petition to sack him is too much. He deserves better than that

  127. Brahma says:

    Not only do you not say who you would prefer as manager, as usual, you do not say WHO THE FUCK DID YOU WANT TO BRING IN? Clubs are not there to help us, they are there to rape us in the transfer market. Clubs like Chelsea and ManCiti have the money that they are willing to bend over and take it up the ass with a smile on their face. ManUtd do it, but all the while the timebomb of their debt is ticking, and mark my words, ManUtd will be garbage and out of the top 4 in 5 years time. BY THE END OF THE 2016 SEASON, MAN UTD WILL BE OUT OF THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SPOTS. PREDICTION. So you would go whore out to any overpaid mercenary player out there who would make your jollies by being a big signing? Who? Who do you think we could sign and make instant impact? Huntelaar didn’t want to move. Villa and Ribery are being held by their clubs for 40million euros +… Insane prices. Dzeko wants to play for AC Milan, not Arsenal. Gignac is 28 and can’t even crack the French National team. Real Madrid won’t let Benzema go.

    I don’t know why I waste my breath here. Sunday was disappointing, so is life. We get on with it and don’t fantasize about marrying supermodels.

  128. D man says:

    Reading this blog i am happy to see that there are still alot of proper arsenal fans, as for those of you that want to get rid of wenger as far as im concerned you can all fuck off to city. your probably the same group of people that leave games early, shout shoot and boo players, the type of fans we can do without. Wenger is doing everything he can for the club and he has brought us forward so much, he has built an infastructure that will allow us to compete for years to come. Has he done that for his own needs? no he has done that for the fans, he could go to any club in the world and with money would win everything and get the hero’s status. We are 3 or 4 players off, which he will invest in when the right players come up. thanks to those arsenal fans that have replied angrily to this blog, good times are coming for our club and when they come they will be soooooo much sweeter because we have done it the proper way

  129. elton says:

    ha ha your petition has only got eight names on it you prick, there are more people commenting on what a cock you are on your own blog than want to sack wenger… sir are a first class glory hunting johnny come lately arsenal supporter who for all your supposed support for arsenal only really want bragging rights in the playground. your a little spoilt prick and need your botty slapped. if i was in your school playground i would have bullied the life out off you untill you support man utd, chelski or probably man city you little cock. if ever your down my way pop into my local and i beat the arsenal out off you. fucking twat

  130. I agree, Arsene Wenger has been a fantastic manager for Arsenal, but nows the time for the sly arse to leave he’s getting on my nerves, his getting boring, and even I can do a better job than you lot up north. This season, the team you hate so much in which i’m in love with Tottenham will finish in the Europa places under me, and next season it will be Tottenham to be unbeaten in the league you just watch me roll, Arsene, get ready for the North London derby at White Hart Lane, it will be a match you have never seen before….

  131. Madd Ghost says:

    how bout we just sack denilson!!

    after sitting in the Emirates and watching his 60min disappearing act I must say I pondered asking Arsene for a trial!!

    im all for support the Coach but at least dont be arrogant enough to leave a man whos clearly having a stinker on the field for an hour!! Grow some and publically tell these players, “STEP UP OR MOVE ON” this babying crap has to stop at some point yeH?

  132. Chris McC says:

    Sack Denilson, not Wenger! Thats twice recently I have seen a half hearted attemp at getting back….the first against West Ham to the goal that knocked us out of the FA Cup (although I’m not to sure where our left back was!) when Denilson seemed to jog rather than run. Then yesterday, if you watch the replay of the second goal even Clichy who must be a good 5-10 yards behind him overtakes him. RUN DENILSON RUN! Then the 3rd goal, nice touch! I appreciate he has scored a couple of crucial half decent goals, but put me in the side and once in a blue moon I will bang in a few as well!!!!! Ramsey should always start before him.

  133. sig says:

    you fucking idiot – give yourself the sack and spare us these pointless, meaningless, waste-of-space blogs

    if you could do better… why don’t you do the manager training and apply for the job??? or just stick with your current job of serving french fries

  134. 90percenttrue says:

    Arsene Wenger forever!

  135. Bertie Mee says:

    Are you gone bloody mad; we’ve got one of the best managers (probably THE best) in the world who’s setting the club up financially for the next fifty years – and probably more – and you want to sack him for keeping us in the top four….. you’re insane and extremely fickle and shallow.
    Ask yourself this; how long would he be out of a job before Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Inter, Juventus, France, Germany, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, England, Spain and many others were on the phone offering him work? Then how would you feel as we went through three or four managers in as many seasons trying to recapture his style and sucess. The man – unlike you – is substantial.
    When you total up his spending and selling on the transfer market, he has achieved all the sucess we’ve enjoyed over thirteen years for the price of an average centre-forward. Think about it – get some perspective – doubles, cups, leagues, European Cup Final (and unlucky to lose after playing most of the game with 10 men), comprehensive wins against teams we used to fear and a stadium to be proud of that generates the kind of money most clubs can only dream about. It’s run as a proper business, not a rich man’s toy and that should be a matter of pride to us all. Look at the sh*t Man Utd and Liverpool find themselves in. When Abramovich loses interest and moves on Chelsea (and their humungous debt) will vanish faster than Leeds. It may not ever happen, but it’s in the back of every Chelsea fan’s mind.
    It won’t happen to Arsenal because Wenger is an astute and intelligent businessman, as well as a genius of a manager.
    Get real; ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it’ is very true. Above all trophies we have the best thing any club could wish for – Arsene Wenger. Don’t even think about starting the ball rolling to get him out. Use what little intellect and loyalty you possess and stick with it….. but then again, cross over to Spurs – Wenger deserves better than you.

  136. That guy says:

    This smacks of click hunger to me.

    If it is a geniune opinion, it is sorely misguided. Wenger has done more for our club than any manager in its history and you call for him to go? Ridiculous.

    Sure he has made mistakes – not signing Shay Given being the most obvious one. But just who do you think would do a better job than Wenger? Who would give more commitment than him? Who would prefer to guarantee the financial security of the club rather than blowing £30 million on players like Berbatov or Robinho.

    Fair enough, we haven’t won anything in 5 years. But in that time, we have been up against the two most financially artificially inflated rivals ever seen. Eventually those two, and the others who hopped on the buy-or-die bandwagon will have to payup – no bailouts.

    This sense of entitlement and shortsightedness is something we need to stamp out of this club’s supporters.

  137. Erik says:

    People are so weird….

    Arsenal were the team in form for the past 10 games or something like that…

    Last 2 teams we have lost against have been Man Utd and Chelsea… but we gained more points than them since November….

    If we do the same again who is to say we wont be up there again? only took 2 months to catch up then, there are 4 months left of football left and we woulda gotten all the really tough games out of the way.

    Wenger to resign? Do me a favour, STFU and stop watching football.

  138. Zizi says:

    Sack u mate!
    Lets get some perspective here, if we spend like theres no tomorrow, we’ll have to wait for the Glazers or Hicks/Gillet to buy and re-finance us……and trust me we dont want that!….Simples!

  139. Smudger says:

    Fuck off you foreign tart. Just cause you watch Arsenal three times a year doesn’t make you a supporter. Now stop talking bollocks, crawl back under your rock and stop disturbing the rest of us, you cretin.

  140. Jaguar says:

    AKBs or Wenger’s arselickers are a disgrace to humanity.

  141. KHM says:

    Complete and utter bullshit. Shame on you..

    Good to see so many sane comments though.


  142. sawtooth says:

    You cheap lousy selfish wanker. Wenger has transformed our club show some respect. We are happy to have him and plastic gooners like you make me feel ashamed to be a fan. Look at Manure and Chelski they are only above us because they have spent millions and millions of pounds. Manure is on the brink of bankruptcy and if it wasnt for abramovich chelski would be languishing in mid table. Wenger has got us to the new stadium and still keeps us competitive despite that and financial constraints. Look at the big picture, try to envisage our club without Wenger and with somebody like Hughes in charge. Its not a nice thought.

  143. In Wenger We Trust says:


    What are you thinking!

    Who will replace him?

    I don’t want him ever to leave!

    Who ever signs this should stop watching football! As they clearly do not know what they are talking about and so what if he doesn’t buy anyone this window! What quality player would leave there club half away through a World Cup Season to attempt to gain a first team position in a new squad! No one, which is obvious, no one has signed anyone decent and your scratching your head wondering why!

    Yes now would be great to sign someone as United and Liverpool are in huge debts. But they will also be in debt in the summer window as its pretty hard to raise 700m! The summer window after the world cup will be the best bet as new quality players will shine over the summer, allowing us to gain the best possible players as money is not an issue no more!!!


  144. senderos' mum says:

    and who the fuck would replace him dumb-arse

  145. Leon says:

    I would not sack Wenger simply because any new manager would have exactly the same shit from the board ie no money

  146. Urtalkingballacks says:

    Have him sacked and replace him with who? O’Neil? It’s all the anti-arsenal, not the gooners, who want him sacked as they know he is world class and want him out so Arsenal fall into mid table so their beloved united & chelsea can win it without the risk of Wenger beating both of them. Remember arsenal are always treated unfairly on and off the pitch whilst because Wenger always is in the mix & the like of O’Neil are not good enough – when was last time he won the premier league? The league cup is not important. If Wenger is so bad why do the likes of Madrid want him? Instead they should go the likes of O’Neil – but Madrid, like true gooners, know better & everyone is jealous because Arsenal have Wenger and the no-one else does.

  147. kev7 says:

    I dont think we want to start up a wenger out campaign,the guy has done fantastic for the club.without him we would not be were we are today but he must now strengthen this team as it will not win anything with these players,denilson,walcott,bendtner,eduardo,eboue,silvestre are not good enough and never will be for this team,everyone can see this apart from arsene(they must look great in training).
    lets hope arsene does the biz this summer and brings in two or three quality players before cesc walks then we could be in trouble

  148. Yasr786 says:

    Biggest planks in the world… Yeah maybe we should go get rafa, redknapp, jol, just because the board say we have money doesn’t we do cos fact of the matter we dont… So go on then you bunch of WENGER OUT mugs, who you gonna get to replace him… This season we weren’t even meant to be in the top four, but we proved evry1 wrong but our idiot supporters would rather be in liverpool’s or villa, or even a Spuds fan. Get a grip…

  149. afc25 says:

    Oh my God – what a complete wanker.

    can’t believe someone had the minerals to create petition after 1-bad game.

    15-games to go or something with an easy run in against our rivals run in – I am going to love looking back at this page at the end of the season. Just need a result in the next 2-games to start it rolling …. lets see – because Your favourite team whether its United or Chelsea will definitely, 100% drop points before the end of the season and not to just each other.

    what a fucking drama queen half way through the season………..Petition – what a fucking joke you are!

  150. adam cunningham says:

    totally agree with gooner4life!! y on earth do u call ur slef a football fan, sayin things like ”sack wenger”… u have a very very short term memory!!! shame on u!!

    i say KEEP THE FAITH!!

  151. Family Enclosure Man says:

    Gee, 8 whole signatories – and with no real names or addresses. That’ll have the board quaking in their boots.

  152. block 6 gooner says:

    8 votes…. says it all you mug. you are probably 21 and only remember arsenal under Arsene, grow up and appreciate the magnificent football club you support

  153. Mac Daniel says:

    I think that sacking Wenger is too harsh. Also sacking a manager in the middle of the season is dangerous to the club. Think about it.
    As I posted yesterday We need David Dein back leadind our club and then Wenger can focus on his jod as a manager in a technical capacity. Wenger is smart and educated but his talent is in the football matters. Dein is the one who can negotiate deals and communicate with clubs and agents to find out who is available and who is not.

  154. Am says:

    Fuck off.

    He is the best manager for us.

    Any other manager would not get us in the top 4 every year.

    And we will not get the likes of Hiddink.

  155. tom says:

    Get rid of him now. I’m sick of his lack of respect for the Club, certain competitions and the fans. He is a pompous arrogant twat.

    Mourinho won 2 titles, 1 FA cup, 2 League cups in 2 years with the Chavs. Fergie has won 3 titles, 2 League Cups, one European Cup, one European Cup final, one FA Cup final in the last 3 years with ManUre. What has Wenger won? Nothing. 13 Goals against these two teams at home in the past 2 years. He has made the club a laughing stock.

    Not 100% sure on my trophy count but you get my drift!

  156. bjohnson says:


  157. wingee says:

    no but get a grip!

    i want to win the league aswell but i aint gonna bitch if we dont. and thats what the majority of you sound like…..bitches!!!!!!!

    like i said its a compliment that you expect arsenal to be whopping the likes of man utd and chelsea when not many teams do and to compete with them on a level playing field when we were a smaller club than say villa, everton.
    If Wenger had spent as much a fergie and mouriniho and still messed up then i might agree with you but the fact is he is our most successful manager, who has kept us near the to for over 15 yrs and helped us to thought of in the same breath as some of the major teams in the world. – its not worshiping wenger its just appriciating what the guys has done. moaning like a bitch on blogs everyday does very little, your better of voting with your wallet or protesting outside the ground if you lot feel so strongly but again i think u got pom pom between your legs as you all sound the same

  158. max says:

    yea i think wenger needs to go end off the season. say he went to real mardrid do you think they would let him have a youth policy? do u think they would wait 5years for trophy?i dont get it you guys are more worried wenger then arsenal football club? if hes ur hero why didnt he buy anyone? i think wenger is gettin paid alot more then we think. im not going to say anything about the players becoz its wenger who picks them in the team. youth project what a joke. wenger is a clown. he said we are diffrent animals from last year? so what happen to hes animals? he is joke of a man now. get lost wenger and take ur joke project with you.

  159. Bergkamp says:

    im unhappy but i cnt signa petition to see the man sacked, i hope he will walk with his head held high

  160. height says:

    shut up mate,
    yes tactically wenger has to address this and he does need to sign, im not wengers biggest fan but wanting him out is ridiculous, and signing a petition is pointless. we do need trophies but who would you bring in instead of him that will do a better job, we could end up playing like bolton!

  161. truth says:

    I know of 14 other posts criticizing this site and NONE have been published! So you just spouting your SHIT -and I’ll support Arsenal, you wankers!

  162. sol says:

    what a load of bollocks. not to mention that he is the only man for the job – who would you have replace him? give me some names.

    retarded doesnt even begin to describe this blog.

  163. Syed says:

    Oh okay so you want me to sign the petition yea?
    Why don’t you just FUCK OFF! Go support Chelsea where your manager will buy players everytime they get a chance.

  164. Sue says:

    are you out of your fucking tree.

    fuck off and support that scum down the road

  165. Sir Alex Ferguson says:

    hahahaa…I will continue to shit on Wenger and his band of ‘gummy bear’ kids….if we meet hundred times, i will win hundred times…gone are the days when Henry was saving your sorry ass…Talking about, ‘Valencia wouldnt release Villa..’ hell yea, ‘i want to date Angelina Jolie, but Brad Pitt wont release her…fucking lame excuses.
    and for all the blind-Arsene desciples, i love your faith…I enjoyed seeing your faces on Sunday…I wish Arsene took some lessons for Chelsea..hahahahaa…actually no, Arsene never learns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Singaporean Gunner says:

    Arsene doesn’t know. He is clueless.

    1) His coaching is poor (can’t coach players to defend high balls and corners)
    2) His team selection is poor (why choose Denilson and Almunia?)
    3) His on-game tactics are poor (why allow both of our centre-backs to roam forward, against strong opponents such as ManU?)
    4) His transfers are getting poor. (He doesn’t try to reinforce the team)
    5) His behaviour is poor (he has been cheating a lying to us supporters)
    6) His etiquette is poor (he blames everyone else but himself when the team loses)

  167. goognergerry says:

    A petition at this stage is premature.
    I don’t see this board sacking him – ever even if the petition had a million signatures. From a Board’s viewpoint he is the ideal manager- runs the team on a shoestring, makes stars out of raw material sells them on at a massive profit-has just been a bit unlucky with injuries this year-again.

  168. aussie gooner says:

    You mug. Plastic fans like you should go and support Chelski or the the scum. Who do you replace him with ? Name one. Why don’t we do a Leeds and buy every player we possibly can pay them too much and end up bankrupt. You should find a rock to crawl under. The most succesful manager we have ever had deserves our respect and loyalty. That is what supporting a team is about, but obviously that point has escaped you. EIE

  169. fuck you says:

    It’s sacked, not sack you wanker. Your writing is about as good as your football knowledge. When you support the Chavs do you play games with your phone?

  170. zigzagengineer says:

    Go one better – sack everybody!
    Beginning with you and fans like you!

  171. Gary says:

    I think he should be given one more season to win the EPL, and if he fails again, then sack him. It is a disgrace. How can you say Arsenal is moving forward and haven`t won the EPL in 6 years? yes 6 years!!!!

    When 3 years passed and Fergie didn`t win, The Manu bosses said Fergie wasn`t indespenable. So who is Wenger to think he can have 6-7-10 years of abject failures and be secure in his job?

    Why won`t he go to Real? He knows they would sack him after a season or 2. Medocrity won`t work at the big clubs, only at Arsenal.

  172. sam says:

    The trouble is AW likes to play attacking soccer. When he hits a massed midfield he labels it anti soccer. In case he doesnt know the name of the game is winning and not pretty soccer with all day passing to nowhere except to o a cul de sac.That’s how Mu ripped the gunners apart with long raking passes as opposed to Arsenals short passsing game.
    Stop giving Chelsea time and space and hit them on the break. Stop crosses when you don’t have brentner.put two players and anothe lurking nearby to stop all the Chelsea DM.
    Man,it doesnt take a genius to play anti soccer to stop the other guy from playing. If you can win why not. The problem is this is distasteful to AW who wants to hog the moral high ground with his pure soccer getting nowhere not now but the last four seasons.
    Another open game aginst Chelsea will play right into Ancelotti’s pockets because his defence is three rungs above Arsenal.Lose playing this type of game and that’s it . It will show how arrogant is AW with his tactics. Not every team is going to oblige him by playing at his own game.

  173. Gunner4ever says:

    Real fans with sense would see Arsene is Arsenal. Anyone who wishes to sign this; best start supporting scummy Spurs or even better become gloryseekers and support Man Utd or Chelsea.

    Yes it’s heartbreaking to see our team fall apart just when it’s looking rosy but the best is yet to come. Wait till May, should we be in 9th place then I’ll sign this out of anger.

  174. Sydney Gooner says:

    Look guys, coming from a season ticket holder who lives in Sydney & gets to 1 game a year (if i’m lucky)
    This is bloody ridculous, Wenger raised our club from the mire of Rioch & the disgrace of the 90’s, into a team that challenges every year for the title & CL.
    We are a club who spends what we earn, I don’t want to be $1.5 billion in debt like the Mancs or Chelski, or bankrolled by Arabs,
    Yes we have struggled for the last couple of years at 3rd & 4th but just remeber what it was like in the 80’s & 90’s we were mid table obscurity.
    It’s taking longer than I hoped to regain the form of 5 years ago, but on our day we are the best footballing team in England, if not Europe
    Back the team!!!

  175. Bergkamp says:

    5am Says:
    February 1, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    If Wenger did go, I wouldn’t complain about having Advocaat as his replacement…he knows Arshavin well and promotes the dutch system. He outmanouvered Wenger tactically like a schoolboy when we played Chelsea last season too…..

    thank god 5am is not incharge of hiring our next manager seen as dick advocaat is the wrong manager

  176. StockportPele says:

    Frustrated as anyone about lessons not learnt…the team’s kamikaze defence…persistence with 2 or 3 players that are not international quality…failure to address these gaps in the window. But there is no way Wenger should be sacked. We continue to play great football most of the time. We are competing against teams who have no need or interest in balancing their books and to win. As far as I’m concerned Chelsea have not won the league since 1950. Clubs like Everton and Villa are just as big as us in terms of support – talk to their fans ifyou want to know what supporting a club is about. LFC have not won the league for 20 years. We have twice gone 20 years without a title and weren’t even in the top 4 most years. Bloggers like you seem to have lost all perspective. I remember ’93 – we won 2 trophies but if you’re honest you haveto admit we were crap. Wenger has won 2 doubles, gone through aseason unbeaten and reached a European Cup Final. The best manager we have ever. He has flaws butdeserves morerespect and time. In other words, You’re a prick.

  177. angersjay says:

    never reading ur shit again

  178. kobst says:

    People need to stop trying to make sense of this blog. The person responsible is obviously retarded.

    If it takes 90% of people to read this crap and tell him what a load of nonsense it is and he still goes on writing more crap, then he’s clearly not taken the hint.

  179. chris says:

    true supporters support their team no matter what, obviously you are not a true supporter you are just a wanker……….go support the spuds

  180. Harry Barracuda says:

    What a complete cunt. What team do you support?

  181. really says:

    small minded ridiculous post and a pathetic hate campaign against wenger. grow up.

  182. nigel hisham says:

    i realise we are still living lividly in the past…we ARE IN FACT the ones loosing touch of reality…as much as Arsene has done wonders for kids in Arsenal, we forgot that he has not shown any silverware for the past 4 years and for a respectable and almost legend like manager if not in Arsenal all around the world this is not acceptable at all…i will stay true to earlier statement before the starting of the season…”this year will be make or break for him…if he fails to deliver a silverware, he should move on or we should move on for greener pastures!!….if that includes him, so be it…

  183. kevnal says:

    You really are a c u next tuesday!!!!

  184. mark says:

    Yeah right ? we lose to the Mancs and suddenly Wenger needs to go ! I got linked to this web page through UK now and i thought it was a joke , so did the Liverpool fan who sits next to me in the office , when i showed him ! Man i reckon only been a gooner since when ?? Of course if we beat Chelsea Wenger will be getting his Knighthood !!!

  185. Franckie says:

    Sacke Wenger adn loose a host of player get a life and a brain!

  186. Frankie says:

    Sack Wenger adn loose a host of player get a life and a brain!

  187. smithyknows says:

    Yesterday was 8 today is 16 and will still counting
    Dont forget this list will accumulates till May.Maybe is premature now but is not when it comes to May.
    The time has come.

    Thanks and appreciate any true Gunners who love the club to continue giving your names for this petition.

  188. jimmyq says:

    just take a look at the results at the side !!! 3-1 12-0 4-2 is that not good mr im so loyal id rather be in STAMFORD BRIDGE and fall with it wen it falls down !!!!!!! wanker !

  189. Greg says:

    You people r NOT ARSENAL fans. U r a disgrace.
    Name one manager in the world who would have moved us into a top notch stadium and manage to keep up with the best teams in Europe and England.

  190. Rae says:

    Disgraceful article. We won one of the best managers in the world that refuses to run our club into the ground; we will not end up like Leeds, Portsmouth or Palace with AW in charge. Some fans are too fickle & can’t see the woods from the trees – we lose to Man Utd & all of a sudden sack the boss, I’m sure you were saying the exact opposite last week when we were top of the table. IN ARSENE WE TRUST

  191. Bergkampwonderland says:

    Firstly, fuck right off with you heading! Secondly, Wenger is building a club that will not only dominate the premier league for the next 10/15 years but also ensuring the clubs finances do not cripple us unlike other teams in th PL and across Europe. I have faith that once AW’s plans come into fruition, dickheads like you will be rueing the day that you ever doubted his ideas for the mighty Arse!

  192. Neil says:

    He has to go, 5 years is way to long for a club as big as Arsenal. And his pig headed approach to his youth policy is not working and never will work. Everybody knows what type of players the club needs to buy, and the united game just rammed it home that we have no where near the quality of the top two. Almunia is shit and denilson and a few others championship players at best, but this blind fool continues to play them week in week out. And as a result of this Fab has agreed to go back home in the summer. Nice one ARSen.

  193. TA6 says:

    win and Wenger is the best, lose and moron fans fire such vitriol at the best manager we have ever had. go and ‘support’ citeh

  194. arsenal4ever says:

    do you really think he will go after Villa in summer? He lied again and will do every time he can!! He has to go, fact!!! I dont care what he achieved in the past. It is now or never!!! This fucking old stubborn idiot wont hear to any fans. What is the biggest joke he will still stick to Almunia cause both are in love!! Fucking lier should be sacked right away!!!

  195. Femi says:

    Sir you have very valid points. But you should know Arsene Wenger has left many of these fans ‘glass eyed’. It’s wise to know when a run is over. Wenger’s is. But it’s better to leave it to his ‘brigade’ to find out themselves. To them Wenger is more important than winning any silverware.

  196. Christian says:

    You complete and utter cock sucka, how can you have the audacity to write about THE ARSENAL! call your self a “FAN” and want wenger sacked!!!!! U COCK! do u not realise what this man has done for MY club NOT yours.

    What has he done with the money in selling our best players!!!!! ade and toure???? Best players????? what u smoking crack????? Ade could of been what ever he wanted to be but hasnt got the attitude for it, Toure had a shocking last 2 seasons and needed to go.

    Anyway FUCK U! and anyone who signs this petition to get Arsene sacked!!!!! like thats guna work anyway! u can all go to WHL and suck each others cocks!!!



  197. mulcs says:

    16 people(or similarly minded idiots)signed it so far.Shows that you have not a clue mate.I doubt you are a fan of the club anyway.Arsene is a legend, where as you are an ARSE!

  198. Chris the Gooner says:

    What a ridiculous idea! Who we gonna replace him with ? Behave yourselves! Whoever started this petition can unstart it ! We’re getting in the champions league season in, season out, without being financially in trouble. Another example of out spoilt fans (who probably watch our boys from the comfort of their armchairs) crying when we hit a stumbling block! Idiots !

  199. Jimi says:

    Wenger is the best thing for Arsenal in our current state. The board decided for the long-term future to invest in a fantastic new stadium, that would bring in much greater revenue than highbury. So for the time being we have to repay the debts and keep the club in a strong financial position. Spending vast sums of money on players would put us in the same position as Portsmouth. Keep the faith and the trophies will return. Once the shakes and Roman get bored Man City and Chelsea will be ruined, while the Glazers are doing a fantastic job of wrecking Manchester United. In Wenger I trust and I hope more of you do too

  200. perrygrovesworld says:

    haha sinbad’s work once again… This kid loves abuse, he must…
    or maybe he likes a cheap laugh seeing how many people have a go at him. Must be a Spurs fan because they like a new manager every other year and look what that’s done for their progress.

  201. FATGINGER says:






  202. Shimbob says:


    AW is the reasons that we are still up there competing, without him and some idiot manager, we would be in even more debt and would probably be in administration by now. your an idiot to suggest that this man, who has brought in some incredible players, varmaelen??? yeh there are crap ones too but thats part of the job, no other manager in the league could arrange our team on a budget like he has and also keep us competing for pretty much everything! you should support someone like city if thats what your looking for rather than back your team and become one of those pessimistic fans who if you actually look at them dont really know much about football, and in this case especially ARSENAL!

  203. Red or Dead says:

    Well done – millions of fans all over the world and how many sign up to your petition?
    Muppet. Arsenal do not need plastic fans like you so perhaps you should take your blog writing skills to another club as your finger is patently not on the pulse at Arsenal.
    Alternatively you could apologise for such a knee-jerk reaction, but I doubt very much that will happen because arseholes rarely admit when they are in the wrong

  204. sssssssssss says:

    busted……….arsenal is arsene wenger….we all sad arsenal lost… u all busted think wenger is happy

    he is more sad than us
    he is doing a truth job here
    he is not lying or do something cheat like other manager
    when u do a correct thing u will get many enemies and many who dont like u
    what u must do…just be patient and go on
    u all want arsene be sacked….what stupid person u all
    u all can support ferguson and m.u…they will give u cup for every year….why u support arsenal if u dont like wenger.go on support m.u…..nobody bothered busted…….finally…. the 16 person who agree wenger to be sacked just think back or appologizes………bcz big trouble ahead ahead of u

  205. Stepanovs says:

    I think people are mixing lots of things up here.

    Wenger has done a superb job in seasons past. 3 League titles and many FA Cup’s is a very good return. However his overall record isn’t that good. 13 years and just 3 titles isn’t that great, almost every other manager at any top club would not have lasted this long with a record like that.

    Comparing him to Ferguson is riddiculous, Ferguson has won 2 european cups, 9 league titles and many other trophies. He has done is with Aberdeen FFS. He is clearly a much better manager.

    Jose Mourinho has won the league with Porto, twice with Chelsea and I forget how many times with Inter Milan.

    Arsene has never won a European trophy and never retained the title. He was fired for his lack of success at Monaco. He is a good manager, but has certainly lost his way in the last 6 years. Even GG won the league twice, CWC, FA and LC, so almost on a part with Arsene. We were hardly in the wilderness when he took over.

    How can anyone still talk about Wenger being successful when we haven’t been close to the title in 6 years!

    Gus Hiddink would be a very good option for me. Please remember even the great Brian Clough got his team relegated. You can’t keep mentioning what he did in the past. Any manager that describes Alumunia as world class has lost the plot.

    • Mystic says:

      Fool. 2007/2008 Arsenal missed the title by 4pts – 5 years with no silverware, in the history of a club that will shortly be celebrating 125years some of you are so short-term it beggars belief.

  206. Kiran says:

    Liste to you lot! If you were scousers, Rafa Benitez would have been shot in the balls and handed a one way ticket back to Spain by now. Look at how the Pool fans are still backing Rafa, and if you notice, they have quietly crept back into 5th place! If they try hard, they can overtake the spuds and finish top 4. In contrast, there is still a realistic, albeit slim, chance that we can WIN THE LEAGUE. We are not out of it yet! Sure if we end up with nothing, Arsene Wenger will have to take the blame for misplacing his trust in a few players who don’t really belong in an Arsenal shirt. I’m DEAD sure he will rectify that in the summer. We CAN learn from our mistakes. The world is changing, the economy is changing, the way the game is played is changing. We are in a period of unrest and Arsene is just the right man to see us through this turbulent phase. He’s no dickhead, I’m his successor will kiss Wenger’s stone bust everyday for making his job easier. KEEP THE FAITH. To Stamford Bridge, on you Gunners!

  207. hurley says:

    Really bad idea to ask for Wenger’s head mate!! REALLY REALLY!!! Tha man has transformed our club and deserves SO MUCH more. Sickening article actually. Winning a trophy in Football Manager does NOT entitle you to think you know best.

  208. Gooner4life91 says:

    This petition is a disgrace. Wenger has given the best years of his life to this club, who were heading nowhere fast before he took over. imagine where we would be today if we had never hired him. I can tell you now we wouldnt live at the Emirates stadium and never have heard of the likes of Henry, Vieira etc. Because we have revelled in the glory he has brought to us you have become spoilt, and i think you should think twice before signing this petition. No one will ever replace Wenger.

    I will NOT be signing this, and i think all of those among us who will be at the next game should put more effort in supporting the team instead of looking for a “quick fix”.

  209. Dom says:

    I think a petition calling for his head, in itself, speaks volumes.

    Can we make a petition not to sack him, just to force him to take advice and a, buy experienced players (no more ‘prospects)… b, bring in a defensive coach.

  210. Mark says:

    Well well, I thought this website was maintained by a real Arsenal supporter. But I guess I was wrong! I am signing this petition, but NOT to sack Wenger! I want him to stay!! In my column on my own website I more than explain why!

    Like some posts above, I suggest you start painting your cheeks in blue and join a Chelsea fan club.

  211. chika says:

    u are a fucking morone for writing this article. i would sign a petition to have u thrown out of arsenal fc

  212. knowledge says:

    Smithyknowns….. FUCK ALL.
    Please just sack yourself and free up some server space for someone else. You are a poorly educated fool who shouldnt be alllowed to watch football, let alone support The Arsenal.

  213. PK says:

    Wenger IN! Stupid petitions OUT!

  214. dandan says:

    This article made me realise, that when compared to the apparent intelligence quota of Sinbad, our village idiot could well be Albert Einstein.
    Just how low can the deranged fool sink. Arsenal Action must surely be the cesspit of Gooner blogs

  215. Non Edible Nacho says:


    *doesn’t sign*

    *spits on the paper the petition is printed*

  216. […] Sign Petition to Have Arsene Wenger Sacked! As long as Arsene and the board manage to end the season at 4th place they consider that’s sufficient and will […] […]

  217. smithyknows says:

    “We won things before Arsene..during Arsene and will continue to win things AFTER ARSENE! ”
    Just remember this quote.
    This petition is not meant to ask Arsene sack right away.
    But to remind you all that he should have been sack by now or long before.Despite the underachievement,the reason he still stayed on is nothing more than Sentiment.And its well overdue.And there is no sign he capable of bringing this team further.
    Maybe is not right he goes now..but this Petition will come up again by MAY.When Arsene should have some self concious that he need to step down if not sacked.

    “We won things before Arsene..during Arsene and will continue to win things AFTER ARSENE! ”

    Pls continue to Sign up if you have not done so.Thanks

  218. smithyknows says:

    btw..i will gather all the names earlier who have agreed that wenger should leave in the petition.
    If you have not done so pls register and cast your vote now.

  219. graffik says:

    so exactly how many signature have you got you sad little spoilt loser. I love Arsenal however we are, and what I see right now is big teams on the verge of bankrupty and oblivion all over the league cause they all spent too much on sweets…

  220. Sal Esen says:

    1 No 10 you are spot on mate.

    These clowns who jumped on the Arsenal Bandwagon recently are spoilt and are representative of everything that is crap about football today.
    Plus ex-players like Merson and Wrighty, we love you both and they may deny it, but their personal feelings influence their opinions too much to be objective.
    Yes it is frustrating watching Manure and Chelski dominate and yes Wenger is stubborn but the good outweighs the bad by a mile and you have to have faith that it will eventually come good. I can hear people moaning “how long have we got to wait?” etc. football is about laying foundations down which will benefit the future culture. Which is why Brazil, Italy and Germany are good and England expect but only live in the here and now.

  221. Mike says:

    You fucking idiot Sinbad, piss off to Chelski you deserve each other

  222. Mystic says:

    Grow up ‘smithyknows’ it should be clear from the reaction to your comments that you are totally out of touch with the real reason about supporting a club – pure and simple it is through thick and thin. There is not an Arsenal fan around who wouldn’t like to see more silverware, but on the other hand not at any cost. Whilst I think you are a fool I do think you have a right to your views and therefore I ask people to stop using bad language in response to your idiotic, shortsighted, ranting – please people don’t come down to his snivelling level.

    Without question Arsenal FC is greater than the individual components – it will remain with or without Wenger, Fabregas………, but how many other clubs would love to have the poor sucess we are currently enjoying. 5 years out of 125 years, patience is a virtue, unfortunately you are sorely missing it.

  223. JJ says:

    At first I got annoyed reading this, but then I just realized this was
    an in disguise spurs website. Good try.

  224. Lemon123 says:

    I am totally fed up for those supporters above for arsene wenger.. most of the people are seen like protecting Arsene werger rather than accept the fact.. which is Arsenal is getting weaker and go no way after few years.. in all of your mind.. Arsene wenger is the only Manager choice for Arsenal but no other coach is better than him.. Look at Real Madrid.. look at Barcelona.. or look at chelsea.. everyone is replaceable..

    Arsene Wenger used to be good.. but recently he is really losing his way for the club.. he trained young people.. when the young people is trained and become famous.. he left the club himself or sold by the club.. then trained new young people again… this is like a never ending story which the team can never be a real title competitor..

    I have supported Arsenal since 1996 and I already losing my faith on him anymore.. FYI, I already stop to watch any match for Arsenal..!!

    Those people only enjoy for the past glory and never think for improvement.. let it be.. I am looking for those idxxt supporters’ opinion after another 5 years without anything..

  225. smithyknows says:

    Continue with the petiton dude

  226. yeah mate says:

    long live wenger

  227. ian newbury says:

    its time for wenger to go and sell all these useless players like diaby

  228. ugk says:

    Arsenall fans are the biggest delusional idiots i have seen. Yes we all know Wenger did great things in the past. But his time is up. And he is currently ruining the clubs chances of winning anything. I also think the people who own the club are a problem also. Arsenal need to be taken over by a billionaire who will want to see success at the club.
    What happened when Rijkaard failed at Barca? They kicked him out. Even though he had won them trophies in the past. No time for sentimentalism.
    Its not simply about spending. Its general approach to the game on the pitch also. Develop a faster, more aggressive no nonsense approach to the game.

  229. Ciel says:

    Hello everybody!
    I’m a gooner from Tunisia. I’ve been an arsenal fan since 2004 when they dismantled every single team in the Premier League without even losing a match. The point is, I hate Manchester United and Liverpool (not to mention Chelsea, but I’m just talking about big clubs) but they manage to win a trophy every single year (MU) even after selling Cristiano Ronaldo, and after everybody had written them off, they managed to remain in the title race and they have won a trophy so far. Arsène Wenger is genius but if he’s going to stick on the I-want-a-young-cheap club mentality then sorry he should be sacked then. Arsenal is a big club not like Real Madrid or Barcelona but still they are one of the most popular football clubs in the world and to remain big, they should bring trophies to the Emirates Stadium. Chelsea they lost Mourinho for god’s sake, look at them now, they are one inch away of winning the Premier League. The point is, sometimes when a brilliant manager fails and keeps on losing, he becomes eventually a loser. Truth to be told, I think he should’ve turned down Real’s offer because I think he’s gonna regret it….so is Arsenal.

  230. fuckin hate ARSE'nal says:

    Arsenal are fucking wank, simple.

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