I’m not a plastic, you are!

Posted: February 2, 2010 by thevanster in Uncategorized

Well… Maybe you’re not.

But I can tell you one thing neither I, nor any of the other writers on this blog are plastics. I can admit that Sinbad, maybe, at times gets a little over emotional and not rational enough.

Having said that, we also give credit where credit is due. Maybe we don’t post something on here after EVERY victory but we are under no obligations to.

But for people to label him a bad fan and a plastic because he’s passionate and doesn’t like the way that Arsene is running the club is a disgrace. Telling people what to do takes away their freedom to have an opinion and that does not only make you a bad fan but a bad person.

He has supported Arsenal f or years, through good and bad, how is he a plastic? I have supported Arsenal since I was 6 years old, am I plastic? I don’t like the way that Arsene is taking the club that I have contributed towards by buying their merchandise and Premier League TV programmes as well as going to matches on the, admittedly few, occasions that it has been possible.

Football fans love their clubs and will show their support at all times. Most of the times, they do not expect to get anything back. But when we have a manager who lies to us and has taken us from unbeatable to a 5 year barren streak, there comes a point where enough is enough. People make it seem that 5 years without a trophy is nothing. The olden Arsenal teams went 20 years without winning a trophy I hear… So? You say it like it was a good thing. How many of those managers lasted 6 years?

We won the double with Bertie Mee in ’71. He left us in ’76. Don Howe was given three years to win something with us, he didn’t and was sacked. Arsenal went through two managers in between a 8 year barren streak. Wenger has gone through more than half of that and is not even under the slightest pressure from the board. We won the league cup with Graham and that was a catalyst which resulted in us winning the league. But Wenger doesn’t care about the league cup because he doesn’t care about the fans. Admit it, most of you would love a trip to Wembley and to be able to win a trophy. This lot have won nothing. Spurs have been to Wembley more times than us – recently – whilst in the last few years Portsmouth have had more prestige than us. Unlike others,  I refuse to let the man have his way with my club. But because of this, I am a bad fan.

Fans have rights and we have a right to excersise them. Because we don’t like Wenger, we are “Anti-Arsenal” and are not “good supporters”. WHY THE F##K IS THAT? I have never, in my life, claimed to support Arsene Wenger. I am a staunch Arsenal supporter who has gotten a whif of success, enjoys it and does not want to let it go. Support the Chav say you? Why? That would make me a glory supporter. Striving for success makes me human. Apparently this makes me a “plastic”,  ironically enough it’s likely that it is plastic supporters from the Wenger era who are saying this to me. Show me a footballing rule book that says we should support the manager to support the club? Even though we disagree with the direction he has taken us? Who made that rule up?

On a lighter note, I do believe that we at Arsenal have some of the best supporters in the world. But I urge you, look towards the betterment of the club. Wenger has helped lay the model but take nothing away from the directors who implemented it. Don’t let Wenger fool you into thinking we have no money. He himself was recently boasting about having 30 million to spend.


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  1. Matt says:

    Piece of advice. Leave journalism to educated people. They can make it look readable and believable.(less plastic)

    which means go support spurs. Don’t ever come to the grove again.

  2. Dan says:

    So you don’t think it’s plastic to not have a post for 2 months when we’re winning but have 5 in one day when we lose to Man Utd.

    We win at Anfield and not one post, we lose at home to Man utd and we get 5 posts.


    • thevanster says:

      We are under no obligations to. Anfield was a wonderful win and there were enough people waxing lyrical. Personally, I don’t think it was the best performance – just the way I am. Without a big man upfront, our 4-3-3 system will never work.

      However, whenever we lose, it’s always “Wenger Knows”. Which is one big, fat lie.

      So I’m a critic… Sue me? !

      • Dan says:

        “We are under no obligation to”.

        Obviously you’re not but the point is a real fan would want to celebrate a victory against a big rival. Just like when we beat the Yids 3-0 or Villa 3-0, we don’t get a write up about what went right but when we lose a game, you all post the same stuff within minutes of the final whistle…. it’s almost like you’ve all been waiting to attack Wenger and the players.

        It’s just hard not to get the impression that you all kinda celebrate (moreso sinbad) when we lose and actually take pleasure in a poor performance and are some what upset when we win.

        The general consensus is that you all have an agenda as was clearly representated by stating “We are under no obligation to”. You shouldn’t be obliged to celebrate when we win, you should just be delighted.

    • Arse&Nose says:

      lol your point shoots his whole argument down

      • thevanster says:

        Ummm…. I’m sorry if I don’t celebrate my victories on an internet blog. I suppose I’ll just go tell my mates after our next big win that I’m off to write up how happy I am.

        Basic fact, writing helps deal with negative emotions. Different people deal with it in different ways. Writing how happy you are, simply because other people want you to will never result in good writing.

  3. wandarah says:

    agreed. you’re a fuckwit who only comes out to criticise.

  4. tom says:

    Exactly. Get him out and get someone in that will be fearful of losing his job. Wenger will not bring glory to Arsenal ever again. 3 titles in 13 seasons? He’s a joke. No man is bigger than the Club….. unless you’re Arsene Wenger of course.

    • Toks says:

      How many has Benitez won. Or any other manager for that matter. If u want to be a real madrid who changes a manager every other season, or for that matter a Chelsea, by all means pls go join them.

      For ur info Chelsea has only won the FA Cup since Mourinho left.

      Trophies, Trophies, Trophies. I think we get a bit stupid sometimes and carried away with the crowd. by the way between the three years of our two doubles with Arsene guess what we won? Diddly Squat!!

      • tom says:

        What have AW’s failings got to do with Benitez?

        I want to be arsenal where we win things. So shoot me! You’re a total knob if you think that supporting a losing team with no hope of success makes you a fan you are well mistaken.

        As for the Chavs, yes they won the FA cup, but they had two shit managers for a period after JM and then a great manager for 6 months, who won them the FA cup and battered us at home and in the FA cup semi. Now that they have a good manager they are up there again. You have just proved my point that a bad manager doesn’t win shit. Arsene won’t win shit.

        But I’m a fake fan so i should sod off to spurs… riiiiight.

    • Toks says:

      I cant believe what im hearing. Ok, u say Chelsea had two bad managers- What made Scolari a bad manager? He lost a couple of games. What exactly made Avram Grant a bad manager? Coming Second and getting knocked out of the CL final on penalties?? And now you say Arsene is a bad manager. Why??

      You think trophies are bought, Alex Ferguson has won the most trophies in the EPL era; go find out how many years it took him b4 he won his first one. Did u know Man U went 13 games once without winning a game. Left to fans like u he would have been a bad manager.

      It really confuses me u know, it really does.

  5. abc says:

    you are real plastic, you are.

  6. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    I agree, but then this is a more rational post. It’s simple, there are enough people on the internet rambling and spouting rubbish, that we don’t want to see it from this blog. Sinbad needs to calm down before he writes a blog.

    The point is that the managers position may well need to come under question, but this is just one bad result and we mustn’t be so hasty. Plus there are better ways to approach it than Sinbad took.

    My loyalty is to Arsenal, not the manager, not any one player (bar maybe Bergkamp), the players themselves, or the directors. However, we should support all the aforementioned as best we can until they make it impossible to do so.

  7. Mark says:

    Well said that man. These so-called loyalists who call people like you a plastic are the real plastics, no emotion or intelligence to think for themselves and have a radical opinion, they just sit there and trust in Arsene even to take them along on his ego ride. These people would be saying Bruce Knows if Rioch were still here, they’ll be saying the next manager knows half a season after Wenger leaves. These people simply want to be led, it’s easier that way. I’m happy to be labelled a so-called plastic, nothing was ever achieved by followers in this world, your internet, mobile phones, homes, everything was built by people who were not happy with the way things were and did something about it.

  8. piestealer says:

    Yea your still a cunt.

  9. spit yo game says:

    id say the plastics are the ones that think it’s ok to be raped by man u and chelsea every year and still think wenger is a god,you can’t be a true fan if you think it’s ok to keep on putting up with these kind of results.now that’s pathetic

    • G4L says:

      We beat both united and chelsea last year you dumbfuck

      • Jack says:

        Yes when it didn’t matter, a mate who’s a utd fan was sayin to me the other day if it had been the start of the season or if we weren’t so close in the league but as it was he couldn’t see it’d not getting a result… Says alot when fans of other clubs are confident of beating us when it matters whereas every time there is something at stake to play for all we have is hope for fucks sake… If beating utd and Chelsea when there ain’t really anything to play for is all you’re lookin for then it’s you that sounds plastic to me u Fuckwit… Anyway wenger should be given til may like he asked, and if he doesn’t deliver success like him and gazidis have been promising all year then he either abondons project youth and buys between 3-5 established experienced players and shifts the deadwood or else he leaves and takes some sort of upstairs role…

  10. wilko says:

    you are a c**t of the highest order.

  11. spit yo game says:

    one bad result thats 2 now united and chelsea at home,doing that to us in our own stadium,when was the last time we went to o.t or s.t and gave them a good hiding..please

  12. Cesky says:

    Mate the reason you are rubbing real gooners up the wrong way is because, as Dan and wandarah say, you only ever post criticism. You are so negative towards arsene that you dont even concede the many many positives he brings to the club, and you seem to me to be all knee jerking and reactionary, trying to provoke a revolt without having properly rationalised. Maybe its my legal training, but i take everything into account and weigh up the pro’s and cons before shooting my mouth off, and, whilst there are certain things that i am not happy about, such as winning trophies, over reliance on youth and failure to buy 2 players this window to galvanise a title charge, i still weigh the negatives against the positives and feel that overall, wenger brings more to the club then he takes. I also consider the prospect of these young players with another years experience and see the potential for this team to make a breakthrough – do you really not see that? or are you just after hits – thats what i cant quite figure out and what puts me off continuing to read your one sided constant criticism of my beloved club and its manager.

  13. TonyM says:

    I’ve been an arsenal fan for 25 years so i’ve been lucky to see alot of success. What frustrates me is that i really believe we only need 2 more players to win the league. And its been like that for 5 years. No matter what anyone says Arsene’s stubborness is killing our chances of success.
    And you are right, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But starting an online petition to have arsene wenger sacked is too much. Thats not the arsenal way. The least this man deserves is our respect no matter what we feel right now.
    This is a man we should want to be part of our club for the rest of his life. When the time comes he’ll move upstairs.
    I was devastated sunday but i am starting to come around. Yes it was a gung ho, indisciplined shambolic performance. But these guys didnt become bad players overnight.(excluding denilson&almunia). There is a fantastic base here to build success from and many of these players futures are tied to Arsene’s. It would be foolish to just dispose of him when he still has so much to offer the club, even if its not as manager.
    So cheer up gooners. all is not doom&gloom. the future is bright, the future is red&white. arsenal for life

    • thevanster says:

      Well, all the people who signed up obviously didn’t think it was a lack of respect.

      What else can we, as paying fans, do to air our opinions? Boo? But no, we get criticized for that as well.

      • TonyM says:

        The most successful manager in the history of the club, who oversaw us through the building of the best training facilities in england, the building of one of the best stadiums in england, 2 doubles, our first champions league final, the best football in england. And you think signing an online petition to have him sacked is not a lack of respect??
        I suggest you read the book Arsenal – The making of a modern super club to truly understand what he has done for Arsenal

      • Aman says:

        If you feel that strongly, don’t go. If enough people agree with you then the stadium will not be full and Wenger won’t last more than a few games.

        Of course, if the Grove is full every week as I expect it would be, your ramblings will seem like its a waste of time when in truth you should get a bit of perspective and realise that you don’t realise how good you have it.

        Would you like to see Wenger as manager of Man City or Liverpool? I know I would fear for our future if that were to happen.

        I don’t see anyone that cares to express his passion for the club as plastic, however I do think that you can express you passion in a bad way and it actually be negative for the club. Supporters are supposed to be a 12th man, a 12th man for their club, not the opposition.

      • Gooner JJ 71 says:

        If supporting Arsenal was about trophies I would’ve stopped going in 1985.
        I haven’t seen anything positive on this site for months.
        You and the leading quisling Sinbad are not Arsenal supporters; you are Wenger detractors.

  14. Cesky says:

    * sorry i meant NOT winning trophies!

  15. Matt Nottm says:

    You are more plastic than a Pamela Anderson action figure.

  16. Boulanger says:

    Who would you suggest replace Wenger?

    • Barts says:

      Hiddink. With someone like him on board and Wenger left to run the club itself we would start to win things. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Wenger has done for the Arsenal but we don’t seem to have a plan B, top sides just soak up the pressure and hit us on the counter attack. I used to be really up for the games against Utd and Chelsea, now I just fear the end result.

  17. Mark says:

    Wenger doesn’t have to leave he just needs to be kicked out of his comfort bed. When a manager tells you it’s not about winning and about playing exciting football that’s your cue to kick him back into touch or start looking for his replacements. He didn’t achieve his past glories with a squad like he has now, a bunch of midgets, we used to be a powerhouse, just what is required to truly compete in the premiership. Somewhere along the line, his ego kicked in now it’s about proving everyone wrong.

    He says he’s going to buy a striker and then ends up buying nothing. He says he’s going to sign big, big players, he signs nothing. Thjis from a team with about 21 well paid scouts. It’s not an excuse to say you found nothing. Neither is it an excuse to go after players that you can’t afford and sit back when you don’t get them. As for not being able to find anything better than what he has, give me a break, can’t find better than Denilson and Almunia?

  18. clockendjim says:

    I have been a Wenger admirer ever since he arrived, but sadly I believe he has lost the plot now. As TonyM rightly says, we have been 2 or 3 players away from success for the last couple of years. Get into conversation with any intelligent Arsenal fans (not the blind faith variety) and they all agree. When everyone even Alan Hansen can see we have the worst goalkeeper in the PL league then why cannot Wenger.
    I am proud that my club has established itself in the best stadium in England without selling its soul and getting into ridiculous debt.
    However we are paying for the most expensive tickets in the world and are entitled to see some of that money being re-invested back into the team. The fans are frustrated and you will start to see empty seats at the Emirates if we continue on in our losing way

  19. robin says:

    You´re completely right!

    Now it´s up to Arsene and react AND IF he plays Denilson again and he stops running like he did against Stoke and now Man U I will personally travel to London from Sweden and tell him what I think about his bullshit talking ´this team REALLY want to win´ and ´we have matured` blablabla.

    Plastic fans are the ones who are happy with this year after year, no f-g passion for the club…..guess the first player you´d sign would be Denilson!

  20. ros says:

    you have a right to your thoughts but others have a right to theirs about you on your thoughts if you dont like it dont post your thoughts and if you think that arsene has to go who do you think the board can appoint and will the board listen to you if i thought somebody could do a better job with not as much money as chavs manure shity then i would say so, but there aint i wish the likes of the clubs run by billionaires would go and get they own league fuckoff and we would be top every year that would keep you whingers happy

  21. DPT says:

    Yes Wenger is a stubborn c**nt! but at the end of the day he is still doing whats best for the future of the club! Spending £30 mill on new players would not necesarily be the answer! just look at berbatov at utd!! i admit though we do need a new goalkeeper & striker!! (plus someone to replace denilson) but you aint gonna get QUALITY replacements in January!! If he does not rectify these problems in the summer though he probably should be sent to the nuthouse!!

  22. trollz says:

    BEST BLOG RIGHT NOW. cant believe ppl are so myopic.

    anybody read ANR yet? another awesome piece from Myles.

    Wenger Out!

    • Barts says:

      That guy really is a clown, he can’t stop sucking off Arshavin for starters, even when he has a bad game. Tw@t!!

  23. Chris says:

    Bore off you cry baby! You buy shirts and watch TV? WOW! Your the very definition of a plastic. I tell you what I’d rather have Wenger for another 1000 years than have to list to morons like you!

  24. highbury hill says:

    just like players mangers have a sell buy date wengers best days are behind him. he has been our best manger for many years. the only thing doing well at arsenal are our share holders on the pitch not so good.when david dien left. arsenal have gone backwards. at arsenal now money first football second fans last

  25. Goonerman says:

    thevanster and Sinbad – there are ways and means of doing things. As AW has raised the Club to the Pinnacle of football he does not deserve the sack now as things have gone wrong.

    You can:
    1. write Open letters to the Board
    2. write direct letters to the Board or CEO
    3. You can stop attending matches until more money is spent
    4. release flyers at matches complaining
    5. sing anti – Board songs.

    All this creates anxiety and problems for the Board.
    It is not Wengers fault in entirety so why sack him?

    Use your brains and power. Do you know what a Tsunami is? Well that is what you mindlessly are suggesting with MY club. You have power use it in a controlled manner; too much power is dangerous.

  26. Dave says:

    Good article.

    It is time for wenger to go this summer.

    I love our style of footy, but you need to mix it up a bit, why did he not add to our squad? We can all see it why can’t he.

    2 quality players away from getting that bit closer to winning the league. compete with man u or face coming 4 th every year

    1 signing in 2 windows is poor management

  27. Inspector says:

    Why do you bother yourself with those Arsene brigades? They’ve been brainwashed. No player or manager is bigger than the club. The last time we won the league, we had 30+ goals striker, 15+ goals assist partner, between 10 and 15 goals wingers, solid attacking midfielder + defensive midfielder, solid back four and a goal keeper who wasn’t scared to fight if need be.
    We were so poor that Nani that was about to be offload used us to get a new contract. Sorry Arsene i like u but your time is up…your stubbornness is your downfall. If you can just let go your pride nobody is going to knock your head for doing so.

  28. OC says:

    Why would we want to become a club that sacks their managers all the time. I don’t know if you are a plastic, but your ramblings here are just a sign of someone who doesn’t really understand a lot about footbal.

    Also, if you need tickets for Arsenal games, go on the Exchange. Go online now and you can still get Liverpool tickets and for Porto away. It is a myth that tickets are hard to come by. The only understandable obstacle is their price. But most of the time tickets are available – so go if you’re so desperate.

    Also – a real Arsenal fan doesn’t become one aged 6, they are born Gooners.

  29. Paddy says:

    Of course all you cunts are plastic.
    This is my last visit to your gay spurs-site site (they all are).

    A recommendation for all real Gooners out there: Click on ‘Arsenal Action’ in Newsnow, and then click ‘Hide publication’. Problem solved.


  30. nickoman says:

    all this moronic infighting by Arsenal fans is rediculous. We all love the club and want the best so i suggest that everyone applies a bit of wisdom and respects the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion even if you dont happen to agree with it you should prove each other wrong through factual debate rather than abusing and insulting fellow gooners. Personally i understand some of your arguments but on balance i find them a little extreme and unfruitful. However i believe Mr Wenger deserves one more transfer window to make the adjustments his failings have hampered his strength and successes.

  31. Steve says:

    Song for Chelsea away….

    Care free wherever you maybe, don’t trust your wife with John Terry, cause he’s hiding in the garden or he’s hiding in the shed, he guner f**k your wife in your own bed.

  32. Paul N says:

    We were not beat by a better team, we were beat by a more disciplined team. The players were anxious to right the wrong from OT. We outplayed them but lost on a dive and a silly own goal. Our boyz were naive and anxious and Wenger acknowledged that.

    Denilson is a very good player but I doubt he is fully recovered from his injury, Almunia is not great but something has gone terribly wrong, I have never seen him look so frail.

    Many people always look for the ones they deem to be the weakest link but I realize that not many fans realize that Arshavin has made some bad and selfish plays and does it quite often. He is great but not immune to criticism, at least he shouldnt be.

    Anyway, I do agree, if you only post an article after a loss, how good of a supporter can you be? So in life we only look for the bad to criticise people, if so I would say you need to take a look a yourself. Thats just not a good way to be!

    God bless!!

  33. Jon says:

    If we Sack Wenger and we’ll finish mid table next season. Anyone suggesting otherwise is myopic. If you’re going to embark on a project like building a team from the ground up, you need to follow it through. Start to tear it down and rebuild in a manner in which people are talking will just mean more transition. That’s even if the board lets them spend (which I doubt). You won’t find a better manager than Wenger available so what you’ll have is a team which is no better man for man as it’s been mucked about with too much and hasn’t settled down managed by someone who isn’t as good as Wenger. We’ll be lucky to finish top ten. Then we’ll lose ALL our players (not just Cesc). Wenger needs to continue. Like it or not, it’s the best option that we have.

  34. Paul says:

    It really doesn’t matter how long a person has supported Arsenal for, where they grew up, how much money they’ve spent on ‘merchandise’ or even whether they go to games regularly to determine if they are a ‘plastic’ fan.
    No, the mark of a JCL plastic fan is their tendency to start the ‘Wenger Out’ parade after each disappointing defeat, because winning shiny trophies (and having bragging rights over classmates and co-workers who support Chelsea, Manure or other ‘glory hunting’ teams) is all that matters.
    Every one of these blogs is run as a front for Usmanov’s people and or the enjoyment of Sp8ds fans.

  35. Zaiky says:

    We can all argue this point till we die as it is all opinion. Personally l love Mr Wenger for what he has done for our club. I think people have shown him a distinct lack of respect and yesterday’s post by Sinbad doesn’t even deserve a comment. However, people don’t need to read this absurd blogs so just don’t bother?

    Anyway, the most important question is yet to be asked to all these Wenger haters: WHO WOULD YOU REPLACE HIM WITH? Please answer as that would be interesting.

  36. Kipmonster says:

    Genuine Arsenal fans are in a unique position. They have to endure an anti Arsenal biased media along with ex Arsenal player pundits such as Alan Smith & Paul Merson who in contrast to the biased likes of Phil Thompson & Jason Cundy, go beyond neutral & are downright critical as much as they can. We have a manager who indulges the anti Arsenal media & in fact exacerbates the problem feeding them the opportunity with regular stupid comments, ill befittting his intellegience. All the while Ferguson can ban Sky journalists from his press conference yet thereafter Sky eagerly give him a platform to enjoy his victories against us & ‘ Man Citeh ‘ and also airtime promoting his charity.
    Genuine Arsenal fans are not ‘allowed ‘ to post a jot of criticism on blogs without a torrent of abusive responses from Arsenal followers who rarely if ever attend a game or intend to do so, with therefore nothing invested.

  37. islingtoner says:

    i can’t believe that anyone who follows football or supports the arsenal would suggest getting rid of wenger. it is total madness. he is the reason arsenal now boast the best stadium and training facilities in the country, and have a global profile to match. he has also transformed the playing ethos of the club. we gooners enjoy watching our club play some of the best football in europe. the club’s long term future is secure. manure’s and pool’s are not. who would you want to replace him with? i know that it is frustrating not to win trophies when we are close to winning silverware. but wenger is the reason we are close to winning things, not the reason we aren’t winning things. without him we’d be a euro league team at best, given the current financial restraints. dare i say it, we’d be spurs, or worse. we do not have unlimited funds, contrary to what some fans think. for the money available wenger has found it difficult to bring in players better than those already at the club. to those fans that want wenger sacked i respectfully ask you this: realistically, which players do you want to bring to the club; and which manager would you replace wenger with? no club has a divine right to win trophies. i believe wenger will deliver another trophy winning era. and if he doesn’t it will be because other clubs have enjoyed a financial advantage that proved telling. enjoy the football. hope for the best. and back the team. and i think wenger still deserves our trust. and our gratitude for his loyalty to the club and for transforming us from a spurs sized club to the club it is today.

    • thevanster says:

      Wenger is the reason? Do our board have no say? What about the fans who funded the project? Did Wenger draw out the plans, do the engineering and build the damn thing? It was blatantly obvious to everyone that we needed a new stadium.

      What has his football won for us? Who will remember us for our football? Which is still not as good as Barcelona’s?

      • Toks says:

        vanster if u think Arsene is just responsible for the football and nothing more, then dude…

        Why did the board not think of the move b4 Arsene came along?

    • Kenny Smith says:

      GuUs Hiddink, We make 35 million profit every year. If we spent 30 million of that we would still be in profit. All wenger has to do is spend

    • Kipmonster says:

      ‘ no club has a divine right to win trophies ‘ …………..

      That’s true BUT the very least fans who on average pay more than any others can expect is the club use the maximum resources to ATTEMPT to win trophies & not year on year as has been the case since 2005, repeat the same mistakes over & over. Regarding transfers, thev very least we should expect is for every penny received to be re-invested back into the team instead of simply swelling the coffers. It appears that Mr Wenger’s main aim before he leaves Arsenal is to see the loan on the stadium totally paid off via the property deals completion / high price Emirates sellouts / continued Champions League revenue & annual player transfer profits. If Cesc Fabregas is not sold this Summer , expect the sales to happen of Bacary Sagna & Gael Clichy.

  38. johnny hoy says:

    You are poor supporter and an worse writer. You’re not quite and out and out cunt but you’re not far off. If you need advice on how to go the extra yard, just look at your mate Sinbad.

  39. Kenny Smith says:

    Writer: Great post. Quite alarmed to see the number of people coming on to slate u. Does not matter if you go to every game or one game. Nor does it matter if your English, African, Chinese or American. I have not been to the Emirates (for a game) in my life, yet i bet you i have more Arsenal merchandise than most of the season ticket holders. We all do our bit whether it be buying a season ticket or buying the merch and for us to watch Manuael Almunia and Denilson play every week in insulting. But we still go to games and buy the merch…. Why? Because you support your team in the good times and the bad. But to watch the club be humiliated by Man Utd and Chelsea season after season, all because one stubborn man will not buy the 3 players we need to be succesful year after year making the same mistakes again and again, is frankly disgusting. Every single pundit in Football, including our own, Parlour, Dixon, Keown have said the same thing that we need just a couple of players to become the best. But Wenger just plain refuses to do it. When the rest of the football world can see it but Wenger cant its time to realise that it is not the rest of the football world that is deluded its Arsene Wenger that is deluded. Ive had enough humiliation. Time for him to go.

  40. geoffcapes says:

    If not plastic… shall we try hypersensitive? If this is your reaction to one bad result against the 3 year Premier League champions, I fear what might happen if something really significant happens… e.g. burning your toast resulting in a stomach ulcer. Try enjoying your football, you might live longer

  41. Kenny Smith says:

    Ok a question to everyone. You are only allowed to answer YES or NO…… Lets see if any of you “real” fans have got the balls to answer.

    Q. Are you happy with the fact that we won 0 trophies in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009?

  42. Zaiky says:

    Kenny Smith you are a f’ing tw4t. Obviously people aren’t happy we have won 0 trophies, who would be happy with that?

    Go back to your Arsenal armchair (Mr I own more merchandise than the rest of you put together!) and start watching Man United. They win things so you will be happy.


    • kenny smith says:

      “Go back to your Arsenal armchair (Mr I own more merchandise than the rest of you put together!) and start watching Man United. They win things so you will be happy”

      You can’t really sit in an Arsenal armchair and support united.

      Can someone please post a reply that isn’t an idiot?

      • Zaiky says:

        Never been more embaressed – I have just been called an idiot by the biggest c*nt on the planet!

  43. Mac Daniel says:

    As I posted yesterday:”BRING DAVID DEIN BACK”. I’m mad at Wenger too. Maybe more than you. But I wouldn’t AXe him yet. For old times sake I would give him two years under Dein and take it from there. Of course for that to happen Kronke has to complete his takeover (if that’s what he wants). Or Hill-Wood has to bow out gracefully.

    • Toks says:

      And of course, when Kroenke completes his take over and borrows money on our account- running us into debt, u will be on the protest bandwagon waving 1886 original kit in the air.

      • kenny smith says:

        Actually i think its Usmanov that Dein works for now. Usmanov takeover would be the best thing that could happen to us. We are already in debt

    • Toks says:

      I can’t believe all this.

      Kenny Smith, clearly u are choosing not to notice or understand what is going on in football beyond the weekend and mid-week football.

  44. groverider says:

    The blogosphere is lucky to have a wealth of Arsenal related blogs and sites, moreso than any other club I believe, unfortunately with the good ie Goonerholic, ACLF, gooners diary, 7am kickoff, Vital Arsenal etc etc come the bad ie your goodselves and Le Grove. Noone would mind as much if you were there after the highs, the wins, the good times but you aint, you’re hiding, hating on the fact that you have to keep your bile in check and just eagerly waiting for the next slip up so you can unleash your torrent of vicious diarroeha into cyberspace. Your treatment of our longest serving manager, someone respected and envied throughout football is simply a fucking disgrace. By all means find the faults and point out where you think mistakes are made, he’s human and a long way from perfect but the childish, unthinking wah wah wah nappywetting of your retarded rabid lapdog sinbad is a stain on all of goonerdom. If you want this site to be taken even remotely seriously by The Arsenal faithful I strongly suggest you muzzle this tit and revoke/limit his input to grunting on the forum until a little thatch grows on his marbles. Cheers!

  45. Jaizmond says:

    I believe those supporting Arsene are just like him. We are complaining because even a day year old baby knows what we need. Isn’t that embarrassing?

  46. BennyGooner says:

    There are kinda arguments for both sides here …. Look, I love my club and I love wenger and i will stay tru to the end, but, like wenger said “judge us in may” … when May comes, if we havent won anything for a SIXTH year then Wenger should abandon his ‘Youth Project’ and buy 3 experienced, established ‘world class players’ and get rid of the players who are consistantly under performing.. Im not suggesting we do a chelski/man city and spend a billion pounds in 3 seasons … i just think we NEED some established names at our great club again to mix WITH the youth and help them learn. Am i wrong ?

    • BigL says:

      Good point Benny but this is the order of things is:

      we sell players
      We dont replace them
      Wenger says judge us in may
      we win f**k all

      same story year after year.

      this year we have the world cup so player prices will be even more inflated. there is no way wenger will by an established player let alone 3

  47. Zaiky says:

    Groverider I salute you

  48. Paul says:

    If you have had the misfortune to arrive on Planet Bullshit via news now Arsenal you can hide the publication. Save yourselves from any more moronic stories. Hit slags!

  49. kenny smith says:

    Why is everyone so angry? Whats with the swearing? Is everyones vocabulary that bad that we can not think of alternative words to use than swear words? I have a feeling there are alot of youngsters posting. When you get past a certain age (usually 17ish) swearing and insulting people whilst hiding behind a computer kinda loses its appeal

    • Zaiky says:

      Kenny, I am swearing at you because quite simply you are a c*nt. What can’t you get about that? And if it makes you feel better, I am in my thirties and don’t usually swear – but your moronic posts leave no other viable option.

      Now please f*ck off and die.

  50. CruEL says:

    Sorry to digress but interestingly reading thru the comments, this is the exact same shit that is happening to a country called Singapore.

    Lee Kuan Yew build up Singapore which was a swamp into a ‘first’ world country over 40years. Now its ministers even the most menial ones are paid 4 times more than Obama or 5 times more than Gordon Brown.

    Political oppression, controlled media (ranked 133rd in the world), Secret police (ISD, leftover from the British rule to help combat communism), opening up of foreigners without proper control and infrastructure now sees Local singaporeans begging for jobs, many failing to pay mortgages and other basic necessities. 36% of the population are foreigners.

    So the similiarity lies in that the younger voters HATEs lee kuan yew, overpaid government, empty promises etc etc, while the older folks says, u must be grateful for lee kuan yew, because we were a swamp and he brought us to where we are today, if u do not vote for him, it’ll be a downfall!, Singapore will drown and die! There is no one more capable than Lee Kuan Yew and his cronies!

    So folks, just cause we want better doesn’t mean we are UNGRATEFUL to Arsene. We support Arsenal, NOT Arsene Wenger. Just like the citizens of Singapore they have forgotten where to draw the line, Lee Kuan Yew is NOT singapore, Arsene Wenger is NOT Arsenal. But with Singapore there is Lee Kuan Yew as well as with The Arsenal there is an Arsene Wenger.

    if u would like to support Arsene Wenger ONLY and Exclusively only, then please do not read Arsenal blog sites, just start up an Arsene Wenger fan site, because Arsenal is way bigger than Arsene Wenger.

  51. i tell you why your a plastic
    cos when your team is down
    we the fans rally and pick them up

    what you do is completely the opposite
    grow up

    wenger out aint gona improve things

    So we havent won any silverware since 05
    Even tho beating utd on pen’s was nothing to brag about
    We have been challaging for the league in the last 5 seasons
    A trip to Paris as well.
    We are one of the best teams in europe

    The resources wenger has
    compared to other clubs
    is miniscule
    and yet still we are fighting for the league.
    Year In Year Out

    To be honest some so called gooners
    dont know how lucky we are.


  52. Zaiky says:

    Yes please Kenny, your witty replys are really brightening up my day. Come on, what else you want to say?

  53. Zaiky says:

    Ok, how’s this. Kenny Smith takes it up the arse from John Terry. That do you?

    Come on, make a cunt of me again, you are doing an excellent job so far.

  54. Markey says:

    Wenger has lost it, simple as that.

    Once you fans with the red-tinted specs realise this, the better.

    Will you be feeling the same way as you do now when, if in 5, 10 years, we still haven’t won anything?

    Football is a sport, the whole point of the game is to win, we don’t win, we all have a right to criticise our failings, we’re not plastic to want success for OUR team.

    I was still in the ‘Wenger Knows Best’ camp at the beginning of the season but now, i’m bored with the same old bullsh*t that’s coming out of Wenger’s mouth.

    It’s so f*cking obvious that Almunia, Denilson, Clichy (lost it) are just average players, these 3 make too many mistakes & play poor and are affecting our better players. Almunia makes both Gallas & Vermaelen nervous & prone to making errors. Denilson definitley does not leave Fabregas any confidence to play to his full potential. has anyone seen when he makes one of his numerous f*ck ups, he finds it funny? he needs a good slap & a tube ticket out of here.

    I don’t know why so many f*ckers can’t see how bad we’ve been playing.

    I for one will not be gutted if Wenger goes, i’ll even book the c*nt a flight to Madrid in May & see how long he lasts there!

    We’ll all see on Sunday against the chavs how good we really are & I don’t hold much hope in a win at all.


  55. Spike says:

    Its no wonder the author of this drivel is being called a plastic, when after a defeat he calls for the manager’s head! Not just a fly by night, been here 10 minutes manager either, no, the fuckin best manager wehave ever had you plastic arm chair glory hunting retard!

    I bet in your fantasy manager playing sky sports opin ion spoon fed sad littel meaningless existence, you imagine any twat comin in will instantly win us shit.

    Fuck wits like this, with no grasp of reality and who are so quick to knee jerk make the internet a complete vacuous shit hole.

  56. barry bethell says:

    This site is shite!!! The unfantastic plastic blog!!! FUCK OFF FUCKWIT! No you are not obliged to write after wins, but, I have just as much to say after a win if not more. The reason you have nothing to say after a win is because you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about and looking at. Please buy a diary and write out one of you therapy sessions instead of wasting mine and 10 other peoples time. There said it, I will never darken your plastic doors again. Now FUCK OFF and go and suck your mothers plastic cock!

  57. Mj says:

    Um, “Telling people what to do takes away their freedom to have an opinion and that does not only make you a bad fan but a bad person.”

    So I can assume that you won’t be telling anyone to sign some nonsense petition to have Wenger ousted again?

  58. Mickey G says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of Wenger, and everything he has done for Arsenal. I am however, more importantly an Arsenal fan. It constantly amazes me how close we often are to be being able to compete in, or even win big trophies these days given the enormous financial power of our rivals. Wenger is the reason for that…. no question. What amazes me even more than that… much more in fact, is that despite having have a squad that is ALMOST good enough to win it, ALMOST, we don’t spend a few pound on taking the final steps. We have all the expensive flair players we need, that’s the hard part… getting these guys in and integrating them without spending a fortune is bloody hard… but Wenger’s done it. Now we just need some nuts and bolts. I’m not talking about wholesale changes, just buy a Keeper for example. How can we win anything with Alumnia? The guy is hopeless… he’s improved at Arsenal but he was useless when he arrived. He hadn’t played 1st choice keeper anywhere at any level, and it showed. Wenger won’t spend even 3 million on such an important position…. why not? That’s all Given cost, and I don’t care what anyone says, he was available, wanted to come and is one of the best keepers in the world. Definitely up there. NO, we stick with Almunia. We badly needed a new CB and got a damn good one in Vermaelen. But we’ve no cover. At least the attempt to sign Smalling showed signs this is being addressed. We sold Ade last summer, and got nobody in to replace him. We opted to chance RVP through the center, which was another good Wenger move, but he got crocked. So who do we have left to step in? Nobody. Bedtner may well prove a great player in another year or two, but good he aint now. Plus, he was playing on the flank anyway when he was available… so backup for RVP he was not intended. Eduardo is struggling for form in the new system, and looks like he won’t fit in. Arshavin is wasted through the middle. So we’ve nobody. I’ve never heard of any kind of decent side who had no goalkeeper and no centre forward. What is amazing is that there is no need whatsoever for the lack. We had the money and the time. There is clearly something missing in Wenger. It’s as if, by holding back and not spending, he gets to take the moral high ground and say he did it all without a sugar daddy, and would’ve won trophies if not for the Russians and American owners. It’s as if he is afraid to tarnish his reputation for having a pretty team built for peanuts by spending a few pound and having a go. Without being close enough to the man to observe him on a daily basis, it’s impossible to know the true cause for Wenger’s blind spots/incompetence or whatever you want to call it. Whatever the reasons, he is holding us back a bit. I often think that any semi-decent coach, on inheriting the current Arsenal squad and a hefty chequebook, would splash the cash on 3 solid players that would transform our domestic and European fortunes overnight. They’d no doubt be silently thanking Wenger for making it easy for them, because I believe that it almost would be.

  59. naysaynever says:

    ‘the anti-wenger’ camp are in the minority anyway, most people laugh at what they come up with, everyone knows its not as bad as they say

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